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    Jarmeth was born in New Jornheim, raised by his father Graadu, a peaceful miner who wanted nothing more than to be a priest of the Brathmordakin. Graadu unfortunately passed away in a cave-in shortly after Jarmeth’s 45th birthday. Three years later, the War of the Beards began. Jarmeth was a young dwarf during the War of the Beards, only fighting because he was pressured into it by his kinsman. After sustaining decent injuries in the fighting, Jarmeth retired back to the mines. Jarmeth spent years fealing unfulfilled in his work, even after the changing of homelands and royal clans. In recent years however, Jarmeth has found a passion in farming and tending crops. Feeling that his kinsman would find this unreasonable, Jarmeth decided to set out into the world in search of a peaceful land to call home, so that he may build a small farm and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.
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