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  1. https://gyazo.com/d0bc3a0b691b640649302136873ab877 I put so much effort into this, I have a chance to win
  2. Nehtamo smiles happily as he eagerly awaits the big day
  3. An orc who was coincidentally passing in Haelun’or reads the invitation and gasps “MI NUB PEEP DA URUKZ. WI IZ DA URUKZ NUB INVIYT’D? AGH DA GOBBOZ UR OLOGZ. ZKAH DIZ, MI NUB PEEP ENI UV KRUG. Ecsept Omar uv corze.” he’d say with a lot of hecking anger, though he is calmer when talking about Omar’s invitation
  4. Nehtamo wished Omar would hold his horses and calm down with the whamen
  5. Nehtamo would stay in his room, his door locked. He’d recoil to his bed, a tear falling from his face. He wished to be strong in the light of this dark news, but it was too much. He burst into tears, a flow of tears cascading upon his pillow and mattress. After he’d managed to muster the courage, he’d sit upright on his bed, wiping the final tear from his teary eyes. “Our bond was close, unbreakable even. Anything you may have done is insignificant. You are my little brother, and I shall love you always, as you have loved me.” he’d say, his voice still shaky. “Your life was too short upon this world. I, I -“ he’d pause, the tears coming back to him “I hope you Larihei shall guide you in the afterlife. I shall honour what you ask, I hope Agoton shall grow to be as kind and honourable a ‘thill as you. Your body may be bereft of life, but I shield you and hold you within my heart.” he’d say with a soft smile, allowing once more the waterfall from his eyes to flow. He’d wipe his tears. “Our Maln and Haelun would be proud of you brother.” He’d place the message in his container of most valued items, and return to the task of honouring his brothers wishes
  6. (Missives are placed around Haelun’or, primarily around the square) To the citizens of our great nation and the elheial’thilln, I propose that my self-nomination for the position of Okarir’tir is taken under consideration. I have devoted much time to being a Sillumir, to the extent in which my armour is me. We should not be overzealous with violence and war, for that is against our very principles as ‘aheral. However, it is clear that some form of action must be taken, especially regarding current affairs. I believe I would be capable to lead the Sillumir, due to leadership skills my extensive knowledge of military strategies and tactics. I myself have excelled in physical combat, as well as archery. I would bring order to the Sillumir and ensure Haelun’or is defended righteously from all who dare to besiege it. Apologies for this missive being displayed upon short notice Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Kind Regards, Nehtamo Frostfyre
  7. WolffeKing


    Nehtamo is a Mali’thill. Nehtamo quickly began one of the most adept students in the art of war, and excelled in physical combat due to his abnormal muscularity. His ancestors were all part of the Sillumir, some fighting against Lomal as part of the Vihai. He wishes became one of the youngest to join the Sillumir. He also wishes to join the Vihai, carrying on his family’s tradition, and eventually become a great Mordu. He is courageous and intelligent, showing great attributes of a soldier. He has memorised the Code of the Sillumir, hoping that one day he will recite it. He, unlike other Mali’thill, does not possess an immense disregard for impure High Elves. Outside of his dedication to the military, he is gentle and caring. He is known by his kin as a gentle giant.
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