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Character Death

Character Death and Permakills

  1. When your character dies, they do not recall how it happened or any event leading up to the death. Further, you may not return to the area in which they died until 30 minutes have passed. Even after 30 minutes, you may not interact with the ongoing roleplay scenario that lead to your character’s death.

  2. Death by suicide is non-reversible (permakill) unless specific lore states otherwise. Accidental or forced suicide does not count (such as unknowingly drinking a poisoned beverage, or being forced to stab yourself).

  3. Referencing monk revival shortly before death, using /d20, or suddenly collapsing due to stress, a heart attack, or bleeding out to forcefully end or avoid roleplay is not cohesive with our Roleplay Standards, and will result in punishment. Repeatedly doing this may result in administration forcefully perma-killing your character.

  4. Another player cannot force you to permanently kill a character upon death without your consent, regardless of the situation or any out of character agreements.

    • Lore-enforced and event perma-kill clauses required by staff must be followed if they are specified in the lore, or agreed upon by the player prior to an event. Players who do not agree to these clauses may be removed from an event or have their lore application denied.


  5. Permanently killing a character can be enforced or reversed by the administration on a case-by-case basis in special circumstances. The one-week permakill take back would not apply for this.

  6. If you permanently kill your character, you have one week to reverse your decision with the exception of suicide, an agreed-upon event-perma-kill, or an administration-enforced permakill.

  7. Except for certain creatures/magics with a revival mechanic, if a character witnesses their own body after monk revival, they will be unable to recognize it. Further, they will not believe any claim that it is their body, or that they even died.

  8. Bodies and body parts are not dragged away by monks, remaining after death and revival.

  9. If a character is revived, they may not reference notes they left for themselves prior to visiting a group or location as evidence they were killed.

  10. Witnessing (or fabricating) a character's non-PK death and ruling the individual to be "Undead" when learning they have been revived is permitted.

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