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Prohibited Roleplay

Prohibited Roleplay Rules

  1. Sexually explicit or graphic roleplay is forbidden. You must ‘fade-to-black’. Characters under the age of 18 may not fade-to-black.

    • Fading to black, or more commonly known as an FTB is an emote in which the screen ‘fades out.’ Prior to a graphic or explicit scene, you are expected to emote the screen ‘fading out.’ No graphic, sexually explicit, or erotic / fetish (references to) roleplay takes place on the server.

  2. Brothels, prostitution, rape, beastiality, pedophilia, grooming, and necrophilia are prohibited and may not even be mentioned in roleplay or backstories.

    • Relationships with playable humanoid races do not count as beastiality.

    • 'Grooming' is defined as: Romance-based roleplay, relationships, engagements, marriages, etc. involving characters 18 years of age, unless all characters involved are within two years of age.

We consider the age of maturity to be 18 years of age. Regardless of the medium, we will take action against players who use our community as a means to engage in predatory behaviour towards others. If you feel unsafe due to the actions of another player, please email [email protected]

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