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Raid Rules

General Raid Rules

  1. A raid constitutes an attack or banditry (either in peacetime or wartime) by three or more players of an outside group on a nation, settlement, or lair.

  2. Raiders must be tied to a nation, settlement, or lair and raids must be approved by a region owner of the raiding party’s origin.

  3. A raid must have sufficient roleplay before PvP may occur. For example, if the raid does not have a clearly defined objective that could be played out through CRP, it is not a valid raid. 

    • A raid must have some sort of objective that does not inherently constitute wholesale slaughter. Extortion, kidnapping, targeted assassination, etc. A raid that is performed solely to massacre on anyone found in the settlement is a punishable offense.

  4. Once PvP begins, it may last up to thirty minutes. After that, the defenders can demand them to leave. This request may be made through in-game PMs or in LOOC to the raiding party, if a mod is not available. This request must be honored immediately upon request in order to avoid Raid Rule infractions for the entire party.

  5. All raids shall must a /modreq filed by the raiding party prior to the raiddeclaring the origin, target and number of raiders involved. It is not required for the Modreq to get claimed for the raid to continue.

  6. Sending single raiders or smaller groups, into a nation tile or a city/settlement/lair in order to draw a group out and circumvent raid restrictions is classified as Raid Baiting and is against the rules.

Peacetime Raids

  1. A raid on a nation tile encompasses banditry/attacks within any settlement or on any roads within the tile region. 

  2. A raid on a non-nation settlement or lair encompasses banditry/attacks within the settlement/lair and on nearby roads leading towards entrances of the settlement.

  3. Raid size is dependent on the raid target

    • Lairs: 3 player max

    • Settlements and non-capital tiles: 6 player max

    • Nation capital tiles: 9 player max

  4. Raid cooldown is dependent on the raid size, 12 hours per player in the raid party, examples:

    • 3 players: 36 hours (1.5 days)

    • 4 players: 48 hours (2 days)

    • 5 players: 60 hours (2.5 days)

  5. Continuously attacking the same nation/settlement/lair immediately following cooldown expiration while out of wartime may result in increased cooldown times at the discretion of Moderation and punishment on the raiding party for violations of our Roleplay Standards.

    • Cooldown times will be doubled based on the above listed criteria should continuous peacetime attacks be identified.

Wartime Raids

  1. A wartime raid encompasses banditry/attacks on a settlement participating in the war by two more more players of an opposing faction participating in the war.

  2. During wartime, raid sizes are increased to the following criteria and raid protections are applied to city/settlement/lair regions instead of the tile, meaning banditry on roads in a nation tile or the area outside of a city/settlement/lair will not trigger a raid cooldown as they do in peacetime.

  3. All raid targets will have a 3 day cooldown. Incumbent parties may adjust these values during wartime negotiations. Raid size is dependant on the raiding target:

    • Lairs: 6 player max

    • Settlements: 9 player max

    • Nations: 12 player max

  4. Following a victory a planned skirmish or warclaim battle, raid sizes/cooldowns may be increased/decreased using the following criteria:

    • Attacker victory: A war camp may be established in the tile, allowing for increased raid sizes and reduced cooldowns. Raid sizes will increase by 3 players within the tile, while cooldowns will be reduced by 24 hours on that tile, and within all neighboring tiles owned by the defenders.

      • There may only be one war camp at a time per war.

      • All raids in a tile with a war camp, and all neighboring tiles, must originate from the war camp.

      • War camps may only be raided once every 24 hours, but this cooldown will be lifted whenever a raid originates from them.

    • Defender victory: Any established war camp in the tile may be occupied or destroyed. Raid sizes on cities/settlements/lairs in the tile will be reduced by 6 from the base values outlined above. This restriction on raids for the tile will persist until the next skirmish or warclaim battle.

      • A side is still considered a defender when initiating a skirmish against an opposition when the intent is to expel raiders from the tile.

Rescue Raids

  1. If a nation/settlement/lair’s citizen has been captured, they may launch a rescue raid in retaliation to recover them or pressure the captor’s for their release.

  2. A rescue raid may consist of twenty people by default. More may be brought if the defenders grant permission.

  3. Rescue raids are not barred by a raid cooldown.

  4. Rescue raids are immediately called off upon the release of the captive, or the death of the captive should their body be returned to their faction.

  5. Rescue raids should not be used to bait massive skirmishes; They are limited to the captor’s faction and the captive’s faction and allies as based on posted treaties on the forums.

  6. Rescue raids can last up to one hour, after which the captor’s faction can demand the captive’s faction to leave. This request may be made through in-game PMs or in LOOC to the captive’s faction leadership, if a mod is not available. This request must be honored immediately upon request in order to avoid Raid Rule infractions for the rescuing party.

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