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Region Rules

‘Regions’ refer to areas protected with WorldGuard. For a more in-depth explanation our Nation, Settlement, and Lair system, please refer to the next section, 'Settlement Rules'.

These rules cover basic day-to-day interactions between players and regions.

Region Ownership and Eviction Rules

  1. A standard region member must be notified 3 days prior to removal from the region should they have a home or shop. (This is normally done with a sign in front of their door, for mass evictions a region greeting flag can be used).
  2. A player's locks may be evicted by a region owner through /evict.

    • /evict may only be used on a player’s building after the 3 day eviction notice has passed. Using it before the 3 days is strictly forbidden.

  3. Some locks, although owned by a player, may be considered “nation/settlement-owned”, such as in guardhouses, public buildings, nation storage, etc. These locks may be removed or transferred by the PRO through a mod-request instead of /evict, with no 3-day wait required.

  4. A leadership figure may not steal more than 10% of any type of item from the nation’s storage and treasury when they leave. Moderator supervision is required for when this occurs.

  5. Primary region owners (PROs) of nation tiles, capitals, independent settlements, or lairs must be the active roleplay leader of the nation, settlement, or lair.

    • If they are overthrown via a coup, entirely inactive, or otherwise no longer the roleplay leader, they must release their PRO status to the new roleplay leader of the nation or settlement.

  6. The PRO of a nation may have permission to build on road regions that are within their nation's tiles.

    • These builds or additions on the road may not alter the road physically or change the route of the road

    • The build may not obstruct the road or traffic along the road in any way. This includes, but is not limited to: gates, forts, checkpoints, walls, or any other kind of aggressive structure that would suggest the listed examples above.

  7. Only the PRO may add/remove region owners. No notice is required. For nations, this applies to tiles, the capital, and sub-regions outlined in 8.2.

  8. A tile PRO (the nation leader) must request the creation of sub-regions of an appropriate size within a nation tile for the following purposes:

    1. Settlements, vassals, guild halls, or mercenary forts. For these, the PRO must be the active roleplay leader of that settlement, vassal, guild, or mercenary group.

    2. Nation-military forts, manors, lodges, shops, farms, or tile improvements. For these, no PRO is set. It is assumed to be the PRO of the tile.

  9.  A tile PRO (the nation leader) may remove or change the PRO of sub-regions, or request deletion of sub-regions, but must notify the owners 7 days prior. There must be valid roleplay supporting this decision. This removal may be interrupted through rebellion (see War Rules).
  10.  Nations cannot claim ownership of land in freebuild areas.

Disclaimer on Rule 8:

Disclaimer on Rule 8

The distinction between the two classes of sub-regions can sometimes be a gray area. If the location intends to foster a roleplay community, rather than just being a personal holding, it should be classified under 8.1. For clarification, please contact World Team management.

An appropriate size is just large enough to accommodate what is to be built there. Regions can always be expanded down the road if more space is needed. 

Locations that are separately identifiable must have separate regions (for example, two settlements next to each other should not share one region).


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