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Roleplay Rules

Roleplay Rules

  1. Please review and abide by the Roleplay Standards.

  2. Your Minecraft skin must be appropriate and match the persona you are playing.

  3. Roleplay must take place within the server’s established lore and medieval-fantasy setting. Exclude real-world history, clones of real-world figures, and lore from other games and fiction from your roleplay. 

    • This includes not "inventing" or "creating" things that mirror more modern-day tools or technology, whether by mundane or magical means (refer to Techlock Standards). If you wish to see things of a more advanced nature, you need to write a lore submission for it. If you are interested, more information can be found here (Lore Submission Info)

  4. Do not troll or meme in roleplay, follow the Roleplay Standards. Always remain in character while in roleplay chat channels.

  5. Do not participate in or encourage metagaming or powergaming.

  6. Sexually explicit or graphic roleplay is forbidden. You must ‘fade-to-black’. Characters under the age of 18 may not fade-to-black.

    • Fading to black, or more commonly known as an FTB is an emote in which the screen ‘fades out.’ Prior to a graphic or explicit scene, you are expected to emote the screen ‘fading out.’ No graphic, sexually explicit, or erotic / fetish (references to) roleplay takes place on the server.

  7. Brothels, prostitution, rape, beastiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia are prohibited and may not even be mentioned in roleplay or backstories.

    • Relationships with playable humanoid races do not count as beastiality. 

  8. Your characters may not interact with each other. This includes physically being together, transferring items, or otherwise contributing to each other’s ambitions, goals, or stories. 

    • You may play your own children, though they may not physically interact in-game.

    • You may not use multiple personas to gain an advantage by circumventing Vortex limitations and concentrating the benefits with one nation/settlement/group/etc. Example, no "Vortex Alts" or RPly unaffiliated personas contributing to something that doesn't make sense for them.

  9. Your inventory, actions (ex. punching), and mechanical location are considered admissible in RP. You may not roleplay items that you do not currently possess in your inventory (this excludes small, non-combat and non-magical trinkets such as rings and necklaces).

  10. Information on your persona card must match your character, you must always have your persona’s age and race on the card - you may not adjust your character's age artificially to avoid aging. Lore creatures, event creatures, etc. are an exception.

  11. You cannot give your persona to another player. The only exceptions are between your own alternative accounts.

    • When a character has a child (<16 years old), the parent player reserves the right to make a request to Moderation Management that the child character be swapped if the person playing the child goes inactive (2 weeks offline or low activity logged).

  12. Although killing other player’s livestock with sufficient roleplay is allowed, you must leave two of each animal alive.

    • You are not allowed to circumvent the rules to kill livestock.
    • You can not steal livestock without leaving two of each animal behind.
    • You must leave a sign stating the RP that played out or file a /modreq if you do not have permissions through WorldGuard to place said sign.
  13. You may not abuse mechanics to access areas you cannot get to in roleplay, this includes boat glitching and using horses to bypass walls higher than 3 blocks tall.
  14. Do not set your character name to anything that is offensive, or impersonates another member of the community (and other realms of fiction or non-fiction).



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