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  1. There was a poet known only as “The Mad Poet.” He lived a hermit life where his only friend had died years before the disappearance. Last seen he was with Ryia Von Savoia-Dalivous' on his way to Helena when he disappeared. He had willed everything to her, as he knew not many other acquaintances. When he disappeared Ryia looked for a bit but found no trace. It was as if this masked poet of an unknown name had disappeared. His home had seen no use in the years, in fact, it seemed abandoned until he willed it to Ryia, where the first layer of dust finally rose. He has a memorial for all those who
  2. Medea Len’irrin-Adil ”Religion, and all that it stands for is simply.. intriguing. “ General Information Full Name: Medea Len’irrin-Adil Pronunciation: Meh-De-ah Len’ER-EHN Maiden Name: Adil Name Meaning: To Ponder; Cunning Age: Two-Hundred Twenty-Four (Auto Age on) Date of Birth: Springtime Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Demisexual, Bi-romantic Marital Status: Married Alignment: Neutral Good Occupation: Theological/Artist Theme Song: Hey Brother
  3. ❆ Kelric Leodan Atmorice ❆ ~General Information~ ~Status~ A Descendent of the Atmorice Bloodline ~Nicknames/Aliases~ Kel / Keli / Leo / Leodan ~Race~ Mali’fenn ~Gender~ Male ~Birth~ 13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1645 ~Height~ 5’7” ft. ~Weight~ 145 lbs. ~Place of Residency~ Princedom of Fenn ~Further Information~ ~Languages Spoken~ Common - Primary Language Ancient Elven - Second Lang
  4. Eirik Sigismund Baruch born. 1709 General Information: Name- Eirik Sigismund Baruch Age- 54 Title(s)- N/A Heritage- Nephew of Duke Petyr of Valwyck Traits ●Meticulous ●Sarcastic ●Honest ●Impulsive Zodiac- Libra Physical Description: Race- Highlander Gender- Male Build- Stocky, Average shoulders, Average waist Height- 6’0” Weight- 185lbs Hair Color ► Eirik has medium length brown hair that is well maintained particularly around his ears and his eyes Eye Color ► Ei
  5. I'm new to roleplay and am looking for a little help in creating my character for the application. I'm a little lost on where to find information and where to start with my character, I have no idea what I want her back story to be- where she's from and all that. I know her name is Muya and she's a wood elf. I tried going through the lore but it's a little difficult knowing what cities are being used currently and what lore to include in my backstory as it's hard to know when everything happened and what year the role play is currently in. I'd appreciate any and all kind of help so please, eit
  6. *On a quiet morning in the Golden City of Ves, in hobbles an old little halfling. For having just came from the road his uniform is spotless. As he enters the city, he rests for a moment, leaning on his cane. He has come here to fulfil his family’s lifelong duties: To serve as a butler for the ruling classes of the realm. * The Origins of House Proudfoot and the Lineage of Orenian Butlers The Proudfoot’s can be traced back to the founding families of Dunwood in the realm of Aegis. Back then Halflings knew very little of the world living a quiet and peacefu
  7. Butcherson 'Butch' born. 1629 General Information: Name- Butcherson Age- ((/persona view Zanthuz)) Title(s)- Maer of Reza, Head-Farmer of Reza Heritage- Unknown Traits ● Very Emotional ● Bi-Polar ● Short-Tempered Zodiac- Libra Age- 105(deceased) Physical Description: Race- Highlander Gender- Male Build- Wide Chest w/ a large belly Height- 4’11” Weight- 235lbs Hair Color > Butch has lovely white hair that is visible on the sides of his shiny head Eye Color >
  8. So I’m fairly new to all of this and I’m working on making my first character. I’m wanting to make a Halfling with a bit of a twist and I was hoping I could get some help on this. Especially related to the location in which they come from. I checked the wiki for Halflings and found that all of the locations there are listed as no longer around so I though it best to check here to see what I can find out
  9. Tafrara Al-Zammit { General Information } Name - Tafrara Al-Zammit Date of Birth -10th of the First Seed, 1701 Marital Status - Widowed Titles - N/A { Physical Description } Race - Farfolk Gender - Female Build - Slim rectangular build with small bust and little waist definition Weight – 130 lbs Height - 5'5” Hair Description- Short dark brown hair cut into a messy bob Eye Color - Brown Skin Tone - Golden caramel Face Shape - Diamond shaped Scars/Tattoos – N/A Clothing - Tafrara is often
  10. Metagame any of this and you’re gonna catch this hammer, boi “Understand this, I will not be like all those Clan Fathers before me who gave up, I would sooner die. That is where I differ from my father, I will break before I bend.” Jorvin Starbreaker [ Basic Information ] [Name] Common: Jorvin ‘Kazrinsson’ Starbreaker Dwarven: Yorrvin ‘Kazrinkadan’ Kornazkarumm [Race] Cavern Dwarf [Date of Birth] 5th of the Deep Cold, 1645 [Gender] Male [Sexuality] Bisexual (female leaning) [Affiliatio
  11. ~ ~ ~ This is a character biography for Freya, not sure why I put so much work into developing it however I tend to enjoy doing artsy bio stuff when I’m bored, and LOTC is no exemption I suppose! So here is the Character Profile for Freya, and obviously any knowledge obtained here shouldn’t be taken In-Character without finding it out there! ~ ~ ~ Synopsis: Her upbringing, this does not yet follow events based on the server – but the prior. Most of Freya’s upbringing is heavily clouded, even to herself – as years passed by in second
  12. Using any information here in the game is classified as metagaming. Don't let me catch you ? ♡ Given name: Faridir Steelforge ♡Marriage name: N/a ♡Nicknames: The friendly, Little uruk, Mountain hou-zi, Scoundrel, scaredy dwed, Ferocious Elf, dark elf ♡ Race: Cave Dwarf ♡Gender: Female ♡Year of Birth: 1707 ♡Birthplace: Mynebor ♡Voice Reference: ♡ Build : 3ft, a tiny thing that is on the thiccer side. ♡Hair: Black straight hair hangs like a curtain. ♡Eyes: steel blue ♡ Scars: n/a ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛Personality♛┈⛧┈┈•༶ ♡
  13. ? The Diary of Amalie Landes ? This post will contain her diary entries as they are written. Amalie’s diary is an in-character item which she keeps privately hidden. The purpose of sharing her entries on the forums is solely to keep anyone up to date on her life (oocly) should they be interested. Also, this is a better way for me to document the progress she makes as her character develops over time.
  14. Delphina Del-Trix Married last name is Watanabe, Del-Trix is her maiden name. Age- late 40s Race- High Elf Current work- Traveling Bard Height- 5’ 2” Weight- 120lbs Voice- Voice Sample Appearance- Delphina is red headed/blondish elfess, wearing blue and flowing clothing. Her face is often smiling or carrying a blank expression. She is rather busty, wearing a tight slip type of dress with an outer robe like covering. Personality- She holds a stern face at first, trying to come across as she was taught but, her facade can easily break. As an Elf she is young and naive, findi
  15. Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to open a skin shop to showcase all my skins for any buyers. Prices: Dress/nohead: 400 Armor/nohead: 800 Dress/withhead: 600 Armor/withhead: 1200 examples: Fill out application: IGName: User: Refrences: What you want: Special notes: Tips?? :’)):
  16. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confine
  17. **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚Wren Vanvir Ashwood ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ♡ Given: Name Wren Amyuli Vanvir ♡Marriage name: Wren Vanvir Ashwood ♡Nicknames and titles: The wanderer, Bookworm, little bird, Love, Laurir’evar,Clan leader, Clan mother, ♡ Race: Full Dark elf ♡Gender: Female ♡Year of Birth: 1521 ♡Birth place: Enclave of Ker'nor ♡Voice Reference: Dodie clark: ♡Theme song: ♡ Build : 5’7 Short for an elf, and skinny. ♡Hair: Snow White hair flows down to her shoulders, a trademark to ful ‘ker.
  18. Delaselva Vientos Age: 17 Aliases: “Squirt” -given by his adopted great-grandfather Race: Human Titles: N/A Class: N/A Personality; Delaselva has shown to be a strong-willed, noble youth who’s built the tendency of being drawn to any and all extraordinary entities which linger amidst the realm, whereas he is also noted to be quite calm even in most arduous of circumstances. Delaselva is very eloquent whenever he is holding a conversation with
  19. ((OOC: Sorry for posting this in a doc, but I wanted to use footnotes. My favourite passage I have posted here : ) )) ’Assembled brethren, let us make this our maxim: that whilst the STRONG do what they will, the WEAK suffer what they must. And them that are righteous are weak men. We should have it that we do our share of willing, and that others do the ‘suffering’ part - for a strong man is greater than a wise man, and it is workers of iniquity that are exalted on Earth. Therefore, let us kill this Guy, who in his righteousness is weak, just as we are in our ruthlessness strong.
  20. Name: Rivádh Daeynore Race: Wood Elf Gender: Male Age: 83 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Description: Rivádh stands roughly five foot seven, with deep bronze colored skin. While his normal hair is a dark auburn, Rivádh chooses to dye it an ivy shade of green in devotion to his wooded homeland. Eyes of gold, some elven merchants have claimed due their resemblance to two shining coins. His usual attire consist of an long indigo tunic, matching h
  21. *Credit to Alastorus for the format, really love it* ☷ General Information ☷ ☷ Full Name ☷ Ferek Frostbeard ☷ Age ☷ Born 1506 ☷ Race ☷ Mountain Dwarf ☷ Sex ☷ Male ☷ Kin ☷ Hamnil Frostbeard ☷ Physical Information ☷ ☷ Weight ☷ 170 lbs ☷ Height ☷ 4’10” ☷ Build ☷ A stout dwed, broad shoulders and legs like barrels, he is surprisingly quick on his feet ☷ Hair ☷ Jet black, with a graying beard to match ☷ Eyes ☷ Deep Blue, and growing deeper by the year ☷ Skin Tone ☷ Pale, but tanned from years of use and abuse ☷ Facial Features – Structure ☷ Fer
  22. Nikolaus Joszef Kortrevich born. 1680 General Information: Name- Nikolaus Jozsef Kortrevich Age- ((/persona view Zanthuz)) Title(s)- Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska, Commandant of the Marian Retinue, Meyster Knight of the Order of the Crow, Royal Champion of Hanseti-Ruska Heritage- Son of Lord Henrik Kortrevich Traits ● Well Spoken ● Skilled in Swordsmanship ● Short-Tempered ● Reserved Zodiac- Libra Age- 70(deceased) Physical Description: Race- Highlander Gender- Male Build- Endomorph
  23. Ali Bibi (Font will be weird until I can get this on the forums) ⸎ N A M E - A N D - A G E - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎ ⸎ Current Full Name ⸎ Ali Bibi ___________ ⸎ Birth Name ⸎ Ali Bibi ___________ ⸎ Introductory Name ⸎ Ali ⸎ Nicknames (Favor to Disfavor) ⸎ o Habibi o Effendi o Any Racial Slurs ⸎ Titles ⸎ o Muharib ⸎ Traits ⸎ o Loyal ; If you end up on Ali’s good side, he will treat you like family and even try to kill entire armies to save you. o Suspicious; He is always suspicious around strange
  24. Perthus Alabaster Human – Heartlander Height: 6’2’’ Weight: 120 lbs General Attributes: Caucasian, gray eyes, white hair Age: 23 Left Arm is covered in a burn scar and the grip in his left hand is weak Chaotic Neutral Perthus is a very quiet man. When he does talk, his voice isn’t remarkable but still manages to attain a certain tone of authority. He friendly and conversable at most times, but few have the fortune of finding anything regarding his personal life. His father killed and his mother turned a drunk while he was very young, Perthus has never known the ple
  25. NAME AND FORMALITIES Full Name: Yoshimi Otsugowara Nicknames: Chibi-Chan, Imoto GENERAL INFORMATION Age: 18 Gender: Female Race: Farfolk - Easterner Status: Alive PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Weight & Height: 97 lbs, 5’2ft. Body Type: Petite Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black Skin: Sunkissed with rosy cheeks. PERSONALITY & MISC. Personality: Quite, protective, silly, charming, kind, optimistic, and a helpful hand. Alignment: Chaotic Good Religion: ??? Home: ??? Titles: Seamstress and
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