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Found 269 results

  1. Name: Aleksandr Baunnman Meaning Behind The Name: Baunnman means ‘Common’ or ‘Farm Worker’ given to him once he joined the Haense Royal Army. Other Names: N/A Titles: Bannerman, Guard. He doesn’t carry an title that is overly notable nor noble. Age: 15 Summers. Race: Human- Born around the lands of Kingdom of Haense. Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Current Residence: Alban Relationship Status: Single Social Status: Pleasant Physical Appearance: Height: 5’11 Weight: 145 Pounds Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Pale Shape of Face: Square Faced Build of Body: His body is bulky with muscle from doing labor throughout his life, however he seems to usually have a notable decrease in build and weight during the winter months, gaining weight back once the warmer months return. Hair Color: Dirty blonde. Hair Style: Unkempt, Long. Complexion: His face has hints and spots of freckles. Is Seen By Others As: Likely unnoticeable. Lowborn. Scars: None at the moment. Voice: TBA Personality: Likes: +Honour +Truth +Service +Farmland and Mountains +Horses Dislikes: +Dishonest folk +Snakes +Rats Strengths: Aleksandr’s strengths is his low birth gives him a sense of simply being decent to most folk. However, his life filled often with labor to help his family survive also gave him a raw strength and due to all the strife of peasants, give him a general able to keep moving past the hardship. He also lacks all political knowledge taking quite a bit of paranoid thought and goals out of his mind, which in turn makes him much happier with what he does have, with little desire to move past it. Weaknesses: He hasn’t gotten any form of an education which means he cannot read or write in the common tongue. Fears: +Beasts of Wive Tales. +God +Fire +Winter- Fears not being able to survive it. Values: +Truth and Honesty. +Honour and Duty +Courage +Faith Education: None. Languages: Common General Attitude: Positive, if not neutral on most things- Often waiting to be ordered. Religious Inclination: God- Canonist. General Intelligence: Simple Man. General Sociability: Very Sociability when approached, not one to approach anyone himself. Alignment: Neutral Good. Short Term Goals: +Settle Long Term Goals: +Serve Possessions: Wardrobe: -An set of Royal Haense Levy uniform. -Painfully simple brown doublet and pants, nothing overly notable. Jewelry: -(Badly) carved ram’s head wooden necklace around his neck. Pets/Animals: Currently none, but Aleksandr dreams of having the chance to own a horse. Owned Homes: None. Carried Inventory: Simple one-handed axe and a shield on his back. Sometimes some form of pole-arm for patrol. General Inventory: Mostly just his necklace and an usually empty coin purse. General Wealth: Makes enough to survive, that's all he desires.
  2. Di'tonteel Tribe The Di'tonteel, translated from Navajo: The Fighters. They are a currently very small group of indigenous humans and wood elves, that look like Native Americans, but call themselves the Tonteel, or Tellian. They are usually taller than most humans and elves, as well as 99% have a stronger build. But they are not the most intellectual group of people. They can only speak Navajo (the Native American language) or as they call it Taza. This page will be a basic rundown of their culture, language, and basic words. At the very bottom will be an application form for becoming one of the tribe. History: Not much is known of the Di'Tonteel people, their history is small to the naked eye but if you take it back centuries you will see it is vast and wonderful. Thousands of years back, there was a large tribe of men and women, ranging up to 40,000. But there was a civil war between this community. Desolating the original tribe into four different groups. The Di'Tonteel, The L'sha, The Fmaow and Finally the Dsarsa. As the years went by only one tribe of the four survived - the Di'Tonteel. However the numbers very little, they at least had some. As people began to modernize, these people did not, they had not evolved with the cities, instead, they retreated into the forests and wildlife as they could - living happily. Centuries went by and to this day they travel the forests - and sometimes set up a base camp outside of cities or towns - living life vastly and with great joy. Many scholars predict that the reason they were able to survive was from, 'cheating' in a way. The Di'Tonteel were the lucky ones of the four as they taken the land from the original tribe where there were mines of jewels and gems. This allowed them to maintain a large supply of food and purchase tents and hunting equipment from the 'westerners' TRADITIONS: NAMES: CURRENT LEADER: ... To join you must find a Tonteel. You must ask to speak to their Chief and they will decide if you're worthy. Or: *An information leaflet flies to you through a light breeze, on it is small yet still significant information on the Di'Tonteel people, telling you who their leader is and where you can find them* ((Where you should send the birds)) [!] You can send a letter to their Chief: - More to Be added -
  3. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Land charter Island: (Tahn- Oren/Dwarves/Elves, Ceru - Sutica, Asul - Haria) Asul Point A: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) Asul docks Exact co-ordinates of Point A: x=1555 z=1425 Point B: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) Town of Hagios Lothar Exact co-ordinates of Point B: x=1677 z=1731
  4. ♛!Horses for Sale!♛ Best horses in the realm now being sold (350%+), Fast horses, high jumpers, and resistant ones! Prices going from One Thousand minas to ten thousand!! You won't get horses this good from enywhere else!! Contact Vinic or Luke Dunamis For one (W4saki/Lucas84775) OOC: Best Horses in game for sale just pm W4saki Price goes depending on how good the speed and jump combined are. Just pm me with what stats you want your horse and i'll give a price!
  5. Welcome to an Eccentric Skin Shop The smell of must may become unbearable. This is skin shop started by a person who makes basic or elaborate skins. Pretty much everything. But female skins are her specialty. Costs: A head skin is 50 minas An overlay is 100 A body is 150 minas A full body (including overlay) is 250 minas If you are applying for a skin, please fill out the below: Username: Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Steve or Alex Model: Gender and Race: Image: How is your character quirky?: Type of Payment: Proof of Payment: Enter your application below and PM me for details. (skins normally take a week or less) Thanks! (here are only a few examples)
  6. *A note would have been pinned in towns and villages spread through the Holy Orenian Empire.* Due to the apparent lack of housing in the cities of the Empire me and my family are currently looking for a home to buy to rent at and affordable cost. We are all young and able to work hard to earn our living and rent or taxation should not be a problem as we can work your fields or quarries. We are a larger family but the size of the house is not of concern as long as it contains two bedrooms so the men and women can sleep seperate. So to any man reading this, please if you have a home for us. Send us word and we shall meet. Praise be the creator. Darrion Hanethor
  7. If you are reading this then you are probably sorting out my possessions, meaning that I am most likely dead. In case of this event, I have written down some of the things I would like you to know. Holy Ser Luminous Rothgard- I love you so much, Grandfather, for you were always there to support me- through thick and thin. I remember when I was younger we'd read together in the small church and my memories with you will never fade. You taught me to be strong and you helped make me the person that I am today, someone who I hope you're proud of. You brought joy to my life and there was never a moment that I wasn't happy to see you. You were always there for me and there was never a moment when you wouldn't stand up for me. I want to thank you for this. Alexander Rothgard- Whenever I've been in trouble you've always been there for me, you've cared for my well being and I am so glad that you were my uncle. I will miss you greatly and hope that at some point I managed to help you as you always helped me. I haven't seen you in a long time but you still mean so much to me and I hope you get to read this and know about how you've helped me. Frida Rosalyn- it's been really nice to finally get to know you, my cousin. You remind me of your aunt and my step-mother, Frida, in that you are loyal and compassionate. After all you've been through, I admire you for keeping those traits and hope that you will never lose them. You're stronger than you know and I know you'll find this strength and accomplish many great things. My love for you is great and I want you to be happy that you brought light to my life, not that it was taken away from me. Marie Bruselton- my friend, you've always stuck by me and from sharing the house together I realise how nice it is to always be able to confide in you and how easier it is to talk you is one of the many things I love about you. You were a great friend to me and I hope you know how happy you made me. You have a strong personality and you can't always say the right things at the right time but you mean we'll all the time and you seem to radiate warmth and kindness. Steffen- You've been there for me since I was a little girl, we'd play with all my animals and you brought joy to my life. As I got older, you taught me about medicine which has proved to help significantly through my life so I have to thank you for this. You're the most annoying person I have ever met and yet I love you all the same. The jokes we had together kept me smiling and for that I am grateful. Marcus- You have been with me since I was young and I know that I can trust you with anything. Although we didn't talk much after what happened to Mordskov, I still always knew that I could rely on you if anythin got tough and that thought alone filled me with much warmth. I will miss seeing you after I'm gone but I'm just glad that I got to know the incredible person you are. Ser Tepah Goldhand of Orvar You're constantly by my side and always willing to help if anything goes wrong or anyone wants to hurt me. You've always been so sweet to me (not to mention fluffy!) and that is something which makes me love you so much. I want to thank you for all those times when I've needed someone by my side and you've been there. I can only hope that I've been there for you when you've needed someone. Kharea Goldhand- I have watched you grow up and you truly are incredible. You are so brave and strong, something which I admire about you. You have gone through hardships but you never changed from the strong and caring Kharea that I've always known you as. I want you to know how much I'll miss you and how thankful I am to have you in my life. Remember to fight for what you believe in and that I will love you despite no longer being with you. Gaern Briar- you have been a great friend to me and given me advice which proved to be insightful and helpful but at the same time you can easily take a joke and our conversations are always enjoyable. Since I first moved to my new home you have always been so generous and kind towards me and this made me feel so welcomed there, adding to my happiness. Dael'ran- We've known each other for a while now so I value our friendship. You showed me magic which I was always in awe of and it always cheered me up. You were also very easy to talk to so I valued our time spent together. I hope your magic progresses even more and that you will find constant happiness. I'm surprised you never got annoyed by me but that's part of what makes you so incredible- you're patience and understanding. Gil- You have always been such a good friend to me and we often used to just sit down and talk for ages. You were always willing to help me whatever the problem was and I realise how lucky I was to have you as a friend. I am glad to have known you and I want to thank you for everything you have done to help me. Ser Maxwell Reeves- I will miss you greatly. We are quite similar in many ways- not always being able keep our mouths shut when necessary, for example but I suppose the is why get on so well. Because we understand each other. We can joke around, insult each other even but without causing any upset which is refreshing and one of the reasons I enjoy your company. Cam- You've been such a good friend to me and I hope you'll always be content. I always looked forward to when we'd meet up and I hope you valued our time together as much as I did. You're not afraid to speak out for what you believe in and I respect you so much for this and hope you'll never lose this quality. Mudi- You have recently become a new friend but I enjoy spending time with you. You are very kind and I'm glad that I was able to know you, regardless of how limited that time is. A friend like you can be hard to come by but I was lucky enough to meet you. You have always been so considerate and kind when you're with people, myself included, which is a great quality to have. Ser Duncan Lefay- you've been with me when things were tough and helped me when my life was at risk. My only regret is not being able to save you also but then again, you've always been so strong that maybe you don't need saving. I know what you've been through is tough but you'll make it through it. I wish I could be here to help you do it but I want you to know how much you've done for me and that I believe in you. Lilach- I have known for so long and we have always got on so well. You are always so interesting to talk to with all your incredible tales and inventions. I admired your intelligence, you could invent things which I would never have even thought of and it made my encounters with you even more enjoyable. Renna- I'm not sure if you'd class me as a friend but I have always considered you mine. We've known each other for a while and we're not as close as I wish we were but our time together has always been enjoyable. You're incredibly intelligent and I wish you the very best for the future. Thank you to all the people I have met over my journey that have brought me joy, my life hasn't been easy- from such a young age I've had to deal with suffering- but you gave me something to live for. I hope that I brought you some form of happiness and that I was someone you were glad to know. Even if I haven't mentioned you here and you've shown me kindness, I still value you greatly and I hope you know how much I will miss you and how grateful I am. I don't want you to go after my killers but then again, who's stopping you? I can't. I'm dead. Any of your deaths because of you trying to get revenge on what has happened to me would bring such sadness to me and I want to die knowing you are safe and that you will be able to live and move on from my death. My love for you will never die. -Alvina Rothgard
  8. I'm back with my not so great skins, yay. PAYMENT: Outfits (no head) will be 600 mina whilst full skins will settle at 800 mina. I can also be bribed with nice rp items so lol. Previous works: LIST: 1. DustyDune 2. Reserved by z3m0s 3. Calabreeni 4. Areln FORM: Username: Outfit or Fullbody: Ref: Description: Proof Of Payment: (Optional) Item of bribery: (Optional) Cute birb: @Sug digs it.
  9. Guest

    Daelish Culture

    -= The Daelish =- The Daelish people are a subculture of the Highlander race, they are much more brutish and “less developed” than the majority of Highlanders. Preferring town life to that of city life like others. They are distinguishable by their unique and stark clothing compared to others. The Daelish males don a kilt representing their clans tartan while the females wear their clans tartan as other accessories such as a shawl, hat or leggings. Clan Life Clan life is an important part of the Daelish culture, Daelish are either born into a clan or adopted by a clan at a later stage in their life. Clans enforce a competitive atmosphere within the Daelish. Each clan striving to be better than the next, many activities are done within your clan and clan brawls are a common occurrence to occur to show a clan's strength over the other. Each clan teaches its members to do certain things in specific, something which the clan focuses on. This could be mining, woodcutting or anything really. This way if clans are unified in a society then they can be self sufficient without having to rely on others and outsiders to source them materials, work or help. The current known Daelish clans which are unified under the Cyning Callan Gromach: Clan Gromach - The current leading clan, lead by Callan Gromach who unified the Daelish clans all under him. The clan rarely adopt anyone into their ranks, only furthering their clan by births. Their side-focus is on mining, with of course their main role being to lead and continue to unify and improve the Daelish and their standing in Tahn. Clan Ferguson - Ferguson is a clan that is responsible for feeding and keeping a constant flow of minas into the society. It is a fairly old clan filled with competent traders and farmers. Clan Guthrie - Clan Guthrie is a relatively new clan compared to the rest, being recently birthed by a strong daelishman. Their focus is on a variety of things: Tinkering, Fishing and Woodcutting. They are some of the more intelligent Daelish and have recently been tasked with creating the mechanisms scattered across their towns to slow attacks from raiders. Clan Drummond - Clan Drummond is one of the oldest existing clans and its primary focus is on mining and smithing, providing ores and equipment to the Daelish. However, one thing different about this clan is they have a duo leadership which is maintained by a sister and brother of the clan. Music The well-known bagpipe music is a core part of Daelish culture. It's famous for it's extraordinary sounds that many hate or love. Aside from their bagpipes, the Daelish aren't great fans of other forms of music, never really learning any other music or partaking in other forms of music other than their traditional bagpipe music. Religion The Daelish are open to any religion, with some being of the usual canonist faith, however a good majority have formed under the Cantyrist faith as Cathal of the Daeland has created the faith and preached it to their society, converting many. The Cantyrist Faith believes that The Creator is a enigmatic craftsman of life, going under many aliases and titles troughout culture, Cantyrism believes that The Creator does not directly intervene but instead grant mortals the ability to manipulate and change the world around them. The Cantyrist church thrives off conflict and competition. It believes that the mortal races are at their best when they are in competition of one and another. The Clergy of the Cantyrist Church are known as warrior priests, they are expected to wear armor, and fight in wars like the soldiers they represent. It holds a religious importance for the concept of War, battle, and honor. Teaching that men and women need to fight to keep what is theirs and that actions speak louder than words. Voidal magic is allowed by the church, with the exception being Illusion, which is frowned upon. The Clergy are structured like a military instead of a religious order, with rank determined by merit and ability on the battlefield as well as religious piety. Instead of venerating and strictly following the Holy Scrolls of Canonism, the Cantyrist Church has their own sacred book simply titled "The Book of Trials". Which details the eight Tenets of Cantyrism and their importance, as well as the accomplishments of mortals. The book venerates mortal willpower and their ability to change history around them, with every member of the Clergy given a copy of the book, in order to add more legends and heroes to the growing chapters of the Book of Trials. Government The government of the Daelish is kept rather simple, with only a handful of ranks within the government being on offer. These are: Cyning - The Cyning is the leader of the Daelish, they have the most authority out of everyone in the Daelish and the cyning is the one to make the most important decisions and is the one to appoint other members of the government. Ealdormen - The Ealdormen is a council that doesn't have a fixed number, it can range anywhere between 2 to 5 people. They are advisors who the Cyning confides in and gets their opinion. Some cynings have been known to use a voting system with their Ealdormen to pass certain decisions. Gesith - A Gesith is a personal assistant of a Cyning or Ealdormen, whether their assistance being in advisory, guarding or cooking. They tend to be very good at their role in assisting the person in question. Earl - An Earl is a landholder within the Daelish lands, they normally hold a large portion of land and/or have Thegns underneath him. Thegn - A Thegn is a landholder within the Daelish lands, they normally have a small portion of land. The current holdings within the Daeland are as followed: -Ponce Ponce is a small town located west of Metz, it is currently owned by the Flays after their campaign against Lorraine years ago. Where they managed to succeed and claim all lands owned by Lorraine that are west of their capital, Metz. The town has been expanded greatly under Daelish leadership to suit for all its populace, it has become a good attraction to many as they seem intrigued by the Daelish and their different personality.
  10. CABALLERO CORPS Purpose The Caballero Corps is the main military organization for the Duchy of Barranquilla. Those brave souls who spill blood for Barranquilla and her citizenry. Charged with the responsibility of protection by putting their lives on the line. In return for their services the men of the Corps receive pay, comfortable living conditions and most importantly a haven from Imperialism. It is the people’s shield against invasion, and its spear of conquest. Hierarchy Comandante: At the top of the Corps is the Comandante. A tenacious soldier and capable strategist proven through many battles. A leader both on and off the field in charge of the Corps as a whole. The Comandante of the Corps is Faust Santiago. Dominar: A strong and capable officer corps makes or breaks an army, and the Dominar of the Corps are the best out there. With years of experience leading troops through battle and training them in peacetime, Dominar are responsible for the Corps’ effective operation. Entitled to best equipment and in charge of a division or specialty, Dominar of the Corps are the best of Barranquilla command. Bandera: A lower corps officer, a Bandera represents an enlisted man's transition into army leadership. Bandera execute commands at the head of smaller regional battalions. Entitled to the same benefits as a Sargento, as well as the added authority of officer status, a Bandera is well on his way towards rank advancement. Sargento: The highest attainable rank for an enlisted man before his transition to the officer corps, the Sargento is a battlefield veteran who has demonstrated an embodiment of military spirit and a mastery of martial skills. The Sargento are excellent fighters leaving onlookers in awe, and form the official Bulwark of His Grace. Privado: Surviving the cruelty of battle and trained in the art of combat and survival, Privado are the backbone of the Corps. Privado are supplied with quality steel. While in Duchy lands Privado are considered the guardforce for the region and are expected to uphold the peace and law. Alumno: Fresh blood, those yet to be trained or taste the fear of battle. Alumno face seemingly never ending training, harsh lectures and are pushed beyond their limits for His Grace. Those that do not give up and rise to the challenge will soon achieve the rank of Privado. Alumno receive last-pickings in armaments and armor. Enlistment To join the Caballero Corps, one must have all prerequisite requirements as stated. The Corps makes no special exceptions, as does His Grace. The requirements are as followed: - One must be of human or elven descent. - One must be of at least thirteen years of age. - One must be a citizen of the Duchy of Barranquilla. Application I. Name II. Age IIa. Date of Birth IIb. Place of Birth III. Race IIIa. Culture IV. Martial Knowledge V. Profession OOC MC Name: Skype ID:
  11. Name: Arion Grayson Gender: Male Race: Human Current Age: 26 Background: Arion Grayson was born in the land of Oren, more specifically a half-day's journey to the north of Rytsburg. His family was not very wealthy, having only recently staked a claim for themselves. They settled into a small homestead shortly before their son was born, and being an only child he grew up with a slight lack of people his age to socialize with. It was not from a lack of trying, but after a few years the couple eventually settled with the one child they had managed to conceive. Arion was also born with emerald green eyes, a trait of the Highlanders which has not emerged from either of his parents' bloodlines over several generations. His hair is darker than most would have expected, which suggests an outside influence into the gene pool somewhere among his ancestry. He harvested wheat and barley much of his young life, but as a child preferred to explore as far as his parents would allow. This curiosity was noticed by his father, who eventually decided to teach Arion what he knew on the topic of hunting. For a long while his father brought him along when the men from the local farms journeyed forth on their monthly hunting excursions, most of which took place in the wilderness to the west. However, the looming Greyspine Mountains were always a destination of the young man, especially after hearing plenty of rumors about possible manticores inhabiting them. Try though he might, Arion could not convince his father to let him explore there. Years passed, and though he still has not journeyed to that curious place he has begun to develop a bit of a wanderlust for the world around him. He has spent the last few years traveling where he could, determined to discover all he can until he finally decides to settle down somewhere quiet and peaceful. Personality Traits: Somewhat introverted; kind; helpful; sense of right and wrong; preference to nature over civilization; curious of the world in general Ambitions: Discovery of the world in all its aspects Strengths/Talents: The art of the hunt; decent brawler; physical strength and agility; common sense Weaknesses/Inabilities: Unawareness of the finer laws of civilizations; Lack of experience with magic; Some awkwardness in social situations (especially around women he finds attractive); Struggles with learning via reading/Isn't scholarly Appearance: Muscular; Mesomorph; 5'11; Jet-Black Hair; Emerald Green Eyes; Tanned Skin; Various Scars
  12. The Tagma of Nicea History of the Tagma The Tagma is a recently formed levy by Despot Constantine Palaiologos. In times of war the Tagma of Nicea has one job; to protect Metz the capital of Lorraine. The location of Nicea makes the protection of Metz almost natural, as it's very close to the capital. The levy is lightly equiped compared to other Orenian levies which makes the soldiers to move faster than any other unit. Ranks Officers: Strategos (Marshal) - the head of the Tagma(army) appointed by the Despot, tasked with managing the Tagma, and leading it into battle. He is often revered by his men, who follow his command faithfully. Lochagos (Captain) - A field officer, tasked with training the Army and assisting the Strategos with leading it. Before battle, they are often involved with the Strategos in the makings of strategy and battle plans. Those who hold this rank have proven themselves worthy to the Strategos, and are amongst the most capable commanders in the Army. NCO’s Lochias (Sergeant) - The Lochias are the regular officers of the Tagma. They are often very experienced and proficient in their work, both in combat and leading the troops. Dekaneas (Corporal) - The Dekaneas are the junior officers of the Tagma, Like all officers, they are tasked with training the troops, disciplining them and maintaining them in good form - as well as leading them into battle. Enlisted Veteranos (Veteran) - The Veteranoi are amongst the most proven and proficient troops of the Tagma, well equipped and well trained. They have earned their rank through a long and faithful service to the Tagma. Even though they are not often tasked with leading, they set an example to the soldiers below them who strive to reach to the same position. Stratiotis (Man-at-Arms) - The Stratiotes are the regular troops who make the bulk of the Tagma. Just like the Neos, they are tasked with the ordinary of tasks listed below. Neos (Recruit) - Neoi are the freshly recruited troops of the Tagma, often ill equipped. They undergo through basic training and are tasked with the most ordinary of tasks such as guarding, escorting and standing in formation. Joining the Tagma; Name: Race: Age: Any prior military experience?: ((OOC)) MC Name: Skype Name (can PM if needed): Do you have TeamSpeak, or are you willing to download it (will be used in battles and other activities)?: Timezone:
  13. Name: Alvina Rothgard Age: 21 A woman of 5'6 with striking blue eyes and long brown hair and would have appeared very pretty. She would almost always have been seen with a smile on her face. Most of the time she'd walk with a good posture and be well mannered. She would appear friendly, despite being known to become violent and speak her mind when someone annoys or insults her. However, she would be very fierce when protecting her friends, family and people in need of help. She will strike up a conversation with anyone, regardless of who they and would often talk about her love for animals, reading, writing and archery. She died at 21 years old, outside Adelburg after two men attacked her and tried to murder her. She managed to kill on of them but was unable to avoid the other. She is buried inside Adelburg, her life now only in the memories of those who knew her.
  14. This is all that is known for right now, for as she is only 8 years old. Will be adding to it later on *Basic Information: Full Name: Esme Crimson-Coraline Richards Age/Date of Birth: 8, 13th of The Amber Cold Nickname: Es, or Ese (pronounced Ezi) *Physical Appearance: Gender: Female Race: Humaan Height: 4'11" (For Now) Weight: 76lbs Eye Color: Dark, deep blue Type of Hair: Quite long, wavy, usually accompanied with a bow Voice: Her voice is sweet, innocent, playful. Most stand out feature? Her eyes, the very bright, and deep blue eyes sparkle, you cant help to notice them. Usual Attire: A dress with a cloak or coat. Favorite Outfit A white and yellow dress and gray coat Personality: Good Personality Traits: Spontaneous, Brave, Loving, Caring, Selfless, Smart, Well-Mannered, Quirky, Different, Confident, Playful. Bad Personality Traits: Stubborn, Feisty (Good at times), Strong Willed, Adventurous (Sometimes good) Mood at Most times: Playful or Happy Sense of Humor: Esme is very humorous. You cant help but laugh at her comments and quirks. She brings much joy to the people who understand her humor, but may also find herself getting into trouble if she is not careful with it. Hobbies: Reading, riding horses, playing with animals, cooking/baking, playing pretend Dreams as of right now: Esme is quite determined, she has many plans of what she'd like to do when she grows up. Believe it or not this innocent little girl wants to be a guard! She's watched the Imperial Legion everyday as she wandered the streets of oren. Although she is fascinated by the guard she does not yet fully understand the full responsibility. She has a great love for animals and says she is to be a breeder when she grows older, along with the greatest chef in oren! She is quite a dreamer. Favorites/Habits: Favorites: Color: Yellow Food: Tea and Scones Music: Classical Literature: Fiction (Fairytales) Habits: Play a Musical Instrument? Yes, she plays the flute. How would she spend a rainy day? Outside! She loves the rain, she'll be skipping around, jumping in puddles, and getting soaked! Nervous Tics: Twiddling her fingers, messing with her hair Skilled at: Read/Writing (for her age) Playing the flute. Story: Esme's mother was only a teen when she was with child, she was not ready to handle the responsibility of a child. With that being said on the 13th of The Amber Cold, Esme was born. That very night she wrapped Esme in a blanket, placed her in a woven basket, and left her on the streets of Oren. The city of oren has been taking care of her since, supplying her with food, clothing, education. She's been taken care of pretty nicely. She is coming to an age where they would think she can somewhat handle herself. Since Esme is loved dearly by the ones who have been taking care of her all this time, instead of dumping her to fend for herself, they posted up posters of adoption.
  15. Brathal MacDunn The Passive, Friendly and Bearded Brief Description Personality Appearance and Attire History and Biography
  16. Lord Yuri Vladov, in the ruins of Brelus Yuri Vladov GENDER: Male RACE: Human CULTURE: Raevir AGE: Thirty Four NICKNAMES: None TITLES: Knight of Oren, Nauzican BORN: Barrow Wyk, Adria FAITH: Cannonism Health: Alive Height: 5’9” Weight: 145 BODY TYPE: Lean DESCRIPTION: Yuri since childbirth has always been compared to his mother by his family, having the same eyes as her and a fair look in his appearance. Only resemblance that Yuri could have of his father is his curly hair that shows out when his hair isn’t cared for. He also stands shorter than Fyodor but taller than his sister Anya. CLOTHING: Yuri sports traditional Vladovic clothing, a simple yellow and black shirt and brown pants. Being the only known descendant of Kazimir Vladov he has inherited his menacing bear armor. Although due to Yuri’s inability to wear his father’s armor properly due to it's weight he tends to favor lighter clothing, wearing his father’s armor during special occasions. WEAPONRY: Backsword Notable Traits: Solemn in appearance: Yuri being socially outcasted at a young age has never developed a way to properly conduct himself in public, keeping a serious tone during casual conversations. Usually acting like himself when around people he’s comfortable with. Creative: Yuri since birth has shown himself to be creative, as a toddler his favorite toys were his building blocks given to him by his uncle Franz. Affable: In spite of his serious appearance, Yuri has always been friendly strangers and treats many with the utmost respect. Loyalty: A learned trait during his time in Nauzica Brigade. He was shown to loyally serve his liege in times of crisis and in times of wealth. Family Tree
  17. "The Victorian Knights" The recently events of Courland's rebellion against Oren have troubled Ser Demetrios and King Aleksander Staunton. After a long meeting the two have decided to bring back an ancient Order of the Akritian kingdom, "The Victorian Knights". The Victorian Knights order was first founded by Justinian Komnenos to protect his land from the barbarian Turkins, the Order was disbanded after the loss of their capital and no one ever heard of the Order again. Now, Ser Demetrios Palaiologos has formed the Order once more, but this time to protect Courland against the Imperial forces. "This is a very emotional day today, I was given the opportunity and the privilege to reform an ancient Order of my homeland which is not destroyed." Ser Demetrios would say to his recruits. The Order's main priority is to defend Courland from ANY enemy forces that seek to harm the land or it's people. Any Courland can join the Order, but do YOU have what it takes to become a true knight of the Kingdom of Courland? -How to join the Order- To join the order you simply have to follow the following steps: 1) You must be male. 2) You must be 15+ years old 3) You must be Courlander. 4) You must complete the following form: =-=Recruitment Form=-= RP: Name: Age: Height: OOC: Minecraft name: Skype name: 5) Repeat the Oath after Ser Demetrios Palaiolgos: I,[Name] swear loyalty to Ser Demetrios Palaiolgos, I swear to protect Courland and those in need. I swear to give my last breath for Courland, King Aleksander and Ser Demetrios. ((This is NOT a PK clause)) The Order's seat is castle Pyrgos, located west from Riga. A cart should be outside from Riga soon that leads to castle Pyrgos.You will be given food, a room in the castle to stay and last but not least your starting equipment. ((I would appreciate if anti-Courlanders wouldn't comment on this post, as it would bring salt and toxicity. You have been warned, thank you very much!))
  18. The Visigian Vanguard “To Defend Until Death” - Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian, and Lord Vicar of the Church Purpose of Visigian Vanguard Standing quietly along the border of the Holy Orenian Empire, Visiga is part of Oren's first defense against any southern incursion. The holy lands, inhabited by the Pontifical state itself, seeking to cohesively form a line of fortitude against aggressors, has decided to assemble. Under the authority of Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian and Lord Vicar of the church, the Visigian Vanguard was formed. Henceforth, it is created as a stalwart force to be a bulwark for those who inhabit the lands and beyond. To fight for those who cannot. To defend until death. Ranks Constable: The Constable commands the Vanguard in its entirety, is a man who has proven himself to be an exceptional leader both at home and on the field, and the Viscounts Military hand. The Constable works closely with the Viscount of Balian to excel in his duties. A man of few words, the Constable is required to be adaptable and collected. He has the final say in all matters. Captain: Second in command of the Vanguard, the Captain answers only to the Constable and is also responsible for maintaining the troops. His duties can range from keeping morale up to leading the men on the field of battle. Commander: Third in command of the Vanguard. They assist with keeping order within the ranks, and are often granted minor privileges and duties, as well as missions to lead the enlisted men on. Enlisted Sergeant: The sergeant is the well known solder in the Vanguard, and an Officer in training. runs the lower end ops. Man-At-Arms: The man-at-arms is no stranger to battle. These weathered veterans are expected to hold the line without fail, their ferocity and determination making them formidable opponents. Nothing less than complete obedience is expected of the man-at-arms. Footman: These soldiers are the backbone of the Vanguard. They are fully fledged soldiers that have had some experience in the military, and their presence is both a relief to their allies and a curse to their foes. Recruit: These men are the newest additions to the Vanguard. Most are lacking experience in any form of combat, and have yet to prove themselves. They will undergo trials and training until they can become Footmen. Medals Medal of Grievance: Considered the atonement medal; is given out to injured members of the Order who suffered their ailment during righteous battle Medal of the Stalwart: One of the highest of honour that could befall on a member of the Order the Medal of Stalwart is granted to those who have attained glory or surmounted a great feat. Joining the Visigian Vanguard Name: Race: Age: Any past military experience?: ((OOC)) MC Name: Skype Name (can PM if needed): Do you have TeamSpeak, or are you willing to download it (will be used in battles and other activities)?: Timezone:
  19. Character Name Basic Information Nicknames:The Talon (no one knows that Destrian and the Talon are one and the same though) Age: 20 Gender: Male Race: Human Heartlander Status:Alive Description Height: 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) Weight: 67 kg Body Type: Fit but slightly skinny Eyes: bright dark blue eyes Hair: Dark hair Skin: Pale,slightly ashen Markings/Tattoos: A few light scars on his face and a green snake tatto on his right arm Health: Mostly healthy,despite life on the streets Personality: As Destrian, he is a charismatic and humorous individual who can be sometimes annoying with his constant joking.He also shows great interest in other cultures and the arcane. As the Talon, He's a quiet, calculating and sarcastic individual, in contrast to his more cheerful persona.Despite being a criminal and acting cold,he would never willingly harm an innocent or commit crimes which would result in harming the lives of those in the lower social spectrum. Ambition: He seeks to become influential enough in the underground, so that he can better the lives of those who live in poverty. Inventory: A set of lockpicks in his left pocket , a sheathed dagger on his right hip and a journal in his right pocket where he writes his thoughts on other cultures,magic and people Life Style Alignment: Chaotic good Deity: None Religion: None Alliance/Nation/Home: Currently Felsen Job/Class: As Destrian Nightgaze, he usually does errands or works as an assistant for a minor period to keep his facade. As the Talon,he is an underground criminal who makes his living by selling information, commiting heists,thefts,smuggling and the occasional bounty hunt and assassination. Title(s): The Talon ((I don't know if it's referring to noble titles or not, so please correct me if it doesn't count as a title)) Profession(s): Currently none Special Skill(s): Pickpocketing,Stealth,Manipulation Flaw(s): Barely able to control his hate of nobles and panics when things don't go according to plan Magic Current Status: Interested in it, but currently has no knowledge of it Arch-type: none Sub-Type: none Rank: none Weakness(es): not known Strength(s): not known Current Spell(s): none known Weaponry Fighting Style: Uses stealth and the terrain to gain an advantage on the foe and strikes with his dagger when the opponent least expects it. Trained Weapon: Dagger Archery: not known Biography Parents: Mother:not known(deceased Father:Malcolm Nightgaze (deceased) Siblings: none Children: none Extended Family: Destrian doesn't know and doesn't care. Pets: Interested in getting one,but currently has none Background Destrian was born in 1538 on an average village. Unfortunately, due to his parent's poverty, his mother died from childbirth. His father tried his best to take care of him, but on Destrian's sixth birthday, a gang whom his father owed debts were tired of waiting for the payment and killed him,taking Destrian as payment. During his early years with the gang, he was initially used to beg money from the passersby, but eventually the gang taught him how to pickpocket to increase their 'revenue'. One day, Destrian tried to pickpocket a hooded elf .who was visiting the city, and got caught by the elf. Instead of turning him over to the guards or worse, the elf corrected his technique and brought him to live with him during the week he was in the city. During that week,the elf taught him the basics of reading and gifted him a book about the many cultures of the world.On the final day, the elf gave him his last advice: "To be sucessful on the streets,you must walk in the shadows". After the elf left, the gang found Destrian and ,after a beating, put him back to work. As the years passed by, Destrian did a wide range of jobs for the gang,incuding heists,smuggling and the assassination of minor enemy gang leaders. It was only a matter of time until he became the right hand of the gang's leader. The day after Destrain's promotion to the right hand of the leader, members of the gang found the leader dead with a dagger stabbed deep in the back of his head with Destrian being nowhere to be found. Several weeks later, a hooded figure stands on top of a roof observing the poor and the arrogant nobles of the city. The figure looks to be deep in thought when suddenly, he smiles lightly under his hood and mutters"This city will do..." Artwork Destrian normal http://imgur.com/KgcKIWy Destrian 'The Talon' http://imgur.com/Tc5LZ1p ((My first character profile, What do you guys think? Also, tell of any lore mistakes i made))
  20. Rose Basic Information Nicknames: "Dragon Heart Lady" Age: 15 Gender: Female Race: Human Status: Citizen Description Height: 5'5 Weight: 90 pounds. Body Type: Slim. Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: Pale white. Markings/Tattoos: None. Health: Pretty good. Personality: Shy, confuses easily, poor memory, poor geographic skills. Inventory: A necklace that is rumored to be made of dragon scales. Though this is unconfirmed. Further Details: None. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: Undecided Religion: Undecied Alliance/Nation/Home: None. Job/Class: None. Title(s): None. Profession(s): Unknown Special Skill(s): None Flaw(s): Poor memory, stutters when nervous. Weaponry Fighting Style: Sword. Trained Weapon: A little bit in sword fighting. Favored Weapon: Swords. Archery: None. Biography Parents: Ruby Cleary and John Blackheart. Siblings: Cassandra Mask, Skyler Cleary Children: None. Extended Family: Ehminster Dom (Uncle) Pet(s): Two dogs, though both dead now. History Find out in-game! Artwork http://pre06.deviantart.net/7e72/th/pre/i/2014/281/6/c/sketch__evie___pennyroyal_academy_by_alixnight-d8248j1.png
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0PvZGVPiJU Clan Orvar “Fly High, Fly Far” ((Clan Orvar is based on a pagan human culture I created, inspired by the Celts and the Norse. I would HIGHLY recommend reading this post (Gorundyr Culture and Religion) which contains all of the details and knowledge on the Gorundyr culture and religion, which Clan Orvar is apart of. Any additional beliefs listed here are strictly followed by the Clan!)) A Clan is Reborn Far in the eastern reaches of the Konigsreich of Vandoria, within the mountainous valleys of Hallowvale, a call could be heard. Dozens of warhorns thundered around the vale, echoing off the steep cliff faces and sharp inclines. Loudest of all came from the blaring of an enormous horn, carved of bone and inlaid silver, nestled in the center of the village. Just as it had come, the booming faltered, and behind the horn appeared a mountain of a man, his once prominent brown hair graying, and his face creasing with age. His gaze lingered on the crowd for a moment before speaking, voice powerful and firm. “Gorundyr! Kinsmen of Orvar! Today we stand upon hallowed ground, the first of which we have had since our ancestors were forced to flee our homeland in Anthos. Today we can all look up at the snowcapped mountains, towering gorunpines, and take our first breaths as a free and unified people." Morvan would pause, a smile lighting up his aged face, and scan the crowd before continuing. "Be proud of your accomplishments, as the gods surely are. They have blessed this vale with their power and blessings. Once again, our proud people has a home, and as the Yagar of the Gorundyr people, I grant this village the name of Tyravik. With this, we honour Tyr, the first Chieftain of Orvar, may he smile down upon us from the isle’s of Halvengr! Fleyja sevlla, fleyja fjarri!” With that, Morvan began to stamp his foot into the ground and let forth a roaring cheer. All around him, his Clan and Kin joined in, chanting in the old tongue of the Gorundyr. Tyravik was established, a new home for Clan Orvar, one which would see the rebirth of the Clan and the restoration of a once great people. Clan Traditions and Beliefs Riders of Halvengr An ancient belief held by Clan Orvar, the Riders of Halvengr are a spectral band of ancestral spirits that visit the mortal realm during the winter months of Yul Tine. These souls are said to have a longing for their past lives, their sole desire to visit the land of the living and enjoy the cold rush of air on their face as they ride. Riders are said to visit living descendants and leave gifts or good wishes behind. In return, it is expected of the living to light beacons of fire among mountain paths and leave gifts and offerings such as food, ale, mead, cloaks, and anything else of significance. It is very popular for people to travel and often camp out at night, when the riders are said to be the most active, to chance a sighting, especially among children. A Bloodline of Giants The Orvari are very proud of their heritage and blood, and there is one myth that is held in the highest regard. It originates from the times of the Chieftain Tyr, one of the first Gorundyr to split off and form his own Clan after Havardr and the Joriin ascended to Halvengr. A period of strife and war struck the Gorundyr after his departure, and it was the fragmented original clans of the Gorundyr that attempted to fill the power vacuum. During this time, a savage war erupted between the Clans and a group of giants, led by Fariik. These giants were not of stone or ice, but flesh. While Fariik and his tribe were mighty warriors and far more powerful than the average Gorundyr, what they made up for in strength, they lacked in numbers. Soon they found themselves on the defensive, forced into the mountains and hills. Each year, when the snows melted and the mountain passes were traversable, hunting parties would scour the land in search of giants. It was seen as a great honour to slay one and take it’s bones as trophies. It was Tyr who strayed from this path and extended an open hand to Fariik and his tribe, seeing the giants as friends and not foe. Tyr and Fariik pledged an oath to defend each other's peoples, and to join together as one. While the union was an improvement, the damage had already been done, the giants had suffered terrible losses to their population. It was with this that Tyr ordered the mating of human and giant in an attempt to bolster their numbers. While the existence of Giants is now merely a legend, it is said that due to Tyr’s efforts, their population survived for decades. Now, Clan Orvar defends its claims that the blood of giants courses through their veins, and they hold much respect for their lost ancestors. They contribute their larger size and strength to this myth, though no one can truly know for sure. Heirlooms and Relics Clan Orvar holds in its possession several sacred heirlooms that they trace back to their ancestors, and in some cases, their early creation. These objects are given great care and attention, each of which are on display in the Ritual House. Dyrnwyn, Blade of the God-King - Crafted by the Legendary Taranis for the God-king, Havardr. Forged out of the heart of a stone giant. It's hilt is made of meteorite and bleached whale-bone with a small flaming hammer engraved on the pommel. Havardr discarded the weapon when he was granted ascension by Gorund and had Taranis craft him Dagor’kaen, a mythical spear forged from light itself. Dáinsleif - Wielded by a Asulonian priest named Hagnar, Dainsleif is the first Sivaas Feyn, a class of blade used for ritualistic purposes and to combat eldritch abominations, be it beast or spirit. It’s blade resembles that of a long sword forged of a strange brownish gold metal. Up it’s fuller are several bright glowing runes, said to recite the oath Hagnar gave to Gorund and infuse the blade with holy power. The Tapestry of Creation - An ancient artifact that tells the story of the creation of the Gorundyr, from their beginnings as fledgling creations of Lagara to their descent from Halvengr, and their first steps as mortals. It is drawn on one single length of tan parchment, with it’s images and runes inlaid in gold and silver thread. Yisigil - Given it’s name by Barid, Yisigil was crafted after the Yagar’s victory over the other Gorundyr clans and has since then been considered a sacred object in the Clan. It resembles the other common Gorundyr round shields in design, but is vastly more ornate and decorated and has no practical use. It is a symbol of unity and accomplishment, and fills all clansmen with pride when they gaze upon it’s form. +UHLFBERH+T - A lesser known artifact forged by Morvan of Orvar, his kinsmen Byrnjolf, and two Adunians named Cymrych and Gavin, the Uhlfberht is an exceptional blade forged from a special process that resulted in stronger and more flexible steel. The forging of the blade took months to complete and now serves to represent the bond between Clan Orvar and Douglas of the Adunians. The blade has become a status symbol in the clan and is gifted to the personal champion of the Yagar, whomever comes into the position. Skildir - An ancient winged spear steeped in myth, Skildir is believed to be the fang of the mighty lord Auroth, gifted to an old warrior of Clan Orvar. The only text supporting this myth was an old runestone situated in Asulon, where the spear itself was found. It seems the lonely wanderer had reached the end of his life, and left the spear encased within the stone to pass on to the next generation and whoever was worthy of finding it. Now, it is in the possession of Ruari of Orvar, the fifth son of Morvan of Orvar. He wields it with a savagery that only Auroth himself could match. The Warband of the Haukvengr The Warband itself is one cohesive unit that is held together by brotherhood and respect. All warriors are trusted and only those who are respected will be allowed to fight alongside their brothers and sisters. If a band is started with the intent on raiding and searching for wealth and glory, all warriors within are given an equal share of the plunder. While the Haukvengr are the main military force of Clan Orvar and thus draw from any of the Clan’s warriors, they are also act as a group of holy warriors for the Gorundyr faith. Should any threat come upon the gods, these zealous warriors will rain down their fury upon it, be it man or beast. Military structure is relatively simple and is outlined as follows. Yagar Morvan of Orvar, Yagar of the Gorundyr, and Chieftain of Clan Orvar, leads the warband as its commander. The Yagar acts as the ultimate authority in all military, religious, and clan affairs. It is the Yagar who chooses who is worthy of fighting alongside him and who gains his blessings before battle. Haskir Haskir are treated as elite soldiers who serve the Yagar directly, acting as his most trusted soldiers, advisors, and bodyguards. Usually, battle-hardened veterans, the Haskir are both respected and feared among the Gorundyr for their immense prowess in battle. Often, they are left in command of the warband should the Yagar not be present, and are given leave to make some decisions should the need arise. Uroksvaal Uroksvaal are some of the fiercest warriors who fight in the warband, acting as terrifying berserkers. They are usually heavily religious, performing rituals before and after battle and sacrificing their prisoners in the name of Ankou and Barid. Almost all Uroksvaal pay homage to Barid and his lineage, praising him as the greatest warrior god the Gorundyr have ever had. Knidviik Knidviik, or Shield-Maidens, are highly respected female warriors that fight in the warband. They are given the same status and respect of the higher warriors, and are to be treated as any other would be. Shield-Maidens devote themselves entirely to battle and drawing the favour of the gods, often choosing to remain unmarried, though it is not unheard of. Vraaniik Vraaniik are those who have been accepted into the warband as trusted warriors, serving as the bulk of the military. If one earns this rank, then it is a sign of respect and trust to their persons. While Vraaniik are typically less experienced and skilled than some of their more veteran soldiers in the warband, they are treated with a great deal of respect. Grengr Grengr are the initiates, the unblooded and untested, whom wish to prove themselves worthy of being accepted into the warband. They are treated less than the other warriors, though still not cruelly so. Simply put, they have not earned the full respect of the other warriors, nor their trust, and are expected to prove so before being treated as equals. Korvr Korvr is the name given to the young warriors of the warband, ranging from the age of five to fifteen, when their coming of age ushers them into adulthood. Korvr are left out of the main battles, instead taken on and trained by the other warriors in the warband. It is the responsibility of the elder, more skilled warriors, to ensure the young grow up strong and skilled in all things, not just war. Visk do Kein Before battle, the Haukvengr will participate in a ritual called the Visk do Kein, a ritual of battle, in which each warrior prepares himself for the potential of death. Offerings and prayers are given to Ankou in hopes that should they fall, their passage through the spirit world will be heeded so that they may reach Halvengr. Next, the warriors group and paint their faces in pigments and colours, even sometimes doing so with the blood of sacrificial animals. As the Haukvengr march, they chant and sing, calling out to the gods as the warhorns urging them forward sound around them. During battle, or just before the initial charge, the warriors of the Warband will consume a dozen of what they call gjota mushrooms, which act as a psychedelic and aid in battle. After several minutes, their conscious mind will go blank, sending them into a blood rage, the only discernible word coming from their mouths being that of Barid, the god of war. The Orvari Code Clan Orvar, as all Gorundyr, live by a strict code of honour and belief. It is this code that resonates so closely with the ideals of the Vander that binds these peoples together. From their oaths to the the first Rovin king of Aesterwald, to their rebirth in the Konigsreich of Vandoria, Orvar honors the Vander Code through their own ancient ideals. Show devotion to the gods through prayer and offering. Uphold the honour and integrity of clan and kin. Speak no lie and break no oath under the watchful eyes of the gods. Strive to grow and protect family and home. Obey the Yagar and respect his wisdom. Fight those who would do harm upon kin, until your last breath. Pay respects and continue the legacy of your ancestors. Slaying one's kin is worse than death and fouls the soul. Never turn your back to a fight, nor turn down a challenge from the worthy. Never abandon the Gods for another, for it is they who granted the breath of life. Breaking this sacred code is a grave crime and will result in death and banishment of soul. Orvari Old History Early Origins Clan Orvar traces its roots back to its earliest peoples through a sacred tapestry from which the origin of the clan is told. It depicts a beautiful woman sitting atop a massive tree that appears to connect the stars to the floating island it sits upon. Lagara, as they call the woman, sits intently as she watches a great eagle descend from his perch on one of the thick branches. The eagle swoops down to the earth with what appear to be children clinging to its wings. It is these children who are regarded as the first mortals. As they dismount, the eagle announces that he is Argal, Master of the Sky. It is with this declaration that he spreads his massive wings and takes flight once again, resuming his unending watch over the tree and the evil that lays imprisoned beneath. As the children grow, so does a spark within them; a great desire to explore and discover the mysteries of the land that had been given to them. Some figures are shown to visit a sacred forest where they meet Andarta and her forest spirits. Others are shown climbing the highest mountains, calling to Argal from their peaks. All of the gods are visited and a bond is forged between the Gorundyr and the powerful beings that created them. The desire for adventure was engrained into the early descendants of Clan Orvar, leading to the creation of their motto “Fly High, Fly Far”. This thirst for adventure calls to all who have Orvar blood within their veins. Clan Orvar traces its earliest roots back to Havardr and his Joriin do Rah, meaning tribe of the gods, and thus so can all Gorundyr. Havardr was the earliest of men to bring the Gorundyr together, far before there was even thought of clans forming. He lead a united people, and in his death was given ascension as a divine being by Gorund, as well as certain others that had served him in life. Losing such a powerful figure shattered the Gorundyr, however, starting the formation of Clans. It was here that a man named Tyr formed his own clan and named it Orvar. As the Gorundyr warred, Orvar grew stronger and accepted more survivors into its ranks, cementing it as one of the original clans. The Legend of Barid Orvar Early Orvar history remains largely unknown as there are no written records of such, only tales passed down by from past generations, as all written works that had once existed were destroyed. The restoration of knowledge can be attributed to one man, at least as far as Clan Orvar goes. Barid Orvar, also known as Barid the Reaver, was born into the clan at its worst. Destitute and crumbling under its own weight, Orvar had very little power and wealth. From a young age, Barid always had a fire in his eye and a taste for glory. A tactical genius and brilliant fighter, he set out to bring glory to his clan and gain the respect that they deserved. One by one the other clans fell to his might, either destroyed, brought to their knees, or assimilated into Clan Orvar. It was his extreme ferocity in battle that earned him the title “the Reaver”, a name that would bring even the strongest clans trembling to their knees. It only took him two years to unite all of the Gorundyr under his rule. Shortly after the war, the remaining clan chieftains gathered at a moot to discuss Barid. It was no doubt that this man was blessed by the gods and demanded respect. The other Chieftains bent their knee and swore loyalty to Barid, naming him the Yagar, or High Chieftain of the clans. With this power, he ushered in a new era of stability and growth for the Gorundyr. After fighting for so long, Barid spent a large amount of time travelling to far off lands and brought back the relics and knowledge of other civilizations. On one of his journeys he met a group of humans with pale skin and light hair who taught him how to read and write in their tongue. Barid brought this gift back to his Clan, as well as plenty of slaves. Upon his death, Barid was exalted into divinity. Havardr noticed the man's intense ferocity and skill as a tactician and warrior, choosing to elevate him as a member of the Joriin. This was seen as a high honour to Clan Orvar, as no other member of a Clan had been granted such since the Joriin themselves ascended into the heavens. A Mighty Clan Falls Prosperity would not last for Clan Orvar, however. During his rule, Barid fathered many sons that would soon tear his kingdom apart. Fueled by greed and a desire to surpass their father, the sons split the kingdom into pieces and started a civil war that would rage for decades. On one side, there was Moban and Ragaros, the two eldest sons. They were as close as kin could be, fighting to preserve their father's legacy and avenge his death at the hands of cowards. On the other, there was what all would come to call the three ‘Kinslayers’, named so for their crime. Due to greed and jealousy, the three sons Tethuk, Morodon, and Viseng, entered Barid’s clan hall itself, armed with daggers. They lured him to a private chamber with the intentions of talking about land being granted to them, where they struck. Barid was brutally slaughtered by the three, as well as two of his wives and a daughter, half sister to the three. It was this crime that would condemn the three not only in life, but death, and sparked a war that would rock the foundations of the Clan. It was not a long and drawn out war, however, but a brutal and short one. The gods had no love for Kinslayers, nor did any being of good soul. Moban and Ragaros quickly slaughtered the armies of the Kinslayers and brought them to justice. They and their remaining servants were lined up around a massive pit filled with coals lit aflame. Made to endure the intense heat, each one watched as the other was ritualistically killed, known as the Blood Eagle. Upon completion, the Kinslayers and their ilk were kicked into the pit, cleansed by Gorund’s flame. Orvar was certainly better off than it was before Barid, but it was no longer the mighty hammer that he had forged with fire and blood. The many long years of war weakened the Gorundyr, allowing a new enemy to rise up and drive them to near extinction. Fleeing Anthos The Scourge, they were called, though the Gorundyr did not know it at the time. The Priesthood declared them the minions of Maratsu and that the raven god would soon break free of his prison to bring about the end-times. The harsh frozen land of the Savaar, a place called home for as long as they could remember, now a living nightmare. The dead rose from their graves in the snow, the demons descended down upon their towns, and the plague rotted at the bodies of the dead. Fierce warriors they may have been, the Gorundyr were not prepared for the relentless onslaught that the scourge had brought to their doorstep. Abandoned by the gods, the people of Clan Orvar gathered what survivors remained and, with heavy hearts, left their lands and headed south. What they found surprised them. There were others like them, humans and entirely different beings, fleeing from the same threat. Their isolation had kept them ignorant of the world around them. Finally, they came upon a large host that had gathered outside a magnificent temple. The Scourge descended upon the host and a mighty battle was fought. Whether these strange folk were friend or foe, the Gorundyr could not be sure, but they joined in the battle. The strongest warriors formed one warband and fought alongside the great host, all of them ready to die so that their people could survive. The Battle raged on, only to be interrupted by a large tidal wave engulfing the land in the distance. Many began to flee at the sight of the wave, pushing into the temples depths where a portal lay. The horrors of Anthos were behind them, just as quick as they had come, and Clan Orvar found themselves in a new land. They saw that the gods had been angry with them, and that the strongest among them had been spared to bring about a new era for their people. Morvan, now Chieftain of Clan Orvar, vowed that the Gorundyr would be a strong and united people once again Athera and Onwards Blinded by Athera’s majesty and the promise of a new life, it was not long before Clan Orvar suffered in the new world. Persecuted for their faith by most, and only tolerated by others, they remained fractured as a people for the majority of the lands lifetime, remaining largely nomadic. A few remained in the northern reaches of the land, settling down both in Aesterwald and Nerezza, until both were destroyed by the Church of the Canon and Orenian crusades. Now, in Vailor, much remains the same. Many have perished and those who have not remain pilgrims and wanderers, seeking the whispers of the gods in the far reaches of the land. A burning ember lies deep in the hearts of those who call themselves Orvar and Gorundyr, a hope that one day the Clan will have a home of its own. The gods call out to the Gorundyr people and urge them not to give up hope, for the unrelenting spirit of this great people will never be extinguished. Noteable Figures Tyr of Orvar, the first Chieftain. Tyr forged his clan from the remnants of Havardr’s kingdom after his death and led them to prominence. He is said to have sat atop a throne carved from the remains of an ice giant, it’s frozen heart still beating faintly within. Tyr is credited with the alliance between human and giant, as Orvar was the only clan to offer aid and friendship to Fariik and his people. Hagnar, the Warrior Priest. As a young man, Hagnar was a simple farmer who struggled to survive in the harsh snows of Asulon. In his accounts, he attributes the changing of his being to an event on the icy banks of Hanseti. Hagnar lost his footing and plunged through the frail ice, sinking deep into the sea. As he drew his last breaths and his vision faded, he recounts only seeing a brilliant flash of light and spoke of an immense heat. The water around him started to boil violently, and he found himself expelled back to the surface, landing upon the shores. It was after sometime that he regained consciousness and found he had suffered no harm, nor did he feel the effects of the cold upon his flesh. From this day on, Hagnar pledged himself to Gorund and joined the priesthood, devoting his entire life to the eradication of the eldritch. Barid of Orvar, the first Yagar. Clan Orvar found itself destitute and weak, barely clinging to life in the frozen wastes of the Savaar, but their luck would change. Barid, from his very birth, showed a renewed spirit that inspired his kinsmen. Upon his coming of age, Barid would join the Haukvengr warband and begin his legend as a fierce warrior. Eventually, Barid united Orvar and all of the other Gorundyr clans, crowning himself as the first Yagar, or High Chieftain. It was his deeds in life that drew the gaze of Havardr and his Joriin, and upon his brutal murder by his sons, he was welcomed into their pantheon. Now, Barid stands as one of Orvar’s greatest ancestors, for not only was he deserving of respect in life, but also now with his godhood. Aventia, Legendary Shield-Maiden. Once a member of the powerful Clan Oghma, Aventia married into Clan Orvar after her clan's near destruction by Barid. Beforehand, Aventia was a well respected foe, and it was her warband of Shield-Maidens which screamed defiance in the face of Barid. When her clan faced defeat and found their name tainted by their refusal to acknowledge Barid’s superiority, Aventia abandoned the clan and set her eyes on a man named Moban, the eldest son of the Yagar. With his refusal to acknowledge Aventia as a worthy bride, she challenged him to a series of duels, defeating him at every turn. She had shown that her spirit was great and earned the respect of the Clan, and thus Moban’s hand in marriage. Application MC Name: RP Name: Skype Name(You may PM it): Teamspeak?: Timezone: Profession(s)(Include level): Will this be a main character?: Open Characters Below is a list of characters of the main Orvar bloodline that have yet to be played. These are all children of my characters siblings, and are mostly blank slates, though their births and such happened ingame. Any questions? send me a private message or add me on skype. Skype: doctorowyn Torkel’s ((BooMziE, skype: mrboomer337)) line: Alvilda (Daughter), Arvid (Son), Eirik (Son) Aeron’s line: Brynjar (Son) Senua’s line: Eylof (Son), Fiske (Son), Eydis (Daughter) Feel free to message me on skype with any questions regarding the Clan or Culture.
  22. Demetrios Palaiologos II's lore Demetrios, during the civil war of Oren at the blossoming age of 15, was captured by loyalists was the first brave and capable soldier under lord Percival Staunton. During that period while Demetrios the second was in jail alongside with his little sister, their father attempted to go on a rescue mission to save his children from the loyalists. He decided to go unarmed to the enemy jail, but the enemy forces showed no kindess and captured him. In the end they forced Demetrios and Theodora to watch their father's brutal death. Both of the children were scared and knew they were not safe anymore in the jail, and then Demetrios the second managed to steal the guard's sword while he was locking in the cell. The guard died and Demetrios managed to escape along with his sister. They then returned to lord Percival's campsite to inform him of the news. Once lord Percival heard the sad news of Demetrios's death he ordered a statue to be made for his bravery which was torn down a few years later by William Staunton for unknown reasons. Years have passed since the civil war, lord Percival has died, his son Richard Staunton friend of Demetrios II rose to the title of Duke and granted him the castle of Kraken's Watch, with no titles. Demetrios decided to change the castle's name to 'Nikae', which means 'Victory' in the Akritian dialect. A Picture of Demetrios Palaiologos II Age: 35 Height: 6'1 Weight: 200 lbs Race: Human Culture: Akrtian
  23. Loud thumps on the roofs of cities, the clanking of armor, all can be heard, along with flyers falling from the sky, saying: "Human woman looking for Illusion magic teacher, send a bird to Luna R. Rider ((LunarRider)) if you are of if you know someone that is an Illusion magic user.". The thumping and armor clanking fades as the flyers stop falling, now laying on the ground.
  24. In Athera, on the outskirts of The Reformed Kingdom of Oren, a settlement was formed, mostly human, on a fishing wharf. It was out of the way from major roads, and it's population wasn't high, so it's not hard to believe that the economy was so stagnant that the majority of the population lived in little more than mud huts along the small fisheries and make-shift dock. There was one exception: a powerful wizard, likely of dark magic, held a tower that loomed over the little village. His name was Deinalt Mephistaurus, and he enjoyed the power he held over the peasants and fish-mongers. He relished in it and exercised it as a tyrant. The villagers had little choice but to comply with his demands. The years drew, however, and they saw no way out, his demands becoming harsher and harsher as he pushed their limits. Sometimes, they were even summoned into the tower itself, either to never be seen again, or as a dry, pale corpse. Secretly, they sent messages out, begging for help from Oren, but Oren had been caught up with politics and, most importantly, wars, and their resources were stretched thin. The request went unheeded. When war erupted in 1483, the villagers knew they would not receive help soon, if at all, and sought instead to hire mercenaries who would take the job for the meagre coin they could scrounge up. They eventually found some who agreed, and the group stole in at the dead of night to ambush the wizard as he rested, for they knew frontal attack upon his tower would avail little except their own deaths. They did not kill him as he slept, as the wizard did wake, but he was still caught flat-footed and with his magical components outside of his reach. He cast what he could, but blind-sided as he was, the fight was intense but short. Deinalt Mephistaurus fell backwards upon the bed he had woken from, but not before cursing the traitorous villagers with his dying breath, promising pain and destruction to them as long as they lived. In the end, the village rejoiced in the victory of their saviours. After much celebration, the heroes parted and Rahult enjoyed their new freedom. They found some measure of prosperity now that they were no longer bogged down with the unrelenting and unfair demands of the wizard. Ten years later, on the anniversary of the wizard's murder, the Plague hit the town, and much of the population died over night. It was no coincidence, the villagers moaned as they mourned. Deinalt's grip still strangles them today. His curse continues! Some of the villagers suggested seeking clerical help, but this idea was shot down for its massive cost. Besides, the Plague hit them hard; if this were truly the will of the mage, would it not be satiated? Another ten years passed, and upon the anniversary, the village was torn with a localized earthquake. Many died in the fallen rubble. Many more lost their homes. Calls for holy intervention increased, but so did the flight from the village. Nothing could be done to circumvent the next tragedy but to wait. When the 30th anniversary came, the villagers waited with baited breath, waiting for a swoop that would likely kill them off for good this time. But the night passed with no unholy intervention, and they all breathed a collective sigh... until the next morning. Several people (men, women, children) were found dead in their beds, throats slit. A couple people were confirmed missing shortly after, but it was unknown if they were still alive, or if they were, whether they were fleeing justice for the acts or fleeing the curse before it could hit them. The villagers would have loved to follow up these events with a witch hunt, but their seeking was cut short; the Flood had overtaken Athera and their wharf was one of the first to drown below the constant rains. Those who were left had no choice but to leave their homes to be swallowed by the waters and go to Vailor. Some of those villagers may still yet live, as could the Heroes of Rahult... as could the unknown murderer. And though the village is gone, no one knows for sure if the wizard's curse is done. Known Former Villagers: Sahar Tha'un Known Heroes of Rahult: Timeline: 1468 - Athera was settled 1469 - Rahult was successfully settled, building watched over by Deinalt Mephistaurus 1475 - Mephistaurus's demands become strange. Citizens begin to disappear 1483 - The Kingdom of Oren becomes Galahar. Rahult citizens look elsewhere for aid. 1483, Sun's Smile - Mercenaries are hired to kill Deinalt Mephistaurus, a contract is drawn 1483, The Amber Cold - Deinalt Mephistaurus is killed in his tower. 1493, The Amber Cold - Plague hits the town overnight. Many citizens die. 1503, The Amber Cold - A localized Earthquake hits the village 1513, The Amber Cold - Many citizens are found murdered in their beds End of 1513 - Rahult is abandoned to the Flood
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