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  1. [!] A notice is posted around the Kingdom of Vikela, and other random locations. Seeking Bartender for Stir It Up Tavern within Vikela Are you celebrated for your skill in crafting drinks that delight, and your calm demeanor, even in the liveliest tavern nights? If so, an exciting opportunity awaits you at Stir It Up Tavern! Position Available: Bartender Location: Stir It Up Tavern, nestled within the heart of Vikela, Job Requirements: As the lifeblood of our tavern, your primary duty will be to serve drinks with flair and charm. If you need help learning how to make said drinks, the past barkeeper Andria will teach you how to do so. You'll take home 50% of your earnings, ensuring that your efforts are duly rewarded. How to Apply: Send a letter or come in person to meet any of these people, Queen Medea, Consort Walter Blanc, or Minister Andria. Additional Notes: While your main focus will be on tending the bar, if you possess the flair for event hosting, we welcome you to speak up!. Whether it's a night of merry music or a storytelling session to enchant our guests, your contributions will be appreciated.
  2. Vikelian Culture "In the cocoon of adversity, one finds the strength to emerge, embodying the delicate resilience of a butterfly. Like a crystal reflecting the myriad facets of liberation, our journey through rebirth unveils the dazzling spectrum of freedom within our wings." Introduction to Culture A vibrant blend of Wood Elf and Farfolk influences, Vikelian culture is characterized by rich traditions of art, fashion, jewelry, dance and architecture. Acknowledging nature, Vikelian customs and celebrations reflect a harmonious fusion of Wood Elf and Farfolk cultures. Culinary flavors reflect a combination of different ingredients. Decorated with intricate patterns, traditional clothing symbolizes cultural pride and the combined heritage of the Wood Elf and Farfolk. Amidst the challenges, the rich culture of the Vikela is sustained by a seamless blend of ancient traditions and modern influences. The Butterfly Vikela chose the butterfly as a symbol because of its powerful symbolism of change, maturity and beauty. Butterflies metamorphosis coincides with Vikela’s journey of resilience and rebirth, rising from challenges to become a thriving community. This symbol represents not only physical change, but also the constant renewal of the soul, the fleeting but beautiful nature of life. The butterfly has universal significance for the Vikela people, emphasizing change, beauty and enduring spirit. Silachian (Vikelian Language) Silachian, the language of the protected people, stems from the founding couple of Vikela, one Auvergne & Farfolk woman and one Wood Elf. These phrases, fluid as a swing and sharp to the tongue, reflect a unique linguistic blend. Originally, the founders seamlessly transitioned between these influences, and a serendipitous mistake by a human observer cemented this linguistic fusion. Today, Silachian resonates through Vikela's streets, passed down through generations, embodying a lasting fusion of linguistic traditions. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/233282-the-language-of-vikela-silachian/ Vikelian Myth (Vikelian Deities) In the realm of Vikela, there’s a myth that the people believe in. Three deities weave complex webs of existence and maintain cosmic harmony. Aeloria, the butterfly goddess, dances with ethereal wings, a symbol of freedom and the cycle of life. Luminara, the Crystal Guardian, shows clarity and sustainability in crystal systems. Completing the divine trinity, Sylvanara, the Goddess of Nature, unveils the energies and interconnectedness of the natural world. Aeloria guides the Vikelians on transformative journeys, embracing freedom and rebirth. Luminara weaves clarity into the tapestry of life, providing wisdom and change. With her green touch, Sylvanara balances the Vikelian community with the natural world, ensuring that the dance of life and growth is in harmony Vikela celebrates these three deities, and devotees honor the complementary powers of Aeloria, Luminara, and Sylvanara through crystal ceremonies, butterfly symbolism, and partnerships with nature. The Vikelians are intimately connected to freedom, resilience, and the ever-present web of energy of the natural world. Vikelian people are accepting of other cultures and traditions, letting everyone freely practice their own beliefs, as long as it does not cause harm. Family Structure In Vikela, family structures are built on principles of equality, irrespective of gender or age. Sons and daughters are treated with equal respect and consideration. The family dynamic emphasizes collaboration, shared responsibilities, and mutual support, fostering an environment where individual strengths and contributions are valued regardless of traditional gender roles or birth order. This approach aims to create a harmonious and inclusive family unit where each member is encouraged to pursue their interests and aspirations freely. Marriage Engagement Ceremony: A proposal ceremony is held at the bride's home, where the groom's family presents symbolic gifts. The engagement ceremony features blessings by family and an engagement gift from the suitor made from a hunted animal of their choice. Pre-Wedding Ceremony: Bridal Hunt transforms the classic hide and seek into a lively pre-wedding game, pitting the groom and groomsmen against the bride and bridesmaids. Dressed in disguises with clever codenames, the groom's team aims to identify the real bride among decoys. Once found, they embark on a mission to bring her back to the groom's house, while the bridesmaids attempt to impede their progress. The streets become a playful battleground, turning pre-wedding jitters into a laughter-filled adventure and creating lasting memories for the entire bridal party. Wedding Ceremony: The enduring tradition of marriage in Vikela includes passing down cherished bridal gowns, often sewn with symbolic fabrics. Preceding the wedding day, there's a hair-cutting ceremony symbolizing a fresh start and a cleansing ritual with sacred water, along with the exchanging of vows and wedding bands that can be jewelry or tattoos. The festivities culminate in a joyous reception with traditional Vikelian food, music, and dance. Funeral Ritual In Vikela, burying loved ones and planting a sapling atop their graves is a sacred ritual tied to the deities, Butterfly, Crystal, and Nature. Symbolizing transformation, the Butterfly Goddess inspires new life with the sapling, reflecting the enduring spirit. The Crystal Goddess's strength is represented by burying the departed in crystal-infused soil, connecting them to the earth. The Nature Goddess emphasizes the cycle of life, making the sapling a tribute to nature's harmony. This ritual intertwines the goddesses' symbols, fostering a sacred bond between the departed, the earth, and the divine forces that govern life's cycles in Vikela. Funeral Rites “Wand, chucki anba l'Talis Amebwa, no’poze en'dormi. Ou'Swènn-tali, enteli la Aveos. no'kache, en'ehya puies sézon. l'Amebwa Lapr, le'peintiyes nun Viv'danse.” Translation: “Here, beneath the tender boughs, we lay to rest a kindred spirit. Into the earth, we tuck our farewells, and with each passing season, may this arboreal ballet unveil the tapestry of a life well-danced.” “Le'nylu nu'Zehp ofrann, nu'mete. Ou'santiman, ka leh'chichot nun Bientu Pote, ehyal Simoni nan ri pataje nun chitcot sekrè nun la aveos bèl” Translation: “With these dainty offerings, we adorn the narrative. May the whispers of the wind carry our sentiments, and may the earth cradle the symphony of shared laughter and water your whispered secrets.” Festivities Vikelia has a wide variety of festivals that take many diverse forms, despite the fact that the way things are done may appear standard and unremarkable on the surface. Triunity Day A Festival to celebrate the harmonious balance and collaboration of the Crystal, Butterfly, and Nature Goddesses in Vikela. This day can be marked by various festivities, ceremonies, and acts of kindness that reflect the interconnectedness of nature, the beauty of crystals, and the transformative spirit of butterflies. Festival of the Fox: In the heart of the crystal lit kingdom of Vikela. The people come together annually to celebrate the revered Festival of the Fox. This whimsical and lively event serves as a tribute to the first queen, the beloved Queen Leika De Astrea, who was fondly known for her kinship with foxes and her wise rule. Dandelion Festival In Vikela, the annual Dandelion Festival unfolds as a dazzling tribute to the second queen, the esteemed Queen Larissa De Astrea. Known for her love of nature and commitment to unity, this festival has become a cherished tradition that captivates the hearts of Vikela's inhabitants. Festival of the Gems In Vikela, the annual "Festival of the Gems" is a dazzling spectacle that pays homage to the virtues embodied by different gemstones. As the kingdom's citizens come together to celebrate, each gem represents a distinct aspect of leadership, wisdom, and resilience. Festival of the Rabbit In Vikela, nestled amidst rolling hills and blooming meadows, the annual "Festival of the Rabbit'' emerges as a heartwarming celebration of luck, prosperity, fertility, and the cherished bonds of family. This lively event brings together Vikelians, young and old, to revel in the spirit of togetherness and the promise of abundant blessings. THE RIVER FEST A vital aspect is the nourishing water flowing through the city and its surroundings, providing fresh water, beverages, pastries, and bread to everyone in the vicinity, sustaining life. The festivities include traditional games and a prominent boat race as the main event. SOCIAL SEASON As it flows, Ahiuw le fleuve serves as more than just a river - it is a journey of self-discovery and the transition into adulthood. Leaving behind the innocence of childhood, crossing the river signifies the establishment of a strong foundation for the future. In Vikela's bustling social scene, where there is an imbalance of women and men, this season plays a crucial role. It is a time of gatherings and courtship, with grand balls featuring men in deep blues and ladies in delicate hues. The highly anticipated Madris Ras Ball, organized by the esteemed Court of River Gems, marks the end of the season, celebrating gemstones in all their splendor. Ahiuw le fleuve is not merely about romantic pursuits, but also a chance to form bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood. Traditionally, older women take on the role of hosting lavish balls, while younger women partake in dances to capture the attention of potential partners. Vikelian Cuisine Vikelian cuisine is a diverse culinary tradition characterized by balanced flavors, fresh herbs, and a reliance on rice as a staple. With a strong emphasis on fish and seafood, dishes like fish amok and lok lak showcase the nation’s proximity to water sources. Offering a variety of affordable and flavorful options. Vikelian desserts often feature sticky rice, coconut milk, and tropical fruits. The cuisine reflects a rich culinary heritage that delights with its creativity and diversity. Vikela’s Crafts Vikela excels in the art of jewelry-making, creating exquisite pieces that mirror their diverse cultural influences. Their vibrant fashion seamlessly blends colors and intricate designs, while the tradition of silk weaving produces visually captivating fabrics. In cuisine, Vikela's unique gastronomic identity fuses diverse influences, resulting in a delightful array of flavors. From expertly spiced dishes to delectable desserts, Vikela's culinary artistry showcases their commitment to preserving and evolving their distinctive heritage. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/231377-jewels-of-vikela / Social Classes In Vikela, the social class system is characterized by a nuanced hierarchy that takes into account various factors beyond wealth alone. The society is divided into distinct classes, each with its own roles and privileges. Paramount Class: At the pinnacle of the social structure is the Paramount class, consisting of leaders and influential figures responsible for governing Vikela. Paramounts are chosen through a tanistry, considering noble families and their contributions to the community. Noble Class: Below the Paramounts, the Noble class comprises aristocratic families with significant influence and wealth. They may hold positions of leadership in various sectors, contributing to the prosperity of Vikela. Artisan Class: The Artisan class includes skilled craftsmen, artists, and professionals who contribute to the cultural and economic development of Vikela. Their expertise is highly valued, and they enjoy a comfortable standard of living. Merchant Class: The Merchant class consists of traders and entrepreneurs engaged in commerce and trade. They play a crucial role in connecting Vikela with other regions and contribute to economic growth. Commoner Class: The Commoner class encompasses the majority of the population, including farmers, guards and individuals engaged in various occupations. They form the backbone of Vikela's workforce, contributing to its daily functioning. It's essential to note that mobility between classes is possible based on merit, achievements, and contributions to the community. Vikela places value on individual skills, talents, and dedication, fostering a society where social mobility is encouraged. Fashion Vikelian fashion is a vibrant tapestry that weaves together elements of tradition and modernity. Rooted in rich cultural heritage, it reflects a harmonious blend of Farfolk influences and Wood Elf aesthetics. The clothing often features designs that allow exposure of shoulders, arms, and belly, showcasing a balance between modesty and expression. Traditional clothing, often adorned with intricate embroidery and beading, coexists seamlessly with contemporary styles. Beadwork, layering, and the use of vivid patterns characterize Vikela fashion, creating a unique and visually captivating aesthetic. The incorporation of gold, gems, and silk further elevates the overall appeal, symbolizing not just adornment but also resilience and triumph over life's challenges. In Vikela, adorning oneself with gold and various gems is a profound expression of self-love and appreciation for one's body. Each gem worn tells a story, symbolizing the hardships endured and the resilience displayed in rising from the ashes. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors of the gems serve as a testament to the individual's journey, showcasing the beauty that emerged from challenges. This tradition not only adds a touch of opulence to personal style but also serves as a powerful reminder of strength and triumph over adversity. Archetype Vikela's archetype blends the charm of cottagecore with vibrant colors, creating a picturesque landscape immersed in nature. Quaint cottages, adorned with ivy and flowers, are surrounded by lush greenery, and mystical crystals sprout from the earth, casting a radiant glow. The residents embrace a cottagecore lifestyle, weaving handcrafted textiles in hues inspired by the vibrant flora. It's a harmonious haven where simplicity, warmth, and a deep connection with nature define the idyllic atmosphere of Vikela.
  3. The Treaty of the Wildflower Issued: Year 21st of Snow's Maiden, SA 168 Article I: Non-Aggression Pact This non-aggression pact is entered into by the Kingdom of Vikela and the Kingdom of Balian, hereafter referred to as "the Parties," to promote peace, stability, and mutual respect between their respective realms. Article II: Declaration of Peace I. The Parties hereby declare their commitment to maintaining peaceful relations with each other. II. They pledge not to engage in any acts of aggression, hostility, or military conflict against one another, whether directly or indirectly. This pledge includes, but is not limited to, offering financial or trade assistance to an opposing nation and military aid against the other party in this treaty. Article III: Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity I. The Parties affirm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each other. II. They agree to respect their respective kingdoms' borders and boundaries and refrain from any actions that may infringe upon them. Article IV: Diplomatic Relations I. The Parties agree to establish and maintain diplomatic channels for communication and dialogue. II. They will endeavor to resolve any dispute or disagreement through peaceful means, such as negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. Article V: Duration I. Both parties agree to a fifteen-year duration for this pact. In case of a breach of the non-aggression terms, the current Sovereigns will consult one another immediately before any further action is taken. Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Sybille I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of Balian, Princess of Providence, Duchess of Helena and Lorraine, Countess of Pompourelia, Viscountess of Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Renzfeld, Brucca, Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera SOVRÈN MAJESTÉ, Reine Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Queen of Vikela, La Violetta
  4. Year 166 of the Second Age 03/02/2024 ISSUED BY: THE OBSIDIAN THRONE ᛞᛖᛗᚨᚾᛞᛊ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᛒᛊᛁᛞᛁᚨᚾ ᛏᚺᚱᛟᚾᛖ ᛞᛖᛗᚨᚾᛞᛊ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᛒᛊᛁᛞᛁᚨᚾ ᛏᚺᚱᛟᚾᛖ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ Preamble The Kingdom of Vikela has settled within claimed Urguani territory without consent from the Obsidian Throne. In an act of wisdom and a desire for peace, Grand King Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer offered the Vikelan leadership the opportunity to pay a moderate sum of 848 mina’s to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, in order to rectify this distasteful action by the Vikela leadership. However, this generous offer was refused. Therefore the Obsidian throne puts forth these renewed demands to the Kingdom of Vikela Demands The Kingdom of Vikela shall remove itself entirely from the Highlands The Kingdom of Vikela shall not move within proximity to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. This Proximity shall be determined by the Grand Kingdom of Urguan upon selection of land. The Kingdom of Vikela shall pay a sum of 1,000 mina’s to rectify this dishonorable act towards the Grand Kingdom of Urguan If the Kingdom of Vikela fails to meet these demands or does not respond in one stone-day, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan shall unleash the full might of its war machine to expel the Kingdom of Vikela from its claimed land. The Choice is yours. Choose wisely Signed, Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of The Stonehammers, Priest of Dungrimm, Hero of Dungrimm, Three-Time Grand Champion of Urguan
  5. Vikelain or Silachian Silachian is a mixture of Elvish and Auvergian. It has a sort of southern flare on top of that. For a more OOc dive, Silchian is a mixture of Lotc Eleven mixed with Lousiana Creole. From deep avuergene roots as well as wood elven ties to the community With this base, it creates a softer, more elegant sounding language with a tone that sounds like water rushing. Rather than more earthy tones, there should be hardly any guttural or rough words used within Silachian. History and Synopsis The words of the sword are translated as Silachin in the language of the protected people. From its founding family, one auvergne & Farfolk woman and one Wood elf, these phrases are both fluid like a swing and sharp to the tongue.. It is interesting to note that the founding couple frequently transitioned between these linguistic influences, which led to a momentous event when a human observer inadvertently interchanged the two terms. This serendipitous mistake has endured through the passage of time. Today, Silachian has become an integral part of the linguistic heritage of Vikela. It can be heard echoing through the streets of Vikela, where it is cherished as a language that is not only well-known but also passed down through generations, embodying a unique and enduring fusion of linguistic traditions. Definition: Auvergnian, interchangeably known as Auvergnat by those who are fluent in it, is a well-known human language. The dialect is famous throughout the various realms of Oren and Aeldin for being crowned the "Language of Love". Auvergnian is a soft, melodic, and yet arguably very complex dialect. Auvergnian is the same as real-life French. Definition: Elvish This language, known as Ancient Elven, was developed by the children of Malin after their establishment in Aegis and was used widely in the ancient world. Grammar For those of you want to fully immerse yourselves. Sentence Order: The common order of elvish sentences is Subject-Object-Verb. The apostrophe-’ : Used in certain cases and possibly dictates a certain pronunciation. Current known uses are: Denoting certain honorifics (such as sainted) Between a modifier and a verb Between a word and its suffixes (more on this below). With the word 'eyha' (and) to connect sentences and in terms of a list. -n makes such a word a noun -an plural AFFIXES & SUFFIXES Use of affixes: This has been shown to be a very important factor in Elven language. Elves tend to use multiple affixes to further define their nouns and verbs, rather than using separate words. For these, the following rules exist: Most affixes seem to have two forms, depending on whether or not the word it relates to ends or begins with a vowel. Suffixes often get added with an apostrophe between it and the word. If a word has multiple suffixes, there will only be an apostrophe between the full word and its last suffix. The priority for ordering the suffixes is least important to most important. So your root word is closer to the most important suffix. If a suffix is separated by an apostrophe, it inflects as if the last letter of the word it relates to was a consonant. -é Makes it past tense, for example: burn - bril / burnt - brilé -s makes it present continuous, -s is followed by the Simple Present word’s vowel, for example: Pèdi - miss / Pedé - missing / Pèdis - Missing Adding “Will - Te” will make the sentence future tense, as the verb does not need a special addition. For example:“Mo te anwo twa ne’pleure…zusna.” - “I will not cry over you...*******.” :) “Burn *****!” “Sluzes Bril!” FAMILY AND PEOPLE Mamon: Mom Malda: Dad Sèsa: Sister Bresen: Brother Tonton: Uncle Tant: Aunt Nès: Niece Nef: Nephew Gra’Malda: Grandpa Gra'Mama: Grandma Numbers un, in - one Dé - two trò, trwa - three Kat - four Sink - five Sis - six Sèt - seven Wit - eight Nèf - nine Dis - ten mu'dis - 100 te'ludis-1000 Much like the grammatical structure, numbers are structured similarly to elvish for double digits and beyond (i.e three-onehundred-five-ten-four). ' is used to link a number with its value for 10, 100 and 1000. Adding the Mu- (very) to add to the beginning of a number to make it ma-single point value. ( Values of Ten). Example Mukat'dis (40,) Musis'dis (60) MuNèf'dis (80). Examples So 14 (fourteen) is Dis'kat [10.4] 40 (forty) is Mukat'dis [10.4] 174 is Mudis'musetdis'kat [100.70.4] COMMON PHRASES & SENTENCES Bonayla! - Hello Heyalez afær? - How are things? heya ça va? - How are you doing? Çé ayla , byin. - I’m good, thanks. Mo byin. - Thank you / Thanks. Ou’Venle - You’re Welcome Twa plitar. - See you later. Svenayla - Goodbye Sven - Bye Mo Mayli twa. - I love you. Swènn-tali. - Take care. Bonayla. - Good Morning Bonker. - Good night avyonii - Little fighter Ti - Yes Ne - No Une gueule de Vallitier - A mouth like holy water fountain (used to describe an ugly man) Une figure lenpomme cuite - A face like a baked apple (used to describe an attractive woman) Pauvres diables - poor devils (used to mock poor people) Un berrbleur - a hot air shooter Un tonnerre a la voile - an unruly person Frou-frou - giddy/ Over dramatic/snobby Menterlien - a lie/liar valllo toujou couri vallhiuw. - The water always goes to the river Coupé zoré milet fait pas faesu. - Cutting off the mule’s ears doesn’t make it a horse Compé Torti va doucement, mais li rivé coté bite pendant Compé Chivreil apé dormi. - Tortoise goes slowly, but he arrives at the barrel while Roe Deer is sleeping. beloun conné sir qui bois l'apé frotté. - The pig knows well on which wood it will rub. Chirr jappô li pas morde. - The barking dog doesn’t bite. Charre brilé pair di feu. - The burnt cat is afraid of fire. Bouki fait gombo; lapin mangé li. - The goat makes the gumbo; the rabbit eats it. Cila qui rit Un lensuloem va pleuré a liewy’ento: . - Whoever laughs on Friday will cry on Sunday. Craché nen laire, li va tombé enhaut vou nez. - Spit in the air, and it will fall on your nose. Vikela an coime en ito - There is a problem in Vikela OBSENTIES (even though LOTC forums will censor this ) ****(Fword): Vexna Shit(poop) : Bix *****(female dog): Sluzes Damn: Acke Ass / ******* (butt) : Zusna Idiot: Ich'me Mother Fucker (mfo): Vex’ma A- Z UNSORTED WORDS. Pronouns: You -mo’ /twa Your - mou’ / Twu We - no’ Which - ki Her - L’leh She - L’ He - Li’ Him -Li’leh I / Me - o This - Thes Who / What / Where - heya’ Our - min Adjectives: Strong - Ceru Weak - Cerune Good - ayla Bad- dyab Later - plitar Old: Ulde Young - Yeune Happy - alèz Confused - ailmathé Sad - melte Angry - furêrion Dainty - Zehp Adverbs: Only - unsel Not - ne’ Out - soti There - Ito Slowly - doucement Very - Mu Nouns / plural Nouns: Action - Aksyon Boat - Amonn’narn Bread - Wehn'tehral Books - Indora Devils/Evil - Diables Expertise - Ekspètiz Forest - Amebwa Fountain - Vallitier Hunter - Lovi Keeper - Gadyem Knowledge - Konesans Mail - Kouryèl Magic - Maji Melody - Ayl’lenniel Midnight - Lin Milk - Valein Moon - Minwi Problem - Coime / Problems - Coimes Red Rose - Wouj’Miruel River - Vallhiuw Side - Coté Sugar - Suika Time - Enet Troubles- Resahnae Vallitier - Fountain - Water- Vallo Milk- Valein - Wind - Bientu Offerings - ofrann Sentiments - santiman Season - sézon Branch - galadh Verbs: Present Simple Tense Past Tense Present Progressive — -é -s Is - di Was - Pranvan (An exception) — Do -fe Did - fé Doing - fes Have - Par Had - Paré Having - Pares Say - psan Said - psané Saying - psans Arrive - riv Arrived - rivé Arriving - rives Stumble - b’ite Stumbled - b’ité Stumbling - b’ites Bite- morde Bit - mordé Biting - mordes Eat - mange Ate - mangé Eating - manges Cry - pleure Cried - pleuré Crying - pleures Hate - Haite Hated - haité Hating - haites Love - mayli Loved - maylé Loving - maylis Like - Mayte Liked - mayté Liking - maytes Know - conne Knew - conné Knowing - connes Burn - brile Burnt - brilé Burning -Briles Care- Tali Cared- Talé Caring - Talis Blossom (flower)-Lapr Blossomed- Laprès Blossoming Lapres miss - Pèdi Missed-Pedé Missing-Pèdis Confuse - ailmahta Confused- ailmathé Confusing - ailmathas Send - alta Sent - alté Sending - altas Go - couri Went - couré Going - couris Talk - goulren talked - goulré Talking - goulres Wave - Anuh'Hiuw Waved - Anuh’Hiuwé Waving - Anuh’Hiuwes Blow - iheiuh Blowed - iheiuhé Blowing - iheiuhes Will - te Would - té Willing - tes Go - couri Went - couré Going - couris Sleep - dormi Slept - dormé Sleeping - dormis Tuck - kach Tucked - kaché Tucking - kaches Dance - danse Danced - dansé Dancing - danses Wear - mete Wore - meté Wearing - metes Carry - pote (To carry something.) cradle-bèl) Carried - poté Carrying - potes Whisper - chitchot Whispered - chitchoté Whispering - chitchotes Pass- pui Passed - pué Passing - puis Paint- peintiye Painted - peintiyé Painting - peintiyes Lay - pose Laid - pozé Laying - poses Bark- jappô Barked - jappé Barking - jappôs Spit - crach (Spit out - Crachoti) Spat - craché (Spat out - Crachéti) Spitting - craches (Spitting out - Crachotis) (In poker) Going all in - Mog Modal Verbs: Should - Dwe Can - Ka Could - Ké Will - Te / Would - Té May - Cen Determiners / Pre-Determiners: The- le / La Such/More - ma- All - ‘tuva Some - kèk Each / Every - ilye Preposition: Of - nun Up - anoh For - pra By - Pa- On - sou’ ( on the- so’le) Like - tankou (“I feel like …..”) About - larenn In - en Over - anwo To - u- (For example: “Me u-couri minwi” - I go to the moon) Beneath - anba With - gavec Down- nadbas Under - neledh Conjunction: And - ehya But - mais Idiom Tali- (infront of a word is part of Derived from elvish) Government Titles / Ranks etc: Government - Gouvènman Council - Conseil Internal - Zefen Internal affairs (internal time) - Zefen’enten Minister - Minstie Knight - Chevalye The Keeper of Books better known as the librarian - Gadyem Indoran Lawmaker - Magi’se House mafia - Mennaj Noble - Noblesse Official - Ofisyèl Writer - Puerith Warrior - lwa Healer - Traiteur Queen - Reîne King - Kondé Princess - Prinsès Prince - Prins Regent- Rejant Heir - Eritye Grand Duke - Gran Dyòk Duke - Dyok Duchès-duchess Count -count countess- Counte Baron- Baron Baroness- L’Baronès Lordship Mesir Ladyship-Mesiris Majesty -Majeste Citizen - sityen When addressing individuals of nobility or higher social status: Grace -Gras [ Your grace- Mou’Gras] Majesty - Majeste (Your majesty- Mou’Majeste) Animals: Deer -Chivreil Rabbit - Lappin Sheep - dòmi Pig - Beloun Goat -Bouki Horse - roch wolf/dog-Chirr Panda-Talibulous Cat -Charre Turtle - Torti Llama- lama Bird - aiweau Days- Following lotc calendar days Sunday - Dimanch Monday - Lendi Tuesday - Madi Wednesday - Mèkredi Thursday - Jedi Friday - Vandredi Saturday - Samdi Next Saturday- Samdi’ento Colours: Red - Mirouj Blue - Blevall Yellow - Aurijòn Purple - Valvyol Pink - Belssezrou Black - Nwa White - Iwan Green - Vèttaynei Orange - Orayl Brown - Caros MALE & FEMALE NAMES Female Names Adeline - Noble Aeliana - Sunlight Amaia - High Place Amara - Immortal Amethysta - Jewel/amethyst Anais - Grace Arcadia - Paradise Astridelle - Beautiful Star Azura - Sky Blue Belphoebe - Fae princess Blythe- Carefree Calista - Most Beautiful Caelia - Heavenly Celestia - Heavenly Chantal - Song Cosette - Little Thing Danica - Morning Star Delphine - Dolphin Eirwen - White Snow Elestria - Starlight Elaria - Enchanting Song Elowen - Elm Tree Evadne - Pleasing One Fiora - Flower Flora- floral Genevieve - Tribe Woman Gwidhiel - Of the Light Heloise - Famous Warrior Hithiel - Running water Isabeau - My oath Isabelette - Devoted Isoluna - Moonlight Jalindë - Beauty Jolie - Pretty Katriel - Crown of gold Khanyisile - Illuminated Kelindra- Leika - Warrior of peace Leza - Joyful Lilithia - Night Demon Lirael - Song of Gold Medea - Clever Melusine - Enchanting Water Mignon - Cute, Darling Mireille - To admire Mwari - Goddess Naiara - Radiant Nymeria - Lady of the Water Nyxira - Night Goddess Oseye - Noble Olwethu - Our Own Phumelele - Achieve Perdita - Lost Qondiswa - Understand Quenmirë - Elf of Jewels Rilindë - The Songs we Sing Ravenna -Raven Roshaera - bright like the sun. Rhianwen - maiden Seraphite - Fiery Angel Serenelle - Starry Sylvara - Nymph Solange - Solemn Solara - Solar, Sunlike Tindra - Sparkle Thalassa - Sea Urania - Muse Uzuri- Splendor Valkyrie - Chooser of the Slain Vespera - Evening Star Violette - Purple Vivienne - Life within Wyneth - Fair Wande - Family grows Winslet - victorious Wynonia - Xiomara - Ready for Battle Xolile - Forgiving Yveline - Yew Wood Yávië - Sprouted from unknown Zafira - Victorious Zarina - Golden Queen Zephyra - Gentle Breeze Zephyrine - West Wind Zenobia - Force of Nature Male names Ahmanu - Notable leader Akuni - Brave Babptise - Baptized Bakari - Promise Bayo - Crown Bilal - Born during the day Chuki - Spirit Cyprian - From Cyprus Cyprin - Cyprus Caden: "Spirit of Battle" or "Fighter" Cyril: "Lordly" or "Masterful" Cassius: "Empty" or "Vain" Calixte: "Most Beautiful" or "Very Beautiful" Celestin: "Heavenly" or "Of the Sky" Coltrane: Possibly a combination of "Coal" and "Strong" Chevalier: "Knight" or "Horseman" Chavez: "Hawk" Corentin:or "Hurricane" Darian - Upholder of the good Edwige - Battle warrior Endymion - Man of the east Estel - Hope Elario - Noble one Folarin - Walk with wealth Faelan - Little wolf Guylian - Variant of Julien Gareth - Gentle Halim - Patient Hadrian - Dark-haired Idris - Interpreter or studious one Ignatius - Fiery Ikechu - God's strength Iniko - Born during troubled times Jafari: - Stream or creek Jareth - Blend of Jared and Gareth Kaev - Life Kael - Mighty warrior Kofi - Born on Friday Loike - Delightful - devirved from Luke Luthando - Love Mael - Chief or prince Nkosi - King or ruler Nyarai - Be humble Olanrewaju - My wealth is moving forward Orpheus - Darkness (mythological figure) Osiris - Egyptian god of the afterlife and rebirth Pemba - White Paka - Cat Panya - Mouse (Swahili) Pascal - Easter Patrice - Noble Porthos - Musinteers Peregrin - Traveler Prospero - Successful Quddus - Holy Quenten - Variant of Quentin Quillon - The best of the swords Quirin - warlike Quillan - Cub Remy - Oarsman Rudo - Love Razi - Secret Raoul - Wolf council, strong as a wolf René - Reborn Rylan - Island meadow Samwise - Half-wise Sebastien - Revered or venerable Tariro - Hope Thandolwethu - Our love Thierry: "ruler of the people." Teo: A short form of Theodore, meaning "gift of God." Tariq "morning star" or "he who knocks at the door." Theron: Chase Tevin Thaddeus:courageous." T'vian Toulouse Tarien Ulysse: "to be angry" or "to hate." Uriel: Fire of spirit Urbain: "city dweller" Ugo: form of Hugh, meaning "heart, mind, spirit." Urianthé: "Enchanting Star" Ulysarion: "Seeker of Wisdom" Ulfarine: "Noble Forest Guardian" Umbrelleth: "Veiled Luminescence" Urendelle: "Radiant Blossom" Ullianthé: "Luminous Dreamer" Umbrosien: "Shadowy Sage" Ullianthilde: "Starlit Grace" Umbertien: "Regal Enchanter" Uzoma - Good road or way Vuyo - Happiness or joy Winslet - Joyful victory Wulfric - Wolf power Xandriel - Elf of splendor Xolani - Peace Yannick - Variant of Jean, meaning God is gracious Yves - Yew wood Yannael - Combination of Yann Yorick - Variant of George Yarrow - A flowering plant often associated with healing Yrian - Variant of Brian Zephyr - West wind Zaire - River in Lurin Zuberi - Strong Zephyr - West wind Zenon - Variant of Zenos, Zethana This language is subject to change and be updated. This was such a fun project to head with the lovely people of Vikela. We orgianzied this is a way we thought made more sense. We recommend you have your sentence, and then move it to subject object verb so you have a clear understanding. Most Vikelian will only be using common phrases rather then full sentences.
  6. Be it known that, Leh’Reîne , in the exercise of Her sovereign right and authority, and in recognition of exceptional merit and dedication, do hereby confer and grant unto GREGORIUS ROA @Me_llamo... the noble title of Viscount, with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereto appertaining. This title is hereby declared hereditary, passing to the chosen heir of Gregorius Roa, in perpetuity, should he not designate a successor. The Viscountcy shall endure and flourish so long as the titleholder or their designated heir maintains residence within the bounds of Vikela. Furthermore, in acknowledgment of the invaluable contributions of Viscount Gregorius Roa, the House of Roa is hereby enfeoffed with the titular Viscounty of Pavia—an honor they, alongside their consort and children, will cherish in exchange for leal service to the Kingdom of Vikela. Recognizing Gregorius Roa as the rightful owner of Pavia, this land is bestowed upon him, that he may let it flourish away from weeds. May this grant be documented in perpetuity, subject to the laws and governance of Vikela. In witness whereof, we have set our hand and seal this 6th day of The Amber Cold, 163 SA. VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW L’leh’Majeste, Medea Amaranta Astrea De Viola, Queen Of Vikela, Duchess of Vinovia,La Renarde of Uhie,Leh Violetta Li’leh Majeste, Walter Blanc de Vikela, Son Altesse Éminente,Tèt Medic Ofisyè
  7. A Melody Must Have an End How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. The flood of memories rushes by, giving one last adieu “Oh! My little butterfly!” a Voice came, my dearest aunt “Come give Aunty a hug” My earliest memory by far, the woman always came running over with that big childish grin of hers and would swoop me into her arms just as she did now but as she got to me the scene changed. “Grandmama?...” My grandmother passed away and my mother was struck by grief. I had stayed with my aunt for a long time, so long, and my mother followed not long after, my father was never around. I was left alone, or so I thought. “Look what I've brought for you! It's your favourite, but don't tell your mother” Sweets were held in front of me by my dearest aunt, a woman who never let her smile fall in front of me, it was infectious indeed, I was not much of a people person at all, but looking back at it I missed out on a lot, and now all I have is regrets on not trying to do more with my life while I had the chance “It's alright, you alright, things will get better soon” My last memory came to play, my aunt hugging me while we were in our darkest hours. Falling into complete utter oblivion, My eyes slowly fell due to my attacker's actions, but it wasn't all bad, I got to see the birds fly one last time before nothingness. Greyed skin and life taken by force, a body was found under the gate arch of Vikela, this body was unfamiliar to most, but to those who knew the woman, to Medea who found the young woman she was almost unrecognisable Melody de Astrea, she was drained of all blood, with two puncture wounds upon her neck an obvious attacker. However, that did not seem to be the killing blow. Whether or not this was the work of one person or if there was someone else to give the final kill would never be known, From the look of her dissected body it seemed as if someone had studied it like she was someone's science project, she did not at all look like her former self anymore, and the only thing left behind by the sick attacker was a note simply saying. “Thank you for participating” As if it had been all but a game to them, maybe to taunt the deceased loved ones more Melody de Astrea had not lived a long fulfilling life, before this horrid day, she had already been withering away from poor health, her time had already been approaching but it seemed someone had plans to bring her demise much, much sooner. For she had been expecting her demise due to her health a singular letter had already been written to whom she cared for most, to who had looked after her, but sadly this letter had never been finished Dearest aunt Medea You looked after me like I was your own, and for such I can't thank you enough, our fates intertwined from my birth, I would have felt so lost if you had left me alone, being born as your niece had been the greatest treasure to me, to be able to grow and follow you, you shaped my life, but if my time does come to pass by, I wish you to know to look to the skies in hopes a bird flies by, I watched from the window as the birds flew by gliding through the shadows of the clouds up in the sky, I've laid my memories and dreams upon their wings, and in my dearest memories, I see you reaching out to me, and if I should leave this lonely world behind I hope for you to only carry on and remember that… [!] the letter incomplete one would never know what the dying woman had been trying to say at the end of her letter to her aunt. [!] With her Body now buried Melodies of life now gilded forever more amongst the winds of time. Sleep well little butterfly, Melody de Astrea
  8. JEWELS OF VIKELA In continuation of Vikela’s Fashion Guide Gold takes center stage in Vikela, and with the abundant richness in our mines, it's essential to highlight it. Gold bands and headpieces, a common sight in "Avonlea" and royal headdresses, are a staple. In Vikela, there's a tradition where every newborn is adorned with hand-carved gold beads. These beads, created by the mother, are etched with runic qualities, symbolizing the desired qualities for the child – a clear head and a pure heart. Among the accessories, you'll find gold necklaces, earrings, and bangles worn by both men and women. Scarves and sashes play a crucial role in adding vivid, glinting colors to adorn the body from head to foot. In Vikela, our jewelry tells stories and carries traditions, reflecting the richness of our culture. In addition to the plentiful gold and silver, the grounds where Vikelians reside are graced with a bounty of crystals. Whether it's sheer luck or a blessing from the gods, these gems seem to sparkle abundantly and are easily found by those who seek them. This abundance of crystals has given rise to a thriving industry in jewelry-making within the city. Tiaras, necklaces, earrings, and the occasional experimental piece for weddings are common creations. Vikela has become a renowned destination for those seeking to purchase wedding rings or even coronation crowns, with each piece carrying a touch of the city's unique charm and the beauty of its natural treasures. In Vikela, gems assume distinct ranks and statuses, serving as reflections of the intricate social structure ingrained in the community. Among the river people, amethyst stands as a common gem, easily accessible to many. The verdant emerald signifies a higher societal status, while the crest, a rare and cherished gem, forms the basis of their crystal jewelry. The paramount figure in Vikela, the highest-ranking individual in the monarchy, dons a symbol of their esteemed position: a crystal butterfly. This butterfly gains its uniqueness from the gemstones embellishing its wings, each symbolizing a different rank within the people's society. Beyond being mere adornments, these gems serve as emblems of honor and privilege. The selection of gemstones for the butterfly's wings holds profound cultural significance, with each gemstone carrying specific meanings and responsibilities within the monarchy: Amethyst: The most common gemstone among the river people, amethyst signifies the foundation of their society, representing unity and community. Emerald: Reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and service to the kingdom, the emerald symbolizes growth, prosperity, and leadership. Sapphire: This deep blue gemstone represents wisdom, knowledge, and intellect. Those adorned with sapphires on the crystal butterfly are the scholars and advisors to the monarch, valued for their insight and guidance. Ruby: The vibrant red of the ruby signifies courage, passion, and leadership. Those wearing rubies on the butterfly's wings are the brave warriors and defenders of the kingdom. Diamond: The sparkling diamond epitomizes purity, transparency, and integrity. Those granted the diamond gem are the keepers of justice and law, ensuring fairness and honesty in the monarchy. Pearl: Pearls, with their lustrous, iridescent beauty, symbolize diplomacy and grace. Those who wear pearls are the diplomats and negotiators responsible for maintaining peaceful relations with neighboring kingdoms. Opal: Opals, known for their shifting colors, represent adaptability, creativity, and innovation. Those adorned with opals are the artists, inventors, and visionaries contributing to the kingdom's cultural and magical advancements. Topaz: Topaz, with its warm golden hue, signifies generosity, prosperity, and philanthropy. Those with topaz gems are the benefactors and patrons of the kingdom, supporting social causes and charitable endeavors. Amber: Amber, with its orange glow, embodies health, vitality, and rejuvenation. Those with amber prioritize the kingdom's well-being, overseeing healthcare, and promoting healthy living. In conclusion, the ranking system within Vikela not only comprises the Vikelian's Crystal Court but also facilitates easy identification and communication with the appropriate individuals. Lady Andria Aldin
  9. Amethyst Garden Gala House in Bloom You are cordially invited to the Amethyst Garden Gala, which will be held on the Vikela grounds. An evening of dancing beneath the canopy awaits as we celebrate the splendors of young love and the love yet to come. We respectfully suggest that you dress in purple to complement our gorgeous purple theme for House de Viola. As the evening unfolds, should dancing not be your forte, fret not, for we have diversions aplenty. Participate in our raffle, where you could win a beautiful amethyst brooch or a fortnight free of tax at a market stall, with each ticket valued at one mina. At the night's end, we shall tally the raffle tickets and set the wheel of fortune spinning. Valllo toujou couri Vallhiuw Leh’Gras, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia & Uherie , The Violet of Vikela Mesiris, Lady Ilyana Elgeiros, Minstie of Housing & Stewardship Mesiris, Andria Aldin, Ministie of Finances & Matchmaker List of Invitations ARISTOCRACY OF VIKELA Her Grace, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea & House De Viola @JTMedea Grand Duke Cyprien De Astrea and House De Astrea @HogoBojo Lord Chaephyra and House Chaephyra, @PhilosopherBear Lord Wolfguard And Any of His company @nepir Lady Andria Aldin and any of her company @Tigergiri Lady Beatrice Ishe and House Ishe @JuniperSeason Lord Volfe Serge and House Serge @YourParalysis Lady Ilyana Elgeiros & House Elgeiros @Kayleigh_P Anerian Thulun Va'eylul & Clan Va'eylul @Kumoko600 Regent Estel Blanc & House Blanc @Aw_0ken @6Dark Undying pipsqueak Ser Do’Spuds Loa’chil @Turbo_Dog All citizens of Vikela The Crimson Raven Corp @PhilosopherBear FOREIGN DELEGATIONS & SPECIAL INVITATIONS Grand-Magister, Razad the 'Fatebinder' & His Magizens @Minuvas Viscount Gregorious Roa & Their Peerage @Me_llamo... Viscount Xavier Adiler & The Adiler Talonnii @MockingbirdArt Cheif Grimhildr & Their Tribe@__WaterFox__ Silrus Daesmon & His Peerage, @Pancho Lord Artorius Silva & Their Peerage @Athonir Lady Nadja Leticia Bathory @mothsthetic Lady, Niccy Elia Geseir & Their peerage, @Niccy Sir Dante Rudius @Kaitotheknight Miss Otellia Maiheiuh @MokoMochi
  10. [!] A missive was hung in any nation and barony notice board that this writer could go to Vikelian Crystal Clash 22nd of the First Seed 153. Karin'ayla, People of Aevos! We, the leading family of Vikela, extend a grand and honorable summons to one and all, irrespective of thy lineage or race, to gather together and witness an eagerly awaited event: The Vikelian Crystal Clash: The Jewel in the Boxing Crown. Vikela, with its storied history and vibrant melting pot of races, shall serve as the backdrop for this magnificent spectacle. As precious gems emerge from the crucible of pressure, so do our combatants illuminate the arena with their courage and skill. Prepare to be enthralled by the wonders awaiting you at the Vikelian Crystal Clash: - Intense fist fights amongst adventurers from near and far vie for honour. - A venue adorned with the resplendent opulence of crystalline adornments. - Witness history in the making as fighters pursue their path of honing their skills and strive to attain the Vikelian Boxing Championship Belt. - An opportunity to partake in the camaraderie of a diverse and passionate assembly. Our inaugural champion is Estel Blanc, hailing from the esteemed Blanc Household. He bested the undersigned in the tournament finals to claim the title of the first champion. In the forthcoming event, he shall embark upon his maiden defense of the coveted championship belt. Join us, to revel in the valor that lies within the realm of pugilism, just as it exists within our own hearts. Event Particulars: Date: Once Every Year [OOC: Every Saturday] Time: 2 PM EST Location: Vikela Send forth thy bird to Thaedas Viola with inquiries and desires. [OOC: Discord = 6darkj] With great anticipation, we await thy presence at the Vikelian Crystal Clash. Let us come together to celebrate the unity of all fierce competitors in our medieval realm. His Lordship, Thaedas Koa Viola De Astrea, Hunter prince of Vikela [OOC PS: The event will be a PvP, and it will be held every Saturday. If a new champion is crowned, they are forced to defend their belt and title every week.] *Visual representation of Estel Blanc becoming the inaugural champion*
  11. My Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen, I trust this missive finds you in the most auspicious of spirits and in the best of health. In the midst of our society, I, Lady Andria Aldin, humbly extend my warmest invitation to you, esteemed divorcees, to partake in an elegant and inclusive gathering of kindred spirits. In these times of societal transformation, it has come to my attention that there is a growing need for a sanctuary—not in the spiritual sense, but a sanctuary of understanding and camaraderie, for those whose hearts have weathered the tempestuous seas of matrimonial separation. It is with this in mind that I have conceived of the notion of "The Divorcee Club." Allow me to introduce myself, for those who may not yet have had the pleasure of our acquaintance. I am Lady Andria Aldin I have ventured through the intricate pathways of wedlock myself, experiencing the departure of my first husband under mysterious circumstances and the subsequent dissolution of my second marriage, which, I assure you, was conducted with all the decorum and respect befitting our station. Though I cannot say the same for the crotchfruit that fell quite far from the tree. "The Divorcee Club" shall provide a setting in which those of us who have trodden the path less traveled may gather. Our evenings shall be characterized by refinement and intellectual pursuits. The art of conversation shall reign supreme, and the essence of our gatherings will be an ode to the exchange of ideas, the appreciation of literature, and the celebration of fine wines. Picture, if you will, a gathering where we assemble to discuss the most exquisite works of literature, those that have offered solace in our hours of need and enlightenment in our moments of reflection. Let our tomes serve as the gateways to intellectual exchange and shared experiences. With that, our evenings shall be graced by the gentle clinking of crystal goblets filled with the finest wines. These nectars shall be our companions, and they shall whisper tales of lands near and far, carrying our souls to places as enchanting as the tales we shall peruse. I extend this invitation to each and every one of you, from those who have experienced the sting of heartache to those who have borne the burden of disappointment. In the heart of Vikela we shall come together, bringing solace and mirth into each other's lives. For while our circumstances may differ, our shared experiences will unite us in the most profound of ways. It is with utmost sincerity that I entreat you to grace us with your presence at "The Divorcee Club." A gathering of the heart, of the mind, and of the soul, where wine flows and knowledge blooms, as surely as the buds on the vine in spring. Should you be moved to accept this invitation, kindly respond at your earliest convenience so that we may anticipate your presence and prepare for your arrival. I eagerly await the privilege of your company and the opportunity to forge new connections amidst the pages of literature and the clinking of glasses. Yours with the deepest regard, Lady Andria Aldin
  12. The birth of a new Generation Issued by the The Starling Kaeronin branch (art by unibearse) 5th of the Deep Cold 146 As the sun rose and sun streak came through the windows of homes, birds chirping in song, this morning seemed different somehow from other mornings, especially in the Kaeronin Songbird household, a tiring night, friends and family waiting in anticipation, news finally given, letters sent out a new baby boy was born on the 5th of the Deep Cold 146 The new-born's features looked identical to that of his mothers, pale porcelain skin, bright snow white hair, and doe-like eyes somewhat darker than the mothers matching more of that of his fathers. It is with great pride and joy that the Kaeronin’s and the Songbirds announce the birth of their son Nevio Kaeronin Songbird. Floria Kaeronin with her son Nevio Kaeronin Below a letter the mother had written to her new-born, and a letter thrown out to sea. Her ladyship, Floria Antwinette Vanari iller’leyu, Aldin Kaeronin Lady of justice and truth, serene mother of Kaeronin His Lordship Syvis Songbird, the serene father of Kaeronin Songbird
  13. THE INQUISITION PREVAILS Issued at Year 145 of the Second Age Tensions rose, Lurin denied by their very own vassal of Vikela to conduct spook tests upon them, though the inquisition did not yield. Eshtael graced us with the balance we sought and plenty of allies to aid us while Vikela fortified themselves. The last men and women from Talar’nor and various surrounding nations arrived to aid in our most holy goal to rid our lands of the dark, a cry was sounded by The Silver Lubba, offering mercy to those who come out the gate and allow themselves to be tested. None came out. The inquisition commenced. The varying groups in a coordinated fashion advanced to their positions, shooting arrows back and forth before a ladder was erected against the Vikelan walls where the forces gained access to their most fortified positions, mercenaries fleeing the site to the floodplains. All was dealt with rather swiftly inside the city itself to knock the defenders out. After this, we missed one important Vikelan by the name of Orn who followed the mercenaries, a prolonged skirmish on the floodplains followed. The mercenaries were not spared due to their questionable affiliation, however, Orn was spared after the spook test came out negative, proving he is not a vampire or darkspawn. After all was done and dusted, all headed back to Lurin and minor repairs were made and wounds treated. Negotiations with the allied forces commenced to strengthen bonds and keep our morale up high. THE INQUISITION IS VICTORIOUS ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  14. Gouvènman an Vikela As issued and confirmed, 19th of the Sun's Smile, SA 145 Table of Content I. Gouvènman II. The Conseil des Ministres III. Terms and Vocabulary Hierarchy of the Gouvènman The Paramount Her Ladyship, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia, Uherie, and The Deserted Salted Lands of Elysium. The Violet Queen of Vikela. Representing house Viola. @JTMedea The Crystal Court The council of ministers was established with the concept that an amazing government would emerge through the collaboration of the working talents of the city and the people. Each ministry has its own leaders, but there is no single individual in command; rather, decisions are made collectively, with the Paramount having the last word. Minister of Justice Her ladyship, Floria Kaeronin Floria Antwinette Vanari iller’leyu Aldin Kaeronin, The minister of justice, Lady of justice and truth, the high judge, the Blue iris, doe mother of the Vikelian Citizens, the Nightingale of Vikela. To Represent House Kaeronin, The Serene Mother. @Pixicat Minister of Warfare His Lordship, Ahmanu Chaephyra, The minister of Warfare, Sword of Vikela, Father of ravens To Represent House Chaephyra. @THEKINGOFPIRATS Minister of Health and Welfare His Lordship, Walter Blanc, The Minister of Health and Welfare, traiteur of The Crimson Raven Corps, Chief Advisor to The Paramount, the needle of Vikela. To Represent House Blanc. @6Dark Minister of Knowledge His Lordship, Elliphas Daesmon, The Minister of Knowledge, with a mind as his blade, The Eternal Scholar. To Represent House Daesmon. @Kanapes Minister of Housing Her ladyship Astaea de Clorance, The minister of housing, The starry watcher, Head steward of Vikela To represent House de Clorance. @Pixicat Minister of Foreign Affairs His Lordship Volfe Segre, The minister of foreign affairs, The bridge between allies, Sword and shield of that which is good, The connector of Vikela. To represent house Surge. @YourParalysis Minister of Finance Lady Andria Aldin, The minister of Finance & Treasury To represent House Aldin. @Tigergiri Alchemy Councilor Ser Do’Spuds Loa’chil, Alchemical councilor, Wisdom hoarder, Undying Pipsqueak. @Turbo_Dog The Royal Family: Viola Prince Orn Viola De Astrea His Lordship, Prince Orn Viola De Astrea, of Vikela. @Chrisoulis777 Princess Luthien Linde Viola De Astrea Her ladyship, Princess Luthien Linde Viola De Astrea, The Blossom Princess of Vikela, All with her charismatic charm those around her will be drawn to energetic charm. @UniBearse Prince Thaedas Koa Viola De Astrea His lordship, Prince Thaedas Koa Viola De Astrea, The Hunter Prince of Vikela. With skillful smarts in what he does. @6Dark Prince Fernando Zander Viola De Astrea His lordship, Prince Fernando Zander Viola De Astrea, The Warrior Prince of Vikela, Fear struck to those that meet his icy stare, but fortune to those that gain his loyal favour. @THEKINGOFPIRATS Princess Raeliana Kamari Viola De Astrea Her ladyship, Princess Raeliana Kamari Viola De Astrea, The Midnight Moon Princess of Vikela. The everlasting moonpearl, Graceful in all she does, and everyone around her will be gifted her love. @Pixicat Vikela Government Terms: Chevalye : The word for Knight Gadyem Indoran : The Keeper of Books better known as the librarian Gouvènman : The word for Government Ekspetiz: Expertise a word used in sparse terms, only for the most knowledgeable ad experts. Konesans - The word for Knowledge Koudyay: Festivals, events, and other activities designed to keep people active are the main sources of social attention. Impôt du sang "blood tax": Nobles are required to serve the sovereign.. They are required to go to war and fight and die in the service of the people l'honnête : Families of military value that have fought or have fought within the service of Vikela. Given A nobility Title as a good faith, and retirement plan. Magistrate: The lawmakers of Vikela, they are able to pass judgment as well as amend laws for any sort of official case. Mennaj : If you don't pay your taxes, there is no guarantee for your safety, according to the housekeeper or, more accurately, the assistant to the housekeeper, the all-powerful tax collector. Minstie’zafè entèn : The ministry of Internal affairs Noblesse de robe: Government Officials with nobility titles from acts of service to the kingdom Their rankings: Naelu’Gado : The book teacher, a teacher in their own right. Being able to fill in for the Gadyem Indoran. Ofisyèl : The word of Official Tèt :The phrase employed by the district's department head. Traiteur :The word for healer or medical personnel
  15. A Mother’s Final Straw [!] This missive is posted throughout the land (art done by @UniBearse A once pure of heart As all babies are as they are born, Ithil Kaeronin was once pure of heart and was one of the prides and joys of his mother’s clan. One winter's day, a dreadful night to be out, I found a child bundled up yet left out in the wilderness to fend for himself, he was a newborn at this time, a ‘ker baby with brilliant white hair and jewel violet eyes, I took him home and gave him the name Ithil meaning moon, for that was what let me find him, the moon light shining down on him I thought it must be a blessing to have found such a sweet darling child. From the moment I found and raised this young ‘ker, watching his first steps hearing his first words I lived through them all, and they were my precious memories to keep, I loved him just as I loved all his siblings with every fibre of my being, I believed all my children were for greatness I always will, but that being said as their mother I can’t control their lives and determine which kind of person they will turn to be. And as their mother I must know when to let them go. When I look into his eyes and I think back to that sunrise where I held him in my arms, these actions I will make, they will haunt my days, but is the price I pay, an endless pain, I know what I must do but how could I hurt you?, deep down I would trade the world to see you safe and sound, forever in my arms, just like we did before, as a mother I know I must let you go. But, when did my boy become a Villain, like how a candle becomes a blaze? Or a ripple a tidal wave? When this man becomes a monster. Please forgive me. With my heart so filled with sorrow and Woe, this Missive that has taken so long to gather the courage to write that is long overdue, I Floria Kaeronin here by decree Ithil Kaeronin one of my eldest sons to be disowned Revoking his Kaeronin name and ties to the family for he has caused some heinous crimes which will be known throughout the land for those to safeguard themselves and keep watch for this man, Ithil Kaeronin receives this punishment for the following crimes, the only crimes known to his mother. First degree attempted murder -an act of which was committed against a young child of Nor’asath, in which had happened on two occasions which led to the second crime. First degree attempted kidnapping An act in which the attacker lured the unsuspecting victim to a remote place and proceeded to attack this victim. "I failed as a haelun and for that I pay the price of losing one of my oem'ii" For these crimes committed by a Kaeronin, Ithil is here by disowned from the family of Kaeronin and banished from both Family and Vikela, and i pray for your safety and your good health in life from here on out, and I hope you find yourself, redeem from your actions and maybe one day, in my fondness dreams you are to reunite to those that have always loved you. Her ladyship, Floria Antwinette Vanari iller’leyu, Aldin Kaeronin Lady of justice and truth, The Serene Mother. His Lordship, Syvis Songbird, the serene father of Kaeronin Songbird Her Ladyship, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia, Uherie, and The Deserted Salted Lands of Elysium. The Violet of Vikela.
  16. The Knights of Len’velulaei The Blossoming knights of the Barony of Vikela the Crest of Len'Velulaei (art done by @UniBearse) Morals and Duty of Len’velulaei Founded by Floria Kaeronin, Sister branch off that of which is called the Crimson Ravens of Vikela, Len’velulaei was created to be guardians of the people, protectors of that which is good, to protect their home and the citizens that reside within it, it is the blade of which is behind and protects the crown instructed and trained by its Ceru'Vuln and the Ibar'Athri lead by the Ceru'Vuln the knight of Len’velulaei is devoted to upholding Loyalty, courage, discipline and Justice. Len’velulaei was created for the soul purpose for the protection of the royal family and the people of those within the walls of Vikela, Floria Kaeronin Formally known as Floria Vanari had been a ranger in prior years starting out as a young age and following in her step siblings footsteps whom she had grown attached to, be in her thirties the elfess became a Chevalier meaning she had taken her own squad whom she lead however this did not last long for the chevalier rank was overruled and distinguished turning them back into rangers, but this too did not last long, the rangers was disbanded, Floria Kaeronin, retired she mindlessly wondered, the elfess had left her home for a few years going from place to place but in the end, she was lead back to where she had grown up, at the time they already had the ravens, for some time she thought about joining the group, but something was amiss, it was something the elfess just couldn't get used to, it then came the time where the elfess found her old drafts for when she had been planning her own guard group, she had been working on it for many years and had always waited for it to come afloat but it never did however, seeing an opportunity arise the elfess stepped fourth and she had been knighted her group officialised and has since been going strong for a few generations. Floria Kaeronin with her Luonto Lilly watching over her (art done by @UniBearse) The Duties all soldiers Implemented by Floria Kaeronin the Ceru'Vuln of Len’velulaei every warrior is expected to follow as such: I Keep the crowns peace Those that live within the peaceful walls of Vikela are reminded that no threats of any kind shall be tolerated, if disturbance is made Len’velulaei will step in. II Protect the citizens When the bell is rung the Len’velulaei knights step fourth, from any kind of threat the knights see to the people's aid, they stand strong and form a wall between any threat and the people they seek to protect. III Defend that which they call home When danger comes to face those within Vikela, the first they meet will be the knights, Len’velulaei stands to defend and protect or they’ll go down trying. IV Daily Trainings These knights can not do anything unless they are trained and ready, those that wish to stand and fight must also be ready to do the required training. V No man left behind The knights form a strong bond, their a team and as such must work together, when one falls behind others must help them catch back up. Ceru’Vuln Floria Kaeronin and and Ibar'Athri Rosalyn Dafir standing guard at their paramount's coronation. Salary and lodgings Those that serve under the Len’velulaei knights do not go unpaid for their efforts, the Ceru’vuln Floria Kaeronin pay each knight every other elven week, if the guards do in fact need lodgings or food, the Ceru’vuln will make sure they are provided for, those that warrant it may if the Ceru’vuln deems fit get a promotion earning them higher salary, but with such promotion comes more responsibility. Guard uniforms Thillin’turr The Duties of the Thillin’turr These soldiers are to follow in the footsteps of those walking ahead of them, to attend trainings listen to the Asul’chirr these individuals are but sheep waiting to come out of their wool to become wolves, saplings still yet to blossom but within time when the Ceru’Vuln thinks it's time they will move up and follow their brethren side by side. Asul’chirr The Duties of the Asul’chiir These individuals have been granted their roles, graduated from recruitment and are the swords and shields of Vikela they stand to ground keep the wall and patrol the areas to safeguard against threats. Synalli’tahorran The Dutoes of the Synalli’Tahorran Whilst these Soldiers have the same job as the Asul’chirr these individuals had shown great promise to those of the higher up, they had been promoted to hold train sessions, lead their own groups of the guard and do more special jobs for the leaders. Ibar’athri The Duties of the Ibar’athri The ones second highest from the Ceru’Vuln these select few are handpicked by the Ceru’Vuln they are the head figures of the guards when the Ceru’Vuln is not able they stand in until the Ceru’Vuln has returned. Ceru’Vuln The Duties of the Ceru’Vuln This particular Soldier the Ceru’Vuln also known as the Lord Commander they run the specific part of the military the Len’velulaei are a part of, they are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly, handing out the payments every other week and that everyone is attended to. Recruiting To join the knights of Len'velulaei, contact the Ceru'Vuln (yoursdearly_pixiedearest) or fill out the form ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾Recruitment form☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ Discord: Minecraft username: Time zone: Persona name: race: age:
  17. art by afterblossom_art Welcome, to the mesmerizing year of Ahiuw le fleuve, an extraordinary season where friendships blossom, love ignites, and souls embark on the transformative journey from youth to adulthood. As the river weaves its way through the city, so do the aspirations of our young debutantes and gallant suitors. Amidst the splendor and grandeur, a coveted prize awaits—the illustrious titles of River Gems, a testament to the pinnacle of grace, charm, and allure. But beyond the pursuit of honor, let us revel in the profound connections and heartfelt emotions that intertwine, for Ahiuw le fleuve is a realm where dreams converge, and the magic of companionship lights the path to everlasting memories. -Mademoiselle Fleur DeLis, the Curator of Whispers Located Outside of Lurin within Vikela TIME TABLE DAY UN PRELUDE INTRODUCTIONS PRACTICE Welcome to the captivating "Prelude Introductions Practice"! Ladies and gentlemen, come together to refine the art of dance and presentation in anticipation of the grand ball. Expert tutors shall guide both females and males, ensuring every participant's grace and confidence enchant the dance floor. Afterward, join us at the tavern for a delightful, informal gathering, where laughter and camaraderie shall flourish. Embrace this enchanting prelude, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of elegance and revelry. TIME 3PM EST DAY DÉ AHIUW LE FLEUVE BALL Welcome to the grand Introduction Ball and presentations! Join us as bachelors and debutantes unite in a splendid celebration, mingling amidst a tapestry of enchantment. Debutes shall don exquisite gowns in resplendent River colors. Embrace the allure of formal attire, adorning oneself for this remarkable affair. Step into a world of refined enchantment and embark on an evening destined for cherished memories. TIME 4:30 PM EST DAY TRWA AMOUR AFLOAT: THE CHARMING BOAT RACE Embark on a thrilling race of lover boats, where passion and skill collide on the shimmering waters! Join us for an exhilarating competition as participants navigate their elegantly adorned boats to victory. Feel the rush of the wind and the beating of your heart as you steer towards the finish line. The winner shall be rewarded with a cherished prize, symbolizing their triumph and adoration. Let the race begin, igniting a playful spirit of friendly competition and unforgettable moments of romance on this enchanting day. TIME 1PM EST DAY KAT SECRET GARDEN SOIRÉE A captivating event that transforms a hidden garden into a realm of romance and intrigue. Bathed in the soft glow of floating lanterns, participants are encouraged to engage in secret trysts, whispered conversations, and stolen glances. Embark on a treasure hunt, where small floating lanterns hold clues, fostering teamwork and excitement. As you navigate the garden's mysteries, unravel hidden secrets, and embrace the allure of the night, let the floating lanterns guide your path toward unforgettable moments of connection and discovery. TIME 3PM LOVE LETTER EXCHANGE Join us for an event where participants can share heartfelt letters expressing their thoughts and intentions. Embrace the intrigue and anticipation as these letters find their way to a collection of charming chests, each labeled with its recipient's name. Discover the power of written words and thoughtful gestures, fostering connections and creating moments to be treasured. Step into this enchanting occasion, where expressions of genuine emotion and meaningful exchanges take center stage. TIME ALL DAY DAY SINK RACE OF GENTLE GIANTS! Gather 'round as these charming capybaras showcase their laid-back yet determined nature in a delightful race. Bet on your favorite capybara and give them a ship name to show your support! Legend has it that if a capybara from your chosen team crosses the finish line, it signifies everlasting love. Let the excitement and anticipation fill the air as these adorable creatures capture our hearts with their lovable antics. Join us for a day of laughter, cheers, and heartwarming moments as we celebrate the unique spirit of the capybara in this unforgettable race. TIME 1PM TRIYONF KÈ KONTINYÈL: TOURNEY Brace yourself for a spirited competition where chivalry and valor meet on the battlefield of love. Participants shall showcase their prowess and dedication as they engage in captivating duels to win the title of the ultimate champion of hearts. Witness the clash of swords, the twinkle of determination in their eyes, and the unwavering passion that drives them forward. May the bravest and most gallant warrior emerge victorious, winning not only the tournament but also the admiration of all. TIME 4 PM DAY SIS MARDIS GRAS BALL Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of elegance at the Madris Ras Ball, hosted by the esteemed Court of River Gems. This illustrious event honors the gems of Chalcedony, Jasper, and Sapphire in ascending order of distinction. The Court of River Gems, with their discerning taste, curates a captivating theme for this grand celebration. Prepare to be enchanted as you step into a world brought to life by their imaginative vision. As a symbol of unity and potential matches, couples are encouraged to enter the ballroom together, presenting themselves as a harmonious pairing amidst the opulent splendor of the evening. With each gem representing a unique facet of beauty and grace, the Madris Ras Ball promises an evening of refined revelry, where elegance and creativity intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. TIME 4:30 PM HOST YOUR OWN EXCLUSIVE FUNCTION If you wish to host your own function please contact Lady Larissa and her council for all inquiries. For those who need help with the ongoing of this new and exciting by all means please seek out a council member as well as pursue through this handheld (Ahiuw Le Fleuve Guide for Debutes) ALL GUESTS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND ANY THE EVENTS. Sign up will officially close before the events of Day Two. To sign up please open the attached letter.
  18. Written by the Late Paramount Leika de Astrea Found By Lady Brasca. Contents | I |Proper Etiquette & Expectations II | Debuting & Presentations Etiquette and Expectations: Fashion: For proper reading please read “Vikela fashion” Remember, dear attendees, that the essence of fashion lies in embodying grace, sophistication, and cultural respect. Let your sartorial choices be a reflection of your impeccable taste and appreciation for the occasion at hand. Fashion choices should reflect cultural sensitivity, honoring the traditions and customs of Vikela and its guests. For those that need a reminder here are some rules and regulations. Footwear should be comfortable and suitable for the event, ensuring ease of movement without compromising on elegance. Adornments, such as jewelry and accessories, should complement and enhance the overall ensemble without overpowering it. Choose wisely, considering the harmony of the outfit. Gentlemen are expected to dress in tailored outfits, formal attire , displaying a sense of sartorial sophistication. All attendees, regardless of gender or race, are expected to wear attire that fully covers their chest during all events. Men with robes and half shirts, Translucent fabric is your friend, and it can show your Tattoos. For females, showing the abs or belly is permissible, but it should be done tastefully and with moderation. Excessive nudity is discouraged; choose outfits that exude sensibility and grace. On the note of Tiaras, circlets & sashes: Tiaras are grand ornamental headpieces worn by women on formal occasions, featuring intricate designs and gemstones. Circlets are delicate headbands adorning the forehead or top of the head, with minimal embellishments. Tiara: Reserved for royal bloodlines showcasing heirloom treasures. Circlet: Available for all, worn uniquely and without imitating others' tiaras. Royals may wear house sashes at formal events, symbolizing their lineage. Foreign guests (Outside Lurin and Vikela) may wear sashes in their city/settlement/nation's colors during the initial two days of the ball. On armor and weaponry: Regarding Armor and Weapons: In consideration of the council's understanding and appreciation for guards and knights, we kindly request that armor not be fully donned during the event. However, if one can creatively incorporate armor pieces while maintaining formal attire, exceptions may be granted. Weapons of any kind must remain fully sheathed unless an immediate threat arises or specific event permissions allow otherwise. We prioritize the serenity and balance of the occasion. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we strive to maintain an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility throughout the event. Expectations: Ladies and Gentlemen, as we embark upon this social season, let us be reminded of its purpose: the pursuit of lifelong companionship. While romance between different age groups is not encouraged, let friendships flourish and the guidance of chaperones prevail. Should an exception be sought, frowned upon but nevertheless, direct their plea to the Paramount, for their wisdom shall decide your fate. In the realm of social graces, kindness and respect should flow like a gentle river, regardless of social standing or past affiliations. Engage in meaningful conversations that uplift and avoid the murky waters of gossip. Let decorum and intellectual stimulation guide us, so our reputations remain pure like sparkling gems. On the dance floor, let us embrace a different waltz along the riverbanks of Vikela. Ladies, with the strength of flowing waters, self-advocate and invite gentlemen to dance. Gentlemen, be open to the invitation and dance with grace and harmony. Remember, the joy of the dance matters more than perfection. When the heart's desires do not align, gracefully decline with honesty and respect. Navigate these conversations with clarity and diplomacy, treating each other's feelings tenderly. Let us handle matters of the heart with the grace of a river's current. So, dear companions of the social season, let us embrace the guiding rivers of courtesy, respect, and graceful interactions. Like shining gems adorning the riverbed, may our words and actions illuminate the path to a joyous and memorable social season. Debutante and Presentations Presentations are an intimate expression of oneself, meant to be shared with the inner world. As you enter the ballroom, whisper your last name or share it discreetly with the attendant, who will announce it proudly to the gathered assembly. The first presentation holds both a touch of trepidation and immense significance, as you stand before the Paramount and her council. After your introduction to the crowd, gracefully curtsy or bow, signifying your reverence. From there, you may choose your path, guided by your own desires, before the dance commences. In the spirit of unity, all debutantes, regardless of gender, shall don colors inspired by the river and the ocean, symbolizing their journey across the flowing river of life. The ensembles and poses of both debutantees and debutants (Male & Female) shall be assessed by the esteemed River Gems Court, bestowing upon them the coveted title that shall adorn them throughout the remainder of the season. Introducing the Exquisite Court of River Gems: Within the vibrant tapestry of Ahiuw le fleuve social season, the Court of River Gems emerges as a beacon of elegance and distinction. Honoring the captivating allure of Chalcedony, Jasper, and Sapphire, this esteemed court encapsulates the essence of timeless beauty and enchantment. Chalcedony, the first gem of the court, emanates a soft and ethereal glow, captivating all who behold its delicate charm. Representing grace and serenity, those bestowed with the honor of Chalcedony possess an irresistible Friendly appeal that leaves a lasting impression. The Chalcedony is generally given to the younger generation, though this is not always the case. Jasper, the steadfast gem of the court, exudes strength and resilience. Like the mighty river carving its path through rugged terrain, those graced with Jasper's distinction display unwavering determination and a commanding presence that captivates the hearts of many. The Jasper Title is mainly given to a male or gender neutral, though this is not always the case. Sapphire, the pinnacle gem of the court, radiates brilliance and magnificence, captivating all with its captivating hue. Symbolizing wisdom and nobility, those adorned with Sapphire's brilliance shine as beacons of refinement and grace, commanding admiration from all corners. The Sapphire title is mainly given to the older age status, though this is not always the case. Throughout the social season, the Court of River Gems selects individuals who embody the essence of these precious gems. With each exquisite debutant and debutante adorned with the honor of Chalcedony, Jasper, or Sapphire, the social landscape is adorned with unparalleled splendor. Just as the Paramount allows the water to flow to uncover the Court of River Gems, they reign alluring illuminating the path to an unforgettable and extraordinary social season. These Gems will Either be announced at the end of the ball or at the end of the first dance. These selected few keep their titles until the next social season which should be hosted every 8 years. Document signed off by Her Ladyship, Paramount Larissa De Astrea Found and revisited by Lady Brasca & Lady Medea De Astrea. Click the spoiler for signups :)
  19. The Last Goodbye Pride in myself was something I swore would never die Gaining respect means giving up a past life As I lie here, my strength waning, I reflect on the path I have tread and the legacy I leave behind. I have dedicated my life to their prosperity, to ensure a better future for them. There is nothing left for me to do now but to embrace the twilight of my existence. The light at the end of the tunnel It is their time to flourish, to rise and shine in the light of their own achievements. They are capable, resilient, and I have every faith in their ability to thrive. Yet, as I surrendered the reins of responsibility, a mixture of hope and pride swells within me. I have witnessed their growth, their resilience, and their unyielding spirit. They possess the strength to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. It will be difficult at first, for change always brings uncertainty, and the unfamiliar can be daunting. But they will adapt, they will learn, and they will forge their own destinies. They must. However, I have lived far longer than I ever imagined. Old enough to witness the rebuilding of what was destroyed and to see my grandchildren. Remade into something that is a tremendous achievement compared to the horrible past we experienced. It fills my heart with pride to know that I have played a part, however small, in shaping a brighter future for those who will carry our legacy forward.. Leika sat her herself down, her knees weak the very idea of what was going on. She came to terms with it.. Long ago, and yet it was bittersweet. She never foresaw this, after so many years. This couldn't be the end their lives could it? To feel the very life slip through her own breath. The illusion crafted by my arrogance had protected me from the wrong that I couldn't admit In the pursuit of happiness, I found moments of joy and followed people blissfully, basking in their smiles and finding my own contentment. Amongst this journey, I discovered those who became my steadfast companions. My sister Amethyst, who embraced me into her family with open arms, even though she barely knew me. Their laughter became the lightness of my existence, a true embodiment of happiness. Ellathor, a remarkable man who may hold resentment towards me, but remains a great warrior. He always gave his utmost effort in every breath, a Vanari in his own right. He was my greatest confidant. Rosalyn, a recent addition to our circle, holds an intense fire within her soul. At first glance, she appears quiet, but lay next to her sword, and you'll quickly learn the error of your ways. Ahmanu , you came at just the right time. You filled a hole in my heart where once was held by previous military leaders. I was so used to being betrayed Fo I was skeptical of your every move. But every time you strove far beyond my own sword. You were there to command what i could not. It was always an honor fighting with you. Floria, our fates intertwined in rocky fashion. Both ambitious when we first met, she was a young Vanari, still finding her footing. Our minds clashed from time to time, but as the days grew longer and darker, she returned to help pick up the pieces I had broken. I never truly understood why she came back, and I suppose I'll never have the chance to ask. She saw us as family, and I willingly welcomed her in, scared of being alone, terrified of being abandoned once again. Valindra, one of my oldest friends, despite our different outlooks on life, we never strayed too far from each other. Even when we lived apart, I could proudly proclaim her as my oldest friend. I defended her, defended who she was, and stood silently by her side, ready to embrace her whenever she allowed it. Madoc, my cherished drinking partner, our friendship began with laughter and games. Through the years, we witnessed each other grow into distinct individuals, yet our bond remained unbreakable. In times of disappointment, you were the friend who gave me hope, and I could never hate you or turn my back on you. Thank you for being there, my dear companion, throughout our shared adventures. Fal’leon, oh, I always joked that he would steal my husband from me. They were much closer than I could ever be to my own husband. I would jest that it was all part of their druidic connection, but maybe I wasn't too far off the mark. Falleon's helpful nature extended beyond the realms of knighthood, becoming the foundation of the Vikela system. I admired his gruff yet loving demeanor, his carefree nature that seemed to envy his infectious smile. Floods of memories drown me in the abyss Ceiling fades, empty space, hanging barely from a cliff that's thousands of feet tall Ehrendil, my second love, the only love I could hold onto. Our story, tragic and poetic, akin to something a bard would create for the stage. Perhaps one day, our love will be immortalized in a play, and I often wonder what title it would bear? I still remember the playful banter we shared, the bets and games that entertained us. "Are you dangerous?" he would ask, as I fired a dart while Valindra watched as a fair referee, blindfolded shots aimed at a hidden target. "Maybe I am, so what?" I echoed, firing the dart that cost me the game. It seemed I would not receive free tattoos as we had wagered. I would have to find a new teacher, and surprisingly, he offered, "I don't usually do this, BUT I'll show you how to create one tattoo." My voice resonated with hope, for a new teacher had been found, despite losing the game. "Really?" his gruff voice inquired, "Don't let me regret it." The vision shifted, transforming into a bird of paradise pin, then a tattoo a symbol of our smiles and a pledge of eternal love under the night sky. Pledges we never broke, devotion to one another despite the challenges we faced. Our enemies may have been vast, but they could never comprehend the depth of our love, nor know us beyond their own limited perspective. We loved deeply, and our love bore beautiful children. Kaev and Larissa, our first born twins, an unheard-of occurrence within our family. They emerged from the crucible of war, perhaps explaining their divergent views and stances. If I had one last chance to see him, I would wish for him to be alive, and Larissa, a blossoming flower of growth, a remarkable young girl. May she outlive me by far, surpassing my years with her own accomplishments. “Little dandelion take care of our people, Do what I could never do.” Cyprien, the next in line of our bloodline, a strong-willed boy. One day, he will break free from his shell and embody the dramatics of his father. He may not see it yet, but I do. His father resides within him more deeply than I ever could. I hope he finds someone he loves. He's everything I wished for him to be- he exceeds my expectations every day. Medea, Raell, Solus, children not of my blood, yet bound to me as if they were. They bleed for me, and I entrust them with their own futures and lives. They hold the keys to their destinies, but they will always find comfort in knowing that a De Astrea will be there to catch them if they ever fall. I love them beyond words, for they gave me a different perspective. I used to resent the concept of adoption, for one child is always left behind. Yet, this did not happen to them. They will grow into fine warriors and leaders. The memories of happiness far outweigh the bad, and I treasure them deeply. They deserve to be cherished even more. I often wonder if the friends I made still think of me as I think of them? And now I fall Now I fall into oblivion The void of memories that plagued me, was it Oblivion? The ideals that motivated my actions were preserved in my mind during the last decisive moments of truth. Was it a fall from power or a fall from grace? I still had no idea. At the end of such a long life, you would think I knew more. But each truth I discovered didn't change only the world and its great mysteries. I was envious of my father's authority and respect, especially after seeing my friend Karl achieve it with Haense. They possessed things I did not, but by the time we were through, I had far more. I still held onto the memories that had just surfaced—bitter, sweet—a mixture of my life. It was something they could not take from me. Landing back at the beginning of our prime We'd built ourselves and our kingdom in the summer sun one brick at a time I missed my mother, being in the desert, the kharasi, and the people I loved. And yet, I longed for the heat and the light on my face. But as I stepped into the stone city, everything was taken away from me. Chaos engulfed me, and I formed new friendships and found lovers. Initially, I was content with being no one, having only my family and a few questionable companions. I treasured those relationships. However, time passed, and I was given tools and bestowed with a title. At first, I despised being referred to as a princess, as I wanted my mother's title. I simply desired to be a wildflower. I recall doing my best to maintain the favor of my father and sister, willingly fulfilling any request they made. The reasons behind the drastic changes they imposed upon me remained unclear. From being a diplomat to an ambassador for the south, I received assistance and a title that I initially detested. The Ashford name, unfamiliar to me, was one my father took pride in, yet he never used it. Astrea... Ashford, a title with a bloody history. Nonetheless, here I am in the city while the rest lies in ruins. Is our world truly crumbling? Is everything I dedicated my life to falling apart? There is no salvation this time. Not this time. I was labeled a wildflower, but appearances can deceive. Like delicate petals, my spirit was once whole, but the world had cruelly pruned me, leaving me to languish in a vessel of uncertainty. A mere façade of beauty, I withstood the weak sun, all the while lacking the nourishment my heart yearned for. I clung to the edges of a glass, my existence teetering between sinking and floating, lost in a tumultuous sea of emotions. As a protector without a shield, I embraced the weight of responsibility, shielding those unable to fend for themselves. But as I built walls of obligation, the ones I cherished most were forcibly pushed away. With each bond severed, I found myself retreating, cornered by adversaries lurking on every side. Society's expectations for a perfect princess became my cage, confining my vibrant spirit and preventing me from soaring free. Oh, how I longed to bloom with authenticity, to embrace my untamed nature! I sought the gentle touch of empathy, the nurturing soil that would help me flourish. Until I had someone to be my shield. Now those walls are nothing but rubble and dust What was once silver lining of us has turned to rust SA 85. With fierce determination, my arm swept across the chessboard, shattering the delicate balance of the pieces. My voice echoed through the heavens as I unleashed a primal cry of defiance, challenging the very fate that had entwined me. Every step I took toward the West sealed my doom and, with it, the fate of my people. Each stride became a tempest raging within my mentality, a relentless torment tearing at the fabric of my being. The weight of my decision pressed heavily upon my shoulders, threatening to crush my spirit. Should I fall alongside my beloved city or offer them a sliver of hope, a fighting chance at life? The agonizing deliberation consumed me, as I questioned whether there would be people left, whether they could endure the encroaching wars looming on our doorstep. My heart writhed with the torment of remembrances and conflicting ideas. Yet, this was not the perspective of a mere puppet manipulated by external forces. No, this was different. This choice held a potency that allowed me to stand as something more. We had fought relentlessly and tried our hardest to safeguard our world, but this judgment, this sacrifice, stirred a force within me that kept me standing. In the face of despair and against overwhelming odds I marched onward, embodying the defiance of a fallen kingdom. A monarchy that disapproved of the custom of kneeling and pleading with a city that was significantly worse than their own for forgiveness. They had done nothing to warrant such treatment, yet they expected it. No outrage came from those we once thought were our friends. We were betrayed by friends, betrayed by those we had extended a helping hand to. I accepted the weight of my decision, the ultimate expression of sacrifice and the embodiment of hope, as a lone figure against the backdrop of a world in disarray. A deal was struck, our hands shook, and a bottle of wine was opened. Our fate was sealed, without so much as a council. Was this where everyone turned on me? Or was it before ? In those days when we’d fight our demons together If we had started over, oh, I wonder... Returning to the gates, I, Leika de Astrea, was met with a scene of chaos. Guards fought guards of the same colors, engaged in a fierce skirmish. Then their accusatory gazes turned toward me, their words laced with frustration and anger. "Where were you?" one of them shouted, his voice filled with resentment. My eyes flickered to the side, my grip on my crown tightening before I abruptly cast it aside, the symbol of my authority discarded onto the cold street below. But as I spoke, a revival of tenacity erupted from within me. The restrained hatred and resentment, the weight of treachery and hidden intentions that had tortured me from behind closed doors, erupted. So much time spent raising the city rather than my own kids. Was it all for this? I stopped trying to act like my sister or my father. Instead, I was engulfed by my ancestors' ferocious hatred. My golden eyes narrowed at the guard, my voice cutting through the air like a sharpened blade. "Did you truly believe I was blind to the intricate web of deceit you spun, the plots you orchestrated behind my back?!" My voice thundered, each word infused with seething anger that resonated through the air. My eyes blazed with a fiery intensity, piercing through the guard's facade of arrogance. My grip on my emotions tightened, my rage fueling my words as I continued, my voice a whip crackling with righteous indignation. "But now, you shall bear witness to the repercussions of your grave underestimation of me. I Am no longer the little girl you once knew. Let's see how you fare with this." My voice resounded with Fierce grace. My tone carried a sense of dignified authority, befitting a monarch who had been wronged. For the first time, I was no longer the warrior princess, the war-torn queen. I was the wildflower queen, Leika de Astrea. In my final moments of strife, I stepped into my role. The chaos broke my heart. Heart breaking, If I has tears to give them it would be spilling out. Flooding the streets. How far had I let them all fall to come to this? Would we have fallen? The guard's facade of bravado faltered under the weight of my presence. His eyes widened, a glimmer of trepidation betraying his realization of the formidable force standing before him. The force he had forgotten had thwarted so many plans and coups before. This was just a droplet of my anger. "I have grown wise to the intricate schemes woven behind my back, and I shall not be swayed by the deceit that once ensnared me," I declared, my voice filled with measured resolve. Infused with an air of regal certainty, my words hung in the air like a delicate tapestry of power and perseverance. My graceful authority resonated, transcending the realm of petty revenge. My purpose lay not in obliterating my adversaries, but in showcasing my unwavering strength and resilience as a ruler. I was not my father; I was not my cousin who stood above them on the staircase, the weight of my words being calculated in his head. Behind him stood my son, my sweet son, brainwashed by his own family to turn against his mother. Did I blame him? No, the answer was clear. I could never blame him, I could never even let my heart and my mind battle to hurt him. If he had wished to kill me, I wouldn't have stopped him. Every regret, and yet... I could never turn my anger toward him. I watched as he turned tail and ran. Would I ever see him again? The answer was no, I would never get to hold my son, see him grow up. His sister left to be the eldest, his name erased from history.. Snatched by the very people who sought to kill me countless times. Fallen into oblivion? Then it was just my cousin left. Faust witnessed his own plans crumble to dust, his treacherous raid against his own people unraveled by my cunning. And yet, here I stood, one step ahead. My hands curled tightly around the draft of the western concord, rage burning in my eyes, and my voice trembled with a mix of heartbreak and fury. "How dare you! How dare you betray our own kin! You could have come to me. We could have found a way together. But no, you chose silence and darkness, plotting behind our backs, until your actions led to the slaughter of our own people! Tell me, do you feel any remorse? Do you regret the blood on your hands?" I spat each word, my voice laced with a deep anguish and a seething anger that threatened to consume me. He gave no answer, his cowardice on full display, and he fled before I could even give the order to capture him. At that moment, Leika de Astrea emerged as a force to be reckoned with, fueled by a mixture of righteous indignation and sorrow. I became a beacon of defiance against the dwarves, the wood elves, and all those who dared to challenge me. My resolve, hardened by the fires of betrayal and the sacrifices of my fallen comrades, propelled me forward. No longer burdened by the weight of leadership, I embraced my role as a warrior, a strategist, and a symbol of resistance, vowing to bring justice to those who had caused so much pain. Yet, such a memories only brings me anguish only brings me the option could it all have been changed? How fragile of me to break so easily Fear took the lead, now I'm still falling Falling deeper, faster, I find myself weighed down by the burden of choices. My world is torn by war, and yet I wear a mask, a smile on my face that only my husband sees through. He knows the cracks in my facade, the torment that keeps me awake at night. I see the toll it takes on him too, trying to shield me from the weight of it all. The pain, the screams, the never-ending paperwork—if my hands were real, perhaps they would feel the same pain I do.So many lives were lost in the service of our country . Gratitude fills my heart for those who remain steadfast, while regret lingers for the bridges that have burned. So many people I will never see again. Fallling I yearn for Astrid, her blade gleaming with determination, and her unwavering support that bolstered me in the darkest of times. I wish I could have done more, offered solace and strength in her moments of need. Her absence leaves a void in my heart that echoes with lost battles and unfinished conversations. I miss seeing Roy's smiling face, his eyes alight with mischief, always trailing behind the woman and princesses. His unwavering loyalty and playful banter brought a lightness to our heavy burdens. I shall miss seeing Mikas Face, Riding along on his chicken.. simply observing Lord knows that man has seen it all. Nikko and Luca, my brothers by blood and bond, with whom I shared countless childhood memories. We laughed, we fought, we dreamed together. The distance between us now weighs heavily on my soul, and I long for the simplicity of those carefree days. Roylan, whose warmth enveloped me in his embraces, his words a balm for my weary spirit. The void left by his absence feels unbearable at times. I ache for his presence, for the comfort and understanding he offered without judgment. Plume, the young child known as the heart of the city, whose green thumb nurtured the plants that adorned our once vibrant streets. Now, as the world crumbles, I worry for the fate of those beloved flowers. Who will tend to them with the same tenderness and care? Verrona, whose motherly presence brought comfort and direction during difficult times. In the middle of the confusion, her wisdom and compassion stood out like beacons. She instilled strength in me, and I long for her kind words. A second mother when my own has abandoned me. Theo, my half-brother with whom I shared blood and who I cherished company. I miss the connection we shared, his laughter, My little brother. Where have you gone? Will you even care that i am gone, you have no one left. No one that knows your name. Frisket, whose fascinating demeanor and ever-winding wisdom offered clarity to even the most complicated of situations. I yearn for their advice and their enigmatic puzzles, which frequently held the solution to our victories. Your highly developed hyspian culture, Would you be alive today if I had pleaded with you more to stay at the wedding? Our Sorvian Monty the friends that stood by my side through my trials and difficulties. I am terribly saddened by their absence as I consider the significance of their sacrifice. What should I do with their unclaimed books, tales, and wisdom now? When he learns that yet another colleague has perished, lost in the never-ending flow of battle, who will be there to console him? Absolon, whose talents and charisma commanded admiration from the people. His legacy still reverberates, his name whispered with reverence and respect. I mourn the loss of his light, extinguished too soon. Flour and his bakeries, their delicious creations that brought joy to our civilization. Ereine, with her infectious smile that could light up the darkest of days. I yearn for her laughter, the way it lifted our spirits and kindled hope within our hearts. Her absence is a void that cannot be filled, the sky lost a star that day. Aylin and Esmond, the true heroes, whose wisdom surpassed measure. They were taken from us too soon, fighting for the very ideals I shattered. Their loss weighs heavily upon my soul, reminding me of the consequences of my actions. I often wonder what would Aylin have done? A question I often asked myself in times of need. Falling into oblivion Into oblivion But it wasn't all bad. Not at all. And as I approach the end of my journey, I can leave behind a legacy of both triumph and lessons learned. It's time for me to find my final rest, to embrace the peace that has eluded me for so long. May my enemies learn the consequences of their actions and may those who come after me forge their own paths. I shall miss the people who I called home. [!] With her aged body, the former monarch closed her eyes one last time. She held onto hope, finding solace in the idea of finally being at peace. These were the last wishes of a dying woman, her farewell to the world and her hopes and aspirations for the future. Goodnight, Leika Juno De ishe Astrea , Little Butterfly, Lady Dangerous, Warrior Queen ,Queen Leika De Astrea Wildflower of Elysium, Lady Paramount, Mother of the Realm, Countess of uhrie, Princess of abhrami.
  20. ISSUED BY LEIKA DE ASTREA & THE CULTURE EKSPÈTIZ AND CONFIRMED BY HER GRACE, PARAMOUNT LARISSA DE ASTREA Foreword Between elves and humans, Vikela fashion and textiles are a specialty. One might even argue that they are more far folk than traditional human threads. Because of a society with such mixed-race ideas and systematics, it is only fair that they integrate each element into what might be deemed traditional. Nonetheless, the moods are considerably more dramatic and passionate. The original vikelians were generally raised in human environments, but the present Vikelia Free Spirits were mostly raised after the population shifted back to elves. Looking at this is like diving deep into the origins of such an odd civilization. Using influences from Abahambi, Ishe, Auvergnian, and wood elven cultures. Developing brilliant finery and fundamental design elements that are then layered upon each other to produce something distinct. As a result, a perfect balance of vibrant materials and textiles is created, with just the degree of skin varying from each. Both Vikela fashions have traditional clothing styles that can be incorporated into your outfit. Mixing Vikela fashion's brilliant colors and strong designs with Ishe fashion's elaborate embroidery and cultural influences may result in a gorgeous and distinctive aesthetic. Vikela uses vivid patterns, so combine a combination of geometric and organic shapes in your clothing. Try combining these motifs in prints for a unique effect. Beadwork is an important part of Vikela fashion, so try to include beaded jewelry, belts, or purses in your ensemble. Search for pieces with detailed patterns and motifs that complement the overall appearance. Don't be scared to mix and match materials and textures. Look for complementary textiles, such as cotton and linen or wool and leather. Layering is an excellent method to add depth and intrigue to your ensemble. Layering a patterned Vikela blouse over an ame-inspired skirt or adding a beaded vest is a great way to update your look. Begin by selecting a color scheme that combines Vikela fashion's bright and vivid colors with Ame Fashion's earthy tones and natural materials. Warm oranges, reds, and yellows contrast with deep browns, greens, and blues. Though many stray from this to combine neutral colors with bright blues, and sometimes even pinks! Traditional Vs Contemporary Traditional clothing is a more covered approach to the way of fashion to be more conservative in aspects of clothing while still using beaded and layered aspects in bright colors to help the elements, and while one may switch from one style to another, it is noted that many of the older citizens seem to adapt to traditional overtime. Girls are not usually bashful about their shoulders or arms, as most of them have tattoos on their skin displaying them with pride for everyone to see. Therefore it's fairly typical to see low-cut blouses or shoulderless gowns with only a few slips of translucent cloth here and there. Men are more drawn to traditional features of life and attire than females are. they were using vibrant designs for shawls to attract attention to their dull hues. Shawls and cloaks are very popular among these men, who wear a nice neutral-toned shirt and pants with a little flair by adding a more extravagant shawl on top to flaunt both their status and wealth. The bravest are frequently spotted wearing half-shirts or more exposed clothing farther into the city. vivid colors and half shirts or more robes mimicking the attributes of a sort of garment. These free-spirited people are recognized as contemporary because they use Abahambi and wood elf skills to make unique cloth and designs that appeal to themselves and others. The usage of a scarf or shawl to hide their front or tie around the waist is a typical characteristic that deviates from tradition. Formal Coronations are comparable to social seasons in that they are staged by the river for the benefit of the river. Blue, teal, light greens, and browns are among the colors visible in the river. A sash is passed down through generations and the Avonlea crown is never altered, but the garment itself may change depending on the person. Akin to the lavish parties of Coronation is the Highlight of most young adults' life, the social scene is made up of a range of occasions, such as formal balls that allow the wearing of robes and gowns in a variety of designs. Women are significantly more lavish than men when it comes to drawing attention to themselves and requesting to dance. The first dance of the season inaugurates the river court of gems, and all competitors must participate while wearing river shades. Weddings are unquestionably one of the most important ceremonies in Vikela. When a couple marries, the bride receives a white gown adorned with fur that their soon-to-be husband has captured and deems worthy of such embellishment. Though it is typical for the groom to wear white or blue, others opt to make more drastic changes, such as wearing black. Presents fashioned from materials hunted by the two are usual and can be shown in a variety of styles. Married men wear circlets or headbands to cover their heads, but married women wear anything from a simple hat to a circlet of beads in the colors of their family. Accessories Gold is the word, and with such richness within Vikela mines, it would be a mistake not to emphasize, with gold bands or gold headpieces to wear, a mainstay that has been seen in both: "Avonlea" and Many royal headdresses. There is a little custom in Vikela that every newborn seems to be covered with gold beads. They are hand-carved beads created by the mother and etched with runic qualities that represent who she wants them to be. Maintaining a clear head and a pure heart. Among the accessories are gold necklaces, earrings, and bangles on both men and women. Scarves and sashes are highly vital in adorning the body from head to foot in vivid glinting colors. Afterword Vikela fashion is an intricate yet simple design, and as such, the vikelian crew is working hard in their weavers and threads to bring you a shipment so you may appreciate their culture and appreciation for all things cultural. For free to use skins, please click the spoiler underneath for both male and female skins that are all free to use. Her Highness, Paramount Larissa De Astrea Ofisyèl Leika de Astrea Wildflower of Vikela,
  21. [!] Representation of lavishly adorned coronation day halls The moment has come to lay aside the generation and elect a new leader, The Republic of Vikela's Paramount deserves a full celebration and coronation, which is now. One that the previous paramount never experienced, a sigh of relief within the realm, the bright optimism that the river will wash away the doubts as the roots are washed anew. This Grand Harvest, the coronation will take place in the courtroom of the Vemvane Ardrossan Castle. Following the coronation, the new Paramount will offer a brief address, to start their first day a festival will be held within the gate to square to celebrate. As long as goodwill is maintained, all are invited to the coronation. Please be mindful that everyone will be searched at the gate. VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW Her Grace, Leika Juno De Astrea, Paramount , Duchess of Ardrossan. Princess of Abrhami, La Renarde of Uhierie The Council of Vikela
  22. The Union of The Butterfly valllo toujou couri vallhiuw The De Astrea invites to witness the marriage of Medea de Astrea & Aerin Sinan We shall celebrate within The Paradine Keep following the ceremony to conclude the reception in the Tavern During this festive period, we urge that everyone at the party continue to treat one another with respect. Please keep in mind that there will be speeches after the ceremony, so please come with your best interest at heart and your best stories to fluster both bride and groom. Following the speeches, the bride will host an unique drinking competition. List of Invitations: The Groom’s Father Monsueir Sinan The Brides Mother The current paramount Leika de Astrea and her pedigree @Tigergiri The brides Father, Chief Ehrendil Taliameonn and His seed @DrunkCapybaraa ARISTOCRACY OF VIKELA Her Grace, Princess Beatrice Ishe and any remaining line of Ishe. @JuniperSeason Countess Lunah Vanari and their House. @Arashiha Banner lord Flour and any company they wish to accompany them. @Turbo_Dog Ri’Keidha and the inhabitants of Aelkos of Eittitica Lord Ahmanu Chaephyra and their House. @sofsitar @THEKINGOFPIRATS All ravens are formally invited and encouraged to wear armour (no helmet) Lord Roy d'Avre and their house @CombatRolePlay Bal’ance the bear Floria Starling & her Their House @Pixicat The Waywards Hermits, and its inhabitants @Ratsack The Wanderers guild, and her guild members @MokoMochi ARISTOCRACY OF CELIANOR & VASSALS Her Highness Princess Valyris Ibarellan | @Cepheid Evarir Veralya Wynasul, and their Talonii | @Amuletic Evarir Aurelius Haelimah, and their Talonii | @aWhyte Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonii | @Allien Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii | @FredrickTeufel Virar Aestenia Aevaris, and their Talonii | @Maevlin Virar Thalon Nullivari, and their Talonii | @_Sug Laurir Ante'ahern Athri'onn, and their Talonii | @Air Laurir Senna Cerusil, and their Talonii | @Sailor Lauririi Raziel Aevaris | @Laeonathan Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion | @Smol Noron Kraal of Dralguuna, and their Talonii | @_Hexe_ The Celia’diraar @Sailor FOREIGN DELEGATIONS Mika Anarion The Silver Lubba of Lurin, and his citizens | @mika1278 Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath, and his citizens | @ColonelKuehl1 Lenora Jusmia of Vortice, and her citizens | @Bethinwonderland High princess Idril Sylvaeri and her citizens | @JJosey The King of Norland Odin and any of his citizens @ichigomaster98 The inhabitants of the Mothers Grove @WaveLincoln SPECIAL INVITATIONS Jakob Castington, and his Talonii | @Oh_Ontario Madoc @Sewer_Rat Vakas @Disklexia lllarion Siol
  23. I Bannerlord Flour “Orc-Lifter” have seen a need for a Mayor in the city of Vikela. And where their is demand supply must be given. I wish to be your mayor! As mayor I will bring to light our recent issue of robberies and try to prevent it from happening again with my four year plan. Vote wisely Vikela their can be only one and only one will do you justice. Vote Flour for mayor!
  24. The Union of Crow and Butterfly valllo toujou couri vallhiuw The De Astrean invites to witness the marriage of Larissa and Vaen . We shall celebrate within The Park following the ceremony to conclude the reception in the Burrow. During this festive period, we urge that everyone at the party continue to treat one another with respect. List of Invitations: The Groom’s Father His Lordship, Fal’leon and his pedigree @Periphonics The Brides Mother The current paramount Leika de Astrea and her pedigree @The Republic of Vikela The brides Father, Chief Ehrendil Taliameonn and His seed @DrunkCapybaraa ARISTOCRACY OF VIKELA Her Grace, Princess Beatrice Ishe and any remaining line of Ishe. @Junipersandwhich Countess Lunah Vanari and their House. @Arashiha Banner lord Flour and any company they wish to accompany them. @Turbo_Dog Ri’Keidha and the inhabtiants of Aelkos of Eittitica @KeiLynx Lord Ahmanu Chaephyra and their House. @THEKINGOFPIRATS All ravens are formally invited and encouraged to wear armour or not- we dont care about dress code. Lord Roy d'Avre and their house @CombatRolePlay Bal’ance the bear ARISTOCRACY OF CELIANOR & VASSALS Her Highness, Princess Valyris Ibarellan @Cepheid Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonii @Allien Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii @FredrickTeufel Virar Aestenia Aevaris and their Talonii @lillyeveans Laurir Ante’ahern Athri'onn and their Talonii @Air Laurir Senna Cerusil and their Talonii @Sailor Lauririi Raziel Amethil @Laeonathan Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion @Smol The Hermit's Grove and its inhabitants @Birch The Wanderers guild and her guild members @MokoMochi FOREIGN DELEGATIONS Mika Anarion, The Silver Lubba of Lurin and his citizens @mika1278 Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his citizens @ColonelKuehl1 Lenora Jusmia, of Vortice and her citizens @Bethinwonderland Arch-Druid Aerendyl Hawksong and the inhabitants of the Mothers Grove @TwilightWolf Renilde I , Archduchess of Petra and her citizens @tilly SPECIAL INVITATIONS Astrid Marlow and any company she wishes to bring @RMW01 Scarlet and any company she wishes to bring @Xx_Scarlet_xX Mystery Scarlet may come as well@Scarlet Rose Kleodora Thulun and any company she wishes to bring Suika Lorenthus Vanari the Unicorn @Fluttershy Aurelia-Jay and any company she wishes to bring Madoc Floria Starling and any company they wish to bring
  25. [A painting of a field of heather] For far too long the Wood Elves have been unaware of the growth that has been taking place outside the walls of Amaethea and The Vale- I, Ehrendil Taliame’onn, took it upon myself to take the name of Chieftain of the Taliame’onn after the disappearance of the previous chieftess, Melawen, my lari’onn, several years ago. Despite my exile from the Wood Elven nations at the time, I endeavored to restore the seed after Melawen left it in turmoil. When I started passing along parts of our culture— some of which had been believed to have perished with Briar Taliame'onn— to my children, who underwent the traditional trials, the seed slowly started to resurface. I rekindled old ties with my mal'onn, La'io Taliame'onn, by expressing my intention to assume the chiefdom's obligations also while spreading the seed outside my immediate family. Kholi’brii asks that we bring vibrancy to this world and I worked for decades to do just that and bring honor to my seed after my own failures in the past-- both to my seed and my people-- and the unfortunate happenings that the seed had endured since Briar’s passing. Since the scattering of my people, I've amassed ten members who are currently alive and strong, there were several more who have regrettably passed away since joining (Aspects guide them on their path to the Eternal Forest), and various others who have joined but are indisposed for a variety of reasons. I encourage all of the members to wander freely for, as the chief, I do not believe that the forest's children should be chained to one location. We are, after all, "of the trees." We have no allegiance to any nation and are subservient to no one other than the will of our Mani- we are to bring vibrancy to a world that is ever covered in darkness. Some may question my decision to rebuild the seed without a public proclamation- and to them, I understand your concern, why do I decide to announce this now? To what advantage do I have to proclaim this today? With my exile from Amaethea now lifted, and the seed strong and healthy as a mighty ironwood tree- I have decided to name the individual that I wish to succeed me, my eldest daughter -- Raell Taliame’onn, for I have laid the roots of a tree that may thrive under her leadership. She understands the customs of our people, and she possesses leadership qualities so great that she takes it upon herself to teach others what I have taught her of her own volition. She brings vibrancy to every room she walks in, and embodies what it means to be chief of this seed. To name her as my successor and to soon lead the seed that I have nurtured and loved for more than a century fills my heart with immense pride. I also write this message so that all Taliame’onn that I have been unable to contact since I took the mantle of Chief know that we have not been crushed under the weight of the splittings of our seed and our people. Furthermore, I welcome anyone, Wood Elf or otherwise, who chooses to join the Taliame'onn and aid in our creativity, so that we may continue to be a beacon of vibrancy in this world full of darkness. You may find me or one of my kin among Vikela or Amaethea. Chief of the Taliame’onn
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