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  1. [!] A letter would arrive at your mailbox, with a letter inside. Written on the paper, in flowy, curly letters, would be the following: Finally, the partnering of Keldas Redcloud & Cynthia Snowfall will commence on Malin's Welcome, 1811 “To friends of both Keldas Redcloud and Cynthia Snowfall, we hereby invite you to attend our wedding ceremony. We would love to see all of you at the Turtle in Sutica, at Malin’s Welcome. Bring anything you want. Those invited are: -Citizens of Sutica -Anyone from Sutica’s vassal states. -All friends and family of both parties. If you indeed receive this letter, we would like to see you at the Turtle, Sutica’s palace, in the afternoon." ((OOC information: The wedding will take place on 3/18/21 7:30pm est. We expect you to behave. Map to the turtle below))
  2. A Celebration of Anbella: The Wedding of Officer Grudgebeard and Brynaelda Grandaxe Saturday 3/6, at 7:00pm EST. Ceremony held in the Temple of Kal'Darakaan [Urguan]. Party after in the Queen's Bounty [Urguan's Tavern]. Invitations would be sent to: The entirety of Urguan. The Duchy of Elysium & The Kingdom of Norland. The Nation of Krugmar. The Kingdom of Haense. Friends of Elvenesse. The Village of Bramblebury. Friends of the Druids' Grove. Friends of Kaz'Ulrah. Pizza Place of Oren [please bring pizza]. The Free State of Sutica. Hogarth Irongut's Ghost.
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I'd rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] A letter addressed to both Jacker Gendik and the citizenry of Providence is nailed to the front of the tavern, with multiple copies nailed elsewhere about the area. Would it be that a swine refuses to roll in the dirt? No, I say. A beast born in filth that lives in filth will lie in it and be absolutely content. With this knowledge, I honestly expected nothing less than the revolting swine named Jacker Gendik’s refusal of an honorable duel. Such a person should not consider themselves a man with this delinquency and disgrace towards Chivalry. Chivalry is but one of the few ways that a true gentleman can show the sincerity of his worth and the bleeding of his heart. To disregard the concept of chivalry is a dishonorable act, which promptly disgraces one's character; for if one is to not defend the honor of both himself and his lady then by default he is damning both her character and his own as well. Under a normal circumstance I would not desire to waste the bat of an eye on such a disgrace but being a man who still would hold chivalry close to his heart I have no choice but to make this farce known among the good people of Providence that you would name yourself among. I would plead to the divines that whomever may lay eyes upon this would feel the same way, as you have not only soiled your worth and spat on your soon to be bride, but you have also spat upon the proud people that you reside among. Would you really stand in the way of the person you claim to love to the degree of beginning the sanctity of marriage without proving you are worth more than the measly slimy coward that we all see you to be? As any form of man, I think not, but I see now you are no man, only a slug residing on the rear of a deceased swine. You've butchered the concept of Chivalry, tossing my proposal to duel you for your relinquishment of Faux Amati's hand in marriage down the drain along with any sense of your honor and pride. A prideless man deserves no woman. A prideless man deserves no glory. A prideless man deserves nothing short of bitter shame and regret. You deserve not her hand in marriage, nor any woman's, for you have dishonored Faux Amati immensely with your cowardice. Why should a graceful woman of her standing resort to rolling around in the mud with somebody such as yourself, Jacker? That of which she won't do, she values herself far too much. I demand that you either duel me as I insisted, or you dissolve your intentions to marry Faux immediately. Oh, and Jacker? Good luck 'forming the beast with two backs' without a spine of your own. Humbly signed, Peter Schewitt
  4. ~ Where The Forest Reaches The Mountain ~ [!] An invitation would hang on the Notice Board of Urguan and Tree Trunks of Hefrumm. A detailed drawing of the Dwarven Mountainside covered by a forest. The first decade of Almaris has proven abundant for the prodigious mountain ranges and vast forests of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Hefrumm, the village of the forest dwarves, now being closer than ever to the capital city, Kal’Darakaan, has brought a great merge of culture between all of Yemekar’s children. A testament to the fruitful future of all Kazad’mar, Belka has now brought forth a union of Agnarumm and Hefrumm through marriage. Rarely is there time for revelry and joy in the world of politics, more often than not when one takes on a role to serve their people, their life is dedicated to duty and compromise. The High Chief of Hefrumm proves that this though, is not always the case. With Anbella’s guidance, she has found immense joy in caring for her people, guiding lost forest dwed home, and leading Hefrumm into an age of prosperity. With her duties firmly devoted to the future of all Hefrumm, the High Chief’s prospects of a family life have led her to a lengthy courtship with a charming Agnarumm. Most days spent welcoming guests from behind the bar or knees deep in fermented ale, the Iron Baron of Urguan has dedicated his life to serving the patrons of the Queen’s Bounty and crafting the unique brews he devises deep within the Grandaxe Clan Hall Brewery. He helps guide the nation towards prosperity through The Brewers’ Guild of Urguan, training the next group of Kazad’mar in the art of brew making. When The Iron Baron was blindsided by Belka’s blessing he quickly found himself elated at the prospect leading him into a lengthy courtship with an alluring Hefrumm. After many years, the two have decided to join together in marriage under the eyes of the Brathmordakin. The Marriage between The High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Blackroot Clan, and Seer of the Brathmordakin, Yazmorra Blackroot, and The Iron Baron and Grand Brewmaster of Urguan, Levian’Tol Grandaxe will take place within the halls of Kal’Darakaan with the ceremony being held inside The Temple of The Worldmaker. The revelry is not limited to just the Kazad’mar of Urguan, but the invitation extends to all those across Almaris who wish for good food, great drinks, and better company. To begin the celebration, prior to the ceremony, the couple will participate in a Lover’s Brawl in the Grand Arena of Kal’Darakaan. A tradition of Da Seers Eron Hefruth, the brawl will symbolize Belka’s blessing of strength in love. Following the duel, the pair will freshen up and make their way to Temple for the wedding ceremony. With an addition of Seer customs to a traditional Da Kirkja Dverga ceremony, the pair will declare a blood oath followed by an exchanging of silver rings atop their wedding bands in Anbella’s honor. The celebration will then conclude with a feast in the Queen’s Bounty. Anbella’s warmest blessings to those who attend. Signed by, Iron Baron and Grand Brewmaster of Urguan Levian'Tol Grandaxe High Chief of Hefrumm, Seer of the Brathmordakin, and Chief of The Blackroot Clan Yazmorra Blackroot [!] Several small Wood Sparrows would deliver special invitations to the hands or mailboxes of multiple individuals outside of Urguan’s borders. Special Invitations are extended to: The citizens of The Kingdom of Norland and in particular, High Keeper Alisa Camian, Terra, Barrel Prince Tavish Faretto, Marshal Donovan Freysson, Vane, Count Eugeo de Astrea, Former King of Norland Caedric Edvardsson, Ludvina Lunner The citizens of Talon’s Part and in particular, The Minister of Defense Athri Onfroi Belrose The citizens of The Free Trade State of Sutica and in particular, Trade Monarch Mika Uialben, Minister of Defense Dominic Elmoran The citizens of The Kingdom of Oren and in particular, Former Mayor of Helena Alpha Carrington The citizens of The Crown of Elvenesse and in particular, The High Priestess of Elvenesse Sonna Vuln’miruel (In the famous words of Jorvin Starbreaker, “Remember, gift giving is a Dwarven tradition.”) OOC: Feb 6th (Saturday), 4pm EST. For those who wish to attend, Lover’s Brawl @ 3pm EST
  5. The Orvars of Hethnar, in the Northern reaches of Norland, invite those interested in celebrating a winter event - to bring the snow in to prepare for the coming cold. [An invitation, posted neatly upon a large piece of parchment paper, would be sent all throughout Almaris to any and all those interested in reading. The hand writing is neat, along with colourful drawings that surrounded the borders of the paper to signify it's importance.] ~ * ~ For those who wish to indulge in the culture of the Gorundyr to celebrate a birth, a binding of marriage, a celebration of a new Gorundyr joining, as well as a sacred ritual and festival of the winter coming- Come to Hethnar, North of Varhelm- capitol to Norland - and spend time with it's people! In this celebration, the Gorundyr people aim to host a good time, drinks, foods, games, and rituals to take part in, or merely watch as it happens. The celebration is to take place within the tavern of Hethnar, due North with an ice eagle statue near it's entrance, as well as the burning of the largest tree right out front. Come, join us in our happiness, spend time with our locals, and stay awhile! All are welcome, and everyone may stay as long as they like! ~ * ~ Signed and officiated by the Jarls of Hethnar, Northern reaches of Norland ((For OOC information, the event will be on Saturday, 10am EST. 12/19/2020. Coords: -1631, 115, -2936))
  6. A Wickdom Wedding. The Union between Petyr Henrik Wick & former Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska, Miss Nataliya Reza The wedding between the two shall take place in the Cathedral, in Providence. (Saturday the 11th of December at 6pm EST) (be wary that the date or hour may change due to the time of year) [!] Special Invitations have been sent to the following. The Wick Household Her Highness, Princess Alexandria Karina Barbanov His Highness, Prince Aleksandr Hieromar Barbanov Her Highness, Princess Juliya Ipera Barbanov His Highness, Prince Franz Leopold Barbanov The Honorable, Lady Irena Ceciliya Ruthern His Highness, Prince Lothar Alimar Ser Ruben Barclay Bishop of Petrovic, Benedict Alimar Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Anne Novellen Her Majesty, Queen-Mother Viktoria Barbanov Ave Wickdom!
  7. [!] The invitation would be delivered by a courier to all friends and relatives of the O'Rourke's and De Motte's. OOC: Saturday, September 19th 5pm EST. The Church of St. Thomas, Kaedrin.
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