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Found 1 result

  1. Whispers and rumors would tell tales of people combusting into flame, leaving only remnants of ash and charred bone. Burned asunder by some seemingly magical force, the victim isn't around to tell their tale. What causes this mystery? Why does it occur so rarely? And can an unsuspecting citizen replicate it to their unfortunate demise? Spontaneous combustion, an anomaly maybe more magical then people would have previously presumed. In fact it's so closely tied to magic, mages and sorcerers alike have been dancing a thin line, narrowly escaping the the dreaded fate of being burnt to a crisp. Within us all, resides the key to our ability to cast magic. Entwined with our soul is our mana pool, the supply which we draw upon to cast brilliant displays of magic. When we deplete this resource it naturally regenerates in time, leaving us tired and weak. However what happens when we use too much, and expend our need for energy further then we should have gone? The answer is woefully simply, spontaneous combustion. However not easily reached and still quite rare, cases have lead me to believe that a mass exertion of mana is what causes this strange anomaly. Cases and tests show that it's not a regular occurrence, even when one does deplete their mana pool. It's the most extreme and rare cases this spontaneous combustion signals an unfortunate end to a mages life. Perhaps this is even capable with mundane citizens, or Knightly types? Perhaps streams of mana within our world are also to blame, focusing a mass concentration of mana on a single spot, triggering some kind of effect within ones soul? Alas, this is but the beginning of possible research and study. Something certainly to keep in mind at least, as I don't desire to be turned into soot anytime soon... - Kalameet Izalith, journal entry: Spontaneous Combustion ((Just felt like writing some Lore in the perspective of Kalameet. This is something I've always thought about after some inspiration from a book I once read. To be clear, this can't be weaponized and doesn't have to be enforced at all, as it's rare even when one does go past their magical limit. This is just something interesting which I decided to write!))
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