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Found 1 result

  1. ARMY OF THE TRIDENT, THE WATCH OF ADRIA His Grace’s Grand Army of the Realm of Adria, the Greycloaks of the Karlsfork “Men of Virtue, Soldiers of Fortune” “The horn sounded a third time, and suddenly I knew I would live, and I was muttering soft prayers as the ground shuddered under the boots and shouts of the charging men coming from our rear. For the Greycloaks, at last, had come.” - Journal of a Coalition Soldier, Unknown ON THE WATCH After seeing the merit of a standing guardforce during his tenure in the Atheran capital of Petrus, Duke Hugues var Victor of House Sarkozic commissioned a retinue of watchmen and light infantry as to keep the peace of his ducal seat, Brelus. These humble wardens sooned earned the moniker ‘greycloaks’ for their sweeping steely capes and their honesty in regards to its grey histories; neither one rife with great victories nor great defeats. For this, the Adrian Guard does not parade itself as a bastion of chivalry but instead a crucible of men, rendering steel from dross. Armsmen of the Watch consist of a sizeable portion of Adrian foot in times of war. They are trained as infantry to provide both mass and missile support to Adria’s armies. However, in peace, whilst other militaries squabble in noble politik or delude themselves in mercenary work, the Army keeps discipline through servicing the Novellen County. Whether manning gates, minding crooks, or maiming monsters, the Greycloaks fill the role of local sheriffs to insure the Duke’s peace is upheld. In times of peace, the Armsmen of the Watch maintain His Grace’s realm, building up their swelling numbers, and pass on martial knowledge to the next age of warriors and lords. Ones who have proven themselves to GOD and to Adria are granted the premier lands on the Trident, luscious farms to feed swelling Adrian families and titles to embolden and empower the worthy warriors of Adria. ON HIERARCHY “Above all, the slothful and sinful detest change while the ambitious and diligent revel in it.” - The Book of Saints, Unknown The Adrian Watch maintains the hierarchy set forth by the Vibian Doctrine, a code of military logistics created by the former Imperial Marshal Vibius de Sola and revised later by Lord Paul Sarkozic to apply to the reformed Oreni Legion during the Schismatic Wars of 1490. The hierarchy of the Greycloaks is as followed: COMMANDER: At the head of the Greycloaks is the Commander. Both in the tactician’s tent and on the field, the Commander has proven his expertise in combat. A master strategist, resource allocator, and soldier, the Commander can be trusted to always steer the Greycloaks to success. The Commander of the Greycloaks is Rickard Barrow. ((arkantos1279)) SENESCHAL: Supporting the Commander in all affairs of drill and warfare, the Seneschal serves as second in command over the watch, the first captain . The Seneschal is well versed in all manners of combat, and a leader on the field and in council whose authority is trumped only by the Commander. BRIGADIER: The Brigadiers of His Grace’s retinue is the most feared of the Greycloaks, by both his foes and his own men. A draconian drillmaster responsible for the smooth operation of the Army, the Brigadiers are both a Drill Master and a Field Marshal, ensuring that the Greycloaks always emerge from the fray tinged in the red of His Grace’s enemies. CAPTAIN: A strong and capable officer corps makes or breaks an army, and the Captain of the Watch are the best out there. With decades of experience leading troops through the thick and thin of battle and drilling them in peacetime, Captains are responsible for the Greycloaks effective operation. Entitled to full runic carbarum and in charge of a full division or specialty, Captains of the Greycloaks represent some of the best of Adrian command. ENSIGN: A lower corps officer, an Ensign represents an Enlisted man's transition into Greycloak leadership. Ensigns execute commands at the head of smaller regional battalions. Entitled to the same benefits as a Serjeant, as well as the added authority of officer status, an Ensign is well on his way towards Captain advancement. SERJEANT: The highest attainable rank for an Enlisted man before his transition to the officer corps, the Serjeant is a grizzled battlefield veteran who has demonstrated an embodiment of Adrian spirit and a mastery of martial skills. The Serjeants are a sight to behold on the field, and compose the official honor guard of His Grace. ARMIGER: After further training and gaining a true understanding of the battlefield, an Armsman is tenured as a Armiger. Entitled to the top notch armaments and many years of training, the Armigers are a sight to behold on the field, fighting alongside their fellow Armsmen to strike down all which stand in the way of His Grace. ARMSMAN: Surviving the cruel whip of the Disciplinarians and trained in the art of spear and sword, Armsmen are the bulk and backbone of the Watch. Armsmen are supplied with feared Adriatic steel and dressed with the infamous grey cloaks that strike terror into His Grace's foes. INITIATE: The new-bloods, those who have yet to earn the privilege to wear the iconic greycloak. Initiates train for weeks on end, drilled by the Disciplinarians and scolded by their superiors until they attain the rank of Armsman. Initiates are granted no pay and receive last-pickings in armaments and armor. SPECIALIZED RANKS DISCIPLINARIANS: Appointed from amongst those men of the rank of Serjeant or higher, the Disciplinarians aid the Brigadier in his drilling of the Greycloaks, and run training sessions in his absence.The Disciplinarians are experienced soldiers who dedicate their peace-time to the maintenance of the combat-readiness of His Grace’s Armsmen and the readying of the Initiates for promotion. QUARTERMASTER: A Captain by rank, the Quartermaster is a logistics specialist responsible for maintaining the armory and storehouses of His Grace’s Army, as well as sourcing armaments for promotions and in times of war, and directing the supply train and setting camp into hostile territories. FIRST SURGEON: An experienced medic with surgical training, the First Surgeon is responsible for the care of soldiers on and off the field, and maintaining a store of physician’s potions and administering healthful practices to the Armsmen as needed. FIRST ENGINEER: An experienced tinkerer with a background in siege weaponry, the First Engineer directs the construction and movement of siege machinery and the installation and application of machinery and practices as well as maintaining the structural defenses of the Greycloaks’ holdings. ON PAYMENT “To ask another man’s blessing is simply to avoid taking responsibility.” - Adrian Proverb Armsmen are granted a flat mina wage dependant on their rank and tenure. Bonuses are allocated to the more diligent soldiers whom have performed their duties beyond expectations, whether that be in proactive service or diligent recruitment. Lodging and equipment are granted to all of the Guard’s sworn swords. Those who serve long and well are rewarded with pastures off the Trident and pickings from Brelus’ merchant quarters, enabling them and their progeny a way to enjoy civilian life after time spent in service. Wages are paid every two years on the month of Sun's Smile, the Minae originating from the Ducal coffers. Pay grade is described below: COMMANDER - 500 Minae SENESCHAL - 400 Minae BRIGADIER - 350 Minae CAPTAIN - 300 Minae ENSIGN - 250 Minae SERJEANT - 200 Minae ARMIGER - 150 Minae ARMSMAN - 100 Minae ON HONORIFICS “But even the greatest of suns wears to the coming dusk.” - Adrian Proverb Those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the battlefield or the like are awarded the Honors of the Trident, medals given by His Grace himself. The current list of medals is as followed: BULWARK OF TOBIAS - Awarded to those whom have shown great acts of valor during a defensive siege, the Bulwark of Tobias is named after the famous defense of Mount Augustus led by Tobias ‘Rosebud’ Carrion during the Orenian Civil War of 1456. The medal is composed of a red and black tower overlaying a grey shield background. When awarded, the pay wage of the recipient is increased by 25 Minae. CROSS OF WOLDZMIR - Awarded to those who have defended their brothers in faith against tremendous odds while facing those of opposing the religion, the Cross of Woldzmir is named after the famed warrior-woman Blessed Emma Vladov and her strategic prowess during the Schismatic Wars of 1490. The medal is composed of a golden Aegis cross on a circular white background. When awarded, the pay wage of the recipient is increased by 40 Minae. SPARROW’S VALOR - Awarded to those who have kept the virtues of Exalted Owyn and kept Humanity pure and free against encroaching races, Sparrow’s Valor is named after Saint Thomas of Gaekrin, the once Crown Prince of Kaedrin who led countless victories in conquering the Elven State of Malinor and defending the invading Dwarven Armies in the First Human-Dwarf War. The medal is composed of a black, flying sparrow across a yellow shield. When awarded, the pay wage of the recipient is increased by 25 Minae. DRELIK’S BLADE - Awarded to those who have charged into the fray despite unsavory odds and come back to tell the tale, Drelik’s Blade is named after Ser Drelik Letholdus, whom on multiple occasions, destroyed leagues of enemies outnumbering him ten to one, giving him the moniker ‘Champion of Oren’. The award is a custom-crafted sword from the forges of Adria, embedded in the hilt the decorations of His Grace himself. When awarded, the pay wage of the recipient is increased by 20 Minae. MARIAN CROSS - Awarded to those who show chivalry and honor in face of danger or certain demise, refusing to take the easier and immoral approach, the Marian Cross is named after Gaius Marius, King of Hanseti and First Hochmeister of the Teutonic Order, who conquered the Kingdom of Oren itself yet treated the people with respect and kindness. The medal is composed of a black crossed overlaying a white background. When awarded, the pay wage of the recipient is increased by 30 Minae. WINGS OF PERTINAX - Awarded to the single man who has shown the greatest sword skill in the entire army, the Wings of Pertinax is named after the Imperial Prince Pertinax Horen, who was accredited to being one of the greatest fighters in the ancient First Empire of Man. The medal is composed of a winged helm overlaying a purple shield. When awarded, the pay wage of the recipient is doubled. ON ENLISTMENT “Duty measures the distance between the lord and the fool.” - Adrian Proverb To join the Greycloaks, one must qualify all prerequisite requirements as stated. The Greycloaks make no special exceptions, keeping armsmen at the greatest standard in discipline and order. The requirements are as followed: - One must be of human or elven descent. - One must be of at least fourteen years of age. - One must be of the male gender. - One must be a citizen of the Duchy of Adria. APPLICATION FORM All questions must be answered in a clean, literate handwriting. Those who cannot write nor know one who can may apply in person to the Lord Commander himself or his armsmen. I. Name: II. Age: IIa. Date of Birth [if Known]: IIb. Location of Birth [if Known]: III. Race [Human/Elf]: IIIa. Culture [Heartlander, Highlander, Wood Elf, etc.]: IV. Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: V. Place of Residence: VI. Martial Knowledge [Trained in Weaponry, Archer, etc.]: VII. Skilled Labor [Farmer, Lumberjack, etc.]: OOC MC Name: Skype ID: