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Found 2 results

  1. Circle of the Stream

    [Druidic Order] The Circle Of The Stream

    A move to a brighter future: With many reasons and tensions driving us, we will now move forward with new lands not under the rule of those seeking to oppress us, internally and externally. With the discussions and alliances forged between us and many others, we must now seek out a land not controlled by our constant oppressors. And so, we have taken up a new grove in the fledgling nation of Aeroch-Nor. We will be neutral and independent once more, and we will be able to grow and thrive like never before. We will hold respect to all views of the Aspects in the interest of good will between ourselves and the varied peoples of the world, and teach of the Aspects to all who come to learn. We will nurture the surrounding lands and help forests and crops flourish and bring balance to the region as we reach out to continue our charge to bring balance to the world as a whole once more. We have many allies who seek balance, order, purity, and the protection and betterment of life in all forms, and we will work alongside them in an unprecedented show of mutual respect and cooperation, the likes of which has never been achieved before. We welcome all Brothers and Sisters, no matter what path or Circle you follow, for we are all children of the Aspects. Circle of the Stream Official Charter Introduction Within the Old Order, it was common for the workings of the circle to be taught by word of mouth. With no official document, the workings were left to change each time a new group of Archdruids took their place. This is unproductive and creates friction. The Circle of Steam, therefore, establishes this charter for the purposes of defining how the circle functions. Druid Guides Druid Guides take up the responsibility of recruiting and teaching new druids. In exchange for these increased responsibilities, they are considered part of the Inner Circle. The duties of a Druid Guide include: Interviewing Seekers Accepting Seekers as Dedicants Providing Lessons and Tasks for Dedicants Attunement of Dedicants Further instruction and lessons of newly attuned Druids Archdruids Archdruids take up all the Responsibilities of the Druid Guide along with additional responsibilities. Archdruids are considered part of the Inner Circle. The duties of an Archdruid include: The duties listed under Druid Guides Calling and leading Moots Initiating a vote on Shunning and Unshunning an individual (See Moots for voting procedure) May engage in diplomatic discussions on behalf of the Circle. Any agreement reached is subject to a full circle vote. May make decisions of immediate effect during times of crisis or emergency, but at the first possible opportunity these decisions will come up for vote during a Moot to determine if they continue or can be done away with. Hierophants Hierophant is an honorary title granted to druids who have performed great services to the Circle. While a Hierophant is generally independent of any circle and should be respected, Hierophants recognized by the Circle have additional privileges. Hierophants recognized by the Circle of the Stream may: Issue a challenge against an Archdruid. In the case that the number of Archdruids drops below full and the existing Archdruids refuse to hold a moot to select new Archdruids within two elven weeks, a Hierophant may call a moot for the sole purpose of electing new Archdruids. In this case, Archdruids are selected by full circle votes. Teach their own students, known as Acolytes, in the same manner that Dedicants are taught, outside of the Circle or as part of it, at their discretion. Hierophancy is either granted by the circle, or formally recognized by vote during a Moot if the Hierophancy is granted by another circle. If another circle grants Hierophancy to a druid and that druid’s status is recognized by this circle, that recognition is automatically revoked if the druid’s Hierophancy is removed by the circle that granted it, or a vote is held by the Circle to no longer recognize the title. Another circle removing Hierophancy from a druid does not prevent this circle from granting that druid Hierophancy. Another circle attempting to remove Hierophancy from a druid granted the title by this circle is considered invalid and has no standing upon their title in the eyes of the Stream Circle. Hierophants raised by another circle that later merges with this circle are considered to have been granted Hierophancy by this circle, whether or not they were recognised prior to the merge, as a sign of respect. In the case that another circle’s Hierophant is not formally recognised by this circle, they are to be respected, but they are not qualified to exercise the powers normally granted to Hierophants. Dedicants Dedicants are the students, the learners, who wish to one day become Druids. Nothing is changing for Dedicants as compared to other circles, this is a long-held tradition and has been proven more than beneficial and wise. Druids holding Political Office The practice of Druids holding a political role is an oft-debated topic, changing many times in the Old Order, and some exceptions being made even to this day. Within the Circle of the Stream, you are permitted to hold Political Office so long as you still perform your duties to the Aspects and the Circle. Only Archdruids of the Circle of the Stream may hold the two Druid seats on the Aeroch Nor Council. If you are part of any other Political Position, you may not hold the title of Archdruid or Guide under any circumstances. You are expected to still receive lessons on your Druidic gifts regularly, including sessions of meditation. You are expected to still serve the balance to the best of your ability within your held position, with understanding given that you do hold responsibilities with your position as well. If a decision or action arises within your position that may conflict with the ideals of the Circle, you are to consult with the Archdruids to clarify the situation and try to find the best course of action. The Challenge The Challenge is the method by which an Archdruid may be forcefully removed. A Challenge is declared by a Heirophant recognized by the Circle. When a Challenge is declared, another Hierophant (or druid, in the case that no other Hierophants are available) is selected as a neutral party. The neutral party formulates a challenge of skill. Any druid who is a member of the Circle, other than the neutral party and declarer of the challenge, may participate. The winner of the Challenge takes the Archdruid position. Moots A moot is a meeting of druids. Moots are called by Archdruids unless under circumstances stated in the Charter. For a moot to take place, it must be publically announced no less than two elven days in advance, and a majority of the inner circle must be present. Votes may only be held in a moot. There are two types of votes that occur: An Inner Circle vote, and a full circle vote. An Inner Circle vote is a vote held amongst all attending members of the inner circle, requiring a simple majority to pass. A majority of the Inner Circle is required to hold an Inner Circle vote. A full circle vote is a vote held amongst all attending druids of this circle, requiring a simple majority to pass. An inner circle vote may be changed to a full circle vote by an Archdruid, at their discretion. Issues that fall under an Inner Circle vote: Raising a new guide Removing guides Raising a new Archdruid Recognizing a Hierophant raised by another circle Granting Hierophancy Any unspecified votes dealing with the management of the guiding branch Issues that fall under a full circle vote: Proposed shuns Unattunement of a member of the circle Finalizing diplomatic agreements Removing recognition of a Hierophant raised by another circle Repealing Hierophancy previously granted by the circle. Unspecified votes on matters that affect the circle as a whole Amending the Charter In the event that the Charter proves insufficient or needs to be altered, it may be amended given the following procedure. An Archdruid shall publically call a moot, giving no less than two elven weeks notice. A majority of active druids of the circle is required to attend. Each proposed amendment is presented individually, receiving a vote on it’s own merit. Amendments require a 2/3 majority full circle vote to pass. ((A second post below this one will contain the Druidic ranks and those that hold them within this Circle))
  2. MC name: FlamboyantMingo Character's name and age: Katari Stirling/"Wethrin"/Obin/Rathul, the Voice of Severance, 90 Character’s Race: Dark Itharel Link to your accepted magic application: N/A (discussed with MAT) What magics do you desire to teach?: Fire Evocation Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Fire evocation is the process of evoking fire from the void. Much akin to the other types of evocation, fire evocation requires the user to fully understand how fire works. It can be utilized in many ways, from lighting a camp fire to creating a wall of flame, assuming the mage is experienced enough. Once the fire has been set on something natural, such as wood, it will remain after the mage has cut their connection to the void, making this particular evocation messy should one miss their target. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Wethrin lounges about on a couch, peering at the woman before gesturing at the table set before them. On the table rests a lit candle, the flame flickering lightly in the otherwise dark room. "Alright. You've done well with making small embers, but now we're going to do something a little bigger. You're going to evoke a flame the size of the candle's, understand?" Wethrin reaches over, lazily waving near the flame. The flame flickers and twists from the air pushed at it, dimming for a moment before returning to normal. "Remember how it reacts. How it feels. Everything about it. At first, you will struggle to maintain a flame this size, but do not be discouraged and your work will eventually pay off." The woman gulps quietly before nodding once, hand extending outwards with her palm splayed up towards the ceiling. Her brow furrows in concentration as she reaches out to the void, envisioning the flame that rests before her. After a few moments, a few embers are ushered into existence above her hand. Soon, the embers give way for a small flame that comes forth, flickering madly as the caster struggles to maintain it. Wethrin nods in approval, the flame soon disappearing from view as the woman collapses onto her back, panting loudly.