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Found 4 results

  1. Hey: When I was reading roleplay rules, there was a section on presumably RP combat. It said that if the sides can't agree on the method of combat, it defaults to 'mechanics' combat? Whats does this exactly mean? Does it means using vanilla minecraft combat? If so, I understand combat shouldn't be initiated without good cause, but do I have to rely on an honor system that people won't just kill me while I'm AFK or just doing some OOC things? Or is there some sort of toggle to enter into PVP like that? I'm just asking since I came from a server where you needed an RP reason to raid....but almost every raid was PVPers using some shallow and vague "We're bandits!" excuse to just kill peeps. If that isn't what defaulting to mechanics combat means, what does it mean?
  2. Dedicated to the glorious Cint Dynasty Cint University is taking applications for Professors and students alike in preparation for the upcoming grand opening. All who wish to apply should consider the following. - Availability - Skill level - What you are looking to accomplish - Financial Status Yale university offers a plethora of different programs, including but not limited to.. - Social Sciences - Applied Sciences - Redstone Sciences - Architectural Design - Business Management - History - Economics - Law - Labor Techniques - Medicine - Combat Techniques - Blacksmithing - Farming - Enchanting If your desired degree was not listed, please contact our administration office via Bird or feel free to stop in. Cant afford the full cost of the programs? Don't fret! Help is here! We offer grants and other ways to fulfill your financial needs. (Cost of tuition is undetermined at this point, we have thought about making it a set schedule timed event, but we realize real life obligations can interfere with this process) Class times are determined by the Professors (Perhaps you realize you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, not to worry! Apply to be on our groundskeeping crew today!) For more information Contact Nole Musk - Cint University Administrative Team - Dean of Education , Dr. Nole Musk OOC : NotTodayJerry
  3. *Flyers are up everywhere* "I am in need of a combat teacher to teach my three children how to defend themselves if need be, i'd do it myself but i am not so great at combat. I will pay 50 minas per lesson, per child, and will provide a combat dummy. Please bird me if you are interested in the job" ~Arabella Rosalie Delevoye OOC INFO: My username is TheCheshireNeko, i am in roman timezone and my fellow children are usually on around 6 pm- 12 am my time. If you are interested in this job, shoot me a message.
  4. The Peacekeepers Under the warm southern sun and the flutter of the blue and gold banners above Leone Hold the stamping of feet and yelling of orders can be heard echoing through the city.- their chatter soon stops. In view are the Peacekeepers, the protectors and loyal guards of Salvus. They stand tall, decorated in their blue and gold tabards, laiden with the symbol of Salvus, the lion. The Peacekeepers are the active guard force of Salvus, and work to keep the peace in and around our great Republic. We are not referred to as a military force, but moreover a guard force- protectors of people, keepers of liberty. The Peacekeepers work towards and focus on enforcing laws, deterring any hostile threats to Salvus, and of course, keeping the peace. The Peacekeepers recruit simple men, but forge them in the fires of Leone Hold, breaking them and rebuilding them into true foundations of peace and stability. The Peacekeepers take in all who wish to pledge their lives to protect Salvus and uphold the values and laws of the Republic. As a Peacekeeper, one can climb through the ranks as a Valet, Guardian, Sentinel, and eventually a Praetor if one has proved themselves worthy of leading the guard force in the protection of Salvus. As one climbs the ranks, their tabard becomes more decorated, more noteworthy, it becoming a true representation of the Salvian face of Peace and Liberty. Service and accomplishment medals will be awarded to those who complete their training and show dedication and service. Ranks Upon becoming a Guardian, the Peacekeeper is evaluated overall, and then placed among one of three divisions. Sworn, Ranger or Ironshield. Divisions Current Leadership Chancellor: David Campos Praetor: Tahjeet Mubdee Sentinels: Ehsan Mubdee- Defenses, Sanctus D’Archis- Recruitment, Dagr Vanir- Training, K’amo Shadd- Rangers Application Any new recruits should be reminded that the Peacekeeper force is here to protect and serve the fair Salvians, and any weak or lesser than us. You will not abuse your power as a Peacekeeper. Anyone who believes they have the right to do this, will be punished for their actions.
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