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Found 2 results

  1. Edit 4 - My brain keeps on going on and on about this idea, so I'm thinking up more things for it! Like perhaps auctions afterwards, for those that missed out! Certain people go out, and gather as many Animals as they can, and then sell them to those that weren't online during it, or to people that weren't lucky enough ( Since they have limits on how many Animals you take out of the area. Auctions wouldn't be able to happen right after it / a few hours after it since people wouldn't be able to breed to a large amount unless they already had Animals at their homes to breed them with. Also there could be shops and such, during and after. Supplies for hunting, fighting, taming, and capturing the Animals, as well as food ( Normal food, and things the Animals eat ) . Little event items ( Toys, really ) for the children / anyone that likes to collect things could also be going on. All children could get an event item or two by bringing something to donate to a region / nation / faction / city in need Edit 3 - Hehe, didn't see this before. Filled out now ~~ Event Planners, MC Names: xXxOneLovexXx Event Type: Plentiful Animals Event Date: Sometime in the Spring of the world Factions/Nations effected by the event: Everyone Event Location: Different locations. Forests for Pets, Deserts for Hostile Mobs, and Plains / Empty areas for Hunters Summary: Down below already Concept Images/Screenshots Nothing Other Information: I don't really know... Do you need the Event Team's assistance?: Yes. I can't spawn in anything! If I could, I wouldn't want this. If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: I need some people to play as the ones that perhaps discovered this odd thing that occurs? Wilderness people that spend time in the Wilds that noticed the large group of Animals Edit 2 - It could be yearly ( For the world ) as well. During the spring, there's a chance that the Animals breed like crazy, thus creating the Plentiful Animal Event, or could just be yearly normally, since in the Spring / Summer ( Don't know if LotC has all four seasons or not ) Animals normally increase in population due to the vegetation growth and rain Edit - I thought about some more things for this. For the Hunters, you could easily just go about collecting the loot, actual hunting inside of bringing the Animals back to kill later. For everything - If you have a Minimap that has mob settings, you cannot use it to see where the best places to get the most Animals that are away from other players are / the biggest group of them ( I have a Minimap with settings like that, where I can switch which mobs, including players, that I want to show. It would be a little unfair if I and others could use this to our advantage for those that don't have it ) Okay, so I know already that finding Animals out in the wild are pretty rare, and I was already told that if I get five people to do an event with me, then there will be one, but I don't like the rules the mod said... So, here is my idea. - Animal Event - Where Animals will be plentiful, and you might be able to snag a few. What the mod said is that there would be fighting, but here's my version on it, that can apply to both the ones that want them for food and materials, and then the other that just wants a few pets, like Wolves or Cats The Hunting - This is for the people that want them for food and materials like leather, wool, string ( Maybe add the hostile mobs as well? A certain area of the map for each 'group' ( Hunter, Monster, Pet ) ) , meat, things like that. People will have to fight to get the Animals 'homefree' ( Maybe a certain border where the Animals are yours and you're free to take them home easily and no one else can kill you beyond that point ( Unless it's the normal thing ) . Horses could also be in this group, since a lot of people use them for war, and they're more hard to get than the others due to where they spawn. You must bring your own supplies to take them home. Limit of five Animals per person. The Pet Center - Animals like Wolves and Cats, as well as a few friendly mobs run about, for little kids or people that want a friend by their side. No fighting unless it's between two people that are going for the same one. You must bring your own supplies to tame them and take them home. Certain people, like young children or elderly people can't fight, so it's a good way for them to get a friend. Limit of two Animals per person. The Monster Arena ( Optional ) - ( Happens at night so nothing will burn to death ) A place full of Monsters for the hunters that love for a good bloodbath! All kinds of naturally spawning mobs in the Overworld roam about, waiting to be killed for their loot, or just for the hell of it. You must bring your own supplies and gear for killing the mobs. So that's my idea, and I think it would be great ( Mostly at the time when a lot of people are online so no one truly misses out ) . Please tell me how it could be better, I just thought that this was good for everyone, those that want pets, those that want farm Animals ( Hunters ) and meat, those that love killing evil Creatures...
  2. Grey Company In ages past, the rulers of Oren were protected by the Dragon Guard, who were later dismissed for a lack of need and incompetence. The duty fell to the Lion, who were disbanded into the Red Dragon, and they had other duties to attend to. This led to King William III of Horen to commission Grey Company, and elite bodyguard answerable only to him. The duty of Grey Company is to protect the Crown, and it's family, but firstly the Monarch. They take orders from the King alone, and not even the regent would command them. For if need arose, they would even remove a corrupt regent if he was threatening Royal power and rule. They would put the kings life above all, and risk anything to save him, even the capital or royal blood. Equipped with superior arms, armor, and skills, they make sure the king is never in danger, his tasks are completed or they die trying. Commander: Responsible for maintaining the guard and keeping it running smoothly, he is a veteran and excelled as a member of Grey Company. He distributed assignments to the Company. (( IC title would be [Grey Commander] )) Captain: Captains often lead field missions and act as leaders to Grey Company. They have shown to be excellent in their assignments and tasks, Along with showing an aptitude for leading. (( IC title would be [Grey Captain] )) Company guard: The basic rank of Grey Company. Those from veteran to newly inducted are seen as equals unless obviously promoted. Knowledge is expected to be shared, and lessons taught throughout the Company. (( IC title would be [Grey Company] )) Application of below, send it out to the Palace and we will find it
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