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Found 1 result

  1. Helvetius

    ~~The Red Tide~~

    ~~The Red Tide~~ This gang is currently the most dominate throughout Oren. Its power allows it to sell drugs and commit murders throughout Anthos unhindered. Involved in numerous illegal activities it has gained a name for itself by the sheer amount of blood spilled without killing unless necessary. By cutting out eyes and splitting people open, yet tending to them so that they can live to crawl back to the cities has spread word about this powerful organization. The Boss The Boss is the sole head who brings together Gang Lords for large criminal activities. He has control of a city in Anthos. To go against the Boss, is to go against the Gangs. Gang Lords The Gang lords have control over specific cities and areas throughout Anthos. They can choose to be blatant or secretive about the actions in the city or area they control. Bandit Heads Bandit heads control all criminal activities along the roads leading to the city of their Gang Lord. They are sure to make the big pennies with his fellow Bandits. Assassin Heads Assassin heads control a good portion of murders while conducting all of the silent ones for the Gang Lord. His control extends over all assassins and most murderers. He also deals with heists and/or burglaries. Drug Lords Drug Lords control drug import and distribution to other distributors and customers. These men can often be wealthy and usually end up making enemies. It is from these Drug Lords that some good paying jobs are given to other parts of the gang in their cities. Illegal Activities ~ Murder ~ ~ Theft ~ ~Drugs ~ ~ Assassinations ~ ~ Corruption ~ ~ Torturing ~ ~ Kidnapping ~ ~ Illegal Mercenary Work ~ ~ Ransoming ~ Who will be working with you? You will be working with fellow gang members who treat each other with respect as long as they themselves receive respect. So attacking another gang member can lead to severe consequences. Are there any ranks? Such things are determined by the Head or Gang Lord you work under. Different ranks are given by different Heads/Gang Lords. Each Gang Lord can choose to have an elite rank and/or an Underboss to control while they are gone. This applies to Heads as well. How do I work my way up the ladder? Show your prowess to the Gang Lord and Head you work under by excessive excellence. He will notice this and let you climb the ladder. Should you be looking to become a Head or a Gang Lord, recommendations must be given by your Gang Lord/Head. Broddah, I want in on this! Any pay? Many gang members are given resources to sell and/or earn over 250 minas easily. However should you be lacking such the standard base pay for a gang member is 250 minas. Ah want in on this gang! Let me in broddah! Fill in this application mate (Given out to criminals only).