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Found 9 results

  1. The Order of Mubarizuns A family crest adorned with the an angled crescent moon and star. Purpose Called upon by the Sultan to protect the Children of Allah and the Jewel of the Sultanate, the Mubarizun are the champions of the City of Al-Wakhrah. They stand as role models for the citizens and must be willing to risk their lives for the greater good. The Mubarizun offers those with bravery and skill to put their skills to a noble cause albeit strength alone is not necessarily required to be oathed. While individual strength is important, the Mubarizun push themselves to learn as much as they can - whether that be in the realms of politics, culture, language, or science. While off duty, a guard of the Mubarizun might be in Al-Wakhrah library studying or enjoying a smoke at the ****** lounge among comrades and citizens. The Mubarizun follows a strict code once oathed. Virtues of the Qalasheen To protect the citizen of Khalestine from interior and exterior threats. To protect the Sultan, Allah’s appointed leader for the Qalasheen. To protect and share knowledge gathered for the benefit of the Qalasheen. To show no fear when facing a foe. To respect those in command. To know restraint when dealing with the foolish. To take personal responsibility for any wrong doings. To present one’s self in the best way possible. To pursue knowledge into old age. To know humility. To avoid the gossip of prideful men. Joining The Order of the Mubarizun All willing and able are allowed to apply for joining The Order of the Mubarizun. when you have joined The Order of the Mubarizuns, you will become a citizen of The Sultanate of Khalestine. If you already are a citizen of the Sultanate of Khalestine and you do not believe in the righteous faith, you will be exempted from the foreign tax, when you join The Order of the Mubarizuns. The High Command Sultan The Nation Leader of The Sultanate of Khalestine. The Sultan holds divine right to the ruling of Khalestine and has absolute power over everything within the Sultanate. The Sultan is the one that chooses the direction of the military. His soldiers will offer their loyalty and respect towards him. His involvement is generally indirect, however, and is typically handled by his Amir. Amir An Amir is appointed by the Sultan to run the military as the Marshal. The Amir is responsible for running the military and retinues, protecting the city and civilians, protecting the Sultan, and ensuring order is kept within the land holdings. The Amir also advises the Sultan on matters of war and conflict. An Amir may hold trial against an person if accused of a crime. If the accused is foreign and of important value to another nation, the Sultan or a Steward from The Office of The Munavin will hold the trial. Low Command Naqib (Captain) A Naqib is a senior officer with many years of experience within The Order of Mubarizuns and chosen for his amazing prowess in combat and leadership. Appointed by the Amir to command a large group of muharib and jundi during military expeditions. Many are often given the tasks of recruiter and drill master. Raqib (Overseer) A Raqib is a Muharib who not only showed skills in battle, but, also skills in leadership. He will be trained in the arts of leadership by a Naqib or by the Amir self. A Raqib will test it’s leadership skills as a leader of a squad of the Mubarizuns. They are also the main recruiters of the order. Sub-Rankings Mwahtemed (Quartermaster) The Mwahtemed is an title given to those who show capability of doing such jobs as making sure the other soldiers are equipped enough to do their tasks. Specializing in the organization of arms, ranging from weaponry to armor, the task of the Mwahtemed is to assure that their fellow soldiers are equipped. Muhandis (Engineer) The Muhandis specializes in the use of military siege weaponry, such as siege crossbows, battering rams, catapults, and trebuchets. Jarraah (Surgeon) The Jarraah is the lifeline of the military by making sure the injured and wounded do not die with the use of advanced medical knowledge, vital to the job. Mutadarrib (Trainee) The Mutadarrib is an oathed recruit, they will be taught all the professions, however they will eventually specialize on one subject. The Enlisted Muharib The Muharib are the most devoted and steadfast soldiers of the main force. The men are experienced with fighting battles and are the well-disciplined fighting elites. Jundi The Jundi is the vast majority of the Mubarizuns force. They are the footmen and militiamen who serve as the primary protectors of the Sultanate and the bulk of the battlefield during war. Alwafid The Alwafid are the new unoathed recruits of the Mubarizuns and are required to be oathed by the oathing standards set. If the Alwafid is not oathed, they may not receive any additional ranking. Alwafid who are looking to work around the foreign tax must wait to be oathed. Payment & Rewards The Khalestine military uses an honour system. A soldier will be paid accordingly to the duties he fulfills. The more duties one fulfills, the more pay and rewards one is eligible for. Application ((OOC)) MC Name : Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it? : Timezone : Do you have a Skype? If yes, please PM it to me : ((RP)) Name : Age : Gender: Please give us a little bit of your background ((A short paragraph ))
  2. The Peacekeepers Under the warm southern sun and the flutter of the blue and gold banners above Leone Hold the stamping of feet and yelling of orders can be heard echoing through the city.- their chatter soon stops. In view are the Peacekeepers, the protectors and loyal guards of Salvus. They stand tall, decorated in their blue and gold tabards, laiden with the symbol of Salvus, the lion. The Peacekeepers are the active guard force of Salvus, and work to keep the peace in and around our great Republic. We are not referred to as a military force, but moreover a guard force- protectors of people, keepers of liberty. The Peacekeepers work towards and focus on enforcing laws, deterring any hostile threats to Salvus, and of course, keeping the peace. The Peacekeepers recruit simple men, but forge them in the fires of Leone Hold, breaking them and rebuilding them into true foundations of peace and stability. The Peacekeepers take in all who wish to pledge their lives to protect Salvus and uphold the values and laws of the Republic. As a Peacekeeper, one can climb through the ranks as a Valet, Guardian, Sentinel, and eventually a Praetor if one has proved themselves worthy of leading the guard force in the protection of Salvus. As one climbs the ranks, their tabard becomes more decorated, more noteworthy, it becoming a true representation of the Salvian face of Peace and Liberty. Service and accomplishment medals will be awarded to those who complete their training and show dedication and service. Ranks Upon becoming a Guardian, the Peacekeeper is evaluated overall, and then placed among one of three divisions. Sworn, Ranger or Ironshield. Divisions Current Leadership Chancellor: David Campos Praetor: Tahjeet Mubdee Sentinels: Ehsan Mubdee- Defenses, Sanctus D’Archis- Recruitment, Dagr Vanir- Training, K’amo Shadd- Rangers Application Any new recruits should be reminded that the Peacekeeper force is here to protect and serve the fair Salvians, and any weak or lesser than us. You will not abuse your power as a Peacekeeper. Anyone who believes they have the right to do this, will be punished for their actions.
  3. Lord Gregory Winchester places his pen to his paper and inscribes upon it the following message: The former commander of the Watch has stepped down, thus falling to myself to take charge of the watch. In the recent years, the Watch has dwindled and lost its former prowess and organisation. It falls to myself to implement this back into it. We are currently undergoing a reformation, as of now. We will be changing the following: The Rank list. The Uniform. Holding meetings. Introduction of Squads. New ranks, thus far (those who have completed the census) Commander - Lord Gregory Winchester Captain - Thomas, Barth Overseer - Bruce, Charles Quartermaster - Matthew Senior Warden - Richard Warden - Cordo, Alexander, Gregory Aram Inductee - none thus far All members of the watch are hereby ordered to hand in their census sheet containing their: Name: Rank: Time in the Watch: Any people wishing to join the watch should send a bird to Lord Gregory Winchester.
  4. THE HUNTSGUARD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj_wyw6Xrq4 ~ House Stafyr ~ House Stafyr currently led by Lord Farley Stafyr II, son of Lord Edmund Stafyr is a long living and lasting noble house, one that has stood for many generations and shall continue to stand for many more. The house has been through its large share of tragedies and has suffered and gained greatly in their time. The now great house was once a small family of harmless lumberjacks, friends to Oren after providing their skilled services in the lumberjack trade. After a few years within the lands the house grew and grew, expanding as the thought dead members began to reunite within the small hold of Huntshill on the island of Elysium. House Stafyr was once nothing but a few mere lumberjacks, now great lords who follow a moral code of Law, Honor and loyalty, such a code is expected to be followed by its servants as well. This mainly applying to the Huntsguard. ~The Huntsguard~ The Huntsguard is the local guard and military force of House Stafyr, tasked to protect the emperor’s peace within the lands of Stafyr. Formed by Lord Farley II. Stafyr and Ser Daniel Baelish the Huntsguard takes the aspects of regular infantry combat and mixes it together with an elite force of rangers, as given by the name Huntsguard. Named after the old settlement of Stafyr, Huntshill upon the island of Elysium and it’s successor New Huntshill in the lands of the Fringe. Stafyrs being avid hunters and falconeers the old forgotten symbol of House Stafyr, the falcon was chosen to represent the symbol of the Huntsguard, placed upon the golden cross of the house itself. ~ Moral Code ~ The Huntsguard must follow a simple code followed by all nobles of the Stafyr name, the code being: Law, Honour, loyalty. Three simplistic traits that must be taken on, adapted and drilled into the mind of the guardsmen so that they may server the name Stafyr properly. They are taught to respect all and protect the weak, uphold the law and have the utmost loyalty to the house they server. ~Lodging~ The members of the Huntsguard are given lodges within the keep in New Huntshill, all ranks are brought to live and work there regardless of position within the guard, ensuring a bond of companionship between those in the guard as they live under the same roof. ~Ranks~ Within the Huntsguard there are several different ranks and each individual rank has their own role to fill, ensuring that the guard is fully functionable in all their tasks and duties. The guard is also divided into three different sections, there is the guard section, the ranger section and the non combatant section. All sharing equally important roles within the guard. ~The Kommandant~ The Kommandant of the Huntsguard is the sole leader and highest ranking officer of the Huntsguard, a man of important stature within New Huntshill and the main military advisor to the Lord of House Stafyr. The responsibilities of the Kommandant are many, mainly that of organization and management of the entirety of the guard, ensuring that all different sections are fully capable of their duties. Selected directly by the Lord Stafyr himself, the Kommandant is entrusted as the marshal of House Stafyr, a position as military advisor upon the lord’s council within the Southern keep and is expected to hold the utmost knowledge in different types of war. The Kommandant is not directly responsible for any of the different sections and is to ensure that suitable leaders are chosen for each section, he is however expected to be a rolemodel for all men within the Huntsguard, regardless of section. If anything of major events happened it is the duty of the Kommandant to himself inform the Lord of Stafyr so that actions may be taken, he is also required to give general reports to his lordship every elven week. The Kommandant is outfitted in the finest armour and weapons, also granted a personal sword forged by a master blacksmith as proof of his loyalty and years of service. He is expected to have knowledge in many styles of fighting and to if the Lord Stafyr is incapable directly lead the men upon the field of battle. He is given free quarters and office within the keep but if the captain has a family of his own, he is granted permission to live with his family within a tax free abode in New Huntshill. His quarters in the keep still remaining for his free usage. ~Rekrut~ A Rekrut is a newly fresh recruit, taken from the application process to not yet have been put into any section. He is to go through different trials and prove himself to the officers as to show himself worthy. A Rekrut is given the lightest of equipment and not allowed to perform any legal duties within the lands of House Stafyr, only permitted to train within the keep so that he may be chosen to one of the sections. He is granted a bunk and a bed within the keep, down by the prison cells where the sewage water runs through, this is to push the rekrut further so that he may be more eager to be accepted into one of the sections and become a brother of arms within the Huntsguard. ~Guard section~ The guard section is focused upon the usage of infantry and close quarter combat, the main responsibility of the guard being that of ensuring the safety and security of New Huntshill and the keep. They are tasked with patrolling the streets of New Huntshill ensuring the safety of the populace, they are tasked with guarding the outer sections of the keep to protect the House of Stafyr, they are tasked to guard the gates or New Huntshill to ensure safe passage in and out of the town and they are also tasked with representing House Stafyr upon the field of battle in times of war. ~Sheriff~ The leader of the Guard section is called a Sheriff, he is directly in charge of the law enforcement within New Huntshill and can hold trials, hand out punishments and issue warrants within New Huntshill, ensuring the security and safety of the land. The Sheriff is appointed by the Kommandant for his service within the guardforce and dedication to upholding the law, his tasks and responsibilities lies within organizing the guard section and ensuring a functionable system for law enforcement. The Sheriff has the power and is required to promote members within the guard section but has no authority to relinquish a guard from his oath, only that can be done by the Kommandant or the Lord himself. He is required to organize the patrols of the guard and to participate in a certain quota as to ensure that he does not grow lazy or careless, he is also required to write regular reports to the Kommandant. The Sheriff is outfitted in a set of iron armour, covered in the tabard of Huntsguard and accompanied with a rough leather cloak on his back. He is permitted to fight with the weapon of his choosing but is required to have been trained in the usage of both swordsmanship and halberds. The Sheriff is granted an office and quarters within the keep, where he is required to live to ensure the respect and loyalty of the guard section that he is chosen to lead. ~Serjeant~ Within the guard section there are two Serjeants, each in charge of their own squad of gardists, they are required to lead the patrols set out to them by the Sheriff and has the authority to arrest criminals and issue minor punishments to them at the scene of the crime, depending on the offense. They are required to lead their individual squads in times of war and to ensure that the gates of New Huntshill is manned, to provide safe passage through the town. They are selected by the Sheriff for their service within the guard section, proving their loyalty and their leadership capabilities. The Serjeants are outfitted in a set of iron armour together with a light iron plated helmet, as standard issue for Serjeants. They are given bastard swords and kite shields to fight with, together with a halberd for guard duty. At times the Serjeants may be picked to serve as personal bodyguards to the lord of Stafyr, depending on the situation. This makes it so that a Serjeant must have been proven to be loyal to the House and no ordinary man would be able to receive it without proving dedication and loyalty. The Serjeants are each given small private quarters within the keep, where they are required to live close to their men as to ensure a bond of companionship but also showing their position as officers with their personal quarters. ~Gardist~ The Gardist is the lowest ranking member of the guard section, a man who has taken the steps from a recruit and selected for his skills within close quarter combat to the guard section, he is assigned under a Serjeant as part of a squad and required to participate in patrols, guard the gates and all other duties tasked upon him by his officers. A gardist are outfitted in light iron armour, together with chainmail hoods. The standard issued equipment. They are trained in the style of fighting with halberds and each given their own halberd to fight with, together with an arming sword as their secondary weapon. The Gardists are each given a bunk within the barracks of the keep together with a chest to store their personal items, they have full access to all the parts of the keep and all it’s accommodations. ~Ranger Section~ The Ranger section consists of a group of handpicked men, renowned for their skills within archery and horse riding, appointed as the main guards of the keep and all outer landholdings of House Stafyr. They fight on horseback or on their feet, taking down their foes with their skills of archery and that of swordsmanship. To hone their skills they are required to do what the guard has been named for, hunt. Either animals in the forests or foes in the wars. ~Hauptmann~ The Hauptmann is the direct leader of the Ranger section, handpicked by the Kommandant for his service within the Ranger section and his proven leadership qualities. Tasked with organizing and at times participating in riding patrols on the outskirts of Werdenberg and in other landholdings held by House Stafyr or it’s vassals, to ensure the security and safety of those holds. He is also required to manage the specific selection of men to serve the Ranger section and to train the men. He is also tasked to lead hunts with the men, to train their capabilities. The Hauptmann has the power and authority to issue arrests and warrants in all the lands of Stafyr, but in the town of Werdenberg his word can be overridden by the Sheriff. The Hauptmann is in general considered the personal bodyguard of the lord of Stafyr unless the Kommandant wishes to take that position upon himself, he is required to hold the utmost loyalty to House Stafyr and is not allowed to fear death. The Hauptmann is outfitted with a set of light leather armor, together with a leather cloak and fur hood. He is given a bow made by the finest wood together with an arming sword to fight his enemies on close range. He is also given his own horse, to ensure that he can fully participate in the patrols that he organizes. If the horse would be stolen he would be corporally punished then given a new one for a fee or if it was to be killed in combat he was to be granted a new one. He is given a set of private quarters in the keep together with a personal study, in which he is required to live in to keep the bond of brotherhood that is required with the Ranger section alive. ~Jaeger~ The Jaeger is the only other rank within the Ranger section, a brother amongst brother he is considered an elite soldier within New Huntshill for his proficiency with the bow and arrow. Hand Picked carefully by the Hauptmann in the early recruitment stages. The Jaegers are tasked with the duty to together with his brothers participate in mounted patrols in the outer lands of House Stafyr and to ensure the safety of it’s inhabitants. When they are not doing this they are required to train and keep the keep safe together with the members of House Stafyr. The Jaegers are each given their own bow and are all required to know how to fletch arrows for themselves, they are also given arming swords to combat enemies at close quarters. Together with this they are equipped in light leather armor together with fur hoods. They are each given one horse, if the horse is stolen the Jaeger would be corporally punished for his recklessness and forced to pay the minas for a new horse, until that would be finished he would be suspended from duty. If the horse would be killed in combat he would be given a new one at a small fee. All Jaegers are all given rooms within the keep, that they are to share in pairs of two with one another. ~Non combat section~ ~Cook~ The cook of the Huntsguard is tasked with ensuring that the men of the guard are always well fed and given rations for war. He is given a small private quarter in the lower sections of the keep with direct access to the kitchen and dining room of the Keep, at times he may be tasked in times of need to assist the head chef. ~Blacksmith~ The blacksmith of the Huntsguard is tasked with forging and repairing the weapons and armour of all men within the guard, he is also required to forge horseshoes and other materials for the stable keeper. The blacksmith is given a personal forge within the keep together with private quarters directly adjacent to it, if permitted to by the Kommandant he may take on an apprentice to assist him in his forge. ~Stable keeper~ The stable keeper is tasked with the management, breeding and health of all horses belonging to the ranger section and if any other man of the guard would own a personal horse, he is tasked with feeding the horses and ensuring their full health. The stable keeper is given small personal quarters within the stables and may take upon a stable boy to help him with his daily duties, a stable boy must however be under the age of sixteen. ~Physician~ The Physician of the Huntsguard is tasked with maintaining the health of all men within the guard. If a guard would be injured or go sick it is the task of the physician to do whatever it takes to heal his injury. The Physician is granted all necessary equipments, herbs and materials for his duty and is also given a personal study, private quarters and a operation room, all adjacent to one another. ~Recruitment form~ [[OOC]] MC Name - Age (Not necessary) - Do you have skype and/or TS (Skype required, both recommended) - -------------- Full name - Why do you wish to join the Huntsguard? - What section would you prefer? (If Non combatant, write your profession) - Why should we accept you? - Oath - I -Insert name- do so swear my life and loyalty to the House of Stafyr, it’s people, it’s lands and the men of the Huntsguard. To always protect those in need and to always act just. To fight for those who can not fight and to speak for those who can not speak. Until the day that I die, I shall keep my oath. -------------------
  5. The King’s Watch of Abresi Duties of the Watch Protection of Officials: Protect (King, mayor, official, etc) when travelling or at home. Peacekeeping: Enforcing of laws, keeping the peace. Four Basic Breaches of Law Disruption of Peace: Shouting, yelling, general nuisance, trespassing Assault: Assault, murder, attacking someone, threats Theft: Either of property or of a person Destruction of Property: Arson, vandalism Heresy: preaching of heretical views, expression of heresy, unfaithful views to the Creator Pay & Uniforms Pay Guards are paid a sum of 250 Minas every year (two real life weeks.) Captains are paid double the sum, at 500 Minas a year. A bonus of 1,000 Minas is available for guards who are seen by a Captain as most productive of the year. Uniforms Each guard is supplied a fresh uniform that they are expected to wear always when on duty. Captain Guard Application Out-of-Character Minecraft username: Do you have Skype?: In-Character Full name: Gender: Age: Race: Do you live in Abresi?:
  6. Kristian von Craw Nicknames: The Crawfish, Kristian, Kris, Mali'llir Age: 50 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Dead as of the 31st of the Grand Harvest, 1459 Description Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 Body Type: Muscular Eyes: Gray Hair: Brown Skin: Tan (Caucasian) Markings/Tattoos: A birthmark that stretches across his face, Health: Decaying Personality: Kind, honor-bound, chivalrous Inventory: A black and red blade created by 'The Dark Master', and a morningstar. He also carries armor and rations for a few days worth of traveling. Further Details: When apart from the red and black sword, Kristian may seem to age incredibly quickly, his life slipping away. Life Style Alignment*: Neutral Evil Deity*: The Creator Religion: God of all Creations Alliance/Nation/Home: Scion/ Elven Nations/ Home in Conclave Job/Class: Hired sword Title(s): Mali'llir, Ex-Arbiter, Scion, Delver Regent Profession(s): Guarding, Special Skill(s): Swordsmanship, Political awareness, speaking Flaw(s): A giant birthmark that covers his face normally causes people to back away in fear... and made him a loner for many years. He is also a bit clumsy. Cannot use a composite or longbow to save his life. At all. Weaponry Fighting Style: Always with honor and generally in the form of a duel. Trained Weapon: Sword, 33 years. Scythe, 2 years. Morningstar, 12 years. Favored Weapon: Morningstar Archery: "Been trainin' for 2 seasons in the Valiants with a crossbow." Biography Parents: Unknown Siblings: Ragnar von Craw, Samwell Flynt Children: Robard von Craw, Kelsey von Craw, Tina (taken in), Isabella Thenelthin (sort of), Maldric von Craw Extended Family: Unknown Pet(s): A dog named Brav, dead as of 1438 History The Early Years The First Days [The battle for Oren] Adventure: Out to sea [The Return and Delver Days] [The Start of the Lumi'drim and Zaniil's deal] New Malinor rises [The Scions] [New family, left and right] The fall of New Malinor [Conclave rising] The retirement of Kristian von Craw [A terrible curse] [The Battle for Lenniel] Entering the Fringe The Death of Kristian von Craw OOC: Kristian began a wanderer, and ended a wanderer. All in all, he was an amazing character to play. Artwork By Teerz: By Keem: By myself: By Renai
  7. The Stolistes Enforcement The noble house Stolistes presents you a new guard force, focused on protecting Abresi with decency and manners. No longer will you be arrested without fair trail or have to deal with corrupted guards. The Stolistes Enforcement is stationed in Abresi, and is approved as a freelance guardforce, aiding the remaining guards in arrests. The Stolistes Enforcement aims to raise the quality of your protection daily, as our official enforcers make sure arrests are taken out properly, and our informants that the right persons are arrested. We are not an official part of the guard, but we are granted permission to aid the guard force in protecting you. We promise you incorruptable guards who will join arms with the goal of protecting Abresi. Hail to our existing enforcers:
  8. The Monarchial Garde The Monarchial Garde is a military organization supporting the true wars for justice and order within the regions of Anthos. We serve for the righteous, and protect the true causes. Our oath is to protect the innocent, and so shall we use our steel to do so. We settled ourselves on the far side of the road to the crossing, and we have honor each man or woman from any race or origin. Let us protect the wonders of life, rather than destroying it. The Monarchial duty Besides training and preparement, we are everywhere when needed. From raising our banners in a war, to patrolling the streets of the city to protect its citizens. We are independent, and are not affected by political ties nor any superior force. We protect what is righteous, together or alone. When not in war, you follow your oath by being where you are required, from Abresi to the cloud temple. As member of the Monarchial garde, you have the right to raise your sword to evil and crime. In return of your service we will provide you with a safe place to stay in our barracks close to the road to the Nation Crossing. Rankings: Commander - Highest in command, leads the whole Garde with the General. Centurion - Batallion leader, coordinating attacks with small selected groups. Sergeant - Experienced & Honored fighter within the Garde. Millitant - Recognized soldier of the guard Recruit - Unoathed and recently joined soldier. The Uniform When on duty all the members of the Garde are required to wear uniform, as the present the colours of justice and order. ((Head can be edited)) This is the official format to join the Monarchial Garde:
  9. Grey Company In ages past, the rulers of Oren were protected by the Dragon Guard, who were later dismissed for a lack of need and incompetence. The duty fell to the Lion, who were disbanded into the Red Dragon, and they had other duties to attend to. This led to King William III of Horen to commission Grey Company, and elite bodyguard answerable only to him. The duty of Grey Company is to protect the Crown, and it's family, but firstly the Monarch. They take orders from the King alone, and not even the regent would command them. For if need arose, they would even remove a corrupt regent if he was threatening Royal power and rule. They would put the kings life above all, and risk anything to save him, even the capital or royal blood. Equipped with superior arms, armor, and skills, they make sure the king is never in danger, his tasks are completed or they die trying. Commander: Responsible for maintaining the guard and keeping it running smoothly, he is a veteran and excelled as a member of Grey Company. He distributed assignments to the Company. (( IC title would be [Grey Commander] )) Captain: Captains often lead field missions and act as leaders to Grey Company. They have shown to be excellent in their assignments and tasks, Along with showing an aptitude for leading. (( IC title would be [Grey Captain] )) Company guard: The basic rank of Grey Company. Those from veteran to newly inducted are seen as equals unless obviously promoted. Knowledge is expected to be shared, and lessons taught throughout the Company. (( IC title would be [Grey Company] )) Application of below, send it out to the Palace and we will find it
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