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  1. The Second Ferry Agreement, 1856 13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1856 I. The Ferrymen will receive 3,000 minas in payment. II. The Ferrymen will be given land in the Holy Orenian Empire at the conclusion of the war. III. The Ferrymen Quartermasters will be granted command authorization for raids, skirmishes, battles, etc, given pay equivalent to the General of the ISA, and be allowed a place in the Imperial Crown’s council of war. IV. The Ferrymen will agree to provide mercenaries and to assist the Holy Orenian Empire in the next Imperial offensive or defensive operation. AD DEI GLORIAM, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Philip III, Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Adria, and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Orenian Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Anastasia I, Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Grand Duchess of Ves, Duchess of Helena, Novellen, Furnestock, Adria, and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Orenian Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera. His Imperial Excellency, Duke of Azor, Lord Joseph d’Azor His Excellency, Lord Ivan var Ruthern Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Lord of Shipwreck Keep, Occupier of New Providence, 40 Star General, The Greater Lobster Fisherman, Premortem Saint of Epic Ballads, Protector of the Farfolk
  2. A Rivian Revival “The Viscounty of Rivia circa 1856" In the wake of the barbarian sack of South Petra, Galbraith, after depriving the Dwarven menace of the joy of conquering the previous Rivia Manor, have settled westward. The new location for Rivia is that of fertile and strategic importance in Upper Petra. Comprising a keep and adjacent hovels the House of Galbraith are welcoming citizens to reside within these houses provided the land is maintained. “The Rivia Manor of Old circa 1854” Signed, Rt Hon. Major Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Viscount of Rivia, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion
  3. POSTERS HANG AROUND THE WORLD OF ALMARIS The papers would read; JOIN TODAY! The Gold Bulls (Golden Bulls of Mortemgarde) Follow the teachings of Yemekar, and Aelif. The true high gods of Almaris! Fight like a true warrior and make your way into the eyes of the gods. Reject Modernity and make the North, great once again. Follow Hyperborea and Ancient Northmen ways! Help us spread the word through sacrifice, change and adventure. 555 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------============================---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erik also known as, Erik Wit'an'axe The Future king of the great North Applications: Discord: ING (In-game name):
  4. [!] An ornate missive would be sent across the realm, a delicate golden border lining each piece. A lavish letter would detail this announcement: The Emir of the Fakhr Oasis, the glorious falcon, Qamar ibn Zayd al-Nabeel, humbly invite you to witness the union of the Qamar ibn Zayd al-Nabeel and his partner Fatimah bint Thamer al-Hadad. All are welcome to attend a traditional Qalasheen ceremony, followed by a beautiful reception. The reception will include a feast, dancing, games, and friendly competitions to celebrate this wonderful union. The Oasis Palms restaurant, the ultimate romantic destination, will be open to all, catering to the feasts. Special invitations would be sent to the following: His Majesty, Vane Edvarsson, King of Norland, and his esteemed family The Illustrious Zhu, Tianrui Ryu, and his esteemed cabinet and noble family Signed, Sayyid, Qamar Bin Zayd, Sheikh of the Nabeel, Emir of the Fakhr [OOC Note: The Wedding will be on Wednesday 12th of January 01/12/2022 @ 6 PM EST]
  5. (The Siege of Southbridge.) A Warhorn. Sudden and roaring as dawn broke, signaling the preparation of tripartite forces for the invasion of Southbridge. A fleet of dwarven ships equipped with specifically designed dwarven trebuchets lay anchored before the Orenian fort. On its flank the Tripartite war camp, housing the bulk of the alliance's forces along with its own array of trebuchets were assembled, its soldiers ready for the attack. Opposite the war camp, Orenian forces were seen on top of Southbridge preparing their own trebuchets in sight of the camp below. Suddenly the sound of giant rocks flying through the air, finding their intended marks, could be heard, the first volley of Tripartite trebuchets destroying half of the Orenian trebuchets sending wooden debris flying through the air. Ferrymen and Blackvale forces led by Banjo and Gaspard immediately pushed into the courtyard of Southbridge slaughtering any Orenian trebuchet crews caught off guard by the flank force. The combined dwarven and BSK trebuchets made quick work of the weak walls of Southbridge, making them collapse and creating a clear pathway for the alliance forces to invade the interior. Under the command of Ailred Var Ruthern and Bakir Ireheart the alliance forces charged forth into the rubble of Southbridge seeking out and cutting down any orenian seen within the ruins, including the general of the ISA and the Orenian Emperor. Bodies of the defenders of Southbridge littered the ground above and under the rubble. The Fort was reduced to clay and brick ruins housing the coffins of thousands of Orenians, forever. After the battle was finished the forces of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Kingdom of Haense marched into the lands behind Southbridge and placed Urguan and Haense banners signifying the victory over the cowardly Philip III. Narvak oz Urguan, Krusae Zwy Kongzem OOC: Screenshots Warclaim Videos:
  6. [!] In Almaris, a crudely constructed snowman would sit in the middle of the town squares everywhere, with a letter attached to it. Salutamu! I am Yaşamın! and I am in search of my father! well, I am pretty sure my actual father is dead! but please help me find this man, he is my new papa! I met him when I snuck out of my family's house, in search of my really Pappa who went to go get cigarettes, it's alright, like I said he's probably dead. but I need to find this one, so please help me! I drew a description of him and his name. His name is Lucian, and he has a funny accent that makes me giggle, mr. pappa if you see this, please leave a letter on one of my mr. snowmanses From: Yaşamın [!] a dried splotch stained the paper, as if a child had eaten some snow from her snowmen, and coughed onto the missive by accident. A small Illatian would be seen waddling around Oren, having returned to her snowman, only to see another write a response on her sign, seizing the paper before turning around to shout. "HEY! WHERE'S MY PAPPA?! WHO WROTE THIS?!"
  7. RECAPTURE OF THE BASTION 15th of Snow Maiden, Year 57 SA “Jesus Pablo is ballin’ out on Ferrymas” - Banjo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CduA0TULnow 1,200 Tripartite forces composed of Ferrymen and Irehearts marched on the roads towards the heart of the Imperial Capital, New Providence, to deal a devastating blow to Imperial forces. Under the command of Captain Banjo and Commander Bakir Ireheart, the small band bandited the roads of Oren until they approached the bridge, all that stood in their way of entering the city was a 1,500 force o’ wig-wearing lobsters. One could say you could hear the rattle of their metal-bucket hats as they quivered in fear at the sight of the notorious Ferrymen. The battle first started at the foot of the bridge, where both sides exchanged arrowfire. Seeing as this exchange of volleys led to a stalemate, the Ferrymen tactically led a maneuver around the bridge, flanking the Orenian forces as they were caught in utter dumbfounded surprise. Their little lasting bravery was soon replaced by cowardice as they routed back to the security of their gates- or so they thought. They stubbornly attempted to push out of their gates, but they were met with dwarven steel and Ferrymen prowess as their men were slaughtered like dogs. The Imperials were very wrong to think they were safe behind their walls and gates. A small detachment of Ferrymen consisting of Jesus Pablo, Diome Indoren, Banjo, and Mika managed to breach past their iron doors and began to take the entire force on their own. There within the gates, Jesus Pablo showed his ferociousness and prowess on the battlefield as he single handedly charged in a moment of bloodlust into a group of Orenians. His savage charge proved useful as it opened the opportunity for the rest of the Ferrymen to push through the gates and into the hearth of the city. 1,100 Imperials dead. Once more the bastion and city fell to the hands of the Ferrymen. Signed, Banjo, The Captain of the Ferrymen, Savior of the Common and Free People, Pillager of Elvenesse, Liberator of Man, The Bringer of Equality, Capturer of the Bastion, Defeater of Racism, Debearder of Grand Kings, Sailor of the Seas, 2x Mr. Almaris, Emperor of the Roads, Heir to Shipman Keep. Bakir Ireheart, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Legion Commander, King’s Hand
  8. MaltaMoss

    A Call Back

    +—---------------------------------------------------------------------+ It was cold and dark, the rain fell in torrents against the poorly maintained roofs of the town. The ground was slick with frigid rainwater, muddy and swamp-like, the soft thump of boots echoing audibly down the alleyway breaking the man from his train of thought. The soldier perked his gaze upward towards the approaching figure, a fuzzy outline of what appeared to be a man stared back at him, lumbering back and forth as he seemed to trudge uneasily through the muck. The night only grew darker as the courier approached, the soft flicker of the candle within his gloved hand wavering beneath the violent whips of the wind. From across the space between them, muffled beneath the constant downpour, a low voice emerged from behind the cloth coated messenger, the dull reflection of struggling fire shimmering in his eyes. “They’ve sent for you, you know? They want you back.” Came the gravelly murmur, the figure still swaying from side to side as it spoke. The veteran felt his fingers curl into his palms, pressure turning his knuckles white as he gazed upon the future he had tried so hard to run from. Sweat began to form upon his brow, congealing with the droplets of rain as it ran down his face, indistinguishable from the rest of the flowing liquid. Choking out words, he sputtered out a response. “I know, of course I know. And I want you to tell the-” His speech disappeared into a soft mumbling as the wind roared forward from above the buildings, rattling the very frame of the rotting constructions with thunderous sound. Stumbling slightly he opened his mouth to speak once more, quickly silenced by the voice across from him. “Tell them what? That you’re hiding from your duty? That you’re camped out here in the rain and sleet, muttering to yourself like a coward?” The jagged insults bit into him like a rabid dog, tearing at his confidence until nothing was left but the mauled scraps of an assuredness that once was raging within him. He could feel it now, the queasy nausea building in his gut as he felt the aggressive glare melt from his face, replaced with only subdued panic. “Exactly, come to the place where we embarrassed their finest, there you will find the rest.” Words fluttered from the concealed face of the courier as it spun to turn it’s back toward the old man, trotting away into the furious rage of the wind with nothing but the muffled sound of his mud soaked boots. Alone he stood, the uncomfortable itch spreading slowly across his stagnant body as he struggled to decide his next course of action. The rain only increased in its ferocity, now loudly beating upon the ramshackle roofs as more water began to tumble down upon him, his focus wavering as it did so. In his mind there were only two options, they would come for him in the morning and take his skull, or he would go to them, and pledge his heart once more to the cause. As he stepped forward, uncrossing his arms from across his chest, he could feel the air once more enter his lungs, breath finally exhaled to the relief of his torso. He saw there, upon the ground, a missive left for him by the courier, bright golden lettering dulled by the weather, its symbol crooked. +—------------------------------------------------------------------+ A SUMMON FROM THE BRIGADA Dictated by the powers of the Garrison present at the step of a great triumph, a call rings true to all the son’s and daughter’s of our beloved Mother. To report to the place of a great triumph, promptly, is not only your duty as soldiers, but your duty as men of true devotion to our cause. Dispersed, discarded, we call out to you, return to your family. Return to your brother’s and sister’s, embrace them with the truth of our people. Viva Mercatorii +—------------------------------------------------------------------+ Many of these missives are spread across the far reaches of Almaris, stuffed into the folds of mailboxes and jammed beneath the lids of barrels they sit as a reminder of a specter thought long dead.
  9. A Letter Regarding Your Beds To the Vullier household, from a friendly dwarf. Now, while I am no expert on sleep, I do know a few things on a good nights rest. Not too long ago during the War, before your weak Emperor was embarrasingly coup'd, I raided your house, with ease I must say, and I came upon many of your rooms with beds. Now, one of the rooms stood out in particular, which I assume was your sons rooms. An issue I had with their beds, was how stiff they were, me and my partner layed in them, and soon found how uncomfortable they were, and as a warrior, one of many Wig-Wearer slayers, need to rest my back after slaying many an Orenian fool. So, I write you this letter, as a warning. A good nights rest, can lead to many positive things, and a stiff bed, one that of your sons, will only lead to their death on the battlefield. Another benefit of a soft bed is one more grim, but not uncommon for Orenians, it gives a soothing sense, after a long battle lost, watching many friends fall in battle to dwarven battlaxes can be tiring, and a soft bed sooths the blow. So next time I wish to visit, as I will, I hope to see you have a soft bed, and one that does not stain, for when blood will be spilt, I wish not to ruin your mattress. Sincerely, A Friendly Dwarf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag1o3koTLWM
  10. An Oath of Fealty On the 21st of the Sun’s Smile 1849 the Barony of Rivia swears fealty towards the rightful Emperor Philip III Novellen. It is with this oath that we, the Lords of Rivia swear to protect the Empire and Emperor with our lives. That we, the Lords of Rivia swear to uphold the laws of the Empire. And it is with this oath that we swear to pledge loyalty towards the Emperor and Empress and take up arms against those that wish to harm them. And shall it be henceforth known that the Barony of Rivia shall uphold this vow until the end of times. Long live the Empire Long live the Emperor Long live the Empress Signed Rt Hon. Major Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion Lord Philip Rupert Archibald Galbraith, Heir to the Barony of Rivia
  11. TheB0zo

    Cult of Steven

    Join us by replying to this post with "I love you Steven."
  12. The Myrinian Guard 52 S.A. The Myrinian Guard is the main military force of Myrine, serving as a first defense against its enemies. The Guard serves as an important role in the upkeep of Myrine, as well as the protection of its people. Serving within the ranks of the Guard is of the most utmost honors one can receive within Myrine. Regular Ranks Initiate The beginning rank within the Guard, those who first enlist will start as Initiates. Those in the Initiate rank will learn basic combat skills and eventually go on to specialize in one style of combat. Footman The backbone of the Guard, footmen are the infantry force of the Guard. They have met the standards of which it means to be fully ranked within the Guard, excelling in both combat and battle tactics. Cavalryman On equal ranking in the hierarchy with Footmen, these are men who excel in the art of fighting on horseback. Cavalrymen are few in the guard, and only the best make it to this rank. Bowman On equal ranking in the hierarchy with Footmen, bowmen are the ranged force of the Guard. Their accuracy and precision with a bow must be pin-point. Officer Positions Captain The leader of the Myrinian Guard, second only to the Baron on the battlefield. The Captain is the highest ranking somebody can obtain in the Guard. The Captain is tasked with organizing the guard, training the lower ranks, and leading the Guard into battle. The Captain of the Guard has full authority over the Guard, and his orders must be obeyed. Armsman The lowest officer ranking of the Guard. Armsmen have proven their military prowess and their ability to lead. Armsmen are responsible for handling the Captain’s tasks when he is not present. Armsmen are entrusted to help lead the Guard alongside the Captain, and should actively work towards the betterment of Myrine and the Guard. Duties The Guard’s most important duty is to act as a defense force in times of immediate crisis. The Guard must always be ready to defend Myrine and it’s citizens from external threats. The Guard is also tasked with manning the gates and defenses, patrolling Myrine’s lands as well as the city, and guarding important figures. Trainings Basic Training Basic training applies to Initiates looking to rank up to a more specialized role within the Guard (Infantry, Cavalry, or Ranged). In this type of specific training, an initiate must train their own individual skills in fighting. These trainings are usually held on a smaller scale between an Officer and the Initiate looking to be trained. Once their skills meet Guard standards, they will be promoted to the rank that fits them. Specific Skill Training Officers can lead specific training on different skills that they deem necessary. Those who wish to excel in these particular skills, such as cavalry, bowmanship, and/or infantry, should attend these training. Group Training Rather than focusing on individual skills, these group trainings are meant to mimic real time battles, giving the guard the needed experience to respond to many of the situations they will be required to fight in. In this classic style of training, the guard will be split into the two teams, each with their own commanding officers, and will be pitted against each other in many different environments or situations. Formations Spear As the name implies, the spear is a formation which is shaped as the arrowhead of the spear. This formation is incredibly useful in charges meant to break enemy lines. Wall Used mostly to shield from ranged attacks or to display a show of power in numbers, the wall is a single filed line of soldiers. Waves The formation waves signals for Guards to create a rectangle or box. This formation is mostly used when guarding people or things of extreme importance from some type of enemy attack. To Join: Fill out this application: [Link] Talk to the Captain or an Armsman.
  13. Oloxx_


    Kingdom of Lechia LECHIAN CULTURE SUBGROUP OF LECHITIAN PEOPLES HISTORY THE ORIGINS Depiction of Lech and his two brothers, looking for a place for a new settlement The Lechian people derive from the group of Lechitian peoples. According to the so-called pre-Lechitian myth, the founders of the three main Lechitian cultures came to the continent of Vistulia in search of a place to settle. The eldest of the brothers, Ruth, went east and established a settlement on a great river. From his name the people took the name Ruthians. The youngest of the brothers Tschech settled in the land between the mountains, where the Tschech culture has its roots. The third of the brothers, and at the same time the second oldest, Lech, followed the huge white eagle to its nest and established his seat under the tree where the eagle had its nest. From this event, the Lechian coat of arms and the name of the first capital, Gniazdo (Nest), were derived. Ever since that moment Lechian culture flourished and developed vigorously. Lech established the first state structures, customs and beliefs. The beliefs of the first Lechians were quite primitive and focused on the worship of many deities. However, this belief differed only a little from the general Lechitian Rodnovyery. In addition some of the early Lechian chronicles mention a few more names of the first rulers, these were among others: Siemowit "the Cruel", Lestek and Snowid. EARLY YEARS OF CANONISM IN LECHIA Depiction of Prince Mieszko being baptised After centuries of slow development, the first monks of the Canonist Church arrived on the continent of Vistulia. According to old documents they were led by Vojtech, of Tschech origin, as Tschechs have accepted Canonism before the Lechians. Thanks to his diplomatic skills, Vojtech convinced Mieszko to accept baptism, marry a canonist Tschech princess, and at the same time incorporate Lechians into the canonist community. As a new ruler within the canonist church, Mieszko united the Lechian tribes and conquered far more land than any of his ancestors. The country stretched from the sea in the north to the mountains in the south. Vojtech, who stayed at Mieszko's court for some time has crowned him as a prince, as Mieszko found himself unworthy of being a King. This gave rise to the first dynasty of Lechia - Piastovians. As new cultural norms grew, churches were built, a network of stone roads developed and the first church structures were established in the capital. Unfortunately, the times of peace passed after the missionary Vojtech's expedition to the northern tribes, who bestially murdered him and quartered his corpse. Mieszko still remembered Vojtech's merits and set off to the north to fight for justice. The soldiers of Mieszko had no mercy on the pagans and slaughtered the population of the local settlements in the same bestial manner while imposing the Canonist faith on the survivors. Despite the long process of converting the Lechians to the true faith, which sometimes met with armed resistance from the native believers, Mieszko's reign is remembered as decades of peace. TIMES OF BOLESLAV AND HIS SONS Depiction of Boleslaw and his sons, arriving at Krakovia The times of Boleslav the First echoed among the Lechitian tribes. Immediately after his coronation, he began a period of conquests, and greatly expanded the dependent territory of Lechia. As the first of the Kings, since his father did not accept the title of the King of Lechia, he ordered to make a sword intended for coronation of further Kings, and a Crown decorated with many precious gems. The sword called "Szczerbiec" ("Chipper" in common) played a significant role in the reign of Boleslav and later his sons, as it became a symbol of Lechian nationalism and a sign of victory over foreign powers. Legends say that it took its name from the moment when Boleslav chipped it against the gate of the capital city of a neighbouring state, to mark Lechian annexation of the border areas. Unfortunately, Boleslav did not enjoy his reign long after this event. He died three years later of an unspecified illness. For Lechia there came a time of sorrow, as Boleslav had many sons and each of them claimed his father's crown. Having divided the country into parts, a fratricidal struggle for the crown of Lechia began. The eldest of the brothers, Mieszko III occupied the capital and held it for many years. The brothers from the western, northern and eastern parts meanwhile held talks about a new order after the end of the civil war. The quarrelling brothers chose as ruler someone who had never known a taste of power - Kazimierz, the youngest of the brothers, who ruled over no province of Lechia. Mieszko III, faced with the overwhelming power of the united brothers, renounced the crown and the Bishop of Krakovia crowned Kazimierz as the new King of Lechia. The times in which Kazimierz reigned were the best in the history of his family. He rebuilt the destruction of the civil war, developed the monetary system and established the first university in Lechia. He died at the age of 70, leaving no descendant... JOAGILAN RULE AND LECHIAN DECLINE Depiction of Wladyslaw proclaiming the Union After Kazimierz's death, the only person of his blood was his daughter Hedwig. She married a powerful leader of a neighbouring country, and united the two countries in a personal union. Despite the power of the great state, pagan tribes still lived in the north and invaded the lands of Lechia. To remedy this, Wladyslaw, for that was the name Hedwig's husband, called upon the help of the strong Waldenian Order. He was unable to foresee the cunning and guile with which the Knights operated, and allowed them to occupy the land of the pagans so that they could continue to help the Lechians spread Canonism. Soon after, the knights turned on Wladyslaw and formed an alliance to help them conquer the lands dependent on the Joagilan dynasty. At that time, there was great social unrest in Lechia, with tendencies calling for the introduction of sanoism, priorism but also absolute power in the government. There were many clashes between Lechian priorists and sanoists, who had two different concepts of the state. The Sejm (the equivalent of the Duma in Haense or the parliament in Oren) rejected all attempts to reform the state, thus stagnation deepened and Lechia was exposed to blows from the outside. The powerful alliance formed by the Waldenians, and the neighbouring powers as well as, the constant skirmishes with them caused the disintegration of the state. Lechia has not appeared on world maps since then, yet the people still remember their roots and will never abandon them. CULTURE OF LECHIA WAR CULTURE Depiction of Lechian warriors going on a hunt Lechians are known for their fighting stubbornness. This is due to their culture, which grew up on warrior values because of the many threatening neighbours around their state when it still existed. Young Lechians were trained from the age of 16 to become infantrymen, archers or horsemen. Women could also train if they wished to, but they usually stayed at home and took care of the hearth and home. Among Lechian soldiers the highest value is honour, which should never be tarnished. There are many chronicles about the heroic deeds of the Lechians in their fight against the invaders, especially about the skill of their cavalrymen, who, with much smaller numbers of troops, were able to destroy the Waldenian armies with very few losses. Lechian troops were usually lightly armed with spears, short swords and shields, or short bows. There were also heavy regiments called "Druzhina", and their main role was to defend their Lord, his family and his property. The Druzhina could act as horsemen, but also as infantry, and were symbolised by the family insignia on their armour plus better weaponry paid for by their lord. Depiction of Druzhina PEASANT NATION Depiction of Lechian landscape Lechia was mainly located in the lowlands, which favoured the development of agriculture and peasant culture. The first Lechian Kings issued various privileges for the peasants in return for their hard work for the homeland. The Lechian peasants mastered the so-called three-field system on the basis of which all farms, private and state, operated. In the fields, peasants worked from dawn to dusk, in every season except winter. They worked hard at harvest time, and 1/3 of the harvested crop was to be given to the local overlord - a baron, count or duke. Local peasants were also very fond of animal products, so they bred a variety of pigs, cows and sheep from which they could obtain the materials they needed. A highly prized product among the middle class was bee honey. Only trained peasants were allowed to own and run an apiary and extract honey from it for personal and commercial use. Another highly popular occupation among the villagers was brewing. Many peasants were employed in private breweries where they produced high quality alcohol in the form of beer, vodka or wine. One of such brewery brands is Harnaś Brewing Company, owned by House Jazloviecki. Depiction of a Lechian town Cities founded by various Lechian noble families were usually located on hills, slopes or cliffs, where danger could come from one side. The wealthier towns were surrounded by a wall, usually made of stone or bricks, and there usually was a drawbridge leading to the gate with at least one tower. In every town there was a church or chapel where local people could worship God and pray for a successful harvest. The houses of Lechian families were made of stone, wood and thatch as a roof, as these were commonly available raw materials. Wealthier families from the middle and high nobility could afford to build houses from more expensive materials such as white stone or expensive varieties of wood, unattainable for ordinary peasants. It was not very often that you could see noble houses within the walls of cities, as high ranking families usually had their own estates that operated independently. The same applied to the castles of local rulers. They were usually solitary standing on advanced rock formations where it was difficult for enemies to get to during an attack. Depiction of a Lechian castle A typical Lechian castle was surrounded by a thick wall made of stone bricks and was dominated by the roofs of towers and the main building where the throne room and the feast hall were located. In the castle there was usually a small chapel, and in front of the bridge leading to the castle there was a small settlement for the castle workers - guards, priests and officials. A life in a noble keep differed from village life, as there the king's representatives came and there the future of the region was debated. RELIGIOUS SOCIETY Depiction of a Canonist procession with King Kazimierz at the head Lechians are a people proud of their religious affiliation. Processions and solemn masses for the homeland and the king were very common during the time of their state. The king, according to official state propaganda, had authority from God, and additionally filled important places in the government with church officials. The most important seat of the church in Lechia was Krakovia where the Archbishop resided. There was also the cathedral of the Virgin, where the kings of Lechia were crowned. The Church in Lechia strictly outlined the rules of morality and punished the disobedient. Despite this, the church was highly respected by peasants, the middle class and the nobility. Many Lechians turned away from the church when they secretly formed alliances and agreements with the Waldenians regarding their position after they occupy these lands. Today, despite the diaspora in which Lechians live, the church still plays a significant role in their lives. TRADITIONS Depition of Krakovia before an upcoming fair Dożynki Originating from the provincial part of Lechia - Dożynki (in common the Harvest Festival) played a great role in the life of small towns and villages. Dożynki were a special time of the harvest where people gathered in squares or clearings and set up poles with colourful streamers, tables with white tablecloths and surrounded everything with bales of hay. In the middle, a bonfire was lit over which meat bought by the peasants to celebrate the success of this year's harvest was roasted. On the tables, however, there were colourful vegetables and fruit, and everything in the theme of the harvest. Drowning of Marzanna Drowning of Marzanna was an important part of the Lechian folklore. When winter ended and spring began, children from towns and villages made puppets stuffed with hay and decorated them to resemble women. Drowning the puppet in the river, or sometimes burning it, symbolised the passing of winter and the arrival of spring. The death of Marzanna was to symbolise the passing of the month associated with death and the arrival of new life in spring. Night of Kupała Lechian customs and rituals related to the Kupała Night were supposed to ensure health and fertility. Fires were lit, in which herbs were burned. Various kinds of fortune-telling and dancing took place during the joyful games. Girls would throw garlands with lighted candles into the rivers. If the garland was fished out by a bachelor, it meant a quick marriage. If it floated, the girl would not marry soon. If it burned, drowned or became entangled in rushes, it boded ill for old age. It is thought that these are probably the remains of old pagan spring rituals, that Lechians have incorporated into their culture after converting to Canonism. LECHIAN LEGACY Depiction of Jazloviec Keep, seat of House Jazloviecki in the Barony of Lvinsk Although centuries have passed since the fall of Lechia, the spirit of the Lechians has never died. The first verse of their favourite patriotic song says "Jeszcze Lechia nie zginęła, kiedy my żyjemy" - "Lechia is not yet lost, as long as we live". The most widely known family that still maintains the Lechian legacy and culture to this day is House Jazloviecki. It first became famous for the military genius of the founding fathers of the family - Aleksander Batory and Mikhail Svarogovich, who fought alongside Wilheim and Tylos Barclay, as well as Bogdan Canoslav in the War of the Two Emperors. After many years of separation, the two brotherly families of Batory and Svarogovich were united under the sign of the White Eagle without the Royal insignia, as it is the national symbol of the Lechians. After decades of effort, the Lechians have finally won a place to live where they can propagate their culture and traditions in harmony. The Barony of Lvinsk, is a refuge for Lechians, where everyone is welcome, native or foreign. To this day, memories of nearly 200 years ago are still vivid among family members. Jazloviecki Coat of Arms SARMATIAN CULTURE Depiction of traditional Lechian noble outfits Sarmatism is a culture developed by the Lechians during the Joagilan rule. It presupposed a golden liberty for the nobility, which allowed them to meddle in the interests of the kingdom without the right of intervention by the King. The nobility would gather for Legislative Sejm, which allowed for new laws, reforms or even the writing of a constitution. However, the Golden Liberty assumed a right of veto on the part of anyone in whose veins noble blood flowed. The representatives of the high nobility bought off the lower-born and less wealthy nobles to vote no and use the veto, which broke up the sejm and prevented state reforms. Very characteristic was the nobleman's dress worn during Sejms, called Kontusz, and sabres or maces at its belt. Golden Liberty also had other drawbacks. The nobility, enjoying a high degree of autonomy, built their manors in forested retreats around which stretched hectares of land subject to them. The manorial system developed by the Lechian nobility was based on the principle of serfdom, that is, the forced and enslaved labour of peasants. Farmers were not allowed to leave their lord or his land under any circumstances, and were only exempt from work on church and national holidays. Multigenerational families poured their sweat and blood on the land of the Lords, getting nothing in return. The end of Sarmatism and Golden Liberty is marked by the fall of Lechia and a peasant uprising, which in its fury slaughtered and hanged the Lords mercilessly. LANGUAGE All letters of Lechian alphabet The Lechian alphabet consists of 36 characters and resembles the Ruskan and Raevir languages in places. Although these groups did not have much in common, they managed to develop similar words and phrases. Good examples are the words "Good - Dobry" and even the negation "No - Nie". In many books you can find basic words and phrases in this language. Example of a Lechian dictionary OOC: Culture is still a WIP
  14. FIFTH NAME DAY EXTRAVAGANZA [i] A painting of the Royal House celebrating Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta’s fifth name day sits here. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, Her Serene Highness, Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya, formally invites the people of Hanseti-Ruska and the honorable invitees below to her fifth name day celebration in the Nikirala Prikaz. Attendees will be expected to wear white carnations, Her Highness’ favorite flower. The festivities shall begin with a magnificent feast, where Her Highness shall be presented with marvelous gifts, an exorbitant amount of pastries, and an exquisite name day cake. After the feast, Her Serene Highness shall invite the attending youth out into the gardens to search for a hutch of animals that have been released, with each chicken signifying one point, each rabbit signifying three points, and the singular fox signifying ten points. The winner shall receive a bag of sweets and a sash. INVITATIONS WOULD BE SENT TO: His Grace, Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Vladrik Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar and his noble pedigree The Honorable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Sigmar Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree The Allies of Hanseti-Ruska SIGNED, Her Royal Majesty, Koenas Emma Karenina, Queen of Hanseti-Ruska Her Serene Highness, Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya [OOC: To be held in the Nikirala Prikaz on the 2nd of December at 5 PM EST.)
  15. The First Rivia Tournament [!] A depiction of Saint Edmond of Lachsin slaying an Azdrazi Beast It pleases the House Galbraith to announce the first jousting Tournament held in the honour of Saint Edmond and his Imperial Majesty Philip II for his pious rule which has guided us closer towards god. To honour the Patron of House Galbraith, we will hereby host a Jousting Tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive 400 Imperial Marks. To honour God and the Emperor we will not charge a participation nor an entrance fee, furthermore drinks and food will be provided during the tournament. Therefore everyone is invited to participate or watch. Requirements for Participation: 1. Must be an Orenian Citizen or owning a residence in the Imperial Capital or one of the municipalities. 2. Must bring their own horse and lance 3. Must be above the legal age of 14 If you wish to participate and you fulfill the requirements, you must send a letter towards Mister Philip Rupert Galbraith Signed Rt Hon. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion Mister Philip Rupert Archibald Galbraith, Heir to the Barony of Rivia
  16. Arrival of Clan Kazimir Przybycie Klanu Kazimir Preamble Years ago, the La Waevra Clan was formed by Chieftess Rebeka la Waevra in the Kingdom of Norland. The clan was later dissolved about 15 years later, with the death of Rebeka la Waevra. While much of the family still remains, living predominantly in the Kingdom of Norland and Duchy of Rozania, they are no longer considered a clan. The changing of the names, and the changing of a leader, a new journey for all. A Long Past In 26 SA in the Kingdom of Norland, Rebeka la Waevra, a Norlandic native herself, had officially formed the la Waevra Clan. Consisting of her family and close friends, now bannermen, she embarked out of the Kingdom of Norland to the South to find riches as well as a safe place to settle and help rule. She first held her clan in Sutica, with a large house there that could house all the members. Many dinners were held there, and she made many connections to places near her, The Barony of Rhein and Sarissa. After some time, she began helping those in Sarissa to build a new settlement closer to the North, and near good friends of hers in Yong Ping. Whilst she assisted in building a small Duchy with the Duke William Buckfort, she had laid the foundation of a strong and long-lasting dynasty. Trouble would however find her with the Sedanian and Savoyard’s banditry and the subsequent forced conversions of herself and her kinsmen in the Duchy of Rozania. With the Rozanians crippled, morally and physically, the treacherous Canonists continued their banditry and slaughter. Eventually, with that, the sadness of her daughter Sionnach's engagement to an undead, and the death of her first husband Lomiei, Rebeka was led to take her own life. This impacted the Clan significantly leaving all members shocked, and distraught, and within her final will she requested Clan la Waevra be dissolved. This also dissolved all partnerships, alliances and official documentation between many close groups of the clan, from all over. Leaving her Norland shop to her daughter Leyna. Leyna moved to Norland, and moved much of the remaining members of the clan to a home there. After much debate, Leyna decided that it would truly be best for them to stay a clan, and attempted to relight the candle which her mother blew out. A New Beginning Leyna, the eldest of the La Waevra’s is taking the torch inevitably passed to her. Continuing her legacy, and helping those who feel lost with the death of her mother. She would like to continue on, leading as her mother did. Better perhaps, and having a truly strong, united, peaceful family. From this day forward, the woman who is to continue this path will now be known by the name Leyna Kazimir. This new name, Kazimir, means peace-bringer in Rozanian language. This is due to the kindness, and objectivity that makes them good writers, diplomats and knowledge seekers. They still have a fighting will, and strength paired with their mediation skills which make them ideal leaders. Shall those in the Kazimir Clan persevere and remain strong, in this time of change. All of the La Waevra’s shall now use the name Kazimir, as a show of strength for the changed Clan. Clan Kazimir of The Kingdom of Norland. A strong group with hearts of warriors, brains of scholars, personality and relations of diplomats, and the soul of readers and writers. Where Rebeka first started, Leyna shall now continue, a full circle.
  17. The 3rd Brigade "The Helena Dragoons" Summary The 3rd Brigade is a professional and well equipped mounted force tasked with completing specialised operations on behalf of His Imperial Majesty. The Brigade prides itself on utmost discipline and professionalism, two qualities which are vital considering the nature of the operations the Brigade undertakes. -------------------------I------------------------- The Brigade “A Squadron of Dragoons guarding the Imperial Palace during a Court Session Circa 1820” The 3rd Brigade, Helena Dragoons, is a cavalry brigade a part of the Imperial State Army. The 3rd is separated from the other Brigades within the 1st Regiment as it specialises in mounted cavalry and scouting roles. It is predominantly located in the surrounding area to the Capital of the Empire, Providence and the locality around Fort Linnord. Dragoons are essentially mounted infantry, thus can perform on horseback and off horseback. Many regard the 3rd Brigade as one of the proudest Brigades within the Imperial State Army, holding a rich history of successful Officers and Enlistedmen alike. A large number of the Generals of the ISA have originated from the 3rd Brigade bringing the traditions and practices of the Brigade with them. A 3rd Brigadier prides itself on its appearance and military tradition, often surpassing in appearance, display and formality compared to their counterparts in the other Brigades in the 1st Regiment. It is paramount that soldiers of the 3rd display themselves in the best of fashion and hold themselves high esteems and gentlemanly behaviour. They’re to be shining examples of humanity’s greatest. The uniform of a soldier of the 3rd is an achievement to be worn. It symbolises the triumph and progression of humanity and should be worn with respect and grace at all times. There are few alterations that are deemed acceptable. -------------------------II------------------------- Lieutenant Billets “Sir Peter d'Arkent leading a formation of 3rd Brigadiers during the Battle of Rubern Circa 1756” Master of the Horse- This is a specialist role which contains vital roles that are of importance within the 3rd. These include all matters connected to the horses, stables, coachouses, studs, mews and kennels. They have overbearing control of these areas and can see fit to assign enlisted personnel to manage them under his/her command. The Billet controls the Logistical element of the Brigade ensuring that all members of the unit are well supplied, fed and equipped. Master of the Vanguard- The control of the Vanguard is a crucial role within the 3rd that all officers aim to serve at some point during their career. The Lieutenant is in charge of the Vanguard, assigning missions to the scouts and overall planning of the Vanguard advancements in warfare. They also deal with the fresh Privates from the Combat Academy, turning them into effective dismounted scouts for the Vanguard and Brigade. Master of the School- The Lieutenant that holds this role, oversees the Horse Training School and works closely with the Master of the stable to enable Privates/Ensigns to gain their own horse. He/she provides classes for the training and has the final sway in whether the private completes his trials. -------------------------III------------------------- Sub-units “A Sergeant of the 31st Reconnaissance Section during the Battle of Outer Arentania Circa 1821” The 31st Reconnaissance Section- The 31st Reconnaissance Section is a new component service of the 3rd Brigade responsible for the duties formerly occupied by Vanguard occupation. This new organization serves as the main Scouting organization for the 3rd Helena Dragoons, and is used by the Intelligence services of the Empire for military operations regarding action behind enemy lines.This Section is operated and led by the Master of the Vanguard and reports directly to the holder of said billet. The 1st Cavalier Section- is a new unit within the 3rd brigade. The Section was originally created under the permissions of General William Darkwood and under the leadership of Sergeant Varlam var Ruthern. The Section acts as medium-heavy cavalry, trained to shatter front lines at speed and with discipline, whilst following a specialty honor code derived from the original Code of Chivalry. -------------------------IV------------------------- Specialisations “Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith shortly after the Battle of Outer Arentania Circa 1821” Scout- As the starting rank of the Master of the Vanguard Billet scouts provide the backbone of the 31st Reconnaissance Section. Heavily drilled in the methods of camouflage and physical fitness these scouts are the fastest Dragoons you’ll never see. Assistant- Assistants are the trainees who wish to aim for the Master of the School Billet. They help out in training and general organisation of the Brigade. Cavallier- A role that specialises in shock and awe , the Cavaliers fill the role of heavy cavalry dealing high damage to the enemy in terms of both morale and physical; these specialised forces are localised within the 1st Cavalier section. Musician- Musicians are ceremonial roles within the 3rd Brigade. They’re the individuals that ride the drum horses of the Brigade and play musical instruments used in parades. They play a vital role within the brigade by maintaining the beat of the march when the 3rd goes onto parade. Stablehand- These individuals work under the Master of the Horse in maintaining the stables for the 3rd Brigade and the rest of the brigade. They are event stable hands within the Helena stable or work in the stud farms in the crownlands. Farrier- Farriers combine veterinary knowledge with blacksmiths' skills. They are responsible for hoof trimming and fitting horseshoes to horses. They also deal with the humane dispatch of wounded and sick horses, accomplished with the large spike on the end of their axes. Then they use the sharp blade of the axe to chop off the deceased animal's hoof, which is marked with its regimental number. This assists in keeping track of animals killed in action. Farriers are few of the Imperial State Army billets that use axes in warfare. Farrier’s are distinguished by their black plumes, instead of white. Example of a Farrier Axe, distinguished by the pike to the rear head of the axe blade. Master of the Sabre- A role that can be held by any member of the 3rd Brigade. The Master of the Sabre is the role given for the best fighter within the 3rd. They have excelled at combat and have been chosen especially by the Captain of the Brigade. It is a predominantly ceremonial role. Upon elevation to said role they are gifted a fine ornate saber only used during ceremonies. -------------------------V------------------------- Notable Captains “A section of 3rd Brigadiers rushing to the defence of Fort Linnord Circa 1830” Sir Peter Baldwin D’Arkent- Peter Baldwin enlisted as an Ensign in the Imperial State Army prior to the creation of the Cadet program. d'Arkent exceeded expectations through his earlier career which led him to be granted the creation of the 3rd Brigade; Helena Dragoons of the Imperial State Army which he took the Captain rank of. Under his command, he led the 3rd Brigade to many victories throughout the empire, most notably the Battle of Boomhill. His victories gained him a strong reputation throughout the Holy Orenian Empire & eventually it gained him a knighthood. Sir William Darkwood- William Darkwood enlisted in the ISA as a Recruit working his way up to the rank of Lieutenant under Sir Peter Baldwin D’Arkent serving as the Master of the Vanguard. In this role he led high risk scouting and material collection missions in order to gain vital materials and intelligence for the ISA. William led many operations during the inferi war many of these being incredibly high risk and combat heavy. This daring sense of strength and guile warranted the young Lieutenant the promotion to Captain and then later General of the ISA. Jacquelyn Cenobia- Jacquelyn Cenobia was conscripted into the ISA after fighting for the Cheloveks during the Rubern war, switching her association to the ISA and slowly working her way up to the rank of Lieutenant where she worked diligently in the role of the Master of the School until she reached the rank of Captain around the age of 45 to replace William Darkwood. From there, she worked on maintaining the 3rd Brigade's activity and morale in which she excelled at, staffing the billets with experienced and professional Officers largely boosting the capability of the Brigade. -------------------------VI------------------------- Notable Battles “A lone 3rd Brigadier on patrol during the Sutican Civil War Circa 1834” The Battle of Rubern- The Battle of Rubern was the final major skirmish of The Rubern War in which Orenian forces led by Captain Peter d'Arkent & Lieutenant Octavian Vimmark-Roussard engaged a growing alliance force on the eastern borders of The Empire. The battle lasted for approximately two hours & gained The Holy Orenian Empire a decisive victory over The Alliance of Independent States. During this Battle then Captain Peter Baldwin D’Arkent led a crushing Cavalry charge against the lines of the AIS slaughtering the Qalasheen archers and leading to the overall victory of the Orenian forces. The Battle of Boomhill- Following several scouting missions & a defeat to the Haense Army, the entirety of the Holy Orenian Empire was called to arms to siege a hostile encampment on the Empire's southern borders which would be known as the Battle of Boomhill, named for the reserve of Boomsteel the besieged were mining into. On the western front of the Battle the 3rd Brigade dealt a crushing blow to the opposing forces completely dismantling any sort of opposition on that flank, largely contributing to the success of the overall battle. The Battle of the Kahaen Sea- Following the Battle of Henry's Wharf, Anne of Crestfall discovered the location of the rebel leader, Tim 'The Rotund'. A fleet was then assembled by the Princess to combat Tim who was announced to be operating out of the Kahaen Sea. On the morning of the 17th of Tobias' Bounty, the flotilla randevued at Henry's Wharf to amass a total of one galleon and two sloops. In the late morning, anchors were raised and the fleet set sail towards Tim's fleet which from reconnaissance missions was said to consist of one Man of War & one sloop. Around 14:00, the first contact was made between the two factions and a battle ensued which would come to be known as the Battle of the Kahaen Sea. During the battle as the H.I.M.S Empress Anne was being boarded by rebel forces, elements of the 3rd Brigade led by Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith moved to counter them. Leading a charge against the boarding forces the rebels were routed by the superior 3rd Brigade discipline and speed, allowing for ample time for the H.I.M.S Empress Anne to retreat from the battle. The Skirmish of 1817- 5 years after fighting in the Battle of Robert's Folly (1812), hearing word of Bandits south of Redenford Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith led men from the 3rd Brigade, to scout and eliminate the Bandit threat. Upon moving towards the encampment without the knowledge of the Bandits below Robert positioned his men surrounding the camp and with crossbows drawn they fired upon it, killing two with the first shot and wounding others, ordering his men to shout as they fired in order to give the impression of a larger force. After the initial volley the 3rd Brigadiers charged into the encampment killing all but one, whom they captured and interrogated in return for important intelligence and information regarding the operations of the Redhoods near Redenford. The Battle of Peter's Bridge- During the early morning of 7th of Grand Harvest, 23 S.A., a 3rd Brigade exercise was moving down towards the Providence Bridge led by Officers Captain Robert Archibald Galbraith and Lieutenant Oliver Crowly. This training exercise was cut short not long after by word from Lukas Castile and Antonyus Horen detailing a Ferrymen force incoming. Moments later a force of 300 Ferrymen confronted the combined force of 3rd Brigadiers and their allies. After a seemingly constant cycle of charges and counter charges the 3rd Brigadiers and their allies managed to break the Ferryman force routing it. All of the Ferrymen were either killed or wounded. The Battle of Outer Arentania- In the beginning, 4,200 strong Norlandic host marched directly towards the Imperial flanking force consisting of 1,600 infantry while the rest of the Imperial host consisting of 7,800 Infantry and Archers moved towards the middle of the field. Upon the Imperial flanking force spotting the main Norlandic rally marching towards it, it withdrew southwards and alerted the main Imperial force. The main Imperial force then turned westwards towards the Norlandic rally, at the same time the Imperial flanking force halted its retreat and turned to fight the Norlandic vanguard. Moments later the Imperial vanguard slammed into the eastern side of the Norlandic rally followed by the main Imperial force itself. The fighting lasted only minutes as the majority of the Norlandic rally was overwhelmed by the greater Imperial numbers and cut down. Many Norlanders attempted to retreat from the field however they were shot down by the Imperial archers as they fled. The Cavalry could be considered vital to the victory of this engagement, without the Vanguard the battle would have certainly been a much more prolonged and bloody affair for the Orenian side. If you are interested in the Brigade do not hesitate to contact an Officer in the ISA about either enlisting in the ISA or to transfer to the 3rd Brigade Signed Rt Hon. Captain Sir Robert Archibald Galbraith, 1st Baron of Rivia, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Lion
  18. Our message is to those who turn hate toward free people, the ones who beat innocent children, men, women and more in the name of a higher power. This is the official document, stating the creation of the Pride Rights Activist Group. This group is inclusive, of all races, genders and sexual orientation for everyone across Almaris. We welcome you to join us in this group, and in the fight for our lives against the ones who take our lovers, our sisters, and our brothers from us. They demand we conform, that we hide in the shadows of who we are, but I say we fight back, we show them who we are in a protest that will take back our freedom. Join us to fight, or join us to support. We are family, and we matter. Signed, Doc, Leader of the Pride Revolution
  19. The first ever convention is to be held this Saturday. I am terribly sorry for the delay in events. Getting back into school and having to get settled was tough. But now that it is October. I am finally excited to be able to bring my dream and so many others to life. The Event will be held in Yong-Ping. For those interested in coming to the event, we ask you bring food, drink, art or any other items that represent your respected culture. This event is about peace and togetherness. So with that being said. This upcoming Saturday, October 9th, at 3PM EST - 4PM EST will be the first ever Woman's Convention of Almaris! Held in the Chen Casino on the pier of Yong-Ping. (For all interested in attending let me know, so we can have an idea of how many seats and how much food will be needed) Remember to Join the Discord for further updates and any changes that may occur https://discord.gg/fhA5dHJS
  20. Looking for Players Looking for players for the Scáth family, currently living in the Duchy of Rozania. The mother is a goblin, Ezra Scáth. Originally from Krugmar, and had moved to Sutica. The separation of Sutica and many in Sarissa left her and her husband Brawly to go with the Sarissans to a new settlement, now known as The Duchy of Rozania. The father is a human, Brawly Scáth. Living in Sutica and Sarissa his whole life, he is a trained medic. He is a part of the KAR (military) and the Master of Medicine in Rozania. There are also other siblings within the family, Paige Rynn-Scáth, sister of Zahira and Soren, who has left her adopted family, to find her real parents. She comes around occasionally to check in on her younger siblings. Yerro Scáth, brother of Zahira and Soren, who is still living with the family. Players needed: Zahira Scáth (daughter) A female human-goblin hybrid. She has blonde hair and heterochromatic eyes. Zahira is a mild-mannered child who loves both of her parents. At this time, she has not developed much as a character, but will gain more character traits as she is RP’d more. A blank slate of a character, as of now. She has a family that speaks Blah, but she herself does not need any knowledge of that yet. Soren Scáth (son) A male full goblin adopted by the Scáth family. This goblin kub is brand new to the Scáth family so his RP is currently open to interpretation. He was found abandoned in Krugmar with no hints to his prior family besides a generic note written in blah that stated that the previous caregiver was no longer able to care for him. He has knowledge of Blah, and uses that as his main language. If you are interested in playing either of these characters, contact on discord. Discord: Dope Bob weed pants#8972 animallover23#0171 Both persona’s are under 14, and subject to interpretation. Skins are able to be edited lightly, if you want with permission from the parents. We ask you to be active, about one to two times a week. Timeszones are PST/CST Fun Group to RP with, and really great ooc vibes, we are a irp and ooc fam, so only real serious players please. Thank you!
  21. [!] Passed about and pinned around would be a rather appealing letter! Little smudges from ink could be seen, giving it a cute messy look! At the top is a messily drawn picture of a hand [!] ------ -♡ A Demand For Compassion ♡- Ve time has come for hatred and cruelty to begone! Nie more will it be okay for strangers to pass around papers declaring they plan to hunt down those who am ve friends of humans! Haense am our home, this world am our home and Godan created it for us all to love and care for each other! People come saying that ve world needs to be pure and cleaned, saying that we am niet allowed to learn ve ways of our kind Mali friends! Ve real truth am that friendship with all races will lead to prosperity! So join us! Join ve kind hearted youth of Haense - take our hands and help lead everyone into a safe future. Befriend all, friendship am ve key to help Haense and ve world flourish. This am a demand, if we keep up this cruelty Haense will be in danger! Ve world will be in danger! We need to rejoice in ve love and life that Godan has given us! Nie matter where vy are, spread kindess! Protecting vy always - Ve Daughters of Haense [!] At the bottom of the page just above the signature is two fingerprints shaped to form a heart. [!]
  22. THE AURVELDT SPRING HUNT A painting of a previous ball sits at the top of the missive. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, Viscount Isaak Amador and Viscountess Eleanora Helaine Amador are pleased to announce the Aurveldt Spring Hunt in celebration of Their Majesties, King Sigismund III and Queen Emma Karenina’s tour of our beloved kingdom. While a hunt for the finest boar of Hanseti-Ruska takes place, led by the King and Viscount Amador, Viscountess Amador will hold a tea for the gentlewomen in the gardens of Aurveldt. Guests are encouraged to bring their hounds to the event. Afterwards, the successful catches from the hunt will be butchered and served to the guests. INVITATIONS WOULD BE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his noble pedigree His Grace, Ruslan Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Jan Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Yvo Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree SIGNED, The Honorable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt, Baron of Mondstadt The Honorable, Eleanora Helaine Amador, Viscountess-Consort of Aurveldt, Baroness-Consort of Mondstadt, Lady Chamberlain of Nikirala Prikaz [OOC: To be held on Thursday, September 30th at 4:30 PM EST/9:30 PM GMT]
  23. The Birds of the world, flocked around the graceful Peacock. When I, Chen Wenqian arrived in Yong-Ping. I was a woman of tradition and dedicated myself to the morals that were instilled to me, by my mother and governess. Hopeful, to bring forth tradition into my descendants living in Yong-Ping. But instead, I found that my grandchildren, their families, and friends taught me something, opening my eyes in a new way. When I was young, I never would have imagined associating with anybody outside of Ai-Zhou. But to my surprise, we had visitors, from across the globe visit us. Shocking to me at first, I eventually began to come around... My Initiative Now, that my openness to the entire world has blossomed. I wish to learn more of ladies across the world. A form of exchange of traditions, culture, values, among other things. Push aside the conflict between our nations aside, and unite under the one thing that we have in common that we are woman. letters and flyers are spread to the... The Ladies of the Holy Orenian Empire The Ladies of the Kingdom of Haense The Ladies of the Kingdom of Nordland The Ladies of the Crown of Elvenesse The Ladies of the Silver State of Haelun'or The Ladies of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Ladies of the Rexdom of Krugmar The Ladies of the Unified Domain of Vortice The Ladies of the Jade State of Yong-Ping The Ladies of the Fakhr Oasis And the other ladies of the land.... Can we come together, as one. Share the things we love, share bread, and share awareness and understanding of each others cultures to one-another. I want us all to realize, that our race, culture, nationality does not define our connection as woman. We may be different in many aspects, but we are mothers, we are sisters, we are aunts, we are grandmothers, we are cousins. We Are Woman. I am hopeful that you all can agree with what I have said and that we can all learn something from one another in the future. Signed, by Chen Wenqian ~~
  24. Simply how to be happy: Step 1: stop playing LOTC Step 2: do anything else, take a bike ride somewhere or boot up that old videogame you haven't touched in a while Hope this helps :D
  25. The funeral pyre of King Sven II of Norland. Penned by Rev Vuiller from his experience during the historic moment in Norlandic History. Written on the 1st of the First Seed, in the year of our lord 1829 An painting of Rev Vuiller depicting the young man writing. It where an weathered day in our city of Providence when I packed my bags readying myself for my long travel to an place I'd had never believed I would set my foot on anything other than a diplomatic meeting, but as I had come to know from love, most things are not as first believed by eyesight. Upon entering the ferry carrying me to the docks of Varhelm I sat there with my book drawing the wonderful landscapes of the Kingdom we not long ago thought against on bloody battlefields, and today I where on my way to the funeral pyre of the man who had declared war upon our up most Holy Orenian Empire. Sketch taken from the notes of Rev Vuiller. As I entered the usually busy docks of Varhelm I met a quiet city in morning their late King, the docks not worked within, the people gathered within the scare as a funeral pyre had been made. the pieces left of the body of the late King gathered upon the pyre as friends and foes stood still in respect. Once the whole flock had gathered around the High Keeper would take her stance in front of the pyre placing a pair of candles upon the pyre by the head and feet of the late king, next she’d place a blade upon his chest uttering a prayer in Old Norlandic, after the masked priestess would hold up a decanter as well as an golden goblet, pouring a small portion of the wine to the ground before she’d fill the goblet placing it upon the pyre by the hand of the late King, she’d then turn as she’s begin to speak. "Today we mourn the loss of Sven Edvardsson; King Sven II of Norland. His life was a short one, and it was certainly an impactful one. In his few years as King he did a great many things comparatively, that is. He didn’t quite have the time to do as much as he could have. Sven was the fourth man to rule our people during my lifetime, and the third that I coronated personally. While I cannot say I was a fan of Sven, I will only ever remember him as a good man, if a bit too quick-to-action.” The public gathered would look to one another, as my eyes drifted a bit to the side as an old man in an humble grab would take his stance next to me, though aged and clearly in a more humbled grab I at the instant recognized the man as the former King of Norland Halvar Edvardsson. he’s face saddened as he'd look to the pyre where his son laid, the High Keeper would then once again begin to speak. "Today we usher our fallen King on to the next life, to be with the Father and serve as a solider for his Eternal Mission. But first, we must remember and honor him properly, and so I invite those who are so inclined to step forward, place your offerings upon the pyre, and say whatever words you wish to say in his Honor” A drawing sketched by Rev Vuiller of the former King Halvar Edvardsson of Norland, looking into the fires where his son would lie. The priestess would step towards the side as she motioned her hand towards the pyre, a slight cough leaving her lounge's behind her mask. Many unknown to me walked to the pyre placing upon its offerings to the late King as they would speak their kind words, I myself seemed to be the only Orenian at the funeral pyre therefore I walked to the pyre placing a shield upon it which I carried during the Tenth Nordling war. After looking at the other offerings, none of the faces stood out to me but those of two people, as I knew who they were. These being the former King Halvar Edvardsson, and the late King Sven II’s cousin and now King Vane Freysson. As Vane walked to the pyre he’d place multiple items upon it giving a firm nod of respect to his cousin before he’d turn to speak his thought "Ye were a good King cousin, ye were gone before yer time, but ye are with the Father now, with our Ancestors” he paused, a deep breath leaving his lounge's as he’d look to the ground for a moment before raising his chin “I am glad ye are there to protect us eternal from the Long Dark” he then walk from the pyre, once more taking his stance as he looked to it, in peace. A moment of silence would then pass, as the High Keeper looked to the gathering “Nothing further then?” she’d state, not long after the aging man by my side would raise his hand before he’d move towards the pyre while stating “I've got one..” the High Keeper would give of a solemn nod of recognition as an response. The former King would withdraw a roll of cloth, tied with a lengthy rope around it, withdrawing an aged looking but pristine sword holding an Norlandic ruby within its crossgard. “This served me well in the Inferi war. May it serve you well by the Father’s side. My Greatest regret will forever be my absence in your last moments, My pride and Joy.. My son” The former King would seem broken down, almost unable to stand by the end before he’d make his way back to the crowd, his hands placed behind his back as he’d look to the pyre. The elderly priestess would then once again give a solemn nod as she’d begin to pace her way behind the pyre “Then with the offerings made, we will proceed” she’d lift her staff towards the seven skies as she’d continue to speak “We now lay Sven II properly to rest. May our fallen King find glory in the forever-after, at the side of the Father, our protector and bulwark against the Darkness” she announced, lowering her flamebrand to begin, setting the pyre alight with brazier at its ends. an inferno growing from the pyre as the flames would raise, and thus we had given our farewells to the late King of Norland Sven II Even though bad blood has been spilt between the Kingdom of Norland and our up most Holy Orenian Empire many times before as close to our present day as the tenth Nordling war, it is important that we do not forget that they are still children of Godan, lost from his eternal light. Thus it was an important experience to partake in the funeral of the late Norlandic Monarch. We shall not forget the pain, blood and lost life's of our brothers and sisters, but we shall take these times and memories and use them for a better tomorrow. for a TIME of PEACE. Written by Rev Vuiller from his in person experience at the funeral of King Sven II of Norland.
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