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Found 1 result

  1. The Brothers of the Riverborn “As the rivers tear through the earth, we shall shake mountains. We are Riverborn” “The Brothers of the Riverborn are a military order dedicated to upholding the law of the Orenian Empire. The Order are dedicated vassals of His Exhalted Grace, Duke Augustus d’Amaury of Lorraine Within the barony, of Riverhold they station their men under the wing of House Mallister. The Order upholds strict views of military excellence, continuously looking forward to progress in their goals of breeding the pinnacle of the Orenian warrior. The Order was created by Josiah Mallister, the current Grandmaster, and Baron Doran Mallister of Riverhold in thought of a grand levy for the Mallister land of Riverhold. The Order welcomes all men, peasant and knight alike, to uphold Orenian law in the name of House Mallister.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWruBwPNBOs The Testaments: Thou shall always serve faithfully and execute the will of thy superior Thou shall not jeopardize the stability of the Brotherhood Thou shall judge all fairly in accordance with the laws of the Orenian Empire Thou shall not steal from any men under the reign of the Empire Thou shall treat thy weapon as an extension of self and treat thy armor as thy skin Thou shall always uphold the law of the Orenian Empire Thou shall not act against the Order or an order brother Ranks of the Brotherhood: -The Command- Grandmaster - Heads of the Brotherhood Marshall - Second in command of the brotherhood Captain - Commands a Squadron Lieutenant - Second in command of a squadron -The Enlisted- Sergeant - Bannerman, usually leading a line Footman - Initiated member Initiate - Newly inlisted Titles of the Brotherhood Grand Seneschal - Responsible for researching into the past history of the applicants of the order through interviews Grand Almoner - Is the main recruiter and promoter of the Order. This position can be held by anyone who is rising through the ranks within the Order, swearing to be on his best behavior on and off duty. Grand Secretary - Responsible for writing down the orders history along with expenditures and managing the wages of the troops. Application Ooc; Age(optional); Skype(optional); Do you have teamspeak?; Timezone?; RP; *A man approaches you in an inn in Felsen* "So lad ya wish tae join our order aye? Sign 'ere and report to Riverhold." Name; Age; Profession;