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Found 7 results

  1. Jaromir Kos Frostiron Jaromir Kos Frostiron comes from a now decayed noble family. His father Jivic Kos was also a member of the Kos clan, very proud of being a Kos, he had betrayed everything, family, relatives, clan, nation for his beloved. Luri'ski Frostiron, was a young high elf, strong in combat, skilled in all types of weapons, from lethal to non-lethal. She had also left her entire family for Jivic. The two had four children, Jaromir the eldest, and two girls, together with his younger brother. One bad day, bandits probably sent by Luri'ski's family killed the daughters, the father was mutilated and brutally killed. That day only Luri'ski was saved, forcibly brought back by his family, Jaromir and his younger brother who welcomed him as a father figure. That day, Jaromir killed several bandits solely with a knife...he was ten years old. From that day he hid his long ears, only he and his sister... the eldest of the family were born, as hybrids. The youngest were born as Adunians. Crimson red eyes and white hair had always been an unrecognizable feature of the Frostiron family. From that day Jaromir reunited with Tadeusz Kos, head of the Kos clan of which his father, a Reinmar, belonged. She helped him for several years, until Norland when she met and adopted Lilibeth, a small and frail girl, abused by her father and with her crimson red hair. Jaromir decided to break away from the Kos, living in Chambery, coming into contact with various people and joining the military corps of Celianor, for now. Owner of the Crimson Mercenary Group and owner, skilled in making liquor. VINCENT AUCLAIR After the collapse of the Auclair family, Vincent left his house to found a new home. Becoming a good merchant for the Crimson Guild and helping Jaromir in some fight and mercenary battle. He has the same characteristic of the Auclair family, blonde hair and blue eyes. He found a new home with Jaromir, helping him in his business. But after years living in the cold Norland, he decided to search for Amelie, his little sister not knowing that she became a famous woman. He hopes that she will remember him, and not be mad for his decision. Hoping to help his sister in restauring the household. Skilled as Jaromir in merchant and with money, he travels around the continent losing his way of speaking, good also at fighting. He always helps and does all what he needs for his faith. HIS LORDSHIP, VINCENT AUCLAIR , CRIMSON GUILD OWNER
  2. THE CRIMSON GUILD FOUNDATION ----------------------------------- In today's date, Crimson Iron Guild is born. A guild that Will be composed of all kinds of races, from merchants to mercenaries and treasurers, and donors. Its purpose, and the with duty and experience I, Jaromir Kos, undertake to create a guild with hooks all over the continent, creating and receiving information of all kinds. We want and expect to attract all kinds of people, with respect for diversity. Jaromir Kos, Grand Master of the Crimson Guild https://discord.gg/qK9nKgYP
  3. The Valorous Griffin guild An organization that came out of its founder's deep sense of justice and independence. Leonardo Mallory Faervel Griffin founded the guild. All so members could do good in the world in the ways only they could. instead of helping create, protect, or build an organization for someone else? He had come To be the founder of his own. A decision not made lightly in the slightest and one that did not change his ideals. To help those in need, protect those who need protection, Pursue knowledge, feed his creativity and to take care of his fellow guild members. all things he will encourage each member to strive for. The Griffin guild's oaths are ones Leonardo brought over from another guild. Ones he helped write himself and ones he adds to as necessary. His goals are lofty but attainable. The Griffin guild is to have 4 branches. One for each cardinal direction. They will also have a naval ship And in the future most possibly a fleet. The Valourous Griffins will take to the water protecting Aevos seas. Each member will be trained in naval and or non naval combat but that is not the only option to help. The guild has different crafts available, and divisions all its own. Such as woodwork and crafts, trade in weapons, alcohol and jewelry, a smithy shop, as well as the pursuit of magical, alchemical, or medical knowledge. finally don’t forget the care for the cities where guild branches base themselves. There is truly no task too small for every action and skill counts. People of all backgrounds are welcome to join. Everyone does their part to support the guild. Members will have access to knowledge, opportunities, and training they could not receive alone. They will be provided shelter in the guild halls, materials for their crafts, herbs if needed, and a forge for the smiths. The guilds combat-focused divisions will have chances to go on many missions. Be it fighting monsters, thieves, or crooks. To raiders, Dark Cults, And large-scale disruptors of peace. There will be Chances for competitions and activities will be plentiful as the Griffin guild has its own celebrations. Both to keep up morale and keep their members sharp. please read bellow for recruitment possibilities and contact information Contact Signed Leonardo Mallory Faervel Griffin
  4. The Goldhand Clan Any dwarf with ambitions to acquire vast wealth is almost certainly a Goldhand. The Goldhand Clan are dwarven merchants at heart. They embody the utilisation of greed for dwarves and the advantage it brings when dealing with others in trade matters. Quick-witted and always looking for a good deal, they often make up the upper echelon of dwarven society, constituting dwarven aristocrats. The Goldhands are devout worshipers of the Merchant Brothers, Armakak, the God of Trade, and Grimdugan, the God of Avarice. Every aspect of Goldhand affairs are permeated by their faith in the two Merchant Brothers, from the way they conduct business to their weapons and gear. A Goldhand seeks to balance both Armakak and Grimdugan, and over the course of joining the clan, they will learn how to do so. For Goldhands, to truly be in the Clan is to combine both aspects of the Merchant Brothers. Balance is an integral part of the Goldhand identity, and is praised. A true Goldhand believes and acts out the balance between Armakak and Grimdugan. By this, they praise and enact The Merchant Brother’s will through their work. Money makes the world go round. They believe that not might, but MONEY makes right. Anything can be achieved for the right price. "Born of the First Merchant, Tungdil Goldhand. Said to be descended from The Merchant Father himself. With Gold and Silver flowing through your body. Priceless gems adorning your clothes. Coin filling your pocket. You are of a Noble Clan. You are a Goldhand." Perhaps centuries ago, these words rang true. However, in Almaris, the Clan Lord Conan Goldhand returned to see that the clan vault stood empty. Indeed the most dreadful sight a Goldhand could ever imagine. To restore the clan to its former glory, a new set of rules and traditions has been introduced to restore the clan to its former glory. THE RULES OF TRADING Created by Conan Goldhand, The Rules of Trading can be seen written in gold on the front page of The Book of Trades: The Rules of Trading make up the fundamental philosophy each Goldhand must follow. It is the only way to please the Merchant Brothers and the First Merchant. Every Goldhand must swear an oath to follow the Rules of Trading. Any Goldhand deemed to have broken the rules is permanently exiled and deemed unworthy. GREED IS GOOD DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WEARING ROBES BETTER THAN YOUR OWN EVERYONE IS A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER YOU CANNOT MAKE A DEAL WHEN YOU ARE DEAD THE MORE GOLD YOU HOARD, THE HIGHER YOUR PRICE WILL BE AT THE AUCTION OF THE DEAD ONCE YOU HAVE THEIR MINA, NEVER GIVE IT BACK. OPPORTUNITY PLUS INSTINCT EQUALS PROFIT A GOLDHAND WITHOUT PROFIT IS NO GOLDHAND AT ALL WAR IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS PEACE IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS A GOOD LIE IS EASIER TO BELIEVE THAN THE TRUTH GOLD LASTS LONGER THAN FRIENDSHIP NOTHING CAN TARNISH THE SHINE OF GOLD ALL SALES MUST BE RECORDED IN THE BOOK OF TRADES TRADITIONS Clan Meetings Every two stone weeks, the entirety of the clan meets to discuss any new entrepreneurial ventures they have begun, market prices, and most importantly, how many trades they have made. Counting the Coin Ceremony At the end of each stone month, each Goldhand’s profit is counted and totalled up. It is then placed into the vault for safekeeping. A feast is held for the Clan Member who achieved the most trades that month. Burial A coin is placed over the deceased tongue, all the material wealth they managed to gather throughout their life is placed around them. Then they are cast in Gold. A summation of their life's value. HISTORY CLAN RELICS In typical Goldhand fashion, it would appear that most of the known Clan Relics have been hoarded away or bartered in some trade. The Scales of Tungdil The scales of Tungdil is an elaborately crafted device etched with jewels of many colors. It is not known if it holds any mystical powers, but for many within the clan, it would be seen as a device that would be used for measuring deals and used against those who have done the clan wrong. The Twin Swords Parathak and Krest Forged by Conan Goldhand from the remnants of the gold which was acquired in Kal'Urguan. The blades each represent one of the Merchant Brothers. Due to their material, they serve very little combative use apart from protection against the undead. The Great Book of Trades Within this leather bound book , on each gold leaf page lies every trade every successfully made by a member of the Goldhand Clan. Trials Any direct descendant of the First Merchant Tungdil Goldhand who swears to follow the Rules of Trading is welcome within the clan. Furthermore, any dwed with enough greed and enterprise may join the Goldhand Clan. As it stands, the clan currently has no trials. It is up to the judgement of the Clan Lord when a clanmate is ready to become a fully fledged member. Application
  5. Festival of Armakak 9th of the Grand Harvest, year 60 of the SA Armakak, the God of Trade. An artist’s depiction of an ancient Dwarven hold. With the war becoming more non-existant and irrelevant every day, High Prophet Norli Starbreaker of the Da Kirkja Dverga has authorised initiate Gildroc Goldhand to hold a day of festivities, succeeding a pilgrimage to Armakak that shall be held a month before. A day of festivities, that shall honour the god of trade and ensure his presence is felt in the minds of the dwarves. A day of unity, of solidarity to remember at heart the Dwarves are a folk fond of seeking riches. A ceremony to honour Armakak shall be conducted before the start of the Festival, and after that is complete an open-market will be hosted within the Temple of the Worldmaker in Kal’Darakaan. Any dwarf, be they a Goldhand or not; may participate in the event. To secure a stall within the temple of the Worldmaker, please seek out Gildroc Goldhand or send him a letter before the day in question. Signed Initiate Gildroc Goldhand
  6. The Blackfist Company The Blackfist Company is a mercenary, merchantry and worker force situated in the Kal’Krest. The purpose of the company is the growth of the members in their skills and nature, and to become a place known for it’s quality of product and membership. The Company was founded by Magnus Blackfist, Clanfather of the Blackfist clan and Jarl of Kal’Krest. Once the initiate is elevated to one, or multiple of the three sects, he will be given housing within the city and room along with guidance to practice his/her arts. - Ranks - Company Inititate: The first rank of the Company is given to a recruit as he joins it. This is only temporary, and he will after a short time be sorted into the other sections. All members of the Blackfist Company can be in multiple of the groups, but can only master one of them. This means that one must chose carefully before selecting. - Warriors - The shield and sword of the Company. They protect the Company and it's interests whatever they might be. The Shield protects the merchants, workers and artisans, while the sword can be bought if the price is right. - Commander - The Commanders lead the veterans and footmen into battle, and is in charge of training them. It is their job to cultivate their potential and mold their abilities not only as combatants but also as leaders. - Black Centurions - The Elite rank of the Blackfist Company is part of the warrior section sent in to break an opposing force, or to carry out the most dangerous missions. - Veteran - Specialized rank: Axemen, Swords, mounted lancers, and archers are separated in this rank. This is where the warriors are sorted into squads and they will be given horses and better weapons to fulfill their roles. - Footman - The first promotion of the company. This is before they are specialized in combat, and are given the rank of veteran. This is where they are given their sets of armor, and expected to fight for the betterment of the company. - Artisans - The Artisans are the Blacksmiths, Stonemasons, Enchanters, Architects, and so on. They supply the merchants and warriors with the necessary equipment to fulfill their jobs. - Master Craftsman - The Master Craftsmen are the experts of the Company in their art. Amongst the Artisans they are respected and well taken care of, as the quality of their work is without equal. To become a master craftsman an journeyman has to complete a “Masterpiece” to illustrate their skill in their art. The Masterpiece can be everything from an perfectly cut gem. - Journeyman Craftsman - The Journeymen are craftsmen that have completed their apprenticeship and are officially acknowledged by the Blackfist Company. Their craft is trusted to the footmen, veterans and seniors. They are also trusted to produce building material in mass for sale or for city building. - Apprentice Craftsman - The Apprentices are craftsmen which have yet to prove themselves for the Company, and work under the supervision of a Journeyman or Master. - Workers & Merchants - This is the blood of the company, where the resources are gathered and bartered. The workers gather the resources, while the merchants sell them or buy them from others. - Master - The masters are trusted with overseeing the other members, and are free to do as they please when it comes to agreements. Their agreements are not just limited to other groups or single individuals, but also cities and nations on behalf of the Blackfist Company. - Senior - Later on when they have proven their worth to the Company they are given the rank of Senior Worker/Merchant, and are trusted to work more on their own. For the workers this does not change much, but the Merchants are given bigger freedom to their trade and allowed to make agreements on their own with other groups. - Aspirant - When the merchants and workers start out they are aspirants, working under a more senior member of the Company until they are trusted to start more on their own. - Recruitment - The Blackfist Company accepts people from all races, despite it’s founding by the Dwarven Blackfist Clan. Already it’s ranks hold a few of the other races, and membership is given without discrimination. The Blackfist Company offers an environment where one can develop your skills with the guidance of veterans, no matter what they be. You may join any of the groups, and even multiple of them if that is your wish, though mastering any of them will take time. - Masters - This is meerly the list over the masters, and does not hold the full member list. - Application - Depending on your personal skill you might jump ahead the apprentice stage, and in some cases the journeyman stage in certain parts of the Company. City of Kal'Krest The Blackfist Company is located in the dwarven lands, within the city of Kal'Krest a city for the company and by the company.
  7. The Pick & Hammer Guild of Owynswood Forging a better future! What are we? The Pick & Hammer Guild of Owynswood is a trading organization bent on providing better opportunities and a stable workplace for Smiths, miners, and any merchants working in the industry of refining metals and gemstones! How does this work? The Pick & Hammer Guild has a list of benefits and responsibilities listed below, and all of these must be followed, and these are always subject to a change by popular vote! A ranking system for individual branches allows for individuals who have shown outstanding loyalty, trust, skill and innovation to be promoted and gain benefits worthy of their dedication. The List of Responsibilities and Benefits Responsibilities of a Smith The responsibilities of a smith are as listed: To participate in the guilds activities and remain at least reasonably active within the guild community To sell your crafted goods excess of registered amounts to registered merchants of the guild for sale to non-guild members Benefits of a Smith The benefits of a smith are as listed Smiths receive a non-competitive and stable workplace to pursue their craft Smiths may buy Iron from the guild at 4 mina apiece ​New smiths may receive training and apprenticeship under older or higher ranking guild members Smiths may bring up issues in their work environment to guild attention, allowing for these to be addressed as the guild progresses (For example, if the price of leather is too high, we can have a meeting to hire cow breeders and leather workers for the guilds convenience) Responsibilities of a Miner Miners must sell goods to the guild, at negotiable prices. Must participate in the guild's activities and be at least reasonable active in the guild community Benefits of a Miner Miners may keep any ores they dig up for themselves, but, if they wish to sell them for more mina, may sell directly to the guild. Miners may vote on issues to improve their workplace. Miners will be provided with established mining locations, first hand information on the prices of the goods mined, and training on how to better mine and locate ores Miners may also take up apprenticeship under more advanced miners, and be scheduled to go on join mining operations. Requirements of a Merchant Must be able to set up a shop ((Be VIP)) or show documented proof of sales if they cannot. ((Screen Shots)) Responsibilities of a Merchant To sell and buy goods from miners or smiths at a reasonable price To adjust prices, if in an iron recession, or to adjust prices if selling price of items is too high compared to buying price To maintain shops and restock goods Benefits of a Merchant Stability and assurance that your goods will be sold, rather than be outsold by smiths who can create and sell weapons independently for cheaper Direct suppliers The ranks of the Guild Miner Ranks Strip Miner: The strip miner is the starting and basic form of miner. While everyone starts out as a strip miner, one does not have to stay in this position if their mining level is at least Apprentice. To be promoted for strip miner, one must actively participate in the guild for at least a week. Strip miners receive all the rewards and benefits listed in the initial Responsibilities and Benefits, but no extra. Iron Hunter: The Iron Hunter is the second mining rank, and is rewarded to Apprentice miner or higher who has lasted a week in the guild. The Iron Hunter is given the ability to attend Guild meetings, although, may not have a say in the going on's or actions of the guild. An Iron Hunter may enter the dark mines. An Iron Hunter will receive free pickaxes and weapons for the dark mines. An Iron Hunter may apply to join a mining expedition, should he be experience enough, and go on mining expeditions with Deep Miners. For an Iron hunter to advance, he must gather 768 guild points. Guild points are earned by selling iron to the guild at 2 points apiece, or donating it for 4 points apiece, which makes a massive difference. Deep Miner: The Deep miner is the third mining rank, and is rewarded to a proficient miner or higher that has earned 768 guild points. The Deep Miner has a say in the meetings and can vote on things such as councilmen, public voting bills, and even present their ideas before the council and public. The deep miner may apply to lead expeditions into the mines (an expedition is a singular person or a group of people entering the mines to set up an entirely new mine-shaft leading into fresh land), eligible to apply for food and workstations for these expeditions, as well as Iron Hunters to be sent into the mines with them. To get any higher in the guild, you have to be voted in by a group of peers, or selected by either the Founder or Adviser Mining Council: The mining council is the selection of leaders (The number of councilmen varies on number of miners) voted into office by their peers, or selected by the Adviser or Founder. The council will lead and conduct meeting, as well as have the final say (unless the Adviser or Founder is present) in a disputed bill. Councilmen will also meet with the Adviser and Founder to determine if the current bills in effect are helpful or damaging to the overall economy of the guild. The Councilmen are also in charge of attempting to recruit miners, keep miners informed, and determine which expeditions to grant and what workstations, tools, and Iron Hunters will be allotted to the Deep Miners. Smith's Ranks, Merchant Ranks, and High Councilmen Ranks coming soon! Want to apply? The format of your application should be as follows: Name MC Username Current skill in your profession What you want to be registered as in the guild (Miner, smith, or merchant, or if more than one please specify) VIP? Skype Name?(If you do not have Skype this is not mandatory but is recommended) What region(s) or guild(s) are you currently apart of? Golden Fortune from The Pick and Hammer Guild
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