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  1. POSTERS HANG AROUND THE WORLD OF ALMARIS The papers would read; JOIN TODAY! The Gold Bulls (Golden Bulls of Mortemgarde) Follow the teachings of Yemekar, and Aelif. The true high gods of Almaris! Fight like a true warrior and make your way into the eyes of the gods. Reject Modernity and make the North, great once again. Follow Hyperborea and Ancient Northmen ways! Help us spread the word through sacrifice, change and adventure. 555 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------============================---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erik also known as, Erik Wit'an'axe The Future king of the great North Applications: Discord: ING (In-game name):
  2. Frenrir Ireheart, a new fresh 31 year old dwarf, with a lot of adventure, in just one irl day. Frenrir is a new dwarf. He was born into the Irehearts and finally decided to do his trials and start his journey. He begun with going to Du Loc, as he heard his fellow bretheren were there. But at his surprise, a dragon was there. Frenrir with the dragon slaying clan in his blood, began to get furious that the Du Loc Guard would not let him in. Instead, a large ugly Oolog stood in his way and kept the gate shut, while calling him gay. Frenrir began to be furious, and asked two people behind him to go on a plan, however they did not follow up on it, and he got even more enranged, to the point that he got ready, thumped the ground and rushed towards the gates with his baldspot first. He hit the gate, making a loud clang but the gate did not leave a dent, and he was sent backwards and landed on his back. This however did not stop Frenrir, he continued to harass the dragon with words and bang on the gate. Eventually the dragon left and this made Frenrir rage in anger and leave, cursing Du Loc for not letting him in. Frenrir rode into the sun, and towards his home Urguan. Upon arrival, he was greeted by Garrond 'Orcbane' Frostbeard. They had a little convo, and it led to the topic of Bravery. Garrond challenged Frenrir to a test of Bravery where Frenrir was stand onto a wall, and Garrond was to throw an axe over his head, you were not allowed to flinch or duck, or you would lose the game. Garrond threw the axe, and Frenrir swallowed fear whole, and did not flinch. The axe went right over his head and he was safe and sound. The game attracted some folk, including another Ireheart. They all had turns, and eventually it came to someone else throwing the axe. Frenrir volunteered, and as he threw the axe, it was starting to fly towards Garrond, which made him duck, losing the game. Garrond called for another try and as he did, Frenrir threw an axe, which cut into Garronds head a little, but Garrond did not duck, nor flinch during the throw. As Frenrir thought it was fair for him to go up next, because of him hurting Garrond, The other Ireheart volunteered to throw. The Ireheart stepped back and gave the axe a good throw, it would hurl towards Frenrir, and knowingly it would be to low, Frenrir called for the gods as it his into his ear, splitting it almost full in half. Frenrir gave a good laugh and put a cloth around it, allowing it to be healed overtime. After a while of chilling in Urguan, another Ireheart came by, they talked about each others trials, which gave Frenrir the idea to go for them, along with the other Ireheart beardling. Garrond came along as they decided to go towards Krugmar. However, no one would open the gate, and they left. After a lot of chilling around Urguan, Frenrir decided to pay a visit to Elysium. Upon arrival, he was greeted with a large gate, after a while of shouting for someone to get it, a woman in large white armor came by, she called for Frenrir and asked him a couple of questions, which Frenrir answered with no hesitation. Then she called upon him to leave his weapons in a nearby chest. Frenrir, hesitant and cautious tried to negotiate, however it went nowhere, to the point a drunkard was having fun of the conversation. As the conversation lead on, and the persuasion was going nowhere, 3 unusual people came by, they said they came from "Yong Pink" apparently the town was called something else, and there was an argument about it, but the group was in red unusual armor, they were let in and left their weapons in the chest. Frenrir had a lot of insults at them and they threw insults back, there was many arguments, but eventually they all decided to get a drink. Finding no bartender and no one to pass them drinks, they just talked at the tavern, until more guards came along. After Frenrir shouted towards them, they came to Frenrir and the group of strange people. They called upon 2 of them. However, the two did not want to go and it turned into an argument. Frenrir was watching from the sidelines, when a woman came in and started giving out drinks. Frenrir won a bet against one of the strange men and got a free drink, which he slowly drank and slowly begun to get somewhat drunk. Frenrir flirted with a dark elf, which eventually slapped his face, and continued to flirt with him after. Everything eventually died down, and the strange group of people left, after dabbing Frenrir up. Frenrir followed and they left the gates of Elysium before, Frenrir noticed an Orc at the gates. He was a large Orc with red skin. And Frenrir challenged him to a duel. Frenrir and the Orc had a negotiation, and an argument about what happens when the other loses. It went from giving each other their balls, to giving each other their tusk, beard, skin, and eventually the Orc asked Frenrir to follow him. They went to the side of the walls and the Orc asked the elf for a knife. The elf passed him a knife and Frenrir knew what was coming. The Orc would give him the skin he wished for. Frenrir called him out and asked him not to but the Orc had lifted a middle finger at him, and then sliced it off. The finger would fall onto the ground and Frenrir, expecting this to happen, slice off his ear that was injured previously. As it fell, he held it, and the 2 complimented each other for being so tough. The Orc healed the dwarf with shaman magic, and then begun the duel. Both sides fought bravely and full of strength, but the Orc was the one who fell at the end. The Orc called it a good fight and so did the dwarf as he picked him up. They both dabbed up, and gave each other their 'sacrifices.' The Orc kept the ear and Frenrir kept the finger for his trials. Frenrir left Elysium happy that day, he met new friends, flirted and won a duel. just something fun to write about, im bored idk lol
  3. IZIG ANCESTRAL SMITHING ' An Izig smith restoring a weapon Bound in blood and rubble, the histories of orc oft go untold, less it be carried by verbal word or laid into story by Haruspex. The tales of orcish people rarely leave their desert homelands. The process of Ancestral smithing however has been - with the assimilation of Clan Izig, a more common sight amongst the uruk giving way to an influx of historical recollection. Ancestral smithing is used by smiths who seek to maintain their kin’s name, be it clan or bloodline.This is through the maintenance of things like hilts and pommels, guards and decor that once jotted a legendary zult, or orcish sword. Using these restored pieces is believed to carry the blessing of the ancestors who wielded it before them, bringing a Krughai warrior strength in battle, a hunter’s focus in the forest, or guiding a chef’s hand in the kitchen. RESTORATION An ancient Haruspex's mask. The restoration of old weapons is essential in an Izig’s repertoire. Even those who are not smiths are still taught to respect and revere the tools they use, for they bear the mark of the urukim who birthed it. Their essence is passed on in the tools they create, and allows for an Izig, or Ancestralist to physically pass on their wisdom and strength to future generations. As such, totems, carvings and observational trinkets are made so that the Ancestral Spirits can watch over the home or crafting place. They ward the place from spirits of negativity, mental instability, and the negative traits brought on by Krug’s Curse. Bloodlines of Izig often use this restoration to their founders, whether physically reendowing and utilizing these tools, or enshrining and consecrating them as powerful relics for centuries to come. To consecrate the relic, the Haruspex or smith burns incense and ingests cactus green whilst partaking in ceremonial rites to go along with the forging process, blessing the molten metals with the names of glorious smiths, channeling his ancestors before fitting on a guard, ensuring the presence of said ancestors during the making of the item.
  4. TheB0zo

    Cult of Steven

    Join us by replying to this post with "I love you Steven."
  5. OX - The Goblin Clan of Creators - Unlike uruks or ologs, goblins tend to lack the pure physical strength that others of their kin have. They are simply just not made to be these giant fighting machines that crush their enemy with their bare fists. Instead their strength lies elsewhere; in their mind. Goblins are cunning and creative creatures with the ability to come up and even create the most amazing machines. So, instead of crushing their enemy with their fists, they create something to accomplish that for them. Maybe a rock falling off at the right time, or maybe a very spiky roller being spun by the movement of the wagon pushed by some animals towards the enemy line. This is what goblins are for. They think, plan and create machines of any purpose for their kin. Clan Ox intends to bring as many of these goblins together, to work together for even better inventions and creations. After all, where one may get stuck when inventing, another may find a way forward. COMMUNAL INFORMATION - = O = - Not only is the Ox clan intending to create new inventions together, it intends to teach its members new things too. These things tend to vary by who all currently have the time to share their knowledge and what knowledge they even have to share. The general idea of this is to heighten the knowledge base of all Oxies and help them invent even more. RANKS - = O = - Tekgoth - o - Tekgoth is the wargoth of Ox, either being chosen to the position by the old leader or voted in by the court. As the leader of Ox, Tekgoth is one of the most creative and knowledgeable goblins out there. Their job is to look after the Oxies, teach them and make sure they have the means to create any inventions. Elder - o - Elders of the clan are the noticeably older Oxies, once having either been Tekgoths or otherwise notable members of the clan. During their years they have collected mountains of knowledge that any Oxie should listen to. Puzzla & Krafta - o - There are two steps to creating anything: Planning and execution. Without a plan there is nothing to create, and without making anything a plan only stays as an idea. That is what these two roles are for. Puzzlaz are the goblins who tend to prefer planning how various machines would work. Their knowledge is based on books and studies. Kraftas are the ones who tend to prefer the building process more, making the machines actually work. They base their knowledge on experience and muscle memory. The best of both hold the title of Epik Puzzla and Epik Krafta. New Oxie - o - These are those who have just started their journey in the clan, yet having decided what they wanna be and yet to complete their trials. JOINING THE CLAN - = O = - Anyone with majority goblin blood can join the clan. Ox clan is most suitable for those wanting to learn and create, people who are interested in redstone, alchemy, smithing and building. The clan is located in Iron’Uzg, outside the main city of San’Velku. To join please be in contact with one of the clan members, preferably Tekgoth Kretz’Ox. Trial of Agility - 1 - One notable feature of goblins is their speed and reaction time. They use this skill to their advantage, whatever is it in combat or just to get somewhere high up. With this trial, a true Ox proves themself to be a nifty gobbo. Trial of Perception - 2 - Second notable feature of goblins is their creativity. They come up with all kinds of ideas from warmachines to food dispensers in pursuit to make their and their kins life better. This trial is to test the creativity and planning skills of the new Oxie as they design something great. Trial of Intelligence - 3 - The third notable feature of a goblin is their skills to create. Smithing, building, redstone, a goblin always has even some trades under their belt. On this last trial the new Oxie makes their plans from the last trial into reality to prove they can truly make what their mind imagines. CODEX - = O = - Tekgoth is a smart guy, don’t mess with him, or you’ll be his next project; Always have a backdoor; Being dumb is a fine, don’t let the tekgoth fine you nobba; If two Oxies have a disagreement, or a nobber does with another orc, a lawsuit must be filed. Filing a lawsuit is also a fine; Steal a Nobba’s chicken, and you’ll be fined; Pay fines to remove fines, but if you don’t pay your fines you’ll be fined for that; Tekgoth and Ox elders are the only ones capable of handing out Nobber cards; Ox’s live by their creations, but also die by their creations; Anyone with majority goblin blood is allowed into the clan; HISTORY - = O = - The story of clan Ox starts way back in the realm of Vailor. There a young and highly motivated goblin by the name of Snawt’Ox was tasked by the new Rex, Kharak’Raguk, to create a brand new warmachine like no other. And so, that’s what Snawt did. Even after the war machine had been finished he continued his creations, and even achieved the title of Snagagoth. Though eventually Rex Kharak’Raguk’s reign ended with his death, followed by some drastic changes that prompted Snawt’Ox to leave the orc nation behind with his children. They were not homeless for too long though, finding a new home on the islands of Asul, now known in history as Golin’Dar. There the group of goblins soon formed into a clan of creators, engineers and inventors, the Ox clan. Unfortunately political issues eventually struck them, ending up in destruction of Golin’Dar by the nation of Krugmar. Those who survived rejoined the war nation, though it took a bit longer for Snawt’Ox to return. Eventually in the realm of Arcas, Snawt’Ox returned, not as the young and motivated engineer, but as an experienced shaman determined to teach the new generation of Oxies. Through hoops and loops, this job of leading the Ox clan eventually moved from Snawt’Ox to Blazt’Ox to Gadget’Ox, who even was the Rex for a small while back in Arcas after speaking out against the previous one that many found to be unfit to rule. Alas, soon after winning the honor klomp and whitewashing the previous Rex, Gadget herself was defeated and whitewashed. This left the clan for a small while without a leader, until Kretz’Ox became the Tekgoth. Currently in the realm of Almaris, Kretz is attempting to revive and reinvent the clan to be something great. TONGUE OF OX - = O = - Wagwan - Formal greeting Wuddup (Nobba) - Informal greeting Walkie-walkie - Farewell Shekelz - minas Oxie - Young goblin Nobber/Nobba - Git, informal insult. Small mind. Puzzla - An engineer, architector Krafta - An inventor, craftsman Grabba - Crane, mechanical machinery designed to move objects. Rolla - Carts/Wagons. Wheeled objects. Wheels. (Good one) Tekgoth - Head engineer Shoota - A bow/crossbow Boomstick - Boomsteal weapon Boom-booms - Explosives Choppa - Axe, blade Poka - Polearms, spears, spikes. Craka - Hammers, blunt weapons. Splita - Saws, axes. Bit - Bright, lights. Day Dak - Dark, lack of light. Night Burz - Fire, embers, sparks. Burns, scorched earth. Burzin - On fire. Burz’kor - Burnt to death Wavka - Water. Wevk - Wet, damp, moist. Wavka’kor - drowned to death. Sakka - Sand, dry. Betra - Rock, mineral rocks. Kultra - Metallic ore, metal. Strom - Storms. Dok - Witch Doctors Luka - Lutamancer Scer - Farseer Eleka - Elementalist
  6. Haruspices The Martial Shamans Origin “...TO KRUG, SHE GIFTED HIM A BONE KNIFE MADE FROM A MILLENNIUM OLD DRÛTH SKHELL TO CARVE TOTEMS WITH, SO THAT HIS STORIES WOULD COME TO LIVE WHEN REMINISCED BY THE FIRE…” Within the ancient orcish lands of Mor’Ghuun, shamanism was in its infancy. The early children of Krug did not understand the Elemental and Immortal Spirits, nor had the power to walk their planes. In the war against Iblees, many of the orcish people were lost to the undead, empty souls wrenched from the Soul Stream to fight against the living. War horns blared distant, sonorous booms into the fields of battle. The armies of the Four Brothers clashed with Iblees’ undead legions. With each fallen descendant, a novel undead soldier shambled forth in their place, using their weapons to carve their past kinsmen asunder. Yet the Urukin held steadfast against the Fallen One’s onslaught - so too, did the other descendants stand strong in the face of the undead. For decades the battles raged on, and when the dust had settled, and the soulless battalions were driven off, all that remained were the tarnished breastplates and weapons once wielded by warriors of legend. But these were not simple weapons, nor were their blunt edges devoid of use. Once Apohet saw the might of Krug, he created the Spiritual Realms; Immortal, Elemental, and Ancestral. The weaker spirits gushed into the Mortal realm to embody aspects of the world, in hopes of pursuing greater powers within the Spiritual Realm. Dlimbok the Wise, the most intelligent of Krug’s four early children, was the lead strategist in the war against the undying. He watched as his people were slaughtered in battle, and their lives lost. It brought him an indescribable anguish, and a rage that nearly matched his father’s. In this age, there was no Ancestral Realm, no grave tenders, and no records to preserve those who had fallen. To mourn for the lives of his fallen, he took forth the storied knife of Krug, and drew forth a tale that no orc would forget. He collected their weapons, armor and tomes and restored them to their original form, drawing their energies into him. He offered himself up, etching his skin, flesh and bone with the dagger gifted by the Daemon Ydea. The orc had hoped his offering would please the spirits, but instead they granted him a power even greater. His flesh became tapestry. In rending the flesh, his blood, bone, and body became an ink that preserved what was made dead. A finger, a hand, an arm. Dlimblok carved away and with it, those who had been lost became as clear as the night sky. The ink stoked the minds of the orcish people. They could see their battles, their losses, their mistakes, and their culture deep within the magic of Dlimbok’s storied flesh. Much of recorded history had been cast into the horrid fires of Iblees, and with it had gone the proficiency of veterans long dead, but this newly-restored knowledge would help to reshape the ragtag bands of amateur fighters into elite squadrons of feared combatants. Under the same banner, and led into battle by Azgal the Titan, the orcish war machine began once more churning and pushing back against the forces of Iblees, now able to outmaneuver and preserve the lives of the living. They matched the once seemingly endless ranks of undead in fierce combat - and as they spread their knowledge to the other descendant races, Iblees’ lines and formations grew thin across the many fronts. And so, with its aid in Iblees’ defeat, the orcish people learned and grew reverent of this primitive form of shamanism, and many of the former soldiers learned among the greenskins sought out Dlimbok, so that he could teach them in his ways. Explanation Dlimbok was a great orator and strategist, and taught his future students how to use this art in providing knowledge to his people, allowing them to gain insight via the spirits and how to extract insight from the world around them. When the great orc had died, his body was blessed, torn, and scattered across the world as a testament to the profoundness of stories and their tellers. He would become an eternal tale, one that orcs could draw upon at any time to preserve their history. Haruspicy is a non-combative magic dedicated to story-telling and preservation of stories. Haruspex draw upon the torn body of Dlimbok. Rather than connecting to the spiritual realm akin to other types of shamanism, haruspicy calls upon an extremely powerful Ancestral, one who’s blessed body remains within the mortal realm akin to the Muyakelgs of the past. These spells do not grant the user any abilities featured in shamanism, nor allow the user to speak Old Tongue without having knowledge of it. To become a haruspex, one must have studied and devoted themselves to the spirits for at least one IRL month, as Dlimbok would be unlikely to lend his power to one that he believes would be unworthy of it. This feat does not teach any form of shamanism or any aspects about it, though many of the more devout followers of the spirits may know of it and spread the knowledge, orally or through books they may have written on the matter. These could help a prospective haruspex begin on their journey, after which they would continue to forge their own path toward mastery of the feat. Someone experienced in the cultural practices of haruspicy could write a book describing and depicting the processes of these feats and work as a means of spreading the practice. To draw upon Dlimbok’s power, one must create a Threshing Inkwell. This device, powered through various different offerings acts as a catalyst that interacts with the many scattered pieces of Dlimbok. A haruspex calls upon the power of the ancestor Dlimbok for their powers. While his powers extend so far as to allow the user’s memories or stories to come to life, it comes with the caveat that these memories are just as susceptible to degradation as any other memory before they are recorded - that is, haruspicy does not provide perfect memory, and memories from longer ago may therefore be inconsistent with the actual events. Threshing Inkwell The Threshing inkwell is simply a place of offering that threshes all of Dlimbok’s scattered pieces from around the world, and draws power from them. Traditionally, they may be placed in homes or places of gathering, where they are readily available for use. To function, they require an idol, some sort of ceremonial arrangement specific to the haruspex, and a bowl to collect the spiritual ink. To charge the bowl with spiritual ink, the user makes an offering, whether blood, gift, but the most potent-- literature and other storied artifacts. Any thoughtful prose suffices, with the varied offerings empowering the ink in different ways. In the case of physical offerings, these can be burned or otherwise destroyed in proximity of the Threshing Inkwell, which will fill with ink on its own. The Threshing Inkwell only produces ink and exists as a way for the haruspex to channel their powers towards Dlimbok. Destroying the inkwell would simply cause the ink stored within to spill and revert to regular, black ink. Mechanically, the Threshing Inkwells are a communal structure which simply hold a large, but still limited amount of ink charges (up to 60 maximum). Exceeding 55 charges causes the inkwell to begin overflowing. There is no limit on the number of extant threshing inkwells, beyond the fact that any haruspex may only create and ‘own’ one at any given time, despite their communal nature. Upon being created, the inkwell should be reported to any ST members (though they need not be signed, and can be used even if an ST member isn’t immediately available). Any RP to refill the inkwell should be screenshotted and saved. As ink drips down the inkwell’s sides, it has a tendency to transform into small animated figures, perhaps simply out of boredom on Dlimbok’s side. Nevertheless, these figures scurry about the area for a short while before disappearing entirely. The amount of ink that drips from the inkwell is insignificantly small - it does not reduce the amount of ink in any way, and simply exists for roleplay taste. Ink Tiers Tier 1 - 1 Charge - Gifts and Basic Offerings (Prayer, Meditation, etc) Forming a black and basic ink, this form of ink serves as a general base or go-to option when other materials aren’t available. It is also often mixed or added as a filler to other inks. Tier 2 - 5 Charges - Blood and Bone (Descendant/Animal Sacrifices) All viscera, whether animal or Descendant can serve as a more powerful offering to the Threshing Inkwell. Once the ceremony is complete, the bowl fills with a pungent, dark red ink. It smells somewhat like blood, although much more aromatic. At this level, the imagery is extremely striking, though still appears as paints and colors that dance and move. Tier 3 - 15 Charges - Literature, Books, Artifacts Important literature, large books, and powerful artifacts can be offered to the Threshing Inkwell. The ink shifts colors between many deep and bright colors, but will serve to paint in the haruspex’s desired color. At this level, the paint may draw upon the user’s senses, though only briefly and in the more striking parts of the work. Ink Red Lines - Only descendant or normal animal viscera will serve as a tier two offering. - A haruspex cannot use their own blood to fill the Threshing Inkwell. - Stronger inks (Tiers 3+) or more particular effects require a MArt and more significant offerings. - Offerings to the Threshing Inkwell are destroyed in the process of offering Spells Pages Alive [Non-Combat; 2 charges] Description: The caster is able to utilise their Threshing Inkwell’s ink to write onto a book or other such item with a small surface area, no bigger than that of a banner. This ink comes to life when the page is turned, causing it to play out the scene imagined when the ink was first put down, as opposed to having the reader read it. This can also be used to make two-page spreads, though the ink never comes off of the surface of the page itself. Mechanics: To enact this spell, the haruspex first creates the type of ink they wish to use for the pages. Once the haruspex has chosen said ink, they draw symbols, characters, or etchings in whatever language or artstyle they’re most familiar with in the palm of their hand, or another tool like a quill or paintbrush. Once they do so, the ink resonates with their hand, and the whispers of storytellers are faintly present. Then, the haruspex simply touches the material, and the ink transfers. A haruspex may follow this process to fill books without needing to restart the entire process, but requires additional ink for every page. The process is done in four emotes, but can be shortened to two with tools like quills, paintbrushes, and so on. 1) The haruspex readies the ink, meditating on the story or picture they wish to tell. 2) The haruspex draws on their hand, or simply soaks it within the ink. 3) The haruspex touches the paper, smearing the ink on to canvas. 4) The ink transfers from their hand onto the paper, shifting and twisting into the desired image. Pages Alive - Redlines: - Characters in the story who are not known to the haruspex simply appear as faceless visages with no discernible features (horns, tusks, hair etc.) and cannot be used to discern any information about them whatsoever. - A haruspex is only able to put their own memories into the book/banner, and these memories cannot be used to teach magics or other complex skills that need to be taught in person. - A written book or banner is no stronger or weaker than the original product, and the memories written to it are not updated in any way unless updated by another haruspex. - If the surface on which the ink lies is cut in half, or similarly seriously damaged, the ink simply acts as normal ink and dries up. WRITING: 1 EMOTE MEDITATION, 1 EMOTE WRITING EXAMPLE WRITING: [Emote 1] Tulgarok opens his book, as often he had before. He dips his quill into his Threshing Inkwell, as images of what he is to write begin already to form in his mind. Taking a deep breath in, then out, he imagines the way these thoughts will flow on the page. [Emote 2] The orc now puts quill to paper, and begins scribbling down crude forms of people, among other integral parts of his story. Even as he writes, the ink begins to swirl and move just as he had envisioned it. A Storied Artifact [Non-Combat; 20 charges] Description: The caster is able to impart spiritual ink on an object, allowing them to portray a tale stored within the weapon - this may be done through fire, water, paper, or for more experienced practitioners, the events may be played through the very mind of another. To tell the story, the haruspex must spill their blood onto the object, and onto the canvas (or person) they wish to tell the story. In meditating, they connect to the scarred body of Dlimbok, and utilize the power within Ydea’s dagger to bury a powerful memory within an artifact. Once the haruspex grows more proficient (2 weeks IRL), they are also able to preserve stories within the object of its wielder through ritual. The haruspex must have the memories so vivid that they are able to describe and feel the sensations the memory’s owner experienced. By engaging the senses with stimuli relevant to the story (the smell of burning flesh, the sounds of war drums), the user is able to fully immerse himself, the tether between Dlimbok and the haruspex strengthens. The more objects and information they have relating to the event and its characters, the more vivid and detailed the story becomes. Mechanics: Essentially allows for a storytelling aid, where whatever selected medium comes to life to show the story stored in the item. In the case of the initial writing of the item, only the memory holder’s items may be used, under the idea that the item itself has ‘memories’ of its own.When the story is replayed in someone’s mind, they must be in physical contact with the item. The memories within Ydea’s artifacts are just that, memories. Prone to incorrect detail, or pieces missing, a memory only holds small pieces of reality. Often intense experiences and emotions cloud the transferring of the memory, and the haruspex’s own mind may warp the overall message(i.e an arachnophobe depicting a spider as three times its actual size). These memories are not permanent, and just as quickly, if not more prone to error or forgetfulness. A user may remind themselves of the vision by looking through the artifact, but overuse (more than 3 times per IRL week), leads to severe headaches, memory loss, and mood swings. The items themselves, upon creation, are signed by ST. In the description of said item, beyond any text describing the item’s appearance, it must include the ingame username (or other form of contact, eg. discord tag) of its creator, whose responsibility it is to record the stories within however they see fit. A Storied Artifact - Redlines - The object must be signed or have some roleplay significance. A normal sword or object is too nondescript to base memories off of. - The haruspex must already have extensive knowledge about the wielder, usually by having known them personally for at least an IRP year (one IRL week), or being told of them by someone who has known them personally for at least two IRP years (two IRL weeks). - Characters in the story who are not known to the haruspex (including if someone who does know of them is being shown the vision) simply appear as faceless visages with no discernible features (horns, tusks, hair etc.) and cannot be used to discern any information about them whatsoever. - A haruspex is only able to put the memories of the owner into their own tools. Memories cannot be put into items that belong to other people, and these memories cannot be used to teach magics or other complex skills that need to be taught in person. - A written weapon is no stronger or weaker than the original product, and the memories written to it are not updated in any way unless further updated by another haruspex. - If the written weapon is seriously damaged (i.e, the head of an axe is separated from its handle) it becomes unreadable, though if repaired further memories may be written to it. - A vision cannot be forced on another player. Their characters must fully consent to seeing the vision before they are able to see it. - Only one scene/vision may be recorded in any one item, as any given item may become ‘saturated’ with the haruspex’s ink. - Constantly living the memories of others has a severe impact on mental wellbeing, causing headaches and even memory loss. - The memories themselves are just memories. There is no way to permanently retain this information, and it would be lost within 2 IRL weeks. READING: 1 EMOTE MEDITATION, 1 EMOTE SLIGHT MOVEMENT The scene that plays out is then emoted by the haruspex EXAMPLE READING: [Emote 1] Tulgarok seats himself in front of a nearby campfire, a dulled war axe in his lap. He closes his eyes, and emits a low drone from deep in his throat as he lays his hands over its handle. His fingers press into each of its grooves as the weapon’s story makes itself clear to him. [Emote 2] Now the aged orc lifts his hand over the weapon. He slices into his palm with a bone dagger, before tightening his grip such as to make blood drip from it onto the weapon, then into the centre of the fire. He takes another deep breath, and begins to speak as the flames come to life. [Storytelling/Emote 3] “It waz during our latest war with da pinkzkinz…” The fire splits, showing two clear sides. Each lick of flame lashes out toward the opposite side, as if it were one soldier mocking another with a war chant… (etc.) WRITING: 1 EMOTE MEDITATION, 1 EMOTE RECALLING, 1 EMOTE WRITING EXAMPLE WRITING: [Emote 1] Tulgarok seats himself before the Threshing Inkwell, dipping his fingers briefly into its bowl of ink, and a short spear in his lap. His eyes shut, and as they do, Grommok, his apprentice, lights a number of items aflame - wood and pig’s flesh - and slops a handful of thick mud right below Tulgarok’s nose. All scents from the hunt before. [Emote 2] Grommok soon leans into Tulgarok’s ear, describing to him the events of the hunt. How they’d tracked the beast for days, and finally cornered it in some deep cave. The animal’s bellows, as it realised it had been beaten and stood upon its hind legs and swiped at its hunters… (etc.) [Emote 3] Tulgarok breathes deeply, as he finally lifts his hand from the bowl of ink and begins scrawling symbols on the blade and shaft of the spear, eyes darting from side to side beneath their lids as the story unfolds in his mind. The ink quickly squirms on the weapon’s long handle, before seeping into it, leaving only a faded, dark trace that it had ever been there. Finally, Tulgarok rises from the ground, spear in hand. His job was finished. Cave Painting [Non-Combat; Charges vary] Description: Haruspex are able to paint with spiritual ink, invoking life into a stony canvas. Through this, they are able to paint their tales and those of written items onto walls so that others might see them. The figures painted move, twist and dance as if they lived. Each character within the painting requires 10 ink charges, while larger set pieces (large boulders, buildings, etc) and environments (grass, lakes, etc) take 5. Mechanics: As shown below, the player is able to build a mural roughly describing the story (though this is not necessarily required). More importantly, the player is then able to author a book describing the events taking place in the mural, which RPly would be in constant motion (though this is obviously impossible in minecraft). To create these paintings, the haruspex would begin a similar process to Pages Alive. Readying the ink, through the tool used would be the haruspex’s hand, clay, a chisel, or some other etching instrument. Once the tool was soaked in the ink, the haruspex’s mind would begin to clear, and they’d draw upon the power of the Threshing Inkwell, invoking the ink to mold into and twist what the haruspex had worked with into story. Cave Paintings - Redlines: - Haruspex pieces are displayed within minecraft as murals (whether through clay, banners, roleplay materials, blocks, ink, etc), and the story/moving figures are described within the book. - Characters in the story who are not known to the haruspex (including if someone who does know of them is observing the mural) simply appear as faceless visages with no discernible features (horns, tusks, hair etc.) and cannot be used to discern any information about them whatsoever. - The scenes cannot be used to teach magics or other complex skills that need to be taught in person. - A written wall is no stronger or weaker than the original product, and the memories written to it are not updated in any way unless further updated by another haruspex. - The person whose memories are being written on the wall needs no prior connection with the building etc of said wall. - If the wall is significantly damaged (i.e, up to one third of it is broken by an explosion or construction work), the ink simply acts as normal ink and dries up. WRITING: 1 EMOTE MEDITATION, 1 EMOTE RECALLING, 1 EMOTE WRITING [Emote 1] Tulgarok stands before a large, flat sandstone wall - a clean canvas upon which to make art. His eyes shut, as he dips each of his hands into a bowl of ink. Already, somewhere behind his eyes dance the silhouettes of soldiers, fire and great cities. Silhouettes that will soon dance on the walls of his home city instead. [Emote 2] Charred wood is strewn about the place, and several orc kubs are told to jingle chainmail, bang sticks against helmets and snap twigs loudly. All this aids in Tulgarok’s mental recreation of the raid, how his ears rang with the terrified screams of women and children as they evacuated, leaving their homes behind. [Emote 3] Pleased enough with his mental recreation of the raid, the orc begins slapping his palms against the stone wall, dragging them to make crude shapes which soon swirl and correct themselves into what he had envisioned minutes before. As he steps back from his masterpiece, the ink begins to churn into the image of an orc impaling some human halfway down the haft of his own spear. General Redlines - A haruspex needs to be able to interact with spirits and thus other non-spiritual magics interfere with this practice, this also includes creatures that are unable to cast deific magics. - A haruspex cannot identify anyone in their visions unless they have extensive knowledge about the person within the story already, or have interacted with their tools or weapons via ritual. - “Extensive knowledge” implies knowing the person personally for at least one full IRP year (one IRL week), or being told about them in detail by someone who has known them personally for at least two full IRP years (two IRL weeks). - Memories written to objects or murals cannot be used to learn magic, or other such supernatural tasks. - Dlimbok is dead and his body is physically scattered across the world. His pieces could be hypothetically found through ET or dredged forth in a MArt, but he is otherwise uncontactable, being very much dead. - A haruspex’s memory is not perfect. Details can be misremembered, especially in older memories. This feat is primarily for storytelling, not perfect renditions of past events. - Either memories or stories/fictional events may be recorded in any given medium, though fictional events cannot be recorded for malicious or seriously deceptive reasons(i.e a fake war with real memorized characters), as these would go against Dlimbok’s personal views on honour, and he would simply not allow his power to be utilised. - Real world stories and memories would possess more sensory detail (although not entirely accurate) while fictional stories would have more visual creativity and detail. - Overuse of haruspicy leads to issues like headaches, memory loss, and mood swings. Tier Progression Tier 1: The haruspex reaches this tier immediately upon learning the feat. Haruspices are able to transform a little of their ink through prayer and meditation. They also have access to the Pages Alive spell. Tier 2: Two weeks after learning the feat, and through regular practice, the haruspex is now able to better transform the lifeblood of sacrifices into more powerful ink, and gain access to the Storied Artifact spell. Tier 3: At this tier, six weeks into their journey, the haruspex is able to take their final step into the art, gaining access to the Cave Painting spell and being able to sacrifice more powerful artifacts and literature into even larger amounts of ink. Greater tiers may be achieved through MArts or Events by staff, though the capabilities of the artifact or action (holograms, living stories, ancient messages from the past, etc) should be discussed with lore holders, older haruspex, or ST. Ultimately, the decision falls to the staff on a case-by-case basis. OOC: This is a feat accessible to anyone with knowledge of the spirits and a desire to learn the histories of weapons and wounds alike. In doing so, I hope haruspex gives more flavor to post combat, in being able to regale tales of battle, as well as making RP items more valuable and useful to the people who have them, rather than sitting on the shelf till the next map. I realise that some objects cannot be 'written' as such - that is, their stories can't be described as their owners may not use the server anymore, which is the sole caveat of the feat itself. Maybe it gives them a reason to come back, or gives characters more of a reason to create powerful stories. Thanks for reading! Inspired by: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/151780-%E2%9C%93-origins-of-the-orcs-and-morghuun-the-land-of-warfare/?tab=comments#comment-1433374
  7. Our message is to those who turn hate toward free people, the ones who beat innocent children, men, women and more in the name of a higher power. This is the official document, stating the creation of the Pride Rights Activist Group. This group is inclusive, of all races, genders and sexual orientation for everyone across Almaris. We welcome you to join us in this group, and in the fight for our lives against the ones who take our lovers, our sisters, and our brothers from us. They demand we conform, that we hide in the shadows of who we are, but I say we fight back, we show them who we are in a protest that will take back our freedom. Join us to fight, or join us to support. We are family, and we matter. Signed, Doc, Leader of the Pride Revolution
  8. The first ever convention is to be held this Saturday. I am terribly sorry for the delay in events. Getting back into school and having to get settled was tough. But now that it is October. I am finally excited to be able to bring my dream and so many others to life. The Event will be held in Yong-Ping. For those interested in coming to the event, we ask you bring food, drink, art or any other items that represent your respected culture. This event is about peace and togetherness. So with that being said. This upcoming Saturday, October 9th, at 3PM EST - 4PM EST will be the first ever Woman's Convention of Almaris! Held in the Chen Casino on the pier of Yong-Ping. (For all interested in attending let me know, so we can have an idea of how many seats and how much food will be needed) Remember to Join the Discord for further updates and any changes that may occur https://discord.gg/fhA5dHJS
  9. Looking for Players Looking for players for the Scáth family, currently living in the Duchy of Rozania. The mother is a goblin, Ezra Scáth. Originally from Krugmar, and had moved to Sutica. The separation of Sutica and many in Sarissa left her and her husband Brawly to go with the Sarissans to a new settlement, now known as The Duchy of Rozania. The father is a human, Brawly Scáth. Living in Sutica and Sarissa his whole life, he is a trained medic. He is a part of the KAR (military) and the Master of Medicine in Rozania. There are also other siblings within the family, Paige Rynn-Scáth, sister of Zahira and Soren, who has left her adopted family, to find her real parents. She comes around occasionally to check in on her younger siblings. Yerro Scáth, brother of Zahira and Soren, who is still living with the family. Players needed: Zahira Scáth (daughter) A female human-goblin hybrid. She has blonde hair and heterochromatic eyes. Zahira is a mild-mannered child who loves both of her parents. At this time, she has not developed much as a character, but will gain more character traits as she is RP’d more. A blank slate of a character, as of now. She has a family that speaks Blah, but she herself does not need any knowledge of that yet. Soren Scáth (son) A male full goblin adopted by the Scáth family. This goblin kub is brand new to the Scáth family so his RP is currently open to interpretation. He was found abandoned in Krugmar with no hints to his prior family besides a generic note written in blah that stated that the previous caregiver was no longer able to care for him. He has knowledge of Blah, and uses that as his main language. If you are interested in playing either of these characters, contact on discord. Discord: Dope Bob weed pants#8972 animallover23#0171 Both persona’s are under 14, and subject to interpretation. Skins are able to be edited lightly, if you want with permission from the parents. We ask you to be active, about one to two times a week. Timeszones are PST/CST Fun Group to RP with, and really great ooc vibes, we are a irp and ooc fam, so only real serious players please. Thank you!
  10. (Moosic) [!] A missive finds its way to the notice-board in the Iron'Uzg capital. It almost shimmers in a coating of sleek oil. Whatever it may be, it secretes a disgusting smell. Though one which is quickly covered by the putridity of cactus green. Amongst other odd smells. Visually however it is fairly typical. A simple piece of parchment messily hung by a rusted nail. With velvet writing presumably of blood caressing the page. “Paler than death, gaunter than bone, emotions should be lifeless, to sit on a throne.” Brothers, Birth is a brutal but beautiful thing. It was the time miz garnered our first kill. On our own momo. Miz exchanged her life to create miz own. Yet still miz waste her blood by wandering aimlessly. Clanless. Purposeless. Idle. But not anymore. Miz true sight has been opened. And now miz true purpose has been revealed. Enough of dwelling in the past. Enough clans collapsing and squabbles caused by puny cubs. Miz raise our purpose. Miz raise the banner of brutality and beauty. Miz raise clan Mog! Miz purpose is simple. And the spirits will not dictate miz as they have so many others. Instead miz guide ourselves, with purpose. Journeying on a path laid out by mizselves. A path of Mog! However do not view miz niche numbers and young existence as a sign of weakness. As miz have already smelt the future to come. Our tongues flickering against fate. Lungs filled with cactus green. As miz are held by nothing but ourselves. Untampered by spirits and idiotic uruks. Clan Mog sits beneath the futh eyes of dub brothers. And miz see empty seats to fill. Seats which yearn for the warmth of forward thinking brothers. The warmth of those who don’t remain chained by old ways. Moggoth of clan Mog Moggoth of clan Mog OOC
  11. “Paler than death. Gaunter than bone. Hearts should be lifeless. To sit on a throne." We, Clan Mog, take the symbol of two intertwining serpents. And in its purest form; it represents the eternal entanglement of other beings. We also take the quote: ‘Paler than death, gaunter than bone, hearts should be lifeless, to sit on a throne.’ This shows the nature of emotions. And how one must lose them to achieve true enlightenment. ⑄ History ⑄ “To progress into the future, one must sacrifice part of the past.” ⑄ Appearance ⑄ “Physicality iz ah glimpze at tuh zoul; zo glare wit ztudy. Az there iz much to learn from azhz looks.” ⑄ Body Modification ⑄ "Bonez protrudez, as miz ar revealed; mi ztake off mizskin, tu stop remainin konkealed." ⑄ Wardrobe ⑄ “Klothing iz nub more d'en eh mazk ta kova miz pride. Miz scars ar an honour. Not ah zecret to hide.” ⑄ Hierarchy ⑄ "Blud grukz nubin widout zpirit." ⑄ Trials ⑄ “Ah tru zerpent zliverz zlowly, but zukkeeds zwiftly.” ⑄ Spiritualism ⑄ “Zpiritz ar konztantly held above miz like deitiez, let miz peep how deities face chaos.” ⑄ Combat ⑄ “Bloodluzt iz ah givt; nub ah kurze. Anywayz, miz av kactuz green tu kalm down.” ⑄ Games ⑄ “It'z all vun and gamez till lat hit lat head on tuh way down.” ⑄ Hunting ⑄ “Miz ar zimple uruk doing zimple uruk tings... yub yub!” ⑄ Laws ⑄ “Azh muzt abide by tuh rules, otherwise azh will nevuh ve ah khanke tu break dem again.” OOC
  12. (Moosic) [!] Hung on a crooked nail is an open letter to Ulug'Gorkil @flexMate. It reeks of cactus-green and seems to be stained with a green shimmer with the texture of saliva. And by the wording and length, it looks as if it could have been scribed. Or perhaps not. “Paler than death, gaunter than bone, emotions should be lifeless, to sit on a throne.” Brothers, what is the point of beating an already dead body? Countless clans rise in resuscitation but are bound to ruin. Histories are misconstrued and leaders lead for selfish endeavours of voice and greed. Is the answer to show power? Perhaps... Miz speak of clan Gorkil. And the uruk of the name Ulug. Who time after time has proved little but ignorant in the Iron’Uzg. And has provided everyone with what miz can only correlate to a new-born Olog to babysit. That being of himself. So Ulug, I ask, latz write how Gorkil provides great master-minds and warriors. But do lat truly believe lat represent such traits? Lat; The uruk who captured allies to enslave? The uruk who is in debt? The uruk who failed to capture or kill enemies on raids? The uruk who failed to defend the goi when elves attacked?" Or perhaps lat had forgotten that lat are little more than a thorn in the side of the Iron’Uzg for the past cactus years. This was a topic miz discussed with the previous Targoth. Who informed miz that miz were azh of many who discussed such concerns. Now despite that problem being resolved; miz do not see how one such as latself can truly believe they are the right fit to revive a clan of such a name. So miz lend lat these words now. So lat don’t find yourself diving too deep into a realm lat know very little about. As lat have in the past. And finally, miz ask miz brothers, Do miz want this uruk touching clan Gorkil? A clan with a deep rooted past? Miz say NUB. Moggoth of clan Mog Moggoth of clan Mog [!] A separate letter is sent out privately to Ulug directly OOC
  13. https://imgur.com/a/wgFTyyE (This contains all the Photos for the build, more can be taken and the build can be found on the Haense build server as well as the planned location! :D) Lair PRO MC Name: Ofrider Lair Name: Kharzi Iron-Hold Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): (Please refer to the Imgur link, the first three areas are posted within the link along with the exact areas from my perspective in game) Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): There was an Orc called Jorg, viewed as an unusual one, considering today's standards. An orc that used to live in Krugmar, along with his brothers and sisters. One that represented what an Orc should be - honorable, brave, and strong. However, he was unlike his people; he was tender-hearted and gentle. He was eager to acquire knowledge and experience outside of his homeland, in the vast nations of the elves, dwarves, and humans, amongst other strange and fantastical things amid his countless journeys and deeds. Although, in doing so, he discovered that not all things are quite what they seem to be. He was unlike his kind, for they raided like bandits; they pillaged cities and villages of the helpless, just for the coin, for food and things that shone, rather than something challenging to face. They enslaved the weak and vulnerable, lying would make them stronger, but instead, it only weakened them more and more. The orcs spoke of honor, but acted against their own words, backstabbing, lying, cheating… Whatever this was, it was far from the way Jorg had been taught. In his eyes, it was not what orcs should truly be. His efforts to change the crude ways of his kind proved to be futile; Jorg attempted to set an example for the Orcs, but upon the dwarves' declaration of war, his kin eagerly took the opportunity. Despite the dishonor behind the Orcs’ actions, Jorg was the one reprimanded, for trying to stand for Rex. He tried to stop his kin from taking the Goldhand, and ultimately saved her life… but not that of his kingdom. They came like a hammer upon a poorly wrought anvil - Krugmar cracked. Jorg witnessed his brothers wither away right in his arms. He sought out the friends they made, but everyone simply shook their heads… In the end, he was all alone. Too wounded to continue defending his kin, he had to watch his mother, and his six siblings die, tortured in front of him before a dwarf, a Grandaxe, saved him for what should have been his death. Much to his dismay, the Orcs were bloodthirsty. They sought revenge. But how could they? Their women were murdered, their cubs were butchered, and the elders slaughtered...what revenge? They had to build, bury their dead. But instead of mourning, his skin sought more bloodshed, more violence, and more decay. He alone was left to bury the dead, and he did, over many days, grave by grave. He eventually lost count of them, but he remembered their faces, each one, and how they died, and to this day, it still haunts him. He sought death, and when he couldn’t find it, he left. Krug was no longer his home, but a place of violent thieves and murderers. No longer was it a place for what it means to be an Orc; the spirits did not smile there, and in the case that they did, they were not spirits with righteous intentions. He left in search of a purpose, of anything, what was he without Krug? He had no more family, his clan was so besmirched with dirt that to say it with pride brought only pain and sorrow… this needed to change, and so he decided to make the change himself. Iron’Heartz was then created - a new clan, a new family for him. To teach the ways he knew, the ways he thought were best. A new path for what it meant to be an orc, something he felt was true, something he felt Krug had long abandoned. He started recruiting, no longer there to take, but to teach and guide; to be strong one must learn it, so he sought members. One by one he tested them, putting them through trials until he was proud of them enough to call them kin, family. They were orcs despite their race, what honorary should be, and the clan welcomed them as family. Some may call this shame, where are the blood orcs? Like himself, they would come, slowly but surely, and even if he were to die, the rest would carry on Jorg’s legacy of what being a true orc means, so that when Krug does fall, those seeking the path of the Orc would find it. Even if it took forever, he would make sure his clan would last just as long. And to have a clan meant that one needed a place to stay, to grow the people, to store food, to smith armor, to have a home! So he sought one, in the mountains beyond where he worked as a mercenary, in Haense, amongst strange trees on high mountain tops, where most would never reach, he finally found traces of an old stronghold, an old dwarven fortress, hidden deep in the mountains. It was perfect, it was the orc way, to take over what was once lost and make it one’s own. Orcs were like weeds, sprouting up in expected spots, even old and forgotten ones. He led his clan towards the mountains, where they fought against rogue dwarves, those that deserted from Urugan, as well as animals, well-fed by the bountiful green mountain, tribes of creatures from the deep that rose to raid food from the animals they hunted. And even groups of minotaurs, snorting at the welcomed challenge that was the clan moving into scout for a place to call home. Then they found it after an earthquake, revealing the entrance to the old dwarven keep. This particular hold was archaic, more olden than any living dwarf. It dated back generations, back when the deep roads of the dwarves were still strong and well used. It was held by an old clan, now forgotten by time itself in rotten books that held nothing but dust and decay. The hold was supposed to be for scouting, gradually developing into the fort, the deep roads expanding at this point to involve more of the land into what some might eventually call a settlement… Then something came. They dug too deep, the caverns too long, the roads too wide, they awakened something, something terrible, and it came up to attack the unprepared and surprised dwarves. Whatever it was, it was winning, and they didn't have any forces from within... it was supposed to be their domain. In the end, they collapsed the mountain and ran out, refusing to let what dark horror awaited below to come to the surface. It has been many years, and a recent earthquake revealed what was hidden, the dwarven hold, one empty, overgrown from deep cavern plants, one ripe for harvest for orcs...and something waited for them in there...something deep, forgotten, powerful. They would reclaim it, building massive shrines in the name of their spirits, calling it home, a place that would one day become a legend in Orc history, as the grand home, of Klan Iron’Heartz. And when it would get taken over, everything would change. From the library filled with orc history, to teachings on blacksmithing, about spirits, a great collection of books of all races, to learn, replacing old dank books, too soaked in humidity to be read, other recovered that could be recovered The forge was remade, what was once cold was re-born. The strength of dwarven forges combined with orcish might as technologies mixed in weird ways. Seeds and gardens were planted for there to be life...something that orcs rarely did, so new life could grow and feed the ever-growing clan. A great throne room was re-done, a great fighting pit, of the ancient art of those blessed by Arwa was made, called a Sumo pit, a place for those to train was made. Rooms made for all arts and crafts. A hold truely fit for generations of Klan leads to come. (That is the link to the Clan lore page! Please enjoy, this contains more lore about the clan in general) Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required): (Please refer to the Imgur link) Why can you not accomplish the niche of this lair’s roleplay in an existing settlement or nation? (We expect a substantial answer for this, not just ‘I don’t like them’). It is a perspective on Orc culture that would not be allowed in Krugmar. Additionally, due to roleplay events, Jorg is no longer part of Krugmar, but continues to view himself as an honorable Orc and desires to instill Orcish values in his own derivative way, and perhaps even have his own family. This lair would allow for a welcoming and controlled environment, where casual and friendly roleplay may exist without political or violent (unless necessary) interference. It aims to cultivate Orcish culture amongst players of other nations and races, integrate honoraries into an Orc clan and experience Orc roleplay, which tends to be limited to Krugmar. Our lair provides a unique setting for both those part of the clan, as well as those who simply wish to visit. What does this lair add to the greater world around them?: Clan Iron'heartz is one of the largest Orc clans outside of Krugmar, demonstrating a neutral environment for many, if not all, races and nations. Our laid build has considered its members and has allowed access to the deep roads for its dwarven participants, which in turn may open roleplay opportunities and is also a strategically built area with events in mind. The deep roads are highly connected to spiritual lore and thus expand possibilities of religious roleplay, and intends to share the beautiful orcish lore that is otherwise confined to Krugmar. The location in question is in tile 143 I think
  14. THE PATH TO HONORARY What does it mean to be an honorary? How does a non-orc enter the society of the orcish people? In the past, honorary meant little more than someone favored by orcish people. However, few have risen above their non-descendant origins and shaped the orcish people through their will and strength. Within the IRON'UZG, honoraries should be expected to do the same. The trials have been reformed, molded to fit the advancements in culture and pride the orcs have taken. ELIGIBILITY: Krugmar must be your main residence. Must be recommended by an orc kin. The Dominus must accept you into the Honorary process FIRST TRIAL: Throm’ka to H’ Bruddahz The first trial of the honorary process requires the individual to introduce themselves to five orc-kin. By the end of this trial, a novitiate should understand and know the following: Each of the Orcs’ full names and clan Be able to give details/background of at least two clans Learn of the Spirits and Ancestors They should understand Krug and his tribulations Knowledge of important Ancestral, Elemental, Immortal Spirits. Understand the Orcish social hierarchy The novitiate cannot move on to the second trial until the Dominus has received a report of their findings and deems it appropriate to continue. SECOND TRIAL: Durbûrzob Kûhom(An example of strength) Hunt a Large Beast or an Undead Alone a novitiate must venture into the wild and slay a beast larger than oneself or an undead. The individual must bring back a trophy of this kill to the Dominus to prove their success. Klomping Time A novitiate must win one out of three klomps against the other orcs. They must prove their worth in skirmishes; whether that be fighting, strategizing or supplying armaments. Gauntlets Complete two gauntlets in the Holy City, San’Khatun. THIRD TRIAL: Frûmob Kûhom(An example of the mind) Find a practitioner of each type of Shamanism Be able to explain each individually Choose two spirits to learn in-depth, and provide evidence of religious works to them. Know of at least one spiritual role outside of Shamanism, and take part in their rituals Honor: Be able to properly explain Orcish honor. Bloodlust: Know the history and folly of the orcish curse. Understand how it works and how to act upon it correctly. FINAL TRIAL The Dominus will assign the potential honorary to an orc who is involved in a role that the potential honorary seeks to fulfill within the Iron’Uzg. Together this brother and the Dominus will formulate a final, unique trial for this individual.
  15. The Birds of the world, flocked around the graceful Peacock. When I, Chen Wenqian arrived in Yong-Ping. I was a woman of tradition and dedicated myself to the morals that were instilled to me, by my mother and governess. Hopeful, to bring forth tradition into my descendants living in Yong-Ping. But instead, I found that my grandchildren, their families, and friends taught me something, opening my eyes in a new way. When I was young, I never would have imagined associating with anybody outside of Ai-Zhou. But to my surprise, we had visitors, from across the globe visit us. Shocking to me at first, I eventually began to come around... My Initiative Now, that my openness to the entire world has blossomed. I wish to learn more of ladies across the world. A form of exchange of traditions, culture, values, among other things. Push aside the conflict between our nations aside, and unite under the one thing that we have in common that we are woman. letters and flyers are spread to the... The Ladies of the Holy Orenian Empire The Ladies of the Kingdom of Haense The Ladies of the Kingdom of Nordland The Ladies of the Crown of Elvenesse The Ladies of the Silver State of Haelun'or The Ladies of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Ladies of the Rexdom of Krugmar The Ladies of the Unified Domain of Vortice The Ladies of the Jade State of Yong-Ping The Ladies of the Fakhr Oasis And the other ladies of the land.... Can we come together, as one. Share the things we love, share bread, and share awareness and understanding of each others cultures to one-another. I want us all to realize, that our race, culture, nationality does not define our connection as woman. We may be different in many aspects, but we are mothers, we are sisters, we are aunts, we are grandmothers, we are cousins. We Are Woman. I am hopeful that you all can agree with what I have said and that we can all learn something from one another in the future. Signed, by Chen Wenqian ~~
  16. Simply how to be happy: Step 1: stop playing LOTC Step 2: do anything else, take a bike ride somewhere or boot up that old videogame you haven't touched in a while Hope this helps :D
  17. ♫♫♫ Between two opaque clouds a tangerine hue emitted. Feint outlines of three hands formed within the rising orange. Each one laid palm flat in the open sky; a warm welcome. “Miz ar throm’kaûk bruthur” Hodge averred. Podge susurrated an agreeing note. The kin continued to trek towards their grail goal of discovery. Advancing past husks of time, time that had been lost during their fostered solitude. Finally, a towering shadow cast tremendous darkness and shade over them. Marking the very beginning of an exceptionally long-awaited chapter. “Azhkint years agh mi agh lat hav fynalee arived.” Asserted the sapphire eyed brother. “Arived miz hav" [!] Two unfamiliar faces now wander the stretched lands of Krugmar. Hodge and Podge OOC
  18. A WAR OF RETRIBUTION Urguan’s Folk, for centuries, have been tried time and time again by nations who believe they are strong enough to defeat the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. And time and time again, they have continuously failed. The dwed have never lost a war against an external threat, yet the “War-Nation '' of Krugmar has seen it wise to raid Urguani vassals, kill our citizens, and kidnap and debeard our Grand Marshal. These insults to our people cannot and will not be allowed to continue without dire consequences to the already crumbling “nation”. At a council meeting only stone days ago, the Grand King called upon all clans and vassals to appear in the throne room to hear of a decision that would impact the entirety of the Grand Kingdom. With the testimony of Bakir Ireheart, the newly appointed Grand Marshal, describing the ‘trial’ awarded to the dwed, all of Urguan’s folk knew that it was time for action. Repelling every single Krugmarian raid was simply not enough. Killing a Targoth and displaying his head was not enough. Ironcasting a Krugmarian Uruk was not enough. The simple memory of a recent defeat to Urguan under Utak Ireheart was somehow not enough. The council knew that the only step possible to cease Krugmarian hostility once and for all was WAR. With the publication of this document, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan hereby declares WAR on the “War-Nation'' of Krugmar. Shall they realize their mistake and wish for a way out, their peace terms are listed below: SECTION I: TERMS OF PEACE As listed in the recently published grudge against Krugmar, the terms of peace are listed as follows: I. The tusks of the Rex of Krugmar. II. The heads of both Targoths of Krugmar. III. Withdrawing all previous statements against the Grand Kingdom, as well as a public declaration of defeat. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz da Khazadmar signed, Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of Clan Grandaxe The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Son of Rhewen
  19. [ON ORCISH VIOLENCE] The violence of the orcish people has shaped their history, and the world. Many orcs would lament the violence and injustices of their people, yet recognize the pleasure many of their kin face. There are two ideologies within the orcish people, a conflicting force that guides some to honor, and many to evil. [MABAJ BOT OB ARMAUK] I HAVE A WORLD OF ENEMIES To some, violence is simply a means of communication. Orcs fight against the world, inwardly and outwardly. They have torn themselves apart with this violence, fracturing far more times than any of the other descendants. To an orc, especially one without restraint, violence would simply be a way of life, but by no means an honorable one. This blind violence is often seen as a means of expression, or proving oneself, but often withers as an orc and their mind age. Violence proves strength, and strength proves worth in the eyes of a bloodthirsty orc. In past ages, orcs simply battled each other to prove worth and status, but as their people have been culled, and enacted violence on themselves, this self-mutilating desire has faded into something more coherent. Strength is important, and the orcish people pride themselves on their straight-forward and direct action. [GRIZHAKÛRZ-DARÛK] BLOOD DRUNK FOOL Wasteful bloodlust begets more bloodlust. The damage that the orcish people have done are seen in the veins of history. Haruspex and shamans are clearly aware of how internal strife taints the grish. Many orcs pride themselves in having restraint in their bloodlust, or being able to draw from it, rather than being enslaved by it. Many clans have rituals to deal with their bloodlust, or simply find means of overcoming it. The orcish people only surmounted Iblees by rising up when the other descendants fell to their afflictions. Reverting to beastial nature, would only prove to dishonor Krug, and further taint the action and image of the orcs. Honor is gained through making correct choices, rather than simply exerting your will. The Stargush’Stroh is a place in which conflict is eternal, and fought honorably. Wasting time within the mortal realm on descendants weaker than oneself would bar entry to the afterlife. This fate would be far worse than being labeled whitewash, as the actions would stain the orc’s soul for eternity. [HOW TO ROLEPLAY BLOODLUST] Bloodlust is a curse, an affliction that taints the minds and actions of the orcish people. This leads to bouts of anger,rage, and confusion that do not aid in combat scenarios, but often hamper them. The orcish people are a martial one and lose their forethought when bloodlusted. This does not mean an orc gains strength, but instead loses skill. A warrior is better when they are trained and prepared, rather then filledwith shock and rage. Overuse, or even experiencing true, blinding bloodlust would often lead to mental illness, depression and other concerns as seen through Kotrestruu’s Visit. [WHAT SLAVERY IS] Much like violence, slavery is an ever-changing discourse that is argued over within the orcish community. Some may see it as cruel, or unjust, but without the act, there would be no Phaedrus’Yar, the Elven Rex, or the countless folk who atoned for their descendant ancestors by adopting orcish culture. Slaves serve as cogs within the orcish system, but so do orcs. To not recognize the polishing, teaching, and work that must be put into a slave would be to ignore the purpose of the practice all together. The orcish people are stronger than any of the descendants, both physically and mentally, taking slaves merely for the pleasure is something reviled and reserved to those who do not appreciate the strength good life provides. [WHY THE ORCISH PEOPLE TAKE SLAVES] When Krug stood against Iblees, he did so without the help of the other descendants. When Krug killed Horen, he did so to strengthen the human people, and to let new life flow from their dying veins. Slavery, and all the violence it brings is not a pleasurable act, or one done out of malice. The orcish people are well aware of the strength they possess, though enact it in ways that scare and threaten the placidity of descendant life. To some, slavery is an atonement for the descendant original sin. To others, it marks the rebirth into better lives. To be allowed access into the orcish people’s way of life is an honor, no matter how tough or brutal it may be. As children, orcs are often intentionally abandoned or neglected, only to make themselves stronger. The same could be said of their slaves, who grow and mature into honorary orcs themselves. [SNAGA BAJ LUFUT] SLAVES MAKE WAR Not all orcs carry slaves. To some the hassle of guiding other descendants provides a headache best left to other orcs. Slaves are weak initially, and often cause more strife or complications to diplomacy and orcish society. An orc prides themselves on their own strength, and so taking a slave could be seen as belying that truth. It is necessary for an orc to find their own worth, and so leaving tasks and things to someone else, especially a non-orc, often muddles that process. [AMAL SHUFAR, AT RRUG] WHERE THERE'S A WHIP, THERE'S A WAY Slavery is good because it greases the wheels of progress. It makes life easier for orcs, and it is easy to see the strength an orc possesses when they do so atop a mountain of slaves. Why would the other descendants be blessed with foolish and pointless lives when they could so easily serve the orcish people? Their apathy towards true strength and honor is how Iblees proliferated, and so in enslaving them, they do them a justice. [HONOR AND ITS FLAVORS] The orcs are an honorable people, but what does honor mean? Does honor to a Raguk mean the same thing as honor to a Lak? Identifying the orcish people as a monoculture is a foolish assumption by descendants. The orcish people are made up of many creeds, factions and lineages, all of whom waged war against each other. To ask every orc, goblin, and olog would give a variety of answers as numerous as there are stars in the sky. Still, there are basic tenants every orc should and must live by if they wish to enter the Stargush’Stroh. Do not fight children. Do not fight those weaker than you. Do not fight with such an advantage that you trivialize combat. Generally, it is ill-advised to participate in enslavement RP if you're not a well versed Orc. It can be complicated, and difficult to work with. If you do it badly, you can leave a negative impression of the non-Orcs you come across; which extends into an OOC perception. Slave RP can be very good for Orcish RP, as it allows those that are not Orcs to experience the culture, and even, with time, become a part of it. If you plan on enslaving people, please be sure that you do so with the intent of inviting someone into the orcish community and teaching them the culture.
  20. THE UNWARRANTED ATTACK The Sightings of Blue Avarice of Greatness “And the blue bandanas were dug from the ground, heaved by the likes of his mortal cohort. They strode from their ruined, decrepit homeland; ventured through the misty isles of the north, shattered and torn by snow. It was them -- the Reivers. ” - An excerpt of King Sugarfoot II The warriors of the Ferrymen sat in their lonesome fort, idling in parties and drinks. Famed in the lands as fierce warriors, we looked to the skies and saw but bleak clouds, and the face of Vivian Maelstrom in shackles. It was bound by our will that she was commended to great pain and suffering, for her insufferable crimes of torment to her people of Talon’s Grotto and the kind of Juan Pablo, attempting to burn him alive for no apparent reason. Take into account, us Ferrymen do not sway the politics of others. We have our own agendas, goals and politics. We keep to ourselves and do not interfere with the movement of other nations. So, why attempt to touch our politics? We do not have time to stomp on the vile cockroaches entering our fortress kitchen, like rodents. That is what you are, rodents interfering with something they should not. We do not take nicely to our brothers-in-arms being threatened, we are family. She dared lay hand - or even attempted to - harm our comrade. In response, we showed penance by capturing the insufferable, insidious woman and croaking her tone into silence. She spoke with royalty, and then was met by ruin. It is the curse of bygone titans that lay waste to our lands; she is descendant to those titans, crazed and wandering with purpose to spill vitriol and evil. Eventually, us ferrymen were met with an unwarranted attack. Those of Elysium and Urguan attempted to play hero, and rallied their forces to bring back their unkindly friend-monarch. For what cause? Why did the fools of Elysium and Urguan interfere in something that was not related to their politics? Out of confusion, we fought and overstepped that hurdle. They fell, and we continued our day without injuries. Heed well, you damned souls of Elysium and Urguan. Stick to your own business, and we shall stick to ours. You are nothing. You are nobody. A prick torn away from flesh. To call you a ‘hurdle’ is insulting enough for our pride. If this was not enough, try again and face worse penance. Your untimely appearance brought rise to five ancient bandit lords once more; the bandits raised from their soil to fight on our side -- the Reivers were unchallenged, and their combined forces with the Ferryman is outright victory. To beheath the appearance of King Sugarfoot II, Dacqueer Sugarfoot, Lyulen Daemyr, Lyuathir Daemyr, Dirty Don Juan and Prince Lonan Daemyr himself. We are men for hire, we seek gold and will decimate your enemies. You continue to fight us, and you burn the bridges and opportunities of gaining our swords to your favour. If you have wars, we will no longer be of your service. Is that what you wish for? I hope this is a lesson to Elysium and Urguan. Do not attempt to fight us again, or you will be a hurdle that is overstepped once more. Or squashed. We’ve already shaved the beard of the last Grand King of Urguan. Please, do not make us shave your beard also, Grand King Levian’tol Grandaxe. Signed, The Ferryman A depiction of the famed Reivers and their Ferryman comrades after their victorious battle.
  21. 11th of the First Seed Bloodlust answered with Dwarven Ire The Moon rose into the black sky as the sun fell back behind the orcish city. As the orcs and their slaves alike gathered in the Krugmar square, huddling around the lit campfire for warmth the generals of Krug stood around ready to give a speech. Urguani Forces led by Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe and Bakir Ireheart moved into the city with a company of 90, made up of Dwarven Legionnaires, Men of Blackwald, The Rustlers, and the GOATS, with compliments of the The Silver Lubba band. They charged the square quickly, cornering one of the Krugmarian Generals, the Urgani force was quickly surrounded by 135 Urks of Krugmar. The Urguani forces slammed their swords and axes together preparing for Battle. Bakir stepped forward asking the cornered general “Where is your Rex? Bring him to us.” Some orcs in the group surrounding them chuckled and awaited the response of their Targoth. The Krugmar General simply responded “Our Rex is dead, died of a heart attack” Bakir shrugged, going to lift his axe pointing it at the throat of the orc “Then we shall take you instead.” With that an orc war cry rang out, the circle of orcish warriors collapsing on the group of 90 dwarves surrounding the Grand King and the Krugmar General. Battle ensued, Urguani and Krugmar forces clashing, the sound of battle filling the streets of the city. The Orcs were quickly driven back into their own gatehouse, orc bodies filling the square with not one dwarf being scathed. The remaining warriors of Krug and with their two Generals hid in the gatehouse expecting to be safe from the dwarves that were waiting inside. The Warriors of Sedan and Silver Lubba suddenly pushed into the gates where the orcs were hiding, quickly overcoming them and dealing with them easily. Axes and swords were raised into the air and thereafter, Urguan War Cries filled the Orcish square as the corpses of Krug’s kin began to rot. The Raid party then returned to Kal'Darakaan. Victorious, hauling a sack of orcish heads behind him.
  22. A lonesome Uruk, clad in pale-red steel. Once youthful, vibrant, and naive. Now weary, tired, and wise. Though he had met many enemies throughout his long life, he knew that time would always be his greatest challenge. He made his way down the winding path towards Krugmar, having once again decided to return home - just to visit one last time. Though he could not call himself the most loyal of Orcs, he still knew - deep in his heart - that Krugmar: a land of blood, combat and death, would always be where he came from and where he would return to no matter what. Though his vision faded, and the world around him continued to turn black, he urged onwards towards the gates of Krugmar. Lifting his helmet, now just a bucket of rust, off of his head: he dropped it to the dirt beneath him. Onwards he stumbled. Unclasping his trusty chestplate, he allowed it to fall behind him like a snake would shed its skin: feeling free for the first time in many years. Onwards he stumbled. His back would bend no more; he could not find the strength to remove the rest of his broken, fragile armour. So, onwards he stumbled. He gazed around at the many heads decorating the bridge to Krugmar: his eyes matching their petrified gaze, with their mouth agape - serving to remind him of the life he had led, like many other Uruks. He coughed once, blood seeping onto his red skin as he tried to cover his mouth: attempting to keep any remaining vitality inside his wretched body from leaving. His ears perked at the sound of a roaring forge, not far from the gates he had just entered. Onwards he stumbled, his gaze and mind affixed upon the open forge: its smoke rising into the night sky. Making his way down the steps, slowly, he found himself looking around for any fellow Uruks: perhaps intending to rely on his brothers for once in his lonesome life, but found only the comfort of cawing crows and the call of the fire ahead. Onwards he stumbled, finally finding himself where he had spent much of his time. Kneeling down before the soothing orange flames, his arm resting on the anvil beside him to support his aged bones. He stared deep into the flames, as he had many times before, but for once he thought not of crafting; not of steel; nor of blood. His mind raced as he instead thought back on his companions. His teacher, Shagarath. His friend and respected warrior, Wud. His first and most respected Rex, Kharak. He frowned as the faces he conjured in his mind faded: struggling to picture those who had grown alongside. “I’m sorry, brothers.” He could feel his heart beginning to slow. His eyes begged to rest, but he continued to vigilantly stare into the fire of the forge. His back slumped, but his head continued to face forwards as it had always done. “I’m coming… To reunite with you all at last.” His heart slowed and performed its final symphony: one last slow beat. The colour in his eyes had now faded, overtaken by the bright orange of the forge. Gukdan was finally home.
  23. [!] The following excerpts are written in a large scrawl of surprisingly precise Orcish script. [!] On the Races of Krug-Kind As the descendants of Krug grew in numbers over generations, certain lineages and bloodlines became unique among their kin. All brothers and sisters belong to one of three families, with the notable exception of hybrids called Hobgoblins. To know your lineage is a statement of pride, as the blood in every orc’s veins can be traced back to Krug himself. A common feature shared by all descendants of Krug is our vast array of skin colors. Individual tones of our tough and durable skin can provide insight upon our ancestry; as an example, it is common for orcs with red skin tones to be members of the Raguk clan. Our eyes gleam in almost any hue, tusks display prominently upon our faces, and our grukkers are covered with thick dark hair. The life of any descendant of Krug quickly prepares them for battle; a brother or sister will have fully grown into adulthood in both body and mind anywhere between azhty’dub (XII) and azhty’h’gahk (XVIII) cactus weeks. Upon reaching this early age all members of our kind will be peep’d as an adult by the codes of Krug and the spirits. Over many years of combat we will then obtain various scars and marks of honor upon our flesh, slowly becoming storied veterans of honorable Wagh. Around our dub’kinth (CC) year of age some brothers are blessed by the spirits, beginning to grow horns similar in nature to a ram. These originate from a plate of dense bone beneath our forehead and temples, proving study protection from attacks to the head. These horns will continue to curve before, if unfiled, piercing back into the skull around an orc’s futh’kinth (CCCC) year of old age. To see an elder brother with horns is to meet one of great honor; only those with true strength live for so long and through so many battles. Uruks Uruks, commonly called Orcs, are the most numerous and diverse members of Krug-kind. All other bloodlines originate from the first Uruks, though the exact points of diverging ancestry are unclear. Uruks range from H’azh (VI) to H’gahk (VIII) feet in height, and can weigh anywhere between dub’kint (CC) to h’azh’kint (CCCCCC) lbs upon reaching maturity. Significantly stronger than most other descendants, uruks still share a similar level of intelligence with that of an adult humie or stout. Goblins Goblins are the thinkers of Krugkind, the strength of body in combat having been replaced with genius intellect. While a goblin’s slender frame will only grow between futh (IV) to h’azh (VI) feet, their mental abilities surpass the brightest members of the other descendant races. Goblins are known for having wiry frames, prominent noses, and smaller tusks. Curiously, the curse of bloodlust present in all our kind presents itself as a fervent and almost anxious need to tinker or experiment with the ideas whirling through a goblin’s mind. For this reason it is common to see a goblin inventor testing some mad contraption designed for warfare. Ologs Towering above all other descendant races, the Ologs stand at a mighty h’futh (IX) to azhty (X) feet. These colossal warriors have stocky, musclebound frames, oversized jaws, and a tendency for developing layers of fat from overeating. What they claim in physical strength is lost in mental fortitude; the average olog matches a kub in intelligence, and the hulking warriors focus on basic needs more than any other concerns. Our gargantuan brothers are commonly seen with their smallest brethren in a form of partnership, acting as physical strength to carry out plans made by the ingenious and more aware goblins.
  24. The War Nation of Krugmar is a jungle based settlement found in the far west of Almaris. surrounded by dense tropical forest and dotted with stunning pools fish, From the emerald greed foliage rises the nation, hued in vibrant reds, home to the Orcs. After arriving to the nation of Krugmar I was greeted by the Rex himself Kor’garr. We headed to the city tavern near the great Klomp pit, taking our seats. Being treated to the local brews and greeting the Rex's entourage, I settled into a wonderful evening. We were joined by one of the Rex’s friends, who told the heartbreaking story of the rise and fall of worship of the taboo spirit Orgon. A tale of betrayal and limits of self between the higher beings of this land. Wise words directed to all parties present. After the tales told we settled into the interview proper: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Lets begin mister Kor’garr, who are ye? Ah loike ta give a full run doon on who ah be interviewing, this nay a slight sir.” “Yub, uv korze… Kor’garr iz Kor’garr uv nuv klan, mettle-werker, zkowt.. Agh nows Rex uv Krugmar” “Wuz maor den H’ty yeers ago, Kor’harr wuz born tu Valor’garr agh azh uv iz luvs. Nub gruk wich azh, buht dat’z wer Kor’garr gitz dah grey vrum.” “Thank ye thank ye. So mister Kor’garr, wot does the role o Rex involve? How does et effect ye? Does et cme wit en life?” “Keh! Tu bi dah Rex iz tu akt wit dah wihl uv Krug en leedyng Krugmar’z peepul. En Wagh, en zpeerit, en ‘onur … Dah Rex muzt zhow ag example vor awl dat vollow en da path uv Krug” “Da path o krug!” (at this point many a drink was drunk and a few of these drinks were sadly spilled) “En awl truths. Kor’garr did nub ixpekt tu bikum Rex. unlee avturag Klomp uv honor, azh dah vlat aginzt mi bruddah Azhug’gorkil, did Kor’garr tayk dah pozizhun. Wagh-ammur aginz lowng-zult, blow avtur bludy blow.. Wiz wur both barely ztandyng win Kor’garr ztruk Azhug downz wit ah kruzhed ribkayg” “A strong fighter! Makes a gud leader!” “Yub, dat dey du. Myght meykz right en Krugmar, agh et wihl ulweyz bi dat whey” “Jest loike back en urguan Uhh lets see ere.. Fun facts bout ye! Little segment bout yerself as a person. Be et a cool scar, wot ye used ta be, er jest yer favorite food” “Kah. Kor’garr gots dah zaym anzer vor dub uv doze Peep dah zkar ‘ere. Vrum zhoulder tu zhoulder. Awl akrozz dah rybz” “Goodness what from?” “Lat nyt nub dehm en dah waturz neer Krugmar, buht dah jungul pools kuntayn bubu’hozh krabz dah syz uv’ah blarg. Wiz wur own’ag hunt vor zumtyng tu weed dah clanz whin zyztah Nin’skwwq got thurztee..” “Nin! Ah ken er! Ah taught er back when a wos a medic! Sorreh sorreh, please continue.” “Azht wi grukk’d et wuz ah rock en dah watur… dehn dah tyng zkittered aht uz wit pinzerzz ‘hozher den ag Olog! Azh zweep uv ag klaw slamm’d entu Nin, ah Kor’garr peep’d rehd. Arrowz did nubbin, zultz juzt goht en dah whey. Wit ag vyurius kry uv Wagh Kor’garr took’ag ‘ax ag charj’d dah creetur, etz beedy peppurz blaynk agh pitch blak” “Ye ran head first enta et?!?!” “Yub… et wuz dah bludluzt Kor’garr velt whin peepyng Nin’ kruzhed by dah beezt. Der wuz nubbin en dah uzg kulda kept Kor’garr vrum dat zoggin krab… Zoh wit a zyngul zwing ‘etz wavy wuz en dub” “Amazing! Wos dear Nin okeh afterwards? Sorreh bout askin.” “Uv korze, et tuuk zum muthz tu ‘eel agh dah medikz wuz vyuriyuz, buht wiz awl wur patch’d uhp avturwurdz… dah creetur dizydid tu tayk Kor’garr wit et doh” “Et dragged ye back en ta da water?” “Dah krabz wrythe when dey clat, kaught Kor’garr across deh chest agh dragg’d ‘i’m undur dah waturz. Der wiz wur, bohth bleedyng owt en dah jungul layk ahg ztyll trying t vlat eechuddah! Buht daht knrab wuz azh uv dah ‘hozhezt meelz Kor’garr eva ayt” “Goodness… Dat be a tale Yer a hunter ef ah evar met one..” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then night trailed all and we bid our adieus till the next issue Stay tuned!! thank all who waited on this issue, please keep eye and eat out for the next paper drop, have a great week everyone! this has been Mica Goldhand with GNN!!
  25. The Spirits and Shamans The Spirits are a collection of different aspects of life and personality. From the very ground we walk on, to the flames of a volcano, all things which can be seen, felt and lived by can be represented in the form of a spirit. These spirits are selfish beings that linger within their own spiritual plane, gaining power from praise given from the mortals in the form of speaking their names, creating shrines, and making trinkets in dedication to these spirits. Forever an Uruk’s goal within Krugmar is to become a powerful warrior following the codes of Krug, however, some are unable to do such feats and dwell in the teachings of the spirits and aim to become enlightened enough to be a Shaman. These shamans are the very people who can communicate with spirits and speak to them, use the power which they’ve been bestowed with to perform great feats of blessings, curses and elemental control. Over the course of time, shamans have created groups for themselves to lead the people of Krugmar into a newer enlightened state. The idea of a shaman is to simply lead the spiritual understanding of all who have accepted the spirits and to speak as a voice for their twisted words of Old Blah. ____________________________________________________________________________ Structure The structure of any Shamanic order is a simple one, based around the piety of the ones within, gaining rank when they’ve chosen to learn more of the duties of the shaman and embracing the shamanistic culture. This can range from a non-shaman simply learning of the spirits and praising them with a strong projected voice, to a Shaman which has been practising for many years, belting out the spirit’s tongue with deeply rooted reverence and dedication. -Acolyte- A devoted follower of the spirits who haven’t been indoctrinated to become a Shaman or simply doesn’t wish to be. Those within this rank are to spread praise across the Nation and outside, using their voice to empower the spirits and complete tasks for those above them, in hopes to become a Shaman themselves or not if they are happy with what they do currently. The ranks of those that consider themselves Acolytes are typically normal orcs or Dark Elves that simply wish to spread the word of whatever spirit they favour, enriching their influence throughout the world. Anyone can fill this role. Can be Spiritual worship, Ancestral worship focuses, or both. -Sharkû- A Shaman has obtained the most knowledge and mastered their abilities. When presented this Rank their duties change to that of a mentor, teacher, counsellor, and keeper of the fragile balance held amongst the greedy spirits that would like nothing more but to endlessly expand their influence with reckless abandon. Being able to partake in the politics of Shamanism and able to lead and guide each other in anything which has to do with the spirits. Holding the strongest voice in the room when it comes to those lower than them, these shamans have a true understanding of the nature of the spirits they revere and commune with -Shaman Council- The Shaman Council being a source of leadership and decisions for Spiritual affairs run by collective voices of those with the rank of, Sharkû. When a new shaman is wanted by the Sharkû they’re to present them towards the shaman council which then these wiser shamans will see if the presented being is fit to take the spiritual role as the Spirits tool. The rules of which a new shaman is selected is based upon all which are present meaning the standards will differ from person to person, however, all should view the nominated potential shaman based around their spiritual devotion to the Spirits alongside their general willingness to help the shamans in general. It is ideal for this suggested potential shaman to be suggested by a Sharkû. ____________________________________________________________________________ Joining Format -------------------- IGN - Discord - -------------------- RP Name - Race - Age - Shaman or want to be one? -
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