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Found 80 results

  1. TO MAU’MADUR “Since the Orcish unification, our guidelines have been vague. It is uncertain to what regard Mau’Madur is to be held; so I send out this document to clear such. The Kezuhk is a subordinate to the Rex. Mau’Madur is to be a vassal under Krugmar, and Krugmar hold domain over it’s lands. Krugmar agrees to make no changes within the lands of Mau’Madur, unless it is to aid a defensive effort (e.g building a fort) / the lands are being used to aid the enemy. The Wargoths of clan Lur and Lak from Mau’Madur are allowed into the Wargoth council, and with such come the privileges and power of being Wargoths. Krugmar agrees not to call Mau’Madur into any war he wishes, only when he raises the scorpion banner and the war is considered a threat to orcish race as a whole by the vote of the Wargoth council, or the war is defensive in nature. To do otherwise would be an insult to the agreement. The lands of Mau’Madur are allowed to use their own government system, and elect their own Kezuhk to rule over the lands. The orks of Mau’Madur are considered equal to those of Krugmar, and will be treated as such. Mau'Madur will also be allowed to make its own affairs with other states and nations so long as they do not hinder the orcish race, and pit do not orks to fight against each other. Upon a new Rex taking the throne, the terms will be reconsidered between the Kezuhk and Rex, and if no agreement is met, a klomp will be used as a last resort to decide the terms. Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter Kezuhk Ugrad’Lur”
  2. UNITING THE CLANS ⚙-⚙-⚙ [!] Korgahk’Gorkil leading the Krugmar division to Mau’madur’s walls. The day was young; and the sun rose steadily across the Mau’madurian swampy horizon; its rays shining through the bog trees. Rex Skalp the Young, Korgahk’Gorkil and Targoth Eyeboila’Raguk were the first to clamber off their longships. They had come a long way from the sandy mesas and San’Azgak, and had bore unto them many a storm on their way. Nonetheless, they had come to talk to Ugrad’Lur and the other Mau’Madurians; to offer peace to the competing orcish nation. The warband trudged through the bog’s murky waters and cut through the verdant vegetation to arrive at Mau’Madur’s gates. From there, they waited. The sun was not yet at noon, and Skalp was early to the meeting. As the wargoths theorized and planned amongst themselves, Nazark told many a great tale of clan wars and orcish strength to the grunts, reliving his lengthened life. At last, though, the sun shone vertical upon the party, and Ugrad’Lur emerged alone. “Ug, Raguks and Gorkils.” He greeted, and then explained that due to Mau’Madur’s laws, only one orcish diplomat may enter at a time. Krugmar’s band sprung up in retort, defending their Rex and warning him if he entered alone, his death was a surety. However, the young Rex doubted not Mau’Madur’s honor, and entered unattended; albeit somewhat foolishly. From there, Fiil’Yar accompanied the Rex and Kezuhk to Mau’Madur’s round table, where Falum’Lur awaited them. Thus began a long and arduous argument; the party’s tongues flicking over insults and semantics. Suggestions after suggestions were offered by one party, only to have it spat on by the other. Frustrated, the Rex challenged Ugrad to an honor duel. If Skalp won, Mau’Madur would be vassalized and assimilated into Krugmar, and the Rex would rule over them. If Ugrad won, a defensive alliance was to be formed between the two. “Mi am blahin lat’s ash last tik, Ugrad, da Orks am to be unified under ash leader, by peace or by wagh. Mi am nub da boy cryin’ wolf, mi am da wolf walkin’ to da gahk piggies’ wooden blarg. Mi implores lat’s: Accept da klomp or mi will huff puff agh blow lat’s Goi down.” Reluctantly, and threatened with war if he does not, Ugrad agreed. *** “Gaakh Krug hon’tala maukum; Gaakh Krug golmu durbum azh amirz’darg’ub maamar Uruk-hai. Lûp’Krug. May it be Krug looks upon this klomp, may it be Krug gives strength to one who will guide the orcish people best. Praise Krug. Lûp’Lur; Hon’tala lûk’lab Ugrad rad. Kezukh baltu-ob. Praise Lur; Look upon your son Ugrad now. Kezukh of marshes. Lûp’Leydluk; Hon’tala lûk’lab Skalp rad. Rex thagûrzu-ob. Praise Leydluk; Look upon your son Skalp now. Rex of dry fields. Maukum hûrûrz. Gaakh.” Klomp with honor. Let it be. And with the conclusion of Fiil’Yar’s prayers, the bout begun. Fists were thrown, kicks were met with teeth, and grapples tossed about. The honor-duel lasted many an hour, nearly that of a day as the two behemoths tore each other down to the last shred of their willpower. The fight was even, and no clear victor was shown until the end. Ugrad was strong, taller and bearing more muscle than the young Rex, and beat him to a pulp. Skalp’s eyes were bruised, and his teeth were spat aside. However, Skalp was quick, filled with vigor and bearing an undeniable will to continue fighting. Around the Rex’s neck hung the runestone of Leyd, and with a final punch to the flank of Ugrad’s jaw, the smith beat the hunter. Mau’Madur was now assimilated into Krugmar. Ugrad and Skalp then had a similar duel to decide the new orcish Rex, bearing the same results. The crimson Raguk aided Ugrad to his feet, and delivered onto him a respectful headbutt; a warrior’s bond having formed in the youthful Rex’s mind. *** From there, Skalp returned home alone, bruised and bloody, limping and clambering into San’Azgak. Various Krugmarian orks moved to aid him, notably that of Pretkag’Gorkil and Karakah, and they quizzed Skalp about the outcome of his meet with Mau’Madur. With a smile, and a straightened spine, the Rex spoke: “When mi became Rex, there were many doubts. ‘He am too young’, ‘He am just a kub’, ‘He am a Raguk’. They were warranted at the tik, yub, but nub now. Since takin’ lead, has mi nub delivered on mi promises? As a kub, Mi led raids agh won them outnumbered, many of lat’s have gained titles from such; ‘Steelskin’. As a kub, mi has led us through famine agh wagh with Oren, so dat nub’ash would flat under mi kommand. As a kub, mi has revived da Krughai, agh brought aktiviti agh prosperity to Krugmar. Now mi blah to lat’s as an uruk, nub longah a kub. As such, mi has brought lat’s unity. Mau’Madur is assimilated into Krugmar! We am ash people! But there am still promises mi has to deliver, brothers agh sisters; wi have written our first page in da histori books, grab da pen: Let us write some more.” And such were met with jovial cries of relief and celebration. The orcs had been unified, and their combined strength shone through their ranks. They were a strong people once more, unified and driven as a singular machine. Greatness was theirs by birthright, the time was now to take it. “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  3. A loud and echoing warhorn would be heard across the orcish lands of Krugmar, The sound could be heard miles away and especially for Gorkil clan members it would have the distinct sound of the Wargoth’s horn, it would signal Clan Gorkil to rally for something….. Wargoth Korgahk’Gorkil would be seated next to the fire in a tent, across the Klomp pit. He would sit there in wait for his brothers to arrive. As he sat there he would put his hands near the fire and clasping them together trying to get warm, as the weather was quite cold now. Soon enough Several Gorkils entered the tent, The children would rush towards Korgahk and hug him, and korgahk would with open arms embrace them with open arms, But He noticed the eyes of his elder counsil and the eyes of his clan members were looking at him, wondering what was the reason he had blown the Gorkil Warhorn. He would say to the cubs “Now little azhes. Mi muzt konduct buizness” he said facing the various faces looking at him awaiting his word, A couple of those faces would be Murak’Gorkil, His father and Nazark’Gorkil, essentially another father to him. He would clear his throat and say “Bruddahz agh ziztahs, Mi kalled lat here today to blah to lat, Tu blah tu lat abouht da future ub Klan Gorkil. Agh itz legazi, mi agh da counzil ub Elders” Korgahk would gesture to the clan elders in the room, Murak’Gorkil, Nazark’Gorkil, Hargurr’Gorkil and Skorkon’Gorkil. He would then continue “Clan Gorkil embodiez da ztate ub a prime orc, Wi am Warriorhz, Ztratagizts agh leadaz, Agh where otha uruks hold agh train waghfare, Wi THRIVE ihn it! Everi Gorkil haz da rezponzibili to be able tu klomp hoshly agh tayk down da enemi wif zwift agh hosh ztrikes, Zo mi AZH DEKREE ahll ub latz learhn Hun’Zna, includin mizelf. Da teacherz wihll be, Mi popo Murak’Gorkil agh Nazark’Gorkil da wize. Korgahk would see a couple of faces frown, but most of them would smile and grin, agreeing with the idea. Korgahk would feel a cub hitting his leg and he would chuckle picking up the child and hoisting it ontop of his shoulder allow it to sit there. He would speak up again saying “Cubs ahm our legazy, dey ahm our azzurance daht Krugs bluud wihll live ohn agh honor da zpirits afta wi flat ihn wagh agh travel tu da Stargush’Stroh.” Korgahk would take a deep breath before continuing “Mi pop blahed tu mi diz ztori, ah ztory ub a cub ub a half uruk agh another uruk. Hie was trained by his popo, trained tu klomp agh taught how tu bie a honorable uruk. He trained ahll skahin day agh until his popo blahed ‘enuff’ agh aht da end all da cubs zhall come togetha agh be tezted, da WEAK kazted out into da dezert agh da ztrong welcomed agh congradulayted. Klan Gorkil cubs zhall gu through a zimular prozess, Dey zhall train unda dah eyes ub deir momo agh popo agh when dey reach da age ub maturity, age 8 dey zhall be tezted. Tezted ihn ahll ub wub iht means tu be a gorkil, agh wub iht means tu be ihn da Bluudline ub azhes Krugs most capable agh famous cubs.” He would then proclaim “DIZ AHM DA DUB DEKREE!” Korgahk would then clear his throat and take a drink of water out of his own personal jug held in his belt, he would then say “Bruddaz diz ahm da lazt dekree buht it may be da mozt important. Da Gorkil Klan trials hab allowed otha uruks nub borhn in da klan tu join iht agh hold da honorable naym, Gorkil. Mi wahmt tu gu back tu da old traditions ub da clan, zo mi Deklare as da Gahk Dekree ahm, ahll da Klan trialz zhall be changed agh new Klan Trialz zhall be inztated!” At that he would finish the Clan meeting with the famous Gorkil saying “ANG GIJAK ISHI!” Klan Trials Lat muzt clean out ahn entire Skorpion dehn with nub tools only lat bare hands. Lat muzt pick azh ub dese gahk options for lat dub triahl. -Win 3 Klomps against 3 orcs. - Forge or make a weapon out of a rare substance. -Lead a successful raid against a enemy. 3. Taym a wild Warboar to call lat own.
  4. WANTED IN DA UZG: “Da Krughai am on da lookout for this halflin’, Pelegren Applebrook, who we believe am responsible for da saltin’ of our fields agh burnin’ of our library. Description: Small halfling, ‘round 3’ foot, tanned, missin’ a leg, ear agh thumb. Green eyez, brown hair. Bring him to da Rex ALIVE. Da reward be 500 zhinies. Scribed by Fizzard’Raguk REX Skalp’Raguk da Young”
  5. THE NEW ORCISH HUNTSGOTH [!] An orc on the hunt for the Great Votar The Uzg seemed quiet, it has been for various days. Skygod mishaps had made the lands hard to traverse, and had halted many an orcish warband from pillaging. Nontheless, the orks stood firm, and upon the bellow of a warhorn, many came on a whim. They gathered ‘round the youthful orcish Rex, and awaited loyally his words to strike their ears. “Many of lat’s have grown to gruk Namyra’Lur as a capable agh bub’hosh hunter, despite her twiggy blood. They have klomped for uz, worked for uz, agh bled for uz in many occasions. Howevah: Today we congratulate dem, for hard work payz off! Namyra has won da Great Votar, and iz now da new orkish huntsgoth. Ang-Gijak ishi! Ang Gund Griizh!” The plaza erupted into shouts of celebrations, and with this the Rex decided to add another announcement in celebratory fashion, “Da prohibition was an insult to Krug, bruddas. Mi will nub apologize for mi aktions in removin’ lat’s from lat’s grogg, but wi will make amends by givin’ it back! Drink, party! Da prohibition is broken, we am ztill in da game!” And drink they did, for many hours in celebration. Brawls erupted in the tavern, and only time and other skygod shenanigans ended the party. It was a good day for the orcs of Krugmar.
  6. FAMINE IN THE UZG ⚙-⚙-⚙ The spirit Kinul, sending forth Tagnir’s lessers. A warhorn screamed throughout the sandy mesa, calling forth those from their homes. Once more it bellowed, and then thrice; it’s call urgent. The Rex, Skalp’Raguk the Young, now upon his 19th birthday, stood atop a pedestal, awaiting expectantly as many an ork came about. He paced about the wooden floor, glowering and struggling to control his angered breathing before speaking to the gathering. “Behind mi.” They made their way to the farms, of which supplied Krugmar’s tables with bread and other delicacies, a necessity to keep the warnation churning and well-oiled. Though, this day tragedy struck. Crops laid strewn across the floor, and the very soil had been salted. The Rex knelt downwards, running his palm through the ruined dirt before looking towards his people. “It would seem sumash is tryin’ to undermine mi; lat’s agh our gloriouz nation as a whole! They move to starve us agh flat our kubs slowly with da neglekt of grub. Howevah, dey forget: We am Orks. We do nub bend to da whims of those who lurk in da shadows. For dis reason, mi am revivin’ da Krughai! We will find dis perpetrator; use his teeth as dice agh his skull as a football for our kubs. His corpse will be strung up agh hung from da roof of mi throne room. Until den, bruddas, do nub bend, do nub succumb to such dishonorable flats, for lat’s am Uruk. Ang Gund Griizh.” “Aight gitz! Any news or suspicion about da farm-salta’ must immediately be reported to da Targoth; Eyeboila’Raguk or da Rex himself. Scribed by Fizzard’Raguk REX SKALP’RAGUK DA YOUNG ” “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  7. THE KRUG-HAI Mauz-ob da wagh uzg. “Glok agh Glozad.” The Krughai- the military of the War Nation of Krugmar and social ladder of the proud orkish domain. All orks- whether they are the scrawniest goblin or an olog of the dullest wit-are expected to partake, for not to do so is considered a high dishonour. HIERARCHY REX | SKALP’RAGUK THE YOUNG Supreme authority of the Krughai and Keshig alike. ELITE RANKS: Targoth | Eyeboila’Raguk da Ugli General and Primary Overseer of the Krughai. They are typically a particularly battle-hardened and strategically astute Uruk, who is tasked with appointing Warbosses, formulating plans, offering strategic advice and leading the Krughai into battle! Large scale war games and nation-wide training sessions are also organized by the Targoth personally. UNIFORM: Warboss Commanders of the army, responsible for training and leading a small cohort of uruks known as a Warband. A variant of the Warboss is a Seaboss- who leads a “Crew” opposed to a “Warband.” UNIFORM: Flagbearer Tasked with bearing the banner of the Uzg in battle- a slightly more esteemed soldier and right hand to the Warboss. UNIFORM: STANDARD RANKS: Raxborn Widely considered to be the best fighter in the entirety of Krugmar, they are awarded bloodsteel and gold-tinted steel. It is considered a great honor to be the Raxborn of the Krughai and many young uruks seek such out. UNIFORM: Waghboy A more experienced member of the Krughai than the Grunt, having had proved himself in battle and by showing up for trainings. It is also the final rank to earn before moving on to a more elite role. UNIFORM: Grunt Unskilled and seasoned soldiers alike, the Grunts are the main brunt of the Krughai, with cavalry, infantry and archers of various degrees of skills encompassed within the rank. UNIFORM: Runt The newcomers of the Krughai, having not yet earned their uniform. They are often whipped and beaten into a more disciplinary attitude. SPECIALIST RANKS Grubgoth | Fizzard’Raguk Tasked with keeping the bellies of the orkish people full! And providing rations for orks heading into battle. Especially adroit grubgoths may have dabbled with potion making or the art of gold-plating apples. Gruntboss | Shakul’Gorkil Tasked with processing new Grunts and equipping them with surplus armour, a home and a pat on the back. Screamer | Pretkag’Gorkil An Uruk- typically a goblin or an ork with a noticeably shrill voice -tasked with rallying the orcs to their battle stations! MILITARY CENSUS [OOC] IGN: DISCORD: DISCORD: *Discord is mandatory. Uncoordinated soldiers are as bad if not worse than lack of soldiers. [IC] NAME: RACE: “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  8. REARMAMENT OF KRUGMAR [!] The Krugmarian vessels, going down the eastern gap. “Dats da end of it.” The wargoth council sat around on their thrones, looking onto eachother as their council carried on. It was the first one by the young Rex Skalp’Raguk, who had only recently reached the age of 18. Finally, Wargoth Korgahk’Gorkil spoke up, asking what was to be done on the separation of the orcish peoples. The Rex moved to stand in the middle of the room, eyes flicking to each of his countrymen; brothers, elders, healthy rivals and more. He knew and trusted them, and so forth he commanded them. “Dat is da big question, is it nub? For tu long have we stood idle and allowed our race agh power to be separated, for too long have wi bickered about nonsenz when da true threat lies over the river! Mau’madur has abandoned our people, in a weak attempt to gain power for themselves and install pinki policies. Bruddas, mi fear if we do nub akt, our end is nigh. Mi wish nub to spill ork blood, mi hates it, but a separated Uzg is ash bound to flat from stagnation. Wub if we let them fester? Wub if we let their illness spread? Mi will nub have it! We are going to construct mighty ships at da docks of San’Strok, agh wi am going to ride them down towards Ugrad’Lur’s bog. Then we will speak. Wi will nub declare WAAAGH, but we will speak with them. Mi promise dis to lat’s, mi brothers: We will be unified. Mau’madur will rejoin Krugmar. Mi blah da klans to bring wood, bring masts, sails agh anchors; Fizzard, mi blah’s lat’s to make hosh grub for da journey, Nazark, mi blah lat’s to speak with da spirits. Da rest of lat’s, prepare for da trip Ang Gund Griizh! Nagijak urukim! For our peoples, for our way of life!” The Uzg then erupted into cries of Waaagh! and various other salutes. The orks of Krugmar were to create ships to venture down towards Mau’madur and speak to them about the future of their peoples. Unification was at last upon the orcish race, in their grasps, they had merely to reach out and catch it.
  9. THE FIRST DIRECTIVE OF THE REX Early that morning, when the brothers and sisters were preparing themselves for toil and training, the shrill voice of a goblin Crier making his rounds rang out: “Hark! Our strong and most honourable Rex, he who has proven himself mighty against all adversaries, has decreed: Timber must be gathered and brought to the dry dock of Old Krugmar, San’Strok; Those of CLAN LAK still loyal to Krugmar - master shipwrights as they are - are to mill such timber reserves into ships; Those of CLAN RAGUK are to gather iron and forge anchors; And those of CLAN LUR still loyal to Krugmar are to conduct and bring the spoils of the hunt. In addition to this, it is decreed: Eyeboila’Raguk is to put his slaves to work towards the fulfillment of the Rex’s decree; Fizzard’Raguk is to prepare rations for the brothers and sisters. Each ration pack should consist of dried meat, bread and an onion. Nazark and Korgahk’Gorkil are to report to the Rex. That is all, brothers and sisters. Ang gund griish. Nagijak Urukim.”
  10. | VOTAR | SEARCH FOR THE HUNTSGOTH [x] The Axios Huntsgoth in their prime. “Gather ‘round, gather round mi bruddas!” The morning in the Uzg broke early that day. All sorts of flora and fauna sprouted from the city. Plants grew off the side of the Goi and rabbits dared venture into the streets; it was as if the spirit of nature had taken hold of the city’s walls. The Rex sneered at such; it had been a while since orks hung up trophies outside their blargs and hunters ventured into the mesa. “Da goi peeps rather busy, does it nub? Da absence of a Huntsgoth in our ranks have made them brave, and mi, Rex Skalp’Raguk, have merely heard of such great hunts agh boons from da wilderness, with nubth’n to show for it. For dis reazon mi announce a year of votar! Decorate lat’s blargs with da trophies lat’s have gathered, agh da ork with da most fruitful boons will be announced as da HUNTSGOTH. Nagijak Urukim, may da best ork win!” OOC: Orcs, the great hunt is upon us again. It’s an eventline where you go out, rp hunting something with a group, then decorate your house with rp items and/or signs. How about rewards, I hear you ask. Well, this time around the reward will the the title of Huntsgoth itself, a seatplace on the Wargoth council, a bloodsteel spear rp item, and the Boomerang above. Next week Sunday I will make my rounds around the Goi, and see who has the most amount of trophies around their house. The most amount of trophies will be chosen as the victor. Those of you who do not have a house yet are encouraged to get one. If you do kill something, whether it be a great elk or a simple elf; reply with this: IGN of those involved: RP name: What you hunted: Screenshot of kill: May the best hunter win.
  11. bookstar


    Grubsgiving: “it’z da zeazon tu giv rulg agh eat hozh grub. Itz grubzgiving!” Come to Mau’Madur on Saturday, November 23 at 2pm EST for the starting activities. You will have a grand time of festivities and food. With a hunt being held before the main festivities for a Bokolo bird to be the main course. All allies are welcomed! Activities order list: 2pm EST: the hunt for the Bokolo bird begins, find Noka’Lur for more info on what to expect. 3pm EST: Cooking will begin 3pm-3:30pm EST: A mud wrestling tournament (I.E a water-based pvp fights) will start, the winner will receive assorted liquors and minas. 4pm EST: the main feast will begin food and drink will be served to all!
  12. A MISSIVE TO THE GROVE “It will be done” The slave, Runtwig. The morning’s haze rose high above Krugmar. Various critters and such woke and moved to hunt their prey, drink their water or simply bask in the sunlight. Among these critters, was the goblin Fizzard’Raguk. He was an intellectual ork, publishing many a paper. However, the Rex approached him soon enough; and engaged in dialogue. Long and fruitful was their talk, and the goblin scribed up a glorious letter. The words upon the letter came from the Rex, moved from the Goblin into the text, and the text was given to Runtwig to deliver upon the druidic leader of the Talus Grove, Nivndil. “ To the druids of da Talus Grove. The new Rex of Krugmar, Skalp’Raguk the Young, orders an audience. It is imperative that dialogue between the peoples of Krugmar and those who share the west with them, be had. Expect a convoy to your gates the next Sun’s Smile [Sunday 3 pm est]. We hope to work together nicely. Issued by REX sKaLp’RagUK Scribed by Fizzard’Raguk“ Hmu on discord @Aethling Mina 🇿🇦🇿🇦#5184
  13. SAN’AZGAK, THE ORCISH CAPITAL “A new tik is comin’, boyz, mi peep it in dis Goi!” The yazgurtan and architect, Murthraka’Lur, returned to the Uzg in the Rexdom of Korgahk’Gorkil, and with him he brought great blueprints; similiar to that of San’Thraka in Vailor. And after many a year, the city was finished; the citadel standing tall in the clouds. Korgahk then thought up a name, that of San’Azgak, and immediately the city's persona was born. This was a new start for the orks, and even though the city brought memories of old, it served as a breath of fresh air. An ork and elf settling a dispute at the klomp pit. Raguk Road, where the redskins go about their days. A grouping of orks inside the Tavern, enjoying their drinks. The front of the citadel; basking in both the sun and it’s greatness. The foundations for greatness had been laid; the denizens of Krugmar needed only to utilize it. XYZ: 1657 / 59 / 171
  14. Good music to listen to THE NEW REX ⚙-⚙-⚙ The Redskins’ honour duel. The Goi was humid. It’s temperature was high and the air was wet. Though, it was empty, only that of the Rex, Korgahk’Gorkil and the Goj, Nazark’Gorkil. On the other side of the world, a war was waged; and the dread of silence spread across Arcas as families awaited their loved ones to return home. Then, a Raguk warhorn raged across the orcish citadel, and the redskins marched into Krugmar once more, Wargoth Skalpboila da Skary at the head. He was a young ork, merely 17 in age, though with young age came ambition; and with ambition action. “Broshân, who be lat’s, den?” the Rex and the Wargoth greeted eachother, introducing themselves with their ranks and achievements. However, the young ork was not there to talk mindlessly without reason. He was there to take lead. “Korgahk’Gorkil Mi shall take lat’s position. Mi challenge lat’s to a klomp for Rex.” *** Skalp dug his hands into the sands of the klomp pit, lofting up a handful and rubbing it across his palms. In his mind, he spoke to Leyd; though his physical tongue said no word. A crowd of spectators had emerged, either survivors of the siege or simply others who had heard the commotion. Then, the clash started. The clans of Raguk and Gorkil both have a lengthy history of war and combatative prowess, and the the Rex and Wargoth stood as living proof of this. They clashed and fought. Noses were broken, bruises colorized and the sand of the pit reddened in blood, and as the fight grew on, a warriors-respect was birthed between the two. The sun ran across the sky as they fought, and time seemed not to bother them; both nearly taking the other to heel. However, in the end, a lucky and fast blow allowed Skalp to claim victory over his compatriot. A cry shot through the sky, and Skalp aided Korgahk to his feet, delivering onto him a headbutt of respect. The spirits had chosen their victor. . . *** Skalp’Raguk looked across at the crowd that had gathered. Orks, goblins, ologs and honoraries, all waiting for his word. Silence was in the air, and the ork felt a feeling of authority, and he embraced it. He spoke up; “Mi have grown to gruk many of lats over da last year. Pretkag, Dura, Nazark, Hargurr, Runtwig, Namyra agh many more. Lat’s have grown to gruk mi as honorable, young but nub brash, nub impulsive. Mi need nub blah mi name to lat’s, agh lat’s need nub blah lat’s name to mi, for wi am bruddas agh sistahs.Rex Korgahk’Gorkil was a bub’hosh ork, however mi has decided mi will do mi best for Krugmar. To accomplish this, leadership had to fall onto MI. Lat’s have all treated mi with compassion, urukish love agh respect, more dan mi deserve; allow me to repay it to lat’s. Mi, as REX, will treat lat’s with honor, treat lat’s like da uruks lat’s is. Lat’s fountains will run yellow with gold, lat’s will peep onto lat’s kubs as bronze statues, memories of a golden age. Mi will treat lat’s by giving prosperity to Krugmar, givin lat’s unity of da orkish peoples! Mi will treat lats by givin’ lat’s wagh.. Mi will eat da same grub as lats, bear da same scars, agh klomp da same klomps. But MI will lead as REX. A new age of orks am upon us! Nagijak urukim! Ang Gund Griizh!” The crowd then erupted in shouts of Krug and various strong salutes. A new orcish age had come. (Banner made by _Jandy_) I've heard the forums are ******* with my pictures so here's the original post
  15. BLOOD AND TUSKS ⚙-⚙-⚙ [!] A lesser under Leyd, as he peered down from the immortal plain to the mortal realm. A cry cascaded through Krugmar, and for a moment the situation was tense, until it came to fruition that it was one of celebration sprouting from Raguk Road. The youthful Raguk sat in his home, playing with a drumstick as his brothers scurried around the hearth, and his slave served up a tankard of grogg. He was young, 16 years of age, and had only recently arrived in the lands of Krugmar. Though, his arrival was not met without controversy nor conflict. He had heard from his slave, Runtwig, that an attempt on his life had been made. The elder Nazark’Gorkil had moved to slay the snaga, under the accusation of dark shamanism, though with great efforts Runtwig had escaped. Such was an insult to his family’s name and to him, and action had to be taken. Now Skalpboila’Raguk sat in the dwelling, his blood-brothers Eyeboila and Brainboila dancing and laughing as if embers to a flame. He, however, attempted no cajolery of the spirits. Skalp simply sat upon the chair, playing with the drumstick, knowing action had to be taken. *** Dawn broke, and the critters of Krugmar emerged from their crevices. Scorpions bathed in the sun’s illumination and insects swarmed the tavern. The Boila brothers too, emerged from their condo. Their search was brief, as they interrogated the denizens of the golden city. Asking that of Pretkag, Dura and even the elderly Shagarath. Finally, Skalp and his compatriots arrived at the Gorkil’s footstep. “Nazark! Emerge from lat’s cave. We’s got blahin’ to do!” And speak they did, for what felt to the ork like many an hour. The details of the talk were hazy to the young orc, and though he listened intently, much of it was lost upon him. Nevertheless, an agreement was forged between the young and old: They were to have an honor klomp, a sacred duel of which the spirits themselves decide the victor. If Skalp was beaten, his slave’s throat would be slit, and if the elder lost the bout, a tusk and a slave would be paid to Skalp. The stage was set. *** The sun shone directly above, cementing time as noon. In the intense heat, most beings would cower beneath the cool-blue shade or in the lush oasis nearby. Despite of this, however, a crowd of uruk formed around the klomp pit, the same one Skalp had dug up with his bare hands. The combatants stood opposite eachother, silent in tongue, but with no doubt crazed in mind, discussing their battle tactics with themselves. Then, however, Skalp emerged from his oral dormance. He spoke up, laying praise to the Spirit Leyd, he who rules as the chain lord, and the spirit of physical strength. He spoke the words from Spluttertongue, the young Ragukian dialect of old blah. “Lok Leyd! Hont lâttuk aldatuk; grish lattuk asgarakh u lât ner! Lok Leyd! Hont dhurburz lattuk egek taka azugh lât ishûr! Lok Leyd! Lok Leyd! Udirk lâttuk zultûr agh largrûz lattok nik ukh darg!” Then, it began. Skalp was young, fast and strong; and while Nazark was not famed for his combatative prowess, he was respected for it nontheless, having nearly brought the legendary Leydluk’Raguk down to heel in their duel. Blows were thrown, blood was shed, yet the victor was clear. He stood tall as his opponent fell upon the sand. He brandished an ornamented knife. With knees bent, Skalp lowered beside Nazark’Gorkil, murmuring “Dabu, brother.” and laying claimant to his first trophy. The ork stood, prideful of his achievements yet not arrogant, as he helped the elder to his feet. Soon after celebrations were had, and whilst his brothers danced and laughed once more, Skalp could not help but sit and examine the tusk he had received, pondering the future the spirits had fated for him. “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  16. THE BUILDER’S FEAST The new city of Krugmar. [!] A message is sent out to all orcs of Krugmar. “Dakka! A new city has been constructed under the eye of Murthraka’Lur. To celebrate such, a feast will be held on the Grand Harvest, 1741 [Saturday 1:30 pm est]. At this celebration, all ye gits will be able to compete in a cook-off to become the new Grubgoth. Ang Gund Griish, Lûp-Krugmar, Lûp-urukim! Scribed by Imp’Raguk and Skalp’Raguk Organized by the Dominus and the Rex. “
  17. Welcome to the ~~~FUNKY~~~ lil skin shop Costs: A head skin is 300 minas An overlay is 100 minas A body is 700 minas A full body (including overlay) is 1000 minas If you are applying for a skin, please fill out the below: Username: Discord: Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Steve or Alex Model: Gender and Race: Image(s) for reference: How is your character quirky?: Type of Payment: Proof of Payment: (You can either reach out to me below or on my discord) Past work:
  18. Korgahk’Gorkils delcaration ob Rexdom Korgahk’Gorkil would finish his time at the dark elf settlement of Renalia. The sun setting behind the various mountains of the savanna of Arcas, Korgahks Gorkil armor would make a “Cling” now at every step he took towards the old city of Krugmar. Destroyed by the most recent war and pillaged by various bandits and scavengers. The moon would start to rise in the sky the moonlight would shine down upon Korgahk and the savanna. Once at the old gates of Krugmar the sound of 3 Gorkils would be heard, Korgahk would turn around seeing three Gorkils standing before him, in full custom Gorkil armor, , the leader of the three would address Korgahk saying “Ug brudda, mi hab a letta from da Rex, hie blahed it am urgehnt” Korgahk would nod taking the letter from his fellow Gorkil and break the seal and read over the contents, using the moonlight as a light to read, he would grunt with concern when he came upon a certain part of the letter before finishing it and looking back up at the three Gorkils. He would put the letter in his pouch and say “Whehn dihd Bubur blah to lat tu give diz letta tu mi?” The main leader of the group, Maurohk would respond “Zum tik agu when da zun waz about tu ztart settihn.” Korgahk nods, pondering for a second before saying back “Mi gruk… Mi zhall blah wif da remainin leadazhip agh dehn wi zhall peep wub happens” After one krugs day, and speaking with the remaining leadership, Korgahk would blow the horn signaling for the whole nation to rally at the new city, Various colors of orcs would assemble, their eyes tired of the constant labor for their families for their nation. Korgahk would stand before them getting their attention. With a deep firm voice he would address his people “ Throm’ka bruddaz agh zistahs, Mi hab received worhd from our Rex Burbur’Lur. He haz dizapeared, willingli. Nub traze, nub zighn skahin nothin wuz peeped. Mi warriorz kould nub track him dowhn. Agh now wi am weak wi am zuffering from da lozz ub a Wagh. We neehd a Rex. Zu MI DEKLARE MIZELF REX UB KRUGMAR! Mi wihll be ah Rex daht Bringz Ztrengff tu Krugmar!
  19. As Krugmar began it’s descent, many noble uruks and goblins gathered together and starting talking about setting off from Krugmar and have their own place to call home. When the war with Oren happened and the Targoth fell at the sword of the human, the rush of a new place was pressed. The clans of Lur, Lak, Azog, Dhadron, and Ox banded together start a settlement in the swamps, that they soon called Mau’Madur. Ancient blah that would translate into warrior freedom. Our purpose is to return honor to the orcs, as from our blessing from Aenguls. The orcs are a honorable and strong race among others. Though as time passes, things grow weaker and weaker. Therefore causing the lack of, or failure of what one was destined to become. The orcs, were destined to be the elite of races, the strongest of races, and even the death of some. Therefore these tribes set out to accomplish this task. Kezuhk These are the leaders of the highest ranking. Selected by the power of the clans and are required to be the Wargoths. They withold the highest power over the clans though can easily be overthrown, as long as the clans will it. Current Kezuhk(s): Ugrad’Lur Wargoths These are your leaders of clans. They are selected by each clan's traditions and serve as high respected individuals among Mau'Madur. The Current Wargoths: Lur: Ugrad’Lur Lak: Clog’Lak Ox: Snawt’Ox Azog: Urik’Azog Dhadron: Dura Buub: Zug’Buub Ghalzud Ghalzud, the leader of the Ozgoz-Hai. This is a "might makes right" position and is given to the strongest uruk to lead our military. They carry out punishments among other orcs if demanded by any Kiredh. This orc is to be a very trusted military general among orcs and is expected to lead the orcs and the tribes to victory. Current Ghalzud: TBD Ozgoz-Kura These are your orcs who have been recognized by the Ghalzud to be stronger then most others and have served to do well in command and in combat. They often wear their armor around the goi to show their status. Ozgoz-Hai The orcish military, only the strongest are accepted into this and are the protectors of the settlement. In time of war, all needed citizens are required to enlist into the military to help keep their home safe from intruders, though are resigned upon the war end to tend to any lost, wounded, or even slain clansmen. Kiredh These are select orcs from each clan. They can be seen as public servants of the orcs and are well trusted individuals. They are expected to be involved in the community and to represent their tribes as they see fit. These members are elected by each tribe present in Mau’Madur. Current Kiredh: -Noka’Lur -Akila’Lur -Dura’Dhadron -Snawt’Ox -Clog’Lak -Reza’Lur Snagagoth: The Snagagoth role is given out to the best snaga collector. This person has right to control all snagas trade and sets rules for snagas. This role can be challenged for by proving your skill to the Kezuhk. If not on the Kiredh council already, they will be added. Current Snagagoth: Reza’Lur Huntsgoth The Huntsgoth is uruk who prides themselves in holding the best hunts, and have slain the biggest beast. This is given out by the Kezuhk as well and can be challenged. The huntsgoth also receives a voice on the Kiredh of not already on it. Current Huntsgoth: Noka’Lur The Clans of Mau’Madur are located in the Southern Swamps of Arcas.
  20. They’re small, they’re green, they’re nifty. They’re Ox. From the deepest caverns and deadliest badlands, the wee sized greenskin folk are marching through time. Even since Axios the goblins of Ox are existing as a family and culture. They may be not biggest orcs, may be not best fighters either, but they’re smartpants for sure. Goblin honour is something far different from Uruk-like, some uruk say they don’t have any though. Their people are also called Golin’Dar. Clan Hierarchy Big Bozz This one is a title is the same of Urukish Wargoth, but according to Golin’Dar’s culture. That is a superior gobbo, leading his Oxies (young Ox goblins) to the brighter future. The new Big Bozz is to be chosen by previous one, or with the debates on the court. Current leader is Snawt’Ox, the first Ox. Big Bozz himself. Dankzter That is the rank of a goblin who dares to dive into the life of a Criminal. Those are usually the ones that gather the wealth to their clan. Bandits, Thiefes, Assassins and Drug Dealers of course. They’re the main military force of the Clan. Dankzters have to go through many trainings to practice their skills well. Every Ox has to prove himself before going on a real Deal. They must prove they’re tough and artful enough to handle their duty, such as roof-jumping, lockpicking, assassination and teamwork. Ox Dankzters mocking on an Oren Soldier. Puzzlah This is the rank of those who are caring about fate of their Clan and carrying the knowledge of Engineering and Trading. Many great deals were done by the Puzzlah of Golin’Dar, many Shekelz (goblin currency) were gathered by those who invent and move the progress. Usually Puzzlah are practicing in building warmachines and forts, some of Puzzlah managed to sell their blueprints to other nations. They also managed to restore the lost technology of Steam-Engines, though some may say it was stolen from the Dwarves. Oh yes, Dwarves and Ox Goblins are blood enemies for many centuries already. An Ox riding a rhino traveling to Icy Mountains of Fenn. Clan Codex An Ox jurist. As in every well formed group Ox Clan has it’s own Authority and it’s own Laws. Such As: Big Bozz is a Big Guy, listen to him, kid. Don’t be dumb. It’s a fine. If there’s disagreement between two gobbos, or a gobbo or any kin, the lawsuit must be done. That’d be a fine. Don’t steal anyone’s chicken, that’s a fine. Pay Fines, or you’ll be fined too. Ox Culture Snawt’s Blodline – The true Oxies are carrying blood from Snawt’Ox, the First Ox. Those are midget sized goblins, being from 3 to 4 feet tall, having long twitching ears and a long pointy nose hanging down from their nose, such pointy it can be confused with a knife. Goggles – Children of Snawt have a chance of having vision problems, their eyesight tend to be blurred by unknown mutation. Probably the same mutation that turned Ox goblins that small. Don’t fight, ask a Brudda - True Oxie wouldn’t throw himself at the enemy. He’d probably give his fellow Uruk a well goblin crafted weapon and ask them to slay the foe. Praising Trokorl – Being faitful Engineers and Builders Ox gobbos are worshiping the spirit of Engineering, the Trokorl. Every well built goblin structure is a Trokol’s shrine itself. Ox Naming – Every Ox has his own unique name that represents their nature, skills or even their further fate. (OOC) Be a Gobbo, fill in the Application! MC Name: RP Name: Timezone: Discord:
  21. Portrait of Bo’rok Bo’rok the gentle ogre Oil in canvas, 90cm x 60cm Painted by Darius Morgrain Whisperhood, New Reza, 6th Malin’s Welcome, 1738. - Come visit my workshop at New Reza, Blackstreet IV -
  22. *A large black Lur wolf and fe-uruk would be spotted putting up posters around Irrinor, Krugmar, and many other cities of the like. If someone cared to stop and read them, it would read.* This account was transcribed for those who cannot read orcish blah. I (i.e. Noka’Lur) was traversing our ally nation of Irrinor with fellow clan member Akila’Lur. We had been selling wares to any ally willing to listen, when we came across a group of Kha. Akila took this chance to flaunt his kha pelt that he commonly wore. The Kha’s grew angry about this and demanded that we handed the pelt over and that he wore the pelt of an innocent murdered Kha. Akila explained this was not the case he had taken the pelt from a Kha who had attempted to rob him in the past. Suddenly a kha drew his weapon on us and threated us. Akila and I both sensed that it wasn’t going to be handled peacefully so I had my weapon drawn and Akila was summoning his wind shamanism. Akila was able to blast one of the kha’s away, yet before more violence could ensue, Akila offered a fair deal. He would gladly part with the pelt for a sum of mina, which a Kha did agree to. Akila gave them a price and the kha reached for his minas when suddenly I was meet with a face full of claws. The Kha dishonorably betrayed this deal made specifically to avoid further violence. Akila released another burst of wind to blast us back a few feet before his shoulder was meet with an arrow by an unknown archer. Our curse of bloodlust was ignited in this assault, and thus our memories grow clouded after this face. I heard some shouts from a stranger trying to dissolve the situations as both me and Akila where being attacked, yet the attack continued. An order was then shouted to kill the kha that was attacking us. As the fight slid to the hands of the wood elves, I moved myself and Akila to the nearby clinic to adhere to our wounds. A knowledgeable medic aided us and tended to our wounds, likely saving our Shaman’s life. There we both received proper care and treatment, which afterwards we returned to Krugmar to recuperate from the attack. Our brief stay in Irrinor was met with dishonorable hostility from a group unwilling to listen to reason. We pray our allies have dealt with this act, yet we also extend our thanks for handling the situation following our departure. This massive is meant to add truth to the skewed stories that have encircled our ally since this irksome encounter. *At the bottom of the post a little scribble of what seems to be the Lur clan logo*
  23. LOATHE THE SPINELESS SWAMPGOTH DRÛTRAM’LAK had, until recently, been loitering in his home among the rolling hills of the Mokh-Uruki savannah, a small helping of Toalak sludge on the tip of his index. As it neared his tongue, a rat wrapped tightly in parchment approached him; the parchment itself detailed the Federation’s declaration of war against Vintas. He retired to his office for hours - what he did inside is unknown, but what is known is that as he emerged, eyes bloodshot and speech slurred, he ordered the mass printing of a number of posters, which were soon plastered along the walls and posts of the Federation’s capital. [A selection of a few of the SWAMPGOTH’S posters] Content with the distribution of his re-education material, the SWAMPGOTH decided it best to declare his clan’s role in the Federation warmachine. “These SPIRITLESS, SPINELESS toelickers are an insult to all that we know; Enrohk loathes them, for they are not warlike. Leyd loathes them, for they do not expand their borders and enslave their opposition. Kezt loathes them, for they show no bravery in the face of conflict. “Most of all, brothers, we loathe them. We loathe them for the war-machine loathes them. We loathe them for they remain vassals of those who have slaughtered us innumerable times. We shall let them taste but a fraction of what we have been made drunk by for decades. Sharpen your spears, brothers. String your bows, and fletch your arrows, for soon, we march to war against the weak. “Send word to the Targoth. We shall see these scum burn.” And with that, he set off to his armory, to polish his armor and to plot his attack. Frûm Ulmakhizishu
  24. The Arcas Cosmology Guild Purpose There is never a short supply for knowledge and always a yearning from every new generation to gain something more than the last. The proposition of this guild is to gain and spread awareness of why the sky looks the way it does, the placement of the stars, the composition of stars, celestial bodies and what lays in the Great Beyond. Roles President: The President or Spokesperson for our guild will be managing communications with all branches and groups. They will be in charge of approving documents, agreements, projects, and general discourse of the guild. This role cannot be applied for, rather you will need to send bird to the Chairman and request an interview, and will be chosen carefully by the Council and Chairman. Council: Council members will oversee the advancements and production of the research division in addition to just discussing how things are overall going. Council members can vote for or against things the Chairman and President set in motion. These members will be personally picked by the Chairman and cannot be applied for. You must first apply for a different role and participate in the Guild to be considered for the Council. Branch Leader: Leaders or representatives of each nation, settlement, duchy and or wherever are invited to submit applications to the guild and if accepted, after interview, will be in charge of commanding the branch of their race, nation, or specific settlement. This includes sending important scientific data to the research division, President and overseeing smaller projects involved within their branch. Head of Research: The Head of Research will be regarded as the guild’s most knowledgeable scientist and will run multiple divisions of the guild including: Cosmology, Chemistry, Mechanical, and Geography. This role must be applied for, interviewed, and provide evidence of their ability to lead, guide, teach, and conduct scientific studies. Head Tinkerer: This role, which must be applied and interviewed for, will help develop equipment for both the scientific divisions and to be sold to the people of Arcas. Researcher: The researchers will serve directly under the Head of Research and Branch Leaders. You will be out in the field observing and collecting data or working whatever projects are being carried out. Beneficiary: If you are interested in the publishments of our guild and would like to donate mina, labor, or access to private land please send bird to me and you will be given the honorary Beneficiary role. In addition, you will also be gifted a unique telescope and monthly updates on our projects and discoveries. Member: Want to scout locations, send data, or provide help to our guild? Ask to become a member and you will be given tasks by researchers or branch leaders to fulfill. In addition you will be provided a copy of the monthly journal sent out. Star-Gazer: Are you interested in the stargazing events that will be held? Please ask for the Star-Gazer role and you will be updated on when and where they take place. Events On top of having weekly to bi-weekly meetings this guild will host numerous scientific lectures, debates, tours of the Astronomy tower, and stargazing trips to various locations. All are welcome to join in whether for fun, a learning experience, or to contribute. Meeting Locations Currently, a tower where the epicenter of our guilds activity will be is being finalized and constructed. While we will meet there, specific locations will be disclosed to members of every branch and division on where to meet in the meantime. These locations will be decided by branch leaders and or beneficiaries who wish to host the guild. In addition, said locations will be used alongside the Astronomy tower. Application OOC Information MC IGN: Discord: Timezone: RP Information Persona Name: Race: Gender: Age: Desired Role: [Optional] Specification: (If you are applying for the researcher role please specify which division you’d like to enter [cosmology, chemistry, mechanical, or geography.])
  25. Shadow of the Empire The Known World, Year 700 (zooming in may be required to view cities) ----------------------------------------------=0=---------------------------------------------- Music Brief Summary The last centuries have not been kind to the Imperial state. A once mighty and indomitable force that stretched from Mesopotamia to the northern shores of the Emerald Isle has been reduced far from its former glory. Decades of stagnation, mismanagement, invasion, corruption, and plague has taken its toll on the state. The first of the dominoes fell in Italy. In 642, an amalgamation of Italian senators, natives, and generals orchestrated one of the first Imperial civil wars. In a matter of years, Imperial armies were dealt crushing defeats, and forced to largely abandon the province. Following the withdrawal, the unified coalition splintered, leaving the peninsula divided. In the British Isles continuous pressure from both Highlanders and Seakings alike has slowly eroded Imperial authority. Weakening garrisons, destroying outposts, Imperial control of the region slowly slipped. By 653, British officials could no longer tolerate the stagnant Imperial rule, and cast off their rule. Egypt, by far the most profitable Imperial province was thrown into a state of confusion by mid 660. A terrible defeat inflicted by invading Persians opened the door into the entirety of Imperial north africa. Persian armies penetrated deep into Egypt, leaving a large trail of death and destruction in their wake. The regional capital at Alexandria was even sacked towards the end of campaign. Following the humiliating defeats in Egypt and Judea, Imperial forces were unable to stop the separation of the provinces of Libya and Judea. The most recent string of shortcomings to strike the Imperial realm have sprouted up in Iberia. Only four years ago, the rebellions in Iberia begun in full swing. Self proclaimed kingdoms and empires alike on the peninsula continue to wage war against Imperial forces, though no decisive confrontation has been made yet. Now, with the assassination of the old Emperor Louis X. His son, the ambitious Charles III ascends to the Imperial throne, vowing to reclaim the lost territories and restore Imperial prestige. The future of the Empire, and the Mediterranean world as a whole hangs in the balance.. ------------------------------=0=------------------------------ OOC The rules/mechanics can be found here [Click Me], Any questions can be brought up with me. There will be a cap of 15 players this time around, more if I feel like it. Due to the limited player cap, it will come down to the quality of the application should the cap be met. So make sure your application is not bad... Playable factions this time around have been somewhat reduced. Persia and the Empire are no longer playable. However, the following are: Celtic States -Highland Confederacy -Clan Thomond -Clan O’Neil British States -Kingdom of Sumerset -Kingdom of Mercia -Kingdom of Wales Sea Kingdoms -Kingdom of Denmark -Kingdom of Norway -Kingdom of Sweden Iberian States -Iberian Empire -Kingdom of Leon -Kingdom of Andalusia Italian States -Republic of Venice -Kingdom of the Lombards -Roman Republic -Despotate of Syracuse -Despotate of Tarentum Greek States -Byzantium -Ionia -Macedon -Athens -Epirus North Africa & The Middle East -Kingdom of Judea -Kingdom of Libya -Sultanate of Arabia -Imperial Province of Egypt Tribes -Khanate of Crimea -Magyars -Saxons -Sicrii -Vandals ------------------------------=0=------------------------------ Application Nation applying for: BREIF History of your Nation: Must confine with stated above, you have some creative freedom Leader(s): Discord:
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