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Found 7 results

  1. THE GREYCLOAKS GreyCloak Ranger passing through the lands of Providence PREAMBLE In the 63rd year of the second age in the town of Arichsdorf, Frederick Di Napoli would ride into town. With the recent troubles within Almaris and the ever-growing presence of war within the continent, he would choose to establish the first guildhall of the GreyCloaks in the town. His mentor and teacher had been Hider GreyCloak, a ranger from Norland who had taught him everything about being a man of the wilderness. Now with Frederick as the newfound Captain on the spearhead of the next ranger movements in the continent, the hope is to found and spread the word of the GreyCloaks to have uniformed guilds throughout Almaris, protecting the smaller settlements and frontiers of the continent, keeping balance and peace in the world. The GreyCloak are not strictly professional soldiers. They stand in no lines or guard no gates. Nor are they mere foragers, content to eat berries and drink spring water. For the ranger, all of life is a battle. Their fight does not begin at the bark of a general, or end with the war-horn’s howl. It began when Man first felt the bite of the cold in his chest, and the sting of heat scorching their brow. When they found themselves alone and lost in a dark world- but saw for the first time the stars charting a path to the light of victory. RANKS A veteran ranger with his Cloak and longsword The extravagance of a military guild’s long ladder of ranks seems rather out of place in the ranger’s world. Every ranger is expected to have the same base set of skills as any other. Naturally, some men take to certain tasks better than others, and if a mission calls for a particular man’s expertise, the Leader will designate them to lead it. But which skills will be most essential depends on the task at hand. The best man for one assignment may be the worst man for another. Thus, the rangers free themselves from the shackles of titular bureaucracy and can award commands based on merit and the demands of their current objectives. WILDERS Wilders are members of the guild, who haven’t officially started their training, they are either often people who Rangers assess if they are beneficial to the cause. They are often picked or selected from the applications sent to the guild. Wilders are often informally tested to not only prove their loyalty to their work but to also assess their moral obligations. APPRENTICE New recruits to the guild are known as Apprentices, signifying their status as travellers on a sacred quest. Every Apprentice undergoes rigorous mental and physical training beside a class of fellows. Together, they learn to live off the land, to track men and beasts by the prints they leave behind, to read the sky, and to master the ranger’s weapon of choice- the longbow and recurve bow. Upon the successful acceptance into the guild, Apprentices are then awarded a long Cloak, which they wear and maintain for the rest of their life. RANGER They are given the same responsibilities and privileges carried by all fully initiated members, who came before them. They shall uphold the duties of the guild and cause; the rangers are loyal to the cause of the guild and shall cherish the training that they will continue to strive to gain. These Rangers are provided with assignments that they shall either work alone or with a gathering of the guild, provided by their leader. A group of rangers working on an assignment in Ebonwoods CAPTAIN The Captain is the executive head of the Greycloaks. Their main responsibilities consist of overseeing Apprentice training, delegating rangers to apprentices, planning and directing response to assignments, and maintaining discipline across the guild. The Leader’s word is final but this veto power is rarely if ever exercised. Serving Captain: Frederick Di Napoli (Ze_claus) RECRUITMENT To join the Greycloak Rangers, either seek out the Ranger Captain found in Arichsdorf or fill out the application: (Please reply with this format below!) Minecraft Username: Full Roleplay Name | Alias: Discord: Timezone (Optional): Reason you would like to join:
  2. Adunic Alchemy An adunian bowie alchemist, currently sorting and preparing the herbs to make into medicine or symbols. Lore Reagents Deer Heart Potions Stags Stamina Bowie Camouflage Purpose OOC Comments and Shoutouts: First I want to make it clear, this is my first time submitting lore or alchemical lore for that matter. So apologies if it seems a bit weird formatting wise. Secondly, I want to give a huge shoutout to those that reviewed the piece and gave some advice, that being Nooblius and TheBlackBobRoss. Along with, those that just peer reviewed it with me, such as DrHope and Jameson, this is was a lot of fun to make and work on. Regardless of all of that, I hope to write some more lore in the future. If you have any criticisms or comments, by all means comment on the post or just dm me.
  3. OOC Explanation *Small fliers are spread and nailed about with some neat writing and a small crude map.* "Dear reader, I, Mark Lander, am attempting to form a group of marksmen and ones wishing to learn the way of the bow and the woodsman. If that may interest you, then I would like you to either send me a bird with the application below filled out, or we may meet in person. I am a marksman of many years and much skill, and look forward to having peers in this art." *A short application is then listed with sufficient space left for answers.* ((What is your MC username?)) What is your name? What race and sub-race are you? Are you a man or a woman? How old are you? What training with a bow and other related skills have you had? Are you willing to become a helpful member of the community being formed? What skills or trades do you excel in? Are you willing to follow a dress code and the creed of the group being formed? Finally, what exactly has led you to want to join us? Any additional comments? *Then, a small crude map is included with a circled area.* "That is where I am considering setting up our camp. If you wish to meet me or comment on the location, please do so." More OOC ((That region needs 5 people. I already have two counting myself and someone else, and the pillar is not a big issue. If you are another group reading this and were planning on settling down there, send me a PM so we can talk.))
  4. THE HUNTSGUARD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj_wyw6Xrq4 ~ House Stafyr ~ House Stafyr currently led by Lord Farley Stafyr II, son of Lord Edmund Stafyr is a long living and lasting noble house, one that has stood for many generations and shall continue to stand for many more. The house has been through its large share of tragedies and has suffered and gained greatly in their time. The now great house was once a small family of harmless lumberjacks, friends to Oren after providing their skilled services in the lumberjack trade. After a few years within the lands the house grew and grew, expanding as the thought dead members began to reunite within the small hold of Huntshill on the island of Elysium. House Stafyr was once nothing but a few mere lumberjacks, now great lords who follow a moral code of Law, Honor and loyalty, such a code is expected to be followed by its servants as well. This mainly applying to the Huntsguard. ~The Huntsguard~ The Huntsguard is the local guard and military force of House Stafyr, tasked to protect the emperor’s peace within the lands of Stafyr. Formed by Lord Farley II. Stafyr and Ser Daniel Baelish the Huntsguard takes the aspects of regular infantry combat and mixes it together with an elite force of rangers, as given by the name Huntsguard. Named after the old settlement of Stafyr, Huntshill upon the island of Elysium and it’s successor New Huntshill in the lands of the Fringe. Stafyrs being avid hunters and falconeers the old forgotten symbol of House Stafyr, the falcon was chosen to represent the symbol of the Huntsguard, placed upon the golden cross of the house itself. ~ Moral Code ~ The Huntsguard must follow a simple code followed by all nobles of the Stafyr name, the code being: Law, Honour, loyalty. Three simplistic traits that must be taken on, adapted and drilled into the mind of the guardsmen so that they may server the name Stafyr properly. They are taught to respect all and protect the weak, uphold the law and have the utmost loyalty to the house they server. ~Lodging~ The members of the Huntsguard are given lodges within the keep in New Huntshill, all ranks are brought to live and work there regardless of position within the guard, ensuring a bond of companionship between those in the guard as they live under the same roof. ~Ranks~ Within the Huntsguard there are several different ranks and each individual rank has their own role to fill, ensuring that the guard is fully functionable in all their tasks and duties. The guard is also divided into three different sections, there is the guard section, the ranger section and the non combatant section. All sharing equally important roles within the guard. ~The Kommandant~ The Kommandant of the Huntsguard is the sole leader and highest ranking officer of the Huntsguard, a man of important stature within New Huntshill and the main military advisor to the Lord of House Stafyr. The responsibilities of the Kommandant are many, mainly that of organization and management of the entirety of the guard, ensuring that all different sections are fully capable of their duties. Selected directly by the Lord Stafyr himself, the Kommandant is entrusted as the marshal of House Stafyr, a position as military advisor upon the lord’s council within the Southern keep and is expected to hold the utmost knowledge in different types of war. The Kommandant is not directly responsible for any of the different sections and is to ensure that suitable leaders are chosen for each section, he is however expected to be a rolemodel for all men within the Huntsguard, regardless of section. If anything of major events happened it is the duty of the Kommandant to himself inform the Lord of Stafyr so that actions may be taken, he is also required to give general reports to his lordship every elven week. The Kommandant is outfitted in the finest armour and weapons, also granted a personal sword forged by a master blacksmith as proof of his loyalty and years of service. He is expected to have knowledge in many styles of fighting and to if the Lord Stafyr is incapable directly lead the men upon the field of battle. He is given free quarters and office within the keep but if the captain has a family of his own, he is granted permission to live with his family within a tax free abode in New Huntshill. His quarters in the keep still remaining for his free usage. ~Rekrut~ A Rekrut is a newly fresh recruit, taken from the application process to not yet have been put into any section. He is to go through different trials and prove himself to the officers as to show himself worthy. A Rekrut is given the lightest of equipment and not allowed to perform any legal duties within the lands of House Stafyr, only permitted to train within the keep so that he may be chosen to one of the sections. He is granted a bunk and a bed within the keep, down by the prison cells where the sewage water runs through, this is to push the rekrut further so that he may be more eager to be accepted into one of the sections and become a brother of arms within the Huntsguard. ~Guard section~ The guard section is focused upon the usage of infantry and close quarter combat, the main responsibility of the guard being that of ensuring the safety and security of New Huntshill and the keep. They are tasked with patrolling the streets of New Huntshill ensuring the safety of the populace, they are tasked with guarding the outer sections of the keep to protect the House of Stafyr, they are tasked to guard the gates or New Huntshill to ensure safe passage in and out of the town and they are also tasked with representing House Stafyr upon the field of battle in times of war. ~Sheriff~ The leader of the Guard section is called a Sheriff, he is directly in charge of the law enforcement within New Huntshill and can hold trials, hand out punishments and issue warrants within New Huntshill, ensuring the security and safety of the land. The Sheriff is appointed by the Kommandant for his service within the guardforce and dedication to upholding the law, his tasks and responsibilities lies within organizing the guard section and ensuring a functionable system for law enforcement. The Sheriff has the power and is required to promote members within the guard section but has no authority to relinquish a guard from his oath, only that can be done by the Kommandant or the Lord himself. He is required to organize the patrols of the guard and to participate in a certain quota as to ensure that he does not grow lazy or careless, he is also required to write regular reports to the Kommandant. The Sheriff is outfitted in a set of iron armour, covered in the tabard of Huntsguard and accompanied with a rough leather cloak on his back. He is permitted to fight with the weapon of his choosing but is required to have been trained in the usage of both swordsmanship and halberds. The Sheriff is granted an office and quarters within the keep, where he is required to live to ensure the respect and loyalty of the guard section that he is chosen to lead. ~Serjeant~ Within the guard section there are two Serjeants, each in charge of their own squad of gardists, they are required to lead the patrols set out to them by the Sheriff and has the authority to arrest criminals and issue minor punishments to them at the scene of the crime, depending on the offense. They are required to lead their individual squads in times of war and to ensure that the gates of New Huntshill is manned, to provide safe passage through the town. They are selected by the Sheriff for their service within the guard section, proving their loyalty and their leadership capabilities. The Serjeants are outfitted in a set of iron armour together with a light iron plated helmet, as standard issue for Serjeants. They are given bastard swords and kite shields to fight with, together with a halberd for guard duty. At times the Serjeants may be picked to serve as personal bodyguards to the lord of Stafyr, depending on the situation. This makes it so that a Serjeant must have been proven to be loyal to the House and no ordinary man would be able to receive it without proving dedication and loyalty. The Serjeants are each given small private quarters within the keep, where they are required to live close to their men as to ensure a bond of companionship but also showing their position as officers with their personal quarters. ~Gardist~ The Gardist is the lowest ranking member of the guard section, a man who has taken the steps from a recruit and selected for his skills within close quarter combat to the guard section, he is assigned under a Serjeant as part of a squad and required to participate in patrols, guard the gates and all other duties tasked upon him by his officers. A gardist are outfitted in light iron armour, together with chainmail hoods. The standard issued equipment. They are trained in the style of fighting with halberds and each given their own halberd to fight with, together with an arming sword as their secondary weapon. The Gardists are each given a bunk within the barracks of the keep together with a chest to store their personal items, they have full access to all the parts of the keep and all it’s accommodations. ~Ranger Section~ The Ranger section consists of a group of handpicked men, renowned for their skills within archery and horse riding, appointed as the main guards of the keep and all outer landholdings of House Stafyr. They fight on horseback or on their feet, taking down their foes with their skills of archery and that of swordsmanship. To hone their skills they are required to do what the guard has been named for, hunt. Either animals in the forests or foes in the wars. ~Hauptmann~ The Hauptmann is the direct leader of the Ranger section, handpicked by the Kommandant for his service within the Ranger section and his proven leadership qualities. Tasked with organizing and at times participating in riding patrols on the outskirts of Werdenberg and in other landholdings held by House Stafyr or it’s vassals, to ensure the security and safety of those holds. He is also required to manage the specific selection of men to serve the Ranger section and to train the men. He is also tasked to lead hunts with the men, to train their capabilities. The Hauptmann has the power and authority to issue arrests and warrants in all the lands of Stafyr, but in the town of Werdenberg his word can be overridden by the Sheriff. The Hauptmann is in general considered the personal bodyguard of the lord of Stafyr unless the Kommandant wishes to take that position upon himself, he is required to hold the utmost loyalty to House Stafyr and is not allowed to fear death. The Hauptmann is outfitted with a set of light leather armor, together with a leather cloak and fur hood. He is given a bow made by the finest wood together with an arming sword to fight his enemies on close range. He is also given his own horse, to ensure that he can fully participate in the patrols that he organizes. If the horse would be stolen he would be corporally punished then given a new one for a fee or if it was to be killed in combat he was to be granted a new one. He is given a set of private quarters in the keep together with a personal study, in which he is required to live in to keep the bond of brotherhood that is required with the Ranger section alive. ~Jaeger~ The Jaeger is the only other rank within the Ranger section, a brother amongst brother he is considered an elite soldier within New Huntshill for his proficiency with the bow and arrow. Hand Picked carefully by the Hauptmann in the early recruitment stages. The Jaegers are tasked with the duty to together with his brothers participate in mounted patrols in the outer lands of House Stafyr and to ensure the safety of it’s inhabitants. When they are not doing this they are required to train and keep the keep safe together with the members of House Stafyr. The Jaegers are each given their own bow and are all required to know how to fletch arrows for themselves, they are also given arming swords to combat enemies at close quarters. Together with this they are equipped in light leather armor together with fur hoods. They are each given one horse, if the horse is stolen the Jaeger would be corporally punished for his recklessness and forced to pay the minas for a new horse, until that would be finished he would be suspended from duty. If the horse would be killed in combat he would be given a new one at a small fee. All Jaegers are all given rooms within the keep, that they are to share in pairs of two with one another. ~Non combat section~ ~Cook~ The cook of the Huntsguard is tasked with ensuring that the men of the guard are always well fed and given rations for war. He is given a small private quarter in the lower sections of the keep with direct access to the kitchen and dining room of the Keep, at times he may be tasked in times of need to assist the head chef. ~Blacksmith~ The blacksmith of the Huntsguard is tasked with forging and repairing the weapons and armour of all men within the guard, he is also required to forge horseshoes and other materials for the stable keeper. The blacksmith is given a personal forge within the keep together with private quarters directly adjacent to it, if permitted to by the Kommandant he may take on an apprentice to assist him in his forge. ~Stable keeper~ The stable keeper is tasked with the management, breeding and health of all horses belonging to the ranger section and if any other man of the guard would own a personal horse, he is tasked with feeding the horses and ensuring their full health. The stable keeper is given small personal quarters within the stables and may take upon a stable boy to help him with his daily duties, a stable boy must however be under the age of sixteen. ~Physician~ The Physician of the Huntsguard is tasked with maintaining the health of all men within the guard. If a guard would be injured or go sick it is the task of the physician to do whatever it takes to heal his injury. The Physician is granted all necessary equipments, herbs and materials for his duty and is also given a personal study, private quarters and a operation room, all adjacent to one another. ~Recruitment form~ [[OOC]] MC Name - Age (Not necessary) - Do you have skype and/or TS (Skype required, both recommended) - -------------- Full name - Why do you wish to join the Huntsguard? - What section would you prefer? (If Non combatant, write your profession) - Why should we accept you? - Oath - I -Insert name- do so swear my life and loyalty to the House of Stafyr, it’s people, it’s lands and the men of the Huntsguard. To always protect those in need and to always act just. To fight for those who can not fight and to speak for those who can not speak. Until the day that I die, I shall keep my oath. -------------------
  5. A Guide To Bows By oblivionsbane This is a guide I wrote to explain not just how to emote bows, but why you need to emote them a certain way and the differences between each. When I first joined LotC these guides were a lot of how I learned how to RP and became the RP'er that I am today. So I am making this not only to try and help fill the void that guides like Crossbow 101 left now that it has been taken down, but also to provide the most thorough guide on bows possible. I also advise reading ski_king's guide on how to get shot after reading through this guide. A link can be found in the Further Guides and Reference portion at the bottom of this post. Types of Bows -Short bow- Short bows are basically just small curved pieces of wood with a string. Quality varies, but generally they don't exceed 60 pound draw weight. This is what most bows on LotC are assumed to be in PvP/MC unless otherwise stated. Short to medium range -Recurve bow- A bow that is basically strung against it's natural curve. This allows for a little more power. Usually these max out around 85 pounds or so at most, normally having 60-65. Short to medium range. -Composite bow- Extremely complicated and time consuming to make. It can take six months to a year to produce just one. It is basically a recurve bow with horn and sinew made into it, giving it a lot of power for it's size. Also due to the glue that is used to hold it together, it is very sensitive to water so you need to keep it as dry as possible. It maxes out around 110 to 120 if made with absolute quality. These bows were known for their effectiveness in horse archery, especially if being used with a tool called a thumb ring. It also has the same emote order as the previous two, making it quite the weapon. Medium to long range. -Longbow- The strongest of all the conventional bows, usually standing around six feet tall, making it somewhat cumbersome. It can have an extremely high draw weight for a bow, maxing out around 200 by some claims. Because of it's draw, it requires training in certain techniques and large muscles built just for it in the arm used to draw with. It takes about four to six years to reliably and effectively learn how to use a longbow. This bow takes an extra emote to balance it's strength and attribute for it's added time to draw. Elves usually use these bows, since they are also usually taller and live long enough that they can take full advantage of the longbows extensive learning curve. Also it is worth mentioning because of their size and shape they were rarely used on horseback. In the hands of a skilled longbowman, a longbow is one of the most dangerous weapons on the battlefield. (As an added note, longbows don't exactly have a typical range/strength that other bows do. Longbows can be shot high up into the air, and gravity pulls the arrow down at fast speeds making their power and range variable upon how it is fired. Although firing in the air is more than a little inaccurate most of the time.) Medium to very long range. -Crossbow- The crossbow is a widely varied weapon utilizing internal mechanisms to fire. It's mechanisms consist of a trigger, usually a metal bar on the underside of the weapon, and a piece of metal that pops up with an audible click for the string to rest against when spanned called a nut. When the trigger is pulled the nut drops down and the string goes forward, catching the missile and propelling it. Medium to extremely long range for the most powerful ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ziq5zm4uO-Y Two things really set one crossbow apart from others, it's draw weight, and the method in which you span it. There are multiple ways to span a crossbow, which method is chosen is usually decided by the actual draw weight of the weapon. If it has a fairly low draw weight, like a eighty to a hundred pounds, it can be spanned by hand. If it is more in the league of typical crossbows, around 200-300 pounds, it is spanned by a lever that attaches to the stock and the string, pulling the lever back and placing it behind the nut. Or alternatively there is a belt where a piece hangs down that attaches to the string. You attach it then simply stand up, using the muscles in your legs to span it. Left to right: Windlass, levers(top), cranequin(bottom), and belt spanner. Then there are the big boys, the cranequin and the windlass. These bows can range widely in power, usually having over six hundred pounds of draw weight, and maxing out in some finely engineered bows at a little over a thousand. The cranequin is a crank that spans the weapon by using gear(rack and pinion), the windlass however uses pulleys. Crossbows, depending on the method used to span them, can take at the very least four and at most about six or seven emotes for the windlass and cranequin. As a final note, it is IMPOSSIBLE to carry a loaded or even spanned crossbow with you. It would more than likely go off on accident from you carrying it. Not to mention it would damage the machine if you leave so much stress on it for so long. Finally you can't carry a loaded crossbow around with you, the bolt only goes into a little notch, it can very easily fall out. If any of that doesn't faze you, the fact it is power gaming on par with catching an arrow in mid flight, should. How to Emote -Normal Bow, Recurve Bow, and Composite Bow- Take out the bow, get an arrow from your quiver, nock it while pulling the bow back, aim and then fire. -Longbow- Take the longbow out, get an arrow from your quiver, nock it and begin to pull the bow back, raise the bow, aim and fire Crossbows: -Hand spanned- Get the crossbow out, set it on the ground putting your foot into the stirrup, span the bow back and pick it up, set a bolt into the notch, aim and fire. -Lever- Get the crossbow out, set it on the ground putting your foot into the stirrup, get the lever out and attach it to the bow, span the bow before taking the lever off and picking it up, load a bolt into the notch, aim and fire. -Cranequin/Windlass- Get the crossbow out, set it on the ground putting your foot into the stirrup, get the cranequin/windlass mechanism and attach it to the bow, wind back the cranequin/windlass, unwind the device just a bit to set the string against the nut before taking the spanner off, pick the bow up and load a bolt into the notch, aim and fire. Piercing Armor This is dependent mainly on the strength and distance away the bow is fired. Here is a table on armor penetration(for typical plate.) Draw weight/Range: 0-50 Up to chain mail from ten meters. 50-100 Can pierce plate reliably out to fifteen meters. 100-150 Can pierce plate reliably out to about twenty-five meters. 150-200 Armor penetration as far out as thirty five meters. 200+ Increasing penetration at increasing ranges. Other Bows -Chu-Ko-Nu- This is basically a repeating crossbow invented by the Chinese. It works by having a magazine on top of the bow attached to a handle. When you pull the handle up and back it spans the crossbow for you and drops a bolt down into it's notch. When the handle is fully pulled back it automatically launches the bolt. These bows usually had low draw weights and were extremely inaccurate, made to not even be aimed. Now, I should say that these are BANNED on LotC to my knowledge. The reason being people power gamed them saying they were capable of high draw weights, while still keeping their relatively high rate of fire. -Yumi- This is the Japanese bow. They were varying in size, but were all large, the largest being one of if not the largest bow ever used in combat being close to and sometimes just exceeding seven feet tall. They had low to medium draw weights because higher draws were never needed on the Japanese battlefield. They were however capable of impressive range. It should also be noted these bows were made to be used on horseback along with on the ground. -Crossbow pistol- This is basically a crossbow small enough that it can be held and fired with one hand, sometimes incorporating a pistol grip. They used low draw weights of not more than 40 pounds. Again, these were power gamed and subsequently BANNED as far as I know. (Also the pistol gripped ones are more modern technology and don't fit the theme.) Equipment -Thumb ring- A ring that goes on the thumb that allows you to pull the bow string back using the more powerful thumb digit. This is primarily used in horse archery to give a cleaner and more controlled shot while galloping or at a canter. It works by basically having it so that the string rests against it rather than the flesh of your thumb. -Quiver- You probably know what this is already, but basically it is a container for arrows usually put on your back or sometimes your belt. -Bow case- Not seen being used often, it was basically a case you put a bow in while running around to help protect it from the elements and make it easier to carry. -Wrist guard- A piece of leather or equivalent that goes on the hand that holds the bow to protect from the string hitting the hand. -Bow scope- Doesn't exist... Yet. Arrows There is a wide variety of arrow designs in the world, that can do an equal variety of things, but mainly you need to know three. -Bodkin- Popularly used for piercing armor. They are short and come to a point rather quickly. -Broad head- Basically an arrow with two to four blades coming outward from the main arrow. This is what you probably think of when thinking of a typical arrow. -Blunt- These are for stunning a target or for practice shooting. They hurt a lot and can do fair damage to bones and organs if it hits in the right spot with enough power. Further Guides and Reference Longbow Video Composite Bow Video (That last one I would pay more attention to the examples rather than what they say. They say somewhere in there, or what it sounds like to me, that a composite bow could have a four thousand pound draw, which is /quite/ impossible.)
  6. Character Name: Amechirr Celianto Nicknames: Chirr, Anto Age: 119 Gender: Male Race: Elf Sub-Race: Wood Elf Status: Alive Description Height: 5'8 Weight: 140 Body Type: Slim Eyes: Green Hair: Black Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: Ancient Elven Marks on lower back, Ranger Markings on upper right arm Health: Healthy Inventory: Bow, Quiver with an assortment of arrows, Ring Of Darkhaven, Journal on Ancient Elven, Abresi guard papers. Further Details: Always wears thick cloaks to hide the markings of the Ancient Elves that distinguish him among a secret society of elves that know the true meaning of Mali. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: Malin Religion: Ancient Elven Amellir Alliance/ Nation/ home: Ranger Of Ame/ Changes/ Ame Job/Class: Guard of Abresi, Ranger, Writer Titles: Guard, Ranger, Mali'Ame, Mali'khel Profession(s): Writer and Fletcher Special Skill(s): Shadow Walking and Expert Accuracy Flaw(s): Loyalty Magic Current status: N/A Arch-type:N/A Sub-type:N/A Rank:N/A Weakness(es):N/A Strength(s):N/A Current Spell(s):N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: Stealth Trained Weapon(s): Bow, Hand-To-Hand, Fighing With an Arrow Favored Weapon(s): Bow Archery: Expert shot Biography Parents: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Children: None Extended Family: None Pet(s): Chirr ( Wolf) History Childhood: Deep in the Ame, a shadow came over a child that had been abandoned. Then the cold came, making the the child cry. The Ame watched to see what the child wood do. If the child harmed the forest, the Ame would let it die. However, if this wa a true Amellir, then he would live, and the Ame would send a Chirr to gude the child. As the child took steps toward the wood, as if to break branches off the tree, the Ame began to take its focus off the child. But after hearing or feeling no break of branches, the Ame decided to look on. The child had climbed to the nearet limb of the tree, and huddled close too the bark. That night a Chirr snatched the child, and brought it to its den. In the morning the child awoke to see ten figures sorroundig him, and strange drawing on the ground around him. At the age of three the child immediatly began crying, hoping someone would attend its needs of warmth and hunger. The figures began to talk, each raising a hand to the child. They all took a step foward and a step to the right, leaving ten gaps. As they continued chanting, Chirr filed all but one of the gaps left by the figures. The child, looked at one of the chirr and began luaghing. "Puppie" the child said between luaghs. As the child stood to walk over to the Chirr, a hand rested on his small shoulder."You would be wise to stay put young Mali," a voice said, almost whispering compare to the chanting going on. The child could not understand the chanting, however the deep male voice was perfectly understood by the child. The remaing Gap was filled by a slim looking Chirr, with pup hanging from its mouth. The chanting suddenly stopped. The child suddenly let out a scream in agony as his lower back seared with pain. As the child was knocked unconcious by the pain, the Chirr with the pup moved foward, dropped the pup next to the child, and left. All but one chirr, and one figure followed the chirr out of the den. The figure then toke their hood off and smiled. An older Mali women smile and put a hand on her chirr. "It has been some time since we have had an Amellir join us, We must keep him safe." The chirr let out a long howl and then picked up the Chirr pup as the women cradled the child and left. Ancient Elves Oaken Rangers Darkhaven Wilds Abresi
  7. Grey Company In ages past, the rulers of Oren were protected by the Dragon Guard, who were later dismissed for a lack of need and incompetence. The duty fell to the Lion, who were disbanded into the Red Dragon, and they had other duties to attend to. This led to King William III of Horen to commission Grey Company, and elite bodyguard answerable only to him. The duty of Grey Company is to protect the Crown, and it's family, but firstly the Monarch. They take orders from the King alone, and not even the regent would command them. For if need arose, they would even remove a corrupt regent if he was threatening Royal power and rule. They would put the kings life above all, and risk anything to save him, even the capital or royal blood. Equipped with superior arms, armor, and skills, they make sure the king is never in danger, his tasks are completed or they die trying. Commander: Responsible for maintaining the guard and keeping it running smoothly, he is a veteran and excelled as a member of Grey Company. He distributed assignments to the Company. (( IC title would be [Grey Commander] )) Captain: Captains often lead field missions and act as leaders to Grey Company. They have shown to be excellent in their assignments and tasks, Along with showing an aptitude for leading. (( IC title would be [Grey Captain] )) Company guard: The basic rank of Grey Company. Those from veteran to newly inducted are seen as equals unless obviously promoted. Knowledge is expected to be shared, and lessons taught throughout the Company. (( IC title would be [Grey Company] )) Application of below, send it out to the Palace and we will find it
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