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Found 8 results

  1. Out-Of-Character Information Please do your best to correct spelling and grammatical errors, this is an RP server and writing is the main form of communication! What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: MineCatFTW How old are you?: 13 Years old Are you aware the server is PG-13 (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes I am aware Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes What’s the rule you agree with the most?: Cyber bullying Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?(If so we can help clear it up! You will not be denied for having a question on the rules): No How did you find out about Lord of the Craft? From a friend Definitions FeelFREE to Google the answers or browse our forums, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not those of another website or person! What is roleplaying?: When someone acts or pretends to play as a certain character or person that they are not. What is metagaming?: When you get information out of character and use it in a game. What is powergaming?: Where you can have goals within game, or like role-playing, you can do storytelling too. In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. Character’s name: Alianor Character’s sex: Female Character’s race: Human (Heartlander) Character’s age: 8 then later on in the story 17-33 years old Biography (Please make it a decent two paragraphs long. Remember to add server lore, and events that happened to your character so that they don’t contradict history.): It was cold and damp in Felsen, all of the markets were slowly getting empty. Alianor was the only one around. She was new to this region, she was all alone. She had come from Salvus. Alianor's parents and sister were killed along with her grandmother by Dwarves. She was happy there, she had everything she wanted: family, friends, hope and happiness. Now it was all gone. "Hey you there!" Called a man Alianor turned to look at whoever was calling for her. She scanned the area only to find a similar looking face. Who was he? "Alianor is that you? What are you doing here all by yourself?" "Grandpa?", Alianor was shocked "Grandpa is that really you?" "Alianor my girl, it's been a while, how is your mother and father doing? How's my wife? Oh and your little sister?" He was excited to find out about Salvus since he hasn't been there in ten years since he had to stay and work as a blacksmith. Though Alianor didn't answer any of his questions, how could she? "Alianor dear, what's wrong?" Grandpa was getting concerned. "T...They...A...are...all...d...de..dead" Alianor's eyes started watering up, "The Dwarves took them all, THEY KILLED MY MOTHER AND FATHER!", Alianor looked at her grandfather " You could train me! I want to revenge them, I'll train hard everyday, just teach me!....Please" Alianor fell to her knees, and started to beg,"Please grandpa, please, PLEASE!" "I can't, I don't want to loose you, you are the only family I have left, I can't let you do this" "Don't you want revenge? Don't you hate them? What is wrong with you?" Alianor's grandfather looked into her eyes,"Fine. I'll train you, but you are not to go on your own until you are 18. Do you hear me?" Alianor nodded, it was a new beginning, everything will change now. 10 years later (Alianor's point of view) "Breath in, calm down, elbow up, aim, one more deep breath and......FIRE!" The arrow flew, piercing the air like a deadly snake. The arrow had hit the bullseye. I slowly put my arm down with the bow, eyeing my target. "ALIANOR, GET DOWN HERE" Grandpa had called from the bottom of the mountain, "we need to talk!" "COMING!" I answered back I ran down the mountain where my grandfather was, and hung my bow on the fence, putting my quiver down next to it. "What is it?" "You are going to be eighteen in a few days and," He paused, " I don't think you're ready for this" He said it, I knew this would happen, I trained so hard for nothing. I stared up at the clouds remembering my mother's face when she told me to run, when she told me that I should revenge her and my little sister. "I saw my mother die, I saw my sister die, and I saw my father die, all in horrible painful deaths, and you think I will sit here with a miserable life, watching you make cheap swords all day?", I said angrily " I am ready, I trained hard for ten years, with just a bow and a couple of broken arrows, I gave my life up for this, and this is how you repay me, I am sorry but I will go there even if I end up dying, because, because I miss mom, I miss my peaceful easy life. Not this" I picked up my bow and quiver and took grandpa's horse,climbed on and rode away, the last words I heard was "I'M SORRY ALIANOR, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" That was the last thing I remembered grandpa say before he died fifteen years ago, now I am thirty three years old, with no dreams, no weapons and no money or a horse, I was lost. I will never be able to revenge my family like this, I also can't live my life without Salvus. I am a broken soul. I am no longer Alianor. I am a weapon. I am revenge. Personality Traits: Sometimes she can be aggressive, kind and happy. Ambitions: She wants to revenge her family after the Dwarves killed them in Salvus, though she can't live there alone, it would be too scary for her. Strengths/Talents: Bow and arrow Weaknesses/Inabilities: Strategy Appearance (List the extra details of your characters appearance, IE; height & weight): 174cm when 17-33 years old, 50kg when 17-33years old Appearance, please provide us a screenshot of your character’s skin (If you need help, see our screenshot guide here): http://imgur.com/JxHMzy6
  2. Keeping The Flame

    Keeping The Flame *We can ensure you that your valuables will be safe until you want them. *We are skilled fighters who can protect your valuables if attacked. *We always have room for big objects. *Our walls are nearly impenetrable. What To Do *Send me a bird first to prepare for your valuable object *We will set a place to meet *We cannot tell you where we hide the valuables as it is a secret *Send me a bird if you want your valuable object back Payment *I will decide how much minae it will cost on the size and on how long we will keep the object. *Our prices vary from 100 minae to even 10000 minae depending on how long we have to keep it and how big it is. *Again if you want the valuable back send me a bird and ill send you the bird back telling you the price and where we will meet. Hiring I am not yet hiring as we have enough people,but if I am I will make a new poster telling you what to do. MC Name: RP Name: Object Size: How long will we keep it: Owners name:Anunda Gibletoon(Beeflover111)
  3. Khalin Agriculture

    Khalin Agriculture The primary farming and agriculture company of the deep South. Khalin Agriculture strives to produce the best and most stable crop of the Southern Lands. Not only does Khalin Agriculture produce a stable crop, but it is the premier livestock holder and fishing company in southern lands. With a large grant of land, Khalin Agriculture is located within the Republic of Salvus- it provides both livestock and soil products for the Republic as well as exporting their products on an international level. This company always seeks to expand and is currently hiring employees. If one becomes an employee of Khalin Agriculture, one will be provided with both weekly pay and cheap, reliable housing. Breeders will be provided animals and pens to house and breed their livestock. Fishermen will be provided with the necessary tools required to catch the local river fish along with shacks to keep their materials. Chefs will be given full access to a kitchen where they can turn the companies produce into edible delights. Farmers will be provided with hoes and the seeds required to help produce a stable and reliable food source for Salvus and Athera. Requirements for working Khalin Agriculture are very simple, and this is that the employees must simply make quota on a weekly basis. Quotas are determined the company’s owner Roopak Khalin himself, however, quotas generally remain a set amount. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Khalin Agriculture Wages 100 Mina Excess Production Above Quota (EPAQ) (EPAQ) can be traded for a pay raise [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Khalin Agriculture Application MC Name: RP Name: Current Residence: Desired Position: For any questions or concerns, direct them to Roopak Khalin, company owner. Trade deals are open, please refer to Roopak Khalin if purchases would like to be made.
  4. The Bard's Guild

    *Confidants, and existing guild members, litter about any establishment with eyes nearby and ,with a thud of a palm, plaster on the upper rim of a gold embroidered parchment. It is headed with a trusting Salvian Crest.* The Salvian Bards’ Guild “Quill supra laminae” Cera 1505 “Trees are amongst us: some of nations, some of families, and some of.. nature. In common, they all blossom and fruit and shed and rest. They house creatures, of some sort, and sanguine nectar in the core of their well intent. For the nation, their coffers be the nectar. For the family, it be their blood. For the nature, its nectar is pure. The branches reach out, in our dear trees. The nation has its guilds and groups, with the family its ancestry, and the tree? Mere sticks. The fruit.. is where our trees diverge. One willow may weep its bitter ichor, and another sycamore its sour cherries. Yet, as of late, nations have bore little fruit of culture. The families refuse to let what fruit their branches hold fall. And nature? Well, it’s not apples this be writ for. Nay, friends. It be our culture. We are all of the same thicket.. and, as nature, in want of growth. Yet, there has been little fertile ground for our nimble tendrils to reach out and embrace Enlightenment! That very light which not only will see joy through, but our existence in itself. For too long has the darkness blighted the people: short wonder it has only been the glint of a crown’s ruby, or a blade’s gleam that had caught their attention.” It is our livelihood, and pleasure, as Bards of Enlightenment, to reach our branches further - enough to bask in the glory of open day, beyond what has been a dark age. It be Sol, and its nightly friends, which direct our path - by the faith of the Republic we reside within. The parallel shared is so close, it is more simpler to see us Bards as one to the Republic. Do not mistake this for blind loyalty, however. Us Bards only have our Curator as our superior: not even the Chancellor of the Republic may dictate what is writ of them, or anyone, or anything - for that matter. It is the constitution we embody, and which allows us our rights - of arts, be they dramatic or fine, and literature. Music completes a ‘trinity’ of activity the Bards are expected to partake and progress upon. It is oft one strand of this trinity which a typical Bard would specialise upon (Arts, literature, or music). It is our Curator who assigns our overall vision, which Giliath Haldar currently holds the septum for. As with any guild, our leading representative - the Curator - is elected, during the time of the Salvian Elections, every sixteen years. The route for Enlightenment is open for all, who reside in our realm - yet, those who’ve bound themselves to it find themselves funded by the very government they mean to sculpt the ways of (Salvian Citizens). The Intelligentsia of Athera, us Bards are not just the orators of tales and opera, but of the people themselves. For Foreigners truly seeking a ground of fertility of thought and truth, a sum of 200 Minae every other year (two Elven weeks) - as membership tribute - is but a paltry price for the masonry of culture, and oft paid back in purchase of works of art and productions. Even if that be of discomfort, fellow Bards oft finance those in need of continuing their pursuit of Enlightenment. To whom it may concern, the guild means to accept those well-versed in the ways of the Republic they serve under, and those who abide by its laws. Thus, may their knowledge be prodded, in addition to receiving a collation of their general profile. The Intelligentsia are distinguished as a group of their own, for reason - of merit and respect - and this calls for individuals capable of being the greatest thinkers and visionaries Athera has seen. ============================================== Deliver, by bird or otherwise, the following credentials and responses: those accepted will receive response from either the Consulate or the Curator themselves. If ye may not even wish to do this, how may ye muster the burdens of entire novels or play productions.. or even a single great work of sculpting? Salvian Information (Link) ============================================== Application ============================================== To those who have shown the will to become Bards, it is not only the velvet pouch of Mina (as all works receive compensation) they are to expect - but to be among the first to witness and pursue what wars have been fought for, and empires risen and fallen. The peace of a book. The joy of a tale. The advancement of a Republic. You are now of the masons of culture, pride and Enlightenment.. and chisel away at governments, people and mortar all the same. From all three of them emerge great works, and it is your name bound in the scrolls of history (which even you writ!) which is the greatest reward for what service you will have. Do not forget: Quill supra laminae.
  5. [Revamped] The Salvian Peacekeepers

    The Peacekeepers Under the warm southern sun and the flutter of the blue and gold banners above Leone Hold the stamping of feet and yelling of orders can be heard echoing through the city.- their chatter soon stops. In view are the Peacekeepers, the protectors and loyal guards of Salvus. They stand tall, decorated in their blue and gold tabards, laiden with the symbol of Salvus, the lion. The Peacekeepers are the active guard force of Salvus, and work to keep the peace in and around our great Republic. We are not referred to as a military force, but moreover a guard force- protectors of people, keepers of liberty. The Peacekeepers work towards and focus on enforcing laws, deterring any hostile threats to Salvus, and of course, keeping the peace. The Peacekeepers recruit simple men, but forge them in the fires of Leone Hold, breaking them and rebuilding them into true foundations of peace and stability. The Peacekeepers take in all who wish to pledge their lives to protect Salvus and uphold the values and laws of the Republic. As a Peacekeeper, one can climb through the ranks as a Valet, Guardian, Sentinel, and eventually a Praetor if one has proved themselves worthy of leading the guard force in the protection of Salvus. As one climbs the ranks, their tabard becomes more decorated, more noteworthy, it becoming a true representation of the Salvian face of Peace and Liberty. Service and accomplishment medals will be awarded to those who complete their training and show dedication and service. Ranks Upon becoming a Guardian, the Peacekeeper is evaluated overall, and then placed among one of three divisions. Sworn, Ranger or Ironshield. Divisions Current Leadership Chancellor: David Campos Praetor: Tahjeet Mubdee Sentinels: Ehsan Mubdee- Defenses, Sanctus D’Archis- Recruitment, Dagr Vanir- Training, K’amo Shadd- Rangers Application Any new recruits should be reminded that the Peacekeeper force is here to protect and serve the fair Salvians, and any weak or lesser than us. You will not abuse your power as a Peacekeeper. Anyone who believes they have the right to do this, will be punished for their actions.
  6. Out-Of-Character Information The simplest section of the application! Simply answer these questions so we can get to know you a bit better. What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: - Meowlupus123 How old are you?: - 13 (14 as of Febuary 16 2014) What time-zone do you live in?: - PST Have you ever roleplayed before - if you have, how?: - As of fantasy role-play, no I have no prior experience. Have you been on any other roleplaying servers?: - Seeing that I have not role-played before, no I have not. I have been recently exploring the land of Anthos, taking notice of player communication styles, building styles, and general etiquette. Have you applied to this server before?(Please link past applications): - Yes I have, I went out on a limb in attempt to be original, but I now see that the stretch I made was a little much for the community of LoTC. http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/104047-meowlupus123s-lotc-application-sothu/ How did you hear about us?: - A friend of mine reccomended me to the server and then asked me (more accurately pestered me) to apply for the server. What do you think the server will be like? - A blend of vanilla survival, character development, progressing lore, and undeniably beautiful scenery and builds. Have you read and agreed to the rules?: - Yes I have. The rules seem to address every possible aspect of the server. What’s your favourite rule / the rule you agree with the most?: - I am fond of the rule that requires players keep their rather unexecptable language to themselves. Swearing out of character promotes hostility. Definitions This is simply so that we can get an understanding of how much you know about roleplaying. Feel free to Google the answers, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not another website / person's! What is roleplaying?: - Using a selected lore to create a fictional character in which you will play as, always making effort to continue the development of the lore. What’s metagaming?: - Using exterior out of character references (such as other people) to influence your character's state of mind and/or next actions. What’s powergaming?: - Developing a character who's lacks weaknesses, and who's sole goal is to become fully maximized in strength as well as obtain large quantities of loot. Essentially playing the game to become undefeatable, all the while ignoring the role playing aspect of the game. In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. What’s your character called?: - Roddel Morenth What race are they (and sub-race)?: - Human What sex are they?: - Male How old are they?: - 34 Give us a brief description of their life - their story, childhood, family (Include server lore when writing): - Roddel, son to Clarence and John Morenth, was the firstborn child in the Morenth family. His father, a talented architect (and skilled cook if I do say so myself), raised him to mirror his traits. Roddel lived with his father in the town of Salvus, the mighty kingdom atop the hill. At an early age he developed an interest in craftmenship (his interest derived from his architect blood), and he often assisted in his father's work. His mother, a compassionate woman, taught the young boy all about the importance of cleanliness and attitude. While Roddel isn't neccesarily the greatest looking lad, his humor and skills make him a very likeable person. He grew up generally happy, without much to complain of. That was of course until the seizure of the Orcs. In a flash, the Orcs were upon the city of Salvus, and Roddel was given little to no time to react. He attempted to gather his family members so they could escape without harm... but while calling for his father's name in his residence, he heard a large crash. The gatehouse had fallen, and a clump of stones had fallen upon his father and killed him instantly. His mother ran to his deceased father's side, and sank to her knees to mourn. Roddel fled, knowing that his fighting abilities were no match to those of an Orc's, nonetheless a small child's. His mother remained by the crumbled gatehouse, surrounded in a still active cloud of dust. An investigation of Salvus (by this time named Gronkkston) revealed that her mother was not found amongst the slain, but also was not accounted for. Her whereabouts are unknown, yet to his knowledge she is very much alive. Following the seige of Salvus, Roddel now takes residence in the old capital: Abresi. He has few uses for his building ability within this city, so he plans to adventure out into the wilderness to create his own settlement. In this territory, men will believe in the True Faith: what his father believed in, as well as Roddel's current religion. The agreed religion will promote equality (in his belief), as well as prevent intercity feuds. What are they like (personality)?: - Roddel, now somewhat emotionally protected after his father's death, is charming and humorous, yet somewhat dare I say bossy. He enjoys keeping the power of instruction to himself, and seldom travels with a "right-hand man". What are their ambitions?: - He wishes to soon not only develop his own settlement, but find his believed to be alive but long-lost mother. The reunion of the two would not only encourage the construction of his city, but the construction of his courage and fighting skill. Do they have any special skills?: - Roddel is a whizz at mathematics, and is a very talented architect / craftsman. His brilliance makes him a natural at chess and checkers. What are their weaknesses?: - He is a horrible swordsman, and he could not land in arrow in the ring of Saturn. He wishes to soon develop these skills but his busy life restricts his time usage. Give us a description of how they look (not a screenshot yet!)?: - He is of an average stature: tall and broad, but not to the extent of the common knight or warrior. He has blonde hair, much resembling the wheat of a farmer's land. His hands are worn, yet tough. He has glossy blue eyes, with shadows that hang under them: a sign of weariness. Anything else you want to say about them?: - He has been recently working on a new game to provide for those bored and/or to skilled at chess... he is going to call it "Cranium". Please give us a screenshot of your character’s skin: - The uploader refuses to upload the screenshot, so I will attempt again in a following comment.
  7. The Cardinal Cross

    ((-snip- Decided that because we recruit ingame, most of this ooc information is unnecessary.))
  8. The Legion Of The Cardinal Cross

    -Many fliers and posters are plastered about Salvian Lands, the Cloud Temple, and a few even leaking into Dwarven lands.- (( If no one is present upon reaching Westwarde Citadel, please send a forum or ingame message to one of the follow to organize a recruitment session. Commanding Officer Tahjeet Mubdee - Acornlad Commanding Officer Zandros Waveswept - Zanderaw Officer Darius Drakon - _PH4NT0M_ Lord Commander Thomas Siegemen - CorprlSkyler ))