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Found 1 result

  1. Before we begin, I'd like to just mention that I'm not sure whether my Cliff Dwarf idea would be considered a subrace or a culture, but I'll let the community give their own opinions on the matter. ~=~ Cliff Dwarves ~=~ In the early days of The Fringe, a selection of ancient dwarven legends were rediscovered by the Remembrance Guild. One legend, which many thought to be mere fiction, described the story of one of Urguan's lesser known sons. Aumi Wakebeard, a son of Urguan, was strange compared to his other brothers. He was intrigued by water, and loved to wade in the cool shallows of a river nearby his mountain home. He earned his name from the way his beard grew: curls reaching down like waves crashing on distant shores. Urguan often scolded his son for his "exotic" behavior, but Aumi refused to listen. He relished the feel of river-smoothed rocks beneath his feet, of the refreshing water lapping his knees. One day, as he wallowed about in the shallows as usual, he smelled a strange thing. It was salt, borne down the wind from the sea far away. Even though he had never heard them, Aumi imagined the cries of gulls over the bays and beaches on the coasts. His blue eyes sparkled with delight as he pictured the beautiful scenes by the sea. He took a step eagerly towards the tangy, salty smell, but his foot caught on a loose rock. The unfortunate dwarf was soon fully beneath the water, floundering like he was stark. He could not fight the mighty power of the river, and before long, was being carried along on the current. Urguan heard the young dwarf's wails and ran out of his underground home to locate him, only to see his son as a black dot in the distance. He sobbed and begged Yemekar to save Aumi, but it was too late. His son's terrified screams filled the air as he was cast over the edge of a thundering waterfall. The Father of The Dwarves fell upon his knees, tears streaming from his eyes and becoming entangled in his beard. The legend ends here, and was originally thought to be a warning for the dwarves against the dangers of water. Little did anyone know that it was actually a true story, until Aumi Wakebeard's descendants arrived in Kal'Arkon. ~=~ Introduction ~=~ What are Cliff Dwarves, and what do they have to do with this legend? As you read above, my idea is to have Aumi Wakebeard, a long-lost son of Urguan, establish a new kind of dwarf. But he must have died Soggy? Wrong. Aumi was carried by the river down to the sea. What happened then? Well, Aumi was immediately in love with the sea. He built his home into the side of a cliff (The first Cliff Dwarf), with windows opening over the water. He became an excellent fisherman and swimmer and, over time, his lifestyle and that of his descendants adapted to life on the sea shore. Nobody is sure how his children came to be. Some say he met a female dwarf on one of his rare travels inland, others that he fell in love with a beautiful sea creature. Though Aumi is long deceased, his kinsmen continue his way of life. ~=~ Appearance ~=~ Cliff Dwarves are quite different to their cousins. They have broader chests, which house larger lungs that developed to allow them to hold their breath longer underwater. They also have much larger arms, used for swimming against the powerful waves of the sea. Cliff Dwarves generally have black hair, which becomes snow white in old age. They often die it a deep navy colour by using the juices of berries that grow on bushes on the edges of their cliff homes. Most male cliff dwarves are bald on the top of their heads, probably because of the long years their ancestors spent working with the hot sun beating down on them. Their beards are shorter than those of their cousins, which stops them from interfering with swimming. They are very curly like Aumi's, and years of contact with salty water has left them stiff and wiry. Their eyebrows tend to be very bushy, which keeps the salt water from stinging their eyes. Their eyes are usually light blue, deep blue or sea-green, because they prefer to marry dwarves with these characteristics, as it reminds them of the sea. Their skin is tanned from exposure to the sun, and often tough and care-worn because the salt has dried it out. Cliff dwarves are shorter than mountain and cave dwarves, which is thought to be because of their diets. They live mainly off fish and bread, into which they add seaweed and sea salt. Their ale can barely be stomached by the other dwarves, because it generally contains an immense amount of salt. ~=~ Architecture ~=~ Cliff Dwarf architecture is a sight to behold. The wealthier dwarves burrow into the inland sides of cliffs, opening windows overlooking the sea. Poorer Cliff Dwarves build homes on the land above the cliffs, using sandstone and oak logs as their main materials. ~=~ Occupations ~=~ Cliff Dwarves tend to stray towards jobs as fishermen, brewers and bakers. As mentioned above, into their food they incorporate the characteristics of the sea; most of it containing salt and sometimes seaweed. They also make very talented sailors; their experience as fishermen and swimmers allowing this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that concludes my lore idea for Cliff Dwarves. I'd be happy to hear your opinions, positive or otherwise. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I know this lore is quite short, but hopefully I can add your suggestions and beef it out a bit. Thanks for reading, -Soggy365
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