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Found 29 results

  1. Minecraft name/s: Archspore Age: 17 Timezone: GMT -8(?) aka PST Skype/Discord: Star Platinum#4944 | baronvondippschitte What is your availability: On weekdays, I can spend 3-4 hours on the server at most, after 4 PM PST. On weekends, hours can range between 2 and 12 PM. How would you improve how the Game Team handles things? I've always been one with an opinion that the Game Team is usually to personal and too emotional. I think that, most of the time, a GM should not involve themselves with important things in RP. For example, say you and a group of people are trying to break into someone's home. The GM handling the break-in should not play the character whose home is being broken into. Just my opinion. If you could add one thing to the Game Team, what would it be? I think the Game Team is spread too thin at the moment. If given the choice, I'd remove some stuff, like the recent villain rules. Why do you wish to contribute to these discussions? There are always things to change, and I want to help change them. What would you ideally wish to work on if you were a member of the Contributor System? I'd like to be someone to call on for a little advice about the guidelines, or to help with an event. Overall, I'd love to work on lorebuilding events. What topics of discussion would you like to raise? I'd like to talk about what I mentioned earlier in the sixth question. List some of your worst traits: I can be unorganized, and I can get flustered and upset on occasion. What specific parts of the server and or Staff are you most interested in? I've always wanted to be a member of the Event Team, but each application I've put in has either been denied outright or left to sit until it was put into the archive. Events are my sugar-honey iced tea. Link a good song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0W1v0kOELA Also, I would like to point out that I spoke to @Thomas over Discord(before he retired and this whole mess happened), and explained myself to him, and the man himself stated, "I'll gladly take you on as a Contributor."
  2. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Leo Warrior Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Pius_Malta, Pius on the forum Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): I assume, Trolling. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): LeoWarrior, maybe GM Zhulik, maybe Trial GM Niccum, maybe good friend Kincaid_ Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Without being repetitive, I engaged in a discussion on the Global OOC where I basically spoke in very brazen words while everyone were simply trying to have a decent conversation, I was haughty and without excuse. The conversation was in regard to topical political issues pertaining to my social conservatism. This all happened nearly, if not more than, a year; I can say without doubt that I have matured in that time, and I just want to have fun with the mates again. I say again, I have no excuse and the fault is 100% mine. Given this, I give to you an emphatic "Mea culpa, Mea culpa, Mea maxima culpa". I am indeed, sorry, and all those who know me know that I am. Screenshots/Vids (Link): I have none.
  3. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Benboboy/Wretched Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Dracofire Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Hack-Clients, mods, or texture packs that provide an advantage are completely disallowed. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Benboyboy, Tsuyose. Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): I used Xaero's Minimap to find dungeons in the mines. Screenshots/Vids (Link): Xaero's Minimap: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2379024-xaeros-minimap Side note: Thank you for cooperating with me Benbo, I regret what I did, and was a stupid abuse, no excuses, I don't want to defend something I knew was wrong. Sincerely Dracofire
  4. Rassidic

    Rassidic's Appeal [Dohvi]

    Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/39398-dohvi/ Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Rassidic Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Breaking in places using mechanics, being a poor villian generally. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Numerous, all of which I have forgetten. I'm sure Dohvi has the log-blocks screenshots still. Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Essentially, I was taking the lead into breaking into the elven city. A certain player mentioned having permission for the area, and I thought 'instead of wasting anyone's time, let's break in'- that was dumb. Very dumb indeed. And thus, I told him to break the gate using an axe, allowing us entry. Onto the second rule, being a terrible villian. Hey, I tried! But I'm still pretty bad at being a villian. I've looked back on the attempts to create roleplay, and I'll be honest- I've been greedy in my ways. Providing roleplay was the second most important thing; getting mechanically represented items was the first. This is wrong, obviously. Looking back at the rules, that's pretty damn clear now. So yeah, sorry. I dun' goofed. Screenshots/Vids (Link): N/A
  5. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): SupremacyOps Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Ziko Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Attempted abuse of Staff powers Character Witnesses (Name(s)): SupremacyOps, Kalamoot Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): First, I would like to apologize for the manner in which I left. During the time, I was going through some RL stuff which was entirely my fault. Being in a position of power at the time (LM/ ET), which was quite time consuming, I decided to blame LotC for my own shortcomings. I knew that I would never have the power to quit on my own, as I had tried to two times previously and failed. I was very respected in the community, and knew that I would always be welcomed back. So, I thought that I needed to leave through means that would ensure my permanent exclusion from LotC. Instead of doing something utterly atrocious like griefing, I decided to go a more "peaceful" way and knowingly turn on a /effect command before PvP in the presence of GMs. I knew that this would send a console message that all staff members would receive, and would get me banned before I could do any harm. I was instantly banned by Supremacy, and told him to ban my alternate account as well. I did not try to resist this decision. Parting from the Community was difficult, at the least. My skype was flooded with a barrage of messages to come back. I regretted my decision for days, but eventually moved on. No use sticking around. Through temperance and sensible budgeting of time, I got over my addiction. Now, I simply want to be unbanned for the sake of just not being banned anymore. I would like to drop in once in a while just to see whats going on. I doubt I'll be spending too much time on the server anymore. I'm unable to dedicate anymore serious time to LotC, and will just be an occasional "show-up." Once again, I apologize. Screenshots/Vids (Link): None
  6. Almighty Thor

    Thor92299's Ban Appeal

    Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Lark Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): thor92299 Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Xray Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Unknown Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): I apologize for being so reckless and not showing respect to the server again. I shouldn't of let my nephew jump on my computer and play it while I was out of my house. Again I am so sorry for being reckless and not caring of my own property. I didn't mean to insult any mod or admin when I tried to explain to them what happened. I never meant to be banned again since I promised that I have changed, and I will keep it to heart if I do get permission to come back. But from now on I will not only keep my computer more secure I will also make a better effort to help the server in any way I can. Again I will be extremely more careful and take better care of my computer. I wish to just see my friends again! I miss them a ton and I hope to join back with them and prove I'm not a bad person and that I have changed! I will keep my promise now that I will try my hardest to not commit anything again the rules. But if I do perma ban me for I would break a promise and I meant to keep it. Again I am greatly sorry for being so careless. Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  7. Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): N/A Minecraft Name (at the time of your ban): Jok3rofGaming Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Large Scale Floating Trees Character Witnesses (Name(s)): N/A Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): Well when I am not rping I spend my time chopping wood and mining. I have played on this server since 2011 the very last the thing I want to do is knowingly break a rule. I sadly will have to plead ignorance if I would have been told or would have known or seen that this was a rule I would have immediately changed my behavior. Now it could have changed so forgive because I haven't played vanilla in years but I remember cutting wood and over time everything else slowly disappears by itself. That also happened in the server. It would seem like it would disappear or grow back because everytime I returned there would be more trees but I see clearly now that somebody was cleaning up my mess and I am sorry for that and it wont happen again. I will try to end this on a positive note and say in the four years I have been on this server I have had very few incidents where the gm has had to come in to separate it and I have never been banned up to this point. I have been a simple peasant for the last four years and loving every minute that I spend farming,chopping and mining and interacting with some of the best people I could meet and have met along the way. Please don't let this mistake ruin all my time spent and all the time I wish to spend with my fellow friends. Thanks for your time and once again I am sorry. It wont happen again. Screenshots/Vids (Link) N/A
  8. Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): N/A Minecraft Name (at the time of your ban): _Jandy_ / 21Pilots Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Metagaming Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Many Orcs, 2 Dwarves, a GM, and maybe a couple Storm Swords Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): Firstly I want to apologize for my actions, but why most of you are to hear is to read what I did, so I’ll begin with where and when I broke the rules. It was a raid, a poor excuse for one, but none the less. As the Iron Uzg rallied quickly after PMs and other OOC rallyings many people gathered to attack to sad Uguan archers who decided to hole up in a keep and shoot at the Orcs. After a few shady things going down, like a persona shield, the Orc forces seemed to be getting bored and upset at the sad excuse of a fight. Now I had bought a new account somewhat recently, named it 21Pilots after a band I enjoy, and I used this account for persona slots. I wanted it to be unlinked to my main account (_Jandy_) for really no good reason. I told a few GMs and an FM that I wanted this account to be a secret alt. So I started on my alt with the culture I enjoy RPing most as typical Uruk, but I realized I bought this account for a new persona to try new things and have boosts in other professions. So I apologized to Arteh in PMs and said I left the Orcs because I disliked the language. So I decided having a blacksmith character might be valuable and fun so I created a Dwarf and after a bit of RP I was quickly told their password. Now back to the sad raid the Dwarves are holed away and people are upset, so I admittedly metagame using the password I learned on my other account and persona to open the door into the keep. I realize my fault, in the heat of a PVP fight I lost my head and I admit that this is not a fair excuse but I hope this is something that at least makes sense. I’m not saying I would do it again, hell no, I have read the rules multiple times over in my ban. Now somebody might ask why it would be so natural to break the rules by metagaming. The truth is sad but true. Metagaming is common on LotC and has poisoned RP. First off before we get any farther let’s ask ourselves, what is metagaming? As an AT I have heard many definitions and I would define it as “Using OOC knowledge to alter or influence RP.” What exactly might that mean? It means that if you are having tavern RP and your buddy PMs you pleading for help you shouldn’t suddenly have an urge to find your way to where your friend is. Honestly I had thought, “Maybe I should go RP with Arteh to sell him the passwords on the correct persona”, but I personally felt I would have been too influenced by OOC desires for the Orcs to win the war, so I decided against it. I would like to say that at least 80% of the people on the server have taken part in a type of metagaming in one way or the other (which doesn’t excuse my actions), whether it be by using the [/s “Hello?”] to see if anybody is near you, or by using nametags to locate people, or to use knowledge read on the wiki to influence how you RP. Most participants on the server would confess to metagaming at some point. I do realize what I did was wrong, and I deserved my punishment, but I also think that many people deserve similar punishments to mine. I am not sure how it should be gone about but there needs to be a purge against metagaming on the server and throughout the communities. I say if we can accomplish this we can reinvigorate the overall RP on the server. With a final note I apologize to the Dwarves involved, the Orcs, anybody involved, the AT and the entire community because I feel like I have let everybody down again. If/When I return I plan to reinvigorate my own roleplay with longer emotes and question myself when I’m roleplaying with question like “Why is my character doing this?” “Does my character fully understand what he is doing?” “Will the people I’m roleplaying with understand what I’m saying and emoting?” “Is what I’m roleplaying within the canon server lore?” “Is my roleplay fun and interactive with the people around me” and “Am I proud of the roleplay I am doing?”. I believe I can fix my flaws and make LotC a better place. Screenshots/Vids (Link): None besides the ban screen which says the password, so I won’t disclose it ((Big thx to Cosmic for giving permission to early appeal))
  9. youlovesocks

    Youlovesocks' Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): N/A Minecraft Name: youlovesocks Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Abuse of power Character Witnesses (Name(s)): jakesimonson, nordicgod, and honestly can't remember who else. Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): It was late in the day and I'll be honest I had consumed a few alcoholic beverages (this is no excuse, i'm just explaining). I had just come back from about a month / few weeks off because of school piling up and Jake was working on a new faction. As an old friend, I decided to help him out and stupidly abuse my ET t3 privileges of limited creative that many trusted me with and place down a bunch of iron for him and crew. Naturally, I lit up like a christmas tree to GM's online. Looking back on this, it was obviously a stupid thing to do and I am honestly regretful and sorry that I did it. 501warhead tp'd to me once I did it and typed "lol, really?", that's when I knew I fucked up. So, I just logged off and had been banned ever since. The initial ban sentence was a 6 month ban. I have been banned for 5 and sincerely miss hanging out and RP'ing on the server. I'm fairly active on checking the forums still and certainly on Skype. I have been with this server for 4 years now and have not really considered myself to be a toxic player. If anything, it comforts me to think that some people actually enjoyed my villainous / peasant RP as much as I enjoyed giving it out. I'm not trying to act all cool and be like "oh yea i mean unban me if u want fk this place LOLOL #nicememe" --- No, I sincerely want to be let back on to RP with the friends I've made overtime, and hopefully you could let me back a month early. Screenshots/Vids (Link): N/A
  10. Dingus O'Dongus

    Arfavero1 Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): No report, was banned directly by an GM Minecraft Name: arfavero1 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Pugsy Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Frottimer, GrimHonk, anybody who says they were there Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): So about 3 months ago for whatever reason I got it into my head that pugsy would be an okay idea and would provide some sort of excitement for me since my RP seemed to be going nowhere. After the event I realize the error of all the things I did and how sorry I am that I pugsie’d. I apologize to those who I killed and those whose RP I disrupted with the act. I sincerely hope to return to LotC and be reunited with the fun experiences it has to offer. Screenshots/Vids (Link): None
  11. Bloomkip


    Player Report: None Minecraft Name: Bloomkip Rule broken: Saying a filthy word Event Details: i was having a laugh with my bros and I yelled a word that most see as inappropriate, though I don't believe the HUMAN BODY should be seen as anything but a precious gem...........anyway I didnt know I could be banned for saying that and I really just want to continue my dwarven roleplay screenshots: none
  12. Joe / joenaj / Yemekar

    Joenaj Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/123402-report-on-burkester/ Minecraft Name: Yemekar at the time joenaj now Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Abusing statuses/No RP kill Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Any of the many fighters between dwarves and humans (Directly Vekrus, Legoboy) Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): So as usual dwarves and humans were going at it. The humans were holding us back at our capitol city and fighting was going back and forth. At one point, the humans backed off and left. I put on a performing status and went to go check if they were gone. They had left the area at the time and I moved back up the mountain. The humans then proceeded to return and engage again with us. My status was still set to performing. Two of them approached the bridge at which point I switched my status and went to chase them down. I didn't end up hitting them directly or killing them, but the point is, I abused the mechanic of statuses. I wasn't contacted by anyone about any problems or anything of the sort so I didn't think much of it. It wasn't until a ban report was put up on another player (Burk) that GM's looked over the footage and saw the event unfold. So after some investigating I found that I was banned by GM's for this. After a few long conversations with them I understand entirely what was my mistake. I found it easy to understand after the fact where the controversy came in and entirely understand why I was banned for it. Things get mixed up in war and I hope to be more careful with my new understanding of whats allowed and what isn't allowed. I apologize for any stress or trouble this has caused the moderating team and hope they see that I have learned from my mistake enough to return. Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  13. Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): I've never had a BR published on account of my actions. Minecraft Name: TapeSauce. Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Vulgarity and OOC racism. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Raelplayer, any other GMs that were on at the time, Tyrell Blavier, and friends in the TS channel. Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I was testing the boundaries of our increasingly strict censorship rules, and was not caught by the GMs. In due time during my session of trolling, I branched outwards from my unnoticed profanity and used words that I consciously knew were not allowed. To do it in my own fashion, I found a Southeron named Tyrell Blavier, and ran up to him, saying the following (which I am to put in a spoiler for convenience): I understand what I did was wrong, and my actions resulted in a 3-day ban (which was issued on Thursday, I believe). I ask forgiveness from the GMs, and from HandcookedTires. I do not know who banned me specifically because the other available GMs I could reach would not disclose that information. Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  14. AgurkaAppeal

    Mememachine's Forum Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): N/A Minecraft Name: MemeMachine is the in-game name, and the forum name is The Meme Machine, but I plan on changing that if I do get unbanned. Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Toxicity, excessive trolling/harassment, being an over all nuisance to the community. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): The whole community of Lord of the Craft. Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): Well, I have to admit that I've broken all of the above rules listed. I have been temporarily banned from the forums in the past for posting a video that was simply vile, directed to a single person that had genuinely triggered me with a post he did on my 300th AMA out of anger. I believe that I had crossed the line and I deeply regret having posted that foul video. Not only did I post it once, but I did it twice, just to annoy and upset said individual. I've also received several warning points due to making fun of someone's lore, putting memes on several threads where they were completely off topic and being an over all ass. Then, after being banned in-game, I decided to write an extremely pitiful and childish "leaving" post, that included a lot of swearing (fortunately censored), rude responses and toxic behavior. To be honest, the reason of this unacceptable attitude is really unknown. I came on the forums just to joke around and didn't really take it seriously until I saw some post that caught my attention. Most of my posts were just trying to earn rep which failed miserably, and I do seriously regret these actions and choices I've taken. I'd like to personally apologize to the entire community and any player that I've harassed or been extremely impolite and rude to. I am fully aware that I am supposed to appeal for in game and on the forums on the second of may, though after a discussion with two different GM's, I was informed that I may be able to appeal earlier. Furthermore, over my time banned I have had a lot of time to reflect upon my actions, and hope that we can move on from my prior actions, I deeply hope that you take my appeal into consideration. Sometimes I just let my anger get the better of me, and I am sorry I striked at the community in such a manner, and shall not repeat that ever again. EDIT: I think it'd be best if the person that issued the forum ban would claim this appeal. Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  15. _Jandy_

    _Jandy_'s Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): None, was witnessed by Rael Minecraft Name: _Jandy_ Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Kill Aura Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Rael and others Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I would first like to simply say that I'm sorry to the community for degrading the value of the server as a whole by doing what I have done. Anyways the details of my ban are shameful but simple, I was rply trying to break up a fight in the High Elven city and when I separated the two fighters rply one of them attacked me, he eventually challenged me to PVP Default, and we agreed on the terms that the loser would soul stone away and keep their pixels. I turned on Kill Aura and counted down the fight, I was downed quickly because my assaulter was able to out-gear and get a good jump-start combo on me, as I was downed and placed the death decider plug-in my Kill Aura still kept hitting the people who wanted to heal me, I was unable to turn off my Kill Aura and quickly disconnected, which killed me and I logged back on, Rael was in the city at the time of the conflict and saw what I had done, I told Rael I wasn't going to deny what I had done and I asked him to tell the people I had directly offended that I was sorry, which he did, and they said they weren't too upset about it. Rael assigned me a 1 week ban. After some very long thinking I came to a conclusion, this wasn't my first ban and I wanted to ensue I wouldn't break rules again, I was struck with an idea and quickly created a forum post about what I would do, which had wonderful feedback. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/122895-to-be-held-accountable/ Although I sadly must announce that under extensive study I can't stream, due to my "Computer" it is hard to find decent streaming software and my FPS are basically non-existent. Although I still agree that I must hold myself accountable and I will now attempt to upload a LotC "Let's Play" on YouTube! I am confident that I can make wonderful videos featuring wonderful content from LotC, I also hope that this will bring great RP to myself and the people around me. I hope I still have the MTs support in my endeavors, if this goes well I will most likely make an official MT application. I want my videos to portray the server honestly and I will include a varying cast of fellow members of LotC who I will be talking to whether it be on Skype or TS. Although as this is released I would like to officially ask the server, please do not metagame any of the content seen in the videos. With that I apologize again to the server and plead to be unbanned and left off of the black-list, for a series of a blacklisted player might not positively and honestly represent the server. Thank You -_Jandy_ Screenshots/Vids (Link): None (edited colors)
  16. (sorry)ww2buff99

    Ww2Buff99's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): None made. Minecraft Name: ww2buff99 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): I was never told. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): atlasboy8 or something, SupremacyOps Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I was walking along the road when I spotted atlasboy. I walked up to his character, and holding a vendetta against non-Dwarves, my character whispered "Ugly *****". We proceeded to have some fun banter go back and forth, when suddenly SupremacyOps flew out of the sky, and told me "I thought you said you had changed". Assuming he meant trolling, I replied that I didn't think I was trolling, I was just having some fun rp with atlasboy. He rudely retorted, "If that wasn't trolling, than this isn't a ban hammer", and before I could say anything he banned me. Even as he banned me, atlasboy was inquiring as to what was going on, as he was just as confused as I was. Upon my asking Supremacy about the incident, he simply said to appeal to Geoboy via forum pm, which is unusual, as the GM who bans you is supposed to A. State a reason for banning and B. Handle the issue himself, which Supremacy did neither of. Nonetheless, I did as told. Geoboy never even looked at the PM, and he resigned yesterday. I'm completely confused as to what's going on. I only just got back from a four month ban. If the reason I was banned was for trolling, no one complained about my rp at all, and if they had, I would have left them and ceased. If my actions came across as trolling I'm sincerely sorry. However, I think that is not the case. I do not mean to insult, accuse, or damage the reputation of SupremacyOps when I say I truly believe he holds an ooc vendetta against me, even though I have tried to come to terms with him. That may not be the case, I simply don't know. Please help. Once again, to reiterate, I'm terribly sorry if my rp insulted, inconvenienced, or simply annoyed anyone. I'm just confused as to what to do. Screenshots/Vids (Link): -
  17. (sorry)ww2buff99

    Ww2Buff99's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/116609-player-report-on-eyad01-stephensj-and-ww2buff99/?hl=%2Bww2buff99+%2Breport Minecraft Name: ww2buff99 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Metagaming, No-rp, Excessive OOC, use of OOC terms IC(Meta), Baiting outside a city, defying moderators, spamming, trolling via /s and /w, using leet speak (Faces, yolo, etc), refusing to sort out the situation, returning several times and repeating these actions and overall toxic and inconsiderate behaviour (Not all were committed by me since it was a group report, but to be honest the brunt majority were.) Character Witnesses (Name(s)): ww2buff99, Freya, birdwhisperer, wardog4445, sambosefus, truxtonl, stephensj, eyad01 Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I made a stupid mistake. Honestly. To give the full story I'd have to go back probably around a year, as the report made on me was simply an inevitable response to my increasingly trolly, hostile, and inappropriate actions and attitude. I used to be a genuinely good rper and decent member of the community, but I let myself become exactly what I despised the most: a persistent troll hell-bent on destroying a nation. I had dealt with that as leader of the Snow Elves, and hated it. And then, I found myself hell-bent on the destruction of Haelun'or. Around this time the war rules were very restrictive, and since Haelun'or refused to meet me out in the field, I deliberately broke raid rules to attack their city repeatedly, day after day. I destroyed people's roleplay, the exact reason people come to play on this server. When I was caught, I tried desperately to talk my way out of it, as I couldn't stand the thought of being separated from LotC for an extended period of time. I've now had four months to cool down, and in that amount of time, I've managed to expel such toxicity that led me into this situation in the first place. I look back on myself with disgust. I simply ask the community forgive me, especially you Geoboy, as you had to put up with a lot of my ****. I'll understand if y'all can't, though, as I'm having a very hard time just forgiving myself. If accepted back into this server, I promise I'll never let this happen again. If I do begin slipping again, I earnestly beg someone to take me aside and remind me of all of this, though I doubt that will ever happen again. I cannot express in words just how sorry I am. I feel as though there's nothing more to say without being repetitive. I'll understand if you don't want me back on this server, but I ask you simply consider it. Screenshots/Vids (Link): -
  18. DrakeHaze.

    Omnyaxle Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): Minecraft Name: Omnyaxle Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): RPing during an event? Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Some kids that are knights Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I was participating in some event about a sword of Horen or wyrm attack, when we got to a bit of a stall and were witnessing a white character fighting a firey dark character. Everyone was guessing what it was and someone brought up Iblees and Areiel. I suggested that it might be aswell, but then my character decided that would be too simple and went to the conclusion of lizard people as he has heard rumours IC about lizard people in athera. After saying that I was banned for 1 hour and am now unable to participate in this amazing event I was enjoying so much. My character is legit a sarcastic piece of **** that prides himself on banter and general mockery. Why am I being punished for Rping the character that I've developed since childhood? I apologise for my character and will not speak or emote anymore during this event. Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  19. Bloomkip

    Bloomkip Ban Appeal

    Player Report: None! Minecraft Name: bloomkip Character Witnesses: lots of people in ooc idk their names Event Detail: so we were playing a game in ooc where people finish the sentence right, and so this one guy (forgot his name) says "i like to smack...." and i yelled the p word and got banned.......at first it said for 2 hours but its been 2 hours and nothing happened so now it just says "THE BAN HAMMER HAS SPOKEN!!" so i figured i should appeal anyway admins and gms im really sorry i didnt know that u could get banned for saying that :( im sorry :((( it was all fun and games rlly i didnt mean for anyones feelings to get hurt and for all the people in ooc who were sad by my language im really sorry really am thank u for ur time -bloomkip ps ill never say that again
  20. _Jandy_

    Jandyb1998's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): None. Minecraft Name: Jandyb1998 § Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Greifing homes and stealing Character Witnesses (Name(s)): I have no clue I could never find the ban report Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc I was new to the server and my character was unfortunately a Kha and I was having serious trouble finding any kha civilization or anything for my kha to even do so I broke into homes trying to find a jungle sapling so that I could possibly start a kha civilization or something (I don’t remember entirely this was like 5 months ago) and I would like to apologize to the people I abused and the entire community because I realize that it is people like me who made the server less fun. But I would like to change my ways. I have made contact with other kha over the forums and I am planning to join a skype group to find them if this gets accepted. I am very sorry and very hopeful. Thank you for reading my apology. Screenshots/Vids (Link): None I never found out who had me banned.
  21. Babadooks

    Moocow987's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): I never could find the ban report, just got it threw messenger, sorry! Minecraft Name:Moocow987 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.):Breaking and entering, I placed a button to get into the players room, I am very sorry for this dumb action of mine. Character Witnesses (Name(s)):Kynightfalcon Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.):I am truly sorry what I did, I would like to be unbanned because I have served my 7 days of being banned, It says I still have not be banned for some strange reason. I would really love to see 3.75, since I only have heard tons about it. Screenshots/Vids (Link): http://gyazo.com/828...7494eee718cc99f
  22. not_sortedjarhead

    Sortedjarhead Is Forever Young Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): Minecraft Name: sortedjarhead Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): finding someone to live for [harassment ? ] Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Capt0z, Chikaerea Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I am sorry. I love lord of the craft more than cherry pie. I am ready to pvp again like a adult. I have relined my mistake and I have apologized to Cpat0z and Ckik_era more than 100 times so I think I don't dwell on that much longer. It has been many months since my ban and I have got really good at LoL since then. Now I know Capt0z lives to far away [Austria] for me to be with, and I see how that could have made Chik_era jealus because Capt0z banned me so we talked in PMs but now I know chikaea im ready Screenshots/Vids :
  23. Aislin

    Aislin's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): None, of course. Minecraft Name: _Aislin_ Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): ????????????????????? Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Burkester Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): After my house in Vekaro was griefed to death, I rebuilt an ugly messy medieval one in protest. I then put a bunch of signs IN ROLEPLAY on it showing my protest to the other builders who tore down my house. One of them said "if you make touch house you will rape by Viktor" IN ROLEPLAY and that was it. I did not rape anybody in character or out of character, and broke no rules. I was not contacted by a GM prior to my banning. It was one sign that could have easily been tore down and that's it. Instead, the GM jumped the gun and banned haphazardly. If this was OOC, I would get it. If you can show me the rule I broke, I'd be grateful. Burkester made a modreq to get the sign removed, because he was upset about it. Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  24. Legoface1

    Legoface123's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): n/a Minecraft Name: Legoface123 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Placing blocks Character Witnesses (Name(s)): n/a Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I wasin a batle and about to die. I panicked and got out my blocks to escape. MOST STUPID THING EVER :D . I'm terribly sorry for that. It was only 2 blocks to escape death. I dont see the fuss. Sorry Screenshots/Vids (Link): n/a
  25. Calihan

    Calihan's Ban Appeal

    Report: N/A Minecraft Name: Calihan Rule Broken/Disputed: Griefing to bypass LWC ( http://gyazo.com/a65795539494213a3a50ba1e2035a630 ) Character Witnesses: N/A Event Details: I am not sure of where or when I did this, as I have not been online for a couple a few days. But I am sorry for what I have done and I won't do it again, I also apologize to whoever's property I broke into. Screenshots/Vids: N/A