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Found 3 results

  1. [T3] CRAVEN’S BANE - ACTIVE A cowardly combatant is antithesis to what a Templar stands for. Their benefactor's ire towards the craven manifests through this ability, where, upon focusing on their inner courage, they may target a specific foe and pull them closer towards the fight. Notes: Got the inspiration for this spell after xMuted's dauntless charge. Whereas some magics like Paladin put emphasis on ranged capabilities in some of its aspects, Templarism will always be close and personal at its core, similar to a Khornate Berzerker. They want to get within melee range, they want to get in the thick of things. During a crp encounter I spent roughly 15 emotes chasing a darkspawn, always being 1 meter away, but being able to do nothing because both of us ran 8 meters and sacrificed an action emote in order to do so, before ending with me giving up. This isn't a spell designed to be able to automatically pull anyone no matter their distance, which is why its max range is limited to 8 meters. Its just to catch that one guy and have an opportunity to attack, or the guy that sticks in the back bowing everyone from the comfort of distance. This is also why a person can only be targeted once no matter the number of templars. While the idea of spamming this on an undead as they scream surrounded by 5 templars pulling them back is funny as hell, that'd never happen. You got one shot. Use it wisely. [T5] WILL MANIFEST - ACTIVE Malchediael’s Radiant Templars at their foundations are descendants who exert their strength of mind and spirit to produce tangible effects on the world around them. Their will made manifest, they are capable of bringing into existence their patron’s blessing for a more prolonged defensive role, to see the Templar through even in the maelstrom of combat. As a Templar’s only true ally in battle is their weapon, their Will Manifested will deem the Templar dishonorable should they disregard their first drawn weapon. Notes: We (Hugo and myself) wanted something worse than Bulwark but more long lasting, which led us to Will Manifest. We also wanted to further the use of the Templar's bound armament as a catalyst for more spells. The idea originally was a full suit of external armor with a set hit durability per wound type, though we scrapped that in favor of leaving some regions open and some protected. There's no room for major wounds because if you wish to block against powerful attacks, use bulwark. During the brainstorming and getting some thoughts from other people, one person suggested we don't have the armor stack with currently worn one, though we couldn't find a way of implementing that without making the spell useless. You will almost never find a templar without armor unless they occasionally walk into ambushes, and standard armor by reliability alone will always be better than this. This is meant to be an addon, not a replacement. Special thanks to @HugoAntero for brainstorming and writing these spells with me. Additional thanks to the templars and people we consulted for feedback (you know who you are but I'm too lazy to mention all of you)
  2. [T4] DAUNTLESS CHARGE - ACTIVE In the course of battle, a Templar may deem it necessary to charge upon cravenly or fleeing opponents. A Templar may thus swell with their flaming courage, and propel themself forth with the fury of Malchediael. MECHANICS: This ability requires [3] emotes to cast: The First requires a Templar to draw upon their courageous aura while focusing upon a single target as Holy White Flame gathers under their feet, the Second to completely envelop their bodies with their Holy White Flame, and a Third to charge and slam unto an opponent, resulting in their fiery maelstrom to disperse upon contact. When Dauntless Charge is cast, the Templar may charge down a single target at a range of [10] Blocks. When struck, the concussive force of the charge is comparable to that of a sledgehammer. The maelstrom of White Flame also possesses the properties of "Furious Flame", thereby granting it the debilitating effects of Aurum. It is noted that, should [1] Emote elapse without delivering the charge, Dauntless Charge will dissipate. This spell may be cast ONCE per combat scenario. REDLINES: • This spell has [1] charge per combat encounter. • A Templar may not cancel their charge after the second emote has passed and will not be able to cast another Dauntless Charge unless under effect by the Valiant Banner. • A Templar may strike with their weapon at the completion of the charge to focus the concussive nature of their attack into a single strike. This said, they may also opt to simply shoulder bash. • When enveloped with their Courageous Aura (2nd emote), the Templar's vision will be considerably reduced, resulting in a Templar only being able to see rough shapes. • When charging their spell, a Templar may move [3] Blocks per turn until cast. This enables a Templar to move a grand total of [16] Blocks over the course of [3] Emotes. • Dauntless Charge's concussive force will not stack with the material of a weapon used, nor will it result in a cutting-like effect. This is to say that the damage delivered by the Charge will always remain concussive in nature. • Dauntless Charge has to go over solid ground and the enemy must be mechanically accessible. • Should a Templar slam into anything that would be able to resist a hefty sledgehammer swing like in Dauntless Charge, they would get bruised and it would count as [1] minor wound for the Touch of Jophiael. CREDITS: Islamadon: Formatting.
  3. *In all major cities and Kal'Halla, besides the Orcish ones, you see a several flies posted up.* The Holy Order of the Knight’s Templar Early History Modern History *A large portrait of a Templar knight is here.* Ranks and Positions Grand Master: The Leader of the Order in charge of everything. Noble Master: A noble in the Grand Master's council, they advise the Grand Master and have all power in things not concerning military. Seneschal: 2nd in command of the Order's military, he is responsible for training the knights and commanding them in battle. Right hand man of the Grand Master. Turcopolier: 3rd in command of the Order's military, he is responsible for training the sergeants and commanding them in battle. Confanonier [standard Bearer]: 4th in command of the Order's military. A knight in charge of all of the squires, responsible for their training, and worship. Templar Knight: A Holy Crusader who has risen throughout the ranks, he may take on a squire and train as well as command them in battle. Crusader Knight: A fresh knight in the Order who is commanded by the Seneschal. He may not take on a squire. Sergeant: The core footmen of the Order, they are the next step above a Squire. They no longer serve knights but continue to train and learn of the gods. Squire: A petty servant in the Order, they serve Knights and learn the ways of the gods as well as swordsmanship. Code Honor: The Templar believe in a strict code of Honor, meaning they will not back from a fight or start an unnecessary one. Loyalty: The Templar believe if anything is more important than the other codes, it is loyalty to the Order. Chivalry: Although not enforced, the Templar believe a touch of Chivalry is all but better. Chastity: Although the Templar do not restrict one from love, they believe that intercourse before marriage is a sin, and a man should only take one wife. Respect: The Templar believe that respect is not given, but earned, and all should respect their superiors no matter how hated they may be. Beliefs Our Order believes in the Creator and fights for him. Those who join are required to worship and take the Creator as their deity and fight for his respect. Other deities aren't welcome in our order and you will be killed if you worship another. Regular praying and mass are required within our Order. Recruitment If you wish to join leave a notice on one of these fliers (This Post) and come to Kal'Halla, the Entrance of the Wilds and speak with either Lucius Murmillo II (sprintindwarf), or Lucretius Murmillo I (Rexx8) Application Uniforms Other Notes: We are not copying anyone, this is a very old guild that me and rexx8 started in Aegis and we are restoring it finally after it was destroyed.
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