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Found 7 results

  1. *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚ Starlight Emporium A shop to find a variety of things. Plushies for the kids, or even yourself! Jewelry to display your love for the night sky, green to smoke during those stressful days. Even medicinal potions to help heal you or your loved ones! We are conveniently located in Nor-velyth, Vortice and the Silver Merchant trading facility. Below is a list of our inventory along with drawings depicting our locations. Potions Jewelry Plushie Green Drawings Enclosed *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚
  2. [!] A rather large flyer would be placed upon the majority of nation and vassal bulletin boards. [!] THE BLACK RAVEN EMPORIUM [!] A depiction of Black Raven associates, forging new inventory. [!] Who are we? The Black Raven Emporium is a union branch of the Elysium Trading Company, headed by Absolon de Astrea. The goal of the emporium itself is to spread fair-priced and exquisitely made combat gear from trusted and respectable blacksmiths. The emporium has a main focus of supplying the most necessary and commonly used weapons to those who need it, without those individuals having to break the bank. Inventory Catalogue Ferrum Plate Helmet: 5 Mina Ferrum Chain Chestplate: 5 Mina Ferrum Chain Leggings: 5 Mina Ferrum Longsword: 5 Mina Ferrum Shortsword: 4 Mina Ferrum Warhammer: 8 Mina Arrows: 0.2 Mina Steak: 0.2 Mina Porkchop: 0.2 Mina Golden Carrots: o.8 Mina We sell in bulk for much cheaper prices! Having already supplied entire nations in the past! Need to contact us? Need bulk deals, business inquiries, or want to become an associate to the Black Raven Emporium? Bird Absolon de Astrea (Disc: Jay_#8625) Locations Flagship store and base of operations: Elysium Owned by: Absolon de Astrea Storefront: Haense, Sigismund Street I Owned by: Togrim-Heartstring Vanari For those who took the time to read this, thank you. We look forward to having your business! Black Raven Emporium Owner, Head Ranger, Absolon de Astrea
  3. Sea Trading Guild The Sea Trading Guild is located in AutumnVale with One ship built. One ship called the Divine Rose for sea travel. We are currently looking for new applicants who would love to travel the seas for both adventure and trading. So do you have a love for the sea? Do you love adventure? Do you love the rocking feeling of a ship? Then apply here. The Divine Rose is finished, except for minor details here and there. Come visit her at The AutumnVale Dock's. Just turn around at the main entrance of Metz, follow the road and find the stoned walled city. There you will see the beautiful ship that is so Divine. Application Username: Character name: Character's race and age: Skill sets: Major Nation Affiliations: Skype: Current Members Captain: Asylo Le Prevost Quartermaster: Lyra First Mate: Laethesia Navigator: Tavynu Doctor: Thornir Alchemist: Nerrin & Calypso Enchanter: Blacksmith: Chef: Arabella Other crew:
  4. Greetings LoTC Skinners I am looking to pay 4k mina for high quality skins, I expect the person/people working on this project to show a portfolio of their skins or some examples of their skins. Obviously i’m well aware the skins won’t look exactly the same as the examples provided but I expect them to look as close as possible. The 4k is for two skins, for each skin made i'll pay 2k. Said examples are attached below, i’m looking forward to having one or two of you working on said skins for me and my friends character. It is our hope to create a lot of RP with these characters and provide fun experiences for the community.
  5. The Pick & Hammer Guild of Owynswood Forging a better future! What are we? The Pick & Hammer Guild of Owynswood is a trading organization bent on providing better opportunities and a stable workplace for Smiths, miners, and any merchants working in the industry of refining metals and gemstones! How does this work? The Pick & Hammer Guild has a list of benefits and responsibilities listed below, and all of these must be followed, and these are always subject to a change by popular vote! A ranking system for individual branches allows for individuals who have shown outstanding loyalty, trust, skill and innovation to be promoted and gain benefits worthy of their dedication. The List of Responsibilities and Benefits Responsibilities of a Smith The responsibilities of a smith are as listed: To participate in the guilds activities and remain at least reasonably active within the guild community To sell your crafted goods excess of registered amounts to registered merchants of the guild for sale to non-guild members Benefits of a Smith The benefits of a smith are as listed Smiths receive a non-competitive and stable workplace to pursue their craft Smiths may buy Iron from the guild at 4 mina apiece ​New smiths may receive training and apprenticeship under older or higher ranking guild members Smiths may bring up issues in their work environment to guild attention, allowing for these to be addressed as the guild progresses (For example, if the price of leather is too high, we can have a meeting to hire cow breeders and leather workers for the guilds convenience) Responsibilities of a Miner Miners must sell goods to the guild, at negotiable prices. Must participate in the guild's activities and be at least reasonable active in the guild community Benefits of a Miner Miners may keep any ores they dig up for themselves, but, if they wish to sell them for more mina, may sell directly to the guild. Miners may vote on issues to improve their workplace. Miners will be provided with established mining locations, first hand information on the prices of the goods mined, and training on how to better mine and locate ores Miners may also take up apprenticeship under more advanced miners, and be scheduled to go on join mining operations. Requirements of a Merchant Must be able to set up a shop ((Be VIP)) or show documented proof of sales if they cannot. ((Screen Shots)) Responsibilities of a Merchant To sell and buy goods from miners or smiths at a reasonable price To adjust prices, if in an iron recession, or to adjust prices if selling price of items is too high compared to buying price To maintain shops and restock goods Benefits of a Merchant Stability and assurance that your goods will be sold, rather than be outsold by smiths who can create and sell weapons independently for cheaper Direct suppliers The ranks of the Guild Miner Ranks Strip Miner: The strip miner is the starting and basic form of miner. While everyone starts out as a strip miner, one does not have to stay in this position if their mining level is at least Apprentice. To be promoted for strip miner, one must actively participate in the guild for at least a week. Strip miners receive all the rewards and benefits listed in the initial Responsibilities and Benefits, but no extra. Iron Hunter: The Iron Hunter is the second mining rank, and is rewarded to Apprentice miner or higher who has lasted a week in the guild. The Iron Hunter is given the ability to attend Guild meetings, although, may not have a say in the going on's or actions of the guild. An Iron Hunter may enter the dark mines. An Iron Hunter will receive free pickaxes and weapons for the dark mines. An Iron Hunter may apply to join a mining expedition, should he be experience enough, and go on mining expeditions with Deep Miners. For an Iron hunter to advance, he must gather 768 guild points. Guild points are earned by selling iron to the guild at 2 points apiece, or donating it for 4 points apiece, which makes a massive difference. Deep Miner: The Deep miner is the third mining rank, and is rewarded to a proficient miner or higher that has earned 768 guild points. The Deep Miner has a say in the meetings and can vote on things such as councilmen, public voting bills, and even present their ideas before the council and public. The deep miner may apply to lead expeditions into the mines (an expedition is a singular person or a group of people entering the mines to set up an entirely new mine-shaft leading into fresh land), eligible to apply for food and workstations for these expeditions, as well as Iron Hunters to be sent into the mines with them. To get any higher in the guild, you have to be voted in by a group of peers, or selected by either the Founder or Adviser Mining Council: The mining council is the selection of leaders (The number of councilmen varies on number of miners) voted into office by their peers, or selected by the Adviser or Founder. The council will lead and conduct meeting, as well as have the final say (unless the Adviser or Founder is present) in a disputed bill. Councilmen will also meet with the Adviser and Founder to determine if the current bills in effect are helpful or damaging to the overall economy of the guild. The Councilmen are also in charge of attempting to recruit miners, keep miners informed, and determine which expeditions to grant and what workstations, tools, and Iron Hunters will be allotted to the Deep Miners. Smith's Ranks, Merchant Ranks, and High Councilmen Ranks coming soon! Want to apply? The format of your application should be as follows: Name MC Username Current skill in your profession What you want to be registered as in the guild (Miner, smith, or merchant, or if more than one please specify) VIP? Skype Name?(If you do not have Skype this is not mandatory but is recommended) What region(s) or guild(s) are you currently apart of? Golden Fortune from The Pick and Hammer Guild
  6. Westwood Company Westwood is a group of mercenaries and merchants who have grouped together to buy and sell goods throughout Athera. Each member specializes in one or two jobs that they train hard in. Rooms are provided to each member and their room is altered to fit their job. Each member can also join the Westwood Company mercenaries. Each member is paid for their job they do in different amounts. All pay is based on how much goods they produce or sell on their own. There are no uniforms because we feel as a company, that a worker should dress however he wants. All mercenaries, however, are provided with chainmail or iron plate armour. Current Members: Founder and Mercenary: Dunrid ((wolfkite1)) Money man and Recruiter: Darid Grandaxe ((hiphoplives)) Fisher: Fairleigh Wells ((bluemoon10)) Blacksmith: Durac Tunnelsmasher ((thor92299)) Tinkerer: Not filled Woodworker and Lumberjack: Thomas Broderick ((mrdigdug118)) Stoneworker: Not filled Chef: Not filled Farmer: Not filled Leatherworker: Not filled Miner: Not filled (Currently, we will accept more then one person to a job, just ask Dunrid or Darid personally about it.) Applications: Name: ((Mc name:)) Race: Which Job: Talents: (Either send a bird to Dunrid or Darid if you have any questions.)
  7. Golden Company Welcome to the Golden Trading Company. Here you can buy commodities, services, and loans. Should you be looking for a job, Golden Company is the perfect place for you to get started in earning the big minas. We also provide supply lines for those willing to work out a deal. PayDays For Workers ((Saturday & Wednesday)) In order to receive pay, you must meet the required minimal pay-grade quota and check it in on or before your paycheck. Extra products that you retrieve may be kept or you can work up to the next pay-grade. Paychecks are guaranteed! Mining Pay-grades Miner Level IIII - 40 iron, 12 coal, 8 gold, 3 Carbarum (diamond) - 675 minas Miner Level III - 38 iron, 10 coal, 6 gold - 550 minas Miner Level II - 32 iron, 8 coal - 380 minas Miner Level I - 16 iron, 4 coal - 200 minas Farming Pay-grades [Farmers Are Full. No Longer Accepting Farmers Currently] Farmer IIII - 5 stacks of potatoes, 21 stacks of wheat, 8 stacks of carrots - 500 minas Farmer III - 3 stacks of potatoes, 15 stacks of wheat, 4 stacks of carrots - 350 minas Farmer II - 2 stacks of potatoes, 12 stacks of wheat, 2 stacks of carrots - 200 minas Farmer I - 2 stack of carrots, 12 stacks of wheat - 100 minas Animal Husbandry Unavailable Currently Making a Loan! -Hand over a parchment containing how much you need and we'll work out a deal. All loans must be 2,500 minas or lower currently.- Need a Job? -Just take a piece of parchment and pin it up here with the details! That or you can head down to the Trading Outpost at The Great Nation Crossing and talk there!-
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