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Found 1 result

  1. Eddywilson2/Othaman

    The Brotherhood Of The Golden Crow

    THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE GOLDEN CROW From the Highlands of the Old North rose the first Highlander Brotherhood, composed of the Raev and Hansetians of the Lahy, which destroyed the armies of Prince Nicholas the ‘Heathen’ and established the One True Faith, the Canonist Faith, into the hearts of the Highlanders for years to come. But now, after years of different revivals, infighting amongst the original Highlanders such as the Raevir and Hansetian peoples, and eons of cultural mish-mash with the Heartlanders, the order that defended the Highlandic peoples as a whole is firmly re-established to safeguard and uphold the original purpose of the band: protect the Northern Peoples and their culture and do so with the fires of the Creator’s Will in their hearts. RANKS OF HIGH COMMAND -Marshal- “..what do ye mean you /retreated/? Who be these of the Hetmanate, demons in man’s skin?” Prince Nicholas of Dules, the Siege of Lahy, 780? The autocratic authority over the brotherhood’s entirety, the Marshal, called in the Hetman in centuries past, commands the order to fulfill his mission and goal: defend the Highlandic Plains at all cost. To the Lords and Men of the Northern Realm, his name is respected, to Southern Lordlings and their folk, his name is awed, and to heathens that sucumb the earth to their debauchery, his name is feared. -THE CURRENT MARSHAL REIGNING- Tarcell Othaman [Eddywilson2] -Velky-Hussar- “We [the Lahy] shall ney fall, my Hussars, for they do not carry [the Creator] in their feeble hearts.” Jan Yeremi, the Siege of the Lahy, 780? The Velky-Hussars, senior knights of the March, are known for their steadfast and long-service to the Commonwealth and the Highlandic peoples. Given the title of ‘Great Ser’, the Velky-Hussars are mainly ceremonial, carrying the tasks of the normal knights of the realm while remaining highly regarded, not just in their skill of combat but in their chivalry and actions for the betterment of the Highlanders as a whole. The Velky-Hussars are situated with a seat at the table of the Lord and Marshal, along with their own private quarters within the keep. Velky-Hussars wear the same equipment as the normal knights of the March, although some carry a ceremonial sash of Kha fur to display their status. KNIGHTS OF THE MARCH -Hussar- From years of contact and influence from the larger Heartlander culture, Hussars have evolved from their predecessors, forming the crucial role of heavy infantry and de facto role models of the Host itself. The Hussar is expected to follow the Code of Chivalry, akin to the nominal Heartlander Code of Chivalry, and is granted the title ‘Ser’. The Knight, as with the Hetman, is granted special rooming, seating, and proper arms and armor to fit their position. The Huscarl is also granted gentry within the autonomous Northern Commonwealth as well, receiving all rights, duties, and benefits that befall from it. -Thane- Contrary to its Heartlander counterpart, a Thane carries a quite large amount of power within the Brotherhood, being the second-in-commands of the Hussar’s Company requires wit and intelligence. It is also the Thane's duty to carry out battle preparations and other tasks sent by the Hussar himself, whereas to prove the Esquire for one day becoming a Knight of the March. Thanes dine with the enlisted, while commonly invited to sit amongst the Hussars and Atamani. Thanes are granted housing within the barracks, which depends on each situation. The Thane also carries his Hussar’s banner, an honor which is never squandered. RANKS OF FOOT -Serjeant- "Send the Serjeants in to deal with them. Never have they fallen nor shall they here." Karl Barbanov, the Destruction of the Storm-Swords The Serjeant is a grizzled soldier of the Host, proving his capabilities in and off the field countless times. It is the pool of Serjeants that new officers are pulled from, and in itself Serjeant is considered the first stage of leadership within the host. May it be known, the Serjeant is known to deal the final blow in many an occasion. Contrary to his lower peers, the Serjeant is provided more choices with weaponry. It is not uncommon to see a Serjeant wielding a mace or flail. Serjeants tend to be more armored having built themselves to a physical capability in which they can fight with it with ease. -Drengr- "You are the best of the best. You do not resist pain; rather you accept it and make it your own." Unnamed Disciplinary, 1497 Renowned for their fierce fighting ability, Drengrs are elite Huscarls who show prowess in battle. Commonly known for going beserk in battles, Drengrs ensure the enemy falls before them. Often an assortment of mushrooms are eaten before battle to send the Drengrs into a state of madness which leaves them sick for a few days afterwards. Drengrs enjoy seniority perks over the Huscarls and Initiates often taking the best bunks and food. Drengrs are the Alpha-Males of the group and train daily to ensure that stays. -Huscarl- "You are full brothers now. Trust the man to your left and right and die for him for he shall do the same." Tarcell Othaman, 1502 The title attained after completing initiative trials and proving martial prowess to the Brotherhood, those known as Huscarls, or Brothers, compile the backbone bulk of the band. Brothers have been trained in sword and shield, taught in the ways of faith, and have shown undying loyalty to the mission and cause of the Brotherhood. When the thought of the Order comes to mind, it should be the thought of the host of brothers that live in piety, fight zealously, and brave the unstoppable odds. A Brother wears the full uniform of chainmail and leather, with the white-furred Hansetian Bear pelt donning their shoulders. Weapons of a Brother can range from the simple Kaedreni Longsword, to the Hansetian Zweihander, or to the ranged weaponry of the Hunting Bow or Rhosweni Arbalest. A Brother is situated in the traditional barracks with a bed and two single chests. - Initiate - “..and when I say shite, ye will shite. When I say piss, ye will piss. This ain’t yer mama’s home no more, lads, nay… Ye are the bulwark of the North, the legion of angry pricks that will castrate any nonhuman that steps on OUR soil…” Unnamed Drillmaster, 13th of the Deep Cold of 1496. Although any order or band takes great pride in their well trained veterans and warriors, it is the fresh bloods who join that truly allow the Brotherhood to continue and prosper. From the Piscatorian Coastline to the mountain clans of Old Hanseti, boys and young men are called to Brotherhood in service of country and faith. Coming from all tracks of life, an Initiate will be trained, tempered, and groomed to become the next line of the Order’s hordes, or be cast aside and deemed as weak. Nicknamed ‘Fresh-Bloods’, Initiates are given the basic armor: leather with chainmail. A sword is commissioned to each Initiate, though all equipment is heavily regulated by the Quartermaster. Initiates bunk in a designated wing of the keep, where four initiates are assigned to the same room. An Initiate goes through some of the most harsh and effective training within the Brotherhood, with lashings being the most commonly heard sound during a drill. SPECIALIZED RANKS -Wandering Crow- The Wandering Crow spends more time away from the Brotherhood then anyone else. They are typically more skilled in the tongue and are sent out to bring in fresh recruits. Wandering Crows must first attain the rank of Huscarl and show prowess in speech and attitude. -Quartermaster- The Quartermaster, keen in numbers and tactful in supplies, ensures the Host’s continued flow of arms, armor, and resources to fund its ever growing needs in and off the field of battle. It is the duty of the Quartermaster to ensure all men under the Burgundian Cross is equipped to the fullest, holding in their hands the tools of death and destruction, with the plates of steel and mail covering their bosom from any and all attacks by their plentiful enemies. The Quartermaster is usually taken from the ranks of the Hussars, in which they are well respected and well known throughout the host. The Quartermaster receives the arms and armor dictated by their rank, and is given their own room within the Commandery barracks. -Disciplinary- It is the Disciplinary that is the true hero behind the Brother, for it is by his whip that is the Brotherhood is formed to become a force to be reckoned with. Using the ancient tactics of drilling and training, the Disciplinary molds initiates to become bitter and fierce warriors, to teach them the values of the Highlandic Peoples and how to crush their heathen and pagan enemies. The Disciplinary is taken from the Hussars, in which their names are feared throughout the entire brotherhood. The Disciplinary receives the iconic whip upon his promotion to the rank, and is expected to always carry it wherever he goes. He also receives special rooming within the enlisted barracks, sleeping among the men themselves. TRIALS Killing of the Bear The Hansetian Bear, white of pelt and native to the Grendock Range, is a beast of both majestic and terrifying grace. For an Initiate to become a full-fledged brother of the lodge, he must slay the beast in a single-man hunt and skin its tough and bountiful hide. Making of the Cloak With the newly-skinned pelt, the Initiate must make the customary Bear Cloak that is adorned on every member’s shoulders, be them in uniform dress or in casual attire. This would include drying and tanning the fur, cutting and crafting it to appropriate length, and eventually presenting it to the Standard-Bearer. Baptism of Ashes When Saint Joren was anointed underneath the full moon in the name of the Creator, he was done so in ashes, symbolizing rebirth and renewal of his life. Following the holy legend, all Initiates must gather the wood of the Haensian Spruce and burn ‘till there is only ashes. With their cloak of bear fur, the Initiate is then fully prepared to be baptised by the ashes and fully inducted into the Brotherhood. COMPANIES The First Company Led by Hussar Roric Volik, the First Company focuses on infantry tactics. Typically armed with a shield in order to help in the shield wall, the First Company soldiers are trained to follow commands quickly and efficiently in battle. First Company members are often used as the main bulk of the forces and are trained to never break in battle. The Second Company Led by Velky-Hussar Ecthallion, the Second Company focuses on archery tactics. Armed with studded leather and the best bows possible, Second Company soldiers are used as supporting units. Generally, Second Company soldiers are given a set of chainmail as well if they are needed to help in the charge. The Third Company Led by Hussar Sarus Mallister, the Third Company focuses on cavalry tactics. Given horses and heavy weaponry, the Third Company leads the charge and acts as shock units in battle. Third Company soldiers are sent out to do hit and run raids on the enemy in order to disrupt them. REWARDS OF SERVICE After 30 years of service in the order or 10 years of service with being forced to retire due to an injury, Brothers of the Golden Crow are granted a 25x25 piece of land. Soldiers are provided the best iron plate and weaponry available. Bunks and storage are provided as well with food, drink and other things needed upon request. MEDALS -Medal of Bravery- Only given to a member of the Golden Crow when they have accomplished a heroic deed, the Medal of Bravery is a prized possession within the Crow. The Medal of Bravery is given to those who sacrificed or put their life in danger for the survival of another brother. Only 3 Medals of Bravery have been given out in the entire history of the Golden Crow, none of which took place in present day. -Medal of Service- Given to those who have worked hard to supply the Golden Crow with necessary materials, the Medal of Service represents the dedication one gives to the Golden Crow. The Medal of Service is worn proudly in the Golden Crow by someone who has dedicated their life to the well-being of the brotherhood. -Medal of Sacrifice- Commonly referred to as "the bad medal", the Medal of Sacrifice is given to those seriously wounded or who have died in service to the brotherhood. The Medal of Sacrifice represents the dedication brothers give for one another and for the defense of others. With the Medal of Sacrifice comes retirement and the receival of the veteran plot. JOINING THE BROTHERHOOD OOC MC Name: Skype: Do you have TS? If not, are you willing to get one? IC [!] An old man, wearing the standard of the Golden Crow, looks upon you with dull eyes. Tapping the paper with the end of his quill,, he asked: “Name, boy?”: “Hrmph, so be it. Where ye be from?”: Clearing his throat, he then asked, “Any experience fightin’? O’ at anything, really?”: “Mhrmm.. what be yer reason for joining?”: "Do ye have a profession, lad?”: “Anything else ye wanna add, lad?”: Once finished, the old man nodded and gave a wave of dismissal to you, beckoning the next in line to follow suit. [!]