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Found 3 results

  1. Lord Yuri Vladov, in the ruins of Brelus Yuri Vladov GENDER: Male RACE: Human CULTURE: Raevir AGE: Thirty Four NICKNAMES: None TITLES: Knight of Oren, Nauzican BORN: Barrow Wyk, Adria FAITH: Cannonism Health: Alive Height: 5’9” Weight: 145 BODY TYPE: Lean DESCRIPTION: Yuri since childbirth has always been compared to his mother by his family, having the same eyes as her and a fair look in his appearance. Only resemblance that Yuri could have of his father is his curly hair that shows out when his hair isn’t cared for. He also stands shorter than Fyodor but taller than his sister Anya. CLOTHING: Yuri sports traditional Vladovic clothing, a simple yellow and black shirt and brown pants. Being the only known descendant of Kazimir Vladov he has inherited his menacing bear armor. Although due to Yuri’s inability to wear his father’s armor properly due to it's weight he tends to favor lighter clothing, wearing his father’s armor during special occasions. WEAPONRY: Backsword Notable Traits: Solemn in appearance: Yuri being socially outcasted at a young age has never developed a way to properly conduct himself in public, keeping a serious tone during casual conversations. Usually acting like himself when around people he’s comfortable with. Creative: Yuri since birth has shown himself to be creative, as a toddler his favorite toys were his building blocks given to him by his uncle Franz. Affable: In spite of his serious appearance, Yuri has always been friendly strangers and treats many with the utmost respect. Loyalty: A learned trait during his time in Nauzica Brigade. He was shown to loyally serve his liege in times of crisis and in times of wealth. Family Tree
  2. A forceful de-militarization of the South, Naval Superiority ​ ​ The abandonment of the Dwarvish naval port in the East meant the expansion of the Kingdom’s power over their enemies’ water. Thanks to the colonists sent by Lord Franz I of Vladovic, the port town and fort was taken. However, all the ships that were previously at bay were now long gone. They now sit at the closed and vulnerable bay near the Grand Kingdom’s capital. And so it had begun, the counts, barons, and dukes of the Kingdom all took it upon themselves to construct a broad navy spanning to massive galleons to a new breed of warships, the Steam Boat. ​ ​ ​ For strategic purposes, these warships are faster than their predecessors while taking up large amounts of coal to power them. They pack a punch for those witnessing its might, the HMS King Daniel. So therefore, those of the Kingdom of Oren’s mass arsenal set sail for the bay of the vulnerable Dwarvish warships for King and Country, for the Canonist faith, and for Glory! ​ The skies fill with smoke in the Southern Isles as the fleet makes its journey towards the defenseless ships, trapped in the bay. After the passing of Port Davier, the Orenian fleet closes in on its prey. Ever so closely, the fleet makes anchor around a few isles, out of vision, to plot. In the next hour, they raise anchors and perfect the steam engines, rams, ballistas, and catapults, and men-at-arms ready to seize the day. Type of Battle: Pillage Time & Date: 3/8/2015 5 P.M. EST Attacking Forces: Reformed Kingdom of Oren and Allies. Defending Forces: Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Allies Location and Boundaries: Dwarven Naval Port ​ Terms of Victory: Victory for attacking team: If the defenders are all killed or driven out of the battle area. Or. If the defender’s ships are destroyed or occupied by attackers. Victory for the defending team: If the attackers are all killed or driven out of the battle area. Or. If the attacker’s ships are destroyed or occupied by defenders. Battle area terms will be discussed on by the leaders of both sides. Rewards: Victory for the attackers means the attacking force can willingly do what they want with the spoils of war. That includes the remaining ships and structures around the base. (For 1 Hour) Victory for the defenders means the region may not be war claimed for a time based off the suggestions of non affiliated Game Moderators with the consent of both sides. This also includes that they can do what they want willingly to captured ships. Rules: Server rules TNT is allowed Swimming in armor is allowed (For the sake of decency) Ships may be boarded by ladders No new modifications to defenses or ships No team killing No fake statuses No returning to battle No meta-gaming ​ ​All items in this location may not be transferred to another, starting now.
  3. The Champions of the Just https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwZPtgQMlsU Within the Court of Kaer Angren, the seat of the Regency in the Kingdom of Renatus, court is held. Being headed by the Lord Regent of Renatus Edmund Horen, beside him stands Bishop Rags an unofficial religious adviser to the Lord Regent on a personal level. Peasants, common men and merchants fill the court, telling him of the stories of House Vladovic and their banditry in the countryside. Bishop Rags had also brought news of the Vladovic consorting with the Undead. Bishop Rags speaks up “There ist no time Edmund, yuo as ze Regent must make ze First Act!” Edmund responds with a firm nod before standing and speaking to those in the court “People of the Heartland, fellow Renatian Countrymen, I cannot rebuild your homes or restore your dead to life, but perhaps I can bring you justice. We have left the Vladovics in peace up till now, they have shown us nothing but aggression, it is time for me to act.” he looks to the First Commander Thomas Delaney “Call the banners and rally the Kings loyal forces and prepare to lay siege against the Vladovic Keep.” he then turns to Bishop Rags “If you could do me a great service good Bishop, please inform His Majesty the Konig of Aesterwald that we march on the Vladovics for the crimes of banditry and consorting with those who serve Iblees. Send word to the High Pontiff as well as the Church must take action against those who turn away from the Holy Light to the dark one.” he turns to face the Court once more “We will march upon the Castle the Vladovics occupy, we do this to protect not just Renatus but the the entirety of mankind from their acts of banditry and their allegiance to the Undead. We will be a sword wielded by the hand of our Maker to be brought down on the corrupt and the wicked. Word will be sent to Petrus, Werdenberg and Aldersberg and their respective Lords to rally their banners to this righteous cause. Word will also be sent to the King of Akovia for it is known he would join us in our struggle against the Undead and their followers.” Edmund pauses. “Duty calls all of us, we must all be willing to pay the price, I will lead the charge against the forces of Iblees.” Edmund would look at the portraits of all the great knights in the hall of Angren “Assemble the army!” he shouts drawing his sword and hoisting it in the air to the cheers of the men in the court. Ravens leave the coup of Angren, they fly in the direction of Petrus, Werdenberg, Aldersberg and Akovia with a message that tells them of the Vladovics alliegence to Iblees WARCLAIM Type of Battle: Siege/Conquest Time & Date: Saturday 27th, 10pm GMT (5pm EST) Attacking Forces: The Kingdom of Renatus, The Konigreich of Aesterwald and allies. Defending Forces: The Vladov Forces and allies. Location and Boundaries: The Vladov Castle ((and surrounding nexus plot.)) Terms of Victory: Victory for attacking team: Conquest of the upper and middle levels of the castle. Wiping out or routing of forces past Dragon’s Peak and out of the region. If the majority of the castle is destroyed, leaving nothing but mountain, this should also count as a victory. Hiding in Mt St Augustus/underground fortress type tunnels should count as a victory for the attacking team. ((Terms up for negotiation)) Victory for the defending team: Attacking forces wiped out or routed back to Kaer Angren, Petrus or Owynswood. Rewards: Victory for the attackers means nexus region ownership transferred from the Vladovs to the Renatian victors, all items and loot inside to be done with as the victors see fit. Victory for the defenders means nexus region ownership remains with the Vladovs and the chance for a counter skirmish on any settlement but the Capital (officially Kaer Angren) is given to the Defenders. Rules: ((Obvious server rules)) No hacking No team killing No fake statuses No returning to battle No metagaming Defenders have the chance to REALISTICALLY fortify the keep. No impassable traps No underground unreachable tunnels
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