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Found 3 results

  1. [!] Ragged notices are pinned around the Cloud Temple. Each of these papers bears a crude drawing with the following heading: All ye who would walk un-escorted in the black of night beware! Foul creatures have been sighted in these lands, roaming and slaying with complete abandon. These beasts, known as the Warwulf, are an unholy mixing of man and wolf and should be avoided at all costs! I. Infection and Cures Infection: The Curse of the Warwulf, also know as Wolf Flu, is not a common affliction, but that is not to say it is rare. This "curse" is actualy an infection passed through the saliva of the afflicted. The virus is transmitted by bodily fluids, so the most common way to contract this disease it to suffer a bite from a Warwulf, but any other contact with bodily fluids does have a chance to pass the disease along. Symptoms: If you or someone you know has potentially contracted Wolf Flu, take immediate action. Lock them in a convenient attic, basement or prison cell to contain them and expose them to as much aurum as possible (See section III, Defense and Prevention). Symptoms to be on the look out for are as follows: Sharpened eyes and shifts in eye colors (yellow, red ect.) Rapid growth of nails' Extreme hair growth including spontaneous uni brows Warped facial features Hair color changing to grays or browns If no symptoms appear after a full cycle of the moon, please apologize to the potential victim and let them out. II. Appearances and Transformation Appearance (Man): The Warwulf is a crafty beast, and can hold the shape of a Descendant except under specific conditions. The infected will often have vaguely wolfish features such as narrowed eyes, claw-like nails and thick, wild hair. This does NOT mean that all with wolfish features should be persecuted! Please refrain from slaying others based on their appearance alone! Appearance (Wolf): A Warwulf who has taken the skin of the beast is a dangerous and deadly menace. Standing roughly six foot to seven foot with broad shoulders and thick, corded arms covered, this creature has strength equal to that of a grown male Uruk. Its arms reach down near its knees and are tipped with long, razor sharp claws. Its legs are very short in comparison to the rest of its body, so a transformed Warwulf moves by planting its legs on the ground, swinging its arms forwards and taking off with great leaps and bounds. Be warned, a Warwulf may cover several meters in a single bound but has poor maneuverability due to this method of transportation. The Warwulf is also covered in a thick, matted hair ranging from grey to brown. this hair forms an effective armor, but is highly flammable. Transformation: The transformation of a Warwulf only occurs under specific conditions, but there are several signs that war if someone is about to transform. Firstly, hair will spread across the body at an alarming rate, the heartbeat will become strong and audible to any in the close vicinity, as the heart is expanding and pumping blood to all the new muscles and veins, the victim will radiate heat and finally, the eyes will shift to blood red as the excess blood diffuses into them. After these signs, the shift from man to beast is almost instantaneous as the new body parts violently and rapidly explode out. A Warwulf will only transform if the moon is full OR they are under intense physical strain. The full moon acts as a trigger for the beast, activating the virus and kick starting the growth of the vitals, muscles and bones for the transformation. The virus will also trigger a transformation if the victim is under physical pressure in an effort to preserve itself and its host. When transformed, the Warwulf will go into a berserk rage, snapping and biting anything within reach in an attempt to spread the virus farther. The first transformation is often extremely painful, and many are driven mad on their first Changing-Night. III. Combat and Cures Weaknesses: Warwulf have a strange aversion to aurum as it inflicts severe burns to them when transformed and are especially weak to all forms of Void magic for some odd reason. That being said, do not fear a sorcerous Warwulf, for the viral affliction severs all connection with the Void. Warwulf, however, may take on the path of the Druid, as the virus does not seem to interrupt a connection with nature. To get back on topic, transformed Warwulf appear to have difficulty swimming due to their physical makeup. If forced to combat one of these beasts, try to force it into a river or lake, as the water soaks into their fur and weighs them down. The fur of a Warwulf is thick and matted with a strange oily secretion, forming an effective barrier against sword, spear or arrow. However, it is extremely flammable and will engulf the creature in sheets of flame at the merest spark. Cures: A skilled Cleric may purge the affliction if it is still in its infant stages, ie the first two to three weeks after contact, but if the Warwulf has experianced its first Changing-Night, the affliction may not be cured. It can however, be contained and restricted through exposure to aurum. Wearing aurum bracelets or amulets can help keep a victim of Wolf Flu from transforming, and forcing them into aurum-lined shackles is an effective containment method. There is one method, however that can help the infected keep their mind when transformed. A skilled brewer can concoct a potion made of wolfs-bane to aid in keeping the Warwulf calm in the midst of their transformation if administered the night before. After ingesting the essence of wolfs-bane, the Warwulf will be able to remain calm and... er... un-berserk? The victim will retain their identity whilst they have shifted into the skin of a beast, as the potion temporarily nullifies the effect the virus has on the brain. Combat: Shifted Warwulf boast several advantages in combat, the first being their claws. A Warwulf's claws are fully retractable and can range from ten to twenty centimeters in length and are razor sharp. The beast also has a thick, matted pelt that effectively acts as armor for the beast. This hair is bound together with a oily compound secreted during the shift that, when dry, forms a shell-like armor. The most dangerous time to fight a Warwulf is, oddly enough, after they have ingested the wolfs-bane compound, as it means the beast will have the intelect of a Descendant and the body of a monster. ((OOC Info)) So, werewolves in LOTC. Pros: Ability to blend in (mostly) when un-transformed Massive strength Eviscerating, retractable claws Hair armor (may be RPed with chain) You can contain your rages with wolfs-bane potion Long arms? (I guess thats an advantage) Cons: Some "tells" could reveal you are a Warwulf when un-transformed Aversion to aurum You are a walking tinderbox Can not swim well Crazy berserk rages when transformed RED LINES Not RPing the "pre-change" state (heartbeat, hair, spastic twitching) Being in control after changing. You are essentially a savage beast unless you have taken the wolfs-bane potion recently. Not attacking people when transformed. You are a monster, so act like one! Not reacting to aurum. All Warwulf, transformed or not, have an aversion to gold. You may force yourself to touch/wear it if you wish to contain your condition, but it would burn. USING MAGIC! NO magical werewolves! RP potential: People could hunt Warwulf if they feel they are threatening a community, but the Warwulf could RP mas well. They can just be an innocent person with a "furry problem". Maybe you don't know you're a Warwulf, and people are winding up dead in your village. The possibilities are endless! Why did I write this?: I wanted to write monster lore that gave people a chance to have a regular RP life alongside it. For example, you can be an innocent, average Halfling most of the time, but when the full moon comes out, you get to RP as a crazy monster wolf man. You don't have to dedicate yourself to playing a monster only some people want too to RP with. As a Warwulf, you get the best of both worlds, regular RP and monster pseudo-event RP. ((Sorry for lack of pictures, my comp. was derping. I'll try and add some ASAP))
  2. Edit 4 - My brain keeps on going on and on about this idea, so I'm thinking up more things for it! Like perhaps auctions afterwards, for those that missed out! Certain people go out, and gather as many Animals as they can, and then sell them to those that weren't online during it, or to people that weren't lucky enough ( Since they have limits on how many Animals you take out of the area. Auctions wouldn't be able to happen right after it / a few hours after it since people wouldn't be able to breed to a large amount unless they already had Animals at their homes to breed them with. Also there could be shops and such, during and after. Supplies for hunting, fighting, taming, and capturing the Animals, as well as food ( Normal food, and things the Animals eat ) . Little event items ( Toys, really ) for the children / anyone that likes to collect things could also be going on. All children could get an event item or two by bringing something to donate to a region / nation / faction / city in need Edit 3 - Hehe, didn't see this before. Filled out now ~~ Event Planners, MC Names: xXxOneLovexXx Event Type: Plentiful Animals Event Date: Sometime in the Spring of the world Factions/Nations effected by the event: Everyone Event Location: Different locations. Forests for Pets, Deserts for Hostile Mobs, and Plains / Empty areas for Hunters Summary: Down below already Concept Images/Screenshots Nothing Other Information: I don't really know... Do you need the Event Team's assistance?: Yes. I can't spawn in anything! If I could, I wouldn't want this. If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: I need some people to play as the ones that perhaps discovered this odd thing that occurs? Wilderness people that spend time in the Wilds that noticed the large group of Animals Edit 2 - It could be yearly ( For the world ) as well. During the spring, there's a chance that the Animals breed like crazy, thus creating the Plentiful Animal Event, or could just be yearly normally, since in the Spring / Summer ( Don't know if LotC has all four seasons or not ) Animals normally increase in population due to the vegetation growth and rain Edit - I thought about some more things for this. For the Hunters, you could easily just go about collecting the loot, actual hunting inside of bringing the Animals back to kill later. For everything - If you have a Minimap that has mob settings, you cannot use it to see where the best places to get the most Animals that are away from other players are / the biggest group of them ( I have a Minimap with settings like that, where I can switch which mobs, including players, that I want to show. It would be a little unfair if I and others could use this to our advantage for those that don't have it ) Okay, so I know already that finding Animals out in the wild are pretty rare, and I was already told that if I get five people to do an event with me, then there will be one, but I don't like the rules the mod said... So, here is my idea. - Animal Event - Where Animals will be plentiful, and you might be able to snag a few. What the mod said is that there would be fighting, but here's my version on it, that can apply to both the ones that want them for food and materials, and then the other that just wants a few pets, like Wolves or Cats The Hunting - This is for the people that want them for food and materials like leather, wool, string ( Maybe add the hostile mobs as well? A certain area of the map for each 'group' ( Hunter, Monster, Pet ) ) , meat, things like that. People will have to fight to get the Animals 'homefree' ( Maybe a certain border where the Animals are yours and you're free to take them home easily and no one else can kill you beyond that point ( Unless it's the normal thing ) . Horses could also be in this group, since a lot of people use them for war, and they're more hard to get than the others due to where they spawn. You must bring your own supplies to take them home. Limit of five Animals per person. The Pet Center - Animals like Wolves and Cats, as well as a few friendly mobs run about, for little kids or people that want a friend by their side. No fighting unless it's between two people that are going for the same one. You must bring your own supplies to tame them and take them home. Certain people, like young children or elderly people can't fight, so it's a good way for them to get a friend. Limit of two Animals per person. The Monster Arena ( Optional ) - ( Happens at night so nothing will burn to death ) A place full of Monsters for the hunters that love for a good bloodbath! All kinds of naturally spawning mobs in the Overworld roam about, waiting to be killed for their loot, or just for the hell of it. You must bring your own supplies and gear for killing the mobs. So that's my idea, and I think it would be great ( Mostly at the time when a lot of people are online so no one truly misses out ) . Please tell me how it could be better, I just thought that this was good for everyone, those that want pets, those that want farm Animals ( Hunters ) and meat, those that love killing evil Creatures...
  3. Snow Wolves Story The Biology of the Snow Wolf The Snow Wolf is a fearsome beast to be both respected and feared. Their reputation for being smart, cunning, resourceful, strong, and fast has long preceded them throughout the realm of Anthos. Their fearsome and respectable behavior has earned them places in stories, legends, and bard songs everywhere, such as the campfire tale above. Anatomy The Snow Wolf is known for its massive physique. Its well built musculature allows for impressive strength and speed. Although the average Snow Wolf weighs about 180 lbs, they are still quick on their feet and are very stealthy. Another important characteristic of Snow Wolves is their impressive size. These beasts are usually 6 feet long, and 3 feet at the shoulder. This, coupled with their bulk, allows for their incredible perseverance, and they can take many blows before going down. This impressive stature is an evolutionary adaptation to their harsh and unforgiving climate. With a bite force of almost 2000 lbs, they can snap bones in combat. Due to their mass, however, they cannot run as fast as their leaner cousins, but can still sprint an impressive 30 mph. Although known for their pure white coats, some Snow Wolves occasionally have streaks of gray, brown, or black in their pelts. Behavior One of the most profound behaviors of the Snow Wolf is its cunning intelligence and ability to work as a team with its pack mates. To overcome their proportionally slow speed, the Snow Wolf plans its attacks, and works in coordination with its team. Usually, they will stage an ambush, when the prey is in an isolated and vulnerable spot. Although mighty, the Snow Wolves know their limits. A pack of about four snow wolves would never attack an entire herd of Elk head on. Likewise, they would not attack a hunting party of over five. In addition, the Snow Wolf does not usually engage humans unless provoked, but when provoked, will fight until they deem it a waste. The alpha male is the patriarch of the group, and he is distinguishable through his special streak of gray, located on the ridge of his back. He is also noticeably larger than the others. He is the one to coordinate the attacks through a complex system of growls, yips, yelps, and howls. A pack usually consists of about four to five wolves. At around the age of two, the male pups leave the pack to start a new one, or join another one. This ensures genetic diversity. Mating season of the snow wolves occurs in late winter, so the pups are born in early summer. The pups are at a hunt able age at one and a half, but won't leave until 3 years of age. Range & Habitat The Snow Wolves range in the Southern Mountains and the Boreal Southern Forests. Many packs live in the Cold North. These two groups of Snow Wolves are genetically isolated, but retain most of the same characteristics in tandem. Theoretically, they could interbreed, but such a feat would be difficult, as they are so isolated. The Snow Wolves are a hardy species, and can survive in icy mountains. Their prime habitat is boreal forest, but they thrive in the rugged mountains as well. They can survive in any climate, but unless domesticated or forced out of their home, they will never have a reason to leave the snowy lands from which they came. Diet The Snow Wolves prefer to consume wild Elk, Moose, or Mule/White Tail Deer. In tough time, when this preferable game is unavailable, the Snow Wolves would resort to eating vermin such as mice, rats, squirrels, and beavers. If these are also scarce, they would resort to live-stock. This is rarely done. Eating people is even rarer, as Snow Wolves do not prefer the taste. Domestication If done from birth, a Snow Wolf can become a domestic beast. It would take a large amount of skill and a fair bit of luck, but it has historically been done. If tamed successfully, these animals can be incredibly useful, versatile, and good companions. But if not properly trained, the animal can become a danger to yourself and all around. Have any suggestions? Think it's unfinished? Anything to add? Reply below!!! Thank you for reading, ThePrroman
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