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Found 25 results

  1. The old Adunian stood held in the arms of the grandmother he had not known for so long…his tired bones ached as he found his old eyes welling up with tears some, admitting to the fear yet..peace with that he would soon be able to see his mother once more. “Be not afraid, my dear..your bones will return to the soil of this earth, as they were always intended to. You will finally rest amongst the roots, amongst your mother” Those words remained in his mind, and from then on..he remained in the home of his grandmother…a basically retirement for the old adunain…it was peaceful his days filled with the gentle melody of the birds that found the little grove home and the sweet gentle wind that swayed the tree leaves. When he wasn’t resting however…he was at his mother’s grave, tending to it and leaving flowers…her favourite flowers in life. He also thought back on his life…a life that started off rocky in a life where his future had been decided for him and there was expectation, expectation to be a rough and tough man, a fighter who would run a clan. Then when he wandered upon Elvenesse and met its people..began going there more often..and the fights it caused at home, where it was assumed he was being brainwashed, but still he found family in the elven people, he met people he would forever hold in high regard…then met the man who he didn’t know would turn into his father Galan Brylynn, and his travels to Haelun’or began in which he then met his adoptive mother Syllana. Eventually despite hardship…pain and fear, Cypress had his new found family…the Brylynn’s even a little brother and…a mentor of his own, an elder Adunian by the name of John and the group he brought with him also. Those years were simple, happy…but they didn’t last. The battle of Azdromoth reminded him how things could be ripped away and destroyed, a reminder of the mortality of him and the others around him.. He laughed as he thought about that day..now that he was sitting there accepting his body was finally starting to give out, he thought on his son…his darling boy Sylvan…he was happy that he knew his grandmother would be watching after him…since his mother and father were gone…and he had no partner to speak of, he thought on that too how he spent his life a lone man. He never thought he would be a father..but then Sylvan popped randomly into his life..at a time where he was struggling deeply…his sister and mother dead from suicide, his father missing and his mentor also gone having died on a mission. Then there…one day on a patrol a woman long dead with an infant crying in her arms, and despite not knowing how to be a parent he took him in…and he didn’t regret it. Finally…he forced his old creaky bones up as he looked to his mother’s grave a final time and hobbled over to the Vuln’rith home…he went to his room, the one that had been given, he sat down at a desk and wrote, wrote and wrote till his inkwell ran dry and he placed each paper in an envelope to be handed off certain groups and people. Once he was finished…he got up to lay on the soft bed…he looked up towards the roof. Eventually his eyes began to droop and he didn’t fight it one bit, his eyes then fully fell shut…and he breathed his last breath a single thought in his mind. “I am coming home mom…and my dear son, may he live a great life even without me..I finally…get rest” The following letters were left for different people and groups. To the people of Petra: It was a honour to serve for and with you, it gave my life purpose during a time when I had lost purpose and you saw me as capable and for that I will forever be grateful, and continue to serve the crown and it’s people with valor and honor..i know you all can because I have seen it many times before. To my fellow Adunians: Things changed a lot after John died…and many others also breathed their final breaths, and now I will be joining them. I am not a man of much faith but I pray that you all thrive and continue to grow, it's what john would have wanted. To Valindra: I don’t know if you will get this letter, but I have long since made peace with what happened in Haelun’or and how you stood and others stood by and how you tried to keep me there to be turned into a ‘proper high elf’ but that never happened nor would have, I was never a high elf to begin with, and I will forever be disgusted by you and the people of that time, I hope karma will or has been swift to you and the others of that time who stood by and did nothing when I was almost killed…and was broken, and the people that tried to kidnap my baby brother. To Sonna: We have talked already..and I have thanked you already as well..but I leave this letter for you to thank you once more, thank you for making my last days peaceful…and comfortable, I know my son is in the best hands and will not know the loneliness I have once felt in the past..and I will make sure to tell my mom that you say hi. To Matthias: My dear friend, I don’t know where you have been but I hope you are doing well and you get this letter. Thank you for always being there when I was younger, teaching me new things and worrying about my well being during arguments I had with the man who was a part of my birth. You helped me so much to become the man I became and show me there was nothing wrong with being who I wanted to be, I hope you have an amazing rest of your life.
  2. Inaugural Banquet and Ball of the Lordship of Caladras As written upon on this 15th of Sun’s Smile, 138 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Esteemed Númenedain of the The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, as well as Friends and Distinguished Guests: Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of House Arthalionath - King of Númendil - @malchediaelvuilt Miven Caerme'onn - Matriarch of Nevaehlen and the Wood Elves - @westcarolina Eonan Norvayn - Valeseer of Nevaehlen - @thumperjack Lord Haus Weiss-Vuiller - Master of the Abstract - @primnyaquorum The Lord and Lady of Caladras, Ser Saoren and Ser Dele of House Seregon, extend a heartfelt invitation to our noble and valiant friends and countrymen, to join us in celebrating the founding of our newly constructed lands, the Lordship of Caladras. With great joy and anticipation, we beckon you to grace us with your presence on this auspicious occasion. As the fortress stronghold of House Seregon, Caladras stands proudly upon the northern end of the Kingswood, a bastion of strength and protection for the northern reaches of the Númenaranyë. To commemorate this momentous event, we shall host a splendid banquet and enchanting ball. The revelries will commence as the sun sets and the stars take their place in the celestial tapestry above. We invite you to don your finest attire, bedecked in silks and velvets, as we dance and feast in our halls. (Fri. July 28th @ 7:00 PM EST) Let merriment and music fill the air, as bards play melodies that echo through the ages. Raise your goblets to toast to new beginnings and unyielding bonds of friendship that shall endure like the ancient trees of the Kingswood. Come, partake in Daelish feasts and indulge in the finest wines of our family's history as we celebrate the birth of Caladras and the unity of our kingdom. Share stories of valor and chivalry, recount adventures that have shaped our lives, and forge new memories that shall be treasured for generations to come. Our hearts eagerly await your presence, for it is in the company of our beloved countrymen and dear friends that Caladras truly comes alive. We send forth this missive, guiding you to our stronghold with utmost care. (Follow the signage from the gates of Númenost and the crossroads of Petra/Haense/Númendil.) May you journey safely and swiftly, and may the road lead you to our gates, where the light of Númendil shall guide your way. In the spirit of camaraderie and revelry, we eagerly await your arrival. Lord Saoren of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Scribe and Tutor to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Dele of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  3. Royal Edict for the Preservation of the Kingswood of Aran-în-Eryn It has been a matter of late that repeated acts of poaching, vandalism, and illegal logging have occurred within the forest of Aran-în-Eryn, known commonly as the Kingswood. Because of this, it has been deemed as necessary by the Royal House to establish greater protections on that territory beyond the bounds of the Outer Númenaranyë. HENCEFORTH Any and all logging that takes place within Aran-în-Eryn needs to be approved by either the Royal Castellan, or the Warden of the Kingswood, once the office is established with the construction of the Fiefdom of Caledras. Should any illegal logging occur, it shall be regarded by the law as theft from the royal house, and offenders will be punished with a joint taken from the first four fingers (excluding the thumb) for a first offense. Any further offenses will be punished with the severing of the entire hand. FURTHERMORE Any vandalism upon the two subspecies of white-barked trees known as the Cirdalas and the Heart-Tree shall be punished, appropriately with death due to the rarity of these trees, and the held belief of their cultural and spiritual significance. FINALLY It is to be impressed once more that poaching is, in fact, illegal, and will be regarded as theft or, in the case of those poachers who have taken up arms against the Royal Guard, treason. However in a show of mercy, it is henceforth declared that any poachers who remain in Aran-în-Eryn shall be forgiven should they yield themselves and their ill-gotten-gains to royal custody, and undergo a penance in service of the Church. By the Grace of GOD Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of House Arthalionath, Founder and King of Númendil, King and Protector of the Adunians, Lord of the Númenaranyë, Númenost, and the Barrowlands, High-Chieftain of the Númenedain and the Harren’hil, Conqueror of the Sharadûn, Templar of the Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm.
  4. First Gathering of the White Court of Minas Aranath Since colonization of the Númenaranyë, the Kingdom of Númendil has been ruled in much of the same fashion as the Barrowlands of Almaris, with little need for a civilian court to preside over domestic matters, due to the ever-present war-footing the Barrowlands found itself at, first with the Undead, and later the Mori’quissir. It has become starkly evident that this is not the case now in Númendil, a land of peace and plenty, regarded by most as a reward from the Lord GOD to us, in recognition of our pious efforts. Because of this, it has become necessary to gather all those in service to the monarch as courtiers of the White Court of Minas Aranath, the palace of the King in the city of Númenost the Fair. During this court, great deeds will be awarded, the peacetime structure of our Kingdom will be formed, matters of further settlement will be discussed, and petitions will be brought before the King to facilitate greater communication between him and his subjects. Topics of the Gathering Knighting Ceremonies Courtly Appointments Expansion plans and land-grants Petitions Announcements and Quests Throne-side chat By the Grace of GOD Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of House Arthalionath, Founder and King of Númendil, King and Protector of the Adunians, Lord of the Númenaranyë, Númenost, and the Barrowlands, High-Chieftain of the Númenedain and the Harren’hil, Conqueror of the Sharadûn, Templar of the Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm.
  5. The Oath of Tar-Númenatâr [music] The sacred oath of Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of the Arthalionath, King of the Adunians, and First King of Númendil, sworn upon the summit of the White Mountain, Alkayaban. “Let the deeds I act out now be better than those who came before me. Folk of Harren or Blood of the Middlemen, or the Race of Malin, or any other, I swear this. I reject the designs of the enemy and the doom of men, which is guile and covetousness. Great bounty I have been given here, and it is enough. I shall not fear death, for the love of the Creator is upon me, and the Archangel vests in me the courage to see great deeds through until my part is played. Ever that His eyes might be upon me, I shall endeavor to prove myself worthy of His love, and the station which He has charged me. For this I swear, ever shall be a foe of His foes, be they Dragonspawn or Betrayer’s Brood, or things beyond the circles of this world. I shall broker no pact with them, and I shall accept no peace save their utter defeat. May Darkness consume my House should I falter in this oath. Creator, remember my vow.” Thus shall be sworn anew upon the coming of age of every Númenedan, or by a monarch upon ascending the White Throne.
  6. NÚMENARANYË The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil [MUSIC] Since the harrying of the Adunians from Aegis in times long past, many Adunian states have arisen, and many more cast down and sundered, for long it has been since that folk determined their own fate. For centuries, the Free City of Brolwic was the only true Adunic state, and being so detached in Aeldin from the majority of Adunians. On the continent of Almaris, the Adunians therein were scattered and leaderless, and often victims in wars they had little sway in. That was until one arose to unite them, Nauthon Marsyr, who was called John in the common tongue. Through deft diplomacy John united the errant Harren’hil of Almaris into the realm of Cartref Mor, but tragically, this hero of Harren’s folk died before his mission was completed, and his son, lost to darkness, failed to carry it forth. As it looked like once more the Adunic peoples would be divided, Ser Uther, later known as Uriel, took up the cause. With kindly words and fiery sword, he united the Adunians of Almaris, and rather than swear fealty to distant Brolwic, instead struck out upon his own path, carving out a Kingdom in the Barrowlands of that continent. Despite great efforts being made to hold, the Adunians would be driven from the Barrowlands, and Almaris as a whole. But this time they were not leaderless. Under the guidance of Tar-Uriel, the Adunians came with the other descendant realms to the continent of Aevos. Here, Uriel’s folk traveled inland until coming upon the land of Sharad'et'alkayaban, wherein a race of Farfolk called the Sharadûn dwelt, and Dedgîrth Imrîd was their King, called the Imr-khagn in their tongue. At first, Uriel’s folk sought parlay with the Sharadûn, and for a time, were permitted to dwell at the foot of the oasis of Albak’an, underneath the great white mountain, Alkayaban. Such peace was only held for a few months before the Sharadûn, feeling threatened by the sudden influx of foreigners upon his continent, took action. In the dead of night, Sharadûnic warriors armored in lamellar brass and iron attacked the Adunian encampment, slaying many and wounding many more, including the Adunic King, who remained on death’s door for a number of days, during which Steward Alwyn guided their people north into the plains, harried ever on by Sharadûnic Cataphractii and horse-archers. After three days of grueling retreat, the Adunians, low on supplies, turned to face their attackers, outnumbered and wounded, the Knights of the Barrowlands set to make a rearguard action, and in their sacrifice allow the women and children to escape with their comatose king and his heir, young Caraneth Aryantë. Just before the horns sounded however, those heavy riders were joined by none-other than their king, Uriel, resplendent in his armor, with the radiant sword, Caledfwlch in hand, and the crown of the March upon his brow atop a bloodied bandage. Roused from his unwaking state by powers unknown, Uriel’s sudden arrival caused morale to soar among the Adunians- Who went forth then, not in sacrifice, but to bring the enemy to battle. With a blinding flash from the Adunic King, the Sharadûn were driven into a rout, those whose horses failed them were struck down by the Adunians. There, within the vast plains of central Aevos, Tar-Uriel swore vengeance for his people upon the Imr-khagn, and swore such on the name of the Creator. Burning their dead and giving those wounded who could fight weapons to do such, Tar-Uriel led his band back to Albak’an. There, underneath the mountain of Alkayaban, with arms blessed by the Cardinal Antonius, the Adunians brought the forces of the Imr-Khagn to battle. At Albak’an, the martial prowess of those descended from Harren the Conqueror was once more proven, and the Sharadûn were broken when Tar-Uriel rode forth, and met Imr-Khagn Dedgîrth and his sons Sórthu, Ködgung, and Ömüg in combat, cutting down the four, and bringing the Imrîd dynasty to a climatic end. After the battle, those that remained tried to rally to the citadel built atop Alkayaban, only to find that a small force under Siegemaster Bedwyr and Ser Garen Glennmaer had already taken the sparsely-defended fortress (so sure of his victory was Dedgîrth, that he had brought almost the whole of his forces to bare on the Adunians.). Faced with this, the Sharadûn surrendered to Tar-Uriel, offering him oaths of fealty, or fled into the western desert to continue the fight, ceding Sharad'et'alkayaban to the Adunians either way. Now ruling over the Adunians and what remained of the Sharadûn, Tar-Uriel sought to remake Sharad'et'alkayaban, renaming the land the Númenaranyë, or ‘the Royal Realm of the Númenedain’ in the common-tongue. Above Albak’an, the White City of Númenost was built, and two great citadels raised, one to guard its entrance above Albak’an, facing the northern plateaus, and the other atop the white mountain of Alkayaban, where the old Sharadûn citadel once stood. Ruling over a land far richer and vaster than the Barrowlands, Uriel saw fit to adorn himself and his men in regalia of old, harkening to the first Harrenic Kingdom, in practice wishing to revive the culture of that land, without any of the wickedness that wrought its downfall. At the peak of Alkayaban, Uriel, who was once Uther, took a third and final name in the styling of the ancient Adunic kings, Tar-Númenatar. His house too was granted a new name, though still called Pendraic in the common tongue, Arthalion (pl. Arthalionath) meaning House of the Dauntless King. Many of Tar-Númenatar’s subjects followed this example, adopting names in the original Adunic tongue, while many further still kept their Highlander or Heartlander derived names, or some, such as Tar-Númenatar himself, continued to be addressed and go by these common-names outside the lands of the Adunians informally, wherein the Númenaranyë, only the Adunic rendering was proper. Naming conventions were not the only facet of Adunic culture revived in Númenost, which was built in the Idunic style. The fashions of Idunia of old, which had already begun to gradually see reuse during the reign in the Barrowlands, were brought back once more, resplendent in color and finery, though markedly more modest, accounting for the newly deeply pious nature of the Adunians, medicine and technology advanced thanks to the efforts of the Scholarium of Queen Orelia. All of this and more was afforded by the great luck and wealth the Adunians found themselves after the conquest, for within the mountain of Alkayaban, vast silver deposits were uncovered, suddenly making the Adunians one of, if not the wealthiest realm of men, jewelsmiths worked away within the White City, crafting beautiful works, and bartering their wares down the river Foroduin into the other realms of men, all this bringing exorberent wealth to the Adunic realm, which was shared by Tar-Númenatar with his subjects gladly. Of the Sharadûn that had sworn fealty to Tar-Númenatar, they were allowed to live as they had before, though greatly changed by the coming of the Adunians- Now called the Númenedain. Though unlike Harren of old, Tar-Númenatar did not oppress the Sharadûn, recognizing their stronger ties to the land now called Númendil, and in truth, was a kinder ruler than the Imr-khagn, though he did insist upon their conversion to Canonism, banning the worship of the bloody serpent god of the Sharadûn. One thing was a certainty in this uncertain new land, the Adunians would not be made subjects again. To read more about the Númenedain and the Númenaranyë, [click here]
  7. THE SCROLL OF ROYAL LAW RHIM NÚMENDIL VI ANORHÎR Issued 20th The Grand Harvest, 131 SA. In the name of His Royal Majesty Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor SECTION I. Laws of State The following are those laws which outline the hierarchy of our Kingdom’s government, as well as the laws of inheritance and succession. I. The ruling monarch, hereafter referred to as ‘the Crown’ or ‘the White Throne’, shall hold full and unquestioned authority over the lands and titles of the Kingdom. II. The Crown shall have the authority to dictate, enforce and alter this code at their discretion. III. Those empowered by the Crown to enforce the law, including Knights, levies of the royal house, and others appointed to such authority by decree, shall be privileged to interpret and enforce the law as appropriate and necessary, and shall hold that privilege at the pleasure of the Crown. IV. Subjects of the White Throne shall be obligated to adhere to any and all royal decrees or taxes levies. V. The succession of the Kingdom shall be determined by appointment of the Crown. In such an event that the monarch is slain or becomes otherwise incapable of ruling without an appointed heir, the crown shall pass to the oldest trueborn child. VI. The recognized Houses of the realm shall have the right to dictate their own traditions of inheritance. However, should a dispute of inheritance threaten the peace, it may be settled at the Crown’s discretion. VII. No title held by an Adunian House or individual shall, in any circumstance other than Royal assent, pass to one not of Adunic blood. SECTION II. Laws of the Crown Listed hereafter are those laws which shall dictate the honorable conduct to which subjects of and visitors to our Kingdom are to hold themselves. I. For a subject to act to our Kingdom’s detriment in any way, be that by the raising of arms or the aiding of Her enemies, shall be considered Treason. II. To practice or to affiliate knowingly with those who practice the Dark Arts is strictly forbidden, and shall be considered the crime of Unholiness. III. No individual shall willfully slay another outside of defense of self or others, and to do so shall be considered Murder. IV. No person shall willfully do harm to another outside of defense of self or others, and to do so shall be considered Assault. V. To make use of any magic in a manner which is harmful to the Crown’s properties or to others, or in a way that is counter to the decrees of the Crown, shall be considered the crime of Sorcery. VI. To deprive or dispossess another of their rightfully owned property or goods shall be considered Theft. VII. To damage the properties of the Crown shall be considered Vandalism. VIII. To publicly encourage the practice of Pagan faiths, or to cast insult upon our Lord GOD Almighty shall be considered Blasphemy. IX. To damage properties of the Church, or to dishonor icons of the Exalted or the Saints shall be considered Sacrilege. X. Should one accused of a crime so desire, they may request trial by combat or to appeal to the Crown for royal trial. Those known for fact to be guilty do not receive this privilege.
  8. The Barrowton Founding Festival An Invitation to All [Music] TO FRIENDS, COMRADES AND STRANGERS ALIKE, To commemorate the momentous settlement of our bastion amongst the Barrowlands, Barrowton, the House Pendraic does announce that there shall be held a festival, open to all comers, to honor the great efforts of our Knights and expeditioners. At this festival-to-be, attendees may participate in the following festivities: • BANQUET Prepared by the finest culinarian amongst Lord Uther’s band, Ser Aemon Cook 'the Cook', the banquet shall consist of the finest dining Barrowton has to offer and shall persist for the duration of the day’s festivities. • OPEN MARKET Any merchants who wish to peddle goods during the festival may reach out by letter to arrange a reservation for a stall. Further, any merchants who wish to establish permanent storefronts in the Barrowton may, for the duration of the festival, do so with the usual down payment to be waived. • GRAND MELEE AND JOUST Two tournaments in traditional knightly fashion. Firstly, a joust is to take place by the newly constructed lists outside of Caer Pendraic, after which, a grand melee will be held, wherein the last man standing is declared the victor. Both tournaments shall have a ten mina entry free, with a grand prize of a hundred and fifty mina if victorious. Only recognized Knights may participate in the joust, however any and all are welcome to participate in the Grand Melee. House Pendraic is not responsible for any deaths that occur during the joust or melee. The festival shall be an open event for all who wish to attend; however, the following groups and individuals may consider themselves personally invited by Lord Uther himself. • His Holiness, Pontian IV and any other men of the Clergy. @Balthasar @Borin • Leon Barclay, Duke of Minitz, and his House and Retinue. @GoodGuyMatt @Miniguy15736 • Ottomar von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather, and his House and Retinue. @Ramon • Heinrik Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, and his House and Retinue. @Beamon4 • The Silver State of Haelun’or and Her citizens. @Samler • Lady Alatariel and the Order Golden Lion. @Valannor • Sensei Danzen. @Islamadon • Durin Hammerforge @Tabby64 Signed, Uther of House Pendraic, Chieftain of the Harren'hil, Lord of the Barrow Marches, Templar of Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm
  9. THE EXPEDITION BEGINS [music] 2nd of the Grand Harvest, 110 SA. Ser Uther Pendraic's stormy grey eyes scanned the misty landscape before him. The air was cold and damp, and the rain fell in a constant 'pitter-patter', the drops coating his armor and making the ground beneath his destrier muddy and slippery. Somewhere behind him in the caravan, he heard a packhorse slip, whining as it fell, and spilling its contents upon the wet ground, he swore under his breath. Despite feeling the chill seeping into his bones, he lead his company deeper into the heart of the Barrowlands undeterred. Although the conditions were dreary, morale remained high among Uther's company, most of whom had prepared themselves for the hardship that was to come many years prior. This expedition was one long in the making after all, ever since Uther's company had departed from the service of House de Vilain all those years ago, how long was it exactly? He wasn't sure, but wagered it was at least close to fifteen years, if not twenty. Lost and without purpose, Uther and his band had found such purpose here in the heathen west. The Barrowlands had long been considered cursed on account of the restless dead that were said to make their haunt here, and while that was partially, and undeniable true in some respect, Uther believed that foe far less numerous, and far less formidable than many had made them out to be. He was, after all, Templar. Even if they were here in their multitudes, he'd be unperturbed, but thus far, they had encountered few supernatural happenings as they wandered deeper within that place. The occasional figure was seen by lantern-light atop the moors and some reported faint mutterings, and bells in the distance, but beyond that, nothing genuinely posed a threat to his band. Truth be told, Uther was more concerned with more worldly threats... Until the first stones of Barrowton and Caer Pendraic were raised, they would be at risk of facing raiders from the west without a wall, and while that troubled him, there was little and less he could do to address that concern for now, and so, he put it from his mind. This was undeniably a dangerous undertaking, some had called it a foolish one, but all the same, Uther was willing to undertake it. As the old saying went, fortune favors the bold. The Chieftain-Knight cast a quick glance over his shoulder towards the company behind him, the rest of his expedition was a motley band, but loyal to a fault every single one of them. They comprised chiefly of the remnants of the Harren'hil, the tribe from which he sprung, and now had claimed the mantle of leadership of. There was a time when they were all Godless save he, pagans who preferred the company of Elves and Nordlings to good, pious men of the Canon, but that time was some decade and a half in the past. Uther had not been popular when they came to him, he was their last resort, and this he knew, for he had left them years prior on account of his faith. Yet, pious as he was, he was still one of them, and furthermore, the most accomplished warrior that brood had e'er sired, especially since the death of Old John. But their years in the Heartlands with him as their chieftain had done much to bring those fellows back into the light of GOD, and, if nothing else, that was Uther's proudest achievement. They were not the only members of his band however, Uther gave little regard for the divide of race, if not faith. Alongside his tribe rode Heartlanders whom he had befriended during his time out east, and had chosen to follow him in search of better fortunes, the oldest among them, some were even Acreans, from back when Uther and his Hedgeknights guarded the Kingswood, though truth be told, they were the fewest among them, the years had not been kind. Father Tonito, who he had taken up as his court-chaplain, fought with the reins of his donkey everytime they encountered a deep well of mud, and of the Glennmaers, only Ser Alwyn rode with him in those days, his son, Garen, who now sought Knighthood himself had been too young, too green when they faced the threats therein. That was when the first whisperings of Serheim had been heard, and before the mustering of the Undead... In truth, part of Uther mourned his departure from the Heartlands, where he'd finally found comradery, kinship, and love. But in the mire that was Aaun and Petra, there was little room for a rising power that was not a slave to either, and of his choice of masters, Uther found all deeply lacking. Such, along with his piety is what drove him to this place. Others felt similarly, outcasts seeking a new life, or zealous crusaders wishing to cleanse the west. Both had rode with him and his tribe, and were now his own. He looked down the caravan, scanning those behind him. Arnarra was the first convert, GOD bless her, and though she had struggled much in life during the reign of the Marsyrs, she made up for it now with the fierce piety she bore. She yearned for Knighthood, and Uther was inclined to give it to her, but not yet. She was still too green, though not for lack of trying. Once she'd bested a worthy foe, he found little reason not to knight her. Garen was the opposite, the younger of the Glennmaers was a fierce warrior, but lacked in the other knightly virtues, at least for now. Behind them rode Oliver and Ser Calahan, both Adunians, both Templars, though only the latter was trained. Once Oliver was baptised, and once he took up the knightly virtues though, Uther would conclude his training. Of Ser Calahan, Uther's thoughts lingered on him warily for a moment. Some described Calahan O'Rourke as a mad-dog, and that was only partially an exaggeration. Ser John (the master whom they both shared in Old Cartref) never taught the man temperance, never taught him restraint- It was hardly Calahan alone's fault that he was the way he was. He and Uther were brothers in arms, he would not let a man languish in undeserved infamy, and so he'd taken the other up as his Sheriff, he who would keep the peace, and train his levies to safeguard his people, that, he believed, would teach the other some patience. Behind them rode Rohir and his woman, Laurelai, and Uther chanced a small smile. Rohir was a man stricken by great guilt- Although rightfully so, no man deserved to suffer alone. She was kind and understanding, more-so than Uther could relate to, and so he was happy for them. Rohir was Ser John's right-hand man, back in the old days, and he wore the stresses of time on his face. Uther made a mental note to make use of the man's talents without burning him out, though how to do that as of yet, he hadn't decided. After them came the Witch, Alara Camian, a Shaman in truth, but few of Uther's band were educated enough to make that distinction, and truth be told, Uther hadn't cared to. She was a woman of the sciences as well as sorcery, and so Uther had charged her with educating his daughter and heir, Morrigan, so she was less ill-equipped than he. She could read, that was a start, Uther hadn't managed that until his forties. Though he'd made Lady Camian swear to not expose the girl to her rituals, truth be told, Uther found having a witch in his service to be an advantage few Lords possessed. Considering the likely alternative was being burnt at the sake, doubtless Lady Camian had done well by herself. There were others, Ser Aemon, who was once his squire, and Charles Varoche, who was his new one, the younger Glennmaer has his entourage of friends he'd brought with him as well, but their names escaped Uther. Uther rode on for a time, pondering all this and more as he studied his surroundings. They were deep now, surrounded by old graves, ancient cairns, some sealed, some not... And all about them, on the hillocks above and valleys below, the landscape was dotted by the ruination of a civilization whose name had long-since been forgotten. There were restless things here, it was true, and even as he rode, Uther felt unseen eyes upon him. But he did not fear them, he pitied them. Hopefully, with this land deconsecrated and resettled, those who lingered would finally know peace. Uther knew one thing for certain. He would conquer the Barrowlands, or die in the attempt... Uther rode down the line a-ways, past the wagons and packhorses that made up their baggage-train, until he eventually found the wagon sporting his colors, gold on red, a wyvern rampant upon a radiant star. Within was his squire, the young Varoche, who was at work polishing his helmet. He looked up as Uther approached, and the elder spoke. "Fetch a quill, lad, and ready a raven. We've letters to send out..." [!] A flier, borne across the breadth of the lands by bird and courier, finds itself posted in the various cities and towns of Canondom ------------------------------------------------ CALL TO THE BRAVE To second-sons, repentant sellswords, prospective adventurers, and pious Canonists seeking new purpose. Are you willing to risk life and limb in the pursuit of fame and freedom? Do you aspire for new lands and good, fresh soil to till, and provide for your family? Are you a pious Crusader seeking to carve out a new realm for Canondom? Then read further. The Barrowlands Expedition seeks to carve out such a place in the long-haunted west, to take lands long-since abandoned, and fill it with bounty once more. We seek to defend Heartlands and Highlands of Canondom from western incursion, and purge this place of the evils that dwell within, so that they might be home to more than grief. We are ready and able, and need only hearty folk, true and brave willing to colonize these lands with us, and make them our own. If you wish to be part of this noble-mission, join us at the campsite of our expedition while we await the masons to raise our holdfast, and know that in spite of all risks, the reward will be great, for together, we shall etch our name into the history books, by sword, cross, and radiant star. Pagans, dragonkin affiliates, and darkspawn sympathizers need not inquire. Signed Uther of House Pendraic, Chieftain of the Harren'hil, Lord of the Barrow Marches, Templar of Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm
  10. A written letter would be left out, made for all to see and hear, a precaution in case the adunian known as Vesryn Otellio Delmar died suddenly. "Hello there everyone, I know this is an improper way to start a letter. But I've never been much of a proper indvidual, I'm a lying conniving bastard, that somehow won the grandest prize in life. To think that a peasent like I, managed to become nobility, riches, and gain a loving family. To think that I would rise the way I did, and attain what I did, I mean like I said. I'm a right and true bastard. But I digress, I would like to make a small message, for those I knew and those I interacted with semi often. I thank those that genuinely gave me a chance, that trusted my decisions, and put faith in me. I thank you those that guided me, and those I could call fellow brothers and sisters in arms. Most certainly, I thank those that accepted me as an equal, regardless of my Adunian heritage which I am proud of. To some of you, I will leave behind a personal letter, however for others I shall either thank you or curse you out here. Borok you where a right Orc and fun hunting buddy, I hope you achieve all that you are looking for in the way of Grizh. To Ahng, you where a cool Brotha to hang out with. To Yarrow, You gave out really good Cactus Green. Ellathor, you where a bit of an idiot, but you had a kind heart. Do right by the Rangers and the rest of Elysium. To Aiyeis, you where an amazing soul, and I wish you nothing but the best in life. To Coral, I wish you and Edward the best. To the Vanari's, I personal would like to flip you all off, but you have the arm of my favorite flipping off hand. To Alona and Togrim Vanari, you are the exception to the prior flipping off. It was an honor to work with you both. To Strange Incantations, you where one of my favorite book shops. To Adem, good luck on your ventures. Avery I hope you continue on with your reading studies, your doing good. Prince Amaesil, I still hold that grudge on you not paying me for the arm. Aech, stay short and fearsome. Rina D'avre I will meet you in the pits of Moz. Rylanor, you where a good proud dwede, and I thank you always for the hand you gave me. Cypress, you where an idiot who talked shit about my wife, **** you. Kane, you where cool, good beard. To all the vampire covens in Almaris, **** you, I can kill you with seasoning. To the Inferi of Almaris, **** you, you fed my soul. *******. To all Voidal Mages, besides the select handful I like. **** you, for bringing about the hollow, you fuckwits. To the mystics of the realm, I don't know you that well, hope that Specter I sent is okay. To the Necromancers of Almaris, some of you where *******. To the druids of Almaris, you had some good people in your groups I respect it. To Lotis however, **** you for trying to kill my wife that one time. But thank you for the cool sword. To the pumpkin duchess, I will meet you Stroz, you round pumpkin *****. To the entirety of Oren and it's people, **** you for killing my people and it's culture, you genocidal scumbags. To the Paladins, **** you you pompous little *******. To Yong Ping, you had a rat problem, I now hate rats because of you. To Sions extended family, why didn't you like me? To the O'Roukes, some of you where good people. To Auden, I'm sorry I could have been better. To Elysium as a whole, your city was good, the people where somewhat shit though. To Hexers, you where shit monster hunters. To the Lectors, thank you for the arm. Lastly to round it all of, to the entirety of Cartref Mor. Though I was here from the start in physical form, I will sadly be unable to progress and see how you grow and flourish in the physical. But, my spirit shall remain, guiding as an Ancestor from above. To always help point to the right direction in life, and to always scheme you out of a situation. " Signed - Vesryn Otellio Delmar, The Viper, Head of Diplomacy in Cartref Mor, Far Scryer of the Adunains. Sent out in private, would be letters for Six Indviduals. Labled [@Setsuko_] Edward Thuri-Elendil, [@Sciencepants2] Sionnach Delmar Redfist, Velen, [@Braydben] Bryan, [@BloodyZarios] Feo, [@DrHope] Lord John OOC Notes
  11. Cartref Morr 19th of the Deep Cold, 50th year of the Second Era [!] Upon those westernmost people who gazed into the starry night sky, one could see the vague shapes of birds fluttering amidst the clouds. There were flocks of them, each one carrying in their claws a singular piece of neatly folded parchment that held some tidings of importance. Like a stream, they flowed in differing directions towards the four winds, gliding along their currents as they bounded for distant realms. Heralding their arrival were the cacophony of caws that shrieked into the ears of all who hearkened to them. As they found purchase upon the shoulders of their respected receivers, they lowered the notes and soundly took off without another moment to linger. Each letter read the following... " Greetings son or daughter of Harren and Sarai, It is with great humility that I offer you a chance to start somewhere fresh, free from the political quarrels of nations and the zealous natures of would-be hunters. I offer you a chance to have a life somewhere safe, to have a part in restoring our culture in a manner to be proud of. Though others may promise wealth and prestige, we cannot offer you mina nor some illustrious title of renown, merely people of like-mind who share in the common belief of helping to restore our glory of centuries past. Yet beyond this daring dream, this ambition, or foolish notion, rests a much simpler truth. We needn’t hide any longer. The need to bury ourselves in these acts of concealing our ancestry is a toxic poison that has left us but a husk of what could be a proud people. What differences do we hold as a race in comparison to the realms of men we have taken after? What beyond our longer lives can we boast that sets us apart from the Orenian aristocrat or Hanseti noble? Whether your answer is the same as it was for myself and the others who’ve joined me or not, we await your arrival here at Cartref Mor. ” Signed John, Lord of Cartref Mor
  12. “Take from this bowl and write what you fight for on the stag” The elf prince said to the young ranger he nodded to the prince and dipped his hand into the bowl coating his hand in the ashes with in walking up to the statue of the giant stag he brought his finger to the smooth material of the statue writing ‘family’ as he stepped back from the statue he looked at the writing of so many other around him, he knew they were in for a fight they would know if they would win..but he was going to fight for his home and what he held dear His family Cypress sat there awake, his father and mother fast asleep with his two younger siblings and twin brother also in rest at the little room within the owl’s perch. however he was unable to rest easy, his family was safe but something nagged at the back of his mind. The young ranger stepped out of the room being quiet so as not to wake any others within the tavern, so many people who in one day lost their home just like him. Once outside he took a long breath. He could smell some smoke but it was distant but he could still remember the smoke that invaded his lungs only hours ago, the sound of swords clashing and the yells of people in panic and some yelling orders. It was all fresh in his mind and it all had been too real he felt horrible as he let something cloud his mind during all that fighting as much as he didn't want to admit. The fear of death and loss He had many conversations about it before with the man he long considered his mentor, john. The hours he spent training and talking with him, he was as much of a parental figure to him as the brylynn who took him and his brother in so long ago yet in the moments of terror and chaos in the fight he felt he failed not only the brylynns but also john, as he had barley helped fight and spent more time running in fear like a coward. He had been unable to even speak to his fellow rangers after they came back, looking at all the people tired and burned, during that time and even now he couldn’t shake how these people fought hard and all he had been able to do was run, even his own father who he had seen sitting in the room earlier in extreme pain with scorch marks barley even able to stand let alone stay awake. The young ranger sighed as he continued towards where he left his steed, carefully untying the horse and hopping on its back “come on let's go” he commanded the horse as they took down the path towards elvenesse or what was left.. The young ranger came to near the burning city stopping as his horse did not dare to go any closer, the smell of ash and smog he had smelled before once again infesting his lungs as he coughed but nonetheless he stayed there the same words ringing in his mind over and over like a broken record that wouldn’t leave his mind. Coward, failure, weak His eyes welled up with tears as he clenched tightly to the reins of his horse to the point his knuckles turned white under his gloves, as he just began sobbing as he hunched over as he couldn't hold them back anymore and at least there was no one there with him to see such, he wasn’t sure how long he stayed there for before he finally just couldn't cry anymore, he managed to muster himself up to get his horse to move once more as he headed back. OOC
  13. Anyone interested in playing a child? Well I got one for ya! His name is Theriion Davorn Lasfaen and he is currently twelve years old. His mother is known as Thalia Lasfaen, and his father is the deceased Davorn Lasfaen. He is of the Adunian race but has the features similar to a half elf. He has black hair and bright blue eyes. His features are defined like his father's yet soft like his mother's. Ever since the fall of Ando Alur, Thalia has been on the road constantly with Theriion when he was but a baby. At one point they stayed at the Melphestaus Estate in Oren until Theriion got old enough so Thalia could feed him proper food and keep a close eye on him. For years they kept in the same vicinity as Oren and rarely traveled outside of the Holy Oranian lands. The only fatherly figure that Theriion ever had in his life was from another Adunian male by the name of Xander Castington, to whom he hasn't seen in years. They are currently still wandering around Oren, managing to stay out of trouble and away from bandit attacks. (If anyone is interested in playing Theriion, please hit me up on my discord, Otakuu#5502. More inside information will be given once you have been given the character to play. Happy Roleplaying everyone!)
  14. Hiii! So I have a high elf character who had a child with an Adunian, Thus making the child Adunian. This child is a Male with black hair and Silvery blue eyes. His name is Theriion (Ther-i-on) Davorn Lasfaen, son of Thalia Lasfaen née Hileia and Davorn Lasfaen. when you start out you will be 5-6 years old. If anyone is interested in playing Theriion please reply to this message and/or message me on Discord (Otakuu#5502) Happy Roleplaying!
  15. House Melphestaus Current Family Scion: Minuvas Melphestaus (roleplay group) “SERVUS SUMUS” ~ “I SHALL ALWAYS SERVE” "I AM A MELPHESTAUS. I WAS THERE AT THE COMING OF THE EXALTED GODFREY, AND I WELCOME THE AGE OF MEN. WHEN MY KIN BETRAYED THEIR OATH, I WAS THERE IN DEFENSE OF EMPEROR PHILIP AND JOHANNESBERG. I AM A MELPHESTAUS. I WAS THERE ON THE WALLS OF HELENA AGAINST IBLEESE. AND I AM HERE, TODAY. I AM A MELPHESTAUS. I HAVE SUFFERED; BUT I HAVE NEVER BETRAYED. MY LOYALTY IS TESTED, BUT NEVER BROKEN. I AM A MELPHESTAUS MY LOYALTY IS TO EMPEROR, TO EMPIRE, TO SCION GOD SAVE THE EMPEROR" --FAMILY OATH-- FAMILY SUMMARY The ancient family scion, Diamatus Melphestaus was a rarity amongst Elven kind. He had, having lived in an age where the sons of Malin had grown under the dominion of an emerging and growing age of man. "The age of man is upon us, as is the slow decline of the Mali. This does not usher an age of mourning, but an age of peace - to age gracefully in the centuries of human ascendancy and to make it one of triumph" - Diamatus to his Children. Diamatus was there to witness the coming of Exalted Godfrey, and be impressed by the span of this man's capabilities and reach. Diamatus took the an unusual practice as a High Elf, and welcomed other Mali who were not Thill into his blood line- establishing new blood lines, and in many ways making up for the lack of natural birth children. Thus his family was larger than most Elves, as it included numerous adopted children. He considered them all of 'his blood' , though notated some as 'De Melphestaus' to indicate they were not in the most literal sense procreated by him. He then developed a system of 'Scions' which would serve to lead each of the blood lines of the family, and give them independence to pursue their own passions. This was the start of an unusual relationship the family had with the Elven Princedoms through the ages. His child, Maelgar would further continue this tradition. In the time of the Dominion of Malin, the Melphestaus family served under the Princes of Malin as vassals to the Empire of Oren. The family scion, Maelgar Melphestaus and his wife Illana Melphestaus prided themselves on being able to intricately maintain their Elven culture yet immerse themselves with the Human Imperials of whom they were vassals. When oaths were sworn to the Empire of Oren, the Melphestaus family was there to kneel with their leadership and give fealty to Imperials. Although the Melphestaus were Elves by birth, they recognized the nativity of the Imperials and the need for Mali wisdom to guide them. The Sons of Horen would inherit the world, Maelgar believed as his father did, and it was the duty of Mali kind to guide them, teach them, and help them usher in a new age. This idea that Elves were not, in fact, superior to Humans was perhaps the final nail, in addition to the conversion of Canonism, in their relationship to further Elven Princedoms. It was at this time that the Melphestaus line found itself no longer welcome amongst circles of Elven Purists. Detached from ideas of racial purity, and seeing in the humans a society of merit - the Melphestaus family grew fond of the humans they had lived with for many decades. So close was their loyalty to human society and their obligation of service, the family moved to Johannesburg in 1580, under the reign of Emperor Philip I and worked as academics and lawyers, offering guidance and wisdom when requested to those who wanted it. In the year 1593, the betrayal of Elven society against Oren as Courland began its invasion did not shake their loyalty. As Imperial loyalists, the Melphestaus family helped in some small part in developing the ‘thanium bomb’ on behalf of Emperor Philip I in the late 16th century. Fleeing the city, they would escape to continue living - never severing their loyalty to the inherited and acknowledged Emperor of the human realm. In times of racial hate against elves, the family Melphestaus served. The family has always distrusted Elven Princedoms for this reason, believing they will inevitably betray all political allegiances to humans - because of racial arrogance. Yet the Humans were not always kind to the Melphestaus family, despite their desire to serve. They took the hate, cut their ears to appear human, and served. Decried for faith, they adopted Canonism, and served. In times good and bad, they always served. After nearly two hundred years, Maelgar and Illana had their first child, Minuvas, in 1776 in Helena. They promised each other their children would learn languages, art, and culture - but they would never imply that he was Elven, only that he was an Imperial. Because the Elves were cursed with few children, adoption is a popular method for growing the family. They would never take their children to the Silver State, to be polluted by ideas of purity before their children could learn of their own free will. A mali child being born is a gift, but one that could be free from the prejudices inflicted on them would come to love their Empire even more. They took up human practices and commissioned for themselves a human house coat of arms, kept privately, to impart on their children. Family Scions & Paths Scions So that each member may be kept productive and best maximize their talents, it was Maelgar who introduced a system of Scions that was unique from Imperial household titles. Each branch would have its own Scion, determining how best pursue the talents of its immediate kin, expand the family, and make decisions within it's family tree without consulting the Family Scion. The Family Scion was head of family, who would now serve in a more advisory position to ensure that no branch was deviating too far from the family goals and to keep them focused on larger family ambitions. The Family Scion was not always choose from among the other Scions. Though every member technically has 1 vote, the weight of each vote was often measured by the merit of the individual voting. Paths. Paths are an assigned 'goal' from the Scions on how the Mali may best pursue their life interests. They are encouraged to be voluntary, so that they match the interests of the Mali. A family member is expected to have chosen a path by the age of 30 years old. Specific paths are encouraged, but not required, by bloodline. The paths are numerous, though they tend to fall into the following categories. Specific bloodlines are encouraged to follow certain paths, except wood elves who are encouraged to pursue many paths. Family members may also pursue multiple paths and this list is not exhaustive. **High Elf **Dark Elf **Half-Elf The Path of the Arcane: Study of magic in all its forms, this path is a life-long investment. The Path of Academia: Science, mathematics, scholarship in all its forms. Family members are encourage to write, read, and learn about the world around them. The Path of Politics: Government excellence, leadership and elections. The Path of the Blade: The crafting of weapons, and the use of weapons - whether that is the assassins knife, or the Soldiers sword. The Path of Business/Finance: The sale of goods, owning of business, running of franchises and handling of money. The Path of the Faith: All family members are encouraged to join the Church, if they devote themselves as Priests, knights, or nuns - it is a great honor for the family. The Path of Science and Technology: Half-Elves lack the full gifts of magic within the family, and often take up trades in technology and gadgetry. High Elf Bloodline "Melphestaus" Dark Elf Bloodline "Livarai De Melphestaus". Wood Elf Bloodline "Daemyar De Melphestaus". Half-Elf Bloodline "D'Argyll De Melphestaus" Overall Family Traits Common to all members The Melphestaus family has served the Empire for centuries, quiet, obedient, with their ambitions kept close to the family heart. They are Imperials first, but have embraced the gifts of their Elven heritage in pursuing the improvement of their family and Empire. They prefer to embrace human-like clothing, naming conventions, and stylization - though each family member falls on various ranges of this scale. With some fully embracing their Elven features, some shunning them completely, and others trying to balance the identities. Acceptable Races into the Family: All Mali (To include Dark, Snow, High and Wood Elves) Half-Elves (of any of the above) Family Values Loyalty The Melphestaus family has never broken its oath of fealty to the Empire since the time of the Dominion of Malin, and they shall quarrel amongst each other before they turn from the Empire. There is no greater achievement for a Melphestaus than to serve the Imperial Government. They judge other Elves harshly for betraying the Empire over 300 years ago, and look suspiciously at Mali'Thill of Haelun'Or. Merit The family follows the concept of merit in all things. The family scion is set first by human inheritance laws, but the family decides internally who among them is most deserving to lead them based on accomplishment. Thus the family ‘heir’ is voted upon by the living descendants of the current Family Scion. To Serve and Guide Serve and Mentor Humans. As Mali or those of Mali mixed blood, the Melphestaus family is likely to outlive its human counterparts and friends. It is therefore the Houses Duty to preserve, through academia and archiving, the history of humankind - and to advise its leaders in the coming age. They will take on a leadership role, if required, but they ultimately will return authority to the Humans when appropriate. A Melphestaus is most comfortable as an advisor to a powerful human family or individual. Humans can never be adopted into the family, as this decries this very value. However, they will employ human mercenaries, guards, or employees as a part of any estate and often welcome them into their inner circle of friendship. Faith The family is devout Canonists, taking to heart the teaching of the Holy Scrolls. As such they will not allow inter-marriage with humans into the family. They will, however, adopt Adunians and Half-Elves into the family as they believe they do not share in the sin of their parents. They will not allow their children adopted or natural to participate mix-race marriage in accordance with the teachings of the Church of Canon. Though mixing between Elves has no limitation. The family has adopted the studies of Blessed Pius of Sutica, the High Elven Canonist priest as fundamental to their understanding of Elves and Canonism. Mild-Mannered A Melphestaus rarely raises his voice in anger, and dresses appropriately for the occasion. Well made Elven robes or Imperial Attire is the preferred dress. They believe that one should never strike when in a position of weakness, and family members rarely choose to show their hand publicly about their true beliefs on any given topic unless they believe it will have influence. Family Strengths Educated Children of the Melphestaus family are offered a wonderful education by the family, and they take it upon themselves to ensure each of them is fluent in multiple human dialects and has a strong grasp of Imperial history, culture, peerages and Knighthoods. Magically Gifted The family pursues arcane studies, privately, and shares them with the family. It is only in extreme circumstances that a Melphestaus would display their magical ability to others, feeling it is the secret ‘line of defense’ they have against their enemies. Human Bonds The family is comfortable around humans, feeling relaxed when making friends and engaging in small conversation. They are unburdened by the Elven social constructs or judgments of humans. They do, however, look at humans as if they were a young hero of the story - naive, in need of guidance and training, but will one day rise to greatness. Family Weaknesses Distant The Melphestaus family can be judgmental, especially of its own family. Bonds of affection are built slowly and over decades. Impure Mali of the Melphestaus family are generally considered impure by the Elves of Haelun’Or. Other Elven pure communities are also highly judgmental of the family, decrying their existence as Imperials.Therefore, the family has strictly forbidden their family from returning to Haelun'Or lands for fear of death, execution, or other judgment by their kin. The adoption of Canonism is required and service to humans only further entrenches their distance from the Silver State. Faux Humans Although they are Elves and of Elven descent, they have a nagging desire to appear more human and Imperial. A Melphestaus will struggle their entire life about whether they should be trying to fit in with human society, adopting their clothing, dress, and language or whether they should fully embrace being a Mali. Temptations of Power The family desires recognition, and must resist the temptation to use their long life and gifted intelligence to place themselves above humans. They do not think it is wrong to be in charge, to be enobled, or to lead humans - but they must always be wary from subverting true authority from the sons of Horen. Family Events and Other Lore Posts: The Scepter of the Blessed Emperor, Fealty to Emperor Philip II The Ravenmour Estate Family Tree Language/Culture: The Family is an "Imperial Elf" type culture, with our language dialect found here. Family Discord: https://discord.gg/GxbPrrxkKN Please hop on in if you would like to join this roleplay group and create a lasting Imperial Elf RP group.
  16. Salvius


    NEO-ADUNIAN A proposal to restore the Adunian race and its culture. By: Davorn Lasfaen PREWORD: The Adunian race is a race which was formed from the mix of humans and elves. It’s culture shares a similar fact, a mix between that of human and elven culture, differing from area to area. An Adunian cannot be produced by just the reproduction between that of a human and an elf, one such child being seen as only a half-elf, not an Adunian. Through this proposal I hope to speak upon the idea of how to efficiently rebuild the Adunian race and culture, while still keeping the key of Adunian culture. REPRODUCTION: The current issue with that of the Adunian race is their population is declining instead of increasing, the race being bred out in other human races. In order to quell this issue for the Adunian race, new ideas regarding the production of an Adunian must be put into place. Firstly, the requirements to be considered Adunian must be loosened. Anyone considered an Adunian shall be considered an Adunian, no one else except their children shall be considered Adunian. These children cannot be the offspring of an Adunian and a human however, for this would continue the current path the Adunian’s are on. Instead any offspring of that of an elf or a half-elf with an Adunian shall be considered an Adunian due to the blood of an elven parent will add more elven blood to the Adunian, while a half-elf shall not remove any percentage of elven blood, and instead strengthen the mix of human and elven blood. Through this system elven blood would be strengthened, the percentage of human blood within Adunian veins would not increase, and the population of Adunians could be increased. Production between two Adunians is the most ideal option, however due to decreasing populations, this idea would prove to be unsuccessful. CULTURE AND BELIEFS: A prime point of being Adunian is remaining true to Adunian culture, however with how the world has changed, being orthodox when it comes to Adunian culture and beliefs will not benefit the Adunian race and help lead to its downfall instead. The question of religion will most likely come first to the minds of readers. Regarding this topic, Adunian culture must be void of anything relating to religion, instead welcoming and encouraging members of the Adunian race to follow whatever religion they choose or even none at all. Religions or sects of religions who choose to segregate against that of other religions or races however can not be permitted due to the threat this could result in internal struggle amongst the Adunian people. The Thuadian language has long not been used. In order in an attempt to strengthen Adunian culture, snippets of the Thuadian language shall be encouraged to be used, so that the Adunian race can still be welcoming to others while still growing upon our culture. Superiority is a belief which some could say was given to us by our elven ancestors. The Adunian race must cease upon such beliefs, or else events like that of Ulgaard’s Rebellion would occur once more. Beliefs upon superiority should become a foreign subject to the Adunian race, viewing all races as equal to that of the Adunian race. With this in mind however if there was ever to be an Adunian kingdom once more, only Adunians shall be permitted to inherit and be granted titles of nobleship and royalty, in the hopes that an Adunian kingdom would remain as an Adunian kingdom. With the advocation for leniency with that of other races and differing beliefs, the advocation for the increase of rights for women within Adunian society must occur too. Women shall instead be permitted to wear clothing which exposes more than just their hands, neck, and head. With this however, like that of their male counterpart, parts of the body considered to be ‘private parts’ should not be permitted to be uncovered publicly. Women should not be discouraged from entering certain career paths, regarded as male career paths, nor should they be looked down upon if they choose to go down such a path. When it comes to matters of inheritance however, an agnatic-cognatic form of inheritance should be followed, to ensure Adunian families remain in power, instead of changing to that of other families due to marriage arrangements. Other traditions, customs, and beliefs which are common throughout the Adunian race which are not spoken upon within this proposal will still be encouraged to be followed, to ensure such matters remain strong within Adunian culture. CONCLUSION: As an Adunian myself who has found himself a welcoming place within this world, I encourage all Adunians to find a new home within Ando Alur to allow our race to be better organized, rather than be scattered throughout the world. I also advise any reading who are not Adunian to encourage their Adunian neighbors and acquaintances to read this proposal.
  17. Adúnia: 1. Defining Adunia- To begin, we must first ask; what is an Adunian? Is it the product of a man that is crossed with an elf, a half elf so to say? Is it the name given to half elves that have gained slightly lengthened life, maybe? Is it simply a being that wears a kilt, speaks in a strange forgotten dialect, and has the godly ability to catch maces? Well, to put it bluntly, no. An Adunian is none of these things, and is only partial to a few of them. A being that you would call “Adunian” is a descendant of the tribe of Harrenites, no matter how diluted his or her blood is with that of other races. On its own and by itself, an Adunian is no more or less than that simple definition. However, when one delves deeper, and comes to the word “Adunia”, a whole other world of meaning is opened up to them. For Adunia is not just the word used to collectivise the core group of Harrenite descendants, it is far more, and it’s own definition is ever growing, expanding, spreading itself in ink and blood across the pages of history; and it shall ever continue to grow until the day when Adunians cease to exist, and the sons of Harren have at last passed from the world of the living, leaving thousands of years of knowledge and memory behind them. Henceforth, Adunia cannot truly be defined until such a day comes to pass, but here I shall do my best here to fill in the holes left by this issue, and assure that the memory of this once great race is carried on. 2. The Origins of Adunians- In the years when Aegis was still young and it’s races new to the world, two tribes arose in the Northern mountains of the continent. The first tribe was comprised completely of humans, it’s leader a young man named Harren; a son of Horen himself. The second tribe were elves that had come up from the forests of Malinor, led by a dark haired woman named Sarai whose roots remain a mystery to this day. As is inevitable when two such primitive groups claim the same area, the two tribes clashed. A short but bloody turf war ensued, and soon the mountains were littered with the corpses of both factions. Fearing for the survival of their people with such weakened numbers, Harren and Sarai met and organized treaty between the two tribes. However, Harren’s heart saw him wanting more than simply peace. During their meeting, Harren was overwhelmed by the elven woman’s beauty, and as so made one of the treaty’s terms that she would have to marry him. Fearing her people’s destruction was imminent, Sarai hesitantly accepted these terms and the two were soon wed. Though Sarai despised Harren at first, she eventually grew to love and respect him as her husband, bearing him a single child named Baren. Now leaderless, the elves of Sarai’s former tribe merged into the Harrenites, taking on their customs and way of life. They were quickly accepted by the humans, and very soon they too began to intermarry as their leader had done. The children of these first generation Harrenites were born a new race; the Adunians. 3. In Relation to Aging and the Curses of Iblees- The events that led to the creation of what is now known as the Adunian race (commonly known as the “Mixing of Blood”) did in fact occur before Iblees laid his curses upon the mortal races of Aegis. Due to said curses, half-human/elves bred since said event are stricken with not only the infertility of elvenkind, but also the shortened lifespans of mankind, gaining not an ounce of the longevity possessed by their elven ancestors. However, because the “Mixing of Blood” occurred before Iblees placed his curses, the effects on Adunians seem to have differed ever so slightly. ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* Appearance: Adunians take traits from both their Harrenite and Mali’Dun ancestors. Brown or black hair are the only two colours found, though like other races it goes grey with age. It is not uncommon for an Adunian’s hair to go grey at ages as young as fifteen, a trait inherited from the Mali’Dun. Their skin is pale, but generally no paler than the average Heartlander. An Adunian’s eyes are either grey from the Mali’Dun, brown from the Harrenites (a rare trait), or green, which appears to have come from a mix of both, the most common eye colour. Adunians generally grow to heights of around 5”11’ and have a lean build. Tradition has Adunians keep their hair above shoulder length (though most choose to keep it short), and grow either beards that keep close to the face (rather than hang like that of a dwarf), or large, well tended mustaches. Clothing: The general climate of Al’Ildic was quite cold. Though it’s landscape was only coated in snow during the winter months, the chill of the northern wind was present year round. As a result of this climate, Adunians came to dress in a particular way. Men would wear heavy coats and cloaks, lined with furs and warm skins, thick leather boots and warm wool breeches. Women wore long-sleeved dresses often accompanied with furs draped over their shoulders, light cloaks, and some from of pants to keep their legs warm. Over time, it became considered ‘rude’ or ‘socially unacceptable’ for more than the hands or head to be unclothed. This way of thinking has stuck over the ages, and Adunians true to tradition always cover themselves from the neck down before presenting themselves publicly. Religion: In the Old North Faith there three circles. These circles were the domains of the Gods, and in each were both lesser gods, and demi-gods. The three circles, in order of least powerful, to greatest, were Nature, Life, and Astral. Within each of these realms are one dominant god. Within Nature there is Grønn the Life-Bringer, who is believed to be the Aspects of the Druids in one form, in the Old Faith’s eyes. This means that the Old Faith acknowledges the Druids as true and rightful worshipers of Nature in their own religion. Grønn is said to be twelve feet tall with bark for skin and rocks for teeth. His eyes are two pools of water and his digits are branches and twigs. He has a full beard and head of leaves and vines which twist and turn wildly. Its said he is often seen but never caught, and has the ability to take on anything in nature. This can be taken either way- as some Hunters thank them for his sacrifices to let them eat. Others commune more with the animals and forsake meat eating. He is seen as very benevolent. His charge is to control all of the planets, fish, animals, and happenings of nature. He is what ties Astral to Life. He is also credited for the creation of the elements as gifts to Morighaen. Within Man there is Thrønn the Impartial, who is believed to be the collection of all of humanities desires, virtues, morals, and thoughts. He is an absolutely gray character, with no characteristics in appearance of physically. He is thought to be the shadow of every human, a silhouette of what everyone truly is. People who pray to Thrønn traditionally wait until the sun is half up, or, half down and wait in an open field. They turn to their own shadow and take a knee, nod their head, and fold their hands. All the workings of men are held into the account of Thrønn, which is why people depending on their lives will pray to Thønn. The people who are poorer, downtrodden, who feel betrayed by life and tormented usually shun Thrønn. People who are rich, economical, industrious, and work hard usually thank Thrønn. Thrønn is often looked to positively by mages and Fathers however, for the gift of “Heartfire” to man. Within the Astral planes beyond us is Morighaen, the Night Woman, a soft looking woman covered in a veil of stars and space. She is larger than any planet and we are not even ants to her- we are something less. She is too large to see but she knows we are there- and she may assume a mortal form, or smaller size, to meddle with the cosmos as it pleases her. She is seen as sadistic almost, because of her boredom. She was left alone and to pass time she often destroys planets and galaxies at a whim and casts down the weather to meddle with the affairs of mortal. She is easily the most fearsome of the Gods and the circles, and any who claims to be Morighaen is killed out of fear, for if she has come down, it is already the end, and if she is lying, she may anger Morighaen. People pray to her to appease her, and she is often seen as a pillar of strength for the female half of Northern society. She is the cause for Moonblood and weather, time and space, and in turn, all things beyond, even magic. Her relationship to Thrønn and Grønn is strained by both the distance to one another, and the natures of one another. Places of Worship. God’s Gardens were the most natural and beautiful of the worship places. These were seen as absolute holy grounds made by the Nature Aspects themselves, there are believed to be three God’s Gardens in existence- one for each of the three Aspects (that we recognize). The God’s Garden that we currently have located and are near, is the God’s Garden of the Elements. It is a hot spring situated in the north, protected by a granite and stone wall. Spruce trees spring up with flowers poking through the snow. People would come here to cleanse the blood off themselves, to pray in its hot waters, and to fast and meditate. No blood, on any condition, could ever be shed in a God’s Garden, but blood could be cleansed here. Modern / Aegean At the dawn of man though, when humanity had just reached a point of intelligible thought, civilization, and organization, they had organized their religions, and settled down. The North had quickly picked up on Thønn and Grønn and found themselves in tune with their gods peacefully. The Adunians picked up on the Old Faith, after the First Conflict War, during the Northern Golden Age, and some mingled with the Northern Gods. Some did not, but no conflict stirred from this difference- the North having been a faith of tolerance and acceptance (mostly). The Godly Brothers saw their followers rise, and knew whom to warn of a great tragedy coming. Grønn appeared and an Oasis in the tundra arose. Shrubbery and plants sprung to life at his feet, birds and animals came at his arrival, and life flourished where his feet left impressions. His most humble followers fell before the magnificent ent, who came close to one and said, “Evil lingers in the North. My brother and I entrust you with the most sacred task of all- the defense of all life, from the kind long lost to our touch.” They had no idea he spoke of a fourth deity, of a realm most foul, and a realm unrecognized. The realm of Death, the realm of Iblees- and had no way to prepare. Fall of the Old Faith Before anyone knew what was going on, the Taran Kingdom that stood long vigil in the North and felt it had conquered all evils in the snow, sure they had closed any hope of Grønn’s doomsday prophecy, but, all was wiped out in what is called “The First Event”. One of the earliest recorded events of mass Undead Activity. It nearly wiped out an entire civilization and many blood lines in less than three nights. The Adunians to the South were hit just as hard, their people had some time to escape, most notably Halboron Elendil, the Adunian Leader. Further south were the Aegeans, whom with the help of some surviving Northerners, and some word of mouth, had time to prepare, and time to mount a defense. This, is what we know of our History, and the rest is in the books. ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ~*~* ADUNIAN COURT LANGUAGE HEARTFIRE
  18. ♫ "Portrait of the Harrenite Rebbe Avshalom Shmelke Ben-Yitzchok." - 17th of The Deep Cold, 1543 by an unknown artist. As you approach the local square of Felsen, or the bazaar of Al-Wakrah, a handful of young men garbed in the traditional Harrenite rekels and yarmulkes beckon you to their shop. As you peruse through their finely made tailor-wear, an older man adorned in finer clothing and a Shtreimel adds that you may make a custom order and offers you a form. "Shalom, find something that suits your fancy, ‘eh friend? What we have here is better than anything that moor Nawad can give ya'!" "Harrenite apprentice in the square." - 11th of The Sun’s Smile, 1545 by an unknown artist. Examples of my work Check out my PMC page by clicking the link above. Template: Character name(out of curiosity): Minecraft Name: Race: Gender: Age: Reference as of hairstyle / face / skin: Specific hair color / eye color: Reference as of clothing attire: Specific clothing colors: Agreed price: Rules: 1. You must provide a reference. 2. I have the right to deny or cancel any request. (If you pay beforehand, you will be refunded.) 3. I’ve only recently began skinning, so please be considerate. 4. Once the price is settled, you cannot back out or change the price. 5. First come, first serve. Waiting List 1. Asimulum 2. Ser_Jacko 3. Lionbileti 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  19. Character Card of Q. Campbell Character Name: Quinlan O'Keefe-Campbell Nicknames: Quin, Quinny. Age: 36 Gender: Male Race: Human (Adunian) Status: Alive n' stuff Height: 6'1 Weight: 197 lbs Body Type: Big, broad shouldered and burly, like a football player. Eyes: Light Blue Hair: Dark coffee brown. Skin: Slightly Tanned Markings/Tattoos: Scars on chest from wolf mauling. Health: Fairly Healthy. Personality: He has an optimistic, humourous attitude towards life. On the surface a sarcastic and ironic kind of person, underneath, a steely determination to keep his loved ones safe. He is starkly loyal to his superiors and to his wife and family. Quinlan is one who often speaks whatever is on his mind, often construing it in a very cynical or twisted way. When leading drills, he's like that sarcastic wise cracking substitute teacher you had that one time whom everyone hated the guts of. Inventory: <> A Steel Claymore (Two handed blade) <>An Arbalest (Big crossbow) <>Lute Alignment*: Konigreich of Aesterwald, The Aesterkorp Deity*: The Creator Religion: True Faith Alliance/Nation/Home: Aesterwald Job/Class: Soldier, HalbBruden of the Aesterkorp Title(s): HalbBruden, Jager. Profession(s): Swordplay, Archery, Lute playing. Special Skill(s): Game hunting, music, et cetera. Flaw(s): No sense of organization, he has a scattered mind. He can also be very stubborn. Weaponry Fighting Style: Quinlan takes advantage of his size and strength to overpower his opponents in melee. Though he prefers to get the advantage on them with an arbalest if he can. Trained Weapon: Claymore, Longsword, Crossbow/Arbalest, Longbow Favored Weapon: Claymore and Arbalest. Archery: Meh-ish. Biography Parents: Byron Campbell, Unknown Mother Siblings: Edrik Campbell (Anawkin52), Catherine Campbell (TheH0neyb33), Desmond Campbell (Arzar). Spouse: None Children: Ciara Campbell (emilyathegreat), Adrian Campbell (Theidlemuse) Extended Family: Eoghan Campbell (Adoptive Chieftain), Scotty O'Keefe (Uncle) Pet(s): n/a History [WIP] BIRTH The birth of Quinlan Campbell is a vague one, his father Byron O'Keefe was no stable man. Not one to keep a family. Old man Byron in his younger days had slept around quite a bit, sired a few bastards. One such bastard he'd been approached with alongside one of his former dalliances. The mother of the newborn child forced the baby into Byron's care, and was never seen again. And so the life of Quinlan began, with a father whom never intended him to exist and a mother whom did not want him. Byron was a wanderer as well and not one to be tied down by the prospect of fatherhood, and so he left his son with his brother, Scotty O'Keefe, in the frigid southern town of Vaerhaven. CHILDHOOD As a child, Quinlan grew up amongst the likes of many other Adunians of various clans. His home was in Campbell hall, a big tower-like structure in the back of town. His oldest memories include that of lectures from the Adunian Archfather Tarus, learning of the old gods and the old faith. Young Quinlan was a quiet creature, a stark contrast to his Uncle and main guardian, Scotty. The tall, booming and often drunk patriarch of the O'Keefe Campbell line berated Quinlan for his softness. A proud O'Keefe is no weasel! He is a bear! Scotty would proclaim. A bear is formidable, he stands headstrong in the face of his foes, a weasel uses deceit and trickery, that is a despicable way of life. And so, Quinlan was taught that all a boy needs to become a man is a strong arm and a brave heart. Quinlan grew up without many friends for the most part, save for Torrah Campbell, son of Eoghan. A girl his age adopted into the clan. By adopted they meant kidnapped as a child from the McHarnishes of course, but there was no reason for Quin to know that. Torrah and Quinlan considered each other like siblings as well as close friends, and the two would get up to all sorts of mischief. RITE OF MANHOOD Clan Campbell was a tad more harsh on it's children than other Adunian clans in the sense that boys at the age of 15 had to prove themselves in order to be considered men. This trial involved trekking out into the cold snowy wilderness outside the walls of Vaerhaven and slaying a wild wolf. This was accomplished through both cunning and strength, and all Campbell boys were expected to accomplish this. Despite the sentiments of his uncle, Quinlan was no killer and no warrior. He certainly wasn't the pinnacle of physical strength. He was sent outside the safe walls of Vaerhaven alone for the first time shortly after his fifteenth birthday. It was a week of surviving on his own before Quinlan found a wolf, a majestic creature of a pure white pelt. The adolescent boy was terrified of the idea of having to face it. He ended up trapped the beast after laying down a pit trap with smoke from burning hare's flesh at the bottom. When he returned to Vaerhaven's walls, he convinced Scotty the wolf had died by his blade. YOUNG ADULTHOOD AND LOVE Quinlan spent his next few years in relative anonymity. Though one thing had really changed, his old friend and someone he had considered his sister had grown into a very attractive young woman. Torrah and Quinlan were both eighteen now, they celebrated the birthday of the former quietly, in Vaerhaven's cozy tavern with a pint of ale. It was there Quinlan asked her if she would do him the favour of accompanying him on a date. It was a foreign yet familiar concept, the two had been spending time alone with each other for years, but neither was too naive to realize this would be a different experience entirely. The first date was a simple affair, young Quinlan had no concept of glamour and had no concept of 'dinner and a play'. Instead he took her out to one of his favourite places, a simple stone menhir with a table, by a frozen lake outside of town. They shared a drab of whiskey and stared at the clouds, she kissed him. Though elated by his new found love, not all was well for Quinlan. News of the budding couple had reached the jealous ear of a resident member of another of Vaerhaven's Adunian clans, Cymrych Douglas. A love triangle was inevitable and the race to impress Torrah began. Cymrych was ingeniously subtle, often getting himself injured to play the pity card for Torrah. Quin knew nothing of subtly, he had been brought up by the man who could barely tell the difference between a 'P' and a 'q' in a book. The fact that Cymrych was a twin made it doubly furious. The Douglas twins gave Quin no end of grief, but it did not matter in the end, for Torrah was faithful to him. Loss, Recovery, and Loss Again Life with Torrah was content and peaceful for Quinlan. Two adjectives that would rarely describe his life in the years to come. At around the age of 18, Quin began to feel the looming presence of the Scourge, and setherien's menace. He had lived in the newly Renovated Keep of Ard Kerrack at the time with the rest of his Adunian kin. Adunia itself was in it's prime, having occupied the last previously owned by Kaedrin of House Chivay. However all was not well in the land of the tartan, as the aforementioned scourge had begun launching minor skirmishes and harassing strikes upon the kingdom. Fully grown and Able-bodied, Quinlan was expected to take up arms to fight off these raids. With Torrah fighting at his side, they came to blows with pale faced cultists and abominations with steel welded to their flesh. However as all of Adunia was soon to learn, these guerrilla strikes were merely the beginning. It all accumulated to one big conflict, the battle of Ildon. With the forces of Adunia ready to defend their home against a horde of cultists, unholy creatures and winged beasts. For Quinlan, it was his first experience of true battle. As swords clashed, and the sounds of courageous war cries and screams of agonizing pain screeched through the atmosphere, Torrah was snatched up by a daemon of eldritch wings, carried off. The war for Adunia had been won, but Quinlan had lost the biggest part of his life. His love. He spent the next full year looking tirelessly for her, as Adunians throughout the kingdom looked on with pity, wondering when the heartbroken young man would move on. It turned out however that he would not have to, at a steep price... Torrah Campbell returned. But not as the same person she was when the agents of Setherien snatched her away. Found huddled in the corner of an inn 2 years after her disappearance, she was a sorry sight. One missing hand, scars that marred her entire body in a grotesque mess, her hair falling out at it's foundations. Still young and naive and unable to heal or do anything to help, Quinlan and Torrah eloped from Adunia, settling in the remote elven town of Lenniel, far to the west. Torrah's mental state had deteriorated rapidly, and was showing signs of insanity. To Quinlan's dismay, it seemed that Torrah had been influenced with scourge like tendencies during her time in their captivity. As she became slowly more and more sinister. Setting elven trees alight, asking Quin to hire assassins to perform hits for her as if it were a casual requests, among others. The simple minded young man was no psychologist and no amount of pleading and coercion was able to revert the now scarred and grotesque Torrah from the dark shell of her former self she had become. And one day, she simply vanished. A New Beggining Following Torrah's final dissapearance, Quin was left with no more purpose in life. He spent a few more years in Lenniel, making his living as a hunter and developing a good reputation among the wood elves whom lived there. However, life had lost most of it's colour. It was age the age of 25 when the wanderlust set back in and Quin packed up his things, leaving his home to travel the roads once more, this time, to the land his people hated: Oren. The journey to the eastern plains of Anthos was fairly peaceful, Quin managed to reach the grand walls of New Abresi in quick time. The bustling streets, town criers and the city smell were foreign to him, having grown up as a country boy. It was there he met a man in a white tabard adorning a red cross, whom introduce himself as Theodoric Hamlen. Theodoric informed Quin that he was a member of the Holy Order of Saint Lucien. A knightly order devoted to defending the true faith of the human race. With no other real options open to him, Quin decided, on a whim, to join. The keep of Ard Krallach was a massive structure built into the side of a mountain under what was once the Grand Palace of Emperor Godfrey. And the Lucienist soldiers whom made their home in it were equally impressive. It was on his first day Quin met the stalwart but friendly Raigeki Kato, an eastern man and officer of the Holy Order. Raigeki got Quin acquainted with the people and the sights of Ard Krallach, as well as providing him with his own white and red tabard. Early life as a Lucienist was rigourous, but rewarding. Quin quickly made friends out of his Brothers in the order, and learned to be strong, good with a sword, and quick on his feet. But it wasn't with the order where his life truly took it's next dramatic turn. On an off day in the Captured Kha inn in Abresi, Quin sat. He often enjoyed the company of friends on days like these, but today was alone. Through the door came a woman, a pretty thing of dark red hair and emerald eyes, accompanied with her cousin, a raven haired woman of formidable height. Both were attractive, but it was the red haired lass, whom would later introduce herself as Ayallia Meridian, that Quin had his eyes on. After a rather embarrassing attempt to get in bed with her following giving them a tour of the city with the help of a Subudai tribesman, Quin parted ways with the lovely lass feeling rather turned down. However he didn't let it deter him from his goal. Torrah was gone forever. He was in a new country, with new friends and new family, it was time to find new love. After a few semi-successful attempts to get closer to Aya by spending time in her tailory shop, Quin successfully asked her out on a date. It was quite a date. Nearly a days worth of walking back to Vaerhaven, but it was worth the journey. Quin gifted Aya with the wolf pelt he'd won to earn his rite of manhood so long ago. They watched the stars from atop the masts of dwarven ships, and shared their first kiss. War and Married Life Fast forward to three years later, and Quinlan and Aya would be happily married and living a secure life together. Aya lived with her family, the Meridians, in a complex in Abresi. Quin stayed often though work often took him to the keep of Ard Krallach where he would serve among the Lucienists. The two did not spend as much time together as perhaps a normal couple should, but they cherished the moments they had. The idyllic lifestyle would not last, however. As trouble soon began to brew within Oren. -more to come- Artwork
  20. so far Adunians have been playable but have not been selectable from the character creation screen/textbox. will this be changed in 4.0? anybody know anything?
  21. Order of Iolar ~History~ ~Old Adunia~ Adunia has gone through major changes in military throughout the years and ages. The first main military force of the Adunian people were the Order of the Adunian Rangers, founded by Lord Braen Elendil, and were the main military of the Adunian people for some time. As time went on, however, the Order of the Adunian Rangers could not keep the peace in the expanding kingdom. During the reign of Lord Rydel Elendil, his brother Captain Thorenir Elendil of the Order of the Adunian Rangers disbanded the order, forming a larger order called the Adunian Legion. The Adunian Legion was a major aspect of ‘The Great Adunian War’, fought between Lord Rydel Elendil and his steward and deposer to the Adunian throne, Icarian Delmer. Men from the age of 17 to about 110 were drafted into Thorenir’s Adunian Legion. As the war raged on, the Adunian population dwindled to a mere 800, until the assassination of Icarian by Thorenir and his men. After the war, the Adunian Legion was disbanded from the population loss, and the Order of the Adunian Rangers were reinstated. During this war, Lord Rydel Elendil had founded a special branch of the Adunian Legion, called the Ildician Order. They were the best of the best of the Adunian Legion, and were the protectors of the Elendil Lord and the Thanes of Adunia. The Ildician Order survived the purging of the Adunian Legion into the Order of the Adunian Rangers, and stayed active. The Ildician Order collapsed with the Order of the Adunian Rangers when the undead invaded the grand Adunian city of Ildon. Halboron, leader of the Order of the Adunian Rangers and the Ildician Order was knocked unconscious, the duel orders leaderless. Men were struck down, a massacre ensued. The orders were gone, and Adunia with it. ~New Ildon in Renatus~ After the escape of Halboron and his nephew, grandson of Rydel, Artorus, they had escaped to Oren during the age of Asulon. Artorus had become the captain of the Phoenix Guard of the Kingdom of Renatus, and was granted land for a keep, which he named Ildon. The Order of the Adunian Rangers were established, and soon after the Ildician Order. However, after the failed Adunian rebellion, the orders were disbanded. Luckily, soon after, the Rangers were refounded after the Emperor of Oren granted Artorus’ son, Thorren Elendil, the duchy of Westfall. The Ildician Order was never refounded, until the age of Anthos began. ~New Adunia~ The Adunians had made it to Anthos, and were granted a county by the Emperor of Oren. The Ildician Order was refounded under Lord Starke McHaryn, and the order flourished. However, the Elendils rebeled again, and were banished out of Oren. Many Adunians fled to Vaerhaven, while some stayed in Oren, including the Ildician Order under Lord Starke McHaryn and the Order of the Adunian Rangers under Lord Caln McHarnish. Rebellion struck, as many of the Vaerhaven Adunians, eventually called the Highlanders, called Lachlan Mor Elendil their rightful leader and Thorren Elendil not fit to rule. Soon after the rebellion, the Ildician Order disbanded, after the disappearance of Lord Stake McHaryn. During the time in the wilds, King Lachlan Mor Elendil had founded the Fiana, a precursor to the new Ildician Order. Eventually after moving from Dal’Cais to Vaerhaven, then eventually the keep of Ildicia, the Order was refounded, under command of Clan Rovyk. ~Duty~ The Duty of the man of the Order is to protect the royal Clan Elendil and to protect the True Old Faith and the Faith of the Three. They are to do these two tasks at all time, as per their skill level. A man of the Order is expected basic combat skills, whether if the man is in a combat role or not. All men are also expected to have a beard, as you would look weird without one and would face heavy discrimination against him. ~Religious Obligations~ The Order of the Herrenrasse follow the true Old Faith of the North and the true Three Gods, Gronn, Thronn, and Morighaen. All men of the Order must follow the True Faith of the Three, and must follow accordingly to the Archfather and the Fathers of the Faith. Knights are to have a patron god of their choice, depending on their liking. All members of the Order is expected to pray at the neighboring stone circle (one shall be present at the keep) or at the God’s Garden. A knight, if feeling they are obligated to, may decide to stud his finger to show his everlasting faith to the Three, however this is not mandatory. All men of the order are also expected to defend his faith against the untrue heresies that plague the world. A man of the order must also carry a necklace in the shape of the Three’s knot, to show their faith to the Three. ~Ranks of the Order~ ~Grand Command~ Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal, the master of all of the forces, is the sole leader of the Order. All Commanders are to report to him and him only. The Grand Marshal is a permanent job, and is expected only to be lost if the Grand Marshal was killed in combat. Grand Knight The Grand Knight, the second-in-command of the Order, and is the leading officer for the knights. He takes command in case of the absence of the Grand Marshal. All Great Knights and Knights report to him directly. Warlord The Warlord is the leading officer for the Enlisted ranks. The Warlord is third-in-line for command incase of the absence of both Grand Marshal and Grand Knight. The Warlord has the Commander directly report to him. ~Officer Ranks~ Vice Marshal The Vice-Marshal, chosen by the Grand Marshal, is the advisor to the Master Commander and the Grand Marshal. He advises the two on battle plans and other assortment of planning for war. The Vice Marshal ranks holds purpose only during war. Commander The Commander is in charge of all of the man-at-arms in the Order. He is incharge of their well-being and is field commander for the squads. He carries the ranks of Great Sir, and should be treated as such Great Sir Only a limited number of Great Sirs are available, they are the leaders of the knights and their peers. They are to serve an example to the Order, and some of the most trusted men of the Order. They command Knights during war, and may command Man-at-Arms in case the Commander is no present. Knight The Knights are the main commanding force, as they command a small squad with the a Great Knight. They are also the advisors to the Great Knights, advising them on war tactics. All Knights are also Knights of Adunia. ~Enlisted Ranks~ Sergeant Sergeants are trusted Man-at-Arms but are not enough for knighthood. The rank of Sergeant is usually held by a Clanless, as a Clan Member would receive squireship. The Sergeant commands Man-at-Arms during war and skirmishes. Man-at-Arms These are the men who have surpased the trials for the recruits and are the main backbone of the Order. They are expected to be devout followers of the Old Faith, and should act as such. Man-at-Arms are still to be treated with respect and honor. Recruit Recruits are the new-bloods to the order, and have not undergone drilling nor trials. They must obey all orders from their higher ranking peers, and must not show disrespect to their peers. They are mainly commanded by the Sergeant or the Commander. ~Special Ranks~ Medical Officer A Medical Officer is in charge of the well-being of the order and of any medical concerns men may face in the battlefield. They are to still march with the armies to attend with wounded men in the battlefield. Drillmaster Chosen by the Master Commander, the drillmaster is incharge of drilling and training of the enlisted forces. The drillmaster is also incharge of jailing and dungeon matters within the Order, and may execute prisoners if no Grand Command is present. Quartermaster A Quartermaster is in-charge of arming the men of the Order, whether it be arms or armor. The Quartermaster holds the rank of Knight and must be able to smith his own arms and armor for the order. The Quartermaster must also take tabs on the armor of each man of the Order, to make sure of precision and efficiency. ~Tenants~ Na hidéil cur síos sa Chód Chivalry Cuireadh béim ag an mionnaí agus vows a bhí faoi mhionn gur i searmanais ridireacht, bhí in éineacht leis na mionnaí naofa de chomhrac na n-idéal de chivalry agus le rialacha dochta de etiquette agus le hiompar, tOnórach, Go hionraic, Valour, agus loyality. The ideals described in the Code of Chivalry were emphasised by the oaths and vows that were sworn in the Knighthood ceremonies, these sacred oaths of combat were combined with the ideals of chivalry and with strict rules of etiquette and conduct, Honour, Honestly, Valour, and Loyalty. Code Of Chivalry Códe As Chivalry -=`Chun eagla an tri, agus an creideamh a choimeád ar bun=- To fear the Three, and maintain the faith -=Chun freastal ar an Rí na Adunia do onóir agus glóir=- Serve the King of Adunia for high and glory -=Cabhair a thabhairt do bhaintreacha agus dílleachtaí=- To give help to widows and orphans -=A staonadh ó wanton thabhairt chion=- To Refine from the giving of offence -=Chun cónaí ag onóir agus do ghlóir=- To live by glory and honour -=go riamh a insint bréag=- To never lie -= riamh a dhiúltú challage ó comhionann=- To never deny a challenge from a equal =- riamh dul ar ais do ar foe=- To never to turn a back on a foe -Traits Of A Knight- Faith Charity Justice Sagacity Prudence Temperance Resolution Truth Liberality Diligence Hope Valour To join, just send a bird via forum pms or on this forum.
  22. The Ildician Order ~History~ ~Old Adunia~ Adunia has gone through major changes in military throughout the years and ages. The first main military force of the Adunian people were the Order of the Adunian Rangers, founded by Lord Braen Elendil, and were the main military of the Adunian people for some time. As time went on, however, the Order of the Adunian Rangers could not keep the peace in the expanding kingdom. During the reign of Lord Rydel Elendil, his brother Captain Thorenir Elendil of the Order of the Adunian Rangers disbanded the order, forming a larger order called the Adunian Legion. The Adunian Legion was a major aspect of ‘The Great Adunian War’, fought between Lord Rydel Elendil and his steward and deposer to the Adunian throne, Icarian Delmer. Men from the age of 17 to about 110 were drafted into Thorenir’s Adunian Legion. As the war raged on, the Adunian population dwindled to a mere 800, until the assassination of Icarian by Thorenir and his men. After the war, the Adunian Legion was disbanded from the population loss, and the Order of the Adunian Rangers were reinstated. During this war, Lord Rydel Elendil had founded a special branch of the Adunian Legion, called the Ildician Order. They were the best of the best of the Adunian Legion, and were the protectors of the Elendil Lord and the Thanes of Adunia. The Ildician Order survived the purging of the Adunian Legion into the Order of the Adunian Rangers, and stayed active. The Ildician Order collapsed with the Order of the Adunian Rangers when the undead invaded the grand Adunian city of Ildon. Halboron, leader of the Order of the Adunian Rangers and the Ildician Order was knocked unconscious, the duel orders leaderless. Men were struck down, a massacre ensued. The orders were gone, and Adunia with it. ~New Ildon in Renatus~ After the escape of Halboron and his nephew, grandson of Rydel, Artorus, they had escaped to Oren during the age of Asulon. Artorus had become the captain of the Phoenix Guard of the Kingdom of Renatus, and was granted land for a keep, which he named Ildon. The Order of the Adunian Rangers were established, and soon after the Ildician Order. However, after the failed Adunian rebellion, the orders were disbanded. Luckily, soon after, the Rangers were refounded after the Emperor of Oren granted Artorus’ son, Thorren Elendil, the duchy of Westfall. The Ildician Order was never refounded, until the age of Anthos began. ~New Adunia~ The Adunians had made it to Anthos, and were granted a county by the Emperor of Oren. The Ildician Order was refounded under Lord Starke McHaryn, and the order flourished. However, the Elendils rebeled again, and were banished out of Oren. Many Adunians fled to Vaerhaven, while some stayed in Oren, including the Ildician Order under Lord Starke McHaryn and the Order of the Adunian Rangers under Lord Caln McHarnish. Rebellion struck, as many of the Vaerhaven Adunians, eventually called the Highlanders, called Lachlan Mor Elendil their rightful leader and Thorren Elendil not fit to rule. Soon after the rebellion, the Ildician Order disbanded, after the disappearance of Lord Stake McHaryn. During the time in the wilds, King Lachlan Mor Elendil had founded the Fiana, a precursor to the new Ildician Order. Eventually after moving from Dal’Cais to Vaerhaven, then eventually the keep of Ildicia, the Order was refounded, and is now the main military force of Adunia. Duty The main duty of the Ildician Order is to protect Adunia and her people against the major threats, mainly the current Undead threat and other minor threats. The knights also hold the special duty as guardians of Council of Thanes and of the Adunian Lord, currently King Lachlan Mor Elendil. Ranks Ranks of the Ildician Order differ between two sections, the Knightly ranks and the Garda, which are the enlisted ranks and the main fighting force of the Ildician Order. ~Blacksmith~ Royal Smith Giovanni the 'Great' Knightly Ranks ~Knight~ Knights are the elite fighting force of the Ildician Order. They are highly trained, highly equiped, and are chosen by the King himself. A knight generally is squired first, a long process. They bear no uniform, except of rank of Sir. The title of Sir is used instead of Ser, as used by the neighboring Kingdom of Salvus and Kingdom of Oren to symbolize that this man is of the Adunian lands. Sir was also the traditional title used during the time of Ildon. ~Current Knights~ Thane Marshal Sir Gavin Douglas Sir Lucian Wilyn Sir Derick Heinzreich Sir Eddard Armas Sir Altas Greenford Sir Cymrich Douglas Sir Gryphin Campbell-Brae Sir Eachenn McKay Sir Otto McKay ~Knight Errant~ The Knight Errant is a filler rank between Squire and Knight, when a squire has proven themselves to become knights, but have not been fully knighted. They have no uniform and do not carry the rank of Sir. ~Current Knight Errants~ None ~Squire~ A squire is usually under a knight of the Order, being trained to become a full knight. They have no uniform, and do not have to be of noble blood. A knight can chose anyone to become a squire, no matter blood or race or gender. ~Current Squires~ Squire Hektor Mournstone Squire Talibar Tyrowen The Garda The Garda is different from the knightly section. These are man-at-arms for Adunians, in some ways a militia, but not always. Most Garda are always on active duty, and are the main guard force of Adunia. Unlike the knights, the Garda do have a uniform. ~Sergeant~ Sergeants are second-in-commands of squad, and usually under a knight or squire commander. They are the best of the Garda, skilled fighters and leaders in the battle field. The sergeant is heavly relied upon, and during major battles, one of the main commanding forces of the Adunian military. ~Current Sergeant~ Sergeant Aep Bleiddis Sergeant Drahak Philborn ~Man-at-Arms~ Man-at-Arms are the main fighting force of the Adunian military, which have proven themselves as warriors and even sometimes, in leadership. They are relied upon as guards and soldiers during times of war and peace. ~Current Man-At-Arms~ Arian Ironbeard Caed Dhu Jon Wulfe Leonidos Harkaz "Red-Helm" Tormund Aisos Everbloom Samas Ander ~Recruit~ Recruits are new-bloods to the Ildician Order, who have not been trained nor been inspected. They are still treated with the same respect as their leaders and peers. ~Current Recruits~ None Application OOC Mc Name- Skype (if you have one)- Do you have a TS?- Do you have a VA?- If so, which ones?- IG Name- Age- Race- Gender- What brought you to wanting to join the Ildician Order?- ((Please send this application through the forum messaging system to me (Yopplwasupxxx) and RP on this forum that you sent the application))
  23. ((Origianl lore by ~©wl~)) Formation: During the First Ildonian Age of the Adunia, Lord Braen Elendil came to the decision that the people of the Adunia needed a new military system, once that had to be effective and structured. Braen called upon his older brother Cirimas, and asked him to do exactly this. Cirimas gathered several of his most trusted Adunian warriors, and whilst most of their identities have been lost to ages, it is known that one man was Ahrium Owl another was a member of the Loyola Clan. The men created a tradition that would last throughout the Adunia for ages to come; the Adunian Rangers of Al’Ildic. The Adunian Rangers spent centuries guarding the Province of Al’Ildic, serving under many different Ranger Captains and Adunian Lords. They served as the most elite Adunian warriors in the Great War, and continued to fight for their people until Ildon fell in the Undead Siege. The Adunian Rangers lived in Fort Arendor, which was a castle built into the base of the hill upon which the Adunian Palace stood. In recent years the Adunian Rangers have merged old members of the Phoenix Rangers and the Rangers of the Forest into their ranks. The sigil of the Adunian Rangers is a grey cloak with two swords crossed over it. The group is now known either as the Adunian Rangers or the Rangers of Al’Ildic. Few choose to call them the Adunian Rangers of Al’Ildic due to the fact that is is a mouthful to say. Current Day: The Rangers now under control of a new Adunian, Terrick Donnan, are completely reformed. They exist under new customs and organization, this not being hard to achieve as all of the previous Rangers under Caln McHarnish were exiled. Orginization: The Rangers are organized such as most militaries. Ranger Captain The Ranger Captain is the head or the organization. He is assigned by the High King and takes orders from none other than him. His rank is symbolized by a gold stripe on both his shoulders. Ranger Lieutenant The second in command of the Rangers. He manages the squads of the rangers. He reports directly to the Captain but can move up to the position in the captain’s absence. His rank is symbolized by a silver stripe on his shoulder Drillmaster The drillmaster trains the initiates that come into the rangers. He only takes direct commands from the captain unless told otherwise. His rank is symbolized by a red stripe on his shoulders. There are only four drillmasters at one time. Squad Captain The squad captain is in charge of a group of 4 men including himself. He is directly responsible for the actions of his squad. He answers to the Lieutenant and in rare cases the Captain directly. The organization within the squad is up to it’s captain. His rank is symbolized by a blue stripe down his shoulders and an added stripe to show the squad. Squad Member A squad member is under the direct control of the squad's captain. He can have a rank within the squad determined by the Captain of the squad. His rank is shown with the color of the squad as a stripe on his shoulder along with a black stripes on the inside of the others. Initiate The initiate is a prospect member of the Rangers. He falls under the command of the Drillmasters. His rank is symbolized by brown stripes on his shoulders. Special Assignments Any soldier, excluding initiates, can be selected to be on special assignment by the Captain. This rank is situation specific and, depending on the situation, may remove the current rank until the task is completed. Dress: The dress is relaxed for the rangers. Each member is able to wear what they desire as long as the stripes signifying rank are always visible. ((Roster http://bit.ly/10wX0cv ))
  24. Formation: During the First Ildonian Age of the Adunia, Lord Braen Elendil came to the decision that the people of the Adunia needed a new military system, once that had to be effective and structured. Braen called upon his older brother Cirimas, and asked him to do exactly this. Cirimas gathered several of his most trusted Adunian warriors, and whilst most of their identities have been lost to ages, it is known that one man was Ahrium Owl another was a member of the Loyola Clan. The men created a tradition that would last throughout the Adunia for ages to come; the Adunian Rangers of Al’Ildic. The Adunian Rangers spent centuries guarding the Province of Al’Ildic, serving under many different Ranger Captains and Adunian Lords. They served as the most elite Adunian warriors in the Great War, and continued to fight for their people until Ildon fell in the Undead Siege. The Adunian Rangers lived in Fort Arendor, which was a castle built into the base of the hill upon which the Adunian Palace stood. In recent years the Adunian Rangers have merged old members of the Phoenix Rangers and the Rangers of the Forest into their ranks. The sigil of the Adunian Rangers is a grey cloak with two swords crossed over it. The group is now known either as the Adunian Rangers or the Rangers of Al’Ildic. Few choose to call them the Adunian Rangers of Al’Ildic due to the fact that is is a mouthful to say. Ranks: -Ranger Captain- The Ranger Captain is the supreme commander of the Rangers. He answers to no one other than the High Marshal, Council of Thanes and Adunian Lord. His orders are to be followed without fault. -Ranger Veteran- Ranger Veterans are retired members of the Order. They no longer do any tasks directly for the Adunian Rangers, but they stay true to Ranger values and keep their loyalty to the Order. The Ranger Veteran title is only given to those who have made a substantial commitment to the Order and do not stray away after retirement. -First Ranger- The First Ranger is the Ranger Captain's right-hand-man. When the Ranger Captain is not present, the First Ranger will take control of the Order. The First Ranger usually oversees and participates in the most important tasks the Rangers are given. -Ranger Drillmaster- The Ranger Drillmasters are the trainers of the less experienced Rangers. Each Drillmaster trains the Initiates and Conscripts in their own specific field. The maximum amount of Drillmasters allowed is four. -Ranger Elite- The Ranger Elites are the most experienced warriors in the Order. They are sent on the Order's most important assignments and inspire the younger members to one day be as they are. -Ranger- The Ranger is the base rank of the Adunian Rangers. They are highly trained and experienced in the ways of a Ranger and are the lowest rank to posses full-fledged membership. -Ranger Initiate- The Ranger Initiates are the more advanced trainees of the Order. They are decent warriors but not yet as elite as a proper Ranger should be. They are trained by the Drillmasters just as the Conscripts are, though their training is more advanced and focuses in different areas. -Ranger Conscript- The Conscripts are the lowest rank of the Adunian Rangers. They usually poses no former experience, and if they do it is extremely limited. They are trained by the Ranger Drillmasters on a daily basis. Uniform: Whilst the Adunian Rangers had no official uniform, they all stuck to a certain dress code. An Adunian Ranger would wear a thick coat, leather gloves, leather boots, a belt and underclothes of their choice. Whilst those were the essentials, a sash, a cloak, shoulder guards and wrist guards were also common. All the clothes would be of brown, green, black or grey colours. In recent times a small tweak has been made to this original tradition. Due to the Rangers now interacting with more organisations than they did in the Old Province, a stand issue cloak is given to every Ranger upon joining. The cloak is used to distinguish Adunian Rangers from ordinary citizens and Rangers of other orders, though the individual undergarments and added armour from the Old Uniform Code are still worn beneath. The Ranger Cloak: Rules: 1. Do not harm or steal from a fellow Ranger. 2. Follow orders from those of higher rank. 3. As a Ranger, you represent the Order with your actions. Do not diminish it’s reputation. Joining: To join the rangers, fill out the below application and send it to either the Ranger Captain, the First Ranger or one of the Ranger Drillmasters. [Post below on this thread] Application Name: Age: Race: Skill in fighting: Weapon you have and wish to train in: Previous guild or military experience: Criminal record: OOC Application Mc name: Skype name: Short Character Bio: Accepted Villain Applications: Hours you are online each day: Roster: https://docs.google.com/a/mcsporans.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkEA0gTES_8VdFhodW8wN0RlU0pjV0kyUnVvUVdtQ1E#gid=0
  25. Swaine Age: 17 Gender: Male Race: Human (Half-Salvian, Half-Adunian) Status: Right hand and wrist no longer function. Description Height: 5' 7" Weight: 123 lbs. Body Type: Thin, smaller build Eyes: Greenish Hazel Hair: Curly, dark-brown Skin: A very light-tan Personality: One for little to no respect for authority, Swaine has always been a rebel. He is a man who follows his own wishes. Rebellious as he is, Swaine has his own set of guidelines he follows. Swaine has had no real parent figure to follow so these guidelines are rather... abstract but not too insane. His parents' absense has left him with a negative and untrusting look at the world. He believes in living up to your dreams; "...if one has nothing to die for, why live?..." One defining feature is his consistent sarcastic mood. A theif by nature, Swaine will never give up his steal or give into authority (though these stealings are small). Usually almost at the underhand if caught, he has no shame in running away. He knows what he does is wrong but is also nescesary for him to live on as he wants. Swaine still has a heart just don't expect him to show it to you. Inventory Clothing: Swaine wears a dark green bandana, a yellow top with a very dark green vest, black pants with an old belt, and old leather shoes. He doesn't carry much with him at all and most of everything is kept in a pouch tied to the inside of the vest so it is concealed (another is kept on the other side as well). Weaponry: The only weapon he carries is a rather embarrasing old dagger with a small crack through the back. He rarely gets into combat with anybody unless it is absolutely necessary so it is rarely used to defend or attack. It is mainly used to cut openings in pouches and bags to steal items. Further Details: There is a small leather holster just behind his wrist that holds his dagger, this allows him to slip it out of his sleeve at a moments notice and also conceal the fact that he is cutting something. (and no you Assassin's Creed fans, it is not like that; it is a simple leather strap with a buckle or two) Life Style Alignment*: Chaotic Neutral Religion: Swaine does not really have a set religion, but is not an athiest. Alliance/Nation/Home: He is nomadic but usually spends a long period of time before heading to the next area. Job/Class: Swaine is a common pickpocket. He prefers to do things more towards stealth and going unnoticed. It is generally unheard of him mugging someone. He does not know how to pick locks so does not break into buildings and houses. "What is yours is yours. Well. That is until I get to it. ..." Swaine is a con-man aswell but this isn't really his primary way of profiting, it is more oriented towards manipulating others to do as he wants. Swaine listens for important information he picks up from the streets by overhearing conversations and will use it to bargain with someone who needs it. Special Skill(s): Swaine has learned to be stealthy and quick on his feet. He can also climb well but isn't exactly from Mirror's Edge. He can think of interesting ways to get out of things. Flaw(s): He is uneducated and had no real parents to bring him up. Also, he lacks alot of strength and combat training. His strong will makes him incredibly stubborn. He is also untrusting of nearly everyone. Backstory Swaine has had a very hard life. He never really knew his parents. He wouldn't want to anyway. One of his earliest and most vivid memories is being literally thrown away at the age of 3, turning on 4. He does not know much, other than he came from a poor family and his name. His father was a proud Adunian, his mother was Salvian. Swaine believes his family lived in Salvus and was completely Salvian mainly because that is most of his defining features and also the place where he was abandoned. Since his parents had left him on the outskirts of town, Swaine had been emotionally lost. He had to rely on others while he was at such a young age. Never really wanting a home other than with his parents, he was never kept to one caretaker for a long time. He was often running away. Eventually he began developing thoughts of hate towards them for just simply abandoning him. He dropped his last name. These dark thoughts began to make him think why he should really trust anyone. From that point on, he would stop living from these kind caretakers and live on his own. At this point, Swaine was about 12. Out on the streets is where he experienced true hunger.This is where his life as a pickpocket began. Swaine refused to beg, he was his own responsibility. He stole from the markets to feed himself and stole the minas from unsuspecting patrons. Soon word spread about the young cutpurse. The theives of the city managed to lure him in. These theives became his mentors. He grew up learning how to steal and eventually became independent. Knowing he couldn't stay in one place any longer with all the attention he has brought to himself, he began moving every so often.
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