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Found 25 results

  1. Been here for a little bit, joined in Atlas, been NL or leading some group for over half my time here local ferryman supporter Spammed potatoes on the server Local Aether chicken rider Probably the only NL that doesn't get a burn out after months of leading at a time 10 persona slots all filled up Local Dutch man bringing European ideas to the server Proud owner of a spotify premium account Joined because mystery asked me to **** around with him on the server Built and helped building multiple settlements and vassals Local pat vendor Supporter of raising the age requirement to join lotc from 13 to 14 And a lot more that I can't remember, probably Ask me some damn question
  2. Today five years ago, I made my first app.... it got denied So I tried again! It was put on pending. I made the changes and got in! Five years later, I'm now here. ANYWAY FIVE YEARS! AMA
  3. I'm bored at the moment, so I thought this could be a fun thing to do. I am also applying for mod, so this may be a fun way to get a feel for who exactly I am if you haven't met me before. A bit about me: I am working on getting my firefighter 1 + 2 and Hazmat certification, and have my EMR and BLS certification. I know a bit about coding and have ran a few Anti-Doxxing services in the past. So, without further ado, AMA!
  4. Januray 21, 2022 was the date when my whitelist application got accepted. Since then, well, it has been one hell of a year. Ask me any question that you may think of and I will respond with utmost seriousness
  5. So recently I broke past the 1000 hour milestone on my main and only character, Garedyn The Green. I've been roleplaying in Urguan and Hefrumm as a forest dwarf non-stop since like June and I am a bit stunned by the playtime myself. This is officially the most played game ever for me, even counting from my steam library. So yeah! Ask me anything :)
  6. It has been quite some time since i joined LOTC for the first time, i have mainly been part of Urguan as the Grand Marshal three times, but have made many characters and enjoyed alot of roleplay the varying nations have to offer. Ask me anything.
  7. A DECADE’S REFLECTION Me in Kalos, LotC 2.5 (c. 2012) Today marks 10 years to the day since I joined the Lord of the Craft. As such, I find myself deep in reflection regarding the last decade that I have spent on this server. I’ve had the privilege to have been able to do a lot here. I’ve had the opportunity to leave an impact on an amazingly dynamic world and to have woven a lasting narrative, serving as both a human NL and an ST. I’ve played a lot of different characters, from peasants, scholars, and nobles to doctors, mages, and royals. I first joined this server when I was 14 years old. It seems like a lifetime ago when I first read about all the excitement behind 2.0 on the forums as a kid. When I first joined up as a human in Arethor, the very first iteration of the Holy Orenian Empire was just coming into being in Asulon. It makes me feel old just to think about it. And then later, when I somehow ended up in the lobby of the VonSchlichten research facility in Kalos (2.5) after getting randomly pugsied, it started me down a road that kept me from quitting the server as a newer player 9 years early. I’m glad that I didn’t, as the writing skills alone that I accumulated from this server have greatly altered the course of my life for the better… …But things have changed. And before I open this thread up to an AMA, I’d like to use this platform to say a few words about the state of the server and how I think it can best be fixed and preserved for those yet to find their adventures on the Lord of the Craft. Things used to be very RP centric back in the day, the server being driven by a compelling narrative and web of interactions. Now, the OOC politics of discords and friend cliques determine almost everything. We all enjoy hanging out with our friends. Heck, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got tons of friends and friend groups that I love to hang out with to reminisce about the olden days, server happens, and even real life. The out-of-character connections we make on the Craft are important, and I treasure the many lasting friendships that I have made through this server. But over the last several years, this platform, meant for roleplaying, has become more and more OOC oriented. Almost ridiculously so, in fact. When a newer player joins, they do so hoping to find compelling roleplay. They want to interact in a rich world full of interesting characters and dynamic relationships. But more often than not, they walk into nation capitals full of people VCing in their discords as they hop around. It’s nearly impossible for a newer player to have a good time with someone who they don’t already know after joining, which is key to the server’s low retention rate for newer players. Furthermore, they find themselves petitioned through discord by NLs and their lieutenants to partake in activities OOCly. Whether it be joining the military to partake in PvP training through the use of VCs or filling out spreadsheets and crunching numbers, the activities presented to the people who want to write a compelling narrative just aren’t what they used to be. Worse yet is the fact that many groups almost never willingly interact with one another RP wise. The OOC slant towards viewing the server encourages toxicity rather than a healthy narrative, souring the potential for any meaningful IRP conflict to transpire at any level, from the smallest stick up to the largest invasion, without the letting of blood, the shedding of tears, or the permanent ruination of one’s very reputation. The fact is, RP is no longer dominant. OOC is. And the issue is cultural. It isn’t a problem within any one nation or group, it’s server wide. And sadly, as a result, the experiences that I once had are growing harder and harder for the players who want to join to find any longer. This used to be a really fun place. And now, we have people committing the most vile acts against their fellow players, such as doxxing. Horrific acts by any measure done out of pure hatred, over Minecraft. Think about that for a moment. This server isn’t what it used to be, but I think it can be fixed. I have to believe that. The solution is very simple, and it requires adherence to a timeless phrase known to many as “The Golden Rule.” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These eleven simple words have always been my guiding light. It can be difficult to consider how others feel when cliques enter into competition with one another. Indeed, I myself am guilty of forming friend groups and cliques on this server which I have grown close to. However, when we take a moment to think about how people outside of our cliques may feel about something, things can be so much better for everyone. Even the slightest bit of empathy and respect can help to encourage good vibes and lay the foundation for a fun, enjoyable environment. It’s important to remember that for every truly despicable individual on this server, there are 9 others who, although flawed human beings, have decent hearts and intentions. I acknowledge that it is wishful thinking to expect this. The server has never truly been this way, after all. Even during the “good old days,” problems of this nature persisted across LotC. In fact, back then, the situation was arguably even worse. This degeneration has been happening as far back as Anthos (3.0) at least. But a few good people change the tide? Can a few good hearts make this community a better place? I would urge everyone who may have taken the time to read this post to think about doing the following. Try to see others as projects to be built upon, rather than seeking to build upon the backs of others. The thing that I’ve always been proudest about doing on LotC is lifting lesser known people up, and giving them a chance to find their own RP niche and grow. Don’t look at people as assets, treat them as you would have wanted to be treated in their shoes. Don’t be so quick to judge others due to their past. Newer or rising players coming into their own may make mistakes, but can also change. Back in the day, it used to be easier for people in leadership positions to forgive others because we were all just kids. To be clear, I’m talking about kiddos who may have done something IRP with a character of theirs and been judged unfairly for it in an OOC way. We have to be more understanding to players coming into their own who are just trying to weave an RP narrative and not judge them for going against what nation leadership groups may want. Of course, disgusting violations of server rules are another matter entirely. Those cannot be tolerated. But if something is purely RP, or if it’s a minor OOC screw up that didn’t break any rule, the player shouldn’t have to suffer for it for all eternity. When you say that you'll do something, follow through with what you promise and practice what you preach. When people do judge you, they judge you by your word, and by the way you treat others. While we shouldn't judge other people for the mistakes that they make, we should strive to hold ourselves to a higher standard in terms of keeping promises and promoting trust. It can be very hurtful when someone close to you breaks their word, or turns out to have been illegitimate. Don't be fake, be as legitimate and honest as you can be. People will respect you for it all the more. Show love toward others, not hatred. Forgive those you can bear to forgive. Don’t stew over negative vibes that, at the end of the day, don’t really have any meaning. There’s an old phrase floating around out there: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” I’ve certainly suffered great pain on this server before. But following the Golden Rule stipulates that we treat others with the same respect and dignity we would want to be treated. A little love, shown even toward those who may not deserve it, can go a long way. And that’s my 10 year message, guys. A bit long winded, and maybe even cheesy and overly wishful. But if it got even one person out there thinking, then it was worth it to use this platform to do this. In short, just try to be kind and understanding to other people. Don’t be quick to judge others. And at the risk of sounding really corny, love will always triumph over hate. And now, for the fun part! My name’s AndrewTech, and I’m getting waaaay too old for this server. This is a rare opportunity that may not come again to ask me anything about myself or the last 10 YEARS I’ve spent on it, and I WILL ANSWER! But please, no arguing, toxicity, or mockery on this thread or I will either ignore your post or have it deleted. Only good vibes in this place, people. Also, no overly vulgar questions or requests for personal information please.
  8. ayo whaddup again! ask me anything. I'm not sure how much longer I'll remain in this hellscape... but then again, I said that two years ago... so, yeah... ask me anything. (I know, I posted this after the day was almost done, but I'm a busy woman...)
  9. GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! This has been two pathetic years of my time wasted, once I jointed this burning garbage pile of premium roleplay I was introduced to the horror's of Morsgrad Tomfuc*ery, and the joys of dealing with Helena's MOJ after you just stabbed a man for not giving you bread. I hardly remember people I met when I joined except for a few lucky individuals who are still here, and you get a mention! It's worthless, but who cares! @BenjiBot @Qaz_The_Great Unironically what kept from me leaving in the first week. @camocat9 @LillyPapaya Been on LOTC longer than you by a week, cope. :3 @Oh_Ontario @bravery When should I go leave this server? Should've been a week after I joined. Would've been a year after I joined shortly after I made my first year AMA. Could've been yesterday, but who cares. I sold my soul to Tythus LTD and now I am stuck being a player retention slave. I can only leave if I am banned, and until then I will be spending the majority of my time complaining about why freebuild doesn't exist with @NotEvilAtAll. So go ahead, and ask me anything, mortal.
  10. egirl ---> goon ---> mariah carey ---> egirl (but can still left click) i've come full circle in three years, ama p.s. to all my homies: ily
  11. im sad because i burnt cookies that would've been for my coworkers and need something to take my mind off it. AMA lol
  12. [!] A mid-aged elf placed down her dwindling stick of charcoal after signing off the final page of yet another journal. Pruinae takes a sigh, leaning back against her chair as a few loud pops roll down her spine. She takes one more glance over the last page of such journal before folding closed the book- the leather cover heavily worn, pages used and warped to the point that shutting it with the given strings had become an impossible task. Opening the second to bottom drawer on her desk, Pruinae placed the collage of her memories atop the many others, stuffing the drawer completely. After a bit of fiddling through the cabinets, various items laid in front of the woman- a stack of homemade cloth parchment, leather, strings, and more. As with the creation of a new book marks the 208th birthday of an aging mali- unsure of the years to come. -=-Artistic Progress October 2018 to October 2021-=- ((OOC)) Can't believe I've existed on this server for 3 whole years now and had this character that whole time, but it's definitely been interesting. Going to go out and touch some grass after posting this. This is an AMA just because everyone seems to do one, so feel free to ask me something. Or don't. Although these past two months I virtually have not logged on due to fluctuating motivation and other things, I still want to help and commemorate my friends that I feel played a part in building Pruinae as a character and me out of character- for better or worse- that I will always come back for. Thank you for making my time on the server lively from the beginning till now, I will not be @ing you because that is a lot of work, you know who you are: Wonk, RC, StrongBear, Goon, Audry, Chipped Stars, Mika, Duke, Meteor, Salty Alty, Hexe, Venclair, Vitalian, Pillsbury, Minty. And although I haven't talked to some of these individuals in months or years, I felt I gained something from your role-play (and of course those I have not role-played with but still met through others on the server are also a joy) as well as dozens others not listed- apologies if I forgot/excluded you from the list. This sounds like I'm leaving the server, I'm not- if I was, which I was initially planning to, this post would be a lot longer- I just wanted something to commemorate 3 years :) Alright, questions below, RP in Veritas.
  13. Hey! I'm a newer player and I think this is a good way to get some questions in about myself, how I feel about lotc or anything lotc based, or anything else! So ask me anything! (Also I'm bored and I like rep :D gimme)
  14. Hello, it's me, Mr. mika1278 AKA Cyberknaap, Khromosomes, LotsOfFanAccount, The Tater Lord and some other nicknames i've gotten through 3 years of being on LotC today. July 26th I joined this server on Atlas with a bunch of Uialbens with the same character I still play today before then slowly shifting towards Sutica where eventually I've been a NL of twice. I've had a lot of fun through these 3 years and I still can get a good laugh out of it thankfully by just hanging out with various groups or creating my own every once in a while. I've played a good amount of characters so far, some not having seen their full potential yet, but we'll get there Anyway, Have a lil' list of the different character's i've played along with a short description: Mika Uialben - My main guy, Mage, mercenary, soldier, ex-trade prince of Sutica and all that fun stuff. Henri of Pestilles - Marshal of Pestilles, fought in the AIS war and kept the town safe with the other Templars of Arjen. Durth'Raguk - Literally made to rally for the orcs back in the day and have done not much rp with it since. Narb AKA Timmy - Ferrymen persona, honestly have a lot of fun playing this dude as he has a lot of personality to them. Ekoraz Ironfist - Made to kind of antagonize the dwarven religion, but grew out to be a proper character with ideas of their own. Brob'Grib - A wonk that really likes sitting in ponds and sharing wisdom with a cracked up voice. Durmm Grandaxe - Made to rally with the dwarves, drank themselves to death after the war. Karl "Kerel" Korling - Random medic persona I used to tag along with a guild, didn't really work out, but was a lot of fun while it lasted Pleiades - A fire atronach I played for a bit during my Sutica NL days to uphold order on a different persona than the trade prince. Tom Vyremark - idk man, Swifty Sam needed me so i answered for fun. Actually had some interesting RP on there. Phil Uialben - I wanted more Uialbens and the only way I can expand the bloodline is if I make more. (contact me if you want one ;) ) Now, if you have any questions for me, I'd love to answer most of them, i'll have the topic followed and i'll respond as soon as I can! Don't forget to have fun on this server, that is why we joined and that is why we stay. It gets rough from time to time, but only your mentality towards the server can change that.
  15. I have 167 rep and I need more, so I'll answer any question given to me.
  16. jk im not leaving doing this late in the day, but i made it a year, woah ask me anything !
  17. I've never done one of these before but now that I've been on this server for over two years now as of July 13th, I think it's time. So AMA.
  18. I've been on LOTC for one year as of today !!! Ask me anything :)
  19. Will respond to all questions when I wake up.
  20. Hey there everyone! I've been on the server for around a month now, and wanted to start an AMA as a neat way of reaching out. I have passions for music, anime, D&D/RP in general, Sci-fi, and tons of other neat stuff, so feel free to send a question my way! You can also OOCly ask about Kor'garr if you want!
  21. Hi gamers, it's friday and I have a stack load of homework and it's EXAM SZN but it's alright since my dog is right besides me. AMA!
  22. Hey guys! Never done one of these before, but I figured I might as well! Feel free to literally ask absolutely anything, I will give an answer on every question even if I don't really know the answer, because since when do you need to have knowledge about something to give your opinion, amiright?! For reference, I joined LotC in september 2016, god knows why I'm still here (haha lotc bad, funnyyy), played in various communities over the years, some better than others. Ask away! Also I have a +1 to post ratio to keep positive, so gimme a +1 you stingy gamers
  23. Today marks the day that I've been on the server for two years. A lot has happened since then in the world and in my personal life. I'm an Australian 18 year old, a recent high school graduate, and a former moderator of six months on the server. Ask me anything and I will answer it within reason.
  24. Yooo, On December 23rd, I will have been on this server for six months, and have been a slave to it ever since,, sooooo ask me anything ig 😄 It can be more thought-provoking, or casual like "what's your favorite color" it's up to you! Server related or not!
  25. So.. Yeah, Ask me anything, I’ve been on the staff team almost a year so I can probably answer questions about that too. Current Teams: Tech – Junior Technician World – World Management
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