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Found 4 results

  1. The Seed Well In Ancient scrolls and carvings found across the archipelago of Axios, it is said that when the emerald fires of the War faded, the emergence of Druidism brought an unseen age of prosperity to the fauna and foliage that once again scattered the lands. And when the last of the ash was swept away with the winds of progression, the Arch Druids communed with Malin in private quarters, to discuss how they would never again allow such corruption to spread through their homeland, and indeed, all of the Islands that surrounded Aegis.
  2. *Alstasia walks up to the notice board in Felsen and posts a poster "Hello. Im Alstasia Tintia. you have perhaps seen the bounty about the Devourer. Such a creature as of that indeed can't just appear from nowhere. But can it? I have found ruins upon one of the elven islands. I need somebody who knows how to read ancient elvish, and perhaps anybody else interested in ancient ruins that can possibly lead to a portal!" Send a bird to Alstasia Tintia if you are interested.
  3. [size="5"] Kohgir "Krogulec" Ironarmpit [/size] Nicknames: Krogulec, The Gearwheel Age: 324 Gender: Male Race: Dwarf Status: Still Kickin' Description Height: 137 cm Weight: 125 kg Body Type: Big bones Eyes: Brown Hair: Brownish/Ginger Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: Ancient Dwarvish Builder Tatoo, The Anvil of Kal'Urguan Tattoo Health: 75% Ale 15% Blood... Healthy! Personality: Friendly with restrictions Inventory: The Hammer of Kal'Urguan, Diamond Armor of the Kal'Urguan Protectors, Bloody Axe of Kal'Urguan Further Details: Still angry for the fall of Kal'Urguan, filled with hat
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