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Found 3 results

  1. Alurian General Medical Clinic -Code of Conduct- 19th Of The First Seed Year 54 Of The Second Age Medical Personnel: Medical Director: The medical director is the head of anything and everything medical related to the clinic of Aluria, being appointed by the prince/princess of Aluria through showing the prince/princess the ability to lead and show they’re of great knowledge within the medical field. They are tasked with the ability to maintain the clinic which means upholding the values and rules of the code of conduct , appointing a surgeon general to help the upkeep of the clinic. The director is able to rewrite the code with approval of the prince/princess, and revise it at any time. Surgeon General: The surgeon general is the second in command under the medical director, being appointed by the medical director, the surgeon general’s duties are to help maintaining the clinic and the code of conduct being the acting medical director if they are away, hiring those who educate the young medics of today, the surgeon general is tasked with giving the medical exam one needs to pass to become a practitioner of the clinic. Deputy Surgeon General: The third in command to the medical director who is appointed by the surgeon general and being approved by the medical director. The job of this role is to help both teach those under them and hire those who wish to teach. Finally, they are also able to help the surgeon general in the duty of giving and ‘grading’ the medical exam one needs to become a practitioner. Chief Practitioner: The chief practitioner is the role one ‘lucky’ practitioner get’s for a term of four years (four IRL weeks). They have shown that they are capable of being more than just a normal practitioner within the clinic and can handle the extra duties of assisting in the education of the apprentices and average practitioners. The chief is also able to assign and re-assign medical cases according to the practitioner's skill set. Practitioner: A medic that has completed the education and passed the medical exam given by clinic management, therefore receiving their license. They may now practice medicine within the Principality of Aluria. Apprentice: A medic that has not completed the education and has not passed the exam given by the clinic management to receive their medical license. Though they are allowed to assist in cases with someone who is a practitioner or more to gain more knowledge on the practice. Auxiliary Practitioner: Auxiliary practitioners are the nurses/midwives, combat medics and those medics that have not devoted themselves to being within Aluria as a practitioner or have skills that most do not have as a practitioner such as being a fulltime midwife or nurse. They have been approved by the surgeon general in order to practice medicine within the walls and lands of the principality. Medical Curriculum: Current Used Medical Curriculum (Click It!) The medical curriculum of the Alurian General Medical Clinic has been given to the medical director from the surgeon general of Haense. Though we are able to use the paper based curriculum gifted to us by our allies in the northern parts. The clinic management has approved it best to only have your teachers based around the curriculum and it does not have to be generally exactly what the pages say within this post above. The management finds it best for those teaching to teach their students the easiest way possible… Which is how the student has told their teacher they wished to be taught such as, very hands on, book work, and or private or group lessons. Medical Licensing: Obtaining Your Exam: When the apprentice has found themself wishing to become a full practitioner, there shall be a meeting with the surgeon general or deputy surgeon general on if both the apprentice and teacher think the apprentice is ready. Then they shall move on to discuss when the apprentice shall take the exam. The Written Exam: Once the apprentice and the teacher have completed talking to one of the general’s of the clinic management they shall forth to begin the written medical exam. This exam is to mainly cover some questioning of the code of conduct and then theoretical events where medical knowledge is needed. The Practical Exam: Once the apprentice has then passed the written exam they shall move on to the practical exam, this exam will be given on a cadaver (a deceased body, meant for studies and educational purposes). The surgeon or deputy surgeon general will harm the cadaver, give detail and then allow the apprentice to begin the healing of the body. This will demonstrate to the exam giver that the apprentice is able to handle things that are randomly thrown to them, showing the skills to be a practitioner. Licensing: Once the apprentice has then passed both of these exams they are finally qualified for the role of practitioner they may practice freely within the principality. The rules of the the licensing are the same as those of the north which are the following in our own words: Should any apprentice practice without getting a license, they are at risk for all wounds caused and will be brought under the eye of the court for malpractice. Should any member of the clinic management practice without a license or have gotten their license renounced, they will be prohibited from practicing medicine inside the Realm of Aluria and in case of getting caught one will be brought under the eye of the court for malpractice. Should the medical director, surgeon general or deputy surgeon general lose their license, they will be deprived of their position, restricted from practicing within Aluria, and brought before the court for malpractice and gross incompetence. Patient Care: Patients may refuse treatment so long as they are fully conscious when the attending practitioner arrives. Only the clinic management (Medical director ---> Deputy Surgeon General) may overrule this should they deem it necessary ! Another descendant or next of kin may NOT refuse on behalf of the patient if said patient is unconscious Practitioners may NOT refuse to treat a patient of the citizens or allies of the Principality of Aluria unless the following has happened to the medic or patient, which is able to be overruled by the medical director Have assaulted (verbally or physically) the medic in question Have disregarded previous orders from a practitioner or higher ! If the patient gets severely crippled, wounded, or dies due to the practitioner refusing to treat the patient, the practitioner cannot be held liable if the patient falls under any of the above mentioned categories. Morgue Procedures: Morgue Entry: Morgue is and should always be a place of peace, and respect. Meaning those who have the right to enter the morgue are the following: The medical director, the surgeon general, the deputy surgeon general, and those who have been approved by the medical director to enter the morgue. Proper Care of Corpses and Cadavers: The proper care of the clinics corpses and cadavers should be upheld by the Surgeon general and their deputy. When working with the bodies they shall be stored up to twelve months before cremated. This is to prevent a disease or infection from breaking out outside the clinic, along with this adds to the fact of the limit of time a family has to receive a body from the clinic, for possibly proper burial or other reasons. Cremation: Once a corpse has been sitting within the morgue for the twelve months the clinic shall hold the right to begin the cremation process. Reporting: Basic Medical Reports: To keep track of patients and who works on them, after an operation a practitioner should feel out a medical report and hand it to the medical director. Depending on the times of Aluria there will be pay according to the number of operations. Morgue Reports: Reports are written by those working the morgue at the time on the person who has undergone autopsy, then being given to the surgeon general who will then hand it over to the medical director, so they may have the report in case a problem arises within the morgue. Signed by, Renae Athri’onn
  2. [!] An elegantly hand-drawn poster would be sent out via turtle doves and put everywhere throughout Almaris on bulletin boards. It would be depicted as an advertisement for all to come. The Alurian Drinking Festival The Seaside city of Ando Alur is announcing a contest of drinks and cheer. All those within the realm are invited towards our beautiful city to partake in the celebrations. Where we hope to entice our guests with a fine selection of exotic alcoholic beverages. Contests and Prizes The drinking festival will hold a number of different smaller events for those who attend, from the basics such as enjoyment of the spices that are to be served. Maybe to hold casual conversations between friends and newer faces. After all the festivities, we of course will end the night with a contest. The contest in question being whoever brews the most divine brew that one can imagine tasting. Wins a prize. 1st Place wins a massive 100 minas to spend wherever they like. Alongside free drinks at the tavern until the festival comes to an end and a kiss from the princess. 2nd Place wins a humble 50 minas alongside free drinks at the tavern until the festival comes to an end. 3rd place wins a 25 mina prize alongside free drinks at the tavern until the festival comes to an end. Temp Stalls The festival will also promote smaller brewers to venture to the beautiful city of Ando Alur, where they will find that they will be more than welcome to pay for a temporary stall for the duration of the whole elven day. This will merely cost a humble two minas per stand. Those who pay for a stall are not limited to only selling drinks. Special invitations go out to the following - The citizens of Ando Alur Citizens and Councilmen of Yong Ping Eugeo de Astrea, Duke of Elysium Citizens of Elysium The esteemed members of the Hexicanum The one & only Silver State Of Haelun'or We also humbly extend an invite all who else wish to attend Signed, The Council of Ando Alur ((OOC Info)) DATE: Wednesday, November 10th TIME: 6 pm EST
  3. Sentinel Military Structure Rework + Reputation Implementation The Sentinels of Ando Allur have been disorganized for far too long. They lack structure and training therefore they must be reworked and started anew. Basic Ranks: Recruit - This is the trial rank within the Sentinels. For a minimum one week trial period, the Recruit will have to complete three trials. One given by a Captain - This trial should be combat related and test the sword or magic skills the recruit has to offer. One given by the Quartermaster - This trial will have the recruit collect materials, usually iron or leather. The final trial will be given by the Lord Sentinel - They will task the recruit in a trial of the Lord Sentinels choosing. This trial is usually personalized based on what the recruit wishes to accomplish within the Sentinels. Initiate - The first official rank within the Sentinels. A ceremony will be had in honor of the Recruit passing into the Initiate phase upon completion of the three original trials. This rank is where the sentinel has the most opportunity to prove themself. They can increase their reputation within the Sentinels in various ways such as gate duty, patrols, or collecting materials. After the Initiate rank you are promoted into the Sentry position. Sentry - This rank makes up a large portion of the Sentinels. To move on from this position you must prove yourself to be above and beyond the rest. If you prove yourself you will get to choose to become either a Scout or a Vanguard. Scout - Equal to the Vanguard rank. This is the final step before becoming an Officer. The Scout rank is for those who usually wear light armor and prefer to fight on horses. These Sentinels go above and beyond. They have proved themselves to be elite. If you earn enough reputation to promote once more you’ll end up becoming a Senior Scout. Vanguard - Equal to the Scout rank. This is the final step before becoming an Officer. The Vanguard rank is for those who usually wear heavy armor and fight on foot. These Sentinels go above and beyond. They have proved themselves to be elite. If you earn enough reputation to promote once more you’ll end up becoming a Senior Vanguard. Officer Ranks: Senior Scout - Low Ranking officer in the Sentinels. This rank is expected to host training and patrols. They may only do this with Scout members. May give Scouts only Reputation. Senior Vanguard - Low Ranking officer in the Sentinels. This rank is expected to host training and patrols. They may only do this with Vanguard members. May give Vanguard only Reputation. Captain - Keeps track of materials, gear, reputation and pay of the Sentinels. May give Sentinels Reputation. This rank is expected to task Sentinels of various ranks to collect materials weekly. Quartermaster - Second to the Lord Sentinel. There can be multiple Quartermasters but the less the better. If the Lord Sentinel is not around, the Quartermasters will take over and make decisions on his or her behalf. They oversee all skirmishes and raids unless the Lord Sentinel wishes to do so. This rank is also expected to host training and patrols if the Senior Vanguards or Senior Scouts are not around to do so. May give Sentinels Reputation and promotions. Lord Sentinel - Highest Rank within the Sentinels. Oversees all operations within the order and has final say on any decision relating to the Sentinels. The Lord Sentinel oversees all battles and only with his blessing should the Sentinels participate in any wars. May give Sentinels Reputation and Promotions. Sentinel Reputation System A system that will ensure that every Sentinel is properly rewarded and acknowledged for their hard work. A way of telling Officers which Sentinels are up for promotion or up for rewards. Section I - Reputation Points Sentinels will be awarded points for every action they do that benefits the Sentinels. Additional points can be given out if a Sentinel does something showing true honor, courage, or self-sacrifice. Gate Duty - 1 Reputation Point (Per Hour) Attending a Training - 3 Reputation Points Attending a Patrol - 3 Reputation Points (Additional point for each enemy killed) Attending a Skirmish - 5 Reputation Points (Additional point if there is a victory) Attending a Battle - 10 Reputation Points (Additional point for each enemy killed, additional 5 if the battle is won) Saving the life of a Lord or Lady - 15 Reputation Points Slaying a Lord or Lady of an Enemy Faction - 15 Reputation Points Completing a Task or Quest for an Officer - 1 to 10 Reputation Points (Capped at 10 Reputation Points) Collecting Two Stacks of Iron - 3 Reputation Points (Capped at 6 Reputation Points per IRL week) Collecting One Stack of Leather - 3 Reputation Points (Capped at 6 Reputation Points per IRL week) Section II - Promotions / Rewards Promotions 1st Promotion (Recruit to Initiate) - 20 Reputation Points 2nd Promotion (Initiate to Sentry) - 40 Reputation Points 3rd Promotion (Sentry to Scout/Vanguard) - 75 Reputation Points 4th Promotion (Scout/Vanguard to Senior S/V) - 100 Reputation Points and the blessing of a Captain or the Lord Sentinel 5th Promotion (Senior S/V to Captain) - Minimum of 125 Reputation Points and the blessing of the Lord Sentinel Rewards Weapon (Initiate Only) - 25 Reputation Points Armor Set (Initiate Only) - 30 Reputation Points Horse Earn (Scout Only) - 80 Reputation Points Enchanted Weapon (Scout/Vanguard Only) - 150 Reputation Points Enchanted Armor Piece (Scout/Vanguard Only) - 200 Reputation Points Section III - Permissions Only the Lord Sentinel, his Captains, and the Quartermaster may give out Reputation Points. This ensures that all points are given fairly. Therefore these ranks are exempt from the reputation system as they have proved themselves enough to be in their position. Senior Scouts and Senior Vanguard may increase their reputation by hosting patrols and training. They may also increase reputation the same way the other ranks do. To be promoted to Captain their Reputation will be taken into consideration. Signed, Quartermaster Yusef Kharadeen Councilwomanof Ando Alur. Head Librarian. Chiyo Osser
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