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Found 1 result

  1. CELEBRATION OF NATIONHOOD (Kunisato Utagawa. Kokugikan. 1853. Triptych Color Woodblock Print. Far Eastern Museum, Stockholm.) Our History For the past eight years the people of Yong Ping have sacrificed blood and sweat to bring us here today. Our people began as a humble caravan of migrants, fleeing a dark and colored past. But the pain of many years before is long since gone. The Cathant is but a faint memory in the back of the oldest elves' minds, and the separation of Li-Ren and Oyashiman are equally distant. For the past eight years the people of Yong Ping have worked immeasurably, giving their all so that their people may be safe and experience the new comforts that their home now brings to them. With a robust culture that reflects its diverse people, the arts of Yong Ping are shown in museums across the lands. Our merchants travel far and wide, and our goods find themselves in the homes of the northernmost towns of Alamaris. (Hiroshige Utagawa. Mariko, 20th Station. 1832. Color Woodblock Print.) The People of Yong Ping The backbone of the people of Yong Ping are the farmers and tradesmen, or the San Xiong Di. They feed the people and make wares that serve the people of Yong Ping. From the great walls that shield the city to the weapons in the army, finally in the food sold at innumerable stalls across the city, the humble laborers are celebrated and valued for their work. Next, the merchants are a lively folk. Providing trinkets and materials for common folk to buy, merchants help bring the world to Yong Ping. Whether it be the finest jewelry or Nordlandic decorations, merchants have found a way to provide. Serving the people is an equally noble task as any, and that is no different in Yong Ping. The government has expanded rapidly, with volunteers and officials filling the ranks of every hall of the Great House. Facilitating every aspect of life, these often unseen workers oil the gears of the machine of bureaucracy to keep Yong Ping alive. A Declaration of Sovereignty Today, we the people of Yong Ping, are proud to declare ourselves an equal of any people or polity on Alamaris. Our claims are settled, and our lands defended. We see a bright future for our people, and as such, must elevate ourselves on the world stage. Today we see it fit to declare ourselves The Jade State of Yong Ping. We claim the city of Yong Ping and her fertile fields. We claim the coasts to our sides and the fields north and east. With this declaration, we wish to secure our place in the world, and in history. [永平萬歲萬歲萬萬歲] Credits to KhiteBuilds for ghost writing this for me
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