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Found 10 results

  1. THE SACRED GUARD (The Soldiers of GOD) __________________________________________________________________ -Commissar Metaldrinks rallies the troopers before the assault upon The Kinslayers. Agents of the BETRAYER. __________________________________________________ YOU are a child of Creation. YOU are HIS child, oh descendant. By HIS works our hearts are filled with fire, by HIS words, we have obtained our virtues. By HIS most worthy deeds are we brought to the light, that FIRE that fills the world. O' Lord most high, are we wreathed in your fire. The SACRED GUARD. YOU are a warrior, touched by the light, for you follow the Flaming Way. A lightbarer who carries the torch of FAITH through all the darkness that has befallen. Just as the OWYNSSIAH, EXALTED OF FIRE, HE WHO WAGED THE FIRST CRUSADE, had shown to all the example, in his sacrifice, did mankind preserve the Most Pure covenant for over two thousand years. It is through his battlefield doctrine that YOU, a sacred Guardsman swears. By HIS deeds do you emulate, and within this most sacred creation are YOU, BRAVE AND TRUE, given a chance at the IMMORTALITY which is a Glorious death, so you too may rise up to be at the foot of that THRONE of LIGHT, where the LORD MOST HIGH sits and the world is filled with fire. It is YOUR duty as a descendant to protect and uphold HOLY SACRED CREATION. It is YOUR duty to safeguard the lands of the children of our most BRIGHT Creator. For if not you, then who? We are HIS Sacred Guard, and our LORD fills us with faith, with the power of creation, with the very FIRE of existence, and since the age of the betrayal, we have been cursed. The agents of the TYRANT seek to douse that fire, and O' LORD, do they try. BUT YOU! YOU ARE PURE. For through the fire of HYPERWAR, are you made more than man the animal. Made Man. The SONS of Creation. With HOLY BOLTER in hand, YOU will go forth to smite Our foes anywhere they are encountered, with the FURY of heros passed, you will be made worthy, and you will be greeted by the Exhalted, by the Saints and Martyrs. Embraced by the LORD most high. The Tyrant falls, and the COSMOS is made again in light. THIS is the example of the OWYNSSIAH. ______________________________________ -Sanctified Mechs of War, blessed by the priests of GOD perform in tournament- ________________________________________________________________ You will be ARMED and ARMORED with the BEST TOOLS and WEAPONS, gifts granted by God's most sacred Diligence and PROGRESS. YOU will be tested, YOU will bare witness to horrors few are asked, but bare them you must to ensure the FIRE is never extinguished, that HOLY PURITY is maintained. Though, Fret Not, oh GUARDSMAN. For you will be girded with fire, and accompanied by GODS most sacred Warmachines. His battletanks, His Artillery batteries, His blessed Alchemies. You will be given the best training, the most able will be granted HIGH ESTEEM, promoted through the ranks, and you will reach status not seen since the time of the Hero Saints of yore. The Mechanicum of the OWYNSSIAH will ensure the spirits of your machines are in good health, your comrades will give you company, the Krugsmarines and the HYPERWARRIORS will raise you up, and you will never retreat, for the Commissar will be besides you always to ensure FAITH remains CONSTANT. _________________________________________________________________ -Priestesses, Ordermen, and Holy SACRED GUARDS watch the Battletanks work their sacred duties. ______________________________________________________ YOU are HIS, and He is a merciful Father. For He has granted us the tools and instruction to diligently complete our duties. To overcome ALL burdens, ALL curses. To shed the Sin of Mercy for the unrepentant. To Obliterate the impure. To scourge the COSMOS of the threats to our continued ennobled Existence. In the Face of HYPERWAR one must never bare the SIN of SLOTH. For it was HE who commanded us, in his honor. 'Thou Shalt Kill' And YOU, oh NOBLE son of creation. Do your duty, as the FATHER commands. _____________________________________________________ -Under heavy artillery barrage, under the threat of annihilation by the agents of the Tyrant, NEVER forget your BENEDICTIONS _______________________________________________________ RISE YE, O' NOBLE SONS OF CREATION. FOR ONLY WE, UPHOLDERS, KEEPERS OF THE FLAME, THE PURE, PERFORM GOD'S WORK ON THIS WORLD DO NOT SHIRK YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. AS TIME PASSES WE FALL FURTHER AND FURTHER FROM THAT PURE TIME. Only YOU have the power to bring us back to that age, that pure, pure age. Gaze and pray upon the fires of war, and do not fear. For we ALL must give ourselves upon that, the Altar of War. _______________________________________________________ -Our Battle-Sisters. ICONS of Faith. CASTIGATORS of the IMPURE. Nether have no fury like the woman scorned. __________________________________________________ Infantry’ Lobgesang Love GOD, For He is the salvation of Mankind. Obey His words, For He will lead you into the light of the future. Heed his wisdom, For he will protect you from Evil. Whisper His prayers with devotion, For they will save your soul. Honour His servants, For they speak in His voice. Tremble before His majesty, For we all walk in His Immortal shadow. ______________________________________________ Prayer in time of Tumults Master of Man, Overseer of all things right, Whos powers none can resist, Save and deliver us, we beseech, From the hands of our enemies, By granting us dominion over them, Show us the path to victory, That we may produce it in your UNDYING name. _______________________________________________ Litany of War To be shouted before entering combat: OWYNSSIAH, bestow on me Your righteous fury, and Your furious strength! Let me become the storm that blasts the enemy from HIS sight! ______________________________________ ENLIST NOW, CHILD OF CREATION, JOIN THE HYPERWAR. ENTER HIS SERVICE. YOU WILL BREAK NO OATHS TO YOUR HOME, OR YOUR PEOPLE ENLIST NOW, AND RECEIVE YOUR ENLISTMENT BONUS. IF YOU ARE ALREADY A KNIGHT, OR NOBLEMAN, YOU CAN BE PLACED AS A COMMISSIONED OFFICER! (Contact an officer, commissar, or Mechpriest, or drop your sign up form off in the enlistment desk in the HIVE CITY OF VALDEV, Located in Haense) [On discord: Tyto#0435, aldsworth] -Noble GUARDS, and their MECHPRIEST ready to build further trenches -ALWAYS REMEMBER THE COMMISSAR. HE WILL ENSURE YOUR FAITH IS CONSTANT -A trooper on latrine duty after poor performance in training
  2. THE RIVERGUARD OATH Issued by the Génerale of The RiverGuard in the year of our Lord 1937 THE RIVERGUARD OATH As sworn defenders of honor, justice, and the realm of Petra, we, the members of the Riverguard, pledge our lives to a code that upholds the highest standards of conduct. Bound by duty and camaraderie, we stand united to safeguard the innocent, preserve peace, and face adversity with unwavering valor. Article I: Honor and Integrity We shall conduct ourselves with unyielding integrity, refraining from deceit, treachery, and dishonorable acts. Our word is our bond, and our actions shall reflect the noble ideals we uphold. Article II: Courage and Bravery Fear shall not govern our hearts. In the face of adversity, we shall stand resolute, demonstrating unwavering courage and bravery in battle and in life. Article III: Loyalty and Brotherhood The bonds between brethren are sacred. We shall support and protect one another, for the strength of our Order lies in our unity and unwavering loyalty. Article IV: Mercy and Compassion Even amidst the storm of conflict, we shall show mercy to the vanquished and compassion to the oppressed, seeking to temper justice with mercy and alleviate suffering wherever possible. Article V: Chivalry and Respect We shall uphold the chivalric virtues of courtesy, respect, and honor, treating all with dignity regardless of their station. Our conduct shall inspire others to emulate our example. Article VI: Devotion to Duty Our commitment to our sacred duty shall be unwavering. We shall defend the realm, protect the weak, and uphold justice, even at great personal cost. Article VII: Wisdom and Strategy The path of victory lies in calculated wisdom. We shall exercise strategic thinking, employing our minds as skillfully as our weapons, to outmaneuver and outthink our adversaries. Article VIII: Humility and Self-Improvement We shall remain humble in victory and steadfast in defeat. Continual self-improvement shall be our pursuit, recognizing that there is always room to grow and learn. Article IX: Guardians of the Land Our commitment extends beyond the battlefield. We shall be stewards of the Petra, protectors of the environment, and defenders of the realm's natural beauty. Article X: Legacy and Posterity We shall honor the sacrifices of those who came before us and strive to leave a legacy of courage, honor, and integrity for the generations yet to come. By the sword we swear, and by this Code of Honor, we bind our hearts, minds, and souls to the ideals of the Riverguard. The following form must be filled and sent to the Génerale of The River Guard through aviaries. By signing this form you swear to uphold the RIVERGUARD OATH until death or offical separation from duty. : Full Name: Age: Gender: Race: Rank: [Username: ] [Discord: ] GOTT MIT UNS, His Excellency, Godric von Theonus Génerale of The River Guard Sigismund von Theonus, Recruit of The River Guard, Elector of The Round Table
  3. THE RIVERGUARD R & O Issued by the Génerale of The RiverGuard in the year of our Lord 1937 RESPONSIBILITIES & OBLIGATIONS Below is an informational guide of what members of the Riverguard are expected to do while both on duty and off-duty, in order of importance. Article I: The Obligation to Defend All members of the Riverguard swore an oath, this means they must defend the Petra at all times, even if facing death. Upon seeing danger within the Petra, the Riverguard must always interfere and help, regardless if they are On Duty or not. Article II: Obeying Orders The Riverguard must obey their higher ranks. Suggestions are always welcome but at the end of the day its what the highest rank says in the heat of battle that the Riverguard must do. In situations of high pressure there must be some form of order. The higher rank provides it. If there is a repeat offender that does not follow orders, there will be consequences depending on severity. Article III: Uniforms Uniforms are to be worn when on duty at all times, however the wearer may decide whether to wear their helmet or not. The uniform must coincide with rank. Any members caught with the wrong uniform will be given one warning and any incidents after will involve immediate accusations of impersonating a higher rank. Article IV: Pay and Resource Gathering Anyone willing to earn extra mina may gather resources. Gathering resources is a necessity in the Riverguard, as preparing for possible war is expensive. There will be a list posted outside of the room where the materials will be placed that tells the compensation for each item. Simply put the materials in your designated barrel and they will be replaced with “Coin of the Riverguard” which can be exchanged for mina any time in the in-house shop. Gathering supplies is not only a decent way to earn mina, but a reliable way to be looked at for promotion. The Riverguard is in constant need of: Leather, Iron, Copper, Netherite, Coal, etc. Article V: Armory The armory is home to the Riverguard’s gear, everyone is given a locker that will have two sets of armor, two weapons, and two satchels of food that are satiating enough to be used in battle. This will be supplied by the riverguard which means it is NOT owned by the individuals. It is Riverguard property. Upon Petra needing it, the Riverguard will be instructed when to take their items out of their locker to prepare for battle. This includes: 1 set of armor, 1 weapon, and 1 satchel of food. The lockers are checked fairly often, and if there is armor missing from someone's locker that isn’t accounted for, there will be harsh repercussions. If the member can’t explain themselves, they will have one saint’s day to replace it. If the items are not replaced by that time, this may result in being kicked out of the Riverguard Article VI: Expeditions On average, there are about two major expeditions per year. In these outings, the highest ranking member is tasked with delegating orders should the operation turn violent. Riverguard are considered on duty during these times, and must be in uniform. Article VII: Room and Board Every member of the Riverguard ranks is entitled to a room within the barracks, as long as the individual doesn’t have any other holdings in Petra. Should a member get holdings they will kindly be asked to vacate their room to free up space for someone else who needs it. These rooms are tax free however, relatively small. Article VIII: The Right of Mistreatment Every member is still a soul that deserves fair treatment. Any Riverguard who feel they have been wronged by a higher up may reserve the right to speak about it to the Generale or even the Ruler of the Petra at the time. It is heavily encouraged to do so and by law they will not be judged. Article IX: Notice of Absence The Riverguard needs an active populace. In the event a Riverguard member hasn’t been seen for 2 years without notice, The Generale reserves the right to evict them from the premises and the Riverguard as a whole. These individuals will be seen as oath-breakers by the members of the Riverguard, regularly shamed for making a commitment they couldn’t uphold. Article X: Recruitment The Riverguard is in constant need of people, each Riverguard will be urged to invite other into our ranks. Simply introduce the prospect to a higher rank for recruitment. This also is heavily considered during the promotion phase. Article XI: An Oath Fulfilled In times of great service, Riverguards may retire their oath as it had been fulfilled to the best of their abilities. This is seen as an honor because to earn it involves years upon years of servitude. Upon this happening, it is customary to place an art piece of them within the Bastion, so their servitude and legacy will never be forgotten. GOTT MIT UNS, His Excellency, Godric von Theonus Génerale of The River Guard Sigismund von Theonus, Recruit of The River Guard, Elector of The Round Table
  4. ___________________________________________________ The Reformation of the Obsidian Guard Long before the reformation of Urguan, a specialized force that ensured the security of the crown was handed to the Legion and the Obsidian Guard. Though the name and role of the Obsidian Guard has been forgotten for many years. Due to years of foreseen inactivity of the Legion, the Grand King and his King’s Council has sought out a better fit for Urguan and its safety. Therefore the concept of the Obsidian Guard is henceforth reborn. Within this rebirth, they will be raised and charged with the protection of the Grand King and all of Urguan. Though in times of war, the Obsidian Guard shall be reformed into the Legion once again. Many of the Guard’s within its ranks shall fill in officer positions thus leading the Urguan auxiliary force to dwarven victory. ___________________________________________________ Ranks and Structure The Captain of the Guard serves as the primary and only officer of the Guard whenever the King is not present, only relaying his orders to them otherwise. Often a veteran with some prior experience commanding, or simply an individual noted for his remarkable skill in battle, as well as unwavering loyalty. Should the king fall in battle, or otherwise die before abdication, the task of protecting the relics of the Grand Kingdom falls to this individual until an election is held. The Hammerguard comprise many of the Longbeards and veterans of the Guard, and are also the fewest in number, as there are few Longbeards willing to take the oaths and sacrifices required to join, however those that do, are among the most elite warriors in the field.. The Axeguard is the most numerous in the ranks of the Obsidian Guard, and is intended to serve as the main bulk of the King’s shieldwall. Members of The Axeguard are feared and respected warriors in battle that have proven themselves in battle countless times. The Shieldguard is the ‘grunt’ rank of Obsidian Guard, though make no mistake, they are still elite soldiers in their own right, and simply have not proven themselves in the capacity of a Royal Guard. The Shieldguard operate more akin to a traditional Legionnaire than an independent warrior like their superiors. ___________________________________________________ Requirements and Restrictions The Obsidian Guard is not a simple military guild or formation that one can apply to join freely. The Throng of the Grand King himself commands two things of its members, discipline, and absolute loyalty. To be a member of the Obsidian Guard, one is required to be a full-blooded Dwarf, (preferably with traceable lineage back to Urguan himself, though this is not an inherent requirement.). No ‘foreign folk’ are ever to be permitted within its ranks, even if they are declared honorary dwarfs, nor are any halfbreeds or other folk of questionable allegiance and lineage allowed. Furthermore, a member of the Obsidian Guard is to never, under any circumstances retreat from the field of battle, unless commanded to do so by the King, or Captain of the Guard. There are few things more shameful in the eyes of the Gods than cowardice. The punishment for this utmost shameful display is the shaving of one’s beard, and subsequent exile, though this punishment may only be administered by the Grand King or Captain of the Guard. To be a member of the Obsidian Guard, one is required to be an adept fighter of some form, be they with shield and shortaxe, or with greataxe and maul. (OOC note: This means that the person be competent in either PVP, CRP, or preferably both.) As both the Legion and the Obsidian Guard ultimately draw from the same pool of recruits, (and also, to prevent the Grand King from amassing a personal army, unbeholden to the council) The Obsidian Guard shall by default never number more than a thousand individual members. (OOC note: 10 personas) Any expansion of the Obsidian Guard must first be approved by the Grand Senate of Urguan to take effect. Any potential recruits to the Obsidian Guard require the approval of both the Captain and Grand King prior to undergoing initiation into the Guard. ___________________________________________________ Initiation To join the ranks of the Obsidian Guard, one must undergo a process of several rituals and traditions before being considered a member of their ranks. To begin, an individual must bring themselves before the Grand King or Captain, and must make their case for what makes them ‘material’ for the Obsidian Guard. This individual may bring two people, both of clans besides his own, to provide a list of deeds, or testimony as to the individual’s worthiness. If no prior deeds are given, or if the King and Captain find the individual’s testimony lacking, the King may command the individual to prove himself. This may be as simple as returning with the head of a worthy foe, or a difficult task, such as slaying a greater monster with witnesses, or surviving ten days and nights in the frozen north without supplies. It is a matter of creativity on the part of the Grand King, and is why one must be ready to prove themselves, or have already done so if they wish to join the Guard. Once this individual is accepted, either through the completion of a great deed, or through prior deeds, they then must swear an oath before the shrine of Dungrimm and Anbella. These oaths must be issued with the Captain or Grand King as witness to them. As a final rite of initiation, the individual must undergo the process of acquiring a tattoo on their right arm, this tattoo being a sleeve, and shall take the shape of the individual’s oath, written in ancient Dwarvish script. Only once this process is completed may the individual don the armor of the Obsidian Guard, where they are to serve until death, or released from their oath by the Grand King. Uniform As the dwarves of the Obsidian Guard are all elite fighters they shall all wear the same uniform to symbolize their unity towards their goal. Only the Captain shall wear a cape and pass it down to the next Captain should he retire or die in battle.
  5. THE KRUG-HAI Mauz-ob da wagh uzg. The formal hierarchy and social ladder of what is known as the War Nation. Every Uruk, Goblin and Olog is expected to be a part of the Krughai in some form or another. The Krughai determines their place in society, and through feats of exceptional strength, intelligence or honor, they will ascend it. Ranks: Notable REX: Orgoth’Braduk Supreme leader of the Keshig and Krug-hai alike. Targoth: Kuntklobbera’Raguk General, and main overseer of the Krughai; this uruk has proven himself physically and strategically on the field of war, rising above all in ability. His role is to aid the Rex in tactical matters and command troops during Wagh. Occasionally, the Targoth also takes charge of drills and military exercises, though these are often undertaken by his closest: the warboss’. Waghboss: Vagud’Gorkil, Zlazh’Yar, Schreck’Lak, Bashkuga’Raguk The waghboss’ responsibilities lie mostly in training and in drills. They coordinate raids, and referee sparring to ensure that a murderous outcome does not occur. Discipline also remains in the grasp of Waghbosses; they have the ability to dole out punishment as they deem fit. Ranks: Lesser Flattaz, Ridaz agh Shootaz Flattaz, Ridaz agh Shootaz are the primary brunt of the Krughai - the cavalry, infantrymen and archers of the Uzg’s military. After years of hardy service they - if the Rex decrees it - may be granted the opportunity of succeeding to Waghboss Aapskut Translating literally to ‘meatshield’ these orks are initiates of the Krughai, whether they be orks returning from displacement, orks being reintegrated after realizing the dishonour of whitewashism, or orks who have just reached maturity, they all begin as the rank of Aapskut. Ranks: Dishonorable Pug Pugs* are orks who have dishonoured themselves and their clans akin, whom with their newly acquired status are not granted the privileges of the common orkish military. They are not equipped with Zkahiron plate, and instead don boiled leather armour to signify their misdeeds. Typically pugs are returning whitewashes. (*To ascend the Krughai ladder, Pugs must be active within and amongst the goi for three Cactus Days, and endure any abuse that their rank entails.) The Keshig Protectors of the Rex Keshigboss: Overseer of the Keshig force, responsible for adjudicating the trial required to become a keshig. Keshig: The keshig, as Krughai elite, must maintain themselves physically and mentally. Any weaknesses are removed immediately by the Keshigboss. To become a keshig, one must attain the rank of Flatta, Rida, Shoota or above, and display before the Keshigboss three items: I. The heart of a shara II. The ears of an albai III. The beard of a stout As Decreed by: Orgoth’Braduk Rex of the War Nation of Krugmar, Supreme Commander of the Krughai and Keshig alike, and protector of the Krug. Kuntklobbera’Raguk, Targoth of the Krughai and Wargoth of the Unbroken. OOC: All orks that are in the ork chat/region as of present are Flattaz, ridaz or shootaz depending on their preferred combat style. All new orks will begin as 'aapskut' All orks are in the krughai from maturity - it is compulsory. Shamans are an exception, but if they wanna fight/attend drills they can do.
  6. The Barmy Merchant Company The Barmy Merchant Guild has one main objective. To become the top merchant guild in Vailor, being able to fund and arm troops to the teeth without making a dent to their coffers. Unearthed from the ashes of the past Barmy Merchant Guild of Athera they seek fortune wherever it may be. Through blood or slick merchantile efforts they will collect the realm’s relics. Members of the Barmy Merchant Company are given shares based off their ranking within the guild. Meaning, when the time comes for them to cash in their shares and leave the company they get a cut of the total the company is worth. The longer you stay, the better the company grows, the more your pockets could be filled! We are recruiting all craftsmen and merchants, we only ask you leave your shoes at the door. For applying please use this format: Name: Race: Past Groups: Skills: Reason for joining: [OOC] MC Name: Skype: Teamspeak (Y/N): Will this be your main character: ~Ranks~ Barmy for Salami The Barmy for Salami has complete control over the merchant company and all relics and resources are to be handed to him. He is in-charge of recruitment and promotions. Barmy Carly The Barmy Carly is in-charge of ensuring that members of the company donate their resources to the Barmy for Salami. All changes with the company will also be discussed with barmy carly's as only the barmy for salami's most loyal will be positioned with this rank. Barmy Salaryman The Barmy Salaryman is a rank given to all members who have been with the company for at-least two elven weeks. They take orders from the Barmy Carly and Barmy for Salami Barmy Boy Barmy boy is a rank given to all new-comers of the company.
  7. The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi God is our Strength History The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi was established in the year of 1531 by Amethu Denaseth, Amir of the Sultanate of Khalestine. Founded in the palace of the Al-Wakhrah with the blessing of Imam Kareem Ibn’Yrdam, the Order was born to protect the lands of Vailor, the True Believers of Allah, and to prepare for the coming of desperate and dark times. To increase the administrative efficientcy, ‘The Holy Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi and ‘The Order of the Mubarizuns’ were merged as ‘The Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi’ accepting all that were willing. Prosperity in Khalestine fell during the last war between the ‘Men of Oren’ and the ‘Dwarves of Urguan’ and the Alwahdat Alwaqi lost their manpower and was almost disbanded. With the recent stability that has found Khalestine in the year 1549, The Warriors of the Holy Order of The Alwahdat Alwaqi have risen again. Purpose The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi is an independent order within the Sultanate’s military. The order is based on the principle that all life is holy until it is corrupted by Shaitan. We protect all the descendents and children of Allah from the influence and spawns of the Shaitan. The first duty of the Order is to protect the family Kharadeen. The Order shall act as their personal retinue and will protect them from all dangers, holy and unholy, good or evil. The second duty of the Order is to protect all the children, elderly, and descendants of Allah from all the unholy and evil dangers that may threaten them and bring aid to the children and descendants where is needed. The third duty is to protect the Righteous faith and spread the word of The Exceedingly Merciful through the lands of Vailor and to the descendants, showing them the eternal flame of Allah. Joining the Alwahdat Alwaqi Warriors of the Alwahdat Alwaqi are required to be citizens of the Sultanate. They need to be Qalasheen or Farfolk and they are required to believe in the Righteous Faith. Exceptions can be made for the most loyal followers of House Kharadeen and/or the most devout believers of the righteous faith. Code of the Alwahdat Alwaqi My duty as a warrior of the Alwahdat Alwaqi now begins. I am the shield of Allah, Protecting His Word, His Land, His People. I am the sword of Allah, Striking down His enemies. I am the guardian of His Word, Spreading His Will and His Light. My bond is eternal. My duty as a comrade of the Alwahdat Alwaqi now begins. I am my brother’s shield, I shall defend him when he cannot himself. I am my brother’s sword, I shall strike for him when he cannot himself. I am the guardian of his honor, For we stand as one. I will fight alongside my brother. I will die alongside my brother. My bond is eternal. Ranks A member of the Order will act according to his rank and will follow orders of a member higher in the hierarchy. If conflicting orders are given, a member will always listen to the highest commander. The High Command Sultan The Nation Leader of The Sultanate of Khalestine. The Sultan holds divine right to the ruling of Khalestine and has absolute power over everything within the Sultanate. The Sultan is the one that chooses the direction of the military. His soldiers will offer their loyalty and respect towards him. His involvement is generally indirect, however, and is typically handled by his Amir. Amir (The Marshal) Current: Amethu Denaseth An Amir is appointed by the Sultan to run the military as the Marshal. The Amir is responsible for running the military and retinues, protecting the city and civilians, protecting the Sultan, and ensuring order is kept within the land holdings. The Amir also advises the Sultan on matters of war and conflict. An Amir may hold trial against an person if accused of a crime. If the accused is foreign and of important value to another nation, the Sultan or a Steward from The Office of The Munavin will hold the trial. Alkabir (The Commander) Current: The Alkabir, chosen for his faith and devotion to Allah and for his prowess as a commander, is entrusted to lead the Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi in Faith, and heads the Alwahdat in times when the Amir is absent. He is chosen personally by the Amir for his many skills. Mustashar (The High Councilor ) Current: Imam Faiz Ibn Qhuhafah The Mustashar is a experienced steward who handles the financial and managerial affairs of the order. He is entrusted as the religious and political and diplomatic representative of the Order. He acts as an advisor of the Alkabir during absence of the Amir. The Lower Command Faris Alkabtin (Captain) They are the officers and instructors of the Order. They are true warriors with many skills, most importantly their skill of command. The Faris Alkabtin are the elite and have committed their lives to serving Allah and to protect the innocent from darkness. They wield the authority during military expeditions and on the battlefield, taking a captain’s role. Faris Almutawaf (Officer Errant) The Faris Almutawwaf are the errants of the Order. They go out in Vailor and will help the local population and spreading the word of Allah to the world. They also act as assistants of the Mustashar, acting as diplomats and stewards of the Order and helping the stewards of Al-Wakhrah with their duties. Errant’s possess a passion for traveling while representing the Sultanate. The Vanguard Faris The Marafiq who completed their trials will be given a place within the Order. The Faris is the main force of the order, they have many duties, combat and noncombat related. They will uphold the ideals and principles of the Order until their oath ends. Marafiq Squire The newest addition to the Holy Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi. A citizen who shows devotion to the True Faith and undeniable loyalty to the Kharadeen and Khalestine, will be given a chance in the Alwahdat Alwaqi. The Marafiq will undergo a series of trials. A Faris will accompany the Marafiq as a mentor and judge. Payment & Rewards The Khalestine military uses an honour system. A soldier will be paid accordingly to the duties he fulfills. The more duties one fulfills, the more pay and rewards one is eligible for. Application ((OOC)) MC Name : Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it? : Timezone : Do you have a Skype? If yes, please PM it to me : ((RP)) Name : Age (Teenager, Adult, Middle-Aged, Old, or Venerable): Gender: Reason for wanting to join the Alwahdat Alwaqi?: Are you a Qalasheen or Farfolk and do you abide by the True Faith? : Please give us a little bit of your background ((A short paragraph )) :
  8. The Order of Mubarizuns A family crest adorned with the an angled crescent moon and star. Purpose Called upon by the Sultan to protect the Children of Allah and the Jewel of the Sultanate, the Mubarizun are the champions of the City of Al-Wakhrah. They stand as role models for the citizens and must be willing to risk their lives for the greater good. The Mubarizun offers those with bravery and skill to put their skills to a noble cause albeit strength alone is not necessarily required to be oathed. While individual strength is important, the Mubarizun push themselves to learn as much as they can - whether that be in the realms of politics, culture, language, or science. While off duty, a guard of the Mubarizun might be in Al-Wakhrah library studying or enjoying a smoke at the ****** lounge among comrades and citizens. The Mubarizun follows a strict code once oathed. Virtues of the Qalasheen To protect the citizen of Khalestine from interior and exterior threats. To protect the Sultan, Allah’s appointed leader for the Qalasheen. To protect and share knowledge gathered for the benefit of the Qalasheen. To show no fear when facing a foe. To respect those in command. To know restraint when dealing with the foolish. To take personal responsibility for any wrong doings. To present one’s self in the best way possible. To pursue knowledge into old age. To know humility. To avoid the gossip of prideful men. Joining The Order of the Mubarizun All willing and able are allowed to apply for joining The Order of the Mubarizun. when you have joined The Order of the Mubarizuns, you will become a citizen of The Sultanate of Khalestine. If you already are a citizen of the Sultanate of Khalestine and you do not believe in the righteous faith, you will be exempted from the foreign tax, when you join The Order of the Mubarizuns. The High Command Sultan The Nation Leader of The Sultanate of Khalestine. The Sultan holds divine right to the ruling of Khalestine and has absolute power over everything within the Sultanate. The Sultan is the one that chooses the direction of the military. His soldiers will offer their loyalty and respect towards him. His involvement is generally indirect, however, and is typically handled by his Amir. Amir An Amir is appointed by the Sultan to run the military as the Marshal. The Amir is responsible for running the military and retinues, protecting the city and civilians, protecting the Sultan, and ensuring order is kept within the land holdings. The Amir also advises the Sultan on matters of war and conflict. An Amir may hold trial against an person if accused of a crime. If the accused is foreign and of important value to another nation, the Sultan or a Steward from The Office of The Munavin will hold the trial. Low Command Naqib (Captain) A Naqib is a senior officer with many years of experience within The Order of Mubarizuns and chosen for his amazing prowess in combat and leadership. Appointed by the Amir to command a large group of muharib and jundi during military expeditions. Many are often given the tasks of recruiter and drill master. Raqib (Overseer) A Raqib is a Muharib who not only showed skills in battle, but, also skills in leadership. He will be trained in the arts of leadership by a Naqib or by the Amir self. A Raqib will test it’s leadership skills as a leader of a squad of the Mubarizuns. They are also the main recruiters of the order. Sub-Rankings Mwahtemed (Quartermaster) The Mwahtemed is an title given to those who show capability of doing such jobs as making sure the other soldiers are equipped enough to do their tasks. Specializing in the organization of arms, ranging from weaponry to armor, the task of the Mwahtemed is to assure that their fellow soldiers are equipped. Muhandis (Engineer) The Muhandis specializes in the use of military siege weaponry, such as siege crossbows, battering rams, catapults, and trebuchets. Jarraah (Surgeon) The Jarraah is the lifeline of the military by making sure the injured and wounded do not die with the use of advanced medical knowledge, vital to the job. Mutadarrib (Trainee) The Mutadarrib is an oathed recruit, they will be taught all the professions, however they will eventually specialize on one subject. The Enlisted Muharib The Muharib are the most devoted and steadfast soldiers of the main force. The men are experienced with fighting battles and are the well-disciplined fighting elites. Jundi The Jundi is the vast majority of the Mubarizuns force. They are the footmen and militiamen who serve as the primary protectors of the Sultanate and the bulk of the battlefield during war. Alwafid The Alwafid are the new unoathed recruits of the Mubarizuns and are required to be oathed by the oathing standards set. If the Alwafid is not oathed, they may not receive any additional ranking. Alwafid who are looking to work around the foreign tax must wait to be oathed. Payment & Rewards The Khalestine military uses an honour system. A soldier will be paid accordingly to the duties he fulfills. The more duties one fulfills, the more pay and rewards one is eligible for. Application ((OOC)) MC Name : Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it? : Timezone : Do you have a Skype? If yes, please PM it to me : ((RP)) Name : Age : Gender: Please give us a little bit of your background ((A short paragraph ))
  9. The First Hafling regiment called The Shovelhood, after a lot of consideration, decided that the humans of Felsen are too weak to defend their own city. Ronnor McRoccerg stands infront of his halflings, all wearing plate and ready for war. "Brothers and sisters of the Shovelhood, it is time to strike! The humans are too weak to protect their city. So we will claim it!" WARCLAIM Type of battle: Skirmish. Date And Time: 5 est, 5/3/16 Side A: [Initiators] Halflings of the Shovelhood. Side B: [Receivers] The Orenian Empire. Location and boundaries: Outside of Felsen. Terms of Victory If the attackers/defenders are all killed or driven away from the battlefield. Upon Victory For... If the attackers win, Felsen will be warclaimed. If the defenders win, Felsen wont get warclaimed for 29 days. Side A: The halflings of the Shovelhood and allies. Side B: The Orenian Empire and no allies. Rules -All server rules apply. - No golden apples. -No potions. - No any type of armor. -Only wooden sticks. ((Yo this is not a meme :( ))
  10. Draydon's county leader, lord Dain Hanover, with Baron Greyhame all sit at the main hall enjoying their meal along with the bannermen, then suddenly one of their spies arrives upon his horse. "My Lords, he said while at the same time he catches his breath. I have news about an old enemy of these lands, Invictus company is sharping their swords and cleaning their shields once more, against you my Lords. They might be mercenaries and having contracts but I heard no such thing of a contract against them my Lords." Dain Hanover looks Ulfric at the eye and Ulfric otherwise, then Ulfric Rises his voice towards the Bannermen and Lord Dain. "Men of Draydon County it seems the enemy is planning to attack us, but this time, Ulfric raises his voice louder, I say this time! We will make the first move and make sure this time those savages will end up with no lands! For lord Hanover!” Women and men started to sing war songs. Commander Jason Blade, a man of trustness started to train the bannermen and prepare them for the upcoming siege. Ulfric was honored to lead the assault and the rewards were told to be big and mighty. The blacksmiths started smithing swords and armour. The Craftsmen started to craft bows and arrows, the bannermen where finnaly ready for the assault. OOC: WARCLAIM Type of Battle Siege (Battle via Land) Time & Date Tuesday 30th (4pm est) Manpower Attackers: Hanovers+ Allies Defenders: Invictus+ Allies Location and Boundaries: At their castle called Kythera and around their town. ((Sorry for the color mistakes and line number, its my first warclaim, thanks. ALL ALLIES AND OF HANOVERS MEET UP AT KAROVIA ONE HOUR BEFORE THE BATTLE, THANKS!))
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