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Found 5 results

  1. Do YOU Want ART!?!?! Of COURSE You Do!!! Black & White/Gray (Includes Shading): Headshot: $3 Bust: $5 Full Body: $7 Or Discord Nitro Colored: Headshot: $6 Bust: $7 Or Discord Nitro Full Body: $12 Additional Charges Backgrounds: Simple Patterns/Solid Color: Free Complex (Cities, forest, etc): +$5 Misc.: Extra People: +60% (i.e.: 2 uncolored Busts are $8) Shading: +40% (i.e.: unshaded colored Fullbody is $12, shaded is 16.8) Examples Acceptable Payment (In order of Preference) Pre-paid Visa Cards, Giftcards (particularly amazon/steam), Discord Nitro ($10), Cash App (Not currently accepting), Art Trades, Cool LOTC items
  2. Hey there!! Are you looking for a cool gift to get your friend for Christmas? Or maybe you just want some super epic art of your character? Fear no more! As the title suggests, I'm doing a little sale for the month of December! You can find some examples of my portfolio below. Illustrations (fully coloured): - bust/portrait - €42 - half body - €56 - full body - €70 Sketches (simple or grayscale with minimal shading): - bust/portrait - €17.5 - half body - €28 Some additional costs: - extra character: +60% of base price - complex background: +30% of all characters combined - weapons, tattoos, and other props: +€3 (illustrations), +€1 (sketches) My portfolio! Illustrations Sketches What I unfortunately can't draw: - NSFW or heavy gore (slightly suggestive art is okay) - golems, constructs, monsters, anthropomorphic creatures (like musin and kha, but I can do orcs!) For more of my art or info, feel free to check out my website here! Slots 3/3 Please note: I can only work on 3 pieces at once. A slot is claimed after payment goes through. If all slots are taken, feel free to message me and you will be added to the waitlist. Waiting should only take 2-3 days at most. Thank you! Paypal only If you're interested, leave a comment below and add me on discord! 28idle#0747
  3. WE'RE BACK AT IT AGAIN BOYS! https://kitomine.carrd.co/ msg me on disc <3: Kito!#6666 Mina: 200-1.2k USD: $5-45~ Status: OPEN
  4. Hello everyone, I'm going to have my first commission and this is what I plan to sell, if you are interested please hit me up! (PSPSPSPP: Thanks to @shartingsfor his character Aurelius as a model) Username: ChocoVolans Discord: Choco(Nad)#0909 (Click for ->) Portfolio (Click for ->) Commission Slots Selling : (Click for ->) MORE CLEAR IMAGE OF COMMISION INFO OF "PAINTING BUNDLE"
  5. Kyrene Boutique | Art Commissions Beebie Shop Official Server Link https://discord.gg/9Y2pfwhtgW Beebie Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beebie_shop_official/?hl=en --- Art Commissions are now open in the Kyrene Boutique Server! It includes our server owner Kitomine and Beebie Shop Official; ran by Ros Rae and username-that-exists. This post will advertise Beebie in order to reach out further into different social medias other than our instagram! --- What is Beebie Shop Official? Beebie Shop Official is a shop ran by the siblingship of Ros Rae and their sister "Ute" (username-that-exists). We specialize in character designs, (digital) painted portraits, and stickers! Our price ranges are from $20-40 dollars at best. Depending on complexity, it could reach up to $25-50. Our stickers cost $3 for customs and a +$5 for characters (added to full designs or portraits) What Does This Mean for Kyrene Boutique? We'll be manning with both skin making and art in our boutique! Are we able to RP ask employee players for commissions (whether it be skin or art)? Yes! It is possible for some our our tailors to have a RP session with your characters for skins or art commissions. Just come down to our discord server and ask! --- Kitomine Beebie (Ute) Beebie (Ros Rae) --- So join the server today to buy skins and art comm. today! We will be happy to welcome you with sunflowers and tulips <3 !
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