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Found 1 result

  1. & Crusade of the Creative Mashup! Welcome to the Battle of the Arts and Crusade of the Creative Mashup for the month of December! For those who don’t know, BOTA is an art contest that allows the members of this vast and ever-growing community to showcase their artistic talents and Crusade of the Creative, is a writing competition for the writers here on our lovely server! It’s a time to give our writers to shine in a way other than writing snazzy emotes! [Read Carefully the different criteria for BOTA and COTC] Battle of the Arts consists of four categories: Visual Arts / Video Editing Music Creation / Singing Building Skinning Our two categories for the Crusade of the Creative are: Fiction Writing / Playwright Poetry Theme Battle of the Arts: For this month, you just have to follow the ‘LOTC meets an iconic christmas movie’ . This is meant to be fun, corresponding with this festive season, so have fun! Since the theme is quite a wide idea, have some flexibility, create what you can and be creative! Crusade of the Creative: The prompt word for April’s Crusade of the Creative is Christmas Lights. Good luck with creating writing pieces that remind you of this theme! it can be literal or figurative, let those creative juices flow! How to Sign Up Signing up is easy! In order to participate all you need to do is comment on this post using the following format: IGN: BOTA or COTC: Category: Artwork: Prizes Each category will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! 350 Mina Exclusive CT-signed Item Creative Wizard forum tag (1st place receives all the above, 2nd receives 150 mina and item and 3rd receives an item) Criteria All content entered must coincide with the theme of the month. You must give credit to whichever movie you are mentioning You are allowed to submit up to 1 submission per category. Creative Writing is limited to 10k words, and must be linked via google document. Creative Writing and Poetry does NOT have to relate back to LotC, but must relate to the overall theme. Submissions are to be posted in the comment section of this thread. all submissions must be in by 31st December, 11:59 pm EST If you are in need of any help or have questions, please feel free to pm one of us over discord! (Demon_Lilly#9033 or teawithsarah#0007) Credit to @reko for the Battle of the Arts art.
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