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  1. Hi guys, I have a few skins that I will not be using that I would love to put into the community. I will only be accepting USD through CASHAPP and VENMO!!! I will not be accepting Paypal unless we find a way in DMs. GUIDLINES OF THE AUCTION 🎕 All skins will be starting at $7.50 USD unless otherwise specified! 🎕 All bids must increase by $0.50 USD! 🎕 You may buyout any skin for the buyout price! 🎕 Please do not edit your original bet post - instead, create a new one if you are betting again. BID OUTLINE Name of Skin Bid or Buyout Price Disc Tag Cashapp or Venmo The Auction will end on the 29th of December [Ten Days!] Wendy Darling Icy Maiden - SOLD Celtic Christmas Sarafan Emerald Robes- SOLD Green Silk - SOLD A Familiar Face If there are any questions, feel free to message me on discord @ alli#2769 Thank you & Happy Holidays <3
  2. The Elvenesse NFT Auction! With the new rebuild in place, we need more mina to do cool things. So today I'll be auctioning off NFTs of Elvenesse characters! (This does not mean you own the characters except for Amaesil. Zilldude has given consent. I wish Chase did.) All auctions will start off at 500 mina. Just remember that these are RARE NFTs. All raisings of bids need to be of increments of 50. OOC Name: ____ ING: ____ IRP Name: ____ Bid: ______ ULTRA RARE NFT: Evar'tir in the dark Epic NFT: Amaesil McZilldude Rare NFT: Medli Raining Rare NFT: Inconspicuous Elf
  3. OFFICE OF THE HEAD CLERK OF REDENFORD 11th of Horen's Calling, 1843 AUCTION OF CASSIA HALL, 1842 Approved by the Rt Hon. Thucydides Melphestaus The Office of the Head Clerk of Redenford on behalf of the Head Clerk, The Right Honorable (The Rt Hon.) Thucydides Melphestaus, is proud to announce that an auction for 0wnership of Cassia Hall, the former estate of the O’Rourke family, shall occur. The auction shall occur on the 7th of Tobias’ Bounty (10/23 2 PM EST) All are invited to come to try at winning the grand Cassia Hall. Bidding for such an estate shall start at 75 marks. May the best Orenian with the deepest pockets win. The auction shall take place in front of Cassia Hall in Redenford at the specified time. Signed by, The Rt Hon. THUCYDIDES MELPHESTAUS, On This 11th of Horen's Calling, 1843.
  4. MYRINE'S BOUNTY Presented by the Mareno Company We strive for professionalism, conduct and our grandeur in association with customers from across the continent. It is in our interest to provide the best; we sell the finest products, made of luxurious and refined materials, crafted by talented and fine craftsmen. In our greatest efforts to serve, The Mareno Company has embarked on a new venture -- the Myrine’s Bounty. To all across the continent of Almaris, we are proud to extend an invitation to all wishing to attend our auction, located in the City Square of Corazon; the Principality of Savoy has offered us a hand in partnership in hosting our auction, and we also come to rejoice in the opening of our new establishment, the Little Myrine. In order to celebrate this momentous occasion for our company, we honour all to come. The Myrine's Bounty will occur on 21st of the Grand Harvest, 42 S.A. Why is our establishment different from others? We sell only the finest goods across the continent, and our competitors are unable to match our authenticity nor our conduct. In being able to make merry with everyone, we are established in over three different nations and continue to strive in our expansion to bring others affordable prices and quality products. What is special about the Myrine's Bounty? Unlike regular auctions where normal, crude items are sold, all our products are of high quality and unique in value. On top of this, we will be selling a variety of different materials for those who wish to make the finest blades, or the most lustrous of jewellery. All materials are one of a kind and rare. What can we expect? A small insight into the items that are going to be included in the auction is a dagger of blighted-steel, beat and forged using this rare, sought-out material. For those leering at ancient relics, we came across a formidable spear of yore during one of our expeditions, for those who wish to discover its secrets or keep it as a collectors item. On top of this, for those men and women looking to swoon their beloved, we have found an amulet that induces love, joy and happiness. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Jace Mareno, President of the Mareno Company [OOC Information] Date: 09/25/2021 5:30 PM EST (Upcoming Saturday) Location: City Capital of Corazon, Principality of Savoy - City Square We will be hosting an auction above at the specified location and date. All items will be story-team signed (no player-signed items will be sold). If you are looking to take part in the auction, we would love to have you with us! RAFFLE At the end of the Myrine’s Bounty, we will be hosting a raffle to give back to the community. In order to sign up for the raffle, please list your name below as formatted and comment on the thread. You must be present at the event for your entry to qualify, or it will be passed onto the next! The winner of the raffle will be able to receive an ST-signed reward. RAFFLE ENTRIES CLOSE ON: 09/24/2021 - 11:55 PM EST Once entry to the raffle is closed, we will reply to this thread with a final list of participants and their designated numbers, which will be rolled on to determine our winner on the day. IGN: RP NAME: (Reply to this thread with a brief description of your character receiving a raffle ticket.)
  5. A Skin Auction Yong Ping Edition So! I decided to try my hand at skinning recently and think I did quite okay and therefore, I'll be selling some skins I made! Rules No editing your comment, you have to make a new one. When bidding against someone, tag them in your comment. No last minute skin sniping. Starting bid is 100 minas, at least 25 minas on going up! Ends this Sunday at 9pm EST, 9/26/21! Form Discord Username Skin[s] Bid[s] Li-Ren Hanfus Crimson Rider Hanfu Peaches and Cream Hanfu Oyashiman Kimonos Permeating Mandarins Kimono Sun-faded Kimono Day in the Clouds Kimono Hyeol-yeon Hanboks Vibrant Melon Hanbok A Scholars Hanbok Happy bidding!
  6. A Silver Lubba’s Auction With the more recent establishment of Lubba’s Keep and the local economy on the coast this keep is found on, it was seen fit to throw a party of sorts. This party was the tavern night held a good while ago, so it is time to establish ourselves with the wealth we have collected throughout the years and host an auction for those who can find us in the realm. THE AUCTION The Auction is being held at Lubba’s Keep, at this location a makeshift auctioneer’s platform will be constructed within the square. Once the auction starts then the gates will close. At this auction various items will be sold by The Silver Lubba Company, its allies and potential merchants who wish to auction something off. If one were to wish to auction something off at the auction, then reach out to The Silver Lubba in advance. Anything can be sold as long it is not the life of someone else, unless this life agrees and is willing to contract themselves for a period of time. Happy Auctioning! signed, The Silver Lubba
  7. Azie’s Skin Auction ✾ Hello! Welcome to my first skin auction on LOTC. With popular demand there will be an even split between male skins and female skins! Please follow this format to bid. This is to keep everything organized! Format: Skin Name: Discord Tag: Bid(s): Rules: ⦿ All of the skins will have the option to bid in Mina or USD. ⦿ To prevent clutter, please do not respond to the thread unless you're bidding. ⦿ If a player outbids you, please respond with a new reply stating your new bid. ⦿ Paypal only for USD bids. ⦿ Once a skin passes a threshold of 16 USD, no more Mina bids can be made on that skin. ⦿ All skins will go up by minimum increments of 20 Mina | 1 USD. ⦿ You cannot resell or post the skin you bought to any platform. ✾ Starting Bids | 200 Mina | 10 USD Conversion Rates | 1 USD = 20 Mina Contact me on discord (Azie#0155) if you have any questions Auction Closes on Thursday, August 26th | 8 pm EST Male Skins Amber Brittany Candice Jessica Lauren Female Skins Sebastian Theodore Ethan Christopher Charles
  8. ❦ Cozy Cafe Skin Auction ❦ [ SOLD !] This is my first ever skin Auction! I didn't know that I coincidentally named every single outfit after food when Imade these, thus leading to the 'cafe' theme! These skins are for females and are based on the clothing from Haense, Oren and Yong Ping! ALL SIX SKINS ARE MADE BY YOURS TRULY! ♥ ───── ❝ RULES ❞ ───── ➤ All bidding starts at 250 Mina ➤ Minimum Increase of Bids will be 10 - 100 Mina ➤ No editing any of your bids. Only comment if you are bidding. If you are bidding again please make a NEW COMMENT. ➤ No reposting/claiming/reselling ANY of the Skins. ➤ Any edits to the skin MUST BE REQUESTED to me, after the Auction is over and is sold to the winners. ➤ If you have any questions, please DO NOT COMMENT IT. Send the question to my Discord : agape#1755 ! The Auction will end in 3 days. Tuesday, August 24th, 5PM MT (Mountain Time)! ❝ FORMAT COMMENT ❞ DISCORD: IGN: SKIN TITLE: BID: ───── ༻✧༺ ───── ❦ SKIN MENU ❦ [ CLICK TO VIEW UP CLOSE! ] ❀ Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok ❁ Sweet Summer Honey Hanbok ✾ Sakura Tea At Midnight Kimono ❋ Soft Sugar Plum Kimono ✧ Tangarine Dreams ❇ Pale Marine Gin ❦ Good Luck! ❦
  9. YONG PING GUILDHOUSE AUCTION [!] A lengthy catalogue of rice paper bound in a hard-cover bamboo book would be distributed around the entirety of Almaris with detailed blueprints and sketches of various properties. WITH the blueprints of the new city finalised, the Jade State of Yong Ping has been diligently gathering materials required to materialise the dreams of its many hopeful citizens. [Sketch of the Guildhouse Docks] Yong Ping’s close relations with various trading parties, merchants, and dignitaries stand as a hallmark of Yong Ping’s pride. To better provide for the hardworking merchants of Almaris, we have opened up three Guild House spaces for Guilds interested in having a home base of operations secured close to their tradeships, next to a bustling and prosperous market. Bids for each property will be outlined underneath each property name as well as the details of property purchase. Interested parties kindly reply to this missive with your proposed amount for bid, we will publicise all bids so that all have an equal chance at contest. [Sketch of Dry Docks] [Sketch of Public Warehouse facility] Bids End 11:59pm EST 18th July 2021 GUILDHOUSE 1, WATANABE DISTRICT [Sketch of Guildhouse 1 Entrance] Floors: 4 Facilities: Close to rp hubs and warehouse space. Close to the fast travel island. Breathtaking scenery from the terrace, open-air and overlooking the sea. Interior decor completely at your discretion. Tax: 125 Mina a week. First week tax free. Starting Bid: 750 Mina GUILDHOUSE 2, WATANABE DISTRICT [Sketch of Guildhouse 2 Entrance] Floors: 4 Facilities: Close to rp hubs and warehouse space. Close to a fast travel island. Interior decor completely at your discretion. Largest interior space out of all the Guild Houses. Situated right above an amazing Dry Dock rp space Natural lighting Tax: 150 Mina a week. First week tax free. Starting Bid: 1250 Mina GUILDHOUSE 3, WATANABE DISTRICT [Sketch of Guildhouse 3 Entrance] Floors: 5 Facilities: Close to rp hubs and warehouse space. Close to the fast travel island. Interior decor completely at your discretion. A large Neon Sign to advertise your Guild. An open-air terrace with a view of the Teahouse and the Seaside view. Tax: 125 Mina a week. First week tax free. Starting Bid: 1000 Mina Signed, Li Xiuying, Zhu, Matriarch, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yong Ping
  10. Pride Skin Auction Evening all! I thought this idea would be super cool.. I may of gotten swamped inbetween everything but i think.. We hope im not missing a colour. So for thsi auction ive made both a male and female skin for every colour. Rainbow style. I was going to do the different flags but i was running out of the time. Maybe next year. I hope with each outfit anyone thats wants to wear them that can. I tried to keep up with fashion of lotc.. But we cant win them all.. Happy Pride month all. <3 Rules 1) All mina must be given before the file can be sent. 2) All outfits start at 25 min and go up by 10 mina. 3) Bidding ends on June 26th saturday 2021 Please use this format: Username: Name of the skin: Bid amount: If someone outbids you please make a new comment quoting them. Ruby Red Cardinal Red Viridescent Green Olive Green Salmon Pink Blushing Pink Orchid Purple Amethyst Purple Amber Yellow Golden Yellow Tangerine Orange Titian Orange Sky Blue Cobalt Blue Rainbow Male Rainbow Female
  11. The First Snaga Auction First Official Snaga Auction in Almaris [!] A depiction of the snaga is drawn onto the paper. A young, hardworking human snaga is for sale! The snaga is - Hardworking Strong Understands blah Will listen to commands All on Almaris- those with noble hearts who would like to buy the snaga’s freedom and orcs, who would like this snaga for themselves- are invited to the first official snaga auction of Almaris! The human name of the snaga is “William Sirsk”. The bidding will start at 5 teef (50 minas) and will increase by increments of 1 teef (10 minas). May the snaga go to the richest in the crowd! [OOC: Auction taking place May 29th, 8 PM EST in Krugmar by the bank.]
  12. The First Grand Auction of Urguan Welcome one, welcome all! To the first Grand Auction of Urguan! Our great nation has seen an abundance of wealth and riches within our glistening caverns, an now is the chance to share in our treasures! The Merchants guild will be hosting this Auction to sell some of these beautiful items, so be sure to bring your pouches filled with mina! The auction is set to take place on the month of The First Seed, Year 24 of the Second Age. A book may be purchased at the event for any wishing to know exactly was will be in the auction and their starting bids. ((OOC Friday 6:30 EST at Urguan. If you'd like to sell an ST item please be sure to message me on discord. Fishingrobyn#8010.)) ((Items that are on the auction are ST or very rare only. There are stalls that will be selling other goods)) Signed by, Grand Merchant, Bjorn Grandaxe.
  13. I am doing another skin auction in hopes of getting some extra mina. So I hope some of you will want these and perhaps use them. The auction will end on the 10th of May, 6pm EST. Rules: The bids not following these rules will be ignored and seen as invalid bids. You can not edit a comment, please make a new one so that it is easier to keep track. Bidding starts at minimum 100 Mina. All bidding will be increments of a minimum 10 Mina. You HAVE to tag the person(or people) you are outbidding a skin on You MUST be able to pay the amount required as soon as the auction ends. Bid Format: Discord: Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Skins: Male skins: Light blue and Gold: Foxy Gambeson: Orenian Blue: Haeseni Noble: (The colours on the stripes on the right arm can be changed) Female skins: Floral Fox: A summer’s day stroll: Female Armour: (The white tabard can be changed into a different colour) Red Court Gown: Happy Bidding!
  14. It's me, ya theydy, back to try this again. Art auction, rules, all nice and fancy: -There will be TWO separate auctions, one specifically for Mina's, and one for USD -Mina auction starts at 100, goes up by 50 per bid, minimum. -USD auction starts at 5$, goes up by 50c, minimum. -Please ping the bidder you've outbid. Winners get to choose between a crest, headshot/bust, or an animal! Ends May 7th. Crest Example: Headshot/bust example: Animal Example: Please DM me on discord if you have more questions! neojunior#0657
  15. KEMO'S SKIN AUCTION 2.0 _________________________________________________________ Going again but with more male adventurer outfits~ ALL bids are as LISTED ~ Bids will increase by 10 mina per bid minimum. ~ Remember to @ the person you're outbidding. BIDS WILL END MIDNIGHT MONDAY 19TH APRIL EST. Please dm me on Kaiz#4082 if you have any more questions. Feel free to change colours or make minor edits. MALE SKINS: Stealing in Style - 75 mina Desert Merc - 75 mina FEMALE SKINS: Dusk - 75 mina Midnight - 75 mina
  16. Hola! doreebear here! This is my very first skin auction ever! I've put up several of outfits I have made over the past several months so if you're wondering some look different that's because some are more recent than other :) I will be doing actual moneys, USD, because I am a broke college student and I need the funds :( But I hope today some of you will spot an outfit you really like! today is gonna be a bit of a small auction I only have 6 outfits! (idk that may be big idk.) but I will be doing MORE in the future! so hold onto your hats and lets begin! ALL BIDDINGS WILL START OUT AS 2$ USD! the bidding will end tomorrow night at 7pm CST (yeah im in CST suck it.) I will not be putting my payment info out publicly so please PM ME FOR THAT INFO BECAUSE IT IS PRIVATE! ALSO! please no reposting on PMC! just because you bought the dress does not mean you take credit acting like you made it, I still made it! if you have any questions my discord is doreebear#3218 I just wanted to make a quick little update! I can and Will refuse to sell a skin to a person. If they are a known skin stealer, frankenstien-er, post without credit or even just a toxic and hateful person whom I don't see fit to have my skins. I believe my skins should go to people who respect my work and respect others and myself as a person. Pretty In Pink! (FEMALE) (one of my first skins spare me) Red Russian Sarafan (with blue cape.) (FEMALE) (this is also one of the first skins I ever made spare me.) Brown Winterfell (MALE) a Pretty Imperial Pirate! (FEMALE) Russian General SIR! (MALE) Robe crème a fleurs! (FEMALE) Ay! Por Favor! (FEMALE)
  17. KEMO'S SKIN AUCTION [ CLOSED] _________________________________________________________ First time doing this so go easy on me please~ ALL bids are as LISTED ~ Bids will increase by 10 mina per bid minimum. ~ Remember to @ the person you're outbidding. BIDS WILL END MIDNIGHT MONDAY 29TH EST. Please dm me on Kaiz#4082 if you have any more questions. Feel free to change colours or make minor edits. FEMALE SKINS: Sunrise - 75 Mina Afternoon Tea - 75 Mina MALE SKINS: Morning Stroll - 75 Mina Northern Wolf - 75 Mina
  18. Three-Way Skin Auction MikoMonster (Skyylark), Spoon, & Venclair March 1st, 6pm EST - March 4th, 6pm EST ⚜ Rules of the Auction I. Bids start at $5 USD or 100 minae. II. The ratio of USD to minae is: $1.00 USD = 20 minae. This is to keep bids consistent and fair. Please do the calculations between the two currencies on your own. III. The minimum bid raise is $0.50 USD or 10 minae. IV. If you put your final bid in USD, we will expect to be paid in USD. If you put your bid in minae, we will expect to be paid in minae. We may be willing to make exceptions, but don’t expect them. V. Requests for steve skins to be made into alex skins may be allowed depending on the skinner. Please try to make this request not long after the auction ends. VI. Follow the bid format at the end of the post. VII. Bidding will end abruptly at 6:00pm EST on March 4th. Any attempts at last-minute bids that are posted at 6:01 or later will not be counted. ⚜ ⚜ MikoMonster (Skyylark) Skins Is That a Tablecloth - Alex Tater Farmer - Alex Because I'm a Lady - Alex Elven Embroidery - Alex The Red Princess - Alex The Best Pirate I've Ever Seen - Steve Second Time's the Charm - Steve ⚜ ⚜ Spoon Skins Witcher from the Witcher - Steve Basic Gambeson - Steve Crusader from Crusader Kings II - Steve Generic Witcher Pinterest Skin - Steve ⚜ ⚜ Venclair Skins Rosette Debutante - Alex Gaunt Pirate - Alex Viking Majesty - Alex Northern Hunk - Steve Pirate Himbo - Steve ⚜ ⚜ Bidding Format Skin Name: Skinner’s Username: Discord: (alternatively, you can pm us if you win the skin, just indicate such) Bid: (indicate minae or USD) ⚜ - Happy bidding! -
  19. Evening all! Ive been working on this big ass auction for awhile. It started with a contest between skinners within the skinners guild. Where we all make different cultural skins. Now several weeks later and many different cultures I’ve come back to auction them all off. To make it easier I have added if it Steve or an Alex skin. There are 22 skins unless I did math wrong. Rules 1) All mina must be given before the file can be sent. 2) All outfits start at 35 min and go up by 10 mina. 3) Bidding ends on wednesday, the 24th at 3:oo est pm Please use this format: Username: Name of the skin: Bid amount: If someone outbids you please make a new comment! If you have multiple bids keep them all together! Cecile Green (alex) Forest Plaid (alex) Alusys’s Maid (alex) Malaya (alex) Freira (alex) Evening Primrose (alex) Weeb (alex) Selwyns Adventure (alex) Sellie (alex) Hera (alex) Mali rites(alex) Raja (steve) Regent Letitya (alex) Apollo (steve) Zofia (alex) Athena (alex) Róisín (alex) Czar Niko (steve) Magdalena (alex) Sunset armour (Alex) Daphne (alex) Sunrise armour (steve)
  20. neo's skin auction [(mainly) Mens light armor edition] Hello hello hello! I’m back with another skin auction! All money will be taken through PayPal (Maybe a Steam game too). This one will be going on from Jan. 1st to Jan. 8th, 4pm EST. ~Rules~ -Do not edit bids, if they’re edited, they’ll be ignored. -Bids will start at 5$, going up by at least 50c. -You must be able to pay ASAP. Format- Discord: Skin(s): Bid(s): Bids 10$ and up get any sort of quick add-ons or changes (such as changing the arm width, a color change, or adding a quick clothing item, (i.e. a necklace, or certain cloth)) if wanted. Bids 18$ and up can choose to have a head created, or just added on if wanted. (Male or female, although it may take me some time to do it.) Skins (Male and female, although I focused on men more!): Male: Northern Man: Apple Pie: Mint Sprig: Pirate Boy: The Coally Suit: Female: Ring Ring: Bar Lady: Magenta Mania: Flower Bandit: Under The Sea:
  21. Hiya! I'm not the most known skinner by any means, but I am hoping to at least get somewhat of a name for it. This is my first auction obviously right as now I started to do commissions! Payment for these skins will be done over PayPal. Rules: Please, please do not edit your comments for the bids otherwise I'll have to ignore them :< Bidding is starting at 5 USD Each new bid must be raised at the minimum of at least 50 cents You gotta be able to pay for the skin you bid on after the auction is over, not gonna hold onto the skin for you. Bidding Format: Discord: Bid: Skin: (Please specify which skin in particular you are bidding for <3) The Auction will be open from December 4th to December 12th Baby Blue Blue Cloak Flowery Yellow Green Coat Green Leaf Navy Blue Ruby Red
  22. https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/ambretta/ Welcome to my skin auction! Payment for these will be taken through PayPal, as that is all that I have. CLOSED Rules: - Please don't edit comments, I'll ignore them if you do. - Bidding starts at $5, increasing by a $1 at a minimum. - I won't be holding skins, so please be able to pay ASAP. Bid format: Discord Skin & Bid Skins: These are all female skins as I'm still learning to do male skins, so you can commission me if you'd like for a male skin. If you have any questions, dm me at ambretta#5052! All of these skins are based off of picture references that I found on Pinterest, and are all original. Sorry that two of the skins only have one screenshot, that was all I could fit. Daffodil Dress Seafoam Gown Dark Elf Emerald Gown Lavender Skirt
  23. I am doing another skin auction in hopes of getting some extra cash to spend on christmas presents. So I hope some of you will want these and perhaps use them. You will need paypal for this or have a friend that has paypal. The auction will end on the 12th of November, 6pm EST. Rules: The bids not following these rules will be ignored and seen as invalid bids! You can not edit a comment, please make a new one so that it is easier to keep track. Bidding starts at minimum 5 USD. All bidding will be increments of a minimum 50 cents. You MUST be able to pay the amount required as soon as the auction ends. Bid Format: Discord: Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Skins: Male skins: Light blue and Gold Blue Colonial: Fat Imperial: (eyebrow and eye colour can be changed) Highlander Armour: Female skins: Light blue and Gold Female: Fancy Queen: Red Court Gown: Beige: It’s a woman’s world: Violet Dream: Lady Fox: Peacock Gown:
  24. - Steepled’s Skin Auction - Hi everyone! This is my first skin auction I’ll be doing, please feel free to look around! Rules: - You may not edit a bid comment, every time you bid you must add a new comment with the new bidding amount. I will not count edited bid comments. - Bids start at 1000 minas, and bid increments are of 500 minas. - The auction will end in two days time, September 25th, 10:00 pm EST. - You can bid on any amount of skins you like. But you must pay if you win. - Payment comes before skin(s). Auction Format: Discord name and tag number Skin (s) and bid (s). Good luck bidders!
  25. Slave with Great Potential for Sale! BIDS STARTING AT 1000 MINA! -Signed, Damian
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