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  1. THE SAPLING OF THE ELM TREE It’s been around twenty years since the first time I placed foot within the city of Atrus, capital of Balian. The southern city has seen my family grow, from being only my daughter Emma and I, a baby when we arrived, from having gotten married with four blessed kids. It is this day though, that I decide to take a step to the side just like my Pater did in the past and give the control of the Household to my eldest son and heir: Ephrem Kervallen @ECS11 For I have held this title of Patriarch for long enough, bringing the family to what it is now. My time of leading has come to a halt, passing down all duties to Ephrem. I'll keep serving the Company of Balian as I have in years past, but will dedicate more time to spend on my passions; my family and the sea. Signed, Evander Kervallen, former Patriarch of the Kervallen Household
  2. [!] Letters, printed in the vivid inks of jungle berries and flora, make their way to all corners of Almaris [!] ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ To all those who participated in the Siege of the Shattered Skies, In efforts to properly record the whole truth of those brave and honorable actions taken by every living being who fought against the cursed Undead, we invite you to send recollections, details, or even mere snippets of your valiant efforts taken during this glorious Wagh. These missives will be collected for publication and annotation within the next issue of our newspaper in a record breaking epic of an upcoming headline article. Whether warrior, paladin, archer, medic, shaman, citizen, even those of the Dragon-blood or users of the voidal scourges; All are welcome to reply. Of particular interest would be record of our brave allies who fell in battle defending the lives of us all, so they may properly be remembered and welcomed into the stars above wherever their souls might go. And even if you are some still rotting enemy, wishing to let the world know of your continued existence... Kor'garr will spread your name as well, so we can make sure to crush you more permanently next time. Please send responses by bird or contact Kor'garr the Clanless in person at Blarg Nyx (Zero) in the city of San'Velku, Wagh Nation of Krugmar. Thank you all. May Ghorza bless your travels, The Staff of the Kaktuz Weekli. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦
  3. “With the Eagles foresight, we reign victorious.” With great sadness, the Vuiller household announces the passing of their Patriarch, Count Drako Rickard Darkwood alongside the passing of their heir, Lord Godric Ivan Vuiller in the battle against Undead Cloudbreaker this last Saint’s Day. A time of mourning is called, as is for most of the Kingdom at the many lost in the battle for our nation and home. It is with this announcement, that another comes which would often bring great joy to the Household, though we find it only bittersweet in this time of mourning. Upon the same day as the fight for our beloved nation, Lord Godric Vuillers wife and now widow, Lady Liliyana Vuiller has given birth to a set of twins, healthy with a set of lungs that could blast out one's eardrums and a head full of hair upon downy heads. For what was once meant to be the grand-heir is now the heir, we announce the birth of; Lord Edvard Baenyx Vuiller, heir to the County of Aquilae And Lady Eirene Linh Vuiller The Household asks that prayers and well-wishes are given for the newly gained children of House Vuiller. “Finally, Horen and his tribe built homes of wood and cloth in the plains, and they built temples of stone, and had many children.” Line 13, the Scroll of Gospel. With this announcement, should any family or friends wish to pay their respects to the deceased, they may make their way to the chapel within Renduzzo and join those within. Letters are sent out to the family branches outside of Balian, ensuring all are fully informed. May GOD bless us. May Saint Harald Vuiller look upon his descendants with pride and tender care. And may Count Drako Darkwood and Lord Godric Vuiller find peace within the Seven Skies. Signed, The Right Honourable, the Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller, Countess-Dowager of Renduzzo, Lady Procurator of Balian. Her Ladyship, Liliyana Sonia Vuiller
  4. Artists Rendition of the undead Cloudbreaker A POV from Fal’leon Maehr’uhier 7th of Peter’s Glory, Year 41 BA Fal’leon hadn’t seen combat in well over 50 years, not true combat, not since a war long since passed, in a kingdom long since fallen. But the threat of Cloudbreaker was enough to rouse the buried soldier within his spirit, the call to protect the Balance with his druidic brethren stirring him to action. The days leading up to the battle were full of weary collection of gear, procuring potions and items alike, intent on walking away from the battle standing. Nevertheless, despite all his preparations, when he placed his owl helmet atop his head and rode out to the ash lain Balian, nerves pressed deep into his chest and threatened to cut his breath. He kept his composure all the while, thankful to have his features concealed. When they arrived, greeted with the majesty of Koko Mama’s great form, for a moment he was calmed. Fal’leon stood and readied alongside his brothers and sisters: Nemea, Aerendyl, Malii’evarir, and Theo. Comfort came from the familiar faces, though the nagging pit that he may have to see them fall refused to give way. “‘Ow are we feelin’?” He’d ask them, looking at their armoured forms. “Excited.” They replied, determination evident. And for a moment, he was too. But the sky split with red lightning, and such feelings were quickly stolen. And for another moment, Fal’leon could only think of his children, of how he had to return to them alive. He gripped his glaive, Kermetta’leh Vihai, a little tighter. Brother Corvid, graced with a few moments to simply calm his mind, muttered prayer to the warrior Mani, his desperation to see the sun rise the next day calling him to his worship. “Morea, Ellaurir’Chirran heya iheihuii Velulaei hiuwera, kaean’leh ortilrun nae illerae. kaean’leh Sirame ay’nae’leh lye myumierae. Oh Morea, llytan, nae’leh ahern kae illera.” “Laran Moccus. Oem heya ordivhiuw ito nae’leh. lae heya cerun malarehan lomera. kaean’leh ortilrun nae illerae. kaean’leh Sirame ay’nae’leh lye myumierae. Oh Moccus, ordivtilrun, nae’leh ahern kae illera.” The five of them stood atop a great mesa stone and looked out into the distance, eyes gazing over the canyons in search of the undead beast. Fal’leon turned to see if it had come elsewhere, met with an unpleasant sight. “Shi’. DUCK!" He cried out. Behind them stood a brigade of undead, all baring crossbows, all aimed at the unknowing druid squad. The Corvid himself ducked down against the rocks, moving his Entling dubbed Evar’ame to stand in front of Malii, to protect his oldest friend from the incoming barrage. A moment too late, she was struck with an arrow, though the following bore into the Entling with a thud. “Get down here!” Called a voice from below, spoken from the ‘Gator’, Aerendyl. Fal’leon slid down the rough, red stone, perplexed by the request. “We’re going to use Koko Mama.” A look of realization and understanding split his features, and the Corvid offered a single nod. He turned passive to active connection, figure concealed now by shimmering translucent feathers of black and purple; a monsterous, raven form over his body, whose eyes leaked purple tears. With a hand on his shoulder, offered his friends power to keep himself lively, Fal’leon brought his focus to the behemoth Palm and her joyful voice. His figure covered in translucent feathers, the sound of shouts and arrows filling his ears, he made his command to her known. Creaking filled the cliffs as Koko Mama’s final waltz began. Her great figure reared back, twisting to the side slowly, at the Corvid’s instruction. She was brought to the limit of her own flexibility and no further, held in place for but a moment. And then he let her go. The massive tree flung to the side like a great hand swatting dust off a ledge, sending all but one of their antagonists-- Who had been so gleefully boasting about their success in disabling the Palm and its users -- flying rom the cliffs and down into the canyon, presumably to their demise. “That’ was fun.” He said, despite himself. Job not yet done, the pair of druids waited for Koko Mama to return to her upright position, her song filled with pride and glee as she was made to sway so vastly. Once prepared, Corvid returned to his command of the great Palm, bringing her to bend backwards, away from the cliff. He peered out for a moment, noting the singular Undead remaining, struggling to find hold on the ledge and threatening the only unattuned in the party. Locating his target, the familiar creak returned to the cliffs. Koko Mama reared back to her fullest extent, nearly bend in half, wound back with the most tension Corvid could offer. And yet again, with lethal intent, he let her go, gesturing forth with his staff from their concealed location. The sound of the Palm whipping through the air was a scream of wind, the crash of her mighty branches rivaling the cries of Cloudbreaker himself. The Undead jumped down from the cliff in an attempt to escape the worlds largest fly swatter, narrowing managing to do so, to Fal’leons dismay. Noting the threat, the two druids jumped down from their place on the ledge and made their way around, back to the combat, flanking the Undead. For a moment, they paused. Aerendyl placed a hand to the younger ‘ame’s shoulder and offered a rare moment of affection and comradery between the two. “You did well.” He told Fal’leon, a notion that revitalized his determination and confidence. And so the pair returned to their friends, finding the Undead had become simply dead thanks to a well placed spike trap. Joining them, offering a semblance of relief, were three newcomers. Now they bore reinforcements, an armor clad figure, a woman who’s title he had never come to learn, and a king. Their backsides protected, the four present druids began their true task. Each druid took to their designated, practiced locations, a sense of unity in their divine goal of turning the mighty tree into a slingshot to put all others to shame. This time, Fal’leon set his hand atop Gator’s shoulder, pushing his energy into the man while he took aim. It was at that moment that the Arch druid took notice of a troll within the canyon. Forgoing their search of the skies for the fiendish draconic presence, the quartet turned their focus to the ravine’s assailant. Red and blue energy swirled to create the coconut, one that dwarfed even the largest cannon ammunition. Whence formed, Koko Mama’s massive form began to take back to her lean, her trunk winding back to all but fold over as it had done before, the druid's auras mingling into a kaleidoscope of colour. The coconut sailed through the air, its mother singing with glee as she swayed back and forth, towards the troll below. The party watched on with celebration as it hit its mark, smashing its target into the ground as a hammer would unto a nail. Cheers filled the air for only a moment, silenced by a demonic voice known only to pertain to the wicked Cloudbreaker himself. What followed broke the hearts of the druids. The sky above turned a shade darker, a dreadful shadow overcasting the land, bringing forth the promise of devastation in its wake The dragonic figure had a lapse in control it seemed, cannon fodder having sent it sailing towards the canon in an unconstrained fall. A sickening snap filled the air as it hit her, twisting stomachs at the sound. But it was the sight that befell the group that shattered them. Broken clean, they watched on with unbridled pain and rage, helpless to save their beloved Koko Mama. The Corvid cried out “KOKO MAMA, NO!”, useless to save her from the crushing weight of a fallen dragon. She who dances with Hurricanes, completing her final tango… a waltz with fate. [!] Artist rendition of Koko Mama's fallen form It was only for a moment they remained unmoving, staring with wide eyes at their most precious weapon. But the proximity to Cloudbreaker forced them to their wits, and so Fal’leon followed on as the group trudged up the cliffs and hillsides to the entrance of Balian. “Druids at the gates!” A voice called out, and they were permitted within, their collective sense of duty outweighing the deep seeded mourning for the time. And for but a moment, Fal’leon was able to take everything in. The city he’d visited seldom prior had become a war front, covered in ballistas and canons alike, walls clad in descendants all sharing purpose. A familiar, terrible cry filled the air all over again, cutting the moments breath short. Metal on stone followed, armored men and women running to man their respective weaponry. And thus, the druidic party made way to the center tree, mingling their abilities yet again, causing it to take shape into a ballista itself. A barrage flew towards the skeletal dragon as it drew nearer, striking it numerously. Two volleys were able to lodge into the figure before it returned the gesture tenfold. The heat was tremendous, and Fal’leon couldn’t help but think about how he could be cooked within his plating as his eyes were forced to watch stone turn to liquid. He dove behind cover, watching in horror as the courtyard was turned to all but ash. He was frozen, a sick memory in the forefront of his mind, one that had been granted to him nearly half a century prior by the Voidal Hollow of Ando Alur, a premonition of a fiery demise. His ears rang, silencing the screams and cries of his allies. He had burnt alive once, without perishing. Everything was quiet, time felt stilled and the mali'ame couldn't tear his eyes from the beast. Perhaps the promise of it ending would suffice in comfort, as the dragons maw opened yet again. [!] A painting of Cloudbreaker's breach “Lets go!” The voice of Theo broke through the ringing, stirring the Raven to return to the moment at hand. On shaky legs, Fal’leon joined his companions behind a second layer of walls. “There may still be people up there!” Called a voice from nearby. A familiar notion, one he himself had felt many years ago. A fools duty. “Dunnae play ‘ero! We ‘ave tae go.” He replied, joined by Redtail in the sentiment. And so, those that remained standing began to run, fleeing into the heart of the city. They were met with the rear guard, focus trained on a group of undead. Fire and Corvid watched on for but a minute before they were pulled from their mesmerized state by Redtail. Together, the squad of Koko Mama converged away from the combat, whose sounds of terror lulled to a distant clamor. “We cannae jus’ abandon them all, can we?” “I’m just here for the dragon, who cares if some descendants die?” As much as he hated to admit it, Fal'leon couldn't help but agree. He had forgone his duty to the people of the world long ago. Without their grand catapult, they were unarmed. Horse hooves bore into the dead ground as the five retreated from combat, their task forced to an early completion by the devastating demise of the beloved Koko Mama. But five soon became two, and when he looked back, he and Theo were alone. They rode to their home, the Mother Grove, without so much as hearing the gate of other horses around them. They were met with none of their party. Fal’leon waited at the gates for what could have only been 20 minutes, but time was a cruel mistress, and fooled him into believing it had been hours. Hope came with Timberwolf, but when the women failed to follow, dread overcame the three. They waited… And waited… And then the two returned. Relieved and worn, Fal’leon brought himself to his home, removing his armour and returning to his furs. He was unscratched, unharmed. The guilt of their failure to strike down Cloudbreaker weighed heavy in his chest. "Did you have fun?" His guide asked, and in their moment of privacy, Corvid answered truthfully. A truth he wouldn't admit to another soul, not while knowing the result. "I did." And then he found himself alone, sat in his home with no company but his own mind. Daunting tremors of the earth couldn’t bring him to rise much further than the couch. For all he knew, they had lost. Balian had fallen to the undead. He fell asleep with this notion, and dreamed of his vision of blaze and death he had attempted to forget.
  5. THE DAY OF RECKONING A POV Post of the Rear Guard from Gaius Rosius var Ruthern 7th of Peter’s Glory, In the Year 41 BA The ashes covered the city of Atrus but its citizens were more than ready to defend their beloved city from the oncoming onslaught of the necromancers and their pet, Cloudbreaker. Gaius Rosius var Ruthern awoke early that day. He read his prayer book and murmured a soft prayer as he signed the lorraine before donning the armor of House Ruthern. He had only one mission in his heart and mind, to defend Balian. Breakfast was merely an afterthought as he exited his home. He first went to the square to check on the preparations the Balian Army and its allies had made for Atrus. Next, he made his way through the streets of the city and around the walls to ensure the walls were all properly defended. The young Baron of Marsana made further plans to properly ensure the wellbeing of the cannons and ballistae, helping the Lord Seneschal Ledicort Vuiller deliver the black bolts to the defenders tasked with manning the ballistae. He then set around cauldrons with water for the cannoneers to use. All of this was done through help from his good friends and comrades Kasimir Sarkozic and Hreidunn Fehn. Once the final preparations were done, he and his comrades made his way back to the square. From there he met his sister, Eryane de Rosius who came to see him, fearing it would be the last time she would be able to speak to him. The two exchanged words and assurances that their family will be together again before she departed with the other citizens of Balian in their evacuation to Castle Renduzzo. “Are you ready?” Kasimir spoke to him as he donned his helmet. “Da. Y am.” Gaius would respond as he too then donned his own helmet. The call from Drako Darkwood, Count of Renduzzo, to the defenders of Atrus to rally was heard by all of the descendents in the city. Gaius and his comrades made their way to the rear of the city, they climbed the ladders to man their station at the rear walls where a certain orc shaman that went by the name Borok delivered an inspiring speech to his comrades from Krugmar and Nor’Asath. The descendants tasked with the rear defense of Balian soon went to their respective stations upon the rear walls. The humans made their way to the middle and right side of the wall whilst the orcs and mali’ker stayed at the left side. Gaius, Hreidunn and Kasimir manned the rightmost cannon. The three of them checked the health of their cannon and the proper supplies were ready for use for the artillery. The three comrades were soon joined by Drako Darkwood and Cardinal Teodosio, ready to keep the right flank of the wall secure. Soon enough, the Haelunorians and the Aaunites arrived to offer their assistance in the rear. The Aaunites took hold of the ballistae at the right hand side whilst the Haelunorians and the Paladins took control of the one at the tower. Among the Aaunites was a familiar sight, Gaius’s Raev brethren, his cousin, Jan Ivanovich. “Yam here to help cuz.” Gaius smiled underneath his helmet as he then nodded, “Da cuz. Jest dobry to see you. Come stand with us.” Now they were all ready. After a few hours of intense anticipation and small talk among the defenders crimson lightning broke through the skies above. It was soon followed by a distant roar of a dragon. Cloudbreaker was coming. King Alexander I of Balian stood at the center of the wall calling for his human brethren and his fellow Balianese citizens to offer a quick prayer to GOD. Gaius and his comrades joined in the prayer. Another streak of crimson lightning followed, battering the skies. Now was the time to fight, the defenders manned their cannons, aiming it beyond the wall towards the field. The ones who manned the ballistae in the rear kept their focus upon the sky. As for the others who were not stationed at the artillery, they drew their crossbows and potions, ready to wreak havoc upon the Iblees worshippers and their undead minions. First came Cloudbreaker, distant roars and shouts from the front gates of the city could be heard as the defenders at the front walls of Balian scampered to shoot the dragon as it approached Atrus. Gaius tensed his shoulders but he kept his torch ready to light the cannon as his comrades loaded it with powder and a cannonball, focusing on the impending invasion from their side of the wall. The Baron of Marsana took a deep breath as he waited for the oncoming onslaught at the rear. Finally, the shrill laughs of the necromancers could be heard from beyond the rear wall out towards the trees. They were coming. A certain descendent shouted, “Ready your cannons!” As soon as that was said, the voidal obelisk that was built upon a roof of the building close to the rear wall exploded behind the defenders, the concussive force caused some who stood there to fall from the roof of the building whilst others were knocked back. The shrapnels pelted many of the defenders. Fortunately, their plated armors shielded them from the shrapnels. Gaius felt his own body being pushed against the cannon as he regained his balance. He was fortunate to not be too close to the explosion radius. The descendants recovered from the explosion quickly, returning to their posts as the undead army now began to March towards the rear wall with only one goal: the destruction of Atrus. Gaius quickly ordered his friend Hreidunn to aim the cannon towards the right flank of the marching undead. Once Hreidunn had done so, the young Baron then lit up the fuse with the torch. After a few seconds the cannon was fired towards the mass of necrotic bones at the right flank, pounding them into the ground. The other cannoneers continued their work at the middle and left flank. Cardinal Teodosio filled a bucket with water from the cauldron beside the cannon and passed it to Gaius who immediately poured it over the barrel to cool it down. Once it was done, they prepared and loaded another cannon ball for a second shot. Jan Ivanovich and Drako Darkwood used their own personal ranged weaponries to give Gaius and his fellow cannoneers cover as they continued to prepare the cannon for another round. However, the second shot did not arrive. The cannon began to malfunction as soon as Gaius lit up another fuse. He cursed under his breath as he stepped away from the cannon, about to call to his cousin for another bucket of water until he heard a familiar roar followed by a flapping of wings and a streak of lightning from the clouds. This time, it was close. “BRACE YOURSELVES!” Someone in the rear defense shouted those words. Immediately the Ruthern looked up towards the sky to see Cloudbreaker circling above them before diving downwards. He then opened his mouth, ready to breathe whatever horrific harm it could bring upon the descendents. Immediately Gaius brought up his shield, stepping in front of Hreidunn to protect him. As he did so, he called to the Cardinal, Kasimir and to his cousin Jan Ivanovich to form a shield wall. The three of them quickly stood shoulder to shoulder with their shields raised towards the Dragon. As Cloudbreaker breathed its gorey substance upon the descendants, the shield wall protected Gaius and his comrades. The dragon then flew away to terrorize the front gates again. A sigh of relief escaped Gaius’s lips as he brought his shield down for the moment, only to hear shouts from the tower. It turned out that the gorey substance had formed into undead corpses that were now terrorizing the people who were manning the ballistae. Some went up the ladder to help whilst the others focused on the undead who were still marching towards the walls. Amid the gorey chaos, Gaius turned his head towards their cannon, only to see it had been destroyed along with part of the wall in front of them. Cardinal Teodosio immediately shouted, “Form a shield wall here!” Immediately, the former cannoneers complied. They raised their shields forming a wall whilst Gaius withdrew his crossbow, loading it with a slayer steel bolt as he stood behind the shield wall. The undead archers were readying their bows, aiming towards the middle of the wall. As they did so, the field trembled slightly. Behind the undead army lumbered two giant behemoths of flesh, blood and gore making their way towards the walls. Amid the potential doom that was spelled by these flesh giants, the descendants however, did not lose their morale. Rather, they were further emboldened to fight when one of the paladins had managed to cast a form of holy flame against one of the giants. The shamans had begun casting their own spells. "DO NOT LET THIS WALL FALL!" A defender shouted amidst the oncoming second onslaught. In the midst of this fight, Cardinal Teodosio attempted to raise the morale of the group at the right flank by coining their shield wall, the ‘Shield Brothers of Ablution’. The name was befitting for the sons of Exalted Horen who took up their shields and arms to protect a bastion for humanity. The shieldwall was soon accompanied by the Haelunorian phalanx at their right flank, protecting the descendents stationed there from any other potential volley of arrows or projectiles from the undead monstrosities. Gaius continued shooting his slayersteel bolts towards the giant and the undead archers, managing to hit the giant a few times while downing some of the undead archers. He grit his teeth under his helmet however when he saw the giant readying a cart full of dead cattle carcasses. Soon enough the cart was flung towards the middle of the group of defenders upon the wall followed by a volley of arrows at the same location. The Ruthern turned his head to see some of them hit by the carcasses whilst the arrows bounced off their armors. However, a few soldiers felt the arrows pierce through the joints of their plate armors, leaving injuries. Drako Darkwood himself was almost hit by one of the carcasses, until he was quickly dragged out of harm’s way by another soldier. Nevertheless, Gaius focused on the battle before him. The shield wall was protecting them from the volley of arrows so far and that was a good thing. Both giants were downed finally by the ranged weapons and spells from the defenders. However, there was no time to celebrate. More undead reinforcements joined the ranks of the invaders. They were now scaling the walls, ready to climb. This did not look too good. Gaius prayed to GODAN in his mind that the descendents tasked with destroying the Phylactery and the reinforcements at the canyon would be victorious. Who knows how long they can hold down the city for? The morale of the soldiers however were slowly diminishing. Reports of a breach at the front gates and the burning of Saint Lothar’s Square and the church seemed like a grim omen for the defenders of Balian. The Duke of Minitz had now begun to argue with Borok the Shaman about retreating back towards Eternal Sun Square and continuing the fight there. However, the orcs and most of the defenders on the wall preferred to stay on the wall and hold it down until reinforcements from the descendents arrived. As the descendents prepared themselves for the potential breach of the walls, infighting began to develop. The orc shaman who was arguing with the Duke of Minitz kicked him off the wall and down into the city. Fortunately, the Duke of Minitz did not die but was severely injured. King Alexander I and King Charles Alstion of Aaun immediately rushed to save him. The actions by the orc now sparked a fight between some Aaunites and the orc of Krugmar. However, this fight was soon settled by both sides when they realized that dealing with Cloudbreaker and the undead were more important at the moment. It was at this moment that the cavalry had finally arrived. The soldiers who had ventured to the canyon had come back victorious, cutting off any future undead reinforcements, they were now charging with the thundering hooves of their horses towards the undead horde in the back, cutting down the archers one by one. Some of the undead, however, had now finally managed to climb the walls and reach the top. The descendents, with their newfound morale, however, were ready. Gaius sheathed his crossbow as he then equipped his shield and mace. He charged forward with his comrade Hreidunn, using his mace to deliver a blunt impact on the undead and force them to stumble backwards and fall back from the wall, back down to where they came from. As the breach from the top of the wall was taken care of and now that the reinforcements had arrived on the ground, Cardinal Teodosio, having heard news of the church burning, wanted to save it. The Shield Brothers of Ablution followed him as he climbed down the wall and back into the city towards the church. Unfortunately, they were too late, the Church was beyond saving. Cloudbreaker demonstrated its wrath of its malflame throughout the square and the Church. Gaius, Kasimir and Hreidunn gently guided the Cardinal towards the Arena, promising him that Atrus will be rebuilt and its house of GOD will look better than before. It was then that Cloudbreaker now arrived, right in front of them, atop the roof of the library. Immediately, the Descendents clambered down the walls and made their way to the square either to escape or go forth towards the Arena and into the evacuation tunnels. King Alexander I himself manned the singular cannon in the Eternal Sun Square with some others, aiming it towards the skeletal dragon of ruin. However, there was something odd. The dragon was unmoving, immobile even. Within a short minute, it then flew back up towards the sky, before crashing down, landing outside of Atrus with its head severed. The soldiers that had gone to destroy the Phylactery had succeeded, Cloudbreaker is no more. The help from the paladins and the other soldiers who fought it until it was gravely injured only further nailed its coffin. Its severed head rested upon the mesa desert in front of Balian. The descendents now made their way towards it cheering in victory. They have felled the great necrotic dragon and amid the chaos, the raining fire from the sky melted the remaining undead, forcing many of the necromancers to flee whilst the others were slain by the blades of the descendants. It was then that Worm, the devourer of realms, appeared. It let out a screech before burrowing itself deep into the ground, causing a small earthquake. Immediately Gaius called to his comrades to flee to Renduzzo, knowing Atrus might collapse completely if the Worm made its way to the city. The remaining descendants, having defeated Cloudbreaker, now fled towards Renduzzo Castle to regroup and rest. The injured were quickly taken to the clinics whilst the others conversed with one another and embraced their family members and friends, happy to see each other again. However, they all knew that many lives were lost during this siege. Many of whom do not know their names yet. Gaius and his comrades returned to Atrus after all was said and done to find any stragglers, injured or corpses of their fallen compatriots. It was there, among the ruins and bodies of the deceased that Cardinal Theodosio led the soldiers of GOD to sing “Non Nobis Domine” to honor them. Gaius returned back to Renduzzo that night wiser and more learned from this siege. He had defended Balian, his home. The descendants were victorious against the necrotic Cloudbreaker and its masters. Atrus will be rebuilt soon, its citizens determined to bring their beloved city back. However, this pyrrhic victory and the sighting of the Worm made Gaius wonder what the future holds for Almaris. If the descendents were to save themselves they must work together for another reckoning is on the horizon for them. Hence, as Gaius entered within the gates of the castle he thought to himself, What jest next?
  6. Threat By Hamish Markus Kortrevich For the people of Balian IIt had been quite a while since the Haeseni musician and composer had seemingly vanished from the public eye as he attempted to find inspiration for his future pieces. He wandered, he traveled and he investigated, but it was one notice that helped him find what he was looking for: The Kingdom of Balian was under a looming threat it had never experienced, that being the Cloudbreaker. Without being able to take the issue away from his mind, the Kortrevich Lord would thus return to his office and set to work in order to orchestrate said threat into a musical piece with the instruments and harmonies available, aiming to portray the story of a potential outcome onto the notes.
  7. The Vuiller Surprise It comes with great surprise for the Vuiller Household to make this announcement, as the Comital couple has reached their fifties and their children now mostly in their twenties, it was thought they were to be done with their generation and have that of grandchildren to look forward to. Thus, they announce the existence of Lord Rickard Akan Vuiller, their youngest son now at the age of five. @Temporal His existence kept hidden as it was touch and go for the young boy, due to the nature of his birth, he wasn’t initially thought to survive his adolescence but the Vuiller Household is proud to announce that he has and will be joining his family and Balian as a whole. We thank GOD for the blessings offered for the Comital boy, allowing him to live on with his family and make his mark on society. Signed, The Right Honourable, Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller, Countess-Consort of Renduzzo, Procurator of Balian The Right Honourable, Count-Consort of Aquilae, Drako Rickard Darkwood, Count of Renduzzo
  8. THE SARKOZIC FETE As penned by the Lord Sapron, In the Year of our Lord, 1905 As the construction of our estate has concluded, and our marble tower has steadily risen from the grounds, it is our Household’s desire to commemorate the completion with this spectacular occasion. All guests are to be offered a wide variety of dishes pertaining to our new lands. One may fancy the rabbit meat, freshly hunted from the surrounding grounds and richly marinated with herbs from remote territories, or a fine root stew with a side of hearty bread. As per our traditions, each and every guest is invited to indulge in heavy consumption of Carrion Black. Our family shall not spare any wealth for the festivity, as it has done for preceding occurrences. INVITATIONS ARE EXTENDED TO THE FOLLOWING; His Holiness, Pontian IV @Balthasar His Majesty, Alexandros I, King of Balian and his royal pedigree @Shmeepicus Her Majesty, Eleanor of Provins, Princess-consort of Alstion and her royal pedigree @valecu His Grace, Heinrik I, Duke of Adria, Count of Veletzia and his noble pedigree @Beamon4 The Right Honourable, Louis II, Marquis of Haute-Epine and his noble pedigree @rep2k The Right Honourable, Johanne Vuiller, Countess of Aquilae and her noble pedigree @tadabug2000 The Right Honourable, Drako Darkwood, Count of Renduzzo and his noble pedigree @HIGH_FIRE The Most Honourable, Peter d’Arkent, Viscount of Salia and his noble pedigree @ErikAzog The Honourable, Laurens Halcourt, Baron of Artois and his noble pedigree @DevoutChorale_ The Honourable, Lucius Galbraith, Baron of Castelorena and his noble pedigree @sergisala The Honourable, Gauis Ruthern, Baron of Marsana and his noble pedigree @Wavey The Honourable, Sadie O’Rourke, Baroness of Al’lldic and her noble pedigree @Moenah The Honourable, Wolfgang Vilain, Baron of Acre and his noble pedigree @Greehn His Lordship, Emir d’Abbassia @exqoisite His Lordship, Sigismond Pertinax Varoche @Enlightenment Citizenry of Balian
  9. “A quill is mightier than the sword.” The above statement, no matter how commonly used, rings decisively true when spoken. Through the recent conflicts and disasters that have plagued Almaris, it is imperative that we remember the persuasive effects that words can have. One use of the quill is to combine our thoughts into a gentle stream of words that form a beautiful and intriguing rhythm: a form of creative writing known as poetry. Ergo, House Ruthern of Balian invites all inhabitants of Almaris, young and old, large or small, to come to the Brown Bear’s Rest Tavern in the Kingdom of Balian and share their poetry in the coming four Saints' Days. The first part of the event will have participants share a single piece of their best poetic masterpiece to the audience, these works will NOT be judged. The second part of the event will provide a ten-minute window for participants to write a free form style of poetry which they will then share and be judged for by the audience themselves. Please bear in mind that anyone is allowed to be a participant or an audience member. However, if the participant does not wish to read their poetry, they may ask someone else to read it if they wish to remain anonymous. Complimentary Food and Drink shall be provided to the patrons and participants as well. The Honorable Baron of Marsana, Lord Gaius Rosius of House Ruthern
  10. ROYAL EDICT OF BRUCCA 4th of Godfrey’s Triumph in the year of our Lord, 36 B.A The Kingdom of Balian, by and through counsel the Royal Chamber, and decree from His Majesty King Alexander I, hereby declare the dissolution of the Senate and formation of the municipal government of the city of Atrus, hereinafter known as the First Commune of Atrus. The First Commune shall be made up of three entities detailed below. The Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari, a council of six members, named Concio of the Lazzari, or Assemblymen and Assemblywomen, are tasked to be the legislative body of the First Commune of Atrus. The Supreme Assembly shall be elected every six years by the citizens of Atrus. The Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari has been tasked with the creation of new laws, city ordinances, and statutes which must be passed with a vote of majority. As the Supreme Assembly replaces the body of the Senate, it serves as an interim legislative government for the kingdom as well. With dispensation of the Magister, they can also create new laws and statutes that apply to the kingdom - these laws would require royal assent. The Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari has been tasked with the amendment of laws, city ordinances, and statutes which must be passed with a vote of majority. The Supreme Assembly shall be given a stipend of ten minas during the sixth year, at the end of their term. If a Concio does not attend the meeting, they shall not be compensated. If a Concio is not fulfilling their responsibilities, the citizens of Balian, by and through decree from the Royal Government, shall have the power to recall said Concio if they wish to do so. The Supreme Assembly shall have jurisdiction over city matters and departments. The Supreme Assembly shall have jurisdiction over legislative affairs in Atrus, except for that which the Kingdom of Balian declares the matter to be a national affair, then such jurisdiction shall fall under the Royal Government. The Supreme Assembly may request the guards in Atrus to protect their chamber but sole jurisdiction over the guards in Atrus shall be under the military and the Royal Chamber. The Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari is hereby granted charge over the City Charter of Atrus. The Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari is granted authority to amend the City Charter of Atrus with a vote of two-thirds majority. The Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari has been tasked with approving the budget of the Municipal Government with a vote of majority. The Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari is granted the authority to sack any member of the municipal government with a vote of two-thirds majority. The First Commune of Atrus shall be led by the First Syndic, and his cabinet shall serve as the executive body of the First Commune of Atrus. The office of the First Syndic shall be elected every six years by the citizens of Atrus. The First Syndic shall attend sessions of the Supreme Assembly to break ties and give assent to bills. If the First Syndic is not fulfilling their responsibilities, the citizens of Balian, by and through decree from the Royal Chamber, shall have the power to recall said Syndic if they wish to do so. The First Syndic is expected to serve as chief representative of the city of Atrus, and oversee the growth of its economy and traffic. The First Syndic is expected to name a Vice-Syndic to serve as his deputy in all matters of administration. The First Syndic is expected to name up to three commissioners in his government to aid him in specific departments of municipal service. This may include construction, the organization of fetes or other events and celebrations, management of the press and publications of the Commune, or more, depending on the changing needs of the people. The First Syndic has been given the authority to veto any law, ordinance, statute, or amendment which has been passed by the Assembly of the Lazzari provided that said legislation does not have a two-thirds majority. The First Syndic is hereby granted authority to banish any lowborn from the City of Atrus. The First Syndic is hereby granted authority to evict any convicted villain from the City of Atrus. The First Syndic has been instructed to distribute alms and refuge to whomever is necessary in the City of Atrus. The First Commune of Atrus shall have a City Clerk appointed to its chamber, to ensure the royal prerogative is maintained in the commune. The City Clerk shall keep records and overlook progress of taxation within the City of Atrus. The City Clerk shall maintain and safekeep the municipal ledger. The City Clerk has been instructed to take note of the containments of the City of Atrus’ storage. The City Clerk shall appraise houses and set house prices and tax prices-after discussion with the Procurator-accordingly. The City Clerk shall pay for and supply goods to the city of Atrus. The City Clerk is hereby charged with fostering economic growth and the maintenance of the trade grounds within the City of Atrus. The City Clerk is hereby tasked with creating a competent bureaucracy of clerks capable of servicing the City of Atrus. Wherefore, the First Commune of Atrus, composed of the First Syndic, Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari, and the City Clerk shall be the municipal governing body of the city of Atrus. Henceforth, the Senate, by decree of The Crown, shall hereinafter be dissolved. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Alexander I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Count of Monteres, Viscount of Eflen, Baron of Brucca, Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Yelena Lorena, Queen-consort of Balian The Seneschal of Balian, Lord Ledicort of House Vuiller Attaché To The Seneschal of Balian, Lord Gaius Rosius of House Ruthern
  11. ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PROCURATOR Announced in the Year of our lord, 28. B.A 13th Of Peter’s Glory The Hiring of Stewards It pleases us to announce that with the expansion of the city of Atrus, an uptick of house sales have become prominent. With this, the Procurator Office is announcing the hiring of new stewards for Balian to assist in these sales. A position in which these are the following duties. I. A Steward shall answer when an individual is seeking a home or stall within the borders of Balian. II. They may sell the property, keeping half of the down payment received, while the other half goes to the treasury. III. They may mark the sheet down, keeping reports of sales tidy and organized. If one wishes to apply, they may send a bird to the Procurator, Johanne Vuiller. As declared by, Her Excellency, the Procurator of Balian, Countess Johanne Vuiller of Aquilae.
  12. In my lifetime, I've been called so many names. Maria de Rosius Maria Othaman Maria Romstun No one really knew me as I was, not truly. Except one, a man that many recall with a disdain as they once did me. His name was Anton d’Amato-Orlov. A name many of you wouldn’t remember as all the ones who do are likely dead. One of many who lost to the cruelty of this world, who no one really remembers, but I remember. I’ll never forget him. The one good thing this world had to offer, beyond all of the drama, the heartache, the loss. He was a constant until he was nothing at all. Then there was Elodie de Rosius, a woman of elegance and grace, one I had never truly given the credit she was due. Never loved like she deserved, never anyone’s first option. Elodie held herself with poise, even in her worst of times. Even when she hated me beyond belief for the things I had done to her. I can’t blame her, I was an awful niece but I hope one day when I meet her again in the Seven Skies, she can forgive me for all of that. I’ll tell you the story of these two and many more. The people lost to time, beyond our reach. It’s all I can do for the people who never got the chance to tell their stories, like myself, as I will never be known by the newer generations, even the current. I am all but a forgotten artifact, so I will do everything within my power to grace those who read this with the knowledge of a time long past. Anton d’Amato-Orlov was a mysterious man, one I could never quite pin down. A man full of secrets, a prisoner to his own mind. He married a woman he would never love, for reasons I couldn’t bear myself to say even now. He loved her in a way that no one could ever really put a label on. A pure love, not romantic in nature. Truth be told, I don’t think there was anyone Anton could ever say he loved romantically, for all of his relationships were fleeting, just like his life. Though we were close in age, I’d never say I loved Anton either. I loved him, dearly, deeply, but it was never romantic in nature either. He had a way about him, a charming way. He could tell you everything you needed to hear as it was, no sweet talk, no butchering his words. He was honest but at the same time, a liar. He didn’t lie to me, no. He lied to himself and he spent all of his life lying to himself, until I don’t know whether he truly believed it or he had given up on finding the truth. He knew all of my secrets, but I can’t say I really knew him. I knew he had a deep resentment for his father, the man he tried so hard not to be like that he lost his real identity. His most notable contribution was his time spent in MoJ, a relic of a time long ago, though that was overshadowed by the day he spited the entire organization for his wife, Adeline. Adeline was killed by the hands of her own family, the d’Azors as Anton said, and I believed him. I’d have no reason not to believe him, when I saw the look in his eyes as he held Cillian O’Rourke hostage, I knew that loss of identity, that lack of closure. Everything in his life had finally got to him. There were times I’d tell myself that’s not the Anton I knew, but that’s exactly the Anton I knew. A chaotic soul fighting against the world that wanted to chew him up and spit him out. Elodie de Rosius was one of the many children of Maria Darkwood and Philip O’Rourke, overshadowed entirely by her brothers Valent and Otis de Rosius. A wonderful woman, who did everything she could to keep others happy. She raised me to the best of her abilities; despite the fact I was just her niece. She lived most of her life in the shadows of others, whether by her own volition or not, I’ll never know. She seemed content with that for the most part, as long as it made those around her happy. Elodie was by no means a simple woman, and I think she hid a lot of her feelings behind a mask of happiness so that no one else had to feel the pain she bore on her shoulders. I was 15 when I met Geoff Turgon, the man who Elodie was seeing at the time. He seemed kind, but he left her as soon as he got the chance for another woman. I would be remiss to say that Geoff wasn’t a friend, but that’s another story. Elodie was smitten with the man, wholeheartedly invested in a relationship that would never bear fruit. I tried my best to warn her that it wasn’t worth going after, but she did anyway and she was hurt by it. Geoff rejected her and instead, pursued a married woman, our cousin, Jane O’Rourke. I could say many things about Elodie, for one she had a wonderful taste in fashion and was a dear friend to anyone who was lucky enough to have her in their life. There was a time though, that Elodie thought she’d found someone she truly could love. That man was Jacker Gendik, the supposed widow of my aunt Josephine who had not died until several years AFTER they married. Jacker had a tendency to declare himself single before confirming the deaths he claimed occurred. Josephine was certainly not the first he had “confused” as dead, in fact there was another woman who he had failed to annul his marriage with named Faux Amati, someone I’m happy to have called friend in her time on Almaris. Elodie was never given that chance at true happiness until she met a woman who would later become her secret lover until the end of her life. Those of you who remain who still remember the name de Rosius, or are descended from it, never forget this woman. She was everything de Rosius should’ve been, loving, graceful, and most importantly, genuine. Otis de Rosius was the elder brother of Elodie, a strange enigma of a man but ambitious nevertheless. He spent his entire adult years working to make something of his family name and in the process, he brought about a legacy that lasts to this day. He was a politician plagued by his own regrets and the loss of those around him. Though at times, he seemed heartless. He loved my family in his own way, by giving us everything we could’ve ever hoped for and more. Though he was by no means affectionate, he cared in a way that was never readily apparent. He married young, to a woman named Claude de Frand, sister of the notorious Aimee Carrion. Claude and Otis had Hera Claude, Leone, and Leander though there was another I simply cannot remember. After the tragic passing of his first wife, he remarried to a woman named Louise Halcourt, a woman much younger than he, who had 4 children. Some of which made names for themselves and carry on the family name to this day. Sylvie Elara Ruthern nee de Rosius, Giselle Chloe, Louis Alphonse, and Lucien Sylvestre. I’d be remiss not to mention the downfall of Otis de Rosius as the man slowly spiraled into madness until dying in the rose bushes at his beloved Chateau de Rosius in Redenford. Charlotte Othaman is a name I didn’t think I'd ever speak again. The mistakes I made that lead up to her passing, I don’t think I could ever truly forgive myself for. I remember the day like it was yesterday, when young Charlotte returned home from her schooling on some Auvergnian continent I can hardly remember the name of. When the eldest of my children were but babes in their cradle, I say this as if Charlotte was never my child, but she was. The true eldest of Maria de Rosius’ spawn, many as there are. I was with my husband at the time, Darius Romstun, taking care of the infants. Every time I looked at her, I saw my ex-husband, Erik Tarcell and I truly couldn’t have felt worse. I would’ve never married that dreadful man if it weren’t for Charlotte, but I can no longer be mad at her for that. The only one I have to blame for any of this is myself. Charlotte was meeting the babes for the first time when she drew a knife from her dress, ready to attack them. I suppose she had inherited the madness of de Rosius that many of us suffered from. Instead of allowing them to die so defenseless, my husband was swift, cutting her arms from her body until there was nothing but spurts of blood in their wake. Truth be told, I should’ve been horrified, but I was suffering with an affliction. I was what they called a vampire, well and truly lost to bloodlust. Instead of performing my duties as a medic, I was overtaken by my hunger and devoured my one and only child. That day, Darius and I took her body to the Old Providence lake connected to the sewers and dumped her there with the rug she died upon. If I ever meet you again, Charlotte. I am deeply sorry for the pain I allowed Darius to inflict upon you, and I am even more sorry I took your life away at such a young age. You deserved better than a mother like me. Erik Tarcell Othaman was a man I could never really say I loved, perhaps I used him for validation or for some other unknown reason. Perhaps I wanted what others had, that feeling of love that I never really found except in friends and frenemies alike. To say his life was meaningless would certainly be a lie as he contributed almost nothing to society, the most fun I think I’d ever had with him was robbing people’s houses and the ISA barracks when I was a recruit for a short time. He was an overgrown child to say the least and perhaps this is one that’s best forgotten, along with the rest of the Othaman family of old. Vladrick Erik Ruthern was a man I couldn’t say I really knew well, but the parts that I did know of him, I liked. After my second husband declared me dead to him and remarried to a dear friend of mine, Faux Amati, (though it is still a question I ask myself if they ever even married at all), I met up with an old friend and the man who taught me how to kill a human being without batting an eye, Vladrick. At first, it was simple conversations before it turned into much more than that. Though I would never say our relationship resembled anything remotely affectionate, I reared twins, Viktoryia and Sigmar Barrow, who to this day I still do not know well enough to write much about here. Geoff Turgon is the only man I can ever say that I truly loved in the romantic sense, despite our fights. Elodie’s lover and eventual best friend. When Erik first disappeared, I went to him and what started as a fight became an affair. Geoff never returned those feelings for me, not truly. I wonder if to him I was little more than to pass time, but now I’ll never know. Geoff was a judge, the eventual husband of Jane O’Rourke, my cousin. He was a wonderful man who I despised since our first meeting, but little did I know that I was hiding my true feelings for him. Though I imagine none of you reading care, or know who he is. He was a wonderful man and it’s a shame you did not know him for he treated my aunt in her later years with all the friendship she could’ve ever wished for. Anne de Rosius, the woman I never really knew. I’ll never forget when she was courting Arthur Komenos and I decided to hide in the bushes to watch their interaction. Anne was a happy and kind woman and a wonderful Aunt. I truthfully wish I knew more so I could share her story, but what I do know is you would’ve been lucky to meet her. Elizavetta de Rosius is the most headstrong person I had ever met besides Anton and that’s what made the three of us such good friends. She made the mistake of falling for Anton despite her confusion about her sexuality. I suppose that’s one thing the both of them had in common, among many others. Her life was cut short due to suicide in the old elven town of Ando Alur, which I was a witness to on one of my visits there to begin writing my very first book under my alias Alice Thorn. Elizavetta had a heart of gold and cared deeply for the people she held close to her. Maria de Rosius, me. My achievements were many and yet all of them feel utterly useless now. Back then, being the Mayor of Providence was an accomplishment, mothering many children was an accomplishment, but all of it I grew to resent deeply. Every marriage, every child, every moment. And for all of the people of the past, lost to time. I remember you and I hope this will encourage the ones who read it to explore their family history, their pasts, and the lives that suffered to bring them to where they are today. I cannot go very far with this book as it is one of the last things I will ever write and I am getting weaker by the day, but if you have the time, please look into the families of old Oren, of Haense, everywhere you go. Do not let them be forgotten as I have been. Do not let their stories go untold. If you have the chance, continue where I left off and add your own lives, your own families. Let this be a reminder that not all who are gone are forgotten. For I will always remember, even now that I am almost gone.
  13. Freyja Ragnarrssdottir Mösu Easing the Growing Pains of Balian Balian is no longer a young nation, and it is past time that it be preoccupied with a young nation’s struggles. Too long have its citizens suffered under threat of banditry; too long have they lived in fear of darkspawn, vampyres, and other such bloodthirsty creatures living in their midst. Now is not the time for our Senators to content themselves with promising its citizens pastries and goodies. Balian is no more a tender yearling; it is a full-grown nation, and you must elect strong leaders who will ensure the safety of its citizens and the security of the realm. Look no further than Freyja Ragnarrssdottir Mösu, Baroness-Regent of Ciavola. Rising to power out of a family ravaged both by vampirism and by Balian’s inconsistent response to the threat of darkspawn, and being a devout Canonist herself, she vows to codify Balian’s stance towards spooks and to strictly enforce this new code. Just as spooks have torn apart her family, so Freyja will not let the same thing happen to her new family of Balian. She will work alongside Balian’s Inquisitors to make sure that no spooks can apply for citizenship within Balian’s walls. Neither will any spooks who are currently citizens be able to rest easy, growing fat and rich without fear of discovery. As Senator, with the help of Balian’s Royal Inquisition, Freyja will launch a city-wide Inquisition to root out the decay in our midst, so that one man need not mistrust his brother within the walls of Atrus. In this way, she will make sure that no child of Balian must lie awake in fear of monsters lurking in their midst. Coming from a line of belligerent warriors, Freyja also well understands the importance of defending Balian’s citizens from bandits and thieves. The camel caravans have made the road to Balian more secure, but danger still lurks between the Oasis and the Stairway to Heaven. Freyja will help to ensure that Balian soldiers regularly patrol the road to the Oasis, so that the citizenry of Balian may feel adequately protected by their rulers. She will also help to arm every head of household, so that the men and women of Balian may protect their own and become feared by every two-bit gang of ne’er-do-wells. In these ways, as Senator, Freyja Mösu will play an active role in the defense and security of the Kingdom of Balian. A woman of action, a fervent patriot, a devout Canonist, a capable leader, a mother and sister to every citizen of Balian: these are but a few descriptors of Freyja Ragnarssdottir Mösu. Vote for peace. Vote for safety. Vote for security. Vote for Freyja Mösu.
  14. Emergency Regency of Ciavola 5th of the Grand Harvest,97 S.A Baron Björn Ragnarrsson Mösu, Baron of Ciavola, has disappeared without a trace. He vanished in the night, having seemingly left without taking anything with him, and after more than a week of silence from him, he shows no sign of returning. The government of Ciavola and the Baron’s own family are at a loss for this unexplained disappearance. Rumors fly around Ciavola - that the Baron is hiding from the King of Balian, or that he has left Almaris itself in search of some secret known only to him, or simply that he has decided to take a very long, and decidedly unscheduled, vacation. Regardless of the reasons for his vacancy, however, one fact remains clear: someone must take up his roles and duties until he is found or returns. In the days following the Baron’s disappearance, few Mösus showed any interest in taking up the role of regent, nor even did any Aesirs of Ciavola. It was into this sluggish confusion that Baron Björn’s oldest sibling and sister, Freyja Ragnarssdottir Mösu, stepped into the public eye. She took up the role swiftly and decisively, so as to ensure that her rise to the role of regent would not be challenged. Her claim met with the approval of Ciavola and of the King of Balian himself, and she was granted peerage by King John. Baroness-Regent Freyja Mösu shall hold all the powers and duties normally held by the Baron of Ciavola and shall be held to the same standards by the Council of Aesirs. She shall rule until Björn either is found dead, whereupon a new Baron shall be chosen by the customs of Ciavola, or until he returns from whence he came and resumes his rule as Baron. So it is that Baroness-Regent Freyja Mösu will guide the Barony forward into the future with a strong hand for as long as Ciavola needs her.
  15. ✠ THE COMPANY OF BALIAN ✠ The Company of Balian, formed in this hostile and cruel world, which seeks to hound these exiles from the fallen Holy Orenian Empire. The company formed in short order after the arrival of the Orenian exiles onto the land of Balian as a means to protect themselves, for they were now a state without an Army. Although the Grand Duchy is new and untested, many of them exiles, some of which were Imperial State Army members came together in an attempt to create a military force for their newfound home, first it was Captain Darkwood, until he stepped down from the position. Now after several years of being under the command of the Grand Duke of Balian, he has given the command to Peter Benedict d’Arkent, who now serves as the Captain of Company and Constable of Balian. Under whose guidance it is hoped that the Company is well established as a proper military force for the Grand Duchy of Balian and it's citizens. “I shall serve dutifully to protect the people of Balian. This home of our exiled people.” -Captain d’Arkent RANKS AND COMMAND OF THE COMPANY Captain The Constable of the Grand Duchy and the leader of the Company of Balian, The Captain holds absolute power over the Company, granted the power to reform and run the Company by the grace of His Imperial Highness, The Grand Duke of Balian. The Captain must ensure that the Company is well prepared for any threat that may come the way of the Grand Duchy and it's population. The rank is granted to a designated successor from one of the Lieutenants and until the death or retirement of the Captain the individual only answers to the Grand Duke and his Seneschal. Lieutenant Second in authority within the Company of Balian, the Lieutenants are often delegated command whenever the Captain is occupied or incapacitated, and ensure that the chain of command within the Company is maintained. The number of Lieutenants is left to the desecration of the Captain, granting the position to as many officers as he requires. A Captain's successor is usually chosen from their ranks. Sergeant The final rank an enlisted can earn before they can be chosen as officers. These soldiers have proven their worth and have acquired many years of service within the Company, allowing them to earn the rank of Sergeant, seen as the veterans of the enlisted, stalwart and dedicated members of the Company. The roles models of the Company, they are tasked with taking the young and newly enlisted under their wing to ensure that they are developed to the same standards they were. Corporal The senior soldiers of the Company. The Corporals are soldiers, with a good amount of experience and with contributions to the Company on a noteworthy scale. These soldiers are prioritized over the Privates with duties and even small leadership assignments during missions. The average Corporal in their day to day duties assists the Lieutenants and Sergeants in whatever task they need. Years of Experience under their belts, whether by luck or skill, these men are counted amongst the finest in the Company. Private The backbone of the Company and the main defensive force. These soldiers are used for a multitude of tasks. Even the newest Private can one day learn and advance to reach heights beyond imagination, even to the rank of Captain with time and work. These soldiers are often used for simple duties, they represent the might of the Company of Balian, for the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. After several years of service many Privates proceed onto the Rank of Corporal Recruit Newly inducted members of the Company, these new soldiers are trained and are given trials by the Captain and the officer corps of the Company so they that may pass the crucible of Recruits and become a Private. A new recruit to the Company of Balian starts out as a candidate, they carry minimal military rights, have no right to make arrests and overall are considered soldiers in training. To fully become a part of the Company of Balian and gain the rank of Private they must walk the path of flame, give the oath of the Company and finish their training. Upon accomplishing said tasks they are welcomed as Private within the Company and given their first official duties. These soldiers are identified by their purple gambeson. Traditions The Path of Flame A tradition started in the very beginning of the Company of Balian. It is walked by any candidate as a test of willpower and annually by the whole Company as a memorial to those who have passed. For recruits this involves lighting a torch at the very end of the path after walking there and returning to put their flame down along with others of The Company for their flame to burn until their demise, signaling their willpower and loyalty to the cause. For the Company this means marching to the brazier, the highest ranking individual giving a speech and everyone lighting a torch, that they shall carry back to the city to place at a memorial for the fallen. The path itself is a long path set out by stones in the sand. At the end of the path, a large brazier sits. This is but one of the many traditions born from the long march which took the Imperial State Army from their heartlands down into the scorching sands. The Brazier of the Fallen In the path of flame there is a brazier at the end with signal fires to guide the way to it. The brazier and the flame inside it signifies the sacrifice of all soldiers and civilians, their willpower, hopes and dreams. The torches of fallen soldiers are thrown into the brazier so that the brazier and the fire would serve as a memorial for all. Address of the Company A formal address where soldiers of the Company of Balian are addressed by the Captain and informed of the happenings in the Company and The Grand Duchy of Balian, during this promotions are announced and if the monarch so desires awards given, after the address, pay is given out to soldiers. Oath of the Company I, _____, swear upon my body and soul to serve the Grand Duchy of Balian to the best of my ability. To follow all orders as a loyal soldier of the Company of Balian. To not betray the Grand Duchy of Balian, its royal family and values. I shall never falter in this duty, So Help Me God! If you’re interested in joining contact @Erik Azog#0001 @high_fire#1060 on discord
  16. The Death & Disowning of Kol Ragnarsson Mösu 4th of the Grand Harvest, 95 S.A Today, on the 4th of the Grand Harvest, a sudden revelation has come upon the House of Mösu: Kol Ragnarrsson Mösu has acted against his own blood in the unrightful and purposeful slander of his brother, Baron Björn. It was also discovered from a salt test during this disgraceful action that Kol Ragnarrson Mösu is a Darkspawn. Kol Ragnarrsson Mösu acted against GOD and was indoctrinated into the hordes of Iblees by becoming a vampire. It was clear what had to be done. Kol Ragnarrsson Mösu was to be disowned by the House of Mösu. Patriarch Björn Mösu formally disowned his brother in the Hanseti Gardens. The Baron later challenged Kol Mösu to an honor duel to clear his name from the slander and to dispatch of the Darkspawn that was his brother. The duel was set to occur in the ruins of Myrine, former capital of the defunct Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania. Various spectators gathered among the ruins that had been long abandoned, now bustling with those who had abandoned it. After a prolonged duel between the two, the victor was clear. Björn, Baron of Ciavola, stood victorious against the agent of Iblees, puncturing Kol’s heart with an aurum spear, which left his twisted body and soul lifeless on the ground. It is hereby decreed that Kol Ragnarrson Mösu is disowned by the House of Mösu. If he returns by means of necromancy or other forms of heresy, then he shall be put to death via the destruction of his heart, followed by a swift cremation. Kol Ragnarrsson Mösu holds no claims to any titles, estate or money for which he was previously in line to inherit, in accordance with the disownment. _________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Baron of Ciavola, Head of House Mösu, CEO of The Mösu Corporation & Protector of Almar, Elder of House Mösu,
  17. ANNOUNCEMENT of the HOUSE DARKWOOD The Darkwood Drink Festival In the year of our Lord, 13th of Peter's Glory 23 B.A To those of Almaris: House Darkwood has shown itself to be a house newly dedicated in its curation and creation of drinks of all kinds, having opened a business in the Brown Bear’s Rest Tavern in Balian. Having held such a passion for all his life Viscount Drako Darkwood would like to announce his intent to host a festival in celebration of what he loves in Balian. Starting in the Square of Balian with a small amount of stalls and space within Balian, those who make drinks are encouraged to sell or offer tasters of their drinks for the denizens of Almaris to taste and enjoy. Being that this is a drink festival, there will be a competition held in the tavern with a grand prize of 50 mina. Finally it will be ended with a drunken brawl in the arena, where anyone who wants to take part will drink and then fist fight those in the pit. As declared by, His Excellency, the Patriarch of House Darkwood, Lord Drako Darkwood, Viscount of Renduzzo. Her Excellency, Viscount-Consort Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller of Renduzzo
  18. [ September 18th Sunday , 4pm EST ] 12th of Suns Smile in the year of our Lord, 23rd of B.A/S.A ✧✧✧ INTODUCTION The Event is hosted by the Palati Head Chef Emir of Endor! We will have a series of 3 ROUNDS Each round will have a food type made by the number of contestants around, and these foods will be cooked in a batch for the attendees of the event to have a vote in voting for the best cook, that includes 4 judges. The judges will vote after each round, and the people attending the event will have the chance to vote for the contestants after the end of Round 3 to finalize the best cook. The Judges for this event are The Crown Prince of Balian Alexandrios, Viscount Drako Darkwood, Lady Seraphina Bishop, His excellency Emir of Endor. I. POINT SYSTEM The Points will be varied as follows: 1. Your food description should be as creative as possible 2. A food that isnt as common, yet looks appetizing. 3. /roll 20 for taste buds. 4. The accuracy of the food item chosen. BONUS: The food shouldn't be a national dish for other nations and preferably for desert-themed (Middle Eastern for example) II. EXTRA INFORMATION Note that the points will be out of 10 in each round, 2 for each point I mentioned above. The winner will have a prize of 100 minas, their food will OFFICIALLY be apart of the Royal Kitchen's Menu to be handed over in the Palace and also become the Balian National food. OPEN INVITATION
  19. TO THE HORDE A Joint Declaration from the Eastern Almaris Treaty Organization Our patience grows thin Rex Borok. The declaration of you taking the Jindle bandits under your protection was unwise. For a race that proclaims themselves as an honorable people, you aligned yourselves with bandits that are from an age of dishonor and greed. As you allied with the Jindles you proclaimed that they shall not bandit unless given your explicit permission. Not too long ago, you attempted to extort The Kingdom of Norland into paying tribute, breaking your alliance with them. You then banditted, raided and killed the citizens of not only the Kingdom of Balian, but the Kingdoms of Urguan and Haense. We gave you mercy when you disowned these brigands and banished them from your volcanic lands. But this was just a front. Not a stone day ago, scouts returned to the Grand King reporting that the Jindles were actively helping, living and assisting the orcs still, and that they rallied with your warriors when Malinor asked for a meet. Considering you have lost two wars and have been driven to bankruptcy, we would've thought that The Horde would have learned their lesson. It seems clear that you have not. Your failures are known throughout all the lands and we wonder if the citizens of Krugmar ever get tired of dealing with a spineless monarch. These offenses will not go unanswered. In order to avoid the annihilation of The Horde, Rex you must agree to the following. I. Allow the EATO alliance to establish a fort on your lands as well as access to your city to ensure no more wrongdoing occurs. II. Issue a formal apology to the EATO alliance for attacking its citizens and violating its sovereignty. III. Pay a collective sum of 6,000 minas to the EATO alliance for compensation of life lost. You have until the day ends to make your decision. Signed, Grand King of Urguan, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, John I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen, Baron of Brucca, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, and Protector of the Heartlanders, etcetera. His Royal Majesty KARL III by the Grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duke of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margrave of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Count of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscount of Varna, Baron of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera
  20. ‹ ›‹ ›‹ › As of late, some suspicious, horrid sounds have been coming from The Kingdom of Balian's mines, sounds that have never been heard before. Miners who wandered down there to collect minerals could hear screams of some sort coming from the mines before they even entered, most fled in fear. Others who had decided to be more curious paid the consequences for their curiosity. Bodies began piling up in the mines, some sort of monster or monsters had been lurking there for some time now, and it’s been feasting off of the citizens who had dared to travel below. Many others have attempted to force the monster out of the Mines, failing miserably, as none of their plans had worked. This monster cannot be fought alone, NO ONE SHALL ENTER THESE MINES ALONE. If you wish you go fend off this monster we suggest you travel in a group of 5-6. We cannot risk anymore lives of our citizens, it is far too risky. This monster is something many Balianites have never encountered before. It’s to the point that there's no other choice left other than to go down, and fend off this beast.
  21. A NOTIF FROM THE PALATI MONTEROSA The Palati Monterosa, 12th of Sigismund's End, in the Year of our Lord, 19 BA. The courts of the Palati Monterosa are under new management! Keeping this in mind, with the rearrangement and redefining of roles and the like and the garnering of new blood within the palace, a notif is sent and nailed to any respectable establishment by a courier, stating this: SUMMONS FROM THE PALATI MONTEROSA Varying positions are being hired within the Palati Monterosa. We are in search of six celebrants, event-planners who want to work under our High Celebrant to fill our halls with lively balls, feasts and varying other festivities. Handmaidens, seven in total, to assist the varying positions: Governess Princessa Imperia High Advisory High Chamberlain High Seneschal High Celebrant High Barrister And, two to three maids or servants who will assist in varying day to day tasks. They shall be paid per event that they attend and assist with as well. If you are interested please fill out an application at your soonest convenience! SIGNED, Her Excellency, Viscountess-Consort Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller of Renduzzo, heir to the County of Aquilae, High Chamberlain of the Palati Monterosa. Her Imperial Highness, Countess-Consort Yelena of Monteres, Governess of the Palati Monterosa. [!] An application is attached to the bottom, detailing a form that may be filled out and mailed in at their convenience.
  22. [!] Before you sits a neatly bound book of smooth ivory pages, held together by dark red comb-stitch binding. On the cover is emblazoned the Tianrui House sigil, and boldly declared title of the production. Tianrui Trading Company Catalogue Issue No. 1 PUBLISHED SA 90, 6th OF THE GRAND HARVEST TIANRUI TRADING CO. PUBLISHING LTD. COMPANY MISSION From humble farming merchant beginnings in Li-Guo to the booming enterprise of today, the Tianrui Trading Co. sees a need and fills it. From fine produce and dried goods to tailored design needs, the Tianrui Trading Co. is here to help you receive the quality products you deserve. ABOUT OUR TEAM Current company CEO and founder of the Western branch expansion, Tianrui Ren is a family man who spends his time in the Tianrui Teahouse when not designing new products, recipes, or signing trade deals. Company CFO and popular face in our Sterling Street 3 location, Tianrui Carla is a spontaneous presence most often seen wearing her Tianrui Fu Dog Respirator Mask from her days in the YPA. When not seeing customers on the floor or balancing the books, Carla is a skilled creator of new drinks. Head of in-house entertainment Tianrui Meixing is a long-practised musician specialised with zither instruments, particularly the family guqin. When not performing, Meixing can be found helping Ren run the Sterling Street Tianrui Teahouse. Company financier and primary advisor on cultural connections and market research Chen Yunya is a practised entertainer and businesswoman renowned for her sword dances as much as her sharpened enterprising skills. OFFERED SERVICES AND GOODS CATERING All dishes available in-house at any Tianrui Teahouse location are also available to be catered to events and functions. Special catering rate discounts apply to groups of 10 or larger. ARCHITECTURE DESIGN AND CONSULTANCY Responsible in large part for architecture design and construction on Tai Ping district in Talon’s Port as well as both the first and second iterations of Yong Ping, Tianrui Trading Co. offers hourly rate architecture design and construction consultancy. HOME RENOVATION AND INTERIOR DESIGN Kitchen and home renovation and interior design services are offered in a wide variety of styles, with the added option of built-in security features. For your home can be safe and stylish. DRY GOODS The finest imported goods from Ai-Zho and along the roads of trade are offered to you through the Tianrui Trading Co. general stores, stalls, and remain available to be held in other locations on request. ARTISANAL PRODUCTS Fine crafted paintings, charms, jewellery, clothing, and alcohol are all offered by the skilled tradespeople of the Tianrui Trading Co. Styles will vary depending on individual vendors. SPECIAL IMPORTS Any of that which can not be found in Almaris, can most likely be specially procured by the skilled tradespeople of the Tianrui Trading Co. Speak to your local company representative today about any special import orders. SHOP LOCATIONS STERLING STREET 3, TALON’S PORT - THE TIANRUI TEAHOUSE Sitting beside beautiful gardens just across the road from the Talon’s Port Tavern and on the same street as the Clinic and Library, Sterling Street 3 houses the esteemed Tianrui Teahouse! Come inside to enjoy family-cooked meals, authentic Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisine, the finest array of teas, and the warm hospitality of our hosts. MAELSTORM BURROW 1B, TALON’S PORT - HENG-SOE TEA AND HOME Nestled in the homely undercity burrows, one can always find a quaint but welcoming stay in the Heng-Soe Tea and Home in Maelstrom 1B. Featuring a warming hearth in the seating area with a Tianrui Teahouse kitchen close by, Heng-Soe Tea and Home offers all the hospitality of our flagship location with the secluded closeness that only the undercity can have. FREY STREET, ALISGRAD - TIANRUI TEAHOUSE, BATHS, AND MUSEUM Established in the heart of the Norlandic capitol, the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse is at the time of publication the largest Tianrui Trading Co. location in Almaris. Positioned directly behind the clinic from the main square with upper levels placing one right in front of the Alisgrad Palace, this teahouse is hard to miss. Featuring a full teahouse and stage on the first floor, sauna and baths on the second floor, and a packed third floor with library, museum, and Jade Rabbit Books bookstore! GALIANI SQUARE 2, FLORENTINE - TIANRUI TRADING CO. GENERAL STORE Just to the right as one enters the idyllic province of Florentine’s main square, the Tianrui Trading Co. General Store offers a variety of goods shipped in from Ai-Zho that the local citizens of Almaris would not otherwise have the opportunity to purchase. If nothing at the general store takes your fancy, the neighboring Illatian establishments are sure to sate any buyer with heavy pockets to empty. MARKET BAZAAR, QAMAR SHEIKDOM - TIANRUI TRADING CO. STALL Finding harbour in the bustling trade port of the Qamar Sheikdom, it is only natural that the Tianrui Trading Co. open a stall and trade avenues in the bustling bazaar. Found on the street passing in front of the tavern right as one would enter by the roads and overlooking the Qalasheen docks, it is a shopping experience to remember. SPONSORED PARTNER COMPANIES THE ALLEY ALEHOUSE - TALON’S PORT Located directly in front and to the left of the gates as one enters Talon’s Port main square, the Alley Alehouse tavern is a staple of any reasonable traveler in search of berth on the roads. Surrounded by the city’s signature cat population, the homely atmosphere of the tavern is sure to set even the most harried of nerves at ease. Contact information: Mr. Emandrial | Caxil HUMMINGBIRD FLOWERS AND TATTOOS - TALON’S PORT A familiar name to the inked locals of Talon’s Port, Hummingbird Flowers and Tattoos offers the best of both services included in its name. Ask any who have been patron to the tattoo services, and they will be sure to proudly show you the artist’s handiwork first-hand. As for any who have received a gift of flowers in the city whether it be between friends, lovers, or laid at graves, it is certain where they were bought at the shop located to one’s right on entering the main square. Contact information: Mr. Kin | AnimeWolf0080 THE QAMAR SHEIKDOM CARAVAN Claiming perhaps the widest variety of goods associated with any one organisation, the Qamar Sheikdom Caravan travels the lands once a year to peddle their wares to the people of Almaris. Comprised of a multitude of skilled merchants and tradespeople, one can find their wares in the Sheikdom’s signature bazaar when the caravan is not abroad. Contact information: Sheikh Shams Ibn Zayd Al-Nabeel | FruitPapaya TWO KEEPERS ONE MUG - ALISGRAD Situated to one’s right as they enter the Alisgrad main square, Two Keepers One Mug is the prominent inn and tavern in the Norlandic capitol. Featuring signature traditional meals and boasting the frequent company of prominent government officials, one is sure to get the full experience of Norland in this tavern. Contact information: Ms. Fiametta Allair | Fleur___ VYKK CO. - ALISGRAD Owning multiple shops in the Alisgrad main square, Vykk Co. offers a multitude of wares to fit near any adventurer’s needs. Ranging from the finest Norlandic steel to specialised alchemical brews, and even a casino in which to spend one’s hard-earned coin. Contact information: King Odin Freysson Ruric | Ichigomaster98 THE BROWN BEAR’S REST - BALIAN With a wide range of food and alcohol on steady rotation, there is always sure to be something new to experience in the Brown Bear’s Rest. Featuring indoor and outdoor seating that places one within a stone’s throw of the market square and the Basilica respectively, this combination inn and tavern is a must to visit on any trip to the city. Contact information: Baron Drako Darkwood | HIGHEST_FIRE VINO E SIGARI DE FALCONE - FLORENTINE Featuring only the finest in Illatian cigars and wines, Vino e Sigari de Falcone is a must-visit in the province of Florentine. Tucked just across the street from the bank, it is an opportune location as one is sure to find themselves returning for more after their first purchases. Contact information: Mr. Cosimo Falcone | Maidenful KORTREVICH KRAFTERS - KAROSGRAD On the main road entering Haense to one’s left as they walk from the main gates, Kortrevich Krafters is one of the many shop fronts that line the bustling business street and main square. What sets this fine establishment apart is their offers of Haeseni hand-crafted goods, farm produce, and alcohol all at premier prices. If the distinguishing traveller finds themselves unsure where to start in the Haeseni capitol, Kortrevich Krafters is the staple stop shop. Contact information: Lady Esmèe Kortrevich | worldeltaii YOUR COMPANY COULD BE HERE! To appear in the next issue of the Tianrui Trading Co. catalogue, contact Tianrui Ren by way of bird to arrange a meeting! We wish to list all of the finest that Almaris has to offer to the distinguished customer.
  23. [ August 15th Monday, 5:30pm-7pm EST ] 10th of Lothar’s Gift in year of our Lord, 19th of B.A/S.A ❀❀❀ “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want to start the rest of your life as soon as possible.” INTRODUCTION At last, we have the pleasure of announcing the date of their union. They had met within the walls of The Grand Duchy Of Balian, not knowing they’d soon be betrothed to one another. Becoming comfortable with each other, growing to love one another naturally. With that being said, you are hereby invited to attend the holy union between Lady Seraphina Katiana Darkwood and Mister August Bishop II. EVENT ITINARARY TAVERN GAMES Before the wedding, citizens as well as guests may go to the Brown Bears Rest Tavern. Inside the Tavern will be Tavern games hosted by The Baron of Renduzzo, Drako Darkwood. Everyone, and anyone is welcome to join in the games, and festivities! [ August 15th Monday, 5;30pm EST ] AIM FOR THE POLLEN After the Tavern games, everyone will go to the main square Balian, and have an Archery competition. Where citizens and guests will compete, they’ll be timed and try to hit a certain amount of targets in a quick time. Whomever has the quickest time will be rewarded with a prize! REMEMBER THE PETAL A memory game! We’ll arrange a set of items, at the beginning of the festivities displaying them for everyone to see. After Tavern games, we will mix up the items, and whoever can put all the items back in place the order they were in originally will be rewarded with a hefty coin purse! THE WEDDING CEREMONY AND RECEPTION The wedding will take place in the Church, afterwards everyone will return to the square. Where dancing, and drinks will be served to the guests. Where the BRIDE will reveal a gift she’s gotten for the groom. After the reception that shall conclude the wedding. [ August 15th Monday, 7pm EST ] FORMAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO; His Holiness, Tylos III, High Pontiff of the Church of Canon His Highness, John I, Grand Duke of Balian and his citizens His Royal Majesty, Karl III Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his citizenry His Majesty, Bakir Ireheart, Grand King of Urguan and his citizenry His Highness, Cesar I de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia and his Citizenry The Right Honorable, Sir Rev Vuiller, Count of Aquilae and his pedigree The Most Honorable, Viscount of Marsana, Viktor Ruthern and his pedigree His Excellency, Drako Darkwood, Baron of Renduzzo and his pedigree The Honorable, Chloe De Rosius, Baroness of Valens and her pedigree The Honorable, Catherine Huntshill, Viscountess of Anatis and her pedigree His Excellency, Peter D’Arkent, Baron of Turin and his pedigree His Lordship, Adrian Colborn, Baron of Bethlenen and his Pedigree Firr, Ariovistan Bishop, Patriarch of House Bishop and his pedigree And all other citizens of Almaris Signed, The Rose of Darkwood, Lady Seraphina Katiana Darkwood "One must live, and die by his own sword." Viendum est et suo gladio moriendum. Firr August Bishop II, of House Bishop "Forever Standing"
  24. A Treasury Report Issued by the Procurator of the Grand Duchy of Balian On the 15th day of the Sun’s Smile in the year of our Lord, 17th of B.A. “Economy is ever-fluid and so shall we be.” The Procurator of the Grand Duchy of Balian brings forth this announcement, expanding upon multiple items in their planning phases, alongside what is in effect and what is to come. At the end of this report, a question will be asked so as to ascertain the public's opinion. The Refugee Initiative With refugees recently coming to our borders after varying conflicts, it is known that most have only escaped with but the clothes on their backs. Due to this, the Refugee Initiative is being set into action. What is the Refugee Initiative? Any Refugee may contact and speak with the Procurator upon moving to the Grand Duchy of Balian, upon doing so, they will be provided with parcels of food for each family member, down payment waived on a home and the first Saints week of taxes waived as well, so long as they abide by the laws of the Grand Duchy. The new residents will be aided in finding a job or a position so they might get back on their feet as well. What if they have their own means? Refugees who’ve escaped with a bit more than the clothes on their back may still speak with the Procurator and garner what is offered above, but if they are to offer food or otherwise to those who had escaped with less, a deal can otherwise be negotiated for different terms. You are not a Refugee but wish to help? Should a family already residing within the Grand Duchy of Balian wish to aid a Refugee or Refugee family who’s fled, they may speak with the Procurator to negotiate suitable terms and so matters may be set up. On Property Within Balian Terracing and New Levels A project began with the new head of the Censor Office, Baron Kristofer De Rosius before his untimely passing and continued on through hired workers since. Varying homes that previously went unused, or the public opinion otherwise disapproved of, has been converted using a method called terracing. Redone into multiple levels, this allows our space within the Grand Duchy to be used more efficiently alongside allowing for larger homes for the growing families of Balian. The Implementation of Rooftop Gardens With the mention of terracing, rooftop gardens are in the process of being implemented, with hope that it will aid in crops or otherwise being produced within the city. Anyone may have a rooftop garden, and with this, a new member of the Procurator Staff is working on what is called the Farming Initiative which will be expanded upon at a later date. The Auctioning of Road Names Having been announced at the previous court, with the new homes that have been borne of terracing, an auction is being hosted for those wishing a chance to name these new levels and streets. To put in a bid, simply contact the Procurator. On New Hires The Hiring of the Procurator Staff After the previous Procurator Report, varying people have been hired on to fill the ranks of the Procurators staff. Wards have been set to task, stewards selling homes and otherwise. Nonetheless, some positions have yet to be filled and the Procurator has been keeping an eye out with someone willing to do the work. The Land Surveyor Having been set varying tasks and proving himself after his projects came out a success, Lord Emir of Endor has been promoted to the position of Land Surveyor within the Procurators Office. Ensuring the continued upkeep of property within the Grand Duchy, alongside other responsibilities, we look forward to his continued work and success. A Question on Warm Welcomes It has come to the Procurator's attention that varying roles within the Procurators staff of Balian have made mention of wishing to host welcome parties in new homes: Is this something we wish to see as a Grand Duchy? Do we believe this might see a rise in home sales? Who should provide food and beverages? For those who wish to touch on the subject, they may contact the Procurator should they wish. Signed, The Honourable, Baroness-Consort of Renduzzo, Lady Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller, heiress to the County of Aquilae, Procurator of the Grand Duchy of Balian
  25. THE PITIFUL DISPUTE The Shotus Of Fools Written by Yves Michael of Aeldin Penned on the 28th of Malin’s Welcome, In the year of 1883 The Queen of Wonderland (1803) To my cousins and relatives to the North and South. I not only plead but demand you both stop this dispute. The Lady of the South should know to keep her mouth shut. She brings shame to our name and drags it through the dirt for exposing any showcase of hate or bitterness to another member, especially a former matriarch of the family. You not only bring shame to expose any showcase of weakness, but you also cause trouble and division within the Rosius Dynasty. I would have expected the Baroness of the South to act with more dignity and common sense before thinking to write anything of the sort Then to the Lady of the North, I scold you as well. Not for defending your own mother, the late Baroness Hera de Rosius. But for also bringing this dispute and scandal into the light of the public even more than our Cousin. Our dynasty was kept together and strong this long. For not who was more in the right, but knowing that working together will bring glory and honor. Valent, Otis, and Philip. Worked together to keep our dynasty strong and mighty, working hard not only to get their own recognition by being a holy knight or a political savvy statesman, but to allow their descendants to thrive under their fruits of labor. I know my words are harsh. But this action, this minor action to some. Is shameful and plainly idiotic. The anger which flowed through my veins when I saw these two articles, public articles, given by my poor elderly butler who was exposed to my ill behavior after seeing my reaction. I might as well have had a heart attack, as this just made my mind go into a state of fury, my brows furrowing as I scream and throw the articles into the flames in a fit of rage and anger. I only felt shame and sorrow after my outbursts of despair and wrath. As not only had I felt betrayed by seeing this but also injury for this showcase of weakness from both parties. Injured or not. I say this, stop this dispute immediately. Make amends publicly and never speak of this matter again or face the consequences of your actions. Do you wish for our family to be like the Rutherns? They literally were torn apart because of these types of actions. Do you wish for our family to be like the families divided in the War of Two Emperors? Cousin against Cousin, Mother against Daughter, and Father against Son? You two sicken me with these foolish games, actions which could have easily been thought over. But you let your own personal judgment dictate your actions, which historically never worked for any leader. Look at the entirety of Johannesburg. Destroyed because a mad Johannian Emperor would rather not let his brittle throne and deteriorating capital be taken over then to live and allow his legacy be remembered as just a failure, instead he is known as a mad, sinnful, and selfish Emperor. You both give me two choices, either hope you two amend for your mistakes and we all simply pass over this hiccup or I denounce you both and never speak with either branch of the family again. I am more convinced to do the second option but I am a merciful and kind relative who would rather see my family be more united than torn and broken. I hope the two of you sway me to pick the first option as I had only recently come to Alamaris and to settle within the Johannian Princes and Lords of the Horenic Dynasty within Sedan and do not wish to completely shut off my own blood from any forum of communication. DIEU AVEC NOUS, The Lord de Rosius Yves Michael of Aeldin
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