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Found 7 results

  1. [!] A note is pinned to the noticeboard of Dúnwen Darkspawn Heretic Banished! ~A peculiar person in the river~ A foul construct (with bones inside and other oddities) called "Prolethius" crafted by an EVIL darkspawn overlord has been sent to our fair shire to DECEIVE US by claiming to be sent directly by Lord Knox! Do not believe his lies! He is an IMPOSTER and does not speak for the Pumpkin Lord! No longer shall this being be anywhere among us, for he is henceforth BANISHED to go lie to some other realm. This suspicious imposter darkspawn will be no more! KNOX defend the shire from heresy! -Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling and Mayor of Dúnwen.
  2. A Mother’s Final Straw [!] This missive is posted throughout the land (art done by @UniBearse A once pure of heart As all babies are as they are born, Ithil Kaeronin was once pure of heart and was one of the prides and joys of his mother’s clan. One winter's day, a dreadful night to be out, I found a child bundled up yet left out in the wilderness to fend for himself, he was a newborn at this time, a ‘ker baby with brilliant white hair and jewel violet eyes, I took him home and gave him the name Ithil meaning moon, for that was what let me find him, the moon light shining down on him I thought it must be a blessing to have found such a sweet darling child. From the moment I found and raised this young ‘ker, watching his first steps hearing his first words I lived through them all, and they were my precious memories to keep, I loved him just as I loved all his siblings with every fibre of my being, I believed all my children were for greatness I always will, but that being said as their mother I can’t control their lives and determine which kind of person they will turn to be. And as their mother I must know when to let them go. When I look into his eyes and I think back to that sunrise where I held him in my arms, these actions I will make, they will haunt my days, but is the price I pay, an endless pain, I know what I must do but how could I hurt you?, deep down I would trade the world to see you safe and sound, forever in my arms, just like we did before, as a mother I know I must let you go. But, when did my boy become a Villain, like how a candle becomes a blaze? Or a ripple a tidal wave? When this man becomes a monster. Please forgive me. With my heart so filled with sorrow and Woe, this Missive that has taken so long to gather the courage to write that is long overdue, I Floria Kaeronin here by decree Ithil Kaeronin one of my eldest sons to be disowned Revoking his Kaeronin name and ties to the family for he has caused some heinous crimes which will be known throughout the land for those to safeguard themselves and keep watch for this man, Ithil Kaeronin receives this punishment for the following crimes, the only crimes known to his mother. First degree attempted murder -an act of which was committed against a young child of Nor’asath, in which had happened on two occasions which led to the second crime. First degree attempted kidnapping An act in which the attacker lured the unsuspecting victim to a remote place and proceeded to attack this victim. "I failed as a haelun and for that I pay the price of losing one of my oem'ii" For these crimes committed by a Kaeronin, Ithil is here by disowned from the family of Kaeronin and banished from both Family and Vikela, and i pray for your safety and your good health in life from here on out, and I hope you find yourself, redeem from your actions and maybe one day, in my fondness dreams you are to reunite to those that have always loved you. Her ladyship, Floria Antwinette Vanari iller’leyu, Aldin Kaeronin Lady of justice and truth, The Serene Mother. His Lordship, Syvis Songbird, the serene father of Kaeronin Songbird Her Ladyship, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia, Uherie, and The Deserted Salted Lands of Elysium. The Violet of Vikela.
  3. Banishment of a Worm ______________________________________________________________ In regards to the dire news of use of foul Necromancy, Kul’Raguk is hereby banished from the Ashen Realm of Nor’asath The Uruk known as Kul’Raguk is hereby guilty of using Dark Magic and acting in the service of the deceiver. I need not remind any of descendant blood that the deceiver is the enemy to all that breath and has brought dishonor to the spirits. By the Authority of The Primarch, Kul’Raguk is to be executed for his offense to Kor and his betrayal of a descendant kind. Netseth Loa’chil Primarch of Nor’asath, Prince of the Mali’ker
  4. 8th of the Grand Harvest, Year 58 SA By royal decree, this living document registers the following beings and entities are hereby banished from the Kingdom of Elysium for their various transgression against her people: Mary For multiple counts of assault and battery, espionage, and is a known Darkspawn sympathizer. Watcher Der Ryder For assaulting a citizen, public disturbance, assaults against allied nobility. Mr. Der Ryder may petition for his pardon by writing to the Sovereign and pay the fine of 1000 Minas. Beldas Cross For multiple assaults against nobility, attempted assault, resisting arrest, and public disturbance Mr. Cross may petition for his pardon by writing to the Sovereign and pay the fine of 1000 Minas. The Ferrymen Syndicate For multiple counts of murder, assault and battery, and raiding our Duchy both as a vassal of Norland and as an independent entity. Soloman Raven For assault, slander, disobedience of authority, defamation of character, and threatening several citizens. Mr. Raven may petition for his pardon after the year 80 of the second age. Landeth Ipos For disobedience of authority, threatening several citizens, and theft. Mr. Ipos may petition for his pardon by writing to the Sovereign and pay the fine of 1000 Minas. Richard Palehorn II For threats against the Sovereign, multiple counts of harassment, sexism, disobedience of military authority. Signed, Duke Eugeo de Astrea Lady Aylin Reede de Astrea, Heir Apparent Minister of Interior & Foreign Affairs Lord Commander Ellathor Vanari Minister of Defense
  5. Writ of Banishment Of Ser Snottyus of Karosgrad Ser Flemius being beaten by the Order of Rooftop Dwellers, circa SA 51 FOREVER MAY HOONSE PROSPER, After the grave slight of Ser Flemius of Karosgrad against Her Royal Majesty, Koenas Klara of Hoonseti Rooska, he is hereby banished forevermore from all lands and holdings of Hoonseti Rooska. With this writ comes the information that Her Royal Majesty has been forced to flee Hoonse, when pursued into the vast and glorious lands of her kingdom! Pursued by the wicked Margot Baruch and Her Majesty’s own treacherous aunt. Now, she has been dragged, unwillfully back to Karosgrad, and denounces the actions of all involved parties. Her Royal Majesty also declares the establishment of The Order of the Rooftop Dwellers, knights of Hoonseti Ruska dedicated to protecting their Koenas. Her Royal Majesty also declares that Osric Tsecsar is hereby created a knight under the Order of Rooftop Dwellers, forever more to be known as Ser Osric 'The Loyal'. SIGNED, Her Royal Majesty, Klara Elizaveta, Koenas of Hoonse
  6. ♪♫ [Click for the quotes' music!] 5th of Vzmey and Hyff, 378 ES [5th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1826] , the old dame, sat slumped against her overgrown desk. Blood trickled from her nose and her lips were cracked; some bruised indent sat atop her forehead, like she'd been hit in the head, and a jammed crossbow sat to her side. The space was in a disarray, and her mind the same as her glossy eyes started at the wall. Lavish furniture was tipped on its side, vines growing through them and breaking the leather. Paintings were torn. Someone had broken in and made a mess, even before she could. "I know you may not be feeling . . . The same way I am - sweetheart, you're mine and now our lives are all planned!" As she made haste toward her room she'd made, memories of her service washed over her like a fifty-foot wave cresting some unfortunate shore. Multiple failed attempts on her life-- The infernal war and the campaigns she lead-- Her husband, Old Captain Sir Alaric DeNurem, and their long-dead comrades-- Captured by Demons for two years, a proper long story-- The destruction of Helena, and the voyage to Almaris. It all burned at the back of her mind. As the missive for her banishment was sent out, in place of woe, she felt spite. Seventy five years of service in the army, knighted by the old Emperor; dozens of achievements among those in the century she'd existed, she lived a hero among her comrades. A fiend behind her veil of misdeeds, only known to her; but a hero. And those years of paradise were swept away, soon after. "Nobody needs you. . . . The way you know I DO, forget what they say, let's start our lives anew." The Fifth Brigade had been taken first; her dignity swept and her will to fight dwindling. But there was hope - there was hope, she was sure. There always would be. She could still climb her way up, things would have been fine. She descended into a madness that she hadn't felt ever before. The walls had ears, no one was to be trusted, and each of her comrades sought to kill her, she thought. One false step, and that step would be her last into a lake of cold water. And she had, at last. "Oh darling, I'm not so sure about our hearts aligning, at sixteen years old, could this have been bad timing; puppies pinning?" Then, had come her service in the Imperial Army. She was discharged on account of her degrading mind. "Yam neicht degrading . . . Yam . . . Give me a chance. GIVE ME A SECOND CHANCE! PLEASE!" Her pained howls shook the room, as blue-clad lawmen busted through the doors. Like Major Othaman had been apprehended at his retirement; they were here to claim her, as well, like wicked reapers. The three that'd hosted the Court Martial refused her to be taken, but the lawmen still had their way. Before she was told of her crimes, she was put on trial against the world. "Listen to me sweetheart, you are nothing when we're apart! I can promise you this;" The trial dragged on for hours. The court room was packed, and the air was heavy. Her lawyer, Patrick O'Rourke, fought for her like a soldier on his last breath. It wasn't enough. For her child wounding a Hanseni boy, it was suggested she be hung in the child's stead. Like a dog. It was suggested she be slaughtered. "When we split the town . . . You won't be missed." In some mercy, she was fined several thousand and banished. She scrambled to get her belongings, and now, where she stood, she could hear folk coming to fully throw her out. No, she would leave on her own accord. In the few thirty years they'd settled on Almaris, she'd learned the Bastion like the back of her hand. She looped from her room, toward the War Room, and back down, descending into her labs to snag the last of her belongings. So, left a single note before the Bastion, held firm by a wad of Jailor's Moss. "Good-bye, comrades. Farewell. This injustice shan't be forgotten, and these wounds will ever bleed on. I've found peace with the family my child wounded, in a mere agreement of some hefty sum of service & repayment with Ruslan. The Hanseni are reasonable; yet the Orenian law is not. The Orenian Law purges good folk and ensures the soldiers they lead are brainless, unknowing, and abused. We had plead the trial be ended - I was never told my rights, their reason for arrest, nor the case at hand. But the Orenian law ignored it and took my life in turn. In Memoriam of Sofia Teufel, in Memoriam of Heath Linnord. In memoriam of the veterans I had lead that died or have gone missing amidst this terrible chaos in this Saint's week. If Oren does not mourn, I surely do. Take heed. Good-bye, Dame Viktoriya."
  7. THE BANISHMENT OF PERALIEN Due to recent events occurring within our city, it is seen fit that the banishment of Peralien should take place. Peralien will be killed on sight should she be seen within the Domain of Vortice, it’s lands, or it’s walls. Peralien has been disowned by the Monarch and Monarch-Consort as well, meaning all claims she holds to the Maelstorm name are nullified, and all actions caused by her do not reflect on the Maelstorm name. Signed, Athri Onfroi Belrose-Maelstorm, Princess of Vortice and Representative of Foreign Affairs In the name of: Vivian Maelstorm, Monarch of Vortice and Keeper of the Depth's
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