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Found 11 results

  2. A flyer would be posted across Almaris An Official Offer of Employment within the County of Renduzzo With the recent land acquisitions of the County of Renduzzo and the allocation of land for purposes of agriculture, Countess Darkwood has seen fit to send out an official notice offering residence and land use rights for interested parties. These Position will be split into 3 Categories: 1:Tenancy- Tenants will be granted residency for them and their families along with land use rights in exchange for 20 minas per week and 1 bushel (stack) of haybales per family member residing at Renduzzo per week 2:Animal Husbandry-Animal Breeders will be granted residency for them along with their families along with land use rights and stable use rights in exchange for 30 minas per week and 1.5 bushels (Stacks) of meat or one bushel of leather per week regardless of family size (Animal breeders will not be allowed to breed horses at Renduzzo unless they pay a further 10 mina per week) 3:Horse Breeders-Horse Breeders will be granted residency for them along with their families along with land use rights and stable use rights in exchange for 40 mina per week though the resident horse breeder will be granted exclusive patronage by Renduzzo, with the Countess willing to sign a contract to purchase steeds only from the breeder until their residency at Renduzzo has ceased. Alongside the pay and other conferred benefits, all Tenants/breeders and their families shall receive the following benefits The ability to petition the current Count/Countess of Renduzzo about matters After 10 years of service, a Tenant/Breeder will be able to have their children become wards of house Darkwood with females having the ability to become handmaidens of any Ladies of Renduzzo After 12 years of service, a Tenant/Breeder will be able to have 2 females from their family receive a Darkwood Sponsorship in any social season should they wish After 15 years of Service, Tenants/Breeders will gain a seat upon the Darkwood Council that is hereditary until such a time that they have relinquished their position If a Tenant/Breeder gains a seat upon the council and their heir maintains the tenancy for another 10 years, they will be able to request that their heir or another child be granted a page/squireship underneath the Count/Countess Darkwood or a Darkwood house member possessing a Knighthood or High Governmental office For any details please send a bird to Theodeta Darkwood Signed, The Right Honorable, Countess Theodeta Tulipa Darkwood of Renduzo (Ooc Contact Based1Salmon#7103, IGN:Based1Salmon)
  3. On many notice boards across the land and in mailboxes were missives put up. It was an invitation of sorts. It read as follows: “ Slava from the North! It is the Vistulians here and I’m sure you missed us all. We write this to invite you all to a very great celebration. In six cactus days we will be holding a great festival in our little coastal down by Docks of Norland. This festival is to hold plenty of drinks, a feast, folk tales, and a call for great warriors across the land in a fighting tournament with a grand 100 mina prize for first place and 50 mina and a pat on the shoulder for second place. Bring your warm cloths and your fighting spirit. We look forward to seeing you there!” — Sincerely, Flour “Orc-Lifter”
  4. look the song up on youtube to find a bunch of weird anime dance videos
  5. THE IRON UZG Land of the Horde “Lup’Krug” The crimson Scaddernak against a black field CONTENTS: I. Culture II. Hierarchy III. Military IV.City The orcs of the Iron Uzg are a stalwart people. Comprised out of Uruks, Ologs, Goblins and any other descendants that bring worship to the spirits under the Scaddernak banner. The denizens of the Uzg live with a strong code of strength, honor, and religious zealotism. Strength: Krug is revered in the Uzg. Father of all orc kind, he is seen as the ultimate role-model for a citizen. As such, the orcs value strength, and many leadership positions are gained through brutal duels and displays of strength. Day to day disputes are handled via fist and blood in honorable duels, where the spirits choose the victor. The orcs value strength in all matters of their life, be it hunting a wild beast or training alongside the Krughai military. A Lur out on the hunt Religion: The orcs greatly respect the Ilzgul, their brutal deities. The ancestors of all orcs, aswell as the Immortal and Elemental spirits form the religion of the Uzg. Denizens of the Uzg boast their loyalty to the spirits in acts of sacrifice, be it a sheep to the Immortal spirit of war or a familial weapon to a deceased ancestor. Farseers, Lutuaman, Witchdoctors or practitioners of the Haruspex dot the Uzg aswell, offering their worship to the spirits with their mysterious magics. Honor: Bringing honor to your name and clan is of paramount importance to a citizen of the Uzg, for how else will one travel to Stargush’Stroh, the afterlife of the orcs? This quest for honor will bring the Orc to many challenges, all of which they are expected to handle with nobility and respect to their uruk brethren. Even in times of strive and civil war, deeds of respect and honor were perceived between battling clans. Small tidbits: The Iron Uzg subforum is full of beautifully done loreposts by our community. From the star readers of the Ilzhonal to the brutal bloodletters of the Haruspex, it is heavily encouraged for every Orc player to look into these posts and discover the best orc they can be. The Iron Uzg is a beautiful ground for quality curated RP. The hierarchy of the Uzg is simple and ancient, honoring the old way of the first Goths. The Iron Uzg’s government is a stalwart and proud force, dedicating their lives to the bettering of the Uzg always. REX Above all is the Rex, Krug’s chosen. They will lead the Iron Uzg with strength, nobility and wisdom. The Rex has the ability to change the Uzg how they see fit, and is the figurehead of all Orcs. HONOR COUNCIL The honor council is the main governmental power of the Iron Uzg. They handle all things to do with the state of the nation. Each Goth on the council has proven themselves to lead their specific part of Orc Life. Dominus: The Dominus is the right hand man of the Rex, leading the Uzg’s diplomacy and ensuring all the Rex’s policies are enacted smoothly and without struggle. The Dominus is commonly seen as the Rex’s heir if there is no challenge to his claim, and will take Rexdom after an abdication or death. Targoth: The Targoth is the leader of the Krughai, the Iron Uzg’s military. They will work closely with the Yazgurtan to ensure the Krughai has all logistical needs it requires, whilst training up Uruk soldiers and leading them in battle. The Targoth is a well respected rank within the Iron Uzg, and is a veteran and battle-hardened soldier. Yazgurtan: The Yazgurtan is the steward/mayor/logistician of the Iron Uzg. They oversee all things within the city borders, be it housing or district renovation. The Yazgurtan also oversees logistics within the Iron Uzg, and works closely with the Rex to ensure the armories and treasuries are always full. Motsham: The Motsham is the spiritual leader of the Iron Uzg. They are the voice of the ancestors, immortals and elementals. Usually a wizened old shaman, the Motsham will lead the Uzg in spiritual events and worship. Huntsgoth: The Huntsgoth is Votar’s chosen within the Iron Uzg. They will lead the orcs in mighty hunts across the Rex’s lands. It is expected of the Huntsgoth to return with trophies for the Goi, and to work closely with the Grubgoth in ensuring the orcs always have meat for their many feasts. Grubgoth: The Grubgoth is a major cultural leader within the Uzg, and is tasked with maintaining orcish morale with feasts, festivals and other cultural events. They work closely with the Huntsgoth to supply meat to the Uzg’s denizens while arranging tournaments with the Targoth. A Lak chieftain THE WARGOTH COUNCIL The Wargoth Council is the voice of the clans, tribes and bands of the Iron Uzg. The leaders of these groups sit on the Wargoth Council to discuss the interactions between the many groups of the Iron Uzg, though different groups hold more power than other based on their prestige and strength. Wargoth Clan: A Wargoth Clan is a group of orcs that have gained the respect and prestige of the Rex based on their current power. They have been promoted from a Warchief Tribe and hold more sway over the Uzg than those below them. [Requirements for Wargoth Clan: 5+ Active members(7+ hrs per week) The leader of the claimant group(Wargoth) has hosted an event weekly for the Uzg for three consecutive weeks in a row The claimant group is more than a month old] Warchief Tribe: A Warchief Tribe is a group of orcs that have gained enough prestige to be notable in the eyes of the Uzg. They have been promoted from a Warband and hold more sway than those below them, but less sway than the Wargothdom. [Requirements for a Warchief Tribe” 2+ Active members(7+ hrs per week) The leader of the claimant group(Warchief) has hosted an event for the Uzg in the previous two weeks. Once the two weeks pass by and no event has been hosted by the Warchief Tribe, the claimant group will be demoted back to a Warband. ] Warband: A warband is a group of orcs who have banded together for a common goal. These are commonly beginning tribes or families within the Uzg that wish to make a name for themselves. They are not awarded a seat on the Wargoth Council. Armor of the Uruk-Hai The Iron Uzg has a strong military culture, and it is expected for every able bodied citizen to serve their tenure in the Krughai. Formed by the mighty Rex, Mogroka’Gorkil, the Krughai has always been a staple of Orcish culture. Lead by the Targoth, the Krughai defends the Goi in times of war and leads the assault against the Rex’s enemies. Proven and seasoned warriors might rise the ranks to become Keshig, orcish knights who defend the Rex and the Uzg until their last breath, fighting thrashing and bloodied up to the end. On the contrary, shamed and dishonorable uruks become Pugged, and every citizen has the right to beat and brutalize the Pugged until they prove themselves once more. The Iron Uzg lives a cruel life, and the Krughai reflects that. San’Velku, Capital of the Uzg The Iron Uzg prides itself in it’s city, building with brutal architecture in dangerous lands. Ever since the times of Krug, the Iron Uzg has situated itself in the most hostile environments possible, as it is believed the surrounding fauna and flora will harden the uruks into strong and honorable warriors. From the firelands to the harsh deserts, orcs have had a wide range of capitals. Currently, the Iron Uzg is situated in the city of San’Velku in the western jungles. Within this city, an orc can find the arena, smithy, tavern, haruspex caves and various blargs of their choosing, each decorated with the trophies of the orcs’ hunts and their achievements. Outside the jungles, the Iron Uzg also holds other members under it’s banner. Haelun’or, Daeland, the Khelites and more are all sworn to fight alongside the Scaddernak banner. Be sure to seek these out!
  6. THE BATTLE FOR TARGOTH “TO ALL THOZE THAT CHALLENGE MI FOR THE TITLE OF TARGOTH, MI DECLARE THAT THE BATTLE FOR TARGOTH WILL BE HELD THIZ KAKTUZ ZATURDAE!” An orc yells from the square of the iron’uzg once again, opening his arms wide for the orcs and honoraries that gather! “THERE WILL BE DUB KLOMPZ! AZHZT, WHERE ALL THE CHALLENGERZ KLOMP IN THE PIT! AGH THE UNWORTHY WILL FALL! AGH THE DUB KLOMP! WHERE THE LAZT DUB ZTANDING WILL KLOMP EACHOTHER, FOR THEIR HONOR, THEIR GLORY, AND THE TITLE OF TARGOTH!” Lok’Gul dropped his arms, one of his hands grabbing his twin axe and raising it! Letting out a powerful, roaring shout; “FOR DA HORDE!” Lok’Gul announcing the battle
  7. 6th of the Suns Smile A KING OF IRE The Halls of Kal’Darakaan bustled as Dwarves readily prepared for the big event, the coronation of Bakir Ireheart. The sound of merchants selling their trinkets, smiths hammering away in their forges and bartenders refilling their drinks. A horn would sound from the Obsidian Throne, calling all to the throne room for the ceremony. Many dwarves from each clan made their way into the room, followed by allies from Haense, Norland, and the Vale, alongside representatives from Elysium and the Elven Alliance. All of Almaris was here to watch a new Grand King be crowned. The room was packed full, many bustled around to find spare seats, but as the final guests sat down the High Prophet stepped forward, slamming against the podium calling everyone to be silent, beginning the coronation. The High Prophet addressed those who were present, described the role of Grand King and the throne that he sits on. He described the seat and the role of Grand King to be a burden, to be sharp and uncomfortable, like ragged rocks of a mountain. He then faced Bakir, asking the Grand King-elect if he swears by the Brathmordakin, by Urguan and by all his life that he will be an honorable, compassionate, courageous, wise, cunning and ferocious Grand King, the Ireheart agrees, swearing by his life, and by his blood to not only be these things, but to be better. Then with a careful touch, Norli grasped the Crown of Urguan and told Bakir to kneel, and as he did the crown of the father of the Dwarves was placed upon his head announcing the new Grand King of Urguan. The room erupted. Cheers of joy and roars of ARU and hails filled the room, Dwarves, Humans and Elves alike joined in the chant as they congratulated Bakir on being the 34th Grand King of Urguan. Later that night, when the feast commenced and cups filled with mead overflowed, Bakir stood up once more before his people to address them. “What a privilege to be chosen as your Grand King. For years I have served in our halls, within our great Dwarven legion and under several Grand Kings, and so I am honored to be one of those Grand Kings, and have the ability to make change within our lands. If we look back in the times of old, back when Thorin Grandaxe conquered the world and forged the Obsidian Throne, or when Kjell Ireheart defeated the great dragons of the realm, or even during the times of Fimlin Grandaxe, Gror Ireheart, Utak Ireheart and Rhewen Frostbeard, when the dwarves were revered, respected and even feared. Our might was known across the realm, our craft was respected, our fighting capabilities were sought upon and our Grand Kings were legendary. In recent times we have lost these things and have not looked back on the successes and even failures of past Grand Kings, we have lost our way. As Grand King, I have promised over and over again that I wish to be a servant of the people, a servant to all those who live in our halls, and so for the last time I shall assure you once more. I will support and work with those who supported me and also who didn’t, I will ensure our name, our respect and our Grand Kingdom is restored back to glory. Finally, I will ensure not only our vaults and our halls but our pockets as well, are filled with gold and silver. I am a son of Urguan and Yavok, and you are sons and daughters of Urguan. Let us grasp glory and write our names in history, so all may remember our triumphs.” NARVOK OZ URGUAN
  8. The Blood acted strange, not clear, not precise. The Path of the Targoth was always blurry, never easy for him to choose. Choices of moral, of honor, always putting his morals and honor after the wellbeing of his nation, of his people. Now that progress was coming their way, that the flames and ashes were going to soon replace water and wood, the young Haruspex had another choice to make. He thought it would be a easy one this time. Join progress, join fire and metal to burn down this disgusting forest or save it to protect a spirit he did not care for. Easy, yes. The uruk sat down in front of the Blood Pit, staring at the past present and future. Trying to see clearly to find his Path. He gave a chuckle as an elf's body appeared at the surface of the pit, floating amongst all the blood and gore. The Witch Doctor in training closed his eyes, trying to summon some spirits to help him with his choice. "Grizh tu flow, Grizh tu peep. Izi ahm un da Path, zhow izi wut tu du! Lup'Dlimbok, firzt of de Haruzpex! Lup da Heartbeat of da uzg! Troqugrizh-Ur!" The words the blood spoke to the burned orc were confused, different from before. The Heartbeat was not amongst them, Troqugrizh was silent for once. Borok growled in anger as he stood up and kicked into the blood pit, making it splash all over the walls of the little cavern. Rage, confusion, questions. For long, the jungle outside of their home had been a problem : Hiding undead and other beasts in it, stopping them from becoming what they were meant to be, better than some beasts living in tents and wooden cities. What was he to do? choose a side and risk fighting friends and family or step aside and let his Path unfold in front of him? The tall orc broke eye contact with the blood and starting going up the stairs. Back to the surface, to the sun, to the forest. Smoke was coming up in the sky from a previous fire spitter attack on the city, a sign maybe. A sign to join flames and ashes or be consumed by it. He knew what he had to do now, he knew his Path.
  9. Blood, Snow and Shadow “When your City is in flames with the walls crumbling around you and the very air in your lungs is choked with ash and ember.. When your citizens are hung from the walls and the banners of the Black Sun hang from the ruins of your Keep.. it will be too late to renounce your False Gods. We offer you this one final chance at Salvation.” - The Barrowlord Astark to the imprisoned High Prince of Fenn, Vytrek. In all of Fenns long and storied history, this would be their darkest of days. A day forever to be remembered, where the Stalwart Light of the few stood against the coming dark in what was to be their final hour. The actions that played out this day would determine the fate of their city and their people as they stood on the very brink of annihilation. And yet.. The Nations of Almaris did nothing, standing on the sidelines and choosing to battle their Descendant brothers and sisters in petty disagreements between Nations and perceived insults. Killing and maiming each other over material possessions, land and titles. If only they knew that once Fenn had been reduced to ash and rubble and the banners of the Blackened Sun hung from their walls.. That this host of Xion, this Legion of the Damned would be on their doorstep next. And so the embattled defenders of Fenn stood alone. The Ivae’Fenn, the Vigilants, the ordinary citizens of Fenn and their Azdrazi allies.. Surrounded on all sides as the jaws of death closed in on them. With a Prophecy foretold, warning of the coming events, they did all they could to bolster their defences and forge new weapons. But would it be enough? ❄ The Battle of Fenn Begins ❄ And so that fateful day arrived, an eerie silence taking hold of the city as the defenders stood ready. The Archvigilant of War assessed the defences and the nervous defenders, he had faith in his people and in Wyrvun to carry them to victory. Several lines of defences had been set up between the main gates of the city and the Keep, the once peaceful city had been turned into a veritable fortress that stood ready to receive the Blackened Host. And so it began.. The silence would be broken as thousands of trumpets pierced the wintry air and the howling winds of the blizzard that still ravaged the city. They could not see their foe, the unhallowed fogs and blistering blizzards obscuring their sight to nothing. Yet, the Children of Fenn had prepared themselves, wearing magical helmets to detect the heat signatures of their foes in the mists. Bang. Bang. Bang.. the Gates of Fenn were battered relentlessly, the cries and moans of the undead crying out for the blood of the defenders in the names of their dark masters. Then, with a thundering crack would the gates be breached and the horde of the damned poured through into the streets of the city. “Open Fire!” The command was relayed to the defenders, several ballista and regiments of archers readied their weapons before unleashing a hailstorm of projectiles into the breach and the horde swarming through it. The projectiles glinted under the blackened sun overhead, their arrowheads of aurum and thanium seeming like a descending storm of stars that laid waste to the first wave. Arms and armour fell to the ground as phantasmal warriors were slain in the hundreds, being manifested and banished to whatever realm they had come from. Yet it was nowhere near enough. The first line of defences were quickly overwhelmed, an intense aura of dread taking hold of the city as the undead horde butchered and slaughtered their way through the Fennic defenders without mercy. Chanting the name of their Forsaken Lord and offering up Xionist chants to the Black Sun that lingered overhead. Those who had not succumbed to the butchery that took place in the first line of defence quickly retreated, falling back to the second line as Ballista's were reloaded and arrows were knocked in place. ❂ The Dark Lord Arrives ❂ From the midst of that carnage a towering figure clad in armour wrought of infernal design stepped forth, their stygian gaze coming to study the defiant defenders that stood in opposition to the Children of Xion. The Forsaken Lord of the Xionist forces had arrived, flanked on either side by an honour guard of towering stone Knights that pulverised any would-be assailant that dared neared this Dark God. A discordant choir of voices would make their presence known, booming forth from the armoured husk of that Forsaken Lord. “Children of Fenn, you have had your chance to repent and forsake your False Gods for years. And yet you still stand defiant, willful slaves to higher powers that care not for you or your kin! And so.. With a heavy heart does the duty of your execution fall upon us. We cannot allow you to be pawns to the Aengudemonica any longer..” “Open Fire!” came that command once more from the Fennic Commanders, another volley of ballista bolts, arrows and javelins descending upon the damned host and the Forsaken Lord. The efforts of the defenders would prove fruitless however, the Barrowlord extending forth a palm and bringing forth the mortal magicks at their command to summon an ectoplasmic barrier of immense proportions that stopped the hailstorm of projectiles in their path. A victorious cry would rise from the attackers as suddenly the atmosphere on the battlefield changed.. Both the Children of Fenn and the Children of Xion fell silent as the shadows seemingly intensified before retreating and being pulled into the centre of the city and the gaping crater that lingered there. The two armies stopped their fighting as they watched onward in terror as the Apparition awoke from its slumber under the earth. As a sickening laugh of a child's voice broke the silence, chaos was unleashed once more. The Apparition was the friend of none and the foe of all, laying waste to both the Children of Fenn and the Children of Xion in droves. It shifted in and out of reality, appearing in the midst of tightly pact formations of troops before tearing them limb from limb in brutal fashion. The forces of Light and Dark resumed their slaughter of one another and did their best to avoid the Apparition's wrath as the very streets of Fenn became slick with the blood of the fallen. There was one however that held the key to Fenns salvation and victory in this seemingly impossible fight, a Draconic Warrior and Champion of the Flame. Standing in the back line and offering aid to the beleaguered defenders, his very presence acted as a beacon that bolstered the faltering hearts of those who were overcome with fear and dread. With ease he laid waste to any hungering geist that managed to breach through their lines, cutting them apart and banishing them with blistering dragon's flame. Yet he was here for one in particular, his fiery countenance studying the carnage before him in search of the enemies Champion and Commander. There they were.. ❖ The Decisive Moment ❖ The Forsaken Lord was cutting a bloody swathe through the battlefield and leaving a great many dead in her wake alongside her Stone Guardians. Though her path of destruction would come to a sudden halt as the Apparition conjured forth a glimmering storm from the skies that unleashed devastation on the battlefield and tore into the Forsaken Lord’s Honour Guard and herself, cutting them apart. This was the opportunity the Fennic defenders needed, a single moment in the shifting events of the battle that would determine their victory or defeat. As the Barrowlord engaged in bloody close quarters combat, their armoured form would come to be destroyed and their true form would be exposed for all to see. The sickly radiant visage of the Wight Barrowlord ascending into the air above the battlefield as infernal weapons hovered around them intent on killing a great many more. Yet, unaware to this Lord the apparition hunted her.. Should the Apparition have claimed the power from this Forsaken Lord, it would be unstoppable. It would be unknown if the Draconic Champion knew this or not, but they were well aware of the opportunity that had presented itself and with their arm reared back a mighty spear of dragon flame was conjured forth and hurled with great speed. It punctured deep into the Barrowlords form, a shrill cry escaping their being as it was torn apart and exploded from within. This was the turning point of the battle and the Hierophant, the Forsaken Lords personal champion, sounded the call to retreat. Their voices booming across the battlefield for all to hear! “The Lord has fallen, retreat!” With this final act would the city of Fenn be saved, the Draconic Warrior watching as the Children of Xion were routed from the city only to watch as the Apparition descended on him in those final moments of the battle.. ↽ The Aftermath ⇀ And so the Defenders of Fenn would win the day, but at what cost? The streets of Fenn were covered with the slain bodies of hundreds and the gutters ran red with the blood of the fallen as the city burned. Many sons and daughters of Fenn had been slain, and the Apparition still yet lived in the Crypts below.. Would they continue to stand alone against this threat? Barely holding on to their lives as week after week, year after year they were assailed by the forces of the dark. Or would the Nations of Almaris finally turn their gaze to Fenn and rally to their aid? Only time would tell.
  10. In Flaming Revelry Journey They had lost their way, that was clear to Sir Octavian. Once such lands would’ve been littered with villages and barons eager to make their mark upon the world; now, only the occasional roadman was waiting to prey upon the half-famished farmers on their way to pay tax to the petty prince and his assembly of bureaucrats, too heavy to even make it beyond the walls of Providence. The Imperial State Army would not be here to save these men, for they were not an army but a guard force of noblemen sent there by their fathers in the name of political advancement. Reflection This was not the Empire that Sir Octavian remembered, nor the Empire that he had helped build. He frowned some then as he dismounted from his jet-black steed, plated boots clunking into the rough gravel roads of New-Esbec. He walked the streets, once full of hope and joy. Now, the town was abandoned abandoned for all but a few of the most heinous souls, set only for a parade of ghosts. The tavern's sign hung halfway off, creaking eerily in the wind. He entered, sat at the dust-covered bar, wrote a letter to a sister far away, and sent it off. Then, he waited. The Arrival - Days Later The air in New Esbec seemed abnormally warm that morning. Even for the summer, the mountain air normally seemed crisp and uncomfortably biting at the cold-blooded Dragonkin’s skin. Arthonath made his way to the gates then, a smile forming on his face as he saw the faces of his brothers and sisters climbing the mountain path before him. "Helinathe." he smiled toothily, greeting her with a brotherly hug, extending the same to Antonius then, before greeting the Heralds with a nod of his head. "Let this be a message then, to those within the Empire and those beyond, that our Father’s reach extends further than they might ever know." His sister responded, “Not only a message to the Empire, but a celebration for the arrival of Antonius who has come back to us, brother.” She clutched his arm then, determined perhaps that her newly-returned sibling not leave once more. Flames The Banner of Azdromoth was raised within New Esbec that afternoon. His worshipers made their way throughout the city, burning it to the ground, some in glee, others in solemn reluctance. Sir Octavian passed a torch onwards to the former architect of the city, "Finish now what you started." And with that, a final torch was thrown, setting the ever towering manor aflame. And thus, as the sun fell beyond the reaches of the mountains, the city stood out as a beacon for all within those accursed mountains to witness. Reverence And thus, even as the sun’s warm gaze fell beyond the reaches of the mountains, the flaming city stood out as a beacon, a flaming pillar of The Arch-Drakaar’s own image towering into the skies above for all to witness, a bonfire in celebration of sibling’s reunion made merrier by the herald’s pledge.
  11. Establish Points These are things that every nation can agree with when it comes to raids/war. - Raids ruin roleplay of the capitals. You get drowned out by non-intelligible shouts and if they breach the city, dozens of soldiers run past you PvPing anyone in armor. It is chaotic, unrealistic, and a huge mess to deal with. - Realistically, the raids would not get close to the Capital. If you are familiar with MOBA’s (like LoL or Dota), you must kill the outlying turrets of the map before getting remotely close to the main “reactor”. - Without a specific system, there is no official progress of a war other than conquest/pillage warclaims. Proposed Between the two nations in question of warfare, there are the following: There must be 100 blocks apart from every rank. That means there must be 100 block distance from capital to major. There must be 100 block distance from major to minor. Major Fort: (1) A major fort is a second to last the final conquest. It is a large fort containing major fortifications.Traps are allowed. It is relatively near the capital, and would expected to be manned and armed to the teeth. To take a major fort, a warclaim would be required. If a major fort is taken, the Capitol is open to warclaim and raid. Minor Fort: (1-2) OPTIONAL These are smaller forts somewhat far away from the Capital, the Major fort being a sort of bridge between. These are expected to be manned and are the frontier of the battle. This expects to get constantly attacked, traps are not allowed. To take a minor fort, a warclaim is NOT required. The defending force must be at least 3/4ths the size of the attacking force if to officially take it. If you have a minor fort that isn’t manned whatsoever, it can be brought up and taken down. Only have minor forts that are regularly manned, not abandoned claimants of land. --- If a minor fort is taken: It cannot be taken for another 24 hours. If a minor fort is raided: It cannot be raided for another two hours. Minor forts are optional. If you don’t want them, you do not have to have them. You must take all minor forts to raid major forts. You must take the major fort to raid the capital. The major fort must be taken to warclaim the capital. All Capitals to be taken require a warclaim. Minor forts do not require a warclaim. To be able to take an enemy fort, all of your forts must be secure under your control. For example, you cannot warclaim the capital when the major forts are standing. You cannot warclaim a major fort when the minor forts are in enemy control. ^ Obviously things would be spaced out more, especially major fort distance between minor fort. But this is the breeze I’m hoping you’ll catch. Basically what I am trying to establish here is a system where there is progress and unless the war is being heavily won, capital roleplay is unaffected. Military RP is heightened because drills, watches, and the likes can take place in an active environment where it does not crowd popular roleplay centers. A war shouldn’t be up and over with one warclaim, wars are meant to be impactful things and not something you do on a complete whim. If a side is heavily winning, the losing side should have dread upon them. Fortifications should be built in advance for the impending siege, the streets howl with an emptiness… I am trying to establishing an environment where progress is felt and danger is as well. Going on, I will describe the Dead Zone. Dead Zone Other than forts and capitals, a major place of fighting is the Dead Zone. While roleplay is still required to initiate PvP, it is made very clear this is a place of warfare. It is the place where soldiers sally out for open field battles, it is the place where stragglers are caught and fights happen. All the place for open field battles takes place in the Dead Zone, and /not outside it/. (not mandatory) Consensual Warfare A point stressed was that of nations that do not want any war. Concerned rised when consensual warfare was enacted (and still is?) about how nations can pester other nations but hide under consensual warclaims. I want to keep consensual warfare for only nations that truly are peaceful. Neutral Nations may only hold their capital. They must not partake in any offensive battles, only defensive behind their walls. Casus Belli may be garnered against them to remove the consensual warfare protection. If they abide by this, raids are still on the table however warclaims have the option to be denied by the peaceful nation. If another nation has been receiving threats, insults, or aggression, they may gather these as “Casus Belli”. There must be 3-4 clear threats, insults, or aggressions that are verbal. Any physical attacks that aren’t defensive are automatic casus belli. If these are gathered (THROUGH ROLEPLAY), their consensual warfare protection is removed. Point of Entry Capitals and Major Forts are excluded from this because of siegecraft used in warclaims. This applies to minor forts. To prevent impenetrable forts, if your men have scouted and scouted your fortress for any weaknesses and there are none, that is automatically not allowed. There must be some way in to the minor fort, some way at all. This is to make sure that uber buttoned palaces are not created that there is no possible way inside. This may be controversial and can be debated upon further. I hope this wraps it up, folks! If we all can agree on this, ban reports will drastically decrease, we can all get along, and the playerbase will be happy. da forts be above ground above ground
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