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Found 3 results

  1. In Flaming Revelry Journey They had lost their way, that was clear to Sir Octavian. Once such lands would’ve been littered with villages and barons eager to make their mark upon the world; now, only the occasional roadman was waiting to prey upon the half-famished farmers on their way to pay tax to the petty prince and his assembly of bureaucrats, too heavy to even make it beyond the walls of Providence. The Imperial State Army would not be here to save these men, for they were not an army but a guard force of noblemen sent there by their fathers in the name of political advancement. Reflection This was not the Empire that Sir Octavian remembered, nor the Empire that he had helped build. He frowned some then as he dismounted from his jet-black steed, plated boots clunking into the rough gravel roads of New-Esbec. He walked the streets, once full of hope and joy. Now, the town was abandoned abandoned for all but a few of the most heinous souls, set only for a parade of ghosts. The tavern's sign hung halfway off, creaking eerily in the wind. He entered, sat at the dust-covered bar, wrote a letter to a sister far away, and sent it off. Then, he waited. The Arrival - Days Later The air in New Esbec seemed abnormally warm that morning. Even for the summer, the mountain air normally seemed crisp and uncomfortably biting at the cold-blooded Dragonkin’s skin. Arthonath made his way to the gates then, a smile forming on his face as he saw the faces of his brothers and sisters climbing the mountain path before him. "Helinathe." he smiled toothily, greeting her with a brotherly hug, extending the same to Antonius then, before greeting the Heralds with a nod of his head. "Let this be a message then, to those within the Empire and those beyond, that our Father’s reach extends further than they might ever know." His sister responded, “Not only a message to the Empire, but a celebration for the arrival of Antonius who has come back to us, brother.” She clutched his arm then, determined perhaps that her newly-returned sibling not leave once more. Flames The Banner of Azdromoth was raised within New Esbec that afternoon. His worshipers made their way throughout the city, burning it to the ground, some in glee, others in solemn reluctance. Sir Octavian passed a torch onwards to the former architect of the city, "Finish now what you started." And with that, a final torch was thrown, setting the ever towering manor aflame. And thus, as the sun fell beyond the reaches of the mountains, the city stood out as a beacon for all within those accursed mountains to witness. Reverence And thus, even as the sun’s warm gaze fell beyond the reaches of the mountains, the flaming city stood out as a beacon, a flaming pillar of The Arch-Drakaar’s own image towering into the skies above for all to witness, a bonfire in celebration of sibling’s reunion made merrier by the herald’s pledge.
  2. ORENIAN POLITICAL PARTIES A comprehensive guide covering Orenian Poltical Parties throughout the modern period of the Empire. Above is a political compass showcasing party ideologies through a diagram. The common life of a Citizen of Oren revolves around Politics, with that being said, members of the empire should be well educated in the current political climate to better influence their voting outcomes. CURRENT PARTIES The Everardines [Link] : The Everardines, a Conservative party originating in the wheat producing commonwealth of Kaedrin, founded by John Edward Pruvia. The Everardine’s political stance is center right, focusing on staying true to Imperial Tradition & power to the Nobility-pushing reform onto a resurgence of Canonist value & power within the empire, as ofcourse Oren is a Human/Canonist Empire, & should stay that way-Humanity first as they say. Overall this party is well suited for Orenian Patriots. DETAILS CHAIRMAN : ADRIAN OTHODORIC HELVETS (@Draeris) SLOGAN : FOR GOD, EMPIRE, AND MAN. POSITION : CONSERVATIVE RIGHT The Josephites [Link] : The Josephites are a a progressive party, a group of ideals that have been championed by great statesmen such as Sir Terrence May and Jonah Stahl-Elendil. Their values are founded from the Rights of Man as fundamental truths crucial to maintaining the fabric of humanity, founded from the proclamations of Joseph Marna. They believe in a fair and free market, the promotion of business and labor opportunities, guaranteeing efficient justice, consumer protections and civil liberties, and balance of governance. DETAILS CHAIRMAN : JONAH STAHL-ELENDIL (@Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth) SLOGAN : For the Dignity of All POSITION : LIBERAL LEFT The United Tolerance Party of Ratminded Individuals : The UTPRI is a anti-establishment, free creatures party preaches the important of little to no government interaction regarding the sewage and water ways of the Empire. Their values lie in completely open market trade & no governmental structure, vies for the write to vote of all rodent-like creatures DETAILS CHAIRMAN : Gustav Ratmane (@Anore) SLOGAN : Rats. POSITION : LIBERAL Rat PAST PARTIES The CCP (Common Civic Party) [Link] : The CCP, A party founded during the late 17th Century, focusing their interests on Free trade & a Empowered imperial Economy. DETAILS SLOGAN : “Unitatis in populo” POSITION : LIBERAL ECONOMIC RIGHT The ARP (Aurelian Party) [Link] : The ARP, similar to the priorist party covered bellow, it’s values lie in Imperial Nationalism, centralization of the Government, & vast militarization amongst the populous. DETAILS SLOGAN : “An Empire for the people, by the People.” POSITION : AUTHORITARIAN RIGHT The ONP (Supposed ‘Orenian Nationalist Party’) [Link] : The ONP, founded in the mid-1700s by a mad Cascadian known as Pascual de Casanova, during the Sutican Wars, a era shrouded in radicalism & Orenian nationalism- this party focus was on Prideful Imperialism & a Socialist economic push. Funnily enough it was quite well liked by the Orenian Emperor at the time, his majesty; Peter III. DETAILS SLOGAN : “GLORY TO THE EMPIRE, DEATH TO THE PIGS” POSITION : SOCIALIST LEFT LOPA (The Loyalist Party) [Link] : The LOPA, a Suffolk party founded by proud Imperials, their values lie in fierce Monarchism, elitism, & vassalization of non-Orenian powers. DETAILS SLOGAN : “?.” POSITION : ABSOLUTE MONARCHISM The Priortists (PPR) [Link] : The PPR, focusing on Renatian classism, Human Supremacy, Nationalism-& 1 party authority. DETAILS SLOGAN : “The needs of the Renatian people stand above the commodities gifted to those foreign, living amidst us. We must protect the common man.” - Ronald of Sullivan POSITION : RADICAL AUTHORITARIAN SOCIALIST RIGHT The Autarkic Worker’s Party (AWP) [Link] : The AWP, a workers party on the likes of Industrial prosperity, 1 governmental distribution of Minae, & radicalistic Socialism. DETAILS SLOGAN : ”For a strong Empire, and an even stronger Mankind!” POSITION : FAR LEFT SOCIALISM NOTE : THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT OFFICIAL & SIGNED BY THE IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT; rather it is simply a written guide by a proud Orenian Patriot to the lovely Citizens of the Empire. Scribed by, HEINRICH VON BLOWITZ
  3. Establish Points These are things that every nation can agree with when it comes to raids/war. - Raids ruin roleplay of the capitals. You get drowned out by non-intelligible shouts and if they breach the city, dozens of soldiers run past you PvPing anyone in armor. It is chaotic, unrealistic, and a huge mess to deal with. - Realistically, the raids would not get close to the Capital. If you are familiar with MOBA’s (like LoL or Dota), you must kill the outlying turrets of the map before getting remotely close to the main “reactor”. - Without a specific system, there is no official progress of a war other than conquest/pillage warclaims. Proposed Between the two nations in question of warfare, there are the following: There must be 100 blocks apart from every rank. That means there must be 100 block distance from capital to major. There must be 100 block distance from major to minor. Major Fort: (1) A major fort is a second to last the final conquest. It is a large fort containing major fortifications.Traps are allowed. It is relatively near the capital, and would expected to be manned and armed to the teeth. To take a major fort, a warclaim would be required. If a major fort is taken, the Capitol is open to warclaim and raid. Minor Fort: (1-2) OPTIONAL These are smaller forts somewhat far away from the Capital, the Major fort being a sort of bridge between. These are expected to be manned and are the frontier of the battle. This expects to get constantly attacked, traps are not allowed. To take a minor fort, a warclaim is NOT required. The defending force must be at least 3/4ths the size of the attacking force if to officially take it. If you have a minor fort that isn’t manned whatsoever, it can be brought up and taken down. Only have minor forts that are regularly manned, not abandoned claimants of land. --- If a minor fort is taken: It cannot be taken for another 24 hours. If a minor fort is raided: It cannot be raided for another two hours. Minor forts are optional. If you don’t want them, you do not have to have them. You must take all minor forts to raid major forts. You must take the major fort to raid the capital. The major fort must be taken to warclaim the capital. All Capitals to be taken require a warclaim. Minor forts do not require a warclaim. To be able to take an enemy fort, all of your forts must be secure under your control. For example, you cannot warclaim the capital when the major forts are standing. You cannot warclaim a major fort when the minor forts are in enemy control. ^ Obviously things would be spaced out more, especially major fort distance between minor fort. But this is the breeze I’m hoping you’ll catch. Basically what I am trying to establish here is a system where there is progress and unless the war is being heavily won, capital roleplay is unaffected. Military RP is heightened because drills, watches, and the likes can take place in an active environment where it does not crowd popular roleplay centers. A war shouldn’t be up and over with one warclaim, wars are meant to be impactful things and not something you do on a complete whim. If a side is heavily winning, the losing side should have dread upon them. Fortifications should be built in advance for the impending siege, the streets howl with an emptiness… I am trying to establishing an environment where progress is felt and danger is as well. Going on, I will describe the Dead Zone. Dead Zone Other than forts and capitals, a major place of fighting is the Dead Zone. While roleplay is still required to initiate PvP, it is made very clear this is a place of warfare. It is the place where soldiers sally out for open field battles, it is the place where stragglers are caught and fights happen. All the place for open field battles takes place in the Dead Zone, and /not outside it/. (not mandatory) Consensual Warfare A point stressed was that of nations that do not want any war. Concerned rised when consensual warfare was enacted (and still is?) about how nations can pester other nations but hide under consensual warclaims. I want to keep consensual warfare for only nations that truly are peaceful. Neutral Nations may only hold their capital. They must not partake in any offensive battles, only defensive behind their walls. Casus Belli may be garnered against them to remove the consensual warfare protection. If they abide by this, raids are still on the table however warclaims have the option to be denied by the peaceful nation. If another nation has been receiving threats, insults, or aggression, they may gather these as “Casus Belli”. There must be 3-4 clear threats, insults, or aggressions that are verbal. Any physical attacks that aren’t defensive are automatic casus belli. If these are gathered (THROUGH ROLEPLAY), their consensual warfare protection is removed. Point of Entry Capitals and Major Forts are excluded from this because of siegecraft used in warclaims. This applies to minor forts. To prevent impenetrable forts, if your men have scouted and scouted your fortress for any weaknesses and there are none, that is automatically not allowed. There must be some way in to the minor fort, some way at all. This is to make sure that uber buttoned palaces are not created that there is no possible way inside. This may be controversial and can be debated upon further. I hope this wraps it up, folks! If we all can agree on this, ban reports will drastically decrease, we can all get along, and the playerbase will be happy. da forts be above ground above ground
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