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Found 2 results

  1. As the dwarven forces stormed Norland's capital, Dagius Fylch instinctively drew his blade... or at least he attempted to. He forgot that one of the guards had taken his blade because he was "suspicious." Homeless was the right word. He sighed and bought a low-quality weapon from one of the many shops around the city. As the battle commence and the Norlanders charged out the back gate, they realized they had been tricked into coming out, and they promptly went back inside. As everyone made it back in, the gate slammed shut, leaving Dagius outside with nothing but a pair of shears and a low-quality Warhammer. He looked through the gates with a pleading expression at Knox, the guard who had taken his sword previously. All he saw on his face was a hateful smirk. Dagius now realized that he was indeed fighting on the wrong side. As he turned to face the oncoming dwarves, he tried to take one down with him. The dwarves were too quick and dodged his attack, his hammer shattering like glass when it slammed into the ground. As Dagius accepted fate, last thing he saw was a dwarven battle-axe crashing onto his head. As the axe came down, he muttered some comforting words to himself. "I'm back dad, I'm back."
  2. The Last Act of Prince Kosher Daesmon ~ Introduction ~ For over three decades, I led my nation and stabilized the basis of power that had been vacant from our nation so long ago. I put aside personal bias towards other nations, trying to dig a grave to put my past inside of in order to forge a better place for my kin to reside for the next three centuries. ~ For Principle~ “All in favour of this gathering, the confederation of elven states here, coming to form that of Malin’or” These words were uttered under my predecessor, under whomst I worked tirelessly to ensure that the alliance could blossom under Vytrek Tundrak. When these words were agreed upon, it was assumed that we would face all of our challenges as one united front, an enemy of one was an enemy of all. How I was wrong. Celian’or consistently took in enemies of Amaethea, those who had betrayed us, plotted against us, and even those who had taken arms against Malin’or as a whole. They take in the Adunians who fought for Norland and the Horde so willingly, then betraying Norland trying to use our war as an excuse after we had won it. They take in Elysium, who had plotted against Amaethea in order to specifically take me out of the line of succession. Kinslayers, traitors, creedbreakers, all residing inside of the nation I had supported the independence of, a nation that I had believed would be a pinnacle of modern existence, gone to the wind. It’s now my son’s decision on what he does next, but know it loud and clear what I have to say. My blade will no longer rise for Malin’or Signed, Prince Kosher Daesmon, Golden Tiger of the West, Prince Protector of Amaethea, Patriarch of House Daesmon, Praetor of the AFL
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