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Found 4 results

  1. THE TONGUE OF ORCS Krimpgoth Grimruk’Lur Within the desert of the orcs you hear them converse, speak to one another. Though the tongue sounds foul, it feels familiar. ♪♫♪ ON THE BLAH The Blah, also known simply as ‘Blah’. Is a tongue coming from the lands of Aegis. Due to the cultural isolation of the orcs, they developed their own language outside of common, taking slight inspiration from the shamanic language ‘Old Blah’. This language is quite foul, taking advantage of the Orcish grunts and deeper vocals. The Blah can be spoken with a thick accent, however, with the Orcs leaving their isolation over the years, the accent has begun to die down. Most Orcs of today's Aevos speak in a more straightforward and, arguably, more understandable accent. CULTURAL INFLUENCE Though Blah is not mandatory in this day and age, it is still expected and seen as respect to speak to another bruddah in the tongue. Greeting a Rex or a Wargoth with the word ‘Throm’ka’ gives a good impression of the respect you give to those who are stronger than you. UNDERSTANDING BLAH Blah may prove some difficulty to speak and to understand at first, as with any language. However, Blah is a sub-tongue of Common, meaning that it shares a great similarity with the language of other descendants. For example, if one were to say, “Hello, how do you do?” An Orc would say, “Ug, how does lats do?" However, due to the mighty tusks and jaws of the Orcish kind, their accent may seem harsh. Their soft 's' may turn into a stronger 'z', and their ‘the’ might turn into a ‘da’. For the average orc, it takes quite some practice to speak in a calmer accent for other descendants. GENERAL BLAH PHRASES THE BASICS “Ug” Hello, Hail, Greetings. “Throm’Ka” Formal Greeting. “Gug’ye” Goodbye “Rulg” Thank You “Dabu” Thank You, Formal. “Yub” Yes “Nub” No “Ukee” Okay “Hozh” Good “Bub’Hozh” Great, Large “Nub’Hozh” Not Good. “Lat” You “Latz” You, You’re “Mi” Me, I “Mi’z” I am “Gruk” Think, Know, Understand. “Grukkage” Knowledge “Peep” See “Agh” And “Azhzt” First “Wagh” War “Klomp” Fight “Grog” Drink DESCRIPTIONS AND NUMBERS “Mojo” Magic “Buurz” Black, Dark “Zkah, Zaahkah” Curse Words “Uzg” Land, World “Goi” City “Grish” Blood “Luzk” Axe “Zult” Sword “Ztik” Staff “O’lig” Bow “Shaatii” Spear “Duf” Knife “Shakop” Mace “Af-Pilik” Tomahawk “Kruklak” Crossbow “Flakas” Sling “Smasha” Hammer “Blarg” Home “Peepurz” Eyes “Grukker” Head, Brain “Puzhdug” Stinky “Krimp” Capture, Stun, Control “Azh” One “Dub” Two “Gakh” Three “Futh” Four “H’” Five “H’azh” Six “H’dub” Seven “H’Gakh” Eight “H’Futh” Nine “Azhty” Ten PEOPLE AND ANIMALS “Twiggie, Albai” Elf “Pinkie, Zhara” Human “Ztout, Gazat” Dwarf “Half-Ztout, Zquealz” Halfling “Uruk” Orc “Quick-Flat” Non-Orc “Bruddah” Horde Orc “Honorary” Honorary Orc “Nubflat” Undead “Shomo, Zhomo” Shaman “Tunzantar” Tinkerer “Znaga” Slave “Momo” Mother “Popo” Father “Kub, Kubbie” Child “Klan” Clan “Buub” Pig “Howlur” Wolf “Birb” Bird “Goth” Lord “Rex” King “Waghgoth” Warlord “Glob” Idiot, Fool “Grub” Food
  2. On the Role of Blah in Orc Society A study by Gharak, for San'Velku Library of Theruz, year 115 of the Second Age A work based on books studied in the libraries of Minitz and Lurin This is a translation of the book bearing the same name, and will also serve as an OOC-saved version of the book. Still, I strongly advise you try and read the book ingame and, if you dare, in Blah. Contents: Introduction I] On Language II] To Speak Blah III] Social Tribes Conclusions
  3. On The Blah [!] The following excerpts switch between a large, scrawling orcish script and a surprisingly legible common [!] Dah Blah iz’ag uld wey uv Ork zpeekyng agh wroightyng, azh dat komz vrum dah Uld Blah uv Krug ‘imzelf! Awl Urukz blah dah Blah, doh et iz divvrent vor eech bruddah ohr ziztah. Kor’garr ‘az bin tuld dat Kor’garr ‘az ‘eavy Blah, buht doze loike dah Gulden Rex Zhot’Rax ‘ad veri leetle acczint. The above is an example of especially strong Blah, the orcish dialect, in writing. Blah is a composite language with two main sources; Firstly, it is based on mangled common due to our thick tusks hindering the ability to pronounce words clearly. Secondly, orcish culture uses various words and phrases from the proper language of Old Blah as a way for the common orc to praise the spirits in their day to day life. Old Blah is a very obscure knowledge passed down from shamans to their apprentices, and it is quite rare to see one speaking it outside of ritual. Blah can also be seen in writing, usually by orcs who have not been taught proper reading and writing of common. Instead, they simply spell out words phonetically and ignore most rules of grammar. In either speech or text, Blah varies widely from person to person, every individual having their unique struggles with making certain sounds. It is important to note the cultural traditions of Blah. Since it is seen as a way to praise the spirits and Krug himself, Orcs will be offended by a brother or sister refusing to speak in Blah. Another taboo is for those not of Krug to attempt speaking blah in the presence of proper orcs. Such mistakes are typically corrected with a closed fist or snarl of disapproval. [OOC] On common words and phrases from Blah: Here is a list of some common terms encountered in Blah. Since old blah was a very rudimentary language, many common similes will find themselves represented by the same word. For example, the words mind, think, and know would all translate to “gruk”. Similarly, “grukk’d” could mean thought or knew, and the terms for head, thinker, or brain are represented by “grukker”. General Conversation: Ug = Hi, Hello, Hail Throm'ka = Formal greeting / welcome Yub = Yes Ukee = OK, Okay Nub = No, Not Gug'ye = Goodbye Lat = You Latz = Your, You're Mi = Me, I Agh = And Rulg = Thank you Dabu = Yes, My pleasure (Obedient, Respectful) 'Hozh = Good Nub'hozh = Bad Bub'hozh = Great, Big Body Parts: Grukker = brain, head, mind Peepurz = Eyes Zniffa = Nose Zowndurz = Ears Glok = Spit Fra = Feet Grish = Blood Teef = Teeth or Tusks (or money) Objects: Blarg = House, Home Mojo = Magic Uzg = World Goi = City Luzk = Axe O'lig = Bow Ligz = Arrow Zult = Sword Ztik = Staff Ztabba = Knife Zmazha = Hammer Zpyke = Spear Zteemiez = Redstone technology Wagh = War Votar = Hunt Peepurz = Eyes Zniffa = Nose Buurz = Dark/black Greenz = Drugs, usually Cactus Green Grog = Drinks, usually alcoholic Grub = Food Grubbins = Raw foodstuff Cultural Terms/ Occupations Iilzpak = Orcish Zodiac Hur'Mauk = Ceremonial Duel of Honor, Non-lethal Mat'Mauk = Lethal Duel of Honor Teeflyngs = Smaller bits of money Tunzantar = Tinker Zhomo = Shaman Iilzhonal = Starwatcher Haruspex = Artist Ruka = Worker, Laborer Mau'Kor = Chosen of Kor/Ancestral Historian Ztargush'Stroh = The spiritual afterlife/ "Starlit Path" Living Things Buub = Pig Brudda = Fellow Orc Ziztah = Fellow Feorc Ztowt, Gazat = Dwarf Twiggiez, Treeuggerz, Albai = Elf Zquealz, Zmawlz = Halflings Quickzpawn, Pinkeh, Zhara = Human Nuutzhara = Ascended Nubded = Undead Buubzhara = Zombie Pigman Howlur = Wolf Momo = Mother Popo = Father Rex = War Uzg Leader Wargoth = Clan Leader Kub = Child Foul Language Zog = damn Zoggin’ =damned, cursed or condemned Zkah, Zaahkah = General curse words Pushdug = Stinky Glob = Fool Git = An Amateur, Someone Inexperienced Concepts/Actions Blah = Talk, Speak, Orcish Language Gruk = Understand, think, thought Klomp = Fight, possibly ceremonial Krimp = Control somebody, Stun, Snare, Capture, Defeat Flat = Dead, Kill Wagh = War Peep = See, Look [OOC] On Orcish numbers: Orcs use a standard base ten counting system, much like the other races of Almaris. However, foreigners to orc culture can quickly become confused by the naming system for digits, where those larger than five start with the prefix of “H”. In text, the numbers are represented through a written title or a corresponding system of letters. For example, the number One or 1 would be written as Azh or I. Two or 2 would be Dub or II, and so on. The counting system can be found below. Azh = One = I Dub = Two = II Gakh = Three = III Futh = Four = IV H' = Five = V H'azh = Six = VI H'dub = Seven = VII H'gakh = Eight = VIII H'futh = Nine = IX Azhty = Ten = X Dubty = Twenty = XX Futhty = Forty = XL H’ty = Fifty = L Azh’Kint = One Hundred = C Dub’kint = Two Hundred = CC ...And so on.
  4. Looking for Players Looking for players for the Scáth family, currently living in the Duchy of Rozania. The mother is a goblin, Ezra Scáth. Originally from Krugmar, and had moved to Sutica. The separation of Sutica and many in Sarissa left her and her husband Brawly to go with the Sarissans to a new settlement, now known as The Duchy of Rozania. The father is a human, Brawly Scáth. Living in Sutica and Sarissa his whole life, he is a trained medic. He is a part of the KAR (military) and the Master of Medicine in Rozania. There are also other siblings within the family, Paige Rynn-Scáth, sister of Zahira and Soren, who has left her adopted family, to find her real parents. She comes around occasionally to check in on her younger siblings. Yerro Scáth, brother of Zahira and Soren, who is still living with the family. Players needed: Zahira Scáth (daughter) A female human-goblin hybrid. She has blonde hair and heterochromatic eyes. Zahira is a mild-mannered child who loves both of her parents. At this time, she has not developed much as a character, but will gain more character traits as she is RP’d more. A blank slate of a character, as of now. She has a family that speaks Blah, but she herself does not need any knowledge of that yet. Soren Scáth (son) A male full goblin adopted by the Scáth family. This goblin kub is brand new to the Scáth family so his RP is currently open to interpretation. He was found abandoned in Krugmar with no hints to his prior family besides a generic note written in blah that stated that the previous caregiver was no longer able to care for him. He has knowledge of Blah, and uses that as his main language. If you are interested in playing either of these characters, contact on discord. Discord: Dope Bob weed pants#8972 animallover23#0171 Both persona’s are under 14, and subject to interpretation. Skins are able to be edited lightly, if you want with permission from the parents. We ask you to be active, about one to two times a week. Timeszones are PST/CST Fun Group to RP with, and really great ooc vibes, we are a irp and ooc fam, so only real serious players please. Thank you!
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