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Found 1 result

  1. THE ABYSSAL LEGION Mordring’s finest. ~---’;[];’---~ ~The siege of Bastion, the rightful reclamation of Mordring’s territory.~ “Radiant is the Black Sun” -Ghamul, Hand of Mordring ~Mordring himself trudging across the Abyss~ ____________________________________________________________ Our Cause “We are his line, his defense against those who seek to undo our toils, if we fall, we all fall.” “Let us finish what the West started, an end.” Unlike how Mordring is perceived by the masses, our lord is not one of senseless bloodletting and annexation, the fall of the West came about by their own provoking and ignorance; they impulsively slew our kin and pressed onto our lands with little regard, we simply drove it towards a means to an end. They settled absurdly near his sanctum, his Abyss, knowingly. Thus now, we realize we must take up arms yet again to defend what was rightfully our lords, an endless battle is ours, driven to the defensive by those who wish to undo our grueling toils: we fight. Whether the common rotter or an Ashen knight, we strive to defend the borders, to defend the West, to defend Mordring’s domain, this is why we fight. We seek those who are without proper cause or purpose to enlist and become something greater; Mordring welcomes all that would seek to defend his West from foreign threat. ___________________________________________________________ ~A small regiment of the Black Sun repelling a border incursion, circa 1610.~ Hierarchy Many are the soldiers within the vast Legion, Morghuuls, Dreadknights, Liches, and yet further. Usually the individual’s form determines their initial ranking, though of course through service one may be urged higher within the ranks, even rewarded perchance. High Command Hand of Mordring The hand is the absolute commander of the Black Sun. They are the chosen of our lord, stern and obstinate in all matters. This position is held by the Elder Ashen of Mordring. ~Ghamul atop Satar, Mordring’s head Drake, waiting on one of the towers of Barad-Khor~ Minders The Minders are those arguably the most thoroughly tested amidst the toils of battle, having fulfilled a great deal of time as a garrison leader over one of the many forts strewn across the Western territory. Overall, Minders are the personal guardians of the Hand of Mordring when it is needed, as well highly established commanders. Overseer Forming the lowest echelon in the Legion’s high command, Overseers are those seasoned in commanding those within the Legion, usually the garrison leader of a medium sized acropolis. Low Command Captain Amidst the Lower Command’s peak lie the Legion’s Captains, tried and true these officers are commemorated with a medallion of a blackened sun, forged of hardened Ash as they began their higher service, usually assigned command over a small fortification. Sergeant Stalwart beacons for any, Sergeants are titans in their own regard. These individuals are grizzled in the struggles of battle, usually tasked with being the defenders of the Captains should it be necessary. Corporal Generally, Corporals are individuals seeking to become leaders, trusted to lead a small group of Legionnaires through times of peace and defense, ensuring they are properly looked after and continually trained. Legionnaire These individuals form the backbone of the Legion, hence the name, Legionnaire. Forming the main battle line, having just finished the brunt of their initial trainings and turned. They are expected to follow their superiors command without question. Unturned The Unturned are simply that, those that seek out to join Mordring’s fold are harshly tried in a multitude of aspects, usually after a year or two’s of training the person in questioned is changed, swearing an oath prior; depending on how they perform determines of what form they qualify for. E.g: Mages will likely become Liches, immense warriors will become greater than the common ghoul, perchance that of a Dread or Paleknight. ____________________________________________________________ Billets Billets are specialized jobs given to those the rank Legionnaire or higher. Whenever at peace or war, these individuals are expected to continue out their assigned task. Quartermaster (Sergeants usually) Quartermasters are those who ensure everyone in their brigade is fitted for the task at hand. Taking account of their supplies and reporting if any addition are required. Sapper (Legionnaires and higher) As we are on the defensive, Sappers are always needed to maintain and construct further defenses for the front and along the West. Sappers will build siegecraft such as Ballistas and Trebuchets along with stationary defenses such as palisades. Report Master (Corporals usually) Skirmishes along our southern borders are frequent and arbitrary, reports made back to the Bastion and Abyss are required because of this in order for High command to make the most thoroughly planned and knowledgeable orders. ____________________________________________________________ ~Gravens of the Legion in pursuit of intruders within the Westerlandic woodlands, 1611.~ ____________________________________________________________ Abyssal Iron A sickly substance found within the depths of the tainted Westerlands. It appears as raw ore, though seemingly overcome with an abyssal rot, but this is no affliction, instead a newfound ore within the tainted West - Abyss Iron. This ebony metal has peculiar qualities, when excavated, the raw ore will feel odd in the holder's hand, beckoning a tingling sensation, that can turn into pain after an extended period. The effects of iron's tainted being. Once forged and refined, this Iron turns into a blackened metal, one that can gradually rip life from its opponents, should it enter flesh and blood. The wounds inflicted by the sword would darken, and appear to rot - the effects of the life drain. -Credits to KnghtArtortias When one in the Legion achieves the rank of Sergeant, the individual will be gifted weaponry of their choice, forged of Abyssal Iron; this finely crafted weapon in turn signifies their continued service with the Legion and the years to come. ____________________________________________________________ How to Enlist One may send a letter to Overseer Karth with word of them wishing to enlist within the Abyssal Legion, attaching the completed form listed below in addition (Simply post on this thread). Alternatively, they may make the trek up West and seek out those within the Legion in person; either or the questions below will be asked of them. Those that are already of Undeath may do the same. ____________________________________________________________ Application Given Name: Years of Age: Race: Any professions, such as mining or smithing that could prove useful to the Legion: Reason for interest: -OOC- MC name: Skype ID: ((Note: Applications may be posted directly to this thread or sent to Skylez1 via Forum PM’s should any wish to avoid metagaming by others.)) ____________________________________________________________
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