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Found 1 result

  1. Prayer Magic Prayer magic is one of the rarer forms of magic on Axios, for it’s difficult to handle and learn. It is a combination of prayers and the offering of blood and mana towards the gods with the goal to boost either strength, speed or the reflexes of the caster’s own body. With extended learning,the caster can activate two or three of these enhanced abilities at a time. Some people are even mistaking it for Blood Magic, which requires blood to create greater mana pools; however, Prayer Magic requires the user to offer their own blood to the gods and get physically enhanced for a short amount of time instead of creating mana pools for stronger spells. Due to Prayer’s magic connection to the Gods and to ancient rituals, it was deemed a deity magic instead of dark magic. History The origin of the Prayer magic can be traced back to the slums of Salvus. Soon after its initial appearance in Salvus, the magic sprung up in Felsen. It was originally used by a group of Mercenaries and assassins, which prayed to their gods before they engaged combat. Casters offered their own blood to the gods and displayed respect to the gods with the lives taken as result which supposedly proved the existence of their gods. It’s said that the real origin of prayer magic lays in the blood magic, but not enough evidences can be found for this beside from the usage of the own blood to cast and the possible problems occurring with the usage of the magic. This discovery of this form of Magic lead to a raising of Warriors, those which would like to use the magic to be on equal footing with the stronger forces they faced. However, they barely thought about the curse on this form of magic, which often caused the warriors to die after their battles. Many Warriors’ lost their lives and fear spread throughout the warriors as they noticed what the magic would do to them if they weren’t careful or used it without thought and recklessly. In time, fear caused the warriors to forget all about the form of magic, calling it deadly and even too dangerous for even the strongest of warriors. The fear spread throughout the warriors, refusing to use such a deadly power. This fear was a reason to forget and ignore this magic, considering that overuse was deadly and the battles were long. It wasn’t a wise move to use such a power. The magic was banned and nearly vanished completely from most documents as result, pulled from plans, but some people are still studying the magic. These people are mostly mercenaries or Farfolks, which wanted to learn a new way to fight and to combine it with their own fighting styles. Etymology Although the form has roots within the reign of the Farfolk, no record of what they may have referred to it as has been discovered throughout the years. The term, ‘Prayer Magic’, is a Heartlander simplification of the Farfolk term, “Kam Ira”, a goddess of Blood and of Wars. It was later used to describe the God of the Heartlanders and as such the church of Oren by the Farfolks. Some mages are even describing it as Blood Magic, which is basically wrong, since the magic isn’t exactly using the blood itself, but the power granted by the deities after an offering. Blood magic would normally use the blood itself to create mana pools, holding the blood intact the whole time, but the blood offered for Prayer Magic vanishes and the deities are granting the user's new might and strength. Usage of the Magic Prayer Magic is often described as a combination of prayers and the offering of blood and mana towards the gods with the goal to boost either strength, speed or the reflexes of the caster’s own body. Each aspect can be strengthened by the magic to a certain level without getting hurt by the magic itself. The activation and usage of Prayer Magic can be seen as something unnatural, since the usage of this magic requires the user to offer their own blood for the spell to work. The normal amount to activate one of the aspects is at 100 Millilitres of Blood, but the spell can always be re-activated for the same amount of blood. Many users are using this system for their fights, since they can deal more damage depending on how long they can cast and hold one of the chantings up. To actually activate the spell each user needs to have a tattoo or tribal on his arms, legs or head and needs to make a personal prayer towards the gods. This will cause the chanting to start and the tattoos or tribals will start to emit an aura with the same color as the tattoos or tribals are having. This aura, which is similar to the Mana Mist created by Blood Magic, stays around the boosted body part and will remain there until the spell runs out. As soon as the aura vanishes the blood will leave the body, often through the mouth, nose and eyes, and turn into fog. This fog vanishes after a few seconds and doesn’t has any particular effect on it’s own. People are claiming that this fog will travel to the gods and that it will be given to these in need of new life or blood. Ranks and Tiers Like other forms of Magic, Prayer Magic is divided into different ranks and tiers, each of them representing a new amount of power used by the magic. The most common rank found under the users of this magic form is the rank of the “Spark”, often referring to the beginning of something new. These users are able to cast T1 and T2 spells, however only of one aspect at the same time for around 5 minutes. Another common rank is the rank known as “Rising”, often associated with the rising of the sun each day until it reaches the highest point of the horizon. This rank is also describing the ability of casting T3 magic and two Aspects of rank T2 at the same time, however mages of this rank are often able to maintain a spell for over 10 minutes. The last and most uncommon rank is the rank known as “Enlightened Soul”. Users of this rank are often teachers towards the younger ones and are known for their ability to use all three aspects without getting any real problems but excessive use, however, may result in death. Users of this rank are able to cast the strongest spell, the Blood Waltz, or two T3 aspects at the same time. They are also able to maintain all three aspects at T2-Level for some time and are able to maintain their spells for around 15 minutes without having bigger problems. This form of magic can be learned through one of the really rare, old tomes and hard training, however most users were taught by a teacher to increase the chance of success and to minimize the dangers of the magic. Sadly-wise not many tomes were left, since most of them were burned after the first people died from the magic and as such the remaining ones are really expensive or sealed away in churches and libraries. Also reaching the rank of an “Enlightened Soul” takes up to 15 years. This means that every user is normally learning the magic for 5 years until reaching the higher tier and to cast both more and effective spells. Aspect -> Tier I V Aspect of the Mind Aspect of Strength Aspect of Speed T1 - A single sense will get sharper - Most common are eye sight and hearing - Strength will grow in the arms - Able to shatter a bone on direct impact - Movement speed increased - Essentially doubles running speed T2 - Up to three senses at the same time, are sharper - Increased speed of bodily reflexes - Strength and toughness of the skin increased - Able to shatter thinner plates of metal - Increased jumping height - Able to reach a height of 5 Meters T3 - All senses increased at the same time - Musculature is able to withstand Arrows and slight cuts - Strength increased and can shatter swords on direct impact - Musculature is able to withstand falls from around 15 Meters - Tripling the running speed and increased jumping abilities to a height of 7.5m Blood Waltz The Tier 1 till Tier 3 spells aren’t really dangerous for a person as long as they aren’t getting refreshed the whole time, unlike the Blood Waltz. The Blood Waltz is the only spell of the Prayer Magic which would fall under the Tier 4- or Tier 5- Category, since it’s the most powerful and at the same time most dangerous possible spell. The Blood Waltz was given it’s name, because the movements of the users are often looking like if they would dance through the battlefield instead of a normal fight. The name is also an association towards the amount of blood which needs to be used to cast this spell and the bloodbath created by it. To activate the spell users are required to offer 1 Litre of their blood, often causing their death after the spell runs out since the blood loss would be too much to maintain the body's vitality. As soon as the spell gets activated the senses, reflexes and muscles are getting flooded by holy energy, which is causing the user to see the world move a lot slower, nearly as if time would have just slowed down for them. At the same time their aura gets emitted from all of their tattoos or tribals at the same time, covering the whole body at once. As soon as the user is completely covered in the aura the speed and strength of the whole body is getting boosted. Users are able to run at the same speed as horses would do, jump 15 Meters up in the air and are able to shatter thinner stone walls with a good placed punch. This amount of strength and speed created some legends all over the empire that experts of this magic could erase whole armies if they would give away her life and use the Blood Waltz to fight. However the Blood Waltz isn’t turning a person invincible and the user can still get hurt if not watched out by all weapons, causing it to be only used if the user is fairly good in combat and has trained enough years to avoid getting wounded. Curse & Restrictions The curse of the prayer magic isn’t like the usual curse of magic users, which would weaken them on a physical level, instead strengthen them for an even bigger and way more dangerous price. Each user needs to use the own blood to cast one of the spells, which is limited on the amount of spells at the same time and if they are getting renewed over and over again. The loss of blood will cause the user to have nausea, dry skin, insomnia and a lot more of physical and mental problems if it’s overused. However these effects are only starting to take action as soon as the spell runs out after a few minutes, causing the user to be a lot weaker after the usage of this magic until their blood amount has reached the normal level again. The overuse of this magic isn’t always ending deadly, as long as T1-T3 spells are used, since the body will react on the blood lose by falling into unconsciousness until the blood loss was recovered. Sadly-wise the usage of the Blood Waltz is often ending deadly if any spells were used before and if the blood amount is already lower than normally. This makes the blood waltz one of the most feared spells which can be used by the mages of this form and this caused the spell to be defined as a last prayer towards the gods by the church. Mechanics Strengths Weaknesses -Boosting of the user's own Strength -Sacrificing vitality for power -Boosting of the user's own Speed -Only usable with the own blood -Boosting of the user's own Senses and reflexes -Creates nausea, dry skin, insomnia and a lot more of physical and mental problems -Ability to fight with Hand-To-Hand Combat -Can end deadly if overused by the mage -High possibility of death if the Blood Waltz is used -Requires a Teacher or one of the rare and expensive tomes to study this form of magic Trivia Some users are starting to sing while they use this magic, however it is unknown why that reactions happens. Some people assume that the singing is used to transfer the blood easier from the throat and inner organs to the mouth. It is known that some members of the church are using this magic to fight against Liches and other undeads. Most users of this magic form are using medicine and plants to restore their amount of blood in a short amount of time. Written by Ragnio Checked by Vellisar 
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