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Found 1 result

  1. The Gentlemen's Club Got too many minas and don't know how to spend them, or not enough minas and looking for a good place to waste them away on tea, exotic dancers, music, fine wines and scotch, Then the Gentlemen's Club is for you! The establishment is located in the Felsen town square, quite a fancy abode that will attract your eye in an instant, we provide many different services for both members and non members, however, with membership of this fine Club come many perks that I am legally obliged to not mention to the public, however, some of the perks that I can list from said membership are; Half price on drinks! Ever wished to, well, not spend that many minas on a rather costly drink, with our refined and rather classy membership you'll have deals on all drinks sold so your thirst can be sated with fine wines at even finer prices! Or mayhaps you've come from a lengthy trip away to a foreign land with rather brutish and unwashed maidens, well, fret not, with membership all of our dancers will offer their services to you at half the price, no more blue balls due to a lack of minas! The others are under a certain secrecy for various reasons, however, we guarantee here at the Gentlemen's club that they do not underwhelm! What we Offer Aside from what was stated before, we are an estabishment where those from all sides of the land can settle down and live like nobles while they're pockets aren't yet empty, however though, the actual noblemen and women may have a tad better time than those unfortunate paupers that roll on in. At the Gentlemen's club we hire entertainers of all sorts, poets for those wanting an enlightened mind, bards for the jolly chaps and chaplets wanting for the tapping of their feet and swinging of their hips, as well as dancers from all sides of the land, as exotic as one could ask for, or as common, every ser and maiden to their own, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Cigars given out complimentary to frequenters of the rather fine establishment. Jobs At the Gentlemen's club we look for individuals of many talents, mostly simple such as being waiters, or guards, but nonetheless we embrace diversity! We have several jobs available to the public while certain ones are only available to certain others through different means. All occupations we offer require certain critereas to acsertain, as will be stated upon said jobs. Serving As a servant, or glamourised waiter you shall be required to dress in a stylish manner, smart shoes, shirt and at the very least a waistcoat or corset, we may let people of all sorts in from pauper to noble but we shall not allow workers to dress as lowly riff raff! We offer several positions from managerial to simple servant, as stated. Courtesan/Bachelour The common waiters and waitresses of the establishment, being called upon by patrons and sating any needs they require, serving beverages, dancing, passing messages along to other patrons and some such, chaps and chaplets of this job are required to mostly listen and talk when asked to talk. Bottom *****/ The Mother This job is a managerial role, undertaking this job requires you to mind over the waiters and waitresses of the club, making sure they dress in a proper manner, don't cause trouble among the patrons, do not squabble with one another, however, are also tasked with making sure the servants are treated well by the patrons and that they're needs are fulfilled, usually taken on by the owner of the club or one of the more trusted guards, however, can be taken on by anyone. Entertainers This fine establishments employs those of many different talents and arts, entertainers of all sorts, the jobs listed bellow aren't the only types of entertainers we employ, however are the bulk of our entertainers. Dancer A man or women talented in the art of dance, seated on small stages to show of their illustrious talents. Bard A chap or chaplet with a skill with any such instruments, lute, flute, violent and any such others that give off a rather harmoneous melancolly. Poet Men and women with an art for ryhming certain lyrics together in order to make a rather lovely tune. Jester Jesters simply tell jokes and act in a rather silly manner, causing laughter and orderly ruckus all about. Guards Bouncer Usually lowly grunts and meatheads that know their way around a simple enough weapon, only necessity needed is to be willing to throw common riff raff out and stop fights. The Daddy The man, or even woman that looks over the bouncers, making sure they do their duties, and otherwise acting as a normal bouncer. Pay Servers- Half of what you make from patrons. Entertainers- Set amount of minas per performance for the Jester, bard, poet, however, for dancers when working in an unnorganised manner may keep half of what they make from patrons. Guards- Paid when seen fit, if seen doing their job properly and depending on how long they work for. Membership Membership in this fine establishment is, at this time, 100 minas as a standard one off payment, however, depending on the amount of people already members and others wishing to be members, this price may differ and vary in price and amount of time needed to pay. Though, membership can also be achieved through services done for the Club, such as being a continuous investor of minas, goods, workers and so on. The perks that come with membership that can be mentioned publicly are half price on drinks and dances, other perks provided for being a member of this fine establishment are a tad secretive, however, very much worth the minas and trouble. Dress Code Being a fine establishment such as we are, we do not allow casual wear, any and all will be denied entry at the door if they attempt to enter wearing anything other than smart clothes, a good example being smart shoes, smart breeches, smart shirt, or in the case of gentle-ladies, a smart shoes and a rather lovely dress. Application OOC MC name: Skype: Timezone: RP Name: Age: Race: Gender: Job applying for: Any interesting skills?: Any reason you wish to work at this fine establishment?: (( not a brothel. ))