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Found 20 results

  1. BOUNTY: AN ELF AND A GIRL NOTICE OF BOUNTY AND BANISHMENT To the two miscreants that have recently terrorized VERITAS: The little brigand-to-be and the make-believe elven hero; you are hereby BANISHED from the village-state. BANISHED and WANTED for instigating trouble in the village-state- trouble that resulted in a man stabbed through his gut for no reasonable cause. Though we do not know your names, we will remember your faces, and you are not welcome on our land. THE BRIGAND-TO-BE & THE MAKE-BELIEVE HERO HEARTLANDER CHILD, the brigand-to-be. A young child no older than seven years, black hair, blue eyes and pallid skin. Donned in red garbs, beige bottoms, and high white socks. The youth is temperamental and deceptive, carrying a worn and dull dagger. WANTED FOR ATTEMPTED BANDITRY AND DECEPTIVE SLANDER WHICH LED TO A SOUTHERON MAN’S UNJUST STABBING. Though she is known to be armed, she is not a threat to an adept combatant. 20 MINA FOR INFORMATION ||| 100 MINA FOR CAPTURE HIGH ELVEN MAN, the make-believe hero. A high elven man with white-gray hair and gray-blue eyes, standing at about 6’6 or give or take. Donned with red attire and a beige cloth over his shoulder, the man was also seen to have plate over his other arm. The man is very sardonic and presumptuous, noted to wield a halberd with a pike at its tip. He is armed, and only dangerous because he is quick to make ill-informed assumptions. He believes himself to be some sort of hero, and he will be unafraid to cut down if he believes you morally oppose him. WANTED FOR AIDING AND ABETTING THE CHILD IN QUESTION, INSTIGATING A HARMLESS SITUATION WITH UNNECESSARY FORCE, AND STABBING A MAN IN COLD BLOOD UNDER THE GUISE OF MORALITY. 50 MINA FOR INFORMATION ||| 400 MINA FOR CAPTURE UPON CAPTURE, BRING THEM TO VERITAS TO FACE JUSTICE. The child will not meet harm, but she cannot continue to grow without facing repercussions for her undisciplined actions. The elf, however, will be tried as an adult. His fate has not yet been sealed, but redemption is always an option for the troubled. Act accordingly, mischief-makers. Signed, The Great (not quite Grand) Justiciar and Revolutionist of VERITAS Amara Verrana
  2. MYRINE'S BOUNTY Presented by the Mareno Company We strive for professionalism, conduct and our grandeur in association with customers from across the continent. It is in our interest to provide the best; we sell the finest products, made of luxurious and refined materials, crafted by talented and fine craftsmen. In our greatest efforts to serve, The Mareno Company has embarked on a new venture -- the Myrine’s Bounty. To all across the continent of Almaris, we are proud to extend an invitation to all wishing to attend our auction, located in the City Square of Corazon; the Principality of Savoy has offered us a hand in partnership in hosting our auction, and we also come to rejoice in the opening of our new establishment, the Little Myrine. In order to celebrate this momentous occasion for our company, we honour all to come. The Myrine's Bounty will occur on 21st of the Grand Harvest, 42 S.A. Why is our establishment different from others? We sell only the finest goods across the continent, and our competitors are unable to match our authenticity nor our conduct. In being able to make merry with everyone, we are established in over three different nations and continue to strive in our expansion to bring others affordable prices and quality products. What is special about the Myrine's Bounty? Unlike regular auctions where normal, crude items are sold, all our products are of high quality and unique in value. On top of this, we will be selling a variety of different materials for those who wish to make the finest blades, or the most lustrous of jewellery. All materials are one of a kind and rare. What can we expect? A small insight into the items that are going to be included in the auction is a dagger of blighted-steel, beat and forged using this rare, sought-out material. For those leering at ancient relics, we came across a formidable spear of yore during one of our expeditions, for those who wish to discover its secrets or keep it as a collectors item. On top of this, for those men and women looking to swoon their beloved, we have found an amulet that induces love, joy and happiness. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Jace Mareno, President of the Mareno Company [OOC Information] Date: 09/25/2021 5:30 PM EST (Upcoming Saturday) Location: City Capital of Corazon, Principality of Savoy - City Square We will be hosting an auction above at the specified location and date. All items will be story-team signed (no player-signed items will be sold). If you are looking to take part in the auction, we would love to have you with us! RAFFLE At the end of the Myrine’s Bounty, we will be hosting a raffle to give back to the community. In order to sign up for the raffle, please list your name below as formatted and comment on the thread. You must be present at the event for your entry to qualify, or it will be passed onto the next! The winner of the raffle will be able to receive an ST-signed reward. RAFFLE ENTRIES CLOSE ON: 09/24/2021 - 11:55 PM EST Once entry to the raffle is closed, we will reply to this thread with a final list of participants and their designated numbers, which will be rolled on to determine our winner on the day. IGN: RP NAME: (Reply to this thread with a brief description of your character receiving a raffle ticket.)
  3. THE CRIMES OF A REBEL: A BOUNTY DECLARED The Halls of Urguan are not wholly unfamiliar to the air of rebellion. For centuries, the Folk of Urguan and its allies have stood strong against forces wishing to sow chaos in the lands of the Brathmordakin and its Grand Kingdom, and its people shall endure for centuries to come. Draakopf Drakgailikin, a known Herald of Azdromoth, has declared a rebellion against the grand nation he continues to declare his love for. Yet as seen previously by rebellious Blackfists, these words are simply an attempt to grab power for himself, just as his Dark Lord commands him to do. The once honorable Clan Lord has fallen from grace, the parasites known as the Azdrazi corrupting him in his entirety. His mind is not what it used to be, and his loyalty to Urguan clearly fractured in insanity to make room for his worship of Azdromoth. Make no mistake, there is no honor in the Black Dragon or his boons. Let us not forget our greatest warrior paragons and their wars against the dragonfolk of the past, how the lizards have terrorized our people time and time again. For any who may have held in their hearts love for Draakopf or respect for who he once was, know that the Doomforged has perished and in his place an Drakgailikin rises, an Abomination of Khorvad’s machinations. Be warned to those who hear his pleas and temptations; this is not a dispute amongst dwarves, the Children of the Brathmordakin are unified in their disdain for the Black Dragon. Any offers of independence or land are nothing but deception woven by a Herald of a Deceptive Drakaar. Urguan has treated you well, offered land where others denied you. Draakopf has openly stated his disdain for your kind, and will not give you anything, and only makes promises for he knows beyond his clan none shall support him, and even within his clan his actions are denounced. It is with a heavy heart that the Grand Kingdom declares a Bounty for Draakopf Drakgailikin of One Thousand Minae. The terms of such shall be described below. SECTION I: CRIMINAL ACTS By order of the High Courts of Urguan, ratified by the Lord Regent of Urguan, it is declared that the Betrayer Draakopf Drakgailikin is officially a criminal fugitive of Urguan and its laws. His crimes are as follows: Atrocity - The worship of the Corrupt Black Dragon and breaking the traditions of the Brathmordakin, attempt to kinslay a Prelate of the honored dwarven clergy. Treason - The crime of attempting the subversion of state authority, in this case through an attempt to make himself Grand King of Urguan without the vote of the people. Sedition - The crime of spreading literature or speech intended to provoke revolution or treason. Draakopf has sent out an open letter calling for rebellion against Urguan. Insubordination - The crime of disrespect or insufficient reverence for the Legitimate authorities of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Attempted Murder - The crime of attempting to unlawfully take the life of another, with or without their permission. When confronted for his other crimes, Draakopf Drakgailikin took openly murderous action against his confronters. Subversion of Justice - The crime of taking deliberate action to undermine the authority of the High Courts in cases of legal matters within Urguan. This crime is committed by Draakopf’s refusal to surrender peacefully to an authority of the courts. SECTION II: BOUNTY TERMS With the combined powers of the Grand Council, High Courts, and Lord Regent of Urguan, the Bounty of Draakopf Drakgailikin is hereby officially posted for all to take on. The terms of the bounty are listed below: The Bounty declared against Draakopf Drakgailikin is for the amount of 1 Thousand Minae. Draakopf Drakgailikin is to be brought in alive to face trial and surrender before the Grand Kingdom. No Minae shall be rewarded if Draakopf is brought in dead. To retrieve payment, return Draakopf to a rikkin of the Grand Kingdom, explicitly the Lord Regent, Grand Marshal, High Prophet, Chief Justiciar, or any Magistrate of the High Courts. signed, Lord Regent of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Son of Rhewen, High Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance The Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clan Father of the Irehearts and Jarl of Dol’Gorix Magistrate of the High Courts of Urguan, Rikkin of Clan Irongut, Prelate of Ogradhad, Second Medic of Anbella’s Hand, Master Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance
  4. A depiction of the elfess, Lynette Ilyana Túre, drawn in crayon. HARK! Lynnette Ilyana Ture, the Wicked Witch of the North, is wanted dead! On behalf of the Mali’thill populace she has wronged, the Hanseni she has wounded, and others she has harassed, we seek to bring an end to this foul elfess. Ms. Ture is convicted of; - Interbreeding with orcs - Mothering interbred children - Harassing children - Being undead - Offering immoral services to a wed man for magick - Trespassing - Devilry Ms. Ture has maintained the same appearance for centuries as many undead do; it’s not difficult to pick her out in a crowd, but we’ve provided artist renditions lest you need a proper reference! [!] Two small crayon-sketches of the elfess, above a significantly better painted rendition. The payment for successfully executing this undead elf will be 300 mina! We will require the corpse, with her head attached, as proof. This corpse cannot be old and rotting - it must be new and delivered as soon as possible upon death. Once fulfilled, leave a note beneath this flier and a messenger will come to retrieve it and give your reward. Signed, An anonymous puritan.
  5. ~The Arbiter~ ~OOC Message to introduce Companies~ As you can see, companies are being introduced this season to the bounty dealer - along with a plethora of other things. But what is a company you may ask? Well, it is quite simple really. They are going to be the basis of where all of the bounties come from. Plus, they consequently will give out rewards upon maxing your reputation out with them. For every bounty that will be on the bounty board, a clear label will be written alongside it stating what company it is from. Some bounties are known as “unaffiliated bounties”. They are pretty straight forward. Any unaffiliated bounty completed counts only toward the reputation you bear with the Drifter. No one else. Though, completing bounties issued out by companies grant you a reputation bonus towards their specific group + the Drifter. Once you have gotten to the maximum reputation with one company, you are rewarded for your work with an item. Though once you’ve reached this point with any given company, your scores with every other one will become voided basically. You’ll still have the opportunity to reach the max with the Drifter. Though, it is a different story when you look at the companies. After obtaining a reward issued by one single company, you will not be able to obtain any of the other rewards. 1 reward is issued per account. If I could this would be different, but I hope you understand that I’m not gonna be able to afford what is needed in order to supply multiple personas with both minas and reputation rewards. If you wish to lighten my load and donate to the bounty dealer, contact me either on Discord (#Ziggity0979), or LOTC (Ign: Limo_Man). Without further ado, I leave you to the rp post that I’ve prepared beneath this (Wanted to get this message through first since I deem it more of a priority). Also, if you want to keep up to date with the bounty board and all of the posts, there is a discord. Link is here: Discord here :p ~A Battle of Morals~ Dear The Arbiter, we hope this message reaches you kindly as the others have. We request your presence once more. We know that you’ve deemed us as unworthy partners in your business, but this company is all you’ve got. I know that you’re probably grasping at dirt right now, and are in shambles after your mentors both left you far too early. Believe me. I know how it feels. But if you choose to partner with our company and allow us access to your bounty board, you’ll no doubt learn a thing or two about the craft of bounty dealing. Unfortunately, you can probably guess that we cannot help much with enhancing your abilities in combat, otherwise we wouldn’t be asking for your help. Think about it, and when you realize that you need us to function, we’ll be located where it's indicated on the map from yours truly. -The Northern shroud of herbology Flinging the piece of paper onto the crumpled up piles of opened notes and letters, Hildebrand furrows his brow as he pulls the flap of the envelope he holds open once more in order to unveil a charted map of the sewers. Flipping behind it revealed another map, this time of Norland and its surrounding area with a marked spot on the chart. “Vhat Zhe hell do zhey know about zhe deaths zy mourn?” Hildebrand spit out in a disgruntled stare toward Lincoln Ignius’s poster, all while keeping a calm tone in his low voice. “Zy can do zhis on my own. Only zhose vho have righteous cause may ask for zhe grace of Haense’s peoples to help zhem.” Grabbing the letter, he’d crumple it up and throw it into the lantern where a small pile of charred ash had formed, Likely the product of reading other letters. After fraughting over the slips that decided whether or not he’d stay afloat as a bounty dealer, one last parchment found its way rightly onto his desk. Unsealing the scroll revealed to him an unexpected passage that proposed business. Dear The one that Others refer to as The Arbiter. My name is Ser Trur. A lowly hedge knight in the grand scheme of things. I request aid in my final quest that I and a small sum of men partake in. I suppose you wonder why we ask you for your aid, yeah? Well, its simple really. Our small forming band of hedge knights made us be seen as a strong presence among those who inhabited the Wick Woods all that time ago. Though we weren’t very prosperous. Seen as a superior force by the few that did support us, To us, our comrades mean everything. We value our lives just as much as others. That is one of our principles after all. We’ve sworn an oath to fight alongside each other and to serve one man named Trygglyndur. This man united us under one cause to exterminate and bring justice to as many people who had wronged as possible. Trygglyndur. The name that means loyalty in a foreign tongue. This man led us with heroic principles that we accepted and still abide by to this day even though he’s met his end. The man we looked up to and adored like a loving father is now dead. Ruthlessly slaughtered by a man who is endowed with the gift to kill, and is known as no other than Farlazn Ignius. Son of the man you seek out. We, hedge knights, live for this, and only this one Hollowed purpose; To force penance for the atrocities that this murderer has committed. If you do wish to side with us, then seek us out beneath the docks of Haense when dusk draws its first breath. -A Lion’s Pack After reading a letter such as this one, what choice did Hildebrand have other than to explore the offer? Honestly. What’s the worst that could happen. He’d already gone through the rest of the offers. Placing the letter onto the table, he grabs the marked chart of Norland from his previous senders and sighs in an internal struggle of morals, “Zy von’t have enough minas to keep zhis up if zy sign vith bigshot hedge knights now vill zy?” He’d go on to examine the charted map while dragging open his creaky drawer to unveil the fabled, Drifter’s pipe. “Might as vell get a smoke. Zhis is already hard enough… barely any business keeping me afloat at zhe moment.” Pausing to light the Drifter’s renowned pipe, Hildebrand again brought his attention back to the map before continuing on to himself. “Certainly never a dull moment. Isn’t zhat right Drifter?” He’d inquire as smoke began to fall from his mouth into the air, as then it loomed over him. Almost like it was watching him. Looking over him even.
  6. ~The Season of Rebirth~ Almaris. What has this new land brought to the world? A sanctuary away from the horrid natural disasters that ultimately lead to the end of Arcas? New lands to explore and colonize? Well, young Hildebrand found something else. Something that he felt meant more than new land to explore. Or even a new kingdom that would hold great promise for the, now, independent Haense. He found a rebirth. Once the Drifter had passed, the talk of bounty dealings had mostly vanished from the talks, throughout the kingdom of Haense. Though, this once widely known, juvenile, the operation didn’t go out entirely. Nothing is ever truly dead the moment they die. When one passes, no matter who it might have been, they leave behind a legacy. It is whoever takes this and makes something of their memories that will, in the end, keep them alive (in essence). If no one carries their legacy on, then the lost soul will just drift away into the darkness of the unknown. ~A Gleaming Legacy [Prologue]~ Exploring the streets of Haense, Hildebrand spewed out the pipe smoke into the chilled air that filled the beautiful night sky. He’d pass through the inn, the square, the barracks. All he could think of was the Drifter. Without his wagon, would his legacy meet its end? After a few hours of brooding over this simple question, Hildebrand began to feel a need for vengeance, arising deep within his heart. After all, Lincoln Ignius still lingered on somewhere within Almaris. His mentor’s passing would tear the poor lad up inside. Making him question his ideals and morality. Eventually, standing from where he sat against the barracks wall, Hildebrand began to then make his way toward one of the entrances into the sewers. The cold night only became chillier, as he walked through the wet sewers of the sleeping city. Eventually, Hildebrand ended up encountering a small, little opening within the walls of the sewer. The boy began to drag all that he owned into there, the following morning; putting his bounty dealing cove together after a while. Once all was said and done, Hildebrand grasped a knife and hurled it forward at the poster of Lincoln Ignius he had hung up. “I will honor your legacy Drifter. Though you were quite a sly and selfish mentor, you were still my mentor.” The young man spoke in anguish, clenching his fist tightly whilst he longed for the day to see the man who put an end to his mentor, dead. In ashes, embers always live on. It is if we choose to reignite those embers that make legacies live on. With all that has been said, I welcome you to The Season of Rebirth. (OOC message): I am so ecstatic right now! Just now getting the post out for the start of the new season. I admit there were some flaws last season (that will be addressed now). But first, and foremost, I’d love to give a big thank you to everyone who has come this far with me. These bounties have become a big portion of my LOTC experience, and I am so glad that I get to share it with you all! As you can probably guess, I do not have nearly enough to start the bounties up right now (Unless your ok with doing them for free ). If you would like to help out in any way, whether it be donating minas or build materials, any help is welcome. If you are looking to donate, I’d go directly to me (Limo_man), or into the sewers where the bounty dealing area is. I will warn you though, if you are caught in there irply, and are not part of the HRA, then you’ll be fined. Changes that will be made this season. The Bounty Board: Last season, because of the number of bounties that were being run on a regular basis, I usually put together quick bounties through outlines that I had ready. This season will be different in that aspect, to bring more diversity and choice into bounties that are available; also providing the ability for them to be more immersing and in-depth. The Reputation system: This change will really only affect the tier system. The bounties from the bounty board will give different amounts of reputation for each one completed during the season. Once you’ve accumulated enough reputation, you’ll be granted the seasonal medallion + a few other rewards if I can afford to get them. WE HAVE A LOGO NOW?!: Yes, we do. There was supposed to be one last season, but I procrastinated and didn't want to make it. But, this season, we have a logo. I don't like to speak for the things I make or accomplish, so if you could, please let me know how it turned out. (Still can't format for my life *Internally cries*) Also, I'm dumb. I ALWAYS forget the discord link, so here it is if your interested on seeing how the bounty dealer's building goes. I'll make have to make another post regarding how the bounty system will work since I felt that it wasn't covered entirely in this one. Have a good day/night everyone!
  7. ~A Key in Major Scale~ The outside of the Drifter’s wagon loomed over the bounty hunters who had stood affront it, whilst it gave off its usual essence of perpetual gloom and dolor. The Drifter leaned back into the dimly lit shadows that protruded off from the weather roof of the wagon; encasing him in the darkness that would hide his blood ridden robe. The man began to debrief the five brave souls that had chosen to take up a bounty on this ‘special day’. The previously known bards who had made a swift escape from the feast of Remembrance had been hunted and tracked down to an exact location within the depths of the slum-filled Wick Woods of Haense. Wanting, and having a thirst...a hunger for knowledge, the Drifter rushingly sent the hunters out in desperation to finally get his payment from Hans; without enough knowledge of what troubles were to come. Approaching this old camp would give a hit of nostalgia for some, and traumatizing memories to others, as this camp would be the remnants of the old pit that those who had bravely fought the cultists were put into brutal combat against the cannibalistic cultists. The group of 5 had devised a plan of attack, by having 2 of their main forces flank around the dim woods, and set up a crossbow in the foliage that obstructed the view of those in the camp from seeing the two. Though, to their surprise, a man clad in dark armor, who had one of the many tormented and shackled slum-dwellers at his mercy; as he would lead the poor, lad out to toward this body filled trench that had been dug down into the ground. Taking this opportunity, the group that sat in front of the gates would begin an assault on the camp as Fyodor flung out an arrow that would daze the knight; allowing for the shackled slum dweller to escape. The three men made their stealthy charge that would prove to be less quiet than they would think, alerting the camp of their where abouts immediately. As they would begin this fight at a heavy disadvantage, things would only get worse as the hedge knight from before, that had been heaviliy dazed, would return to the fight with a rage filled presence. Though the brave Jackson would step up to take himm on in order to prevent a flank. Meanwhile, on the other side of the camp, Ser Ruben Ruthern and Hans Dragovitch would keep a steady eye out for the bards who had escaped the hunter’s grasp from their last encounter at the Feast of Rememberance. They would eventually spot the two bards atop a small throne that had been formed by the remnants of a tree. A ranger would sit on the throne,watching as her forces fought. Ruben would take this oppritunity to fire a well placed bolt at the ranger; though this wouldn’t be enough to finish her off, as her and the bards would begin to make a run for it. Eventually, Hans would run her down and viciously cleave her in two with his claymore that would also have a part in knocking the bards unconscious. On the other side of combat things were looking quite bleak for the group of three, these opponents starting to prove to be to much for them to handle. Though their hope, and morale dwindled, cascading downard in a spiral, Hans would put a stop to this as he’d appear from the other side of the camp to save his comrades. After a very long and brutal battle that would result in heavy injuries, this encounter seemed to be finally over after a carrion cocktail would be lobbed into the air by Fyodor, raining flames down onto slum dwellers below. This would result in many of them running from the camp as they’d even trample a small child in their tracks. Eventually, the group pinned the bards against a nearby tree, interrogating and tormenting their distraught soul’s. After finding out about the where abouts, leading to where Hans’s (event npc) daughter was being held, Thorn would inhumanely and humiliatingly end both of their lives in excruciating pain, showing them no mercy. Upon their return to the Drifter, the blood covered group would inform him to quench the need for knowledge that would satisfy him. The Drifter has seemed a bit desperate, and...impatient, to say the least, in these past few years. The man also has seemed to be getting all the more soft through his aging, and now facing death.
  8. ~The Drifter’s Feast of Remembrance~ The morning sun would start to rise upon the city of New Reza, drawing yet another day of Haense life out onto display. The Drifter’s wagon had been pretty quiet as of recent, this being because of refusing to take people out on bounties until he had figured “something”, that he wouldn't speak of, out. Though today had been different, as the Drifter would finally come out of a shell that he had stayed within whilst planning a surprise for those he had been employing to do bounties. Today would be his big Feast of Remembrance. He had planned and planned for this event, going as far as ordering a party planner to help set everything up. As this party was formulated, the surrounding slum dwellers would come to pick up and talk of this feast. After facing complaint after complaint from these peasants, the Drifter decided to invite them too in hopes that they wouldn’t tell anyone of the feast that had been planned. Though as this party had been being set up, the three bards who had been hired would suspiciously be prowling around the Drifters wagon. One of the three would drop one of the eagle like medallions, without knowing of it. The day had finally come for this party to take place. Once the two men, who had come along for this feast unknowingly, had gotten to the wagon, they would start being debriefed by the Drifter as he made up a bounty off of the top of his head. Thorn and Fyodor stood out front of the wagon whilst the Drifter debriefed them, saying that he had found the group’s base of operations that they’d been looking for. As the two had gotten there, a small feast of berries and potatoes had been prepared for them. Though they were met by an odd fellow, by the name of Albert whilst the three bards played a delightful tune for the feast. The men wearily conversed with Albert, with the tense feeling of mystery. Noises of metallic scraping surrounded the feast as it went on, putting the two more on edge whilst they talked to Albert. Suddenly, the bards would abruptly stop their lively tune, and turn it into a more jestful and violent like song. Whilst the slum dwellers and attendees alike, took a fine moment to take in the sudden change in music, they would know that something had to have been wrong. Suddenly, a wolf jumped out at one of the slum dwellers as it would pull him onto the ground and ravagingly bite into his neck. More wolves would appear as Fyodor and Thorn made quick work of them, with the help of the slum dwellers. Though archers would begin to fire at the duo as Thorn would be hit by one before wildly charging at them like a boar, showing them no mercy as he tore them to pieces. As the fight continued to drag along, Joshua Sirsk would appear to aid his fellow hunters in their attempts to protect the slum dwellers. As the reinforcements had arrived, quickly another beast that had taken up a large cage would be unleashed upon the group. With the command issued by Fyodor, the slum dwellers retreated as two of them would be unlucky enough to be slashed through by the bear’s hulking strength in a single motion. After a little bit of trouble, Fyodor and Joshua would successfully take down the bear whilst crushing it’s spine. Once the bear had fallen, the surrounding men started a retreat whilst the bards pulled Carrions from their pouches and tossed them out at the slum dwellers who had fled combat with the bear. No mercy was shown toward these opposers as Thorn was able to run down one of the bards before pouring alcohol on him, and setting him ablaze. After this long fight against starved wildlife, the trio of men quickly left the area after sorting everything out with Albert. Fyodor would return to the Drifter’s lively wagon on his lonesome, as he turned in the bounty to call it a day. To Fyodor’s surprise, the Drifter had set up the party. Though he hadn’t known anything about the ambush. The Drifter slid a slack of gold, as well as a medallion over to Fyodor as he gave the man a small smirk. The Drifter would go into a small coughing fit as he exited their conversation by entering his wagon. ~Note To The Community~ Looking here at this screen as I write this, I knew it would only be right to have an OOC note to this beautiful community that has brought me here. Enjoy!! I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you a thousand times over from the bottom of my heart! Looking back at these past 2 months, I see a journey that I have partaken. Though it isn’t one that I’m on alone as I, the Drifter, have a community that appreciates the events I run. From my experiences of running homebrew after homebrew and constantly having players go inactive, I see this as a rarity. This growing community of bounty hunters has helped me strive to keep pushing events out. I remember back when I held the first ever “bounty” from the Drifter’s wagon. It was somewhat of an experiment, that turned into chaos rather quickly. Though we made it through the event, fullsteam ahead! Though, I do know that it would’ve gone different if not for you all being there to support me through the troubles I had beginning. Anyone who has been to even a single bounty event, thank you so much, as you helped me build up my emotes. I truly couldn’t have gotten to where I am without this great community of LOTC players that surrounds me. Though it has only been 2 months, look where we are! We have reached the big 50TH EVENT milestone through our hard work, and efforts to keep this wagon stable. If we can do that in only 2 months, I know that we will reach 100 in no time. But first, let's take a step back for a moment to enjoy the 50th. It’s not everyday that you run your 50th event you know ;). Throughout my time at the event running as the Drifter, you’ve all been here throughout my journey that you have joined me on. We’ve had great moments, some bad, and some that have left us with good laughs. Bumps in the road are sure to be encountered by those who fare it. I look forward to continuing on this ride with you guys. I hope that I have left a trail of great memories behind as that is really the whole reason that I have been running these events. It could seem silly to ask this of you, but if you could. Please leave any lingering feedback, or feel free to share a memory that you’ve had in a bounty (if you’ve had any). (Ik that up there ^^ was super cheesy, I don’t care tho ) Big OOC Thank you To: Mio_ : Thanks a bunch for those minas that you gave me! I could not have gotten this far without them, otherwise these events would have made me bankrupt! GoodGuyMatt: Thanks for the RP items you gave me early on when I was just getting started! They’ve helped a bunch! StillAMiniGuy: Thanks for being there to help me out with setting this all up man, couldn’t have done any of this without you! Firespirit44: Thanks a bunch for going over emotes with me, and taking the time to help me out with improving! It means a lot! HRA/BSK/Haense’s community: I’m so glad to be a part of this great community, it feels like a family, and I feel overjoyed to have brought these experiences to you all! I couldn’t have done any of this without your support, fam! The entire community: I’d feel bad if I didn’t include this. Don’t worry if you weren’t on here since there were far too many names to go through, and the forum post would’ve gone on for a very long time if I took the time to list everyone who has left a meaningful impact or had helped me along the way. Just know that I am extremely grateful to you all, and am super happy that you take time out of your daily lives to spend time in my events! Cya around the wagon sometime- Limo_man / The Drifter If you are interested in joining the fun of doing these bounties, have the Discord link! Feel free to join if you wanna, it's open to everyone! ~sigh~, I still can’t figure out how to format even after these 2 months.... lol
  9. The Life of a Bounty Hunter What to expect from the Hunts?: As one of the Drifter’s novice hunters, you will have to gain his trust to become one of his “full fledged” hunters. A regular hunt is somewhat life threatening. Now you may ask, “How might one differentiate mortality rates?”” Well the Drifter has you covered with a full tier system with 3 different difficulties that each give you a certain amount of reputation with each one you complete. (Difficulties listed below in detail) The 1 Skull’s: one skull tier’s, or the easiest tier, is known to be the least life threatening to a person looking for a quick job in the lands. These somewhat easy bounties would be considered a “stroll in cloud temple” to those who have become the Drifter’s most trusted. As you may expect, the 1 skull’s give out about as much reputation as one might think, which is 1 reputation towards the season goal of 15. [Payment for doing this tier can be anywhere from 25-50 minas] The 2 Skull’s: the second tier is quite a few steps higher then the first tier. This is more suited for the working class. This tier offers a higher challenge as the 2 Skull tier bounties are considered to be suited for town guards, footmen, and basically other military positions. You get the point. The Drifter will not willingly hand a working class member a 2 skull or above bounty until they reach a total of 5 bounties completed. Another suggested tactic to doing 2 skull’s is that you bring a group along with you, whether it be a drinking buddy, or even the town guard that seems to be the most arrogant man alive. As long as they have clearance to go out on 2 skull bounties, it is fine to bring them along. One may expect to gain 2 to, sometimes, 3 reputation toward the seasonal goal of 15. [Payment for doing this tier of bounties can be anywhere from 200-300 minas] The 3 SKULL’S: the final tier/difficulty of the three, is only given out to those who have gained their seasonal reputation goal with the Drifter. These bounties are no joke ato quote the Drifter, “I’ve lost a lot of good, promising sellswords to these bounties. I don’t willingly give out these bounties to those I don’t trust, or that do their bounties strictly alone”. Other than the fact that the Drifter may actually care about his hunters, the Drifter would be unwilling to give you one of these bounties unless you have a substantial group of other hunters with you. These bounties are very life threatening. He expects hunters to bring back the heads, pieces, remnants, etc. of creatures like Jormun Basilisks, or even a Fleugal. [Payment from doing this tier of bounties can be anywhere from 500-800 minas] 2. Seasonal Goals Being one of the Drifters Trusted hunters will not be a simple walk in the park, it's more like a fight against a Lubba, or more specifically an adult one, Very Hard though not impossible to kill. As you go about your bounties, you will be expected to reach a certain goal every season (they may change or vary depending on the season). Like stated previously, you need reputation with the Drifter to get anywhere with bounty hunting for him. Completing bounties brings you closer to reaching the seasonal goal that grants you a special medallion tailored to the season. With this medallion, you gain access to special items from the Drifter, more specifically weapons, traps, etc. for use on your hunts as well as the Deadly 3 Skulled Bounties. Your status resets upon every new coming of an OOC season. Every season grants new medallions, goals , bounties, items that will be brought into play but the old ones will remain with those who own them. Old seasonal items will almost certainly NEVER BE BROUGHT BACK INTO THE DRIFTERS LINE OF SEASONAL EVENTS. 3. Current season of Bounties The Season of the Great Hunt (1st irp season of bounty hunting): The first recorded season of the bounty dealer’s dealing. Season form reference: The Drifter of Haense 4. Previous seasons of bounties (none yet) (srry about posting this so late. Was supposed to go out a while ago, but I forgot to post.) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jUuE2_JAWmFHj0_44jh6_3kiW5mdRjHp5iwNU1elxJY/edit?usp=sharing Heres the link if u don't wanna read an un-formatted mess ( I tried.... ). Its a google docs with the same exact info as in here. Also I figured I’d include an inv to the discord for the bounty dealer. Its where everything is coordinated. Join if you wanna. https://discord.gg/7T7sxeR
  10. ~ A Fraud’s De-Masking + Epilogue ~ ~ A Fraud’s De-Masking ~ The day finally drew near, the day of the war’s end against the Cult Of The One Eyed ‘Fraud’. After over a year of trailing this cannibalistic cult, The Drifter finally did it. He found their deadly ‘fortress’ that had been rumored throughout his many sources to be near the old ruins of a Scyfling battle known as Camp Mud. After thorough inspection, and tireless searching, the Drifter figured out the camps ‘routine’ you could say. Once he had informed the rag tag group of the three HRA men who stood bravely to oppose the forces of heresy, they set out at once during the midday to avoid the main force of cultists…. After decisively slaughtering the forces within the camp, the HRA men stood together in arms to fight the proclaimed prophet and savior against the Inferi race. With one clean cleave, Ruben Var Ruthern’s Great Axe detached a head from the ‘god’s’ body-.... ~SUDDENLY~ without warning, the masked prophet’s Great axe flew toward Fyodor Erdhart violently, though the surprise advantage he had gained would be short lived as with another blow, Astoro Jovanovsk ‘maimed the man’s skull so badly that it could almost no longer be distinguished by people’. Upon the 7ft behemoth’s fall, the distant sounds of the returning patrols could be heard nearing the camp. This alarmed the HRA men as they made a hasty escape, making sure to take the “Prophet’s”, Great axe with them. Returning to the Drifter would leave him somewhat happy as for some reason at the end of their little talk, and revealing the name of the false prophet, he gave the men a troubled expression hastily looking to escape them. The Drifter looked at the men, letting out a slight chuckle as he drug the satchel of Minas from the counter into the barrel below it. "Ser Ricardo Guthric, huh...." He let out a small forced chuckle as he returned his gaze to the men before continuing "That's a story for another day assuming you lot come back for more my young hunters..." the Drifter then let out a somewhat happy chuckle before his happiness would quickly fade into a troubling expression. "We have another storm approaching my friends..." he let out in a troubled manner before hastily grabbing the pipe from the counter and turning back to the wagon's entrance. "Well, you lot have certainly earned yourselves a nice carrion in the tavern -and a good night's rest- why do you hurry along and get to it my friends." the drifter spoke as he swiftly entered his wagon to ‘escape’ the HRA men. -The Aftermath- Once the smoke filled battle field had drawn to an end, the head of the mask used lied next to the fraud, limp on the ground. The slow marching of the patrols would turn into a hasty sprint as they saw their ‘prophet’s ‘ fortress ablaze. They immediately dropped the freshly cooked corpses of humans, rushing toward their home to put the flames out. After the massive panic, the followers scanned the camp whilst desperately calling for their ‘god’s ‘ name. Hours of searching left them only to see the Goliath’s corpse that lay on the ground, unknowing of who it had been as they also would notice the Cyclop’s head laying next to the man on the ground. Minutes, that would feel like hours to the men and women, passed. Some started crazily laughing...others balled on the ground. Some even started ripping their mask’s off of their charred faces and killing themselves. Hours had passed within the empty shell of the once lively cult’s fortress as all of the men, women, and children that followed the false prophet ended up dead inside of the camp....all of them meeting their fate by the same cause. A simple slit to their wrist. Another noticeable sight from the corpses that laid deceased on the ground, would be that all of the masks layed ripped off and thrown around randomly in the charred camp. This would reveal the crispy scorched visages that they left behind for whatever their afterlife had to offer. ~Epilogue + Prelude~ Letting out a single relieved sigh, and nothing more, the drifter closely eyed the HRA men that had just completed the bounty leave the sight from the small fence like crack in The man’s wagon. Taking a step back, and sitting into the wooden chair that sat within the wagon whilst taking a moment to think. “Ser Ricardo Guthric…I know I’ve heard his name before. But where?” the Drifter let out a little silent murmur, continuing to try to think back to his ties to this man. His eyes widened from behind his hood once he had realized who this mysterious figure was. Ser Ricardo, to his memory, was a man who had once been one of his hunters that he had hired to go out alone on a simple scouting bounty. This bounty was to scout out the cave that started it all. Though the Drifter found himself asking, why would Ricardo have become insane enough to start a cult and eat his own kind? Sadly, he never did find the answer to this question as any ties to the cult had seemingly been cut. The Drifter decided that a good night’s rest was exactly what he needed, as he drifted off into a deep sleep. The Drifter had seemingly slept through something big as there was a lot of noise, he assumned to be Haense’s city life, that noisily rung throughout Haense. Eventually the Drifter awoke on the uncomfortable wooden chair due to a coughing fit. Once he gathered himself, stretching a bit first, the Drifter wiped a small amount of blood from the side of his mouth as he took a step out of his wagon to make breakfast at his campfire. Though as he reached the camp fire, the first thing he had noticed was that the cans stacked against the walls of Haense that were filled to the brim, each containing black paint, seemingly were missing from their regular location. Looking at the wagon, the Drifter saw the fabled icon of what plagued his childhood painted onto the wagon. Further glances would show that the painting of an eagle would be painted multiple times all over the wagon’s base and the barrels that lied next to it. ~Note To Attendees of This Event Line~ Yo, I included this little note for anyone who was able to make it to any of these events. Anyways, I wanted to say man was this a fun event line to host and I hope it left you a little something that will stick with you for the rest of the time you're on LOTC (A good memory hopefully, lol). But I am pumped and excited to see what the future holds with this wagon that started out pretty small. I am so happy to have this forum post go out, because it marks the completion of my first event line… I have one small request of those who attended one of [The Cult Of One Eye] events, and that is feedback (if you wanna give any). I want to keep these events going even into the next map! So any feedback helps especially because I don’t want to fall into the same pitfalls during future events. Thanks again to everyone who was a part of this event line! PS, we have a Bounty Dealer discord for this stuff if this made you interested The Link To Join The Discord
  11. ~Encounters in the One Eyed Pit~ As night fell upon Haense while the townsfolk went about their nightly business, whether it be go home and sleep or have a night out in the tavern, would not take notice of a small select group that wandered out of the gates and to the front of the Drifter’s wagon. Seeing that they were ready to continue this war against the damned heretics that had killed one of their comrades and many others, the drifter would lean up to speak to them now having new information that would most definitely help more than the last debriefing did. “I see you lot are back, are ya ready for the next battle against the heretics?” the drifter spoke, letting a small stream of smoke escape his mouth as he looked to the group, examining each and everyone of them. Astoro, a man of the HRA, would reply with something along the lines of a yes. The Drifter would nod to the group as he heard some questions from a few of their bunch asking things like, “Do you have actual information this time,” or “Will it be as bad as the last one?”. The Drifter stood there for a moment as he thought of how to answer their questions. After a few moments of him taking a puff from his pipe passed, he would start his somewhat informing debriefing. “This one won’t be as brutal as the last. See, you crippled their forces in the last encounter so one of the main camps, The House of Darkness, relocated itself basing somewhere in the wick wood near the two birds camp. This camp that they have made is now better known as The Pit for reasons I do not know. I want you to go there and clear those cultists out of their new camp, so that they don’t have time to get too comfortable there. Once you are there, you should notice traps there. If you're careful about it you should be able to avoid them.” the Man paused for a moment after debriefing to everyone the bounty to await a response. The HRA men mixed group would give him a few nods and words of clarification to confirm accepting the job. As the men got ready to go, Leonid Amador offered up a few prayers before battle as they then would venture out into the harsh forests of the wick wood. After a few hours of searching in the cold night, the group would be met by a gate that would have a noticeable trap on it. The group of young hunters alike would all silently and stealthily proceed to make their way into the camp as they would make quick work of the front group, then alarming the rest of the camp. As more men rushed in, Astoro, Leonid, Joshua, and Sheppard would all hold the lines as those who opposed them would perish. The fight was going to plan as Leonid and Astoro would manage to kill the pit’s champion, though it would seemingly become a bit of a struggle as after a *thunking* noise, two giant hulking grizzly bears would burst out from a cage as they charged for those who dared to fight them. After a drawn out engagement against the grizzlies, the group would prove themselves as they cleared the pit. Letting out a sigh of relief, and becoming exhausted, the hunters searched the camp a bit as they found a slip of worn out paper that had an exact location on it that was written in blood. The name Rigut would be placed underneath, as if it were marking their location. With this information, the group would return to the Drifter after a successful hunt. Their talk wouldn’t be too detailed as their relations with each other had somewhat gone on a downward spiral after what happened in the previous massacre in the cultist camp camp, ‘the boiler’. It was a quick tradoff, Astoro gave the man the information they gathered and the Drifter would toss the minas onto the table. Though after the majority of the group left, Joshua stayed as he angrily questioned the Drifter. After their conversation, Joshua stormed off as the Drifter returned into his small unwelcoming wagon.
  12. ~The Feast of the One Eyed Prophet~ The cheers of men and women, and the nice crispy smells of cooked meat would ring throughout the entire Wick Wood as the cultists were having a feast. A newly made holiday that would be dedicated in celebration of their One Eyed Prophet. The HRA would make their advances toward the smell of what was believed to be the smells of cooked human flesh as they searched the Wick Wood. Upon reaching the top of one of the mountains, the group would prepare themselves as they lit their arrows in fire and prepared their cocktails for use. Archer Biano would silently stumble down the hill to make sure it was clear as someone shouted, alarming the feasting men as well as a small hunting force of the cult that there was a disturbance or some kind of intruders in the camp. They would immediately drop their fried limbs, sizzled intestines, and many other cooked organs, limbs, etc., and grip their weapons as the men would rush out from the camp. The hunting group would rush out from the forest and immediately go after Archer. It was a rush to get down the hill as the men fought on 3 fronts in total as the fight went on. The forest group would have a standstill against Ruben, Archer, Genieve, and Astoro. But through Astoro’s command they would finish the fight after gaining an upper hand. On the other front, Reyna, Leonid, Joshua, and Sheppard would hold the hill affront the fort through pushing men back into the flaming fortress and holding the uphill advantage. After an intense struggle, and many injuries, they would manage to hold the hill. At the sight of the 30 dead bodies laid sprawled out all around the field, the HRA would let out a big sigh of relief as they saw everyone still to be living. Sadly, their sigh of relief would be met with a sight of death and sadness. During the battle, Archer Biano took heavy injuries as he would bleed out before the medics could reach him. Archer’s final actions being confessing his love to Reyna as he would give her an emerald ring to symbolize his undying love before closing his heavy eyes one last time and resting peacefully. After a long day, the men would call it at an end. Leonid and Astoro would bring one unresponsive captured cultist back to the church as he was ordered to be executed. Astoro would fling a shot off at his head using his heavy crossbow to deliver a quick and painless death to that heretic. Meanwhile, Reyna brought Archer to the same church as a funeral was held and Archer would be buried at the back of the church for ridding the lands of heathens.
  13. A heavy built man nervously paces back and forth, his meaty arms folded behind his back. The man stops in front of the gates of Mor'Ton, one of the Savoyard outposts in the swamp, and runs his right hand through his soot encrusted brown-gold hair, allowing an exaggerated sigh to escape from his lips. "You need to calm down, Bennet." says a voice from behind him. The big man turns around, crossing his dirty arms in front of him, cynically raising a brow. "They should have been here three days ago, Sir Roland." he remarks in a dry tone, shaking his head before turning around once more, his gaze far off into the distance, focused on the swamp that surrounds the small village. "We NEED those tools." Roland smirks, clapping his hands together once. "I've got this." Wanted: Master Bennet's lost shipment. Threat level: Unsure, possibly low. It is advised to keep an eye out for the creatures dwelling in the swamps, and possibly bandits. Description of object: A big crate made of wood, containing important supplies destined to the Savoyard populace. The symbol of the Imperial Blacksmithing guild is painted on one of its sides, a black anvil on a white field. Location: Olivier's Black Meadow, Savoy. Rewards: 400 Golden Crowns for finding the shipment, 100 more for discovering the reason of the disappearance.
  14. Wanted: A Farfolk trafficker. Threat Level: Low Description(s) of trafficker(s): A very dark skinned Farfolk male of middle-age, presumably long and shaggy hair from his time away from society and a notable hole on his left side cheek. Location: Surviving off the land in the Vandorian Desert, exact whereabouts are uncertain. Rewards: 600 minas if brought in alive, 300 minas if dead. Deliver the body to a Vailorian Bounty Board Company representative.
  15. Wanted: A Farfolk trafficker of exotic animals and the caged Pygmy Dragons he carts around with him (preferably alive). Threat level: Low Description of beast(s): The Pygmy Dragons are similar to Wyverns, their bodies are quite similar to their dragon counterparts, however these reptiles have four legs unlike wyverns. All have a pair of leathery wings, scaly hides, long tails, sharp short teeth and vicious claws. The trafficker himself is a very dark-skinned Farfolk male of middle age, short cropped hair and will be seen alongside his caravan. Location: Roaming the Vandorian Desert. Rewards: 500 minas to whoever can bring the unlawful trader alive to Vailorian Bounty Board Company Representatives.
  16. Wanted: A Male Wyvern Threat level: High Description of beast(s): A rather large male Wyvern, being such is it twice the size of its female counterpart. The draconid's scales are ashen coloured with red tipped wings, it also has rows of sharp spines running down its spine. This particular Wyvern is distinguished by its two large horns protruding from its cranium. Location: A cave south of the Druid's grove. Rewards: 1,000 minas.
  17. Wanted: Wyvern Threat level: High Description of beast(s): This beast is a rather large male Wyvern, being such it is twice as big as its female counterpart. The beast’s scales are ashen in color with red tipped wings, it has rows of sharp spines trailing down it’s back as well. Location: This beast was last seen flying around the mountains of the west isle near the Dwarves Rewards: The reward is yet to be determined
  18. "Magic is the opiate of both of the practitioner and the plane; One suffers the addiction, the other suffers the sting." WANTED: "Nexus Stalker" DIFFICULTY: "High" DEPICTION: "An eye-witness depiction has been provided" LOCATION: "The horror has been reportedly roaming an area stricken by some form of voidal anomaly- caution is highly advised when treading in said zone. When following the road into the dwarven mountains, veer towards the left as they come into sight. Upon the hillside, the sight of the anomaly may be found - and therein, the stalker" ((PM mth_dew for a more detailed, event driven search.)) REWARD: "Upon the creature's proven demise, the yield of a caravan it victimized will be rewarded to the hunters, as well as a sum of minae" ((This bounty is the first of a chain of similar bounties. Happy hunting.))
  19. Wanted: Spider(s), there may be multiple. Threat Level: Medium. Description of beast: A den of spiders, large-sized and dangerous. Black in colour, eight legs, typical arachnids but larger than normal. Location: A medium-sized den of spiders has been found to the south-east of Felsen, south of Drusco. It lies beneath a large tree, next to a small lake. Reward: To be decided.
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