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Found 7 results

  1. Guardians of Yemekar's Balance: Understanding the Domains of the Brathmordakin and the duty of dwed within them. By Khazaefron, Seer of Hefrumm This is a public work on the domains of the Brathmordakin, their associated magics and beings, and what the role of the dwed is among them. This is a matter that has been shown to be little understood by some individuals in our larger dwedmar communities and must be addressed with urgency, as it is core to our duties to the Brathmordakin. This text is written from the paradigm of the Seers of Hefrumm and our understanding of the faith through generations of lived forest dwed experience and knowledge of the Brathmordakin. As members of the community of the forest dwed we welcome differences in viewpoints as this enables those that seek deeper knowledge to find it and develop it. THIS SAID, if you are not a forest dwed and these writings speak to you, welcome. Ongrahad smiles upon you. Synopsis/Introduction In our understanding of the faith relating to Yemekar's forge and the Brathmordakin, the cosmos finds its genesis, where primordial chaos (Olkodran) yields to divine creation (Yemekar). From the taming of Olkodran emerges Yemekar's forge, infusing the realms created through this forge with magic and diverse entities. The Brathmordakin, arbiters of balance, assert dominion over these energies, confronting malevolent forces like Khorvad, whose corruption breeds dark magics and a form of corruptive chaos that are antithetical to creation. As stewards of Yemekar's Balance, dwedmar bear the duty of upholding creation and the Brathmordakin's domains, framing engagements within their divine context to resist corruption and preserve cosmic harmony. Olkodran and Vuur'Dor “When being had not yet become and the only existence was Vuur’dor and the primordial forces within it, there was no purpose, there was no design. There was only chaos.” These are the words on the smithing of creation by Yemekar written and then rewritten by the likes of Norli Starbreaker. Reading this one can misread and believe that where voidal magic comes from is Vuur’Dor. But that is not correct, Vuur’Dor is the void in the sense of the emptiness, all things that are not the primordial forces. Olkodran is the voidal chaos, the primordial chaos that Yemekar had to tame to make his forge, and where all magic comes from. It is because of this that magic is linked to all aspects of creation. It is said in the same texts that souls that are not bided upon are tossed into Vuur’Dor, back into the emptiness. It is then that Yemekar reclaims the soul and returns it into his forge [the reformed Olkodran] to recycle it into a new being. This is the only logical thing to do, Yemekar is the perfect smith, no smith would waste material when it can be reused. It is also possible that in the time that it takes for Yemekar to take the soul to be recycled into the forge that entities like Khorvad could claim them in the Vuur’Dor explaining the existence of demonic creatures, beings that are not undead, but instead seem to have been reforged beings that have been turned into a mockery of Yemekar’s creation. The Brathmordakin and the Transpiration of Yemekar’s Forge After the creation of the great forge of Yemekar out of the primordial chaos of Olkodran enabling balance in the cosmos Yemekar set forth to the creation of the realms. When the world was first forged out of the great forge, the energies of the Olkodran transpired through creation ,this is what led to the appearance of some specific types of magic and entities like the aengul, daenmons, spirits, and many more, they are manifestations of the Olkodran that have passed through the forge changed in essence. They are like the water within a ceramic base that transpires the same water outside of it. This water is purer than what it was before but it must not be taken for granted that it is clean. This event of transpiration in creation is what led to the necessity for the creation of the Brathmordakin. With the creation of the Brathmordakin, all the beings and magics that transpired into Yemekar’s creation became part of a dominion which could be placed under the influence of said Brathmordakin, or confronted if the entity that transpired through creation became malevolent towards Yemekar’s creation itself, as was the case with Iblees[who was corrupted first Ibliss or Khorvad, that is something that won't be discussed here. The corruption of one of the Brathmordakin in the form of Khorvad explains the existence of dark magics and why they are so corrosive to creation itself. While voidal magic affects negatively parts of Yemekar’s creation like natural energies like fae magic, dark magic has a destructive effect on all things that touch it and leaves a scar on creation itself. In essence, while voidal magic is chaotic energy from the Olkodran that has transpired from the forge (the most unchanged of magics) and is able to be used by those that can use it responsibly, dark magic is chaotic magic that has transpired from the forge as well but has also been filtered through the Khorvad making it essentially toxic to creation. It is possible that before Khorvad was corrupted by his own ambition that the dark magics we know today were in turn not corrupted. Khorvad’s corruption of the realms also seems to be linked to the corruption of magics, with new dark magics appearing in the realms and new corrupted creatures appearing in the lands that we settle. The Brathmordakin and the contestation of their domains by Khorvad When it comes to other Brathmordakin we see their domains and oversight more clearly with the Anbella, Belka, and Ongrahad. With Anbella we see that she has control and dominion over the beings of nature and the magics related to it. We see that the aspects and fae magic fall in line with the morality of Anbella and ensures that the non-dwed of Yemekar’s creation fall in line of Yemekar’s balance, ensuring they do not fall to corruption. With Belka we see the same thing with beings like Wyrvun that fall under her domain, here too Wyrvun is used as a being that exists that non-dwed like the snow elves look at for guidance and keeps them within the broad lines of Yemekar’s creation. With Ongrahad we see that he oversees the tradition of mages ensuring that they do not use the chaotic void to disrupt the balance. These three cases serve as examples but many more can be found. With these three cases we can also find what happens when Khorvad is able to contest the dominion of the Brathmordakin and the impact that has on the magics and on the material creation of Yemekar. These three cases have also been under different levels of contestation: With Anbella we have experienced the September Prince, a corruption of Anbella’s domain through Khorvad’s attempt at claiming it. We saw then that the powers of nature were at war with each other between the good nature overseen by Anbella, and the evil nature overseen by Khorvad. These manifested themselves in the physical world with the druids and uncorrupted fae beings that did not side with the september prince knowingly or not remaining in Anbella’s embrace and by proxy Yemekar’s plan, and those that became corrupted and sided with the September Prince a physical representation of Khorvad’s attempt to gain dominion over Anbella’s domain. With Belka we have the ancient example of the corruption of Wyrvun. Wyrwun was a being venerated by many mountain dwellers and worshiped by some like the Frostbeards and the snow elves. His corruption was also an example of Khorvad encroaching into the dominion of Belka and very nearly succeeding. If it were not for the purification of Wyrvun by the hands of Paragon Igor Ireheart it is possible that Belka would have lost part of her realm. This is a pivotal point that shows the dwed purpose and what keeping the balance means. We as dwed have the power to bring back the balance lost, and to keep the realms in line with the BRathmordakin. Having other beings worship the Brathmordakin is irrelevant as their role is to be in balance with them. It is we the dwed that must know how to worship, as it is our purpose to keep these realms in balance with Yemekar. Failure to do so will bring the doom of creation, not just chaos as it was in the primordial times, but an antithesis to Yemekar’s work, Khorvadic destruction. With Ongrahad we have seen the contestation to his domain through the blood runes and the corruption of the traditional dwed arts. These were exemplified during the reign of the Ironborn. The corruption of a part of the dwed population allowed for the arts of the dwed to be turned to be used by Khorvad. This contestation is ancient and needs to be tackled as there is things that have been normalized in the past that are clear corruptions of Khorvad that have been passed through the generations as normal. This is the case with the binding of souls into golems against their will. Enslavement is against the dwed ethos, something we have been against from the beginning of time, and something that the Ironborn practiced due to their links to Khorvad. The forceful placement of a soul into a golem is akin to the enslavement of an individual and is very likely something that has been passed from the time of the Ironborn without society noticing it due to the lack of transparency for most of our history when it came to this magic. We as the dwed have passed laws that made this practice illegal and this is also a way we keep Yemekar’s Balance and ensure Khorvad does not corrupt the domain of Ongrahad. What this means for the dwed and the beings we protect when it comes to our stance on magic We the dwed are the protectors of Yemekar’s Balance, it matters not our clan, or our subrace, we are all charged with the protection of this balance. This is a fact that we have known since Urguan walked the earth. We also know that all dwed are not made the same, clan and subracial differences exist in the physician and cultural level, this must not be a coincidence and must be part of Yemekar’s design for the dwed. We are at the end of the day the wardens of Yemekar’s creation and of the domains of the Brathmordakin that keep balance in said creation. This means that the use of the magics and connections to the beings of these realms and understanding of them is not just moral but also a duty of the dwed. WE MUST participate in these, BUT we must always do so in the framing of the Brathmordakin not like the other descendants. Failing to frame our works in these realms and with these beings through the Brathmordakin can lead those that are walking these paths to be susceptible to the corruptive powers of Khorvad. We however must not fear Khorvad, as we are the ones that were created to combat threats such as him, we cannot let the beings in these domains exist without the dwed as they do not understand Yemekar and the Brathmordakin and without us they will be blind. Concluding remarks As Seers we are the torch of knowledge and spirituality for our people. We can show them paths to take but at the end of the day it is their choice the path that they take, Belka’s roads are not the same for all. We accept that. We also welcome criticism, building on, and contestation of our work, theories, analysis, and observations among our fellow members as that is what makes the Seers what we are. Additional Sources of information [OOC: SOME OF THESE SOURCES CANNOT BE ACCESSED BY NON-SEERS]: The 'Birth' of Yemekar and the creation of The Forge: According to the Dverga eron da Kirkja Rhun The Essence Trinity Thryhaefron; The Silver Tree and dwed Cosmology [III] : Planes of Khorvad Thryhaefron; The Silver Tree and dwed Cosmology [II] : Planes of Civilization Thryhaefron; The Silver Tree and dwed Cosmology : Tribunal Planes Proverb of the Soul
  2. The Brathmordikan Temple of Almaris was overrun by the Mori and Duren held onto the body of a fatally wounded Ireheart dragging him closer to the city square. Before making an escape the elder Ireheart observed as the Dwed of the underground gallantly fought and with great valor able to defeat many Mori though were still being pushed back. Upon a retreat, Duren takes one look back at the Temple and witnesses a grand miracle conjured by another’s magic. A manifestation of Lord Dungrimm spilled out into the Temple slamming a large hammer upon many of the Mori causing the walls to collapse and providing time for escape. Duren glances back as he evacuates into the valley from the city and a bright light shines upon the mountain where his grand-son Balor rests. He squeezes his eyes closed from shedding a tear as he whispers a prayer for his fallen kin “ᚱᛖᛊᛏ ᛁᚾ ᛈᛖᚲᛖ ᛒᚨᛚᛟᚱ”. He hesitantly turns his body to continue the evacuation leaving his late grand-son in the care of Dungrimm. Duren and his great-grandson Balor II carrying the injured body of their Ireheart kin out of the mountains to safety. Once they reached the harbor the exhaustion from being the vanguard at the Temple finally overcame them. Some stone years later, Duren & many other of the Dwarves have reached the survival lands of Failor and established Camp Dwed to subsist despite the odds. Though many of them had not rallied for so long since the exodus. They have managed to continue their councils without even proper courts or temples. Celebrations and ale-pouring commonly occur as the camp cherishes the life spared to them by the Gods and also mourning for those who were lost. Even in the face of insecurity the Dwarves of Urguan keep to the pursuit of Yemekar, striking the earth!
  3. Murals to the Brathmordakin ᛘᚢᚱᛅᛚᛋ ᛏᚬ ᚦᛁ ᛒᚱᛅᚦᛘᚬᚱᛏᛅᚴᛁᚾ To celebrate the Brathmordakin is something often personal. Each dwarf will honor their patrons separately, or the Brathmordakin as a collective. To share the culture, and to honor them my way, I have scattered murals of each patron around Urguan and Hefrumm. To those who are interested, see if you can locate each mural. [!] A mural of Anbella, the mother, in all her glory. As painted by Ealisaid Mossborn, 5th Snow's Maiden, 117 SA.
  4. The Shrine Project [source] This is a call to all members of the faith, The Grand Kingdom of Urguan lacks distinct places of worship for each of the Brathmordakin. The World Maker Temple is a place where all can gather, and the Holy Trail (Path of Gods) is a suitable place to worship in solemnity, but there are not enough shrines that reflect the nature of the Brathmordakin in their environment, location and construction. Travellers and Wanderers who pass through our land will never encounter a shrine dedicated to the Brathmordakin since there are not enough spread out within Dwarven Lands. If you are a faithful dwarf with the skills and desire needed to build a shrine to the Brathmordakin, contact me Garedyn The Green, The High Prophet, so that da Kirkja Dverga will organise a construction party to honour the Brathmordakin. Once a shrine to each one has been built in the far corners of our lands, a pilgrimage shall be organised to pass through each one, so that our brothers and sisters under the Brathmordakin will know of places of refuge within our lands. Shrine to Dungrimm built overlooking the Valley of Urguan Shrine to Grimdugan built within the deep roads of Kal’Draakan Shrine to Belka built near a dwarven encampment on the Dark Isles Shrine to Urguan in front of the gates of Kal’Draakan OOC: This is a call for people to host events regarding shrine building. I already organised events to build Grimdugan, Belka and Dungrimm and I thought it would be a good idea for other dwarves to express their creativity for the other Brathmordakin. Contact me to organise the event / pick a location / for the shrine you want to build.
  5. The Holy Delve [source] This is a call to all members of the faith, A mysterious ruin has been discovered in the Deep Roads under the city of Kal’Draakan, in Grimdugan’s Realm. In order to recover lost artefacts and discover the lost history of the faith, da Kirkja Dverga calls upon all worshippers of the Brathmordkin, and especially the devotees of Grimdugan, to brave the darkness of Grimdugan for the sake of learning more about our lost histories. An expeditionary force, organised and headed by Hana Starbreaker, shall be assembled in the coming days in order to venture into the depths of these ruins. [OOC: FRIDAY THE 16TH, AT 3PM EST] Narvok oz Grimdugan Narvok oz Brathmordkin
  6. Frostbeard Tales II: Entering Khaz'A'Dentrumm A humble tax paying Frostbeard citizen went to the gates of Khaz'A'Dentrumm once he died, and at the same time the renowned Frostbeard Clan Father Rhewen had also ascended. Once the Brathmordakin were gathered Dungrimm sent for Rhewen Frostbeard to be let in, but forgot about the other Frostbeard, for his servants closed the hall, leaving him out, from where he heard the Clan Father’s cheerful reception of celebration, music, and songs. When all was silent, Dungrimm’s servants returned to the gate and sent the dwed in, who hoped that when he returned, the songs and music would be heard again, but everything remained silent. They received him with great joy, yes, and the souls of his ancestors went out to meet him, worse no one sang nor celebrated. Then he asked Urguan the ancestor of all dwed why there was no celebration for the humble dwed as for the Clan Father, and if there were the same differences in the realms of the Brathmordakin as there were in the Mortal realm. "No," replied the Paragon, Father of all dwed. You deserve the same appreciation for each other as dwed, and you will get the same share as the one who has just entered the delights of the Brathmordakin; but look, average dwed like you come here in the hundreds every day, while dwed like the one who just came in, hardly one comes from century to century. This tale is meant to be considered as a cautionary tale against mediocrity. A dwed must remember that at the end of their day the Brathmordakin will place a bid on them. Their ability to stand out among their fellow dwed will be imperative to receive a high bid by the Brathmordakin. Mediocrity is not bad, but if you follow the traveled path do not expect the same reward as the one who adventured and made their own. Eventually, these Frostbeards who could not leave their mark on the world will vanish to obscurity, with even the stories that talk of them forgetting their names. -Inkbeard [!] Depiction of Belka personally coming to take the Soul of a brave dwed to Kaz’A’Dentrumm
  7. Bojakk Frostbeard, once again upon his father's request, posts a song to the halls of Urguan's Tavern, to the remembrancers, and hands out various copies to passers by. Through Belka's Eyes A single pearl in the Grand king's throne Though it's glossy gleam does shine Can never know it's purpose In the mason's grand design And the stone that sits on the very top Of the mountain's mighty face Will only be as grand in worth as the stones that form the base! So how can you know what a dwarf is worth, is it gold or family ties? You can never see your true value as a mortal You must look at your life Look at your life through Belka's eyes. Lai-le-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai La-lai-lai-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai-lai Lai-le-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai La-lai-lai-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai-lai Lai-le-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai La-lai-lai-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai-lai The hordes of gold in the holme, is less than what a warm meal brings And to a lost beardling a simple dwarf is greater than all the umri kings. If a dwarf were to lose all he owns does he not yet have value still? You should know that it is, His greatest treasure is his will! So how do you measure the worth of a dwarf in steel or strength or mind? In how much he mined or how many he's slain? The answer will come Will come to those who relies looking upon his life through belka's eyes And that is why the clan shares all we have with you Though there's much to go around For if we were to have nothing we'd give you what was found! No life can escape the tide of woe and wheel and chance And even if you have two left feet You must learn to join the dance You must learn to join the dance Lai-le-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai La-lai-lai-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai-lai Lai-le-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai La-lai-lai-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai-lai Lai-le-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai La-lai-lai-lai-lai-lee-lai-lai Lai-lai-lai-lai-lai-lai So how do you judge what a dwarf is worth By what he crafts or buys? You can never see with your eyes below Look through Belka's Eyes! Look at your life Look at your life Look at your life through belka's eyes!
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